Video highlights Wallabies vs Cardiff Blues - Green and Gold Rugby

Video highlights Wallabies vs Cardiff Blues

Video highlights Wallabies vs Cardiff Blues

Something to whet the appetite ahead of tomorrow’s game.


  • Groucho

    I was disappointed by the commentator saying:

    “So many of these players qualify for other countries… there’s not the depth in Australian rugby that you might think”.

    Grr fucktard.

    • There goes half the “depth” of New Zealand…

  • Epi

    I liked the look of that first try by Beale. He actually looked like a winger – something that no one else on tour has managed….

    • Yeah, surprised the shit out of me. Also for us to have a winger who can finish

  • Henry

    Yeah… Except it was against Cardiff and an international player wouldn’t run away from our defense (sideways AND backwards) like the cardiff player did to spill the ball…

  • Cam178

    I just noticed at a Wallaby practise session care of Matty and Patty, when the backs are passing they are not running at pace and all the passes are going to the body. At the game they should be running at pace so no wonder the passes are going behind the players. How many times are the wingers getting in front of the inside man, maybe they need to hang back a bit or the inside man needs to run faster. Anyway goodluck to all the Wallabies you can do it if you all can create some synergy, if this happens there will be plenty of Meat Pies. Create a feeling of the ball must be in our hands, if its not, get it, your country and paychecks depend on this and your team efforts. Play like you did against Scotland and keep Wales guessing, play both sides of the breakdown. Always be prepared to recieve the ball, Cheers

  • The mispelling of Awstralia (see scoreboard) is downright offensive. It should of course be Awe-stralia.


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