Video: Jesse Mogg - 2013 So Far - Green and Gold Rugby
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Video: Jesse Mogg – 2013 So Far

Video: Jesse Mogg – 2013 So Far

Jesse Mogg has been in great form for the Brumbies so far in 2013 – here are some of his highlights.

[youtube id=”k9hZaRMU724″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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  • Larkhage


  • Merrow

    Lachie Turner the fastest man in football? I think not.

    • p.Tah

      Turner was pulling up as he knew the ball was going dead. It looked as if Mogg was quicker but we don’t know yet.

  • He’s on fire, please Robbie pick Jesse for the Lions tour

    • RoffsChoice

      Even if it’s just on the bench, you know we need a good winger or fullback to inject in the last 20.

  • Jake white for wallabies coach

    Jessie looks like best of the great joe roof and Steve larkham, thank u jake white for finding the next great talent. Without the gen y attitude of today, refreshing

    • skip

      +1 for the gen y remark.

  • GoForGold

    Christ he’s fast. Reads the game well. Massive boot. Runs great lines. Is Brian Smith still there? grubber kicks seam to be a rugby league influence i think we’ll start to see more of. the only question is if his D is up to international standards?

  • Dave

    Mogg is absolutely killing it at the moment. His broken field running is fantastic, and his pace is electric! So far he’s burnt Turner and O’Connor (and can’t remember him if he went one on one with Shipperley in round 1) so he must be close to fastest in the conference. He reminds he of Beale in 2010 when he was also doing some great work from 15. After his injuries Beale never seems to quite have got back that top-tier pace which is a real pity.

    In fact, when one thinks about it quite a few of the form outside backs from 2010 have slipped drastically – Beale, Cooper, AAC, Mitchell, Ioane. We need up and comers like Mogg to give these guys a bit of a rocket. Incumbency should only count for so much when it comes to wallabies jerseys, even in a lions year.

  • Patrick

    That was inspirational!

  • Pedro

    He’s faster than quicksilver can fall into the sun. Plus the boot, the wallabies have lacked a real proper boot like that, hope his form continues and he gets a go.

  • Sharpey

    I just love it how is first thought on the counter attack is not to bomb the ball, like so many fullbacks nowadays. Running hard and fast, like a brumby should

  • ooaahh

    that last try shows you why the Tahs lost so badly (not saying they should have won)… see how many are jogging and not even attempting to get into position, I’m talking about you Paddy Ryan, Lucas and Timani Jnr… lazy lazy play. Well done to Mogg also… love his forward lean and acceleration… blistering.

  • Jollyswagman

    I am huge fan of Mr Mogg. I agree with the comment referencing the Gen Y thing. He is definitely a star of the future that is cut from a different mold than the current “super stars.” He reminds me of the good ole days when the like of Larham, Roff, & Burke were at the top of their game. He seems to have all the classic rugby skills without the no-look, flick pass jinking step crap that the gen-y stars have made a name for themselves doing. What amazes me most is the guys sheer pace! Did anyone else notice how he smoked both Turner and JOC in the last couple of weeks. I had a laugh as ran down JOC in a race for the ball and JOC seemed to look at Mogg with “where the heck did you come from.” Surely he has got to be the fastest guy in the Australian conference right now. Maybe not the Lions tests but he has to be there come Tri-nations time. I may be getting ahead of myself but I see the potential for him to be one of the greats. Let’s just hope that he continues his great form and that Robbie Deans doesn’t ignore his talent for the next two years.

  • He’s playing better than Beale.
    Geez thats frustrating watching the defenders just jog next to Coleman as he takes off.
    Get some ticker into you Tahs, throw yourself at him

  • Graeme

    I love the the chip-kick comment at the end completely ignoring the fact that it was an identical kick that scored at the opposite end! Kearnsey seems to have jumped on the anti-chip kick bandwagon, not realizing it is Beales and Barnes mid-field chip kicks into traffic that people are getting sick of, not those from isolated wingers with only one man to beat and who sensibly chip it over the top.

  • Jimbo81

    Just seen that intercept vs the reds is a brumbs knock on. The ball leaves the reds hands, is tapped forward by a brumbies player then caught by Mogg.

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