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All Blacks

Wallabies blacked out in Sydney

Wallabies blacked out in Sydney

The Bledisloe Cup is gone for another year after an All Blacks masterclass saw them run away with a dominant 43-5 win over the Wallabies in Sydney.

It was the Richie Mo’unga show for the visitors as his 2 tries and 23-point haul tore the Wallabies to shreds in a dominant first half to have the game sealed by the 30-minute mark before the All Blacks added two late tries completed the 38-point rout.

While the All Blacks first half was brilliant as they outclassed their opponents in all areas, the Wallabies were their own worst enemy with offloads not going to hand and kicking the ball away when they actually did get the ball with the little possession and territory they had.

It was a tough night for the contingent of Wallabies debutants although Noah Lolesio did score the lone Wallabies try early in the second half on debut.

It will be an interesting week for coach Dave Rennie and the rest of the coaching staff as they try to get their Tri-Nations campaign going when they play the All Blacks again in Brisbane next Saturday night.

The Match

With the wet conditions hitting Sydney just before kick-off it was looking like a game for the forwards with the Wallabies resorting to the high kicks early on.

The first one worked well but the second went pear shaped for Filipo Daugunu in just the third minute as got his timing wrong on All Blacks winger Caleb Clark (via a bump from Sam Cane) and a yellow card from referee Ben O’Keeffe for his efforts.

With the extra man advantage, it only took two minutes for the All Blacks to open the scoring with prop Karl Tu’inukuafe spared the blushes of blowing a huge overlap on the left wing to slide over.

The All Blacks then copped a yellow card as Jordie Barrett was ruled to have used his forearm in high contact with Dane Haylett-Petty on attack to join Daugunu on the sideline for ten minutes.

The action continued for the opening stanza for TMO Angus Gardner as he was involved to check on two more potential tries for the All Blacks with the Wallabies barely hanging on, unable to get out of their own half.

In the first incident Gardner overruled a Dane Coles’ try as he dived in ahead of Nic White in the wing from a Mo’unga kick but a closer look showed he wasn’t in control of the ball as he grounded it.

It took a double team effort from Michael Hooper and Marika Koroibete to deny Clarke in the right corner but the Wallabies couldn’t hold out any longer as Mo’unga sliced through the defence of Brandon Paenga-Amosa and Noah Lolesio on the blindside for the second try after 20 minutes.

Nothing seemed to be going right for the Wallabies when they did get their hands on the ball with offloads going to ground in the wet conditions, into touch or straight back to the opposition and kicking the ball away when in a rare attacking position.

The brilliance of the All Blacks was on show off another turnover around their own 22. Beauden Barrett, who didn’t have to do much all night, chipped over the defensive line and Mo’unga collected the ball in midfield to run untouched for the second of his tries to the line for 19-0 lead.

The hits kept on coming for the Wallabies as another high ball turnover was punished by the All Blacks and this time Dane Coles wouldn’t be denied his try off a driving maul to make it 26-0 with only 30 minutes gone.

Somehow, the Wallabies stemmed the bleeding until halftime but it wasn’t pretty viewing as the Wallabies barely fired a shot in the half.

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The half time chat from Dave Rennie worked to some degree as the Wallabies were able to score within 2 minutes of the restart.

Jordan Petaia made a strong run to get around Jack Goodhue and also bumped off Mo’unga and from the recycle, debutant Noah Lolesio ran a great line to score and give him some confidence after a tough initiation to Test rugby in the first half.

The Wallabies seemed a bit more settled after that try but they couldn’t get anything going to launch any sort of attacking threat with both sides ringing the changes to get some fresh players on including debuts for Tate McDermott and Fraser McReight and the inclusion of Reece Hodge at 10 taking over from Lolesio.

It took until the 60th minute for the All Blacks to add more points from a Mo’unga penalty to make it 29-5 and with less than 10 minutes remaining they added two more converted tries to Rieko Ioane and Jordie Barrett off another dropped offload to complete a grim night for the Wallabies.

The Game Changer

The game was over from a Wallabies perspective by the 30 minute mark after 3 tries in 10 minutes with Mo’unga’s double and Dane Coles.


Richie Mo’unga – Ran the All Blacks backline brilliantly with 91 run metres with the majority of those by half time. 2 tries, 23 points in total and a first half domination was too much for the Wallabies.

The Details

Score & Scorers

Tries: Lolesio
Tries: Tu’inukuafe, Mo’unga 2, Coles, Ioane, J Barrett
Conversions: Mo’unga 5
Penalties: Mo’unga


3 mins – Daugunu – Yellow
8 mins – J Barrett – Yellow
79 mins – Frizell – Yellow

  • Steve

    Thanks Steve. Don’t expect that was much fun to write.

    Not sure where to start with that.

    1) Lolesio had a pretty tough night – injury-forced but I can’t think of a worse way to introduce a 20yo number 10 to test rugby. Not pretty but not suprising. Simone looked pretty good in general and tough in contact.

    2) The ABs showed that kicking in those conditions was the right tactic, but didn’t see it done right once from Australia.

    3) security in contact and recycle is the single biggest problem for the Wallabies and I can’t think of an easy solution. Getting idiots to stop throwing Hail Mary’s would be a start.

    4) oh who cares

    • Narrator: ‘It was not.’

    • Who?

      I didn’t think Simone showed much… I do remember him being stripped in a tackle.

      The ABs kicking was excellent because DHP dropped a few high balls and Lolesio was lost in his positioning at 15. And with quality like Beaudy and Mo’unga pulling the strings, you don’t need to give them any help.

      • Steve

        I don’t think Simone was crap by any means, especially not in context of the team, some good dominant tackles.

        Yeah DHP just makes me angrier the more I think about it. Dropped a safe FB, presumably for not showing enough ‘X-Factor’ or whatever, how many times are we gonna make that mistake.

  • RedsFanDan

    I’ve never played or coached rugby so maybe I have no idea but can anyone tell what the plan is here? When we have the ball, what are we trying to achieve? What part of the ABs game are we trying to put pressure on? What strength of our game are we trying to exploit?

    1. How can any player or coach who has reached international level not know how to play in the rain? Both from a tactical and individual skills level.
    2. Our kicking game has been shit the last two games despite getting some good profit from it in the first test. Why aren’t we kicking for touch more? Is our lineout really that poor? Why aren’t our high balls contestable? Why has this been an issue for 15+ years and nobody has found a way to fix it?
    3. Why are we hiding our 10 out of position at 15 in defence on *starting debut against the ABs*? Are we trying to break one of our more promising talents before he can find his feet? Did we learn nothing from Deans and Cheika trying that with QC for years? Feel for the guy because 3 of his defensive reads were directly responsible for 3 AB tries.
    4. Why would *any* player in *any* team watch themselves get carved up by the opposition back three *ever* kick it back to them uncontested? Why have we been doing *this* for the last 15 years?
    I’ve got a lot of time for Rennie and I realise he’s only 3 games in but what does the Rennie led Wallaby brand of rugby involve? With the ABs it’s counter off mistakes, give away penalties rather than tries in their own half knowing that they’ll out try you (this is why you can beat them if you keep them to 16 points or below) and kick to play in the opposition half. The Boks it’s relentless battering forwards play, strong set piece and a good kicking game including great chasers.

    What’s the vision we’re building toward here?

    • Steve

      I don’t see much wrong with your questions here Dan.

      I genuinely can’t see what Rennie was actually aiming at in that game, but the skill of his players undoubtedly didn’t help.

      Worst are just the repeated errors – trying to hide Lolesio at 15 in defence has been proven not to work over and over again. And already seeing commentary that he ‘isn’t up to it’ and shouldn’t get another cap.

      How dumb can we be, over and over again?

      • RedsFanDan

        I think it’s a bit harsh to lump it all on him. There are 14 other players on the field and he was playing out of position but we must have *known* he was going to be targeted so why make it easier for them?

        • Steve

          Agree, it’s completely unfair. They were every bit as crap without him as with him.

          Thinking a rookie 10 is going to perform against the world’s best team while you have him running around like a headless chook is just madness.

        • Geoffro

          Probably should have called MacKellar in for a bit of advice on how to handle/prep him.

    • Tim

      You also forgot to add how good our passing was. On multiple occasions we threw the ball as hard as we could to a person standing next to them resulting in a drop.

      • RedsFanDan

        Yeah that was weird, many of Lolesio’s passes were head high and behind bullet passes. Nerves? Players a step ahead of where they should be? Who knows. Again, how any 9 or 10 can make it to international level and not have a consistently sweet passing game is beyond me. It’s literally 50% of your ball in hand job and we’ve been seeing it for years.

    • I think these are all good questions. Some of them I’m not sure the blame is on Rennie. There were a lot of young players making what we’ll call mistakes of inexpensive.

      We know all of 10-13 can perform better than that, even in big games. I’ve never played anywhere near top tier rugby, Shute Shield or similar. But every player, every coach talks about how much faster it is than the level under it. Adjusting to that makes you throw passes faster and harder, make daft kicks and so on, and we saw a lot of that. In those circumstances how much of Rennie’s game plan do you reckon they remembered? I’d guess 10% or less.

      But there are some serial offenders too. That try off the scrum Mo’unga scored was a thing of beauty, if you look past the pain, in and of itself. But the reason for the scrum? A kicking duel, where DHP didn’t manage a single good kick, and did manage some bad ones. Not all the kicks from the ABs were good, but enough were to eventually lead to that scrum.

      I think asking what the Rennie style of play consists of is a very interesting question. I don’t know we’ve seen it yet. The problem is, we’ve seen two sides with new coaches, several young players and so on. But one has continuity from a higher level and integrated better. The other did improve from I to II, just not as much, then lost all its playmakers and that showed, badly.

      But man, I hope a kick chase appears soon. Every other nation manages it….

      • RedsFanDan

        I’m just hoping that with the injury forced selections he’s gotten to see most of the squad now and knows what the cattle is like and can build from here.

        I forgot how disruptive losing Toomua and JOC must have been to their planning as we were left with a baby 3rd or even 4th choice 10 to run the show on debut.

        I don’t mind copping a hiding as long as I can see an upward trajectory and a clear gameplan every time.

        • I think there are signs of a plan, and signs of players coming together. It just takes time.

          Lets take two examples we can all think of – this “new” ABs side and the Boks under Erasmus. This AB side, if you look for the newbies, there’s Clarke, Setotu and some new faces in the coaching box. That’s it. There are some new players with less than 25 caps around on the wings and Frizzel too, plus in their tight five. We can’t cry over what might have been, but they’re integrating players in a total different way. And we are seeing the results.

          Erasmus, when he took over, largely had an experienced squad of players. He picked a few new players from what I remember, but he had a core of experienced campaigners. And for the first year they were awful. They had flashes where you could see what they were trying to achieve, but they’d find daft ways to concede shedloads of points. Gradually that became odd tries, then no tries, and they started winning… but that was with a squad with established players and established combinations that he just built a known game plan onto. Erasmus also had the benefit that teams in SA largely play to the same mould, he took that and refined it. Foster definitely has that in NZ. Rennie, not so much. If you look at the Rebels, Tahs, Brumbies and Reds (and the Force if you wish, certainly from next year where they’re not a bolted on after thought), can you say there’s a coherent style of play between them? Rennie has to mould a style of play out of players who don’t come from a coherent club playing style too.

          Not saying he can’t, just saying three matches to see it is a big ask.

    • idiot savant

      Whatever the style is they are trying to play, I think they need a psychologist more than a coach. Both these last two matches they have lacked patience, like they fear the opposition so much that they are scared of simply playing multiple phases. Like someone with ADHD when a conversation pauses, you can see the anxiety rise. After a few phases they opt for the hero play – impossible offloads – to spaces where players are ironically too afraid to run support lines. We have a side frozen by fear of doing the simple things.

  • Haz

    Whinging Pom here that tuned in to this game having missed the last 2 as they were at 3am.

    Tough day at the office for the Wallabies. The All Blacks looked sharp but the Wallabies had a shocker. I can’t think of a single facet of the game/gameplan where the Wallabies did well (kicking, ball retention, defence, breakdown etc).

    Hoping Rennie can sort you out. It’s early days and injuries + first games back being against the All Blacks can’t be easy so I think it’s far too early to judge even if it doesn’t look good atm. Anyway, the game needs a competitive Australia.

    PS I thought Hooper did well in his post match interview. It’s got to be horrendous to step up to the plate there after a game like that.

    • idiot savant

      Hes had more experience in talking after a loss than probably any Wallaby captain in history….

  • Reds Revival

    Talking through gritted teeth. I’m still a Wallabies fan, but FFS, did Tatts learn nothing from the Chieka era? Let Lolesio defend at 10. I know that you were trying to protect him, but in doing so, you made things ten times worse! If you have the confidence to select him, then let him do his job in the 10 channel!
    I think we really see the value in JOC2.0 now.

    • Adrian

      Lolo tackles ok for Brums as far as I can see.
      It’s not as if DHP is a fantastic tackler in the line

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover


    • Thomas Murray

      Hard luck mate

      • Alister Smith

        That’s generous Thomas.

    • Alister Smith

      When I played, and yes I may have been a team mate of Moses (the one with the boat not Hoss’ mate), the loosies assisted the 10 in defence. That doesn’t seem to work anymore for some reason. It seems we are panicking a bit and, for want of a better term, like a dog returning to its own vomit in terms of tactics (hiding people in defence).

      I agree with Reds Revival re: the value of JOC2.0 (and would probably add Toomua) but I also wonder if we got the All Blacks on a bad day in Wellington. Even yesterday there were long periods when they were a bit off (and shorter periods when they were electric).

      Still, if JOC isn’t available again I think we should give Lolo another go (and if JOC is available we should keep Lolo on the bench). He is a better player than we saw on the weekend.

      Both our wingers are high work rate and high enthusiasm, unfortunately both yesterday had a high mistake rate. I thought DHP might have managed the back three a little better given his experience but chopping and changing in defence might not allow this. There is talent there but it just isn’t playing as a team yet.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I’m with you on the lack of support from the loosies in the defence at 10. Especially necessary with a newbie I would have thought.

        • Alister Smith

          Sorry that was Noah….Moses didn’t need a boat…he had other gifts

    • UTG

      JOC defends at the back as well, in fact nearly all international 10s do. We just don’t notice it as an issue because O’Connor is very good under the high ball and an excellent cover defender as a former winger.

      • Who?

        JOC played a good number of Tests at 15. In fact, I’d suspect that, with 3 in 2013 and 2 this year, he’d still have more Tests wearing 15 than 10.
        But he’s been in the defensive line plenty the last few weeks.

    • Straith

      Someone give Quade Cooper a call.

  • Timbo

    I’ve no idea where to start with that mess.
    Front row did their job. BPA was solid and his throwing was far better than Ualese. I think Tupou has far more impact that AAA and when we’re that far in deficit, wasted at 50min.
    Phillip didn’t have as much impact as previous matches but then the ABs would have work out his game by now.
    LSL was direct as usual but for his injury was solid.
    Back row were consistent however as always the ABs disrupted at the breakdown and we didn’t have an answer. Wilson is a stayer and puts in the hard yards. Hanigan could be a good bench if you wanted to take Simmons of it but Simmons really does sure up the line out and scrum.
    Hooper was his always. Maybe he deserves a break for Argentina. Give McWright a crack with more than 10min in a devastated side.
    White was aggressive and should have kicked more.
    Lolesio… out of his depth. Shouldn’t have been defending at 15. His few attempts at tacking were pedestrian. Even Harrison would have put his body on the line for those hits.
    Daugunu was rightly carded and then was having a hard time making meters behind a retreating team.
    Simone was in the same boat as Lolesio and neither of them had a paddle.
    Petaia was the shining light in this pile of gargantuan dog shit. His fends and runs were the only highlight.
    Marika was the same as Daugunu but with a trysaver and some good runs
    DHP was wasted defending at 10. Negated his ability under the high ball which with a wet game is unforgivable. We know the ABs will kick when its wet and they did. Twice as much as us. Even to the point that Hanigan attempted to take a catch.

    Reserves were a formality.

    I need Rum.

    • Timbo

      Let’s not forget O’Keefe. This is just proof that you can’t have partisan refs. He was terrible.
      Oh and while I’m on the bandwagon, Jordie Barrett is a TERRIBLE tackler. Have a look back through his back catalogue. His history of not using arms is atrocious. Did it throughout the SRNZ season. He gets away with it too.

      • sambo6

        Yeah…..was quality refeeing when Nick Berry was telling Okeefe that his only question on the Dane Coles ‘try’ was the grounding. O’keefe (with not a hint of doubt) promptly said he had no problem at all with the grounding and awarded the try. Then the TMO and on-round replays step in…..and if you see okeefe on those replays…he was a) bloody miles away from where Coles was, and b) Coles body fell between the ball and okeefe, so it was actually in no way possible for him to see the grounding……..which as it happens……it wasn’t….

        Mistakes happen. But how could be be so confident of something that he clearly could not have even seen from he was standing?…….

        • OnTheBurst

          I actually thought O’Keefe was excellent, apart from that specific incident where he tried to go gung-ho and call a try rather than go to TMO, in the end he was made to look a goose.

          Otherwise I thought he was clear and consistent

    • Hoppy

      Harrison played yesterday against the Argies and was dreadful. Made one break and then ran away from his support and got turned over. Then threw several hospital passes, missed multiple tackles, kicked poorly in general play and missed every goal kick . He’s well behind Lolesio at every level. Hooper??? Where was he tonight?? It took him 61 mins to engage the referee about a decision. This team needed a captain tonight and he was absent. His breakdown work was negligible and when a rolling maul is threatening our line he is spectating from 5 mtrs away. Maybe he thought he was social distancing!!! The team and particularly the younger players needed him to be leading both by example and by influencing and eliciting the best from them. Instead he was absent on every front. Epitomised theWallabies effort. Then Harry Wilson is subbed to bring McWreight on…..why wasn’t Hooper pulled then? Or earlier. ??? At least Wilson was having an impact. White was gone after 30 mins as well although he did get thru some tackles. And yet he wasn’t subbed until 60+ mins had passed. McDermott made an immediate difference.slipper got thru s huge shift and can hold his head up. Disappointing to say the least about many of his team mates.

      • Timbo

        I didnt see him play so sad that he had a barry. Maybe it was the weekend for it.

    • Who?

      Uelese – why do we keep allowing hookers to come up through the ranks throwing pies, with no concept of ‘loop’..? Why was Simmons being lifted to full height, then catching a lineout throw at hip height? BPA wasn’t perfect, but he’s smart enough to know that you have to get elevation in your throws.

      DHP was under a few high balls. I think he dropped 2 of 3…
      Petaia, even in those conditions, still plays like a kid in the backyard. Which you can’t do – you need to be more direct and secure.

    • Sundown

      Good rant. But who is your alternative 15 needing quarantine? KB?

      • Timbo

        Folau. It was tongue in cheek but it would be assuring to have someone so good under the high ball at the back. Would have negated at least 1 try, maybe more.

        • Sundown

          Good call. I love watching Folau play. Imagine him and Petaia running up field together. Make it three with Quade …. ah I’m just hurtin myself now

  • Hoss

    Firstly, the Nearlies were far too smart, we were out coached, out thought and comprehensively outplayed.

    Secondly I am really disappointed with many on here – not one of you told me Nathan Gray was back as defensive coach with players entirely out of position when in D – thanks for nothing.

    Maybe it’s my PTSD, but I don’t know that I have much positive to say about any in gold, maybe Eric Clapton- probably our best across the 3 tests and again fronted tonite.

    John Williamson was shit, Roosevelt completely shit, the Exocet is mentally gone and needs a break. Did Flanders play? Genesis was poor, The Sheila was poor, Sauce was shit. Jordan of Nazareth was shit, The Bull-shitter was shit. Gladys was ok when he came in and looked sharp,

    Nic White summed up the team in general, his options, passing and general play resembled his mind – clouded, agitated and fucked.Exemplified by how we played when we had the extra player – kick, kick and kick and trick line outs, flick passes and fucking crap.

    I can’t find a positive for the Wallabies from tonite. Youth is not an excuse.

    And the salt in the wound I thought Ben Okeefe was outstanding. Great communication, consistent and possibly best test I’ve seen a match official have.

    • Reds Revival

      Bit harsh to say that Nazareth was shit. He tackled well, and was dangerous with ball in hand. he was one of the very few who could say that they had a good game. Woodrow was the other, but even he made an uncharacteristic mistake.

      • Hoss

        My initial feel mate is that Nazareth spilled plenty of pill, practised a lot of Catholicism and through up a heap of Hail Marys.

        I am a fan of the kid, but there’s a time to go to ground and reset and a time for a Harlem globetrotters – in the slop and behind we needed possession, momentum and pressure. Tonite we got none of that – but he also wasn’t in his Pat Malone.

        • Reds Revival

          I hear what you’re saying Hoss, but when you are anywhere between 24 – 31 points behind, you have to throw a few Hail Mary’s to try and make the score line respectable.
          It was the England quarter finals all over again.

        • Mica

          And it worked when he recycled after breaking the line. He needed to do more of what he did post tackle in the Lolesio try.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        Yeah good defence and commitment but just needed to be more patient with the ball in hand

    • I like BOK as a referee far, far more than as a TMO. I think he’s fair, applies the rules well and generally doesn’t miss much. He explains hints clearly, I think a throw back to his years as a TMO, but in complete contrast to what I expected after seeing him as a TMO I think he’s got a good feel for the game. He doesn’t blow everything he sees if he judges no impact, and I think he makes those calls well too.

      In other news, I was most disappointed by the forwards. When you’ve got 6 caps in 10, 12, 13, if it starts to go wrong it’s hard to find someone to turn to and steady the ship. I know injuries prevented it but it’s why I’d have gone Lolo, JOC, and one of the P’s at 13. But the forwards have a solid core of heavily capped players. Yes, there young faces like Wilson and LSL, but lots of old ones. And where were they? It’s not fair to say they were all AWOL, but it’s not far off.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I thought the referee was good too, little things will always be there that we see differently but overall I thought he was pretty good. I’m with you, the newbies taking a lot of shit but for me it was the lack of composure and support from the senior players that was disappointing. Some of those players should never be selected again

        • Greg

          I had to laugh at the penalty against the gold 8. We was caught and was going to be pinged even if he wriggled out of the way a bit. Instead he handed the ball to the black 9!! I might have let it go!

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Yeah i laughed ate that. Almost worth letting go in my mind

        • I laughed too. It would be an interesting law amendment “if you are trapped and interfere but present the ball to the side you impede, reduce to no offence.”

          I’d like to see it I think.

        • Not sure “never selected again” I think they’re dipping in form at the wrong time, rather than out of class in most cases. But they definitely need some time to get their heads back rather than keep playing.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Mate I don’t think Hodge offers anything that isn’t done better by other players except for a big boot. Trouble is it lacks accuracy. What really disappointed me last night though was the lack of direction and influence by any of the senior players. The newbies were always going to struggle but that meant the senior players should have stepped up more in the leadership role and that never happened. DHP, Hodge, White, Simonds (when he came on) Hooper did nothing to calm the play down

        • I think all of that is fair comment.

          I’ve commented elsewhere I’d be picking DHP on the bench, you know my opinions on Hooper. I rate White more highly than you, but I agree he didn’t have his best game – that said he had a pack that where only half of them showed up, outside the scrummaging, and I would say his deliveries to Lolesio were still decent. Could he have done more? Yes. But he did his core job fairly well on a tough night, which is more than many other of the senior players.

          I think Hodge really only gets picked if the injury woes continue, he’s a fringe player for me. But if you exclude him, who do you replace him with? I’m not opposed to excluding him, just not sure who slots in to that slot, in the wider squad but not really playing much.

          I’d certainly be standing Hooper down as captain. From the outside he doesn’t appear to have what it takes. Gathering the team, raising their morale, calming them down. All those things the team really needed after five minutes… they really didn’t appear to be on show. I don’t know the group well enough to say, but from the armchair, I might be tempted to sort of copy Fast Eddy, pick 7A’s as a regular starter, and captain, JOC as vice captain to take over when 7A’s get subbed out. I don’t know if he has the right personality, but he seems solid, senior enough for it not to affect his performance and not a hothead like Tupou. In a year or two, if Tupou calms down, I can see him doing it.

        • Who?

          With all the running down the short side, White did a LOT of work on defence. There were times I saw him make two tackles (one on a player as they passed, then bouncing up to tackle the next guy) on a phase, and then repeating it two phases later. That has to impact on energy levels, but his defensive work down the short side was excellent.

        • I suspect that’s fair. I haven’t had the chance to rewatch it yet, and I don’t notice those sorts of things on a first watch.

          I still think he could have done a bit more to help his very young backs out… but I think he had a good game in this core responsibilities.

      • RedAnt

        Yeah, pretty telling when Simmons comes on and makes a physical impact that most of the run-on forwards were below par.

      • idiot savant

        Our starting front row was very good. Our locks look tired though. A long campaign often takes its toll on the tall men. Our back row except for Wilson were anonymous. Hooper looks tired.

        • I broadly agree with that. I don’t think BPA was “very good” although I’d go for good. I don’t think the lineout calling helped him though, and he didn’t slip lower than good.

          That said, I was still disappointed disappointed by the pack overall. That’s probably hard on the front row, who were good in the scrum, mostly sound at lineout, and pretty solid around the park. The ABs were outnumbering the 3-4 G&G forwards who put in a solid shift. (I thought Wilson had a good game for someone with his level of experience, but was quiet a chunk of the time, but it’s pretty hard when you’re the only loosie up against a rampant back row, and your opposite number is having a ball.

          The trouble is, who do you replace the locks with? I’d be up for rotating them out, they look beaten mentally and physically. Not saying they won’t come back, but next week off would might do them some good. Are there 3 good locks out there though?

        • Sambo

          At least BPA can throw straight which is more than I can say for Fainga’a

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Tough day mate

      • Hoss

        I have finally found a positive – the First Nations jersey and it was entirely appropriate to wear last night. A foreign force came and took everything from them on their own land and left them bereft and wounded for a long time to come.

        Why does that sound vaguely familiar?

        • idiot savant

          Thats gold (and green) mate.

        • Hoss

          Yep. Some white foreigner with a weird accent came and took everything from us. Deja vu

    • UTG

      Well-played ABs, we were dogshit, refereeing had nothing to do with the result etc. etc. but BOK outstanding, really?

      Imagine having the confidence as a non-neutral referee to ok your country’s grounding you didn’t see from 25m away.

      Best moment had to be Hooper telling him “that’s a fucking yellow card,” after Cane’s cynical penalty in a try scoring opportunity. O’Keefe just stood their meekly not even trying to rebuke Hooper for swearing at him knowing it should have been a card.

      He, like Gardner, makes it up as he goes along in the scrums. There was one time ‘Nela had Hodgman suspended in the air and he just waved play-on.

      His refereeing of the breakdowns is even worse. He allows players to roll whatever way they want and slow down the ball (watch, how many times Sotutu emerges on our side of the ruck) and tacklers releasing nor supporting your own body-weight are just not considerations (there was a Whitelock pilfer where had two goes at the ball, hands all over the ground clearly not supporting his own weight and BOK was happy to wave it on). The one thing he loves to penalise is the attacking team blowing too far past the ball when the ruck is already won and it has no impact on the game.

      He’s objectively not a Tier 1 referee.

      • idiot savant

        Yeah I thought he cleverly allowed the ABs to interfere and slow the ball. But full marks to the ABs they kept doing it because that was where the boundary was set. Im still not convinced that if we did the same thing we wouldn’t be penalised. He happily penalised Wilson when Whitelock pushed the ball into him but Wilson was trapped in there by an AB who still had hold of his legs. Its all these little things that the ABs are so good at.

    • idiot savant

      BOK still allows far too much ball slowing by the ABs for mine. But otherwise not a bad showing. And agree on JJ Cale. Easily the best low tackler in the side. One of his tackles was such a quick low chop that it allowed one of the gold players to effect a turnover.

    • Keith Butler

      You and EP, below, must be the only two that BOK was ok. I thought the same. Lelosio didn’t have a great game but what I found more disappointing that many of the G&G senior players were virtually anonymous. Not picking on anyone in particular but this must be the last time the Simmons is in the squad and Ned at 6. Hodge and Sauce brought nothing to the table either.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I thought BOK had a good game too. Clear communication, pretty consistent for both sides and clear decisions. Can’t ask for much more

      • He certainly blew the call about the Cole try, should have referred that to the TMO. Not claiming he was perfect, but over the course of 80 minutes I thought he got most of the decisions right, made it clear why he made a call and was consistent in what in he did. I like that in a ref.

      • Hoss

        Agree all round KB, we are a tad harsh on Hodge – he makes no claim to be a 10 and got thrown in at the deep end. Sauce just don’t have it. MariKa looks spent and needs a spell, Roosevelt will have learned pride comes before the fall and to just STFU. Our pack weren’t terrible just non-descript. I need to watch it again n but we were never ever in the game and that’s both because of the Nearlies being far too good and us giving a poor account of ourselves.

        • Keith Butler

          Agreed a bit harsh on Hodge. With both Two Moos and JOC I would have preferred a 10 who can cover at FB or centre rather than the other way round.

      • Gipetto

        Simmons had a strong game. When he is lock behind Tupou their side of the scrum dominates the ABs

    • Who?

      Bin made a few odd calls in the first half. Missed a bit – ABs offside consistently and chasing through, yet the ABs’ first try is off Hooper piggybacking them to a maul with the softest offside call you’ll ever see? Beaudy allowed to shove Petaia off his feet from behind whilst Petaia was getting back to help Daugunu (before the penalty leading to Coles’ try). The farce that was the Coles no try (awarded before referring it (stupid idea!), then referred it (didn’t think you could change it once awarded?), then not awarded (no requirement for control – he wasn’t ever in possession, only a requirement for downward pressure)).
      In the second half, some of his calls were equally unusual, but more consistent. For instance, penalized DHP for Whitelock getting hands on the ball (whilst Whitelock was bridging). Then penalized Goodhue for not rolling away – “Daugunu made the turnover (he didn’t), and then you didn’t roll away.” Technically, he’s correct – tackled players are required to roll away – at all times. But it’s never penalized, so it’s inconsistent.
      The penalty against Wilson was rubbish, too – plenty of players failed to roll away in the last minute, they just wore black shirts. Wilson was trapped and placed the ball back for the ABs – I don’t know what more he could’ve done. It was technically a penalty, but one that shows no feel for the game.

      I thought White got through a LOT of defensive work on the short side. I was also very happy with Slips’ defensive efforts.

      Big problem was that we fell behind early off some stupidity (Daugunu shouldn’t have thrown his arm out, Hooper offside), then out of poor coaching defensive positioning. Both tries to Mo’unga were great vision from him and Beaudy – Lolesio was out of position at fullback for the first try off the maul (he needed to come up to the defensive line – BPA’s never going to contain Mo’unga, and White had to cover Jordie which he did well – he blocked the pass and blocked Jordie’s path to the tryline – Mo’unga had no option but to hold the ball), and then for the second Mo’unga try (too deep). It was a coaching error to stick him back there when he doesn’t normally defend there.

      Our centres were ordinary, DHP dropped a lot of pill. I’m wondering if we shouldn’t move Petaia to the wing….. Play someone more solid at 13.

  • sambo6

    Wallabies got ‘rattled’ early. With aB’s scoring 1 then having two disallowed. They didn’t really have the ball in that first period. Then after that, anytime they got it, they panicked…trying to ‘produce something’ with almost every touch -silly grubber kicks, or too many attempts at pushing the offload.

    So I don’t think we really saw much of whatever the game plan was meant to be, becuase a young side was unsettled and scatty from their first few touches, and after that it just became a vicious circle…..

    As many others will say, poor old Noah had a debut to forget, and was probably secretly releived when he got hooked. I know petaia made a couple of impressive runs, but he was a main culprit of trying to do too much with every touch….prob the only 2 wallabies I thought had decent overall games were Harry Wilson and AAAAA……

    • Hoss

      Yep, the score flattered us. Two disallowed and one bombed when Princess Moana slipped and through a shocker to the Flying Mullet who knocked it on.

    • Geoffro

      No composure,nil.Hooper and White have a bit to answer for not settling these guys.They were like deer in the headlights from the get go.I thought Slips was one guy who rolled up his sleeves and did what was required of him

      • Mica

        Yep Slips was easily the best prop on the field.

        • Geoffro

          He was.Hope we dont have to wait half a dozen years and seventy odd tests for Nela to get there

    • Mike D

      Agree about getting rattled. That’s a young man thing, they need to be taught the mental discipline side – every time they made a mistake you could see bad self talk, shaking their head, putting themselves down – and under pressure because of it. Need to learn how to stop focusing on the mistake and just focus on the present situation. Doesn’t matter who did what or how we got here, just what is the situation now, and how do I do my job. Daugunu was an example, “Ah no, I’ve stuffed up and they’ve scored a try. Now I have to do something amazing to redeem myself.” So what happens? Low percentage passes and other BS for the rest of the game.

      • Yowie

        Agree about getting rattled. That’s a young man thing, they need to be taught the mental discipline side

        Agreed, someone needs to say to them, young man, there’s no need to feel down, I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground, I said, young man, ’cause you’re in a new town
        There’s no need to be unhappy.

        • Geoffro

          Let me guess,you’re the bandmember dressed as a clown

        • Yowie

          When the leather chaps can’t be found, sure.

        • Geoffro

          Hahaha.Back in the eighties I had a very straightlaced,straightfaced boss in his 60s. His favorite band….you guessed it.

        • Yowie

          Yeah, well. It’s a noted phenomenon that the more hard-nosed conservative a person is…

    • idiot savant

      Youre right that first 20 minutes rattled our confidence and shaped the whole game. I can’t recall a game where we have had less time in possession. We just had so little of the ball. Hooper as captain was unable to calm the troops.

      You left out Slipper and BPA who both had strong games. Slipper was our best player. I wish that he and AAA had been able to talk to the troops instead.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I’d like to see AAA as captain. Hooper has done nothing for the Wallabies and his leadership is missing big time

  • Bert

    Watching the wallabies is like trying to have a good time at a funeral.

    • Will

      That’s god damn hilarious and true!

  • Custardtaht

    The NSW Coroner has performed an autopsy on the Wallabies. The cause of death was a lack of heart, muscular and neurological distrophy resulting in a loss of not only both gross and fine motor skills, but all fucking skills. There was signs of dementia explaining why the Wallabies kicked aimlessly to the All Blacks strengths and pushed stupid passes repeatedly.

    • Hoss

      I can hear the Monty Python sketch ‘but I am not dead’ – ‘shut up, yes you are’.

      • Custardtaht

        The solution has to be more Tahs. We’ve tried inclusiveness, it’s shit.

        • Yowie

          As my old boss used to say:

          I’m trying hard to like you, but you’re making it very f*cking difficult.

        • Alister Smith

          I had a boss who asked me if my girl friend was usually on top….apparently I could only “f*ck up”

        • Custardtaht

          Your old boss sounds alright. My old boss used to say;

          “You know what I like about you………nothing”.

          “Or you’re lucky it’s not 10 years ago, you would have been taken down to the basement car park and dealt with”.

          My personal favourite was:

          “Out of the million or so sperm, you were the strongest, think about that”.

  • Tim

    Wallabies are coach killers. Change my mind

    • Will

      Don’t need to. You can fuck off.

  • RedAnt

    Well that was a wee bit disappointing.

    • Come on mate, be positive.
      Don”t ask me for help tho, I got nuthin..

      • Custardtaht

        The good news is, two negatives equal a positive. So Brisbane will be a win to the Wallabies, as Dross × Dross must equal Gold.

  • skip

    Rennie ought to know by now what his best team is and start developing them. I’m pretty sick of the Chieka era’s selection roulette every test and for me he’s had three tests to figure out the players he ought to pick and start coaching them to do the basics of the game properly like tackle, clear out, retain possession in contact and run lines. After that he can focus on advanced things like the the oldest rule in rugby which is don’t have a shit kicking game against New Zealand. If the players can’t figure that out then drop them for someone equally average but at least let the cohesion factor have a chance now.

    • He knows who his best 10 and 12 are. Both are injured.

      I don’t think many doubt he’s picked his best 11 in all three matches, but he’s had a shocker and a poor game.

      He said DHP was his first choice 15, but wasn’t fit enough. As soon as he was, DHP starts in the 15 jersey.

      Not quite sure what your gripe is? Maybe you don’t like him rotating props?

      • skip

        My point is that having had 3 tests he ought to know who his best team is as of now. If it turns out that those players can’t in fact manage the aforementioned basics of the game after the lack of cohesion cannot be blamed he should drop them then, not after one test.

        I didn’t catch the remark about DHP as I don’t have social media & live on the other side of the world as far from rugby as one can get. Perhaps that’s why I missed why Tupou was on the bench today.

        • Ok.

          I was going to say I feel your pain, I’m just not entirely sure it’s reasonable.

          Like a lot of people, I thought picking Daugunu was the right call. Three matches in, which one is the real Daugunu? The one that probably deserved MOTM in Bled I? The one that got crucified by Clarke in Bled II? The one that got so hyped about “the hit” he got a YC and then threw I’m not sure how many offloads to space, and that cute little kick straight to Mo’unga in Bled III? Paisami looks so much better outside Toomua than anyone else it’s not true. It’s not only new Wallabies you can do this for, last time Clarke looked like – and was compared to – the next Lomu. This time, he looked pretty anonymous.

          People who have played at this level reckon it takes about 10 tests to find your feet and adjust properly and start to play consistently. That might not be the right number, but let’s say that’s about right. How is Rennie meant to be sure of his picks? He’s picked on his judgement of form and whatever and he’s desperately hoping that transfers up to test level for most or all of his picks, just like the rest of us.

        • Alister Smith

          might be an argument for Paisami to OC and Petaia to wing?

        • I wouldn’t hate that. Korobiete is a good player, but he’s out of form for some reason. He’s got enough caps we know his true form… and he’s not playing up to it, so get someone else in.

          My only concern is the real lack of caps in the backs that leaves. We saw today what that can do, but rebuilding after the AssClown was always going to be uncomfortable.

        • Geoffro

          Marika was far from the worst wallaby on the park.He scrapped ok for a winger in a side that was going backwards all night

        • Alister Smith

          Yes, just on last nights form it would be Daugunu that would be under pressure if we were to change a wing but with either of them, they are too blokes who give their all, it was just more rocks than diamonds last night for Daugunu – Korobeite’s defence to save the try was excellent (and If I am correct he came from the opposite wing to make it.

        • Geoffro

          They both go looking for work which is far better than hanging out getting frostbite.Typical of Fijiaans they struggle a bit with keeping a cool head I think though one of my favorites,Rokocoku,was a real Joe Cool

        • idiot savant

          Thorn dropped Daugunu and he come back a better player. Id be tempted to do the same at Wallaby level. Make him and Koro compete for the one wing and shift Jordy to the other.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Agree mate, TBH one of his better games. Looking for work and not going missing for a start

        • Oh, I agree he was far from the worst. I’m just worried that in two games now, he can’t catch the ball.

          I’m not talking about not bending down to catch low balls to his toes, not catching bullet passes a mile in front of him, where you think “well ok, shoot the passer” (although he’s had a couple of them too). I’m talking perfectly catchable passes and he’s dropped them all… well quite a lot of them.

          Not good.

        • Geoffro

          Sure,I’d hate to watch a highlights reel of his career where he’s fluffed those catchable balls,he suffers from urgency,but his game off the ball has improved so much in the last year or two and runs some lovely support lines.He had a shocker in Auckland but held up ok yesterday imo

        • Mike D

          My only major gripe with Korobiete is he tends to drift in from the wing in defence. His kick and catch aren’t great, but that’s ok in a balanced team; the defence though has to be rock solid.

        • idiot savant

          I keep saying it….. On the wing Jordy can roam and come into the line from the blind side, and he can return kicks. Hes a weapon who will get more touches from the wing than at 13 where you have to stay in your channel. And Paisami is quicker over 5 meters and hits harder. Ask Mounga in game 1.

        • Mike D

          Yep, have to pick and stick to a degree. I think Daugunu had a bad night at the office. Rennie’s a good coach, he won’t crucify Dags, he’ll say, “What did you learn? How are you going to improve for the next match? How do I help you do that?”

        • Oh yes. I think the real Daugunu is closer to the Bled I one. Probably not always at quite that level, but closer to that than either of the other two. And I agree, Rennie will handle him well.

          Likewise Paisami will improve. It can be hard for a 13 when the formerly smooth service from inside just goes to pot, but if he was a 60 test veteran I would expect him to take charge and calm the situation down. I am absolutely NOT criticising him for being a 3 test veteran and not being able to do that, nor Rennie for having to make those picks, it was just a tough time to have to do it.

  • Timbo

    And Sean Connery has died. What else can go wrong?

    • sugarwookie

      </3 Nooooo.

    • MichaelA

      That news grieves me more than the game tonight…

  • Too Little Too Late

    Thanks Steve that was a good review of the game.

    My two cents worth of the game, is we were beating around the park by smart footy. Unless we learn the little extras you need to do to win test matches we will suffer.

    Defensively we kept folding to the open side and gave them gaps on then blind. It’s either a sign of over exuberance or lack of heads up play. I’m viewing it as youthful exuberance.

    In attack we wanted to score a try with every attack. I’m cricket parlance is trying to take a wicket with every ball. You need to work on your opponent’s weakness and when the opportunity arises then flood the attack.

    In all honestly it looked like a new team with new systems (and not trusting those systems/ trying to win it on your own) vs. a well structured team.

    I’m not for throwing everything out, but take the loss and pick it apart with clever analysis. Work on our faults and pull apart the opposition strengths.

    The better team won and kept their structures. The young boys got the welcome to first grade they deserved.

    I still have only one team that matters to me and I will keep supporting the Wallabies come what may.

  • MichaelA

    Okay, this is with hindsight. But, perhaps having rookies at 10, 12 and 13 wasn’t such a good idea? Only 4 caps between them.

    When the pressure hit, who was going to get the backline’s focus back on doing their job? Maybe it would have been better to bring in an old dog like Tevita Kuridrani – 60 caps.

    We saw how losing one of the two experienced fives unsettled the backline in Bled 2. Perhaps that should have warned us that losing the other one could bring on a general loss of cohesion, and so an old head would be needed to steady things.

  • Sevenwithasixonmyback

    Spent the afternoon on the beers and then the Hill at Leichhardt and was out of my misery at 26-5.

    • Geoffro

      Gordon taking out the Shield was definitely the rugby highlight of the day for me personally (Dempsey put in a great shift,wonder if he’ll come under notice)

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Steve. Rough day at the office mate and this can’t have been easy to write so thank you. Despite the obvious points that are being brought up for me there are a couple of good ones. I thought the forwards defended very well for the most part. A number of times the ABs went backwards in the tackle and this was pleasing to see. I felt sorry for Lolesio, shit service from White and just as he got some confidence he was pulled. I think it was a big mistake having him defend at 15 as you’re actually more exposed there than if he’d stayed at 10, and where he is used to playing. I personally think he should be retained as I think he’ll be better for the experience.

    Lots to work on for the match but for me the biggest disappointment was the lack of leadership and composure of the senior players. No one seemed to be stepping up to support the newbies and I thought that was very poor. Not sure where to go from here but I think Rennie needs to adjust his game plan and perhaps review some of his selections, especially some of the senior players.

  • Andy

    That was woeful across the board. A few players showed they are not test standard yet and should not have been playing. Some showed a lack of respects. The Hollywood passes that constantly failed and just put us back under pressure we’re infuriating. It’s like some of them didn’t care.

    • Geoffro

      Trainwreck.Daugunu set the tone for lack of smarts from the beginning

  • onlinesideline
    • Geoffro

      Haha.Yes, we played like a bunch of bubble headed boobies

  • mortlucky

    The moment I saw Lolesio defending at 15 the wind left me like William Wallace in Braveheart when, in the heat of battle, he discovers that Robert the Bruce is fighting for the English.
    (note: I’m not suggesting Rennie is a plant or, worse, English)

  • Red Block

    So we’re back to this, a musical chairs defensive system and players playing out of position. Since when has McReight ever played at 6 and Ned at 8. Don’t even start me on Hodge at 10.
    This year I had the pleasure of coaching an Under 15s girls rugby team. We spent a large part of the season working on not kicking away possession particularly when we had just been under a long period of pressure defensively. If they can get after two weeks training, why can’t professional rugby players understand this.
    Sadly, we are currently the dumbest rugby nation on earth.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Hodge shouldn’t be ion the team. Offers nothing in any position

  • Brisneyland Local

    Morning GAGR’s! Not only the death of Connery (“Yesshhhhh, run along Miss Moneypenny, boys talk!”) but the Wobs getting their ass handed to them. Most disappointing weekend really! BL’s points in no discernible order:
    – Firstly, congrats to the Nearlies, what a performance. There were periods in there where they were playing crap ruggers, and yet still put us to the sword. But they are the best team in the world and have been for a decade for a reason.
    – The Wobs continue to be their own worst enemy. This isn’t Rennie’s fault. Application of skills and following the game plan. Which I don’t think they did. I am sure there was a plan, Rennie is too smart by far not to have one.
    – Poor Lolesio. He wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for the injury to JOC2.0 and Two Cows, and last night he learnt the difference between SR and Test Rugby. And against the Nearlies too. But I would have dragged him before half time as it was apparent, he just had the yips.
    – Daungunu, had a barry as well. The cheese in the first 3 mins, and then spent the rest of the game trying to make up for it. The positive is he got 2 turnovers. But it is sad when your 14 is doing your 7’s job.
    – Speaking of 7’s, time for Hooper to go I think. He is a shit Captain, and whilst he has a great motor and puts in 110%, he is not doing his role. Limited impact at the breakdown, not helping with ball security in the breakdown in attack, hence whilst we handed the ball back to the AB’s too many times. His relationship with Referumps in general is not good. Time to start blooding a new young Captain, and having an experienced VC to help them out.
    – Throwing a pass that isnt there is just desperation. They had put them selves into a good position. Go to ground recycle and keep moving forward. Throwing hail mary’s is just stupid.
    – The line out looked better. BPA should stay as the 2. Tate McDermott looked better in his passing game than White. White defended like a bastard, but his passes were wayward.
    – I cant believe that we don’t have a decent kicking game. We have a number of players that can kick well. The thing is they just don’t know when to kick and where to kick too. Farkin unbelievable.
    – Enough with the bad shit because I could go on for other 2 pages, as that was utter dog shit last night. The team are still obviously mentally fragile, and have to learn how to win again and have a winners mentality. Our boys are fit enough, they just need to work on skills, execution and that old famous top 2 inches.
    Brisbane will be a different story next week, lets hope. For all of you non-Qlder’s, it is already stinking farking hot and humid up here. At game time last night (parallel to next week) it was still 28 deg and 85% humidity. Lets hope it is that way and at least we will have that to our advantage. Over to you GAGR’s!

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Hey mate. Rough times but I think will get better under Rennie once he stops trying to get them to play how he’d get a Kiwi team to play. I’m actually feeling pretty positive about the newbies and I thought it was the senior players letting the side down more than the newer ones. You are 100% on the top 2 inches. Biggest change for NZ rugby was getting in a mental skills coach to sort that out. Did that after the debacle at the RWC in 2007 and TBH it’s the single biggest change that I’ve seen. For sure needed for the Wallabies but until they recognize it’s an issue nothing will change.
      With you on Hooper, absolutely gives 110% but almost totally ineffective, DHP pretty crap and offered nothing to the newbies, White – well I’m biased but I think he’s an absolute waste and shouldn’t be there. Emotional little twatt. When I played we wound players like him up and it always worked. As far as I’m concerned he needs a couple of knuckle sandwiches to teach him some respect and to wind his pathetic little head in

      • Who?

        As far as I’m concerned he needs a couple of knuckle sandwiches to teach him some respect and to wind his pathetic little head in

        Unlike TJ and Aaron Smith..? Isn’t that just par for wearing that jersey?

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          No mate they need it at times too and while the 9 is normally a gobby little bugger I think both TJ and White take it too far. Difference with TJ is that I don’t think it affects his game as much. The more White got wound up, the worse his game was

        • Proud Pig

          In my playing days I never meet a half-back whose demeanor would not have been greatly improved by a quick slap.

          My biggest issue in the game was the kicking in the first half. I have to believe that it is down to Rennie, we constantly kicked high and deep giving the Kiwis loads of time and room to move. We were always so deep that our chase was never in the hunt which given we have two very good kick chasers on the wingers is a little strange unless that is an actual deployed tactic. When the Kiwi’s kicked they went shallow allowing their chasers to put enormous pressure on our catchers leading to alot of dropped ball.

          Noah was completely over-awed, not his fault I have stains in my underpants older than him. He was over eager which explains throwing passes at a million miles an hour at someone standing 5 feet away. Unfortunately, Hopper as captain is just not the person who can go up to him and say settle down son you don’t have to throw a game breaker every time you touch the ball. If either JOC or Twocows had been there one of them would have been able to talk him down off the ledge.

          The criticism is a little unfair on Hodge he is there as a fourth choice 10 and came on when the game was over and the wobbs were trying to do the miracle shit to add some respectability to the scoreboard.

          I am not worrying about the second half as we were chasing the game and threw ridiculous hail marys that will only ever come off once in a blue moon.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Nice mate. Nothing to argue with there. I think White, DHP and Hooper failed the newbies with a lack of leadership and guidance to take them through.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Cant disagree with you there.

    • Alister Smith

      Not sure the late night humidity will be a benefit for a team that can’t hold the ball Bris but I hope your right. The great thing is that the border is open and I can get through, the not so great thing is that I didn’t anticipate that it would be open and I made other plans….anyway, enjoy your home test.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Well I am going. BUt the tickets were $90 a pop and that is the lowest price ones. Getting a bit hexy I reckon.
        I just hope the heat and humidity saps the Kiwi’s as they are nt used to it. The Aussies should be.

    • Huw Tindall

      Great selection of points here. I was chatting on another forum about Lolesios tough night out and was suggesting that Harrison may have been a better pick at 10 for this game. He plays a much more test match style of game and 100% defends in the front line. He also ate up the pressure having to steer around a sh!te Tahs team this year like a pro. Great boot and best penalty/conversion kicker in Super AU. Also, he’s played all year unlike Lolesio so just has game time which is essential for younger guys unlike a pro coming back from injury.

  • Jason

    We haven’t had a true kicker since Matt Bourke – positional kicker, kick for touch and goal kicker ! Couple of worthy mentions in Stephen Larkham and Elton Flatley.

    Are our stocks that bad – stop League stealing our players – and play best person in their position!!! For example how many years have we made the best #7 in the world play out of position !!! I guess not now that Pocock has retired is this as much of an issue but here is 10 falling back to 15 obviously due to defence concerns.

    I know there will be the usual groans but if ever there was a reformed player its Quade Cooper – bring him back ! This guy is a shining example of someone who has matured into a better player and person.

    Lets get the grass roots – club – super – national – working together and employ our own as RCU boss and National coach ! Stop with the quick fixes!

  • Jason

    BRING BACK EWAN AS COACH !!! He should never have been made to leave – that tour he had them starting to really fire i loved it – i mean if Gladys can keep her job !

    • Geoffro

      He’d never have anything to do with RA again.Unlike your typical politician , he holds himself to higher personal integrity I think

      • Yowie

        We could send Colonel Trautman out (to the monastery and/or South-East Asian fighting pit where Link is trying to live the quiet life) to convince Ewan to come back to coaching for one last season.

        “You may try but you can’t get away from who you really are.”

  • Perth girl

    The Wallabies are suffering from the fact that for a couple of decades RA has virtually ignored grassroots rugby, cut funding and removed staff. They are now reaping the “rewards”

    • Greg

      While I agree with your comments about grass roots, is that the issue? or is it a selection/tactics/execution issue?

      • Ads


  • Ads

    Well played NZ.

    Disappointed to have predicted what was to happen, but to be honest it was pretty obvious.

    Having no bench cover for 10, shuffling the defence, and picking a weak breakdown pack for the wet is all on Rennie. ISI should have been there. Tevita needs to be there.

    His inferior record to Cheika continues, with a record loss. Not saying it won’t come good, but objectively he is worse at a similar point. I’m calling him Bellatrix for now. Not quite Voldemort but getting there.

    • Geoffro

      Thumbs up Burundi Dave (the guy singing the Kiwi anthem seemed an angry bugger)

  • Mike D

    Ok, we’ve all seen the bad points here are some good points.
    1. Half time change up. Wobs came out far more physical and started going forward in the contact. So they were able to improve at the half time break and bring that to the rest of the match.
    2. A try 2 minutes into the second half. Good answer to the first half.
    3. If the ABs really thought they could turn the screws they would have gone for the corner, instead they take 3 points. Really? 3 points when you’re 21 ahead? Doesn’t tell me you’re confident of making the try, says a lot about the pressure the Wobs were starting to put on them in defence.
    4. Much improved maul defence – still lots to do, but it wasn’t a penalty magnet like the first match.
    5. Caleb Clarke – yeah he’s not the bogey man after all, we can tackle him.

    Ok, where can we make some quick gains.
    1. Stop the hail mary passes – even if you’re losing by 60, keep calm and do it the right way. The last 2 tries were both because they pushed the pass.
    2. Get smart about using the laws – do a Genia, there were heaps of late returning defenders coming back, throw the ball at them and get the penalty – they’re there to disrupt your backline, make them pay for it.
    3. ABs love having a player standing in your own back line so you cleverly offload from the ground – to a black jersey. Need to form a “lightning ruck” so those players are offside.
    4. Tackle Mounga. Every time. Accept penalties for late tackles. Make sure he knows that if he gets the ball, there’s an exocet missile with his name on it, and it won’t care if he’s already passed. He. Will. Get. Smashed. Stop when you get a yellow card.

    • Greg

      I agree that there were positives and that some small changes can make a big difference.

      The thing that has been frustrating for me, and I am sure for the team/coach, is that each time one small issue is addressed, we open up another. Our challenge seems to be doing it all at the same time.

      For sure the lack of experience, and the lack of guidance from the older heads, was a big issue yesterday (hello 7).

    • idiot savant

      Good points Mike. I fail to understand why Hooper isn’t targeting Mounga. I just dont understand Hoopers game at all. What his role is. What hes trying to achieve within the structure of the team. Never have.

      The big problem we have is getting quick ball. The ABs get quick ball but when we get possession its always slow. The ABs are just so skilled at all the little tricks of interference and our cleanout lacks urgency and accuracy.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I wouldn’t blame the slow ball all on the ABs. White never gets the ball out fast, it spends ages sitting under the last mans foot so often

    • Reds Revival

      You make a good point about nailing Mounga. He got hit several times in that first game and had a relatively quieter game as a result. There are plenty of other threats in their backline, but if he plays with confidence (like he did last night), then they are seriously hard to contain.

  • Haz

    Cheers – maybe I will watch a replay of the first game! It’s always tough if you lose key players in positions you don’t have much depth but the upside is that you start creating that depth so hopefully 10 & 12 will come good.

    Also on the upside Petaia looks absolutely electric. You get the feeling that somethings going to happen every time he gets the ball.

  • Alister Smith

    I think the difference between the two teams is that both team had their opportunities to win the first game and blew them but one team has improved (at times dramatically) and one team hasn’t (at times dramatically).

  • Nutta

    Congratulations to the All Blacks. That will do from me.

  • Gipetto

    Hegarty is faster than Lolesio and has a stronger tackling game. He kicks reasonably well and has composure in spades. Lolesio seemed to fall for the dummy even when there wasn’t one

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