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Video: Wallabies 2010 Kicking So Far

Video: Wallabies 2010 Kicking So Far

WARNING!!! If the pain from yesterday’s video on lost possession hasn’t subsided, don’t watch the video because although it’s not quite as painful, it’s shows plenty of “basic” mistakes the Wallabies need to eliminate.

In the first four tests of the season the Wallabies have kicked the ball 82 times – that’s around 40% of the times they’ve started a possession sequence.

In the first game of the Tri Nations last weekend New Zealand kicked 44% of the times they started a possession sequence and South Africa 53%.

Click on “Read More” to see the video and further anlysis of the teams kicking performances so far in 2010.

As part of our statistical analysis we measure the effectiveness of kicks based on the outcome so a Kick (-) is a kick that:

  • Gained no ground; or
  • Gave possession back to the opposition without a contest; or
  • Opened an opportunity for the opposition to counter or kick the ball back and gain more ground than the original kick; or
  • Wasted an opportunity to attack with ball in hand.

For example a box kick that goes too far and gives the catcher time to take and then shift the ball before the chasers can get there is a Kick (-), whereas the same kick that gives time for the chasers to arrive and contest possession is a Kick (+), unless of course there was an overlap in attack and the ball should of been passed instead of being kicked.

It’s a subjective thing but those are the sort of guidelines we work with. Other kicks like the Kurtley Beale grubber against Ireland are not contentious and are clearly a Kick (-). If a kick was the right option but it was poorly executed it will also earn a Kick (-).

As you can see from the graph the Wallabies kicking was worst in the game against Fiji but that was to be expected, being the first game of the season.  The game against England in Perth was the Wallabies best kicking performance but then dropped back against against England in Sydney and then Ireland.

Our season rating for the Wallabies so far is 72% (+).  In the first game of the Tri Nations last weekend we rated New Zealand at 68% (+) and South Africa at 63% (+) so the Wallabies performance hasn’t been too bad, albeit against lesser opposition.

Where the Wallabies do need to improve is in cutting down some of the simple mistakes they’ve been making as you’ll see in the following video.

  • Bobas

    still cant get over that beale kick. what was he thinking?

  • D

    One part of me wants to hunt you down and kick your arse for posting these 2 shocking videos in just as many days. On the other hand, I want to thank you for preparing me for the drumming the Wallabies are about to receive in the next couple of months.

    I’m starting to think that it all may be a dirty kiwi conspiracy. Deans didn’t get the AB job on purpose and was sent here by the NZRU to totally turn the wallaby program to shit. Mmmmmm……. Do me a favour “Men of Gold”. Prove me wrong. Oh please prove me wrong.

    • Jnor

      I agree with you completely. I even harbour similar conspiracy theory ideas, and only half jokingly…

  • RedsHappy

    Austin, thanks.

    Gee, it’s at least good to see one Wallabies KPI that is for now better than the main competitions’, even though the sample set for the latter is pretty small.

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    Oh Shit!! Are we the world’s crappiest kickers or what?

    Just what I needed after seeing the Boks go down to the AB’s. Keeping in mind they were hard done by from the Irish Ref, they will be a real handful in Brisbane.

    If we kick like that against the Bok we risk being punished. If we kick like that against the AB’s there is no risk. It’s a certainty that we will be spanked.

  • Darkhorse

    painful viewing. I can’t believe there are so many of them.

    Beale’s last grubber just beggars belief

  • Reddy!

    Ahh test match rugby, the pinnacle of our sport.

  • topo

    Maybe the scale should 2+ or 3+ for really good kicks and 2- or 3- for really bad ones. KB’s grubber to butcher a try would be a definite 3- as would any long kick that goes out on the full. With this kind of scoring I suspect you might find that Australia has more absolute shockers than the other teams.

  • Podacity

    How did Ireland manage to lose??

  • Westy

    for some reason I came out of the NZ vs Sth test thinking NZ won by kicking less and running more (like the Reds against the Bulls) – but maybe it was just a case of kicking less crap.

    Have the Wallabies always defaulted to ‘kick’ as the first option for any attacking phase or is it just the last few years?


Scott is one of our regular contributors from the old days of G&GR. He has experience coaching Premier Grade with two clubs in Brisbane.

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