Video of Quade Cooper pushing Richie McCaw
All Blacks

Video spatwatch: Quade vs Richie

Video spatwatch: Quade vs Richie

Here’s something you may or may not seen in the game last weekend, but it’s been generating a hell of a lot of discussion around the place.


Sir Richie’s not known for petulant kicks, and it looks like this one definitely got up Quade’s nose.

But was what QC did at the end of the game called for or wise?

Maybe it’s about time the Wallabies stopped taking crap and started dishing it out – if it gets to Richie all the better?

Opinion’s pretty split around the place on this one; who came out on top in this niggle-fest, or was “rugby the loser”?

  • Big Paddy

    I’d give McCaw a dig as well if I had Rocky standing next to me…

    • Nick

      I think we are all missing the point here. Quade did a great cleanout of a bloke offside. It also helped that he had Bam Bam right behind him “just in case”

  • Nipper

    What about the rake of Pocock in one of the scrums. Bam got right in his face after, and good on him.

    While QC’s what a bit childish, both of them starting to show no fear of Sir Richie can only be a good thing. Let’s hope the ref’s follow suit!

  • Who?

    You missed the fourth option – who cares as to whether they’re idiots, Rugby’s the winner! They’re not playing tiddlywinks, good to see them get fired up! I don’t care who’s right or wrong in that – they didn’t go brawling (i.e. it’s not going to end up with bogans cheering and mothers weeping), but they didn’t pretend they were best friends and nothing was at stake. All good for the game!

    • JTM

      Agreed, the niggle is always good.
      I’d say though that Coops is going to cop a torrid time though the next time they meet. The whole pack is going to be after the little shite come S15.

      • Westo

        Bring another coach – Owen Finighan – the Pest – for some adiditonal training

        • Funk

          OF would have been pushing Cooper out of the way to get his push in first, and agree the wallabies could do with OF giving some niggle coaching!

  • Rocket

    Its good to see the Wallabies finally getting confrontational. This is surely just a sign that the Wallabies are sick of taking McCaw’s shit. I’d say that we won the battle of aggression out there on Saturday!

  • Hillsy

    I think this stuff is great. Just as long as we don’t start going down the line of state of origin mungo brawls. It adds another dimension to the game.

    I used to love the ‘hard men niggle’. Sam Scott-young and googy Harrison are a couple of names that pop to mind.

    • pants

      The mungo brawls are the best part of origin, and the way the refs handle them is also excellent. No send offs, just throw a few punches and get on with it.

  • The Rant

    As long as he doesn’t go and blatantly trip someone running back to the 22 like he did in the S14.

    That was top shelf stupid – I’d kill him if he did that for the wallabies and got sent off. He’s prone to brainfarts (B&O for example).

  • CJP

    Bout time the Wallabies stand up and smash players like McCaw etc when they come off side etc. I’m sure McCaw and co will think twice next time about laying on the ball on the wrong side after getting a few boots put in.

  • Al

    Poor Richie seemed to be getting antsy towards the end of the game. Cheating his hardest didn’t win them the game this time!

    It’s definitely about time the wallabies got up in their faces, and who wouldn’t if you had Rocky standing behind you? Well done QC, its pretty rare the wallabies get shown much on field respect!

  • jase

    it makes me so happy to see the gold having so little respect for nz… i remember when lotte speared mcaw….cannon belted kevin… more of it lads!

    • Bobas

      what about when Larkham threw Spencer over the ad boards.

      • Mart

        Haha yes that was gold… Larkham was prone to the odd spat..

    • Nick

      Didn’t you lose both those games though :-)

  • Lee Enfield

    The look on Rocky’s face was priceless, he had no idea why Cooper did it. Good on the boys for going after McCaw. McCaws girly little kick is doesn’t surprise me, in an earlier test against the Wallabies, I think it was Christchurch, He slapped a Wallaby, so girly acts come as no surprise, and he tends to do it, when things are little tight or the All Blacks under the pump a little.
    That was a great clearout by Cooper though.

    • Robson

      I’ll appaud the cleanout by Cooper because it looked to me that McCaw was meddling on the side of the ruck where he’s not meant to be. He was in the wrong, Cooper was right to shove him out of it and I’m glad he did. McCaw’s response wasn’t exactly a hanging offence though. But I think Cooper was still suffering from a rush of blood to the brain when McCaw ended up on top of JO”C after the try and what transpired from Cooper was a bit stupid.

      On another note McCaw is a big bugger, but the shove Quade gave him sent him sprawling a good couple of metres away. So Quade has got some grunt in his arms too which begs the question of why can’t he use them to tackle properly.

      • Davey

        I think that’s the exact problem, arms not shoulders.

        • Robson

          True, but he doesn’t hang on with his arms when he gets them around someone, shoulder or no shoulder.

    • summo

      haha, yeah the look on rockys face said – I know u want to belt him, we all do, but hes a wallaby so f-off.

    • Nick

      Girly acts? How dare you comment on McAwe. You give youR right nut to have him seeing as he’s the finest player of this decade!!

      According to the south african stats he averages 78 actions a game (actions being tackles, passes, clean outs or runs) the next best forward in the world is Burger at 35 per game. Freakish

      He’s a machine and should be treated with respect.

      Pocock i believe average 4. All turnovers but 4 in total.

  • Dally M

    Shades of Phil Kearns giving Sean Fitzpatrick the finger after scoring a try.

    Great stuff. Simply sends the message to the AB’s that the WB’s aren’t intimidated one bit.

    • Nick

      Too true….. those 10 losses in a row not withstanding. :-)

      I’m sure the Ab’s are now on notice

  • Ewen McRedzie

    as much as i love it, Quade’s just too important to the team to risk the suspension.
    And i dont think “he started it” has ever worked as a defence

  • Bobas

    Both incidents were pretty lame. I’m sure there was a lot worse niggle in that test match.

  • Damo

    Great clearout by Cooper on Sir Richie. Richie was on the side of the ruck and should get cleared out (just like when Fa’inga got cleared out by Tony Woodcock a couple of games ago – no sympathy for ‘hanging around’ the wrong side of the ruck).

    Didn’t really see a ‘kick’ by Si Richie though. Looked as if he was trying to get up, and which if you’re on the ground, usually use your legs to leverage yourself to get up.

    That ‘love tap’ at the end was blatant and obvious though. You could see by the Rock’s face that he thought it was dumb (otherwise, he woulda been celebrating just as hard as Quade and maybe even give Sir Richie another push).

    • Rocket

      The Fa’inga clear out was a shoulder directly (and intentionally) to the spine though, an example of filthy and foul play. Cooper’s clean out was legal and performed well. As for McCaw trying to get up, i think your dreaming mate, that was a kick.

      • TM

        A shoulder to Fa’ainga spine? He has no spine! Besides he was on the wrong side of the ruck when it happened, if it was 10 years ago he would have got rucked. Millie Vanillie wannabe.

        • Dally M

          Lol…and you’d be one of those Kiwi’s bitching because Quade gave his holiness Sir Ritchie a shove in the head.

      • Jay

        The Woodcock charge was completely out of line, but Quade’s clear out wasn’t legal. McCaw was part of the ruck, but Quade tucks his arms in shoulder charge style. Not really a big deal cause he’s not gonna do any damage either way, but call a spade a spade.

        McCaw might’ve kicked out a bit, but I still reckon it’s a reaction to Cooper essentially pinning his foot to his arse. It’s also about 1/50th of fuck all as far as provocation for a dickhead incident at the end – which itself is also 1/50th of fuck all to be honest, but it does quite neatly prove the theorum that Quade’s talent to fuckwittery ratio is pretty much even.

  • Jnor

    Quade needs to learn how to tackle before he does shit like that. There was nothing in it but it makes him look like a bit of a tool.

    Still, good on the niggle; mccheat deserves everything he gets to try put him off his very, very good game.

  • Kathryn

    After the game, when both teams are lined up shaking hands, there is a quick glimpse of Rocky giving Quade a bit of a talking to..he did not look happy!

    • Nick

      Also worth noting was McCaw breaking his teams huddle to make sure they congratulated the aussies. Sporting indeed.

  • Mark M

    Correct Jnor Cooper is a tool.
    McCaw is a very decent bloke and as such carries a massive amount of respect from his fellow players.
    Acting like he did at the end of the game , guarantees one thing.
    next game he will be targeted by the big angry blokes.
    He couldnt tackle them when the fires werent burning , he sure as hell wont next time.
    Never give the Kiwis a reason to hate you.

    • Groucho

      McCaw may be a decent bloke but he put studded foot to Wallaby leg twice in the game.

      Cooper may be a tool but he’s our tool. What he did was stupid.

      And what McCaw did was petulant and small. Lashing out softly with the feet is useless, harmless, and distinctly effeminate.

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    I’d much prefer to see QC smash someone his has an issue with, with a great tackle and then have a word in their ear for good measure. All legal, good Rugby & manly. That way there’s no hard feelings & it’s left on the paddock.

  • Joe Blow

    It was a good cleanout of McAWE who came in from the side but Quade should have left it at that.
    There was absolutely nothing wrong with Richies challenge on JOC at the death. Once JOC crossed the line Richie rolled away.
    Quade is an outstanding player who has a huge future but pulling crap like that is unnecessary and only reflects poorly on him.
    Get on with it son.

    • Nick

      It was actually an illegal clean out of McCaw ( who was in from the side yes but Cooper just barreled him from the side himself and laws are laws after all)

      Cooper should pull his head in. He’d just been outplayed by Carter, thrown around by McCaw and run over by kaino and Nonu. He’s a talent for sure but he’s a long way from being able to throw his weight around like that. It will come back to haunt him. At lest wait until you earn the right to behave like a dick eh

      • DrewB

        Hard to say if he was outplayed by Carter, hard to compare them at all. Ball in hand Cooper has some flashy feet and freaky passing that Carter will never be able to do, but Cooper can’t even spell ‘tackle’ let alone complete one, and Carter executes the bread and butter of No.10 play so brilliantly every time. I feel like I may as well compare a winger and a prop!

  • Quades playing good rugby and is at the top of his game – would really hate to see something like this happen again where the refs actually card him. But in general put the handbags away play some rugby.

  • Steve

    You can say what you like about Richie “stretching” the laws at the breakdown. But a dirty player he is not. I think this more a case of Richie having gotten under a number of the Wallabies skin in recent times. There is no better way to piss opposition off than by winning. Which I suspect after 10 losses is why QC behaved like a spoilt little girl.
    As for the comments its good the Wallabies are getting confrontational throughout this blog. How about make some tackles or play like Pocock had all game before you act all tough to a guy who’s on lying the ground.

    • Dally M

      It was shove in the head & no doubt stemmed from watching him get away with murder at the breakdown game after game.

      Let’s not ignore the fact that the AB’s were far and away the most penalised team in the Tri-Nations & a yellow card probably should have come their way for repeated infringements just before the Wallabies scored their final try.

      Anyone would think he sucker punched him the way some of you are carrying on. It was no Richard Loe moment & it was good for the rivalry between the two nations.

      • Bay35Pablo

        The commentators suggested the ref didn’t give the ABs a card as the Wallabies took the tap so quickly and didn’t let him get it out … priceless. Prefer momentum to playing 14!!!!

  • Jay

    No arms in that clear out. Wasn’t that the sort of thing that Woodcock got hauled over the coals for? I suspect Quade was probably more smarting at being royally debagged and radished on that big run McCaw did to set up Nonu’s try.

    Not really surprising Quade is essentially a huge fucking bogan.

  • pants

    Apparently Stephanie Rice tweeted that McCaw is a faggot after that game…

    • TM

      LOL classic. I did see a couple of tweets between them after the game

  • Jay

    Actually having looked at the “kick” again, it’s a storm in a teacup. Quade follows through after the ‘cleanout’ and McCaw’s foot gets caught up around his legs. This means that McCaw’s foot is being pushed towards him so that he can’t straighten his leg. It wouldn’t be painful, but not particularly comfortable either – it just looks to me like he tries to straighten his leg out.

    And I still reckon Quade was probably more put out (or more appropriately hugely embarrassed) by the bump off at about :29 in this video….

    • Holty74

      I think it was a culmination of the bad and needless rake by Mcaw in the first half which incited Pococks displeasure and the cleanout and “kick” event in the second half.

      Looks like Pocock and Cooper are good mates going into bat for each other and against what is there enemy during the match!!

      I would say no great harm done.

  • Funk

    @jay….Bollocks! i’ve heard some crap in my time but that’s definately up there with the best. your yet another kiwi who licks ritchie’s arse and tells him it tastes like chocolate. please open both your eyes when you watch it again…..

    • Jay

      Nah, I freely admit he cheats a fair bit. He’s a 7 after all. But watch the video again in real time. Imagine someone has knocked you over and then runs up and pushes your legs towards your arse (I’m not claiming Quade does it deliberately btw). You’re gonna try and get your leg back in a more normal position. Maybe he does it a bit more forcefully than he needed to, maybe not. But it’s hardly a big deal, considering he’s just been cleaned out illegally.

      • Holty74

        How so ????

    • Nick

      I don’t think it’s possible to suggest that you’re licking the arse of Mccaw. He’s so fuckin good and has never been a dirty player so he deserves all the cred he gets!!

      Best player of the decade no doubt

  • Funk

    Still disagreeing, he definately kicks out, probably because he knows he just got belted by the worst defender on the field, as for illegally, very marginal his arm swings in there, unlike wookcock who just drove his shoulder into fingers back. and agree with it not being a big deal same as the little push in the head, who cares get on with it!.

    • Jay

      He tucks his arms – it’s a classic shoulder charge. Don’t make excuses for him just cause he’s a pussy tackler who can only knock someone over when they’re halfway down already.

      • Funk

        I think you’ll find the cat was the one kicking and scratching on the ground, notice after the push in the head the cat just walks away knowing he had it coming…

        • Jay

          Nah, I still reckon the guy who can only put a hit on someone when they’re not looking and reaching down is the bigger pussy. Especially when the same guy gets taken on a 5 metre ride before eating the turf when he tries to tackle the same guy a bit later.

          The fact that he only feels confident enough to try it on again when another player has already won the match for his team does little to disprove his pussy status.

        • Stephen

          I think it was more of Rock telling him to leave it

  • Skip

    i really expected to see many more comments from kiwis here. several (not all in truth) had some shocking squeals even when they won but now they loose AND saint mccaw cops some afters and they’re gone. surprised me anyhow.

    • Steve

      Bugger it I’ll bite, it is probably because Kiwi’s understand when you are beaten you don’t get on a website a whine about the Ref, the cheating the out of place blade of grass…. Having lived in Aus for 15 years now I still support NZ in is Rugby,but am an avid follower of most other Australian sport, but Blocker Roach had it right last week Australia is turning in to a county of whiners. I suspect worse than the Pom’s. Some of the rants on this website after losses where hilarious, not to mention Ricky Ponting anytime the cricketers get hammered. Get some dignity you won one game. When you win 10 then bleat all you like!!

      • Funk

        No, you all just get on a web site and blame one man for all the woe’s of the country, I think it might have been steven donald that sunk the rainbow warrior, I think it’s his fault that the nz dollar has dropped, i think he also caused the earthquake too, didn’t he? Agreed there are a lot of whingers about, I’m also a little over it. but don’t get me srarted on git’s kicking !!!

        • Holty74

          that is cracking!

        • Steve

          I seem to remember Gits coping a fair bit of flack for his kick on this website after 2-3 losses this year!!

        • Nick

          Donald did cause that loss though funk.

          24 unanswered points. territory advantage, possession

          then on comes Duck……… chip kicks, missed goals, missed touch (even after the AB’s had forced the error and the knock on.) Hell he could’ve dropped the ball after the knock on and we’d have had the scrum. Kick it out, game over.

          BUT NO

          he misses touch, a move that Carter dismissed as being a mistake, and we lose.

          Doesn’t take a detective to put the dots together.

          IF you make galring errors in the last 10 mins of the game they have more impact the errors in the first 10 because you have less time to correct them.

          Like Gts missing that goal against Scotland. He kicks it, Aussie have a lucky escape and a chance to build on their luck. He missed and they’re in disarray.

          One man can win a game.. and lose one

      • Skip

        Most were from kiwis taking the benefits of living in the first world as well, unsurprisingly. At least we agree that whilewinning 10, there was some terrible bleating (as you put it) which was the basis of my point.

      • Stephen

        Surely not worse than poms?

      • Holty74

        Steve. I have a tendancy to agree with you about Oz supporters. … However first thing that comes to mind after a statement such as that.

        Glass houses!!!! And dirty big fuckers at that!!!

        • Steve

          I haven’t seen any comments yet blaming anyone but their own team for the loss yet. And certainly no one associated with the All Black team blaming the ref or opposition cheating for the loss. So maybe not such a bit glass house after all.

        • Funk

          Sorry Steve I have not seen a single comment from any kiwi’s blaming the team, evey comment put the entire blame on steven donald, the only comments balming it on the ab team were from wallabies fans.

  • Mark M

    Good to see Aus Captain looks very unimpressed by coopers childish actions.
    He also knows that Coopers going to wear it next time he plays the all blacks , assuming he gets picked because in reality he is the Carlos Spencer of Australian rugby , but at least Spencer had balls on defence.
    Cooper let through more than the turnstiles on Melbourne Cup day

    • Holty74

      Yes I agree Mark. Responsible attitude by the Wals captain… Less so seen by most kiwi’s here!!
      Unfortunate but expected.

    • Bullrush

      Looked to me that the first thing Rocky did was go to McCaw and almost apologise.

      Nice class.

  • Not need really. Cooper is still a boy in the game. Richie is human. But one win does not make a summer, Aussies.

  • Podacity

    Nice one Quade! No Jerry Colins now but don’t expect to get away with that. I can’t wait. Its going to be a better laugh than Justin ‘OC’ Bieber’s haircut.

  • ’boutbloodytime

    Losing 10 in a row & finally getting one back on the ABs, nice one Wallabies!

    There’s nothing wrong with a bit of niggle & sticking it to little Ricky McCaw…awesome player but man he comes across as a bit of a petulant princess at times (look at previous games when the Wallabies have got close, he doesn’t mind a bit of niggle)…he’s made a career out of masterfully stretching/overstepping the mark at every opportunity.

    He’s dished it out & won the vast majority of the time & like Fitzpatrick has the ability to at times significantly influence the ref’s decision…I don’t see it as a bad thing for the Wallabies to give a bit back, like Pocock earlier in the game & QC cleaning him out (rightly or wrongly)…it was great to see that the Wallabies no longer put him on a pedestal…he’s human just like the rest of us & it was brilliant to see the Wallabies prove that on the weekend, especially after 26 months & 10 in a row, you can forgive QC a bit of a brain explosion (not much in it really tho).

    We’ve now created a chink in the AB aura, let’s open it up into a chasm & use the rest of the northern hemisphere tour to prove we can win away & really establish ourselves as the side to beat in time for RWC2011.

  • Langthorne

    Taking a cheap shot from behind is not tough, and it doesn’t display a lack of fear (much like missing 80% of your tackles).

    To give Cooper the benefit of the doubt, let’s just say he is young and got a little over excited, as I don’t want to contemplate a member of the Wallaby team being a gutless little turd.

    Whether or not McCaw is a jerk is of no relevance, unless you are a child trying to justify poor behaviour by pointing to bad behaviour in others.

    • Dally M

      Oh, you mean like Woodcock did to Faingaa that none of the Kiwi posters on here had any problem with at the time?

      • Mark M

        Slight difference in that Woodcock was a one on one in play.
        Wether he should have been yellow carded is the refs decision.
        Cooper bitch slapped Ricie from behind, after the play had ened and after the game had ended.

        • Dally M

          Bitch slapped? He gave his head a shove, that’s all.

          Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

        • Funk

          wake up to yoursef MarkM and watch it again, wookcock came in with a shouldercharge to a man (finger) with his back to him who was not even involved in the ruck, that is the act of a cat (richard loe-esk), next we’ll see him eye gouging and biting his team mates!

        • Nick

          Can’t believe that I’m agreeing with aussies but it’s a bit over the top.

          Mountain out of a molehill for sure and you can bet that McCaw is well over it by now.

          not that he won’t take great pleasure in pushing Copper off his shoulder like a school girl again next year though!! ha

          Niggle is always good

        • Nick


          the sooner you stop making sense the sooner i can get back to hating Australians.

          Woodcock should have been sighted for sure. No arms and no intention to clean him out. Just hit. Which to be fair is quite out of character for woodcock. He’s hardly ever involved with foul play or even overtly aggressive play. He always seems serial killer like, cold and emotionless. Which i guess is actually worse.

          It’s funny that now Richard Loe isn’t a player he comes across as an extremely gentle and well spoken man. Far cry from the thug he was on the field

        • Funk

          Nick, have you ever seen an interview with former Boks captain and the high/late shot king Corne Krige (Roy and HG interviewed him once), after listening to him you would believe that butter would not melt in his mouth, he is such an articulate, well spoken man with the manners of a saint, get him on a rugby field and he’d rip you f*cking head of and sh!t down your throat without a care in the world…and I’m sure RL would be the same.

        • Nick

          Yeah Funk Ive heard Corne commentating and he’s a choirboy!

          Amazing considering he was such a prick on the field. So was Meads though and he’s a Knight now.

          Amuses me that people are all over McCaw for dirty play. He’s never been penalised for foul play in his career (canterbury or Ab’s) and he’s know all over as a guy who plays hard but never dirty. Close as it gets to a gentleman of the game in my opinion. (He will do his best to bend the rules at the breakdown but never to commit any dirty or foul play)

  • JJJ

    Looks like QC is shaping up to be the new Gregan — the guy the kiwis love to hate. He certainly picked his moment. The dying moments of the last match against the ABs of the season, immediately after a try with all his mates around him and all the cameras watching.

    • Nick

      Yeah he might want to learn to tackle first. Being thrown all around the field by McCaw and run over by Nonu during the match makes comparisons to Gregan a little premature. :-)

  • Bay35Pablo

    Pitty we didn’t get to see McCaw’s love tap on Pocock in that too.

    IMHO Richie kicked Coops. I was wondering why QC fired up like that at the end. Luckily with the IQ I could rewind and watch it again, as Foxtel either didn’t spot it or tried to ignore it (probably the former knowing those peanuts – too busy engaging in some Marto & Kearnsie mutual whanging). I couldn’t work out what caused it. At 1st thought maybe he thought McCaw had gone in hard tackling JOC, but couldn’t see any foul on the tackle. That kick ecplains it.

    Having said that, Coops went over the top with the push. I think it would have been far better if he had run in, got right in his face and given some “How do you like those apples Richie?”. McCaw would have been chewing his tongue off but could do nothing.

    Agree the ABs will go in harder next time on Coops because of it, but as if they weren’t already? They would already be targeting him, so what’s the difference between 99% and 100%? (yes, 1% smart arses).

    What I like is that it shows the attitude of the Wobblies hardening. They are determined to stand up to the ABs and get back in their face. The Wobblies in the late 1990s didn’t take sh!t, and gave it back, which was part of what made them a great team. While the ABs are currently (and usually historically) an awesome team, I think they are often given too much respect by their opponents. If you start out thinking “these guys are awesome and will probably win …” it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, and the ABs can smell the fear.

  • Nutta

    A number of folk are saying this pansy shite is evidence of the WB “hardening up”

    Limp-wristed-pushy-shovey-nasty-words (ie Tom Carter rubbish) is not hardening up

    Poido was hard. Michael Jones was hard. Willi-O was hard. Shelford was hard

    And you didn’t see them carry on like mall-rat wannabes

    Either shut the F-up and punch on or shut the F-up and play on

    Otherwise you are just another mouthy smart-arse who needs your teeth punched in


    • Langthorne

      Nutta – welcome to the website. I love your work already.

  • Who Needs Melon

    Jeez you’re hard nutta. :)

    • Dah

      yeah anonymously posting on the internet….shit man dont mess with nutta

  • mj

    Sebastian Chabal stands up to the All Blacks, QC just shoved a player from behind when he was on the ground – no doubt petulant revenge for McCaw making him look a total novice with his laughable defensive efforts. At least it will give the AB’s extra motivation for next year – in this game they looked to have had none. I envision several Lomu-Mike-Catt-style bulldozings of this overpaid child next year at the hands of Nonu and SBW.

  • ben

    Ritchie started that by kicking cooper…..good on you Quade. Get into them. Love the attitude.

    • Yeah…I loved the attitude he showed every time an All Black who had the ball ran it him….keep up the attitude QC :)

    • sam

      yea cooper love the attitude act tough both times when McCaw is on the ground real tough and when he runs at you, you look even tougher being brushed off like a fly hahaha

      • Dally M

        Pretty sure McCaw was on his feet when Quade cleaned him out sam…

  • So you finally won one. But you now have to rely on Kiwi born players or those with a kiwi father to do the work for yoy No problem! but one swallow doesn’t make a summer, remember that!
    The AB’s have not played well during the last two games. But your front row is still crap!


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