Video Analysis: AAC v. All Blacks - Green and Gold Rugby

Video Analysis: AAC v. All Blacks

Video Analysis: AAC v. All Blacks

Every week we have been shining a spotlight on one particular player, putting together stats and video to show his contribution to the game. We have done Pat McCabe, Ben Alexander, James Horwill and Rocky Elsom, and this week we are finishing the Tri Nations by looking at Adam Ashley-Cooper.

AAC has had a pretty quiet 3N in the 13 jumper, but switched to the wing to fill in for the suspended JOC on Saturday. I thought he had his best game all season and was probably the best outside back on the field — he certainly made Zac Guildford’s night an unhappy one with rapid kick-chases and dominant tackling. According to Austin’s stats AAC recorded:

– 12 tackles (4 dominant) and only 1 missed

– 7 carries

– 11 ruck invovlements

– 1 almost try

For a winger I think those stats are very good. But as we know the numbers don’t always tell the full story, so below is a video showing every major contribution AAC made to the game:


What do you think? Is JOC’s spot in danger?


  • Quickhands

    Top work from AAC. Very effective defensive and breakdown work especially. Only thing I think he would benefit from is eyes on the ball not the man when chasing those high balls, unless the kick is clearly too deep. I think maybe he could have contested a couple here rather than slowing to tackle the catcher. Its a minor thing though.
    I think JOC will replace Faingaa, with AAC back to outside, even though both Faingaa and AAC played so well. JOC has too much class and Faingaa has shown his ability to impact from the bench…..

  • GLRooster

    Great game from AAC – looked much better than he has at 13 this international season. Kick chase was really good and defensively he was excellent. His work at the breakdown after making a tackle is pretty good as well.

    I think JOC should be on the bench, Ant and AAC did well in a team that won and they should be rewarded for that.

    On a different note – how about McCaw holding down Pocock to create the hole that Nonu runs into for his try? I didn’t notice it in the game but did wonder why there was such a gaping hole for him to run through – its quite obvious on the replay that McCaw and maybe one other are holding Pocock down on the ground for a quite a long time leading up to the try, from before Conrad Smith had even received the ball – bastards!

    • SW

      I agree – you’d swear by the way the kiwis / media have been carrying on the only bit of dodgy play / cheating that happend in the game was quade giving Lord Richie a little love tap with his knee.

      When all the while there’s plenty of other ABs cheating going on; Richie holding Pocock down (as you mentioned), Ali Williams blatantly tripping AAC over… to name a couple.

      I’m stoked Quade didn’t get suspended. Now the cheating ledger is more balanced.

      • Timbo

        Not to mention Toeava running into AAC’s way when chasing down a box kick.

      • Gag her

        Also Mils obstructing from an offside position trying to prevent Elsom from tackling Nonu (1.29).

        We all know this sort of cheating is institutionalised in the All Blacks, and they obviously train for it. I always wonder if the All Blacks would be anywhere nearly as dominant if they played the game to the same set of rules and spirit as the rest of the world. Just hoping the refs at the world cup nail them for it.

      • KangaDingo

        Yes, the abs r a pack of cheatin rats
        Now that we give a taste of hard times r a comin they go all girly and whine to the press like a bunch of sheilas.
        Their captain is the king of cheats,
        he should stick to his gliders.

      • Wallaby Fan 2011

        Also Mils holdings back Rocky at 1.29

    • Mart

      I think it was Mealamu. Suprising, i thought he was a bit more honest than that.
      They’re all cheats

      • KangaDingo

        The kiwis r WC holders at cheatin
        and king Ritchie is their captain!

    • CraigB

      how dare you sully the name of St Ritchie!

      • KangaDingo

        The patron saint of cheating.

      • Fitri


    • Wallaby Fan 2011

      And on this tape at 30 sec Nonu a mile offside hitting AAC off the ruck

  • Darkhorse

    Good game from AAC and great video highlighting it.

    I would really hope that AAC is in any wallabies team as IMO he consistently performs for the wallabies. However, even though he would be our premier defensive winger – excluding possibly Ioane – he will lack that attacking thrust required that Mitchell will offer when fit. Whilst that backline is perfect against the ABs and will probably be very good in the knockout stages, it certainly lacked the attacking potency of past backlines. Maybe Faingaa & AAC should be given another go together in the pool stages? This really isn’t the time to be experimenting, but I am hoping that Mitchell can play himself into the irresistible form he was in at the start of the year.

  • KangaDingo

    All the allblacks supporters can whine about on their site is how they lost cause they MADE mistakes. They can’t get it thru their thick heads that we MADE them make their stupid mistakes. We caused them to stuff up, they didn’t stuff up cause of mistakes, we forced them do do it!
    We controlled them like sheep in a muesling tray!
    Now their arse’s r a hurtin!

    • ’boutbloodytime

      We’ve had our fair share of being on the wrong end of mistakes caused by opposition pressure…it’s nice to dish out a bit of mongrel & give some back…n dishing it up to the ABs is just icing on the cake & a great wat to win the 3N & go into the World Cup….loving it!!

  • Jimbo81

    There’s only one form team at the moment and that’s the Wallabies!
    AAC: You won’t get a better servant for Australian rugby and he’s hitting very strong form again (always right when he’s needed the most). He’s not a winger – he’s a center. I’d drop McCabe to the bench to keen Faingaa on with AAC, and move Faingaa to inside. Nothing will get through that! James O’Conner back to the wing to complete the deadly back three of Quade, Beale and O’Conner (that has to be the scariest backline in the history of the game!).

    • Mart

      Spot on. But occonor to bench and Mitchell to wing.

    • KangaDingo

      Wait till were at full strength!
      We did the abs with an under strength team, and GH admitted that was pretty much their full strength side!
      The need more depth in NZ and need a decent no 10
      Carter is terrible behind a dominated pack, he fell to pieces the other night.
      Mcaw can’t preform when his pack is getting bashed all over the field.
      It’ll be back to the drawing board in NZ next yr.
      I dunno what they’re gonna do about the no 10 position!
      Bring back nick Evans?
      Bad luck for them.

    • Garry

      AAC says he’s a centre, but he never passes the ball. He tucks it under the arm. If he was to play at IC, it won’t matter who is playing outside him, they won’t see the ball.

      Remember that he has been playing at centre during the 3N’s, and we’ve lacked something in that area. Played on the wing, and he’s a star.

      • Blinky Bill – Bellingen NSW

        The problem I’m seeing is that our current 12 doesn’t seem to know how to pass or off load either. Naturally enought the ball isn’t reaching our strike players.

        Has the game changed so much that we now have an IC & OC combo that are there for there defence?

        I’m wondering how much of this is down to QC’s defensive liabilities that 12 & 13 are expected to accept.

        • Garry

          QC will be cutting to Fingers I suspect.

  • MikeT

    Right, so … the Wallabies have a selection problem on the wing. Do they continue with AAC or do they revert to JOC.

    Its a hell of a dilemma because history has shown us that RWCs finals series games are all tight and often won off the back of (1) outstanding defence and (2) a good kicker. AAC offers one (defence) and JOC promises the other (kicking). Hell of a choice, then (assuming JOC actually starts kicking well, of course)

    But actually, I think it might be a false dilemma. You see, there’s a backline player who is currently just a bit out of form and could perhaps go to the bench and become an impact player: Beale.

    After being in sizzling form across the backhalf of the super 15, he’s gone off the boil slightly. Could he play himself back into form? Well, perhaps, but should the selectors be waiting for that to happen, or should they instead be “playing what’s in front of them”?

    And here’s the thing: JOC’s best position is fullback. He was in great form across the super15 as well. He’s only on the wing because he’s just too good to leave out. But if Beale is slightly off colour, then JOC should instantly go to full back as his replacement and AAC can stay on the wing.

    But this would seem to be a horribly unfair decision for Beale, right? Trouble is, there’s going to be a horribly unfair decision to be made somewhere here because the Wallabies currently have just too many good outside backs to fit into 15.

    On the other hand, you could argue that this was AAC’s best game of a mediocre year AND that one swallow does not make a summer, etc.

    Glad I’m not making the decision.

    • Mart

      JOC is defensively weak at fullback and wing. But strong in the close stuff at 12.

    • BDA

      Interesting idea, but Beale remains the best fullback in the world atm, imo.

    • Garry

      “horribly unfair” could be turned in to

      ‘ healthy competition for positions ‘ by coaches with good management skills.

      Have ours got the goods?

    • Stin

      Oconnor to IC? try it against Italy at least! Why not?

    • Funk

      Don’t forget about Mitchell coming back…he was the tahs best before the injury and was great in the gold last year. that’ll make 3 of them after the 1 possie, cause Digby has the other side nailed down, and it’d that a crow bar to get it off him!

    • Gumby

      Beale is probably the form Fullback on the Planet this year. He is hardly out of form just because he isn’t tearing the place down every time he gets the ball. He would be one of the first players picked in the team at the moment.

      If Mitchell is fit he should go to wing AAC should be at OC where he has been so effective and will continue to be. O’Connor goes to the bench or try him at IC. As for the nonsense claim that AAC doesn’t pass; I wonder how Mitchell and O’Connor scored so many tries this year and last if they were never passed the ball?

      When you have an abundance of talent someone has to miss out.

    • suckerforred

      Fingers – IC
      AAC – OC
      Mitchell & Diggers – Wings
      Beale – Full Back
      JOC – Bench to cover all of above.

      Just my thought. Would love to see Ant and AAC have a run as centre pairing just to see how they perform together with QC.

  • BDA

    Talk about an embarrassment of riches. great backline depth ATM. Barnes, Mitchell, JOC, Faingaa and even Horne are all test match quality and I think there are valid arguments for the inclusion of each of these players. Some countries would kill to have just one or two of these players in their squad.

    I would have no problem if Deans kept the backline as it currently is for the first game against italy. However, I would also have no problem if he moved JOC back onto the wing and sat Faingaa on the bench. Faingaa did a great job off the bench in SA, and showed the worth of an agressive defender in the dying stages of the game.

    • KangaDingo

      Yes, the kiwis would love to be in our position. There depth problems run very deep!

      • CraigB

        not sure Dagg, Gear or SBW would agree with you

        • KangaDingo

          Sbw is so overated and so overpaid it’s not funny, it hilarious.
          Dag, well his name says it all.
          Gears always in the wrong gear when he wears black.

        • Jay

          Yeah, and Rob Horne & Berrick Barnes are world beaters…

  • Ooaahh

    The issue of who to play in the backline and where has been exacerbated by the brick wall defence that has come from McCabe.

    Stats posted here yesterday show that he is in the top 2 for both tackles made and tackles not missed. That has then led to what to do with Fainga – who has a proven track record also in defence not to mention his outstanding combination with Quade over the past 2 years. Either of those guys at IC and I’m happy but one thing I think Fingers offers over McCabe is his ability in the counter ruck. The most unfortunate result of having to pick one of these guys is that other is likely to not even be on the bench in a 5/2 split, given the selectors will favor a different style of player – likely to be Barnes (who was in great form from comeback albeit club rugby)

    Moving one out from IC to OC. Say what you like about form or lack there of, for mine you can’t not have Two Dads in the team. . His defence is smothering. Not many get an offload against him nor slip his tackle. He’s a proven try scorer at top level and even though his passing is not as regular as his fend when the wallabies need a person to step up Two dads delivers (like this weekend).

    Now back three. If your defending and it’s late in the second half what presents a bigger challenge. Out and out pace of mitchell vs the rabbit that is o’connor. For mine O’connor is a much greater threat late in the game. For that reason combined with his kicking yips, Bieber to the bench for a cameo late in the game that causes real headaches for the opposition.

    Beale’s form at fullback has not rubbish. You could see the almost passes on the weekend that if they’d come off would have lit up the match. It didn’t click for him last week but I do wonder if he is struggling with the positional adjustments required due to Quade?

    Surprisingly the backs “as a unique group” have stood out for their defence this year rather than attack and that’s not a bad thing in a knock out comp that is the World Cup. Bring it on.

    • KangaDingo

      Yes, our backs have got it all,
      they’re the real deal!
      Attack and defense, were best at both.
      WC, good as gold!

      • seaweed

        KangaDingo are you a plant? I think you’re a Kiwi in disguise. Love your work though …

        • KangaDingo

          Oh lol no!

  • Duncher

    Go two dads…

    BTW watch for Fingers the pinball wizard at the 1:45 mark, hilarious!

  • Pedro

    I would keep the same team, at least against Italy. I’m pretty sure we’ll be more creative than the Azzuri even with two non passing centres, plus there won’t be any soft meters by wide playing back rowers. Hopefully though we put 3 backs on the bench though, so they get a bit of time to gel and to give some an early break. I would put Mitchell on the bench, he needs time the most plus he’s the only one that should start if he is at his peak. Then you would need Burgess to relieve Genia (who we need to play the whole tournament) and someone to cover 10/12/13 so ideally Barnes as we need him familiar with test rugby as we will need him at some stage. So Beiber misses out, although I won’t be surprised if he does start, but he isn’t needed nor does he need the hit out. He’ll play a part in the world cup, I just think he’ll need to wait for his opportunity.

  • AC

    For the bigger RWC ‘pressure cooker’ tests.

    0 – 50: McCabe 12, Faingaa 13 & AAC 14 (A brick wall)
    50 – 80: JOC 14 to tear it up in the loose.

  • Blinky Bill – Bellingen NSW

    I know one thing. IF I were Berrick Barnes I’d be digging those old Johnny Wilkinson DVD’s out and practicing my kicking until I cemented my spot as clearly the best and most consistent kicker in the team.

    IMHO the Wallaby’s simply can’t afford to miss out on available points from kicks if they are serious about giving this RWC a decent shake.

    • Patrick

      Barnes’ spot is just waiting for him at 12. Deans knows that Barnes can play a legitimate second five-eighth, particularly with the kicking aspect, as well as provide a defensive brick wall, and he knows how to spread the ball (when he remembers to).

      • Pedro

        I think you’re right about Barnes Patrick, I just wonder if the McCabe experiment is as much about forcing tough tackles from opponents centres as it is about tackling hard. If that’s the case then Barnes might be there after McCabe and or ant have softened the opponents centres in both defense and attack.

  • Zeno

    AAC at 14 was that much more effective than JOC at 14 and himself at 13 that I can’t see a single argument for sending him back to 13. There are two things he does really well: (1) getting the ball over the line from 10 metres out; (2) chasing kicks and pressuring the catcher. Both work better done from the wing.

    I think Dingo has more pots on the simmer: Horne at 13 and Barnes at 15. Beale to the bench isn’t unthinkable. Can’t see him sending JOC to 12 no matter how many of us would like it tried; he seems to have ruled that out long ago.

  • KangaDingo

    I think the majority of knowledgeable rugby punters would have the Wallabies down ad favs for the WC now.
    NZ arnt up to their usual standards and theres to much pressure on a badly picked forward pack.
    Conrad smith is their only consistently good back. The rest r hot n cold prima donnas.

  • KangaDingo

    Everyone talks how having the WC in NZ is a big bonus fir the abs.
    I actually think it’s gonna work the other way for them due to the immense pressure that’s being put on them due to it being played at home. If they don’t win it there then the u know what’s gonna hit the fan, and these boys know it!
    Plus they haven’t got off to the best start.
    Imagine if anything happens to Carter or Mcaw!

    • Blackness

      I don’t think the lads will have any problems playing away either, actually I think they will feel right a home. I can’t remember a Super Rugby match or Bledisloe in recent times where I haven’t sat in the crowd and been completely outnumbered. And I’m also amazed that at these “home” games our teams get booed as they run out or take shots at goal. So I don’t think a holstile crowd will phase them, those silly Kiwis might have just helped us bring Bill to Oz for good!!

  • hannibal

    Its amazing that we have a NZ like problem in that we’ve got a strong backline without even incl Barnes, Mitchell, JOC and Faingaa.

    If we want to win the world cup I’d ask the quesiton which centre paring can best Nonu and Smith. To my mind its probably Barnes and AAC. I dont think JOC is ready for the centres yet in a Wallaby/All Blacks match. McCabe and Faingaa both have been impressive in defence but I believe that Barnes would add more in attack and not lose us anything in defence.

    The wing is the biggest question. Mitchell in full form is brilliant but JOC is our kicker and I suspect he will prevail because of that. So I reckon Mitchell, McCabe and Faingaa will become the bench.

  • KangaDingo

    If they hand out red cards for cheatin in the WC the kiwis will be down to bringing on the Sulvur Furns as substitutes.
    Their captain will be Bitchy Mcaw!

    • KangaDingo

      Sorry, make that the black ferns!

    • Barbarian

      OK mate this is your 11th post on this article. I think you have made your point.

      • KangaDingo

        What’s wrong with Lotsa posts praising our team?

        • Barbarian

          You are just making the same point over and over. After a while it becomes overkill and people begin to lose respect for your argument.

  • murph

    Lot of people counting their chickens ’round here. There are a couple of glaring issues with the world cup squad (loosehead & openside to name the major ones). If there are no injuries then we are in for a shot but alot can go wrong and I doubt Deans’s ability to react fast enough. He’s only taken 3 years to work out Mumm & McCalman etc are passengers

    • Ooaahh

      We still have Mccalman so dingos halfway there

  • KingofDubai

    Theres a bloke who puts in every fu*king game and NEVER makes a mistake. Solid in all areas of play especially defence.

    I bet he only needs 1 alarm clock too.

  • Chisel68

    Some interesting thoughts above and one that I had that has been put forward was what to do with Beale. No doubt about talent, defence is much better but just seems to take wrong options at the moment. Maybe against Italy and the likes he can get that sorted but its not totally out of the realm that JOC could start at fb, tho this wont happen as it would seem a v harsh call on KB. Would be great to have Mitchell back in the side but where? I think Barnes will be backup to Cooper for RWC, played in the lesser pool games to get some match fitness and that’ll be about it. Great to have options tho with so many returning – TPN, Palu, Slipper as well.

    Dingo should keep the team as is – sorry JOC. One very hard lesson learned. You’ll be the better for it. And how does Deans say to either Fingers or AAC ‘mate, your benched’. Not after a game like that. If either had had a quiet game I could understand it, but neither did. They were impressive in defence and AAC ran the re-starts back with force (why did the AB’s continue kicking it to him?) and chased the high ball with purpose.

    Having a more defensive than attacking midfield isn’t stopping us scoring tries so lets keep as is. Our intensity in defence in that first half against the AB’s rattled them and thats how you play the AB’s. Shake, rattle then roll. The key to any attack is the forwards rumbling forward so even if we dont have an incisive midfield, what we do have are two players that are good at the breakdown, have presence, clean out effectively and retain ball for the likes of Genia, Cooper and Beale to cause mayhem in broken play.

    I dont like what Cooper did and if it was against anyone except the AB’s I would be more vocal, but the AB’s are the best at tackling tacklers (learnt from the Auckland Blues), tripping, impeding, shepherding and holding on (i.e cheating) that I’m happy to let it slide. When you total up the cheats of Ali Williams (alone) in that game, it adds up to one knee in the head to invisible Richie. Deal with it sheep shaggers and move on. And in Quades defence, he was only getting to his feet!!! : )


      Will you get over the ABs/Ritchie are cheats obsession?

      We played bloody well on Sat and deserved to win, but we’re not going to win in NZ through the ref stopping the ABs from cheating their way to victory. It will be because we come up with a game plan (and attitude) that rattles them and we execute it, as in Brisbane.

      Williams stuck out his leg, Cooper kneed McCaw on the ground (I’m sorry but that was blatant), Richie pushes the boundaries…..Pocock pushes the boundaries! So what? In the context of the game and the outcome, over time, the results speak for themselves if you ask me. The ABs have been the dominant side because they’ve consistently played the best rugby.

      On the topic of Richie vs Pocock, before I say anything else let it be known that I have a helluva lot of man-love for Pocock, a dangerous, worrying amount that I only am comfortable voicing in public for another man because this is anonymous. But IMHO, McCaw is the hardest, toughest most competitive C-U-Next-Tuesday getting about since Kronfeld and probably before, and would be up there on the all-time list.

      To right the ship in finishing, carn the Green and Gold.

      • Chisel68

        I agree with you re Pocock v McCaw – both great players and McCaw is the better of the two – at the moment. But reading various Kiwis comments about Cooper “getting away with it/dirty play/cheating” (admittedly not on this site) lends one to remind the Kiwis that they get away with more than most in a game. And lets be honest, whether it effects the outcome or not, they do.

        And reading todays NZ papers, I’m not the only one who thinks so….Gotta give that Mark Reason his dues, industrial strength balls to write THAT when living in NZ.

  • Roo

    Couldn’t agree more with whats written above… It’s a great dilemma to have but what concerns me is how all this talent “returning” to the squad is going to perform straight into a world cup without any game time. It’s gonna be quite a balancing act to play some of the returning players into form during pool matches, without losing any matches and without messing with the way the current team is gelling.
    Luckily we aren’t Robinson Crusoe there and we have oodles of talent at our disposal.
    I think our quietly spoken Kiwi coach and his desire to stick it to Henry have been underestimated. The bloke has a plan.
    Bill will be ours and the Kiwis will be fucking livid.
    And I for one can’t contain myself.

    • Roo

      I was replying to chisel’s post but I type like a dislexlic cutn.

    • Chisel68

      True Roo. Unfortunately for those returning from injury I think Dingo is best to give game time to a couple at a time in the lowly pool matches for match fitness and play them as reserves for the big ones or if someone goes down injured prior. Why feck with a winning combination? Jaysus, its taken us long enough to find it, dont feck with it!

  • Gnostic

    Easily AACs best game all year including Super Rugby. The almost try I have looked at a few times and think that Guildford should have been penalised for a high takle which halted AAC’s forward momentum enough to give Mils the chance to get there to attack the ball.

  • Justo

    Interesting posts…. My thoughts that you cannot drop fingers as he has almost won last 2 games for us with turnovers and aggressive tackling and as mentioned is a great counter Rucker.. Also sorts out cheats.. See clean out of du priez in SA. McCabe has tired hard and is a good defender but offers little in attack, almost looks like he is slow motions sometimes. Also he can cover IC, OC, wing and FB. I think the twerp O’Connor is a must in attack and goal kicking…

    So Genia, Cooper, Fainga, two dads, Ione and bieber wings and beal with McCabe or Barnes on bench.
    i am a big fan of Mitchell but can’t see a spot just now but a handy back up.

  • Skippy

    Have a look at McCaw at 1.25 –

    He has a go at impeding Samo in front of the ball, off side and whilst his team mate attempts to make a break.

    Didn’t quite work but notice how at the ruck he is standing on the Wallaby side. On this play perhaps he didn’t achieve anything but you can clearly see his intentions and its obviously coached into the side.

    It’s brilliant in many ways… to be able to get away with so much and to be so invisible. But it is destroying the game. If you watch that video over and over again you see more and more ‘gamesmanship’ type stuff.

    They’ve certainly learnt from league in terms of the tactic of creating a channel for a runner to run through. The thing that staggers me however is the ‘head locks’ on Pocock and holding him off the ball when Nonu goes through…the head locks during the game are just an inch away from making someone live in a wheelchair and that’s not ‘gamesmanship’ or stretching the laws or being ‘cheats’… its criminal assault.

    The more I think about it however, the All Blacks in my opinion are destroying the game. I think they’ve been too dominant and arrogant for too long and I hope Saturday was not just a turning point for Australia but for the rest of the rugby playing world and everyone now starts to show them less respect, displays more ‘all black type’ arrogance and gets out there and bashes them up, bullies them like Aus did and no longer live in awe of the All Blacks.

    I pray the tide is turning.

    As for Nonu’s try – i know the officials are meant to watch the play but if there were players on the floor 15m from the ball as they were… that would catch my attention and I’d be looking at that. How a touch judge could miss Pocock being held down on the floor and thus creating the hole for Nonu for that long is a disgrace to the All Blacks… and a blight on the game.

    Initially I couldn’t criticise Cooper enough for his little how you going tap on McCaw with his knee… now I wish he had of done it for real and as hard as he could.

    The rules have always been about getting away with what you can… but the All Blacks have created a culture of cheating in their game and it’s a disgrace.

    Come on IRB… get your act together. The game is bigger than the All Blacks.

    finally as for AAC – he is and always was an excellent winger and the Wallabies need a workman like winger. Remember Bob Egerton… just did the hard yards, made his tackles, used the touchline, did the chasing. That’s what AAC does and what we need. JOC brings flair and more ability but its about balance and we need a winger like AAC (atleast till Mitchell is fit and ready).

    I’d be keeping AAC on the wing right now and working on Faingaa and Horne at 13.

    JOC had his chance and fluffed it for the sake of a few VB’s and a sleep in with his ‘lucky’ charm from the night before. Bad luck mate. Work your way back, and earn it.

  • SS4

    9. Genia
    10. QC
    11. Digby
    12. JO’C
    13. Faingaa
    14. AAC
    15. Beale

    20. Burgess
    21. Barnes
    22. Mitchell

  • Blinky Bill – Bellingen NSW

    There’s talk about AAC for 13, including from himself. Based on the video surely you would have to think he’s our man for 14.

    Just one thing I’m noticing and wondering what others reckon. AAC has shown that he has a good right hand fend. I’m just wondering if playing him on the right wing makes it hard for him to employ that fend.

  • Handles O Love

    The great news is that, for the first time in years, we have a SELECTION DILEMMA! Not only in the backs, but also in the forwards. (Actually, we have had dilemmas before, but mainly they have been of the “how do I plug this gaping hole?” variety, not of the “how do I fit all this talent in?” variety).

    I loved AAC’s game. But, one question for you. Having seen how good O’Connor is with the line in sight (HK last year is just one example) – would he have done a better job than AAC of getting the ball down? I reckon. They will play a bit in the pool games, it wouldn’t surpise me to see AAC end up on the bench, as a super sub covering 11,13,14,15. Of course, the odds of us getting through to the final with all of these guys fit are pretty long, so injuries may well determine the outcome.

  • i think i must be getting too old, i’m having trouble understanding all the abbreviations, i feel like a bitter old man but not as bitter as new zealand will be on the 23rd of october

  • Goof

    Cba to read all the comments, so did anyone else notice Nonu split his shorts at 1:49. lol. On a serious not some horrific cheating by Mils at the breakdown around 2:00

  • Reddy!

    AAC was going hard all night – such a powerful player.


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