Video: G&GR Super 14 Round 2 Review - Green and Gold Rugby
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Video: G&GR Super 14 Round 2 Review

Video: G&GR Super 14 Round 2 Review

Anesi - really enjoying himself.

And so we look back on week 2 with mixed views. The Reds won, and won well, which everyone seems pretty pleased about. The Brumbies, Force and Tahs all lost on the road which shouldn’t really be a surprise should it?

Perhaps we expected more from the all-star Brumbies, but they were right in it till the last 20 or so.  The Force? Well their dreadful injury run left them behind the 8-ball from the start. But the Tahs, now they are coping some flack.  Wowza! Barnes, Burgess, Waugh, Hickey, Carter, Beale, SANZAR – all of them are in the firing line. C’mon those lads. It was only one week ago that they defeated arguably the team of the tournament so far…………anyway, let’s look at this round then.

Team of the Round

Sharpe15 James O’Connor (FORCE)
14 Drew Mitchell (WARATAHS)
13 Morgan Turinui (REDS)
12 Anthony Faingaa (REDS)
11 Rodney Davies (REDS)
10 Quade Cooper (REDS)
9 Will Genia (REDS)
8 Scott Higginbottham (REDS)
7 Matt Hodgson (FORCE)
6 Rocky Elsom (BRUMBIES)
5 Nathan Sharpe (FORCE)
4 James Horwill (REDS)
3 Al Baxter (WARATAHS)
2 Tatafu Polota-Nau (WARATAHS)
1 Ben Daley (REDS)

So . That’s it. Calling it the ‘Wallaby Team of Round 2” is probably not entirely accurate, as all it is based on is form this round.  Eight Reds in the team is reasonable I would think. I won’t make comment that that four of the others in the team are actually Queenslanders as well……The two main contentious points are probably at 6 where Elsom was awesome, but Jake Schatz was pretty bloody impressive as well and Benny Mowen a standout for the Tahs, whilst Saia Faingaa also had a great game at hooker.  Probably worth noting that we aren’t getting a whole lot from our outside centres at this stage of the competition are we? Morgan played very very well, but it’s a position of concern I would think at the moment.

Player of the RoundQC

Is it Quade Cooper, Two tries, three conversions and five penalties for a record 31 points and totally outplaying the best flyhalf in the game whilst he was at it? Rocky Elsom for his impact on return? Will Genia for the pace and accuracy of clearance that kept the Reds on the move? Or Matt Hodgson for being a one man back-row?

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Try of the Round

Choose from

Try A: It is that man Cooper again! First try of the game and it showed a lot of the flare of last year’s Reds, with a bit more of the intensity and purpose of this years’.  About 60m out from the Reds’ tryline Cooper receieves the ball and cleverly drifts out to draw the defence before slipping a cracking inside ball to a charging Morgan Turinui who maintains the angled run.

Now watch the speed of Rod Davies OFF the ball as he positions himself to get the ball on the inside again – the old switcheroo. Next watch the clean out work by James Horwill when Davies gets tackled, allowing super quick ball to Genia who does well to cut out Cooper to Hynes, who does sensationally to pop an inside ball to Cooper who does just as well to get the ball down.  Brilliant stuff.


Try B: The Crusaders are once again pressuring the Reds and looking good. Braid pressurises Ellis and Anthony Faingaa does the same to Kieren Reid.  The ball is spilt and beautifully picked up by Morgan who turns it inside for Rocket Rod from Rocky to put on the after burners and show the fans that things have changed! For the better.


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Moment of the Round

When Digby Ioane scored his try for the Reds the glee was balance with some gloom as inspirational skipper James Horwill was carried from the field with an obviously serious knee injury.  Soon after lock partner Adam Byrnes was sin binned as the Crusaders pressured the Reds line.  A very clinical, very Crusader try to Andy Ellis soon after sent familiar shivers up the Reds faithful at the game.  They’d been there before and thrown it all away. But then…then we get Try B from above. It showed the Reds were good enough to keep the pressure on the Crusaders. It showed they could pounce on the opposition’s mistakes. It showed we could finish off a movement. It showed how far they have come in such a short time.

  • OzSash

    I would like to say a big, heartfelt thank you to Berrick for scampering to the enemy and providing QC, Sanchez and Anthony Faingaa the opportunity to shine for the sunshine state :)

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself catching passes to your feet in a losing team and a misfiring backline little fella!

    • Robson

      That’s probably not very nice, but really understandable from a Reds supporter. Quade played really well last Saturday (and I choke as I say so, cos I’ve been one of his sternest critics), but he needs to back up. Hope he can.

      Even though its very early days I am somewhat concerned that the highest placed Oz team was one of the lowest placed at season’s end in 2009.

      Now that I’v watched a replay of the Brumbies match I have to say that they really should have held on over the last 15 or 20 and come home a lot better. It’s a concern that, this early in the season, they are getting burnt in the last quarter – and that is traditionally where close matches are won and lost.

      My long range predictions for the Brumbies is not much better than 5th of 6th on the table. I think they will be lucky to make the top four come semi finals time (hurts to say it too) and the problem they have got is not in the cattle it’s in one Andy Friend.

      I hope I’m wrong.

      • Patrick

        I have to admit, and I already have, QC has taken his chances at Wallaby level like very few others, and really seemed to grow into it. Thus far this year he has built on this for QLD, which can only be a good thing for him, QLD and Australia.

        I was very skeptical of him at the start but he is really doing a lot with the chances he gets and he deserves more credit for that than some seem willing to give him.

  • Langthorne

    I would go with try A, but both were great.

    Why so many Waratahs in the Team of the Week? Not a good sign for Aussie rugby.

    It is early days, but the only Aussie side that has performed below my expectations so far is the Waratahs (but as a Tahs fan I surely should have lowered my expectations by now).

  • AJ

    Try of the round is definitely Rocky’s ONE MAN SHOW against the Bulls.

    Seriously, so many Reds…nice game, but clearly the Crusaders had brought their B game. I know they’re fighting words, but don’t get too excited. We all know what the Reds are like on the road

  • Seb V

    If it was any other flyhalf ppl would be saying how good he has become but because its cooper (with his goofs-up youtube clip n bunny-hop) ppl are still critical. ATM he is australias best flyhalf. He outperformed barnes and carter! He deserves more credit. Hope he continues his good form and mature attitude. All he has to work on is his try-line defence and he’ll be number 1 for years to come.

    • Pedro

      I’m a big fan but I’d be surprised if Cooper locks down the loose head position no matter how good his tryline defense.

  • Sideshow

    This might be a big call, but I reckon Cooper and Genia are the two most talented players in Australia at the moment. Forget Giteau, forget Barnes, and forget Beale and O’Connor. I’m picking Cooper to steadily iron out his mistakes and inconsistencies, and be not only the best fly half in Oz by the end of the Super14, but the best in the world by the end of the World Cup. Assuming he’s not in jail.

    And surely Genia is already the world’s best 9. Vision, passing, running, all awesome, and with time to burn.

    Curious to know how Rod Davies stacks up against Bryan Habana for acceleration and top speed? It gave me goose bumps watching him put the pedal to the metal for both of those tries.

  • Pedro

    I like try B, just seeing a winger burn someone like that was awesome. “A” obviously the better team try though.

    Seriously impressed with QC’s form this season, may it continue.

  • Crackatinnie

    It was great to see the Reds back up after the disappointment of last week and definitely deserved the points against the Saders. With the backline showing more maturity in their decision making they will definitely surprise a few more teams this year.

    One would hope that they start now on a retention program and tell the Rebels to leave the Reds the fuck alone as we were raped badly enough before in 2005.

    • Patrick

      Don’t be a dill, the same teams always get raped – the shit ones.

      This time around that happens to be NSW :)

  • Ben

    The key to this reds team is LINK. They have the talent..always have….LINK is the best thing to happen to cooper. He will show him the structure required to be a world class 5/8….which he is surely becoming…if you watch he is doing all the small things as well…backing up, and playing whats in front of him.

    As for the brubies dont underestimate playing at altitude. They will bounce back….interesting Harrsion looked old and tired.

    The only team in real trouble is the FORCE..the ARU needs to give the some latitude to go get soe players.

    • Eggsie

      Agree re: Force.

      There was a post about the number of Aussies playing OS at the moment. Maybe Pete Hewat would lik to prove Lote and Mick O’Connor wrong and return as wing/fullback allowing Rabbit to go to Fly Half (didn’t he play there at school)?
      Re Centres: Reds to bring Diggers in and let Connor or Morahan have a crack on the wing.

      • Why change a winning formula, Diggers is a great ball runner, but he lacks the distribution skills to be a center at the moment. Last year when Diggers played on in the centers he bustered a few tackles and scored a few tries but often did more harm then good by not linking with his outside men. With him on the wing he can still run, come in field and get involved without the pressure of having to distribute the ball.

  • Who Needs Melon

    Al Baxter?!?

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