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Video: If You Can’t Wait ….

Video: If You Can’t Wait ….

If you’re a Wallabies fan and you can’t wait for tomorrow’s game, press Play!

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  • matty_k

    Quade Cooper still cracks me up after the JO’C try.

    • Jay

      Genia after AAC’s try is funnier. A guy scores a great 50 metre try and gets Genia’s arse in his face for a thank you!

  • Barbarian

    Instead of quelling my excitement and anxiety for tomorrow night, it has done the opposite. I can’t wait for tomorrow even more!!

  • chick

    love it. still get a bit stressed even tho i know the ending.

  • Barbarian

    BTW still can’t get over how good JOC’s kick was. Talk about right over the black dot!

  • Still love Quade’s cheap shot on McCheat at the end, we’d all do it given the option.

  • Behind Enemy Lines

    How good was AAC in that game! Geez I hope he can rediscover his form from last year.

  • Pedro

    I was hoping it was tomorrow nights match.

  • ooaahh

    look for Carter offside at the 1.32 mark.

    • Jay

      Are you kidding?

      • ooaahh

        no. Immediately after his good tackle on Moore. He fails to retreat behind the ruck but puts his hand up anyway and then tackles Genia.

        • Jay

          Yeah, I saw that and wasn’t arguing the call. I’m just surprised that even a thread with a video showing the Wallabies highlights still gets someone pointing out/whinging about AB cheating. You can find cheating in any video – I mean what’s David Pocock doing with McCaw at 2:03?

          Celebrate the good play in the video, there’s plenty of it – the complaining about cheating can at least wait until kick off on Saturday, surely.

        • Gag her

          What Pocock is doing to McCheat at 2.03, is stopping him from illegally breaking off from the scrum before the ball is out, since he knows the ref won’t bother to.

        • Gag her

          Oh yeah, and Pocock totally owned McCheat in that play. Fuck yeah.

        • Adori

          Still amazing how many AB indiscretions that aren’t called. Some have been but alot haven’t. Amazing for a 4min clip. Anyhoo, roll on tomorrow!

          ….note to self, dont count AB indiscretions in tomorrows game or you’ll spoil it for yourself….just enjoy this game.

  • ooaahh

    Fuck me if Gordon Bray was kicked into hospital with a coronary issue after that.

    • The Rant

      Yep its epic commentary, i dont want to see the commentary box footage as I think he may well have his cock out. AMAZING

      Who calls the rugby on channel 9?

      • BloodRed

        Gordon Bray’s cock is amazing? Won’t ask how you know

      • Alan

        he’s my fave commentator, classic voice

      • Dave

        While I don’t mind the Foxsports guys I forget how much Gordon Bray can add to the excitement of the game. (Not that it needed it)
        He’s old school good.

        • Alan

          100% agree Dave. Bray is so much better then clarkie

  • Newb

    i’d like to start the official “stephen donald for RWC all black squad” campaign. what a champ.

    • Barbarian

      Yeah how good was that kick with 20sec left on the clock. Must have gone 60 metres, what a pearler!

      • D.

        I believe he got the Wallaby MOM

        3. Donald
        1. AAC

  • qwerty51

    That shows how many points we left on the park there!

  • Jimbo81

    only as good as your last game! – FARKYEAH!!!!!!!

  • redbull

    Slapping Richie on the head was just saying hello.

    Go see for Jamie Heaslips version. Note how Richie was not penalised for illegal entry and slowing the ball on a near certain try as he did in fact come through the gate, or close to it anyway….it was just the Irish one.

    The sad part about it is despite this the Paddys to a man believe the ABs are unbeatable.

    For the kiwis hammering in red rage at the keyboard, remember O’Driscoll getting upended off the ball by Umaga-Mealamu.

    • D.

      Harsh but beautiful. A knee to the head could not happen to a nicer guy!!

  • superstoked

    This video has just made it impossible for me to study for my impending exam…so so so excited for tomorrows game!

    • Robson

      Yeah, forget about the exams superstoked, you can resit them some other time. This game is only going to be played once.

  • Who Needs Melon

    God I’d forgotten how good that was. Am I the only one that got the horn watching that?

    • The Rant

      you and gordon bray

  • Roo

    Love it. I fucken love it and I can’t wait wait till tomorrow night.

  • Alan

    One of the best rugby matches i’ve ever seen. It still give me goosebumps watching that finish. I got awfully pissed after that game. Great feel good memories of a time i cant really remember

  • Dave

    Well that got the juices flowing.
    Let’s hope that tomorrow we build on our 1 game winning streak!

  • How good is this website?

    • Robson

      Not as good as it will be tomorrow if the Wallabies win tonight.

  • KingofDubai

    Eyes on vickerman to dominate lineout. Pocock to dominate breakdown. Cooper to control the game, Beale to bamboozle and oconnnor to kick goals! Easy

    • Gulliver

      Hmmm. No , no and no.

  • Gulliver

    Nice and quiet on this forum right now. Really you guys should stop talking this team of yours up.

    • cheese


    • Alan

      why? we won the last test in HK. An aussie province won the S15. We have some of the best players in the world.

      We have every right to believe in this team and talk up their chances. Tonight they were shit but thats sport

  • SS4

    Hmm everyone’s suddenly gone quiet… probably looking at replays to find an excuse about how “McCheat” cheated the All Blacks to victory this time.

    • cheese

      No. They’re waiting for Bob’s match report pointing out all the all black perceived cheating infringements to soften the blow. By the way where was pocock during the game, did he get subbed off early? Apart from his blatant infringing, which thankfully the referee spotted, he was inconspicuous.

      • Alan

        pocock was hard done by with some of those penalties. one of them especially, its hard to roll away when someone is lying on top of you

        McCaw and co yet again had all the luck. Defenders constantly rushing up offside, holding players off the ball, hands in the ruck…

        Make no mistake, AB were very deserving winners, congrads to them but lets stop the charade suggesting Pocock and Australia were the only ones infringing

  • ozabroad

    He was doing McCalmans job

  • jimbo81

    Higginbotham must replace Elsom, Robinson must replace McCalman. We need forwards that make dominant tackles.

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