Video analysis of the Waratahs versus the Chiefs

Video Analysis: Tahs vs Chiefs

Video Analysis: Tahs vs Chiefs

With this potentially the best performance by an Australian Super team so far this season, it would be a shame if we didn’t pull in some video analysis of the Waratahs versus the Chiefs from Friday night.

Anatomy of a Try

With ten tries to choose from overall, there were some beauties and a mystery as to how neither team could come away with a bonus point!

However, in choosing one try to analyse, I chose this fantastic ensemble effort from the Tahs. It exemplified a number of qualities sadly lacking this season from a lot of Australian team – support in numbers and depth, patience and a trust of ball in hand.

It also highlighted some critical players for the Waratahs and Wallabies stepping up when it matters most, namely – Michael Hooper, Nick Phipps and Dean Mumm.

Big Cliffy

For the last couple of seasons Big Cliffy has started to polarise Wallabies supporters – considering that he keeps retiring, does he deserve to hold a spot in the Wallabies squad?

Michael Cheika is an unapologetic fan, putting the Waratahs success in the 2014 final largely at the feet of a rampaging Cliffy, who dealt out 50 mins of physicality that the Kiwis couldn’t handle. In the Chiefs match on Friday night we saw another one of those 50 minute belters from Cliffy, and while it included 10 minutes in the bin that no-one would be happy about, he undoubtedly lead the Tahs pack around the park.

In just the 60 seconds of footage below, you can see what Cheik wants from the big man at camp Wallaby.

  • Patrick

    OK I’m convinced, I’ll take Cliffy over Skelton.

  • muffy

    The Poms are still under the impression the WBs are powder puff forwards, and I kind of like this idea:

    DP and WP at 7 and 8 till 45 minutes then MH and DP to 7 and 8 for the remainder. WP with a licence to make mincemeat and Hooper to carve up when the cracks appear. Starters and finishers ALA Micky Cheeky

    • If only you had time to type the players names! Imagine how much sense it would make then.

      • muffy

        Its not time Sully, it down to pure laziness… I have had my esspresso so will retype it as follows:

        The Poms are still under the impression the WBs are powder puff forwards, and I kind of like this idea:

        David Pocock and Wycliff Palu to start at 7 and 8 till 45 minutes then MIchael Hooper and David Pocock to 7 and 8 for the remainder. Wycliff Palu with a licence to make mincemeat and Hooper to carve up when the cracks appear. Starters and finishers as per the Michael Cheika play book.
        However the above is a thought I had at the time, it is now Tuesday and I have moved on from there… I’m not sure what my scrum make up will be today… :)

      • Nutta

        He started with DP’s for 45min and I thought I was on the wrong type of site…

    • I have no idea who you’re talking about but I like the sound of it.

  • Braveheart81

    I love the *ding* sound effect you’ve added for each moment.

    • Thanks – was expensive

      • Gilbert

        Nice one Matty, you’ve done good

  • Hack Ref

    All season long I have belted on about Cliffy and big Willie just making up the numbers. But last Friday, they were both Wallabies. Hats off to both men! Faith is restored. BTW best game of footy for years….

  • Adrian

    Great analysis, and you’ve put your finger on what really is Cheika style Rugby.

    Skelton played well too.

    His preference would be that Arnold/Coleman are just as good as Simmons in the lineouts, and as good as Skelton in the rugged stuff. Add Palu and/or Houston and a 6:2 bench and you could have something like:

    Skelton, Coleman, Fardy, Hooper, Pocock to start, and Arnold, Horwill, Palu/Houston to finish…..or vice versa,…

    Eventually he’ll phase out Fardy, and replace him with another brute.

    Apart from Pocock and Hooper, none of these guys have to go for more than 50 min

    McMahon and Gill are covers for Hooper and Pocock

    • jamie

      If anyone was as good as Skelton in the rugged stuff, we’d be fucked. legit

    • idiot savant

      I agree he will eventually phase out Fardy who is likely to be too old and slow come the next RWC. But so long as he plays Palu he cant afford to because he needs Fardy’s workrate. The trouble with the big brutes is that they cant work hard enough and ideally need a 6/2 bench to be match effective.

      If he plays Palu he has to start him with Pocock on the bench. Palu’s wrecking ball approach is too much of a risk late in the game particularly against the ABs.

      Sometimes I think QC and Palu have something in common. Huge promise that rarely delivers when it counts. Palu played in two of the biggest thrashings ever handed out to us by the ABs. Its hard to forget that.

    • MM

      I think Fardy’s fine for a good while yet. He’s a great player and has that No.6 for few more years yet.

  • Phipps’ work in that try was world-class: not just the quality but the amount of it.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Matt, Great video! Have been thinking Cliffy has been a bit of a passenger for a while, but that game clearly illustrates why Cheik’s has the faith!
    Skelton I am still not sure on! His lack of lineout jumping ability is a real detriment in my eyes!

    • Chinese Dave

      Someone should teach Skelton to lift. He’s bloody well big enough to lift a prop. Given the commutative property of addition, 1.8m + 2.1m = 2.1m + 1.8m. Who said pigs can’t fly?

  • Kokonutcreme

    Gotta hand it to the Tahs big boppers, they manhandled the Chiefs last Friday. When rugby is played this well it makes it such a simple game to watch and follow. It would be great if there was a rematch in the finals between these two sides.

    God I hate how just as the competition starts to heat up, we then have to go into hiatus for a month and restart again.

    At least the missus will be happy to have the TV back this weekend with no rugby on.

  • Timbuktu

    Anatomy of a try is no longer available :(

  • Billy Brumbies

    I do laugh at you poor, sorry, misguided Tahs fans. You’ve been served up some dreadful shit this year by your boys in powder blue — much of it there at your aged, lifeless Allianz stadium. You rightfully pile onto Wycliffe Palu who for 13 rounds of Super rugby this year does very little and deservedly loses his starting place in the Waratahs to your latest wonder boy Jed Holloway. Suddenly after one cameo performance from Palu all is forgiven and he’s back in the good books. Expectations even seem that what was witnessed on Friday night will now be the benchmark for the remainder of the season. Seriously?

    Let me remind you of the frailties with adopting such misstated views. Wycliffe Palu is quite possibly the most overrated forward in Australia although the consistent level of shit he has served up for the past 2 years has probably reduced down the level of that misguided hype. The bloke may rummage around occasionally on attack but it’s one dimensional stuff that poses little real threat to any defence with remote levels of organisation and physicality. It’s more on the other side of the ball that there is the consistent periods of M.I.A that are the hallmarks of his play. They are seen over and over again and prizes are available to anyone citing examples where Palu made crucial tackles in cover defence or on the goal line. His latest stint in the sin bin needs little referral to his lack of discipline.

    Enjoy your little moment in the sun, but I would urge you to temper your new found love affair with Wycliffe Palu and his equally underwhelming team mate Will Skelton. I’ll also remind you our Brumbies have the easier run into the play-off’s so enjoy watching the play-off’s from the sidelines. Back where you belong.

    • I’m sorry life hasn’t worked out the way you wanted

    • MM

      In all of that rant you haven’t named any alternatives, and what they might bring to the team.

    • Pedro

      If the brums don’t make the play-offs I’m blaming this post for jinxing it.

  • PiratesRugby

    When your team beats the Chiefs like that you’re entitled to post all of the self congratulatory puff pieces you like. That result meant the Tahs rocketed up to ninth on the ladder. Champagne corks must be popping in Sydney!
    Perhaps Matt could analyse the Tahs performance against the Rebels?


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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