Wallabies defeat Wales! - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies defeat Wales!

Wallabies defeat Wales!

I think the eight match in a row wallaby winning streak over Wales counts for nothing. If they win this most would call the spring tour a success. If they lose there will be a few doubters. The Welsh are brimming with confidence after a good six nations tournament and a successful lions tour. 

The Match

Australia had the worst possibly start. After a promising beginning where Quade Cooper put Israel Folau through the Welsh defence, a turnover at the next ruck allowed Wales to put George north away down the left touchline and he raced away and chipped through to score in the corner after Australia failed to clean up.

After trading penalties the Wallabies hit back with their own sensational try off a turnover. Hooper made the steal and Will Genia moved the ball quickly. Cooper chimed into the backline, drew two players and flicked-passed to Tomane who got in behind the defence and passed inside to Christian Leali’ifano to score.

The Australians were still having discipline problems however. They were leaking penalties at a steady rate which allowed Wales kick after kick at goal. Thirty minutes in Wales led 16-10

Despite the penalties the Wallabies looked to be unlocking the Welsh defence. In the last ten minutes of the half the Wallabies created four try scoring opportunities. They only managed to convert one, but that was enough to give them a one point halftime lead and give Israel Folau his tenth try of his debut season.

The Wallabies started the second half the same way they ended the first. The Welsh side seemed to have trouble keeping up with the pace of the game. Australia scored their third try after sustained pressure on the Welsh; the Wallabies created an overlapp on the right and Folau drew two players and passed low to Tomane who picked up cleanly to score.

Just when Wales looked down and out they picked themselves up and scored a try of their own. George North’s huge right foot step put him in under the posts to bring the score back to 23-30

With eight minutes to go the game had evened out. Wales had kicked a penalty to bring the score back to 26-30.

I’ve just held my breath for eight minutes!  As I was typing Quade Cooper was sin binned for tackling a player without the ball. A harsh decision in anyone’s books as the ball and the tackle appeared to arrive at nearly the same time. Regardless, Australia finished the game with fourteen players. Wales turned down the kick at goal and went for a ten-man lineout instead. Australia disrupted their ball and the Welsh had a ruck instead of the maul they had hoped for.

The Wallabies defence didn’t looked troubled and eventually won a turnover, they then controlled the ball and worked their way up field. With twelve seconds to go Wales won a penalty and ran the ball from deep in their own half. With time up on the clock they kicked the ball through, George North recovered it beautifully but just stepped into touch.

The wallabies had won their fourth game in a row and four from five on the spring tour.

The Game Changer

Dan Biggar was yellow carded  just before half time. The Australians lifted and scored while he was off – Wales never recovered. Quade Cooper’s yellow card could have had the same effect but the Wallabies held it together to finish the game.


Australia Wallabies Headshots SessionStephen Moore and Quade Cooper get honourable mentions but my MOTM is Scott Fardy. I just love what he has done for Australia at blindside flanker and he had a huge influence on this game as he has in every game he has played their this year.

Wallaby watch

Will Genia improved once again. Joe Tomane had a good match as did Stephen Moore, Quade Cooper and Israel Folau. James Horwill continued to improve and Ben Mowen defended well despite leaking penalties.

The Details


Score & Scorers

Wales: 26
Tries: G North 2
Conversions: Halfpenny, Dan Biggar
Penalties: Halfpenny 2, Dan Biggar, Rhys Priestland

Wallabies: 30
Tries: Christian Lealiifano, Israel Folau, Joe Tomane
Conversions: Christian Lealiifano 3
Penalties: Christian Lealiifano 3

Cards & citings

Dan Biggar (yc), Quade cooper (yc)

  • Zed

    I want to watch Kepu annihilate Hibbard again and again and again and again.

    Such an awesome game.

    • Wilson

      Good to see him fronting up a more, he’s quickly replaced as 1st choice for the scrum so all the better if he can have some more impact around the ground

      • Graeme

        Alexander actually looks quite good coming on from the bench. He has lots of mongrel which really comes to the fore when he comes on fresh against a tiring team.

        • Jester

          I thought he still looked pretty tired

        • Robson

          Unfortunately his first scrum resulted in a penalty to the Welsh.

        • Loyal Tah Fan

          It was actually a free kick for an early shove. Blame the whole pack not just him.

        • Robson

          Yeah it was a free kick and not a penalty, but possession was handed over and the engage or bind process is triggered by the front row and the tight head prop in particular. He was probably slightly over zealous being his first scrum.

        • Klaus

          Just on the scrum I like the way Pollock officiated in Ireland where he tapped the halfback to put the ball in rather than yell in now 9 allowing the opposition to know when to shove.

    • Known Rugby
      • Dan

        Cannot express how much I enjoyed that.

      • Marlin

        magnificent – thanks mate

  • Chunderstruck

    What were you saying mate?

    • Duvstar

      Would tell him to go eat some humble pie but the last thing that porky bastard needs is more pie

      • Geraint

        His nickname is fatrick swayze. Can you see why?

    • subfreq

      Lovely hair though.

      • Pedro

        Makes Beau Robinson’s look like absolute shit.

      • Chunderstruck

        Not bad but I think he was beaten in that department by Tatafro Polota-Nau

        • Nick

          Tatafu’s hair was maginificent wasn’t it? It looked like it had been shampooed for 24 hours straight.

        • Bill

          Either that or he was getting sideline instructions from Nikaloi Tesla before he ran on.

        • Nick


        • david baldwin

          I thought he had gotten a hold of the Commando 450 shower head from Seinfeld

        • Hugh Cavill

          Well played. Not enough Seinfeld references on this site. With your help, we can right this wrong…

    • TomTom

      Maybe he should focus on his acting career

      • Graeme

        Prince Charming indeed

    • Minz

      Fabio! Particularly nice that the first WB try came after he lost the ball in the tackle.

    • Nick

      I thought Hibbard had a great game though in fairness to him. Loved his battle with Moore.

      • Mica

        I agree – I thought he had a great game with both teams going hammer and tongs.

        The tackle that Hibbard made on Mowen at the end of the first half was a cracker. Even though Mowen got hammered, he did some excellent work to keep his composure and present the ball fantastically well for quick phase ball and the try.

        Great play by all and it was this kind of play that made for a great game.

        Fantastic way for the Wallabies to finish the year and a good tough game for Wales to warm up to defend their 6 nations crown.

        Good luck Boyos. With Roberts and Davies to come back you should get even stronger.

        • david baldwin

          I thought that the hit/throw that Kepu put on Hibbard was brilliant – hopefully its a sign of things to come from Keps as the potential is there.

        • GiveKepuPCP

          Totally agree. I was astounded to see it but loved it. Finally looked like he was angry.

      • Marlin

        I agree – he was aggressive and in our faces. I did love the body slam Kepu put on him though!

  • DameEdnasPossum

    The grand slam that could have been…

    Nevermind. Wallabies have turned the corner. Winning the tight games too.

    Quade Cooper for PM…

    • bad ass

      The grand slam that should have been.

    • Stu

      Grand Slam was stolen from us. Rip off.

      • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

        Agree ‘stolen from us’. But sometimes we act like a tourist in Rome with a fat wallet sticking out of his back pocket. Time to start playing smarter.

        It’s up to Link now to use that England loss to hammer home the need to take the Ref & his assistants, out of the equation (as much as humanly possible anyway).

        • Bill

          Yep, this one as well could have been ‘hometowned’ from us in that final 20. It was noticeable after McLeans try against us in the Italy game that our tracking back/scramble defence improved immeasurably. Hopefully the coaches get in the ear of the guys that this sort of horseshit re refs is just par for the course, deal with it, and in fact in the last 4 games it was probably better than average. Squeaky wheels hey IRB.

  • Jamie Miller

    It was pretty disappointing to see how Barnes ruled the breakdown, which was central to Wales staying in the match. His explanation to captain Mowen at one stage of “Survive the clean-out, and get the rewards” was the sort of thing your club ref says to you – not the actual laws of rugby. Repeatedly, Aussie forwards (particularly Mowen) were on their feet, had their hands on the ball, and Welsh ball carriers were holding on. Waiting to see whether the pilferer survives the clear out is simply not a reflection of the laws of the game. His decisions to penalise both Kepu and Lealiifano for not releasing the tackled player before playing the ball were also both baffling and critical. A very sub par performance on a day when both teams showed why rugby league is so deficient.

    • Duvstar

      Completely agree. I thought we were completely dominant at the breakdown, and deserved far more. Almost every ruck was contested, which was great to see, and there were one or two occasions where it just felt like Barnes almost felt like he had to give Wales something.

      • Geraint

        Welsh fan here. Better team won so no sour grapes but for YOU lot to moan about the ref is a shocker. Your guys never released the tackler once – the guys you saw competing were in the tackle every time. And don’t get me started on Folaus pass which started two yards behind the line and was caught two yards in front.

        That said I thought that your backs looked back to their best and were awesome to watch in the first half. Love watching you guys when you play like that.

        • Stomper

          Re Folau pass – line has nothing to do with it – – it’s whether the ball is released forward.

        • Muz

          It’s kind of annoying how many times that apparently sophisticated rugby fans have to be educated about the forward pass rule. But yes – it was absolutely clear cut – watch Folau’s hands from the side shot – it wasn’t even a flat pass.

        • Geraint

          The ball went 7 yards sideways and 4 yards forwards. That doesn’t happen when the hands go backwards.

        • mick

          Yes it does. Read a high school physics textbook.

        • bazzar

          if I’m running at 5 meters per second and I throw the ball directly backwards at 4 meters per second for every second the ball is in flight it will travel directly forwards from the point of release one meter.

        • Geraint

          So using my inferior physics skills it seems that the pass went backwards provided that Folaus was travelling at 40m/s or 90 mph. Anything below that and the hands weren’t backwards.

          I saw the hands go forwards. The travel of the ball confirmed it. I get that sometimes these decisions go your way, sometimes they don’t. I was saying you can’t bitch out the ref when something like that goes your way.

        • Pedro

          You certainly seem to be the authority on bitching about the ref.

        • bad ass

          That wasn’t even a borderline pass but was clearly backwards. I feel sorry for people who don’t understand the rules and physics because it must be frustrating thinking it was a bad referee call.

        • bad ass

          I’ve looked at the replay and Folau was running forwards and the ball falls behind him after he passes. Clearly not a forward pass by any argument.

        • wannabprop

          Key word is YOU saw the hands go forwards. Clearly the TMO (and commentators) did not. It was a poor pass (and not spun), which will often float forward (and dip). Well picked up by Tomane for a fair try.

        • Mica

          The ball was probably in the air for half a second.

          With your numbers above and the ball landed 3.7m (4 yards) ahead of where it was passed then the ball only had to be travelling at 7.4 m/sec relative to the ground. If Folau was running at 7.7 m/sec (average) he’d clock a 13 second 100m time and the ball would have gone backwards.

          Firstly – no way ball landed 3.7 meters ahead of where it was passed – approximately 2 meters (tops) using references on the ground (see attached screenshots of pass and catch).

          This means that the ball would have been travelling 4 m/sec and so long as Folau was travelling at greater than 4 m/sec the ball would have been passed backwards. 4 m/sec would give you a 100m time (average) of 25 seconds.

          Now you’d also take into account that Folau was running at an angle across the field ~45 degrees so this means that he needs to travel ~1.4m for each 1m forward of travel. This means he would need to be travelling greater than ~5.4m/sec or only a 17.8 second 100m time.

          All these numbers are easily achievable for an athlete of Folau’s capability.

        • Stomper

          Was the ball African or European?

        • Mica

          European definitely!!

        • Jurng

          Are you suggesting rugby balls migrate?

        • Guest

          “I saw the hands go backwards” You may be the only one. There were a few questionable decisions. That pass wasn’t one of them.

        • Muz

          sigh – I think you need to get more educated.

          Take a look at this (from the IRB)

          Hint: It has nothing to do with how the ball travels over the ground

        • Klaus

          Good post Muz. Should shut a few people up but not all.

        • bad ass

          It doesn’t matter if it “floats” 20 metres forwards if the player passes backwards and the players run 30 meters in that time then the ball hasn’t travelled forwards. Most people who have played know this. I understand its hard to perceive if you have never passed a rugby ball running at speed and have been tackled immediately afterwards. The ball always appears to float forwards in relation to the ground. But it was passed backward!

        • Muz

          I must say, up until North’s try on 60 mins, I thought Wales were gone. They just didn’t look like they could live with the pace of the Wallabies in the 3rd quarter.

          The fact that they came back at the Wallabies in the 4th quarter shows their class. 9 losses on the trot to the Wallabies clearly does not reflect the balance of these 2 teams.

          Cracking game, and Wales played their part for sure. 2015 is going to be huge.

        • Geraint

          I think 4 or 5 years ago you would have stuck 40 points on us which is good for us. That said, any one of your back line was the threat today, we only really had George.

          The try from Lilo was impossible to defend I thought. If you carry on improving at this rate, we will have a shoot out with England for second spot in the group with you guys sauntering through.

        • Nick

          Fair play to North as well who was absolutely huge for Wales. What a player.

        • bad ass

          Thank you. A constant annoyance of mine is when people complain about forward passes that don’t really understand what a forward pass is. Girls and non players are two-year offenders. I’m not trying to be rude, but helpful. Look at the players running when judging a forward pass and not at the ground or lines, and you’ll be able to judge a forward pass better.

        • bad ass

          “Two year” should be “repeat” due to predictive text on my phone.

        • Moose

          Can we maybe agree that this particular law is retarded and that it would be much simpler if it stated ‘if the ball travels forward over the ground, it’s a forward pass’?

        • bad ass

          No, because then almost every pass in open play would then be technically a forward pass. Try looking at the ground the next time you see players passing the ball at speed.

        • Geraint

          I am out. Used to like this site for sensible discussion. Getting personal with someone you disagree with is more like an English rugby site. Will leave you all to celebrating a cracking performance and win. Peace.

        • bad ass

          Sorry mate, I didn’t mean to be personal, and I may have been a little blunt with the truth.

        • Geraint

          In fairness it ain’t just you. For expressing my view on a pass I see going forwards out of a guys hand I have been called uneducated, have no rugby knowledge, no physics knowledge, and I am either a girl or a non rugby player.

          I saw Folau with next to no momentum, running sideways across the field. He passed the ball with his hands going forwards, the ball going forwards out of his hand too (the important bit). The point about 4 yards forwards over a 7 yard pass is that no momentum can ever mean the pass is anything but forwards.

          I think he tried to disguise it by moving his hands backwards after the ball left his hand and got away with it.

          Anyway, I didn’t come on here to moan; if we had won today we would have robbed you of a deserved victory. Just seemed a bit churlish of you guys seemingly suggesting you would have won by more if the ref hadn’t favoured us.

          All the best

        • bad ass

          Thanks. In not calling you a girl or non player, I have nothing against either, I assure you. Just saying that people who haven’t played often make this error about thinking a pass is forward when it isn’t. It often really is girls and people who haven’t played but not always. When you have played, particularly in the backs, you will often pass a ball backward and get hit by a tackle immediately after passing. The ball his the player you were passing to in front of you as you get up off the ground. The ball has travelled forwards in relation to the ground but it isn’t a forward pass because it went backward from you to your team mate. The physics guys are correct.

        • Geraint

          Ok, I understand the rule and principle. It doesn’t mean that every ball travelling forward behaves in this way. Some, like this one, are because the passer throws it forwards.

          The direction of the hands is a bit misleading; the question is the direction of the ball as it comes out of the hands. Let me explain the distinction – when you pass a rugby ball your arms don’t move in a straight line across your body, they move in an arc. If the ball comes out at the start of that motion it goes forward, in the middle it is flat and at the end it is backwards. Hands have the same motion in all 3. In this motion, Folau releases it at the start of the arc, meaning the ball goes forward and with little power. His hands continue the arc and go backwards after the ball has gone.

          You can see it on camera by watching where he releases the ball; you can see it live by seeing the ball so far forward it can’t be explained by momentum.

        • bad ass

          Ok, fair point, so I’m going to have another look at the replay. But regarding the forward pass – physics law on relativity issue, I’ve seen ex all black rugby commentators get it wrong. Fortunately, I think the referees get it right mostly, which frustrates the crowd when it appears forward.

        • Jabroni

          Lets all go for a coffee and hug this out. Cant we all be friends?

        • Purce

          Geriant, for what it’s worth I thought it was dubious as well… and I’m an avid Wallabies supporter.

          I will admit that I didn’t watch it live and fast forwarded through the thousand replays of it to see if it was awarded. My initial thought was that it was flat… however when I saw the first replay(before I fast forwarded) it did look like Izzy was moving sideways when he threw it and not towards the opposition try line… which would make it forward because there was no forward momentum when he released the ball.

          If I was a passionate Wales supporter I’d think it was forward as well…. just as I, a passionate Wallabies supporter, believe we were robbed in London with that obstruction call (or lack there of)..

          You are right when you say the Wallabies deserved the win, I believe we outplayed Wales in pretty much every facet of the game. I was very worried after the first 10 mins but we really lifted after that. Think the boys were running out of gas in that last 20 after a big year. In saying that we looked dangerous every time we got the ball where as Wales thought they could just bust through our (supposedly weak) pack. Glad the piggies stood up again, also glad the backs are starting to play to(read towards) their potential. If we could just get our passes in front of our ball runners every time we will be extremely dangerous.

          Looking forward to 2014!

          And Geraint don’t be put off the site by some overzealous (perhaps poor) winners. The overwhelming majority of us wont shoot you down for having an opinion on a seemingly contentious call. The rest of your posts have been all positive about the Wallabies soo kudos to you!

        • Nick

          Good post mate. I thought it could have gone either way but was happy enough for it to stand under “no clear-cut evidence” of it going forward.

          Stay strong Geraint, we can’t completely sanitise the internet but we do try to be courteous on this site.

          Thanks for the cracking game mate.

        • Muz

          You strike me as a very fair sort of bloke. We are at least now arguing about the right thing – how the ball came out of his hands.

          I will look at it again when I can get hold of the download – but at the time when the TMO showed it I thought it was pretty clear cut. But – prepared to accept I may have been wrong.

        • Muz

          Here is the relevant angle


          Benefit of the doubt will usually go to the attacking team in this situation – which is what Barnes means when he says “it is not clear and obvious”.

          But for mine – I still don’t think this is even 50/50 – his hands were clearly moving backwards when he released the ball.

        • st saens

          Hi Geraint. Suggest you google “IRB forward pass video” or look for “total rugby forward pass” (same video) on youtube. Grab a pint of Brains Bitter, sit back, watch and learn about the game you love.

        • Guest

          This may help about forward passes.


    • Pedro

      The worst one was the penalty for not releasing when Quade ran from his own 22 over the half way. He gets tackled by North who ends up lying on top of him, clearly of his feet and Quade is penalised for not releasing. It was such a lottery, but that was just wrong.

      • James

        The Wallabies had a referee this year anyone has liked? Seemingly they get bagged here after every test match, win or lose.

        • Pedro

          Welcome to the internet.

        • bad ass

          It’s not whether the wallabies win or lose that is the issue, but how the ref officiated that is drawing fire.

        • Nick

          I thought Barnes had a good game. There are always questionable calls but I felt they evened out. To complain about the Ref who orchestrated such an exciting game is a bit poor in my opinion.

        • RugbyStu

          I really liked was him shouting and acknowledging “well played, this is a great game!”

        • Bill

          Well said Nick, I was guilty of it earlier but happy to say I was over reaching. Well done Mr Barnes, didn’t agree with everything but you deserve respect for that game.

        • st saens

          IMHO Wayne Barnes is the best ref in international rugby by quite some margin. He always tries to be impartial (without preconceived ideas about a team’s strengths and weaknesses), he tries to let the game flow, he communicates well and he does not try to be the centre of attention. Sure he makes mistakes..all refs do, but you can be confident a Wayne Barnes reffed game will, by and large, be fair and entertaining.

        • dane

          I thought Clancy against the poms did sterling job.

        • Marlin

          because there’s a fucking ref (and touchie) conspiracy on – against us – that’s why

      • Bill

        Last 20 Barnes became consistently inconsistent at the breakdown, that Cooper holding on and for that matter the card were pretty damn odd. I’m just thankful at big moments like Lilo’s try he didn’t fold entirely.

        • Bill

          Just watched the replay and have to rescind that opinion in part, Barnes was fundamentally good, there were a few decisions about the ruck area where I felt he was wrong, and Cooper’s yellow, but nothing like the hometown ref as I’ve alluded to at times. I’d be happy to see him in charge again.

        • Moz

          Bill, I actually enjoy his reffing. Like any ref, he’ll miss a few, but generally he keeps the game flowing, talks well to all the players, and even seems to have a but of a sense of humor. He never seems overly pedantic either

        • Bill

          Takeaway the redmist that descends upon me with every 80 mins as a wallabies spectator and I entirely agree. Only thing I thought at the time was that he could have pulled both captains out just before halftime and said he was aware there was a lot of prematch talk between the players and let’s remember this game for the right reasons not the wrong ones. I think every player regardless of which side of the scoreboard they fell on will look back in pride at that game to say they were part of it. It might just take the kids a little longer to get over the ephemera of the scorecard.

        • Zakalwe

          Meant to say welsh kids, someday I’ll get around to useing my password.

      • Mica

        Some of the decisions were a bit a shame, because I thought his early refereeing of the game was very good. Just some real strange calls at various stages.

        Still the funniest (if true) was Gatland saying that a penalty try should have been awarded when Cooper was yellow carded. Either Gatland is the new P Diddy or he is practising for a career in stand up comedy after rugby. Classic


    • Jeza

      i think its sad that rugby fans have go to the point where they are perfectly happy to take a single comment by a ref and use it as some sort of insight as to how the ref doesn’t actually know the laws of the game.

      I mean ,really, i’d love to see you go one on one with any international ref on the laws of the game. They know them F**ken backwards. Usually better than fans, which is why you get so much critique heaped at refs.

      • Jamie Miller

        Not suggesting he doesn’t know them. Suggesting he applied them very poorly today.

  • Duvstar

    What. A. Test. Gripping stuff, a great advert for rugby.

    Great to get a win. Thought the forwards fronted up awesomely, and it was clear Hibbard’s comments in the week had riled a few feathers, especially Kepu, who had his best game in a Wallabies shirt. The entire backrow were good, and it was nice to see them contesting so many rucks, even if a fair few penalties were leaked. My MOTM was actually Hooper, who easily outshone Warburton. He must have made 3 or 4 pilfers, made some great covering tackles, and was always dominant in contact. Nice to see him a bit stronger over the ball.

    Folau showed a good bit of mongrel as well. God that bloke Phillip’s needs a good kicking.

    • Giggles

      Oh Hoopers always great :) again tonight got more plifers but I give it to Moore… he deserves it for his work.. every breakdown every fight that bald headed champ was there.. doesn’t get the openside credit.. but his up front in the scrum as well and throws a straight ball… and a fantastic season.. Mr Moore .. your fantastic

    • Nick

      Sir, have you been reading my mind? Pretty much my sentiments exactly.

  • Bill

    Agreed great team effort hooper as usual outstanding

  • Joe Blow

    Great tackle by Kepu to remind Hibbard that the Wallaby pack was present.
    Quade really is hitting his straps and his sin binning was very harsh. He tackled the player as the ball arrived. Maybe, and that’s a big maybe, it was a penalty.
    Yellow card? Hell no!
    Well done boys and commiserations Boyos. Fantastic test to finish the year.

    • Nick

      That Kepu tackle was excellent. I thought he had one of his best games for Aus.

      • Muz

        What about the 2 tackles by North and then Hibbard prior to Folau’s try? I don’t know how Moore (I think?) and Mowen were able to hang on and recycle after those hits – but that was great rugby by both teams.

        • Muz

          Correction: twas two-dads and then Mowen

  • Robson

    Fire at the breakdown and some exquisite touches in the open in the first 40 (plus the scrums when we got to them after 41 odd minutes looked okay too), but some untidiness in the lineout and around the fringes at times. But whatever way you want to look at this match it was light years away from the stodgy inconsistency that was a Wallaby trademark during the Deans reign. After a cloudy start to the Mckenzie era a silver lining seems to be peeking through.

    • wannabprop

      “stodgy inconsistency” – perfect summary of Deans era. Great to see WBs attack developing.

  • Will

    BONZA!! 4/5 is great and for all the lost matches this season the wallabies can be proud for closing it out in that style! There were plenty of negativs this season but what is positive?

    – Folau switching codes to Union and could be one of the greats

    – We have unearthed a consistent goalkicker in Lilo
    – QC looks more comfortable under Link, Link can get the best out of him
    – Cummins is test quality adding depth to our specialist wingers
    – Kuridrani could be that big centre the wallabies need
    – We have depth at 12 (Toomua & Lilo) & 13 (Kuridrani & AAC)

    – Our lineout is an attacking lineout with Multiple jumpers in Fardy, Simmons, Mowen & Horwill
    – Fardy is a great find!
    – We are more secure under the highball with Folau, able to turn a weakness into an attacking opportunity now

    • Muz

      Lilo wasn’t exactly consistent with his kicking against the Scots – but great to see him bounce back today.

      Cummins has been one of the most impressive for me on this tour – at least in so far as my expectations of him pre-tour were vastly exceeded.

      He is now looking to be seriously test class – cut from the same cloth as Egerton and Roebuck. For sure, not an X-factor player like Folau or Cooper – but all the great Wallabies back-lines had a balance of flair and grit. I like the way Link is starting to get that mix right.

      Tomani had a huge game as well.

      • mikeylives

        The turf in Scotland was like beach sand. I think this contributed to his poor kicking night.

      • Bill

        I’d say Cummins reminds me of Peter Hynes, just not in the way Hynes reminds me of Hynes. I doubted Cummins a year or two ago, but he just keeps improving, he’s the not so little engine that could.Under rated. Be interesting to see how Speight and Cummins and the other wingers fall out next year, Vola Vau? as well, Morahan, Tomane and I can’t recall the qlder who’s stolen a few results for the reds, Davies, Crawford. Serious depth at wing.

        • Mica

          I’m backing Crawford to be a test player in a couple of years time. Outstanding this year for the Tahs before injury…….and before you ask, I am a Reds supporter.

          Cummins has been great. If we could just bottle his attitude and hand it out to all the Wallabies before every game!!

          I don’t know…..Badgerade has a nice ring to it!!

        • Capnles

          Badgerade! Brilliant.

        • follower

          Speaking of the Badger – some of his best work has been as the ARU’s official post game interviewer. Classic badger!


        • Parker

          Pure Gold. Give him a late night show.

    • Pedro

      Although not yet setting the world in fire in general play CLL’s kicking is such an asset. If he missed one kick today we would’ve likely lost by a late penalty kick when Cooper was carded with 5 to go.

  • subfreq

    Huge win for the guys.

    Every game has shown improvement on this tour and if not for the “George Clownsey” horror show against England we could very easily managed a Grand Slam.

    That is massive progress for six months and it’s a pleasure to watch.

  • Richard

    As a regular Kiwi reader of this website, may I offer up congratulations on an excellent end to the year after the difficulties experienced mid year. There is good depth emerging across the park and in particular, the battles for spots in the back row and midfield next year will be intriguing whilst no player in the world this year has had a greater influence on the game than Israel Folau. It will be good to see a closely contested Bledisloe Cup and always reassuring to know the strength of world rugby still lies in the SANZAR countries.

    We will leave the Rugby League final to the scoreboard!

    • Meatray

      Did you watch the League? Was it any good? Ive seen the score, just wondering if watching it is worth my time?

      • Richard

        The Kangaroos put on a clinic. Scoreboard says it all.

    • Mica

      Cheers Rich – hopefully we can close the gap and have a great Bledisloe next year. You guys must be getting sick of holding it by now anyway :)

      Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the AB and Ireland game last week, but to come back from 19-0 down, your guys were certainly forced to earn the clean sweep and deserve the accolades for the achievement.

      It’s now up to the rest to step up and prevent this from happening again………ever :)

  • Davy

    What a brilliant match – outstanding.
    Quade was great, back to his brilliant best before injury, the huge sidestep – amazing. Loved the mongrel in the pack and the competitiveness one to fifteen – they really wanted that one.
    Folau smashing Phillips out of the way for his try was my highlight.

    • Nick

      There’s something about Phillips that gives me the Edgar Brits. He reminds me a bit of michael Ennis of the Canterbury Bulldogs in Rugby League.

      • Muz

        Any good oppo scrumie *should* annoy the shit out of you – that is their job.

        I always used to think Justin Marshall was the biggest annoying git on the planet. Now I happen to think he is currently the best (and fairest) rugby commentator out there.

        • Nick

          Agreed re his commentary.

  • Graeme

    I’d extend the common cliche of a game of two halves to say this was really a game of three thirds. I thought we were the better team for the first third, and I think most stats will support that. But we were10-0/16-3 down because of some poor discipline and a try completely against the run of play. The next third was probably our best 25/30 minutes under link. We were so dominant you would have tbought we were running training drills, not playing the current 6 nations champions. At 14 points ahead it looked like we could have easily blown it out to 40. But then Wales showed why they are 6 nations champs. Maybewe we just took our foot off the pedal, maybe they stepped up a gear, or maybe both. But they easily won the last third. The positive out of that last period was our composure to defend a 4 point lead into the end with only 14 men (and that because of a really bizarre card), we showed true character.

  • ClubPage

    Great game of rugby. Hard to believe the first scrum was set in the 6 minute of the second half. Got to love a good flowing game of rugby.

  • nameface

    My favourite moment was Mowen and Fardy obliterating the ruck and winning a penalty, just watching the Welshies flying backwards brought a tear to my eye :’)

    • Nick

      Our performance in hitting the rucks – especially in the first 20mins of the second half – was awesome. I don’t know about tear to the eye … but i thought i detected liquid from somewhere else…

      • Bill

        Welsh bladders?

    • The Slow Eater

      Mine was Kepu rolling that fat shit Hibbard, and then Hooper stealing it from him to set up the try. Just awesome.

  • Ralph

    Never thought if see the day quade is sent off for tackling. Great game.

  • Bay35Pablo

    What is it about MotM needing a yellow card for us nowadays?! 1st hooper then Quade.

    • Patrick

      Gotta go hard to win.

  • Graeme

    Did Barnes just seem to completely loose it with about 10-15 to go?
    I thought he was doing ok up until that point. He penalized the shit out of us. But so has every other ref. That is a reflection of us, not the ref. I lost count of the number of times I face planted because of stupid, obvious penalties given away within 1/2p’s kicking range.
    But he seemed to lose it at the end. He’d given a wrong penalty when he penalized Cooper for holding on with around 20 to go (I’m not sure of the actual clock), when North was basically horizontal on the ball. But otherwise he had had a pretty decent game. Until the YC of Cooper. Then he seemed to loose all control. The infringement was certainly a penalty and should have been given. But how on earth was it a yellow card. The slow motion showed that it may technically not have even been a penalty. I’m not sure of the laws, but the players outstretched left fingers appeared to touched the ball in the same video frame before the one that Cooper first contacted his body. Whether it was technically illegal or not, it would and should be a have been a penalty, and would have been under almost any ref. However, it what way on earth was it a yellow card. It would not have been a try if Cooper had tackled him 0.5 seconds later, the early tackle wasn’t a try saving tackle. If Cooper wasn’t there Hooper was a meter behind him in the first line of defense and so would have made the tackle. And if Cooper wasn’t there and Hooper had missed the tackle, the second line of defense was coming across and should have made the tackle. I can’t see any way of explaining the card.
    There is something of a bad smell when you feel like a ref has purposely given you a wrong decision to make up for a previous wrong decision against you. It’s nice but it has a bad aroma. And the next scrum seemed exactly that. I was frustrated against England when we seemed to be approaching parity but were being penalized every time on reputation alone. So I should be glad we got away with a bit last night. And at first I was happy when we were given the scrum penalty on our line after QC was sent off. But watching the replay it left a really bad taste. Barnes had FU’d on the QC’s card and appeared to try and make up for it by reversing a penalty, giving it to us when we had been absolutely destroyed in the scrum. It was nice to have. But makes a complete mockery of refereeing. Probably it was an honest error. But it was a pretty bad one (in our favour) either way.

    • I don’t agree about the scrum. The penalty was well deserved. The Welsh sheared across our front row and walked around the scrum trying to get a reset and feed for 90 degrees or a penalty for us collapsing. Another ref would have given it but Barnes got that one dead right.

      • Nick

        Agreed Sully. I also don’t think it was a clear-cut penalty against Cooper but if you do call it a penalty then it probably warrants a card so no gripes about that.

        • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

          How’s it follow that IF it’s a penalty “it probably warrants a card”? IMO penalty was dubious at best. ‘Got the timing wrong, penalty’ would be my worst cases scenario. A yellow? No way!

          Teams seem to dig deeper with someone off the field & maybe, just maybe….QC’s absence put a rocket up us and we took it to them & came away with a close one.

          Wallabies should feel good about that little victory, apart from their disciplne.

          Wales – God I enjoy watching Halfpenny. Great player IMO.

        • Nick

          If they were looking at a case of a ball being intentionally knocked down or not – intentional in try scoring position would have been a yellow card – non-intentional (going for intercept) no penalty, no card. I believe the same applies here.

          It isn’t to do with the severity of the act it is either penalty + yellow or no penalty.

      • Shop

        I’m with you Sully. A scrum can’t wheel that quickly unless it is intentional.

  • Alan Grouse

    GNGR player of the year..

    has to be between
    – Moore
    – Izzy
    – QC
    – or my fave, Fardy

    Brilliant finish by the team, improving every game. Well done link and the boys

    • Muz

      Moore it is – most consistent player all year – including throughout the diabolical Lions tour.

    • Pclifto

      Yeah I think Moore.

      He continues to put in, every minute of every game, with no nonsense… but this year has added some unbelievable offloads and runs in broken play to his game.

  • Graeme

    The score line was fair, in fact I thought we were about 10-15 points the better team tonight.

    But can we please not defend the try off Folau’s forward pass. I’m Australian, I am patriotic. But that doesn’t make me think it was a try.

    There has been some banter accusing those who think it was a forward pass of being unaware of the rules. I haven’t joined in that debate yet, but I will say those accusations are pretty slim. The whole forward movement thesis relies on the passer moving forward, Folau was moving laterally and the ball went about 2-3 meters forward off a 7 meter pass. According to a completely made up, back of the envelope, estimation that I have made, Folau would have had to have been running at 162 km’s per hour for the pass to have been backwards. We deserved to win by at least a try and a half, and if that try had been disallowed we would no doubt have scored off the next set of plays in order to keep the universe in it’s stable state. But please don’t try to defend the try by accusing anyone who understands physics of not understanding the laws of rugby.

    • bad ass

      The pass clearly wasn’t forward.

    • It didn’t look forward to me.

    • Muz

      I have no issue with people debating the _facts_ – as you are above. But if someone argues that it was a forward pass based on an incorrect understanding of the law, then I will correct them on that understanding (that is, when I can be arsed to do so).

      I will be taking another look at it when I get a chance – but I disagree that Folau was moving solely laterally. The ball clearly seemed to come out the back of Folau’s hands – but as I said – I’ll be taking another look.

      • Mica

        Folau wasn’t moving laterally – he was running at approx 45 degrees based on the replay that I saw (above and behind wide shot).

    • mikeylives

      erm… The ball landed BEHIND him.
      Ergo not forward.

  • Harpooner

    He may not be going to be a great Wallaby player but he looks like he is going to be a great Wallaby captain and leader. Good one Ben Mowen.

    • Nick

      Agreed. His captaincy is excellent. I also believe his diplomacy will get the refs on side. My only concern is the decision-making once Mowen goes off for a rest as we often appear nervous in the dying minutes.

    • Bill

      Its a shame isn’t it, I’d have Pocock /Gill/ even that clown Hooper, Fardy and Higgers as my first choice backrow every day of the week, but Mowen is so impressive leadership wise. If I was going to make way for him Fardy would be the one I’d drop to the bench. I just couldn’t do it, it’d be like shooting Bambi….I’m reasonably certain that’s the first time Fardy’s been compared to Bambi, but it amuses me. In the end leadership is everyone’s responsibility, whoever gets in the team better remember that because someone good isn’t there because you are, keep the faith.

      • Brackets

        How bout Higgers to 8, Mowen to 6 and Fardy to 4 or 5 where he plays for the Brums?

        • Bill

          Simmons is a better 2nd rower than Fardy but yes, next year that is a serious option. If Mowen lifts his workrate yes, but at the moment I can’t see either Fardy or Simmo making way, two of my favourite players in their own fashion. For mine Simmons actually shades Hooper as our best forward on this tour even though wales was a relatively quiet game fom him. I am a fan of Simmons but thats because I see what he does, not because I wish he was an Etzebeth or Matt Cockbain.

  • Graeme

    AI’s so far. Almost every game the best players have been consistent, each game it’s same players who have been orbest:
    Forwards: Hooper, Moore, Fardy
    Backs: Cooper, Folau
    On current form I’d put Cooper and Folau in a world starting 15. Hooper and Fardy close, but bench, and Moore can consider himself really unlucky because of the incredible talent in SA at the moment
    Folau won’t be a controversial choice for world 15. But Quade would be controversial both among us Australians and our foreign brethren. But, I would say, at the moment he has no competition. Cruden looked the goods twelve months ago – he is still a phenomenal player and has beaten QC one-on-on in super head-to-heads. But he’s playing below his best. I can’t think of another player who is close to the form of QC at the moment (DC not included because of age).

    • Graeme

      Actually, on second thoughts, Hooper might make the starting 15 also, on age.

  • Casper

    Farkn fantastic game! Everyone played well. Loved Cummunis hard straight running from our kick receives. Too many players seem to stroll back and waste space and time with pointless. passing. Did anyone else see the penalty North was awarded for the “not releasing” on Quade? Where he just laid on top of him and somehow got a penalty.

    • Nick

      Yes this was clearly incorrect. I felt the ref was eager to turn possession over at the breakdown however this benefited both teams.

  • markjohnconley

    my prediction of a ‘comfortable’ win for Wales, so wrong.
    Thought Aus were all over Wales until 60 minutes then the ‘long season’ got to them, Wales seemingly with ‘fresh legs’. Alexander and Douglas excellent as bench players. Get Toomua and Kuridrani back and 2015 doesn’t seem as depressing a thought as it did 6/12 ago.

  • Queenslander

    Running rugby at its best. My only issue is with Sanchez. A couple of his kicks ok but more often just gives free position to opposition. Really needs to go to rugby tactical school as you DO NOT give the ball back to the other team with 90 secs on the clock. Nearly spat my milo out all over tv

    • Bill

      I thought Sanchez had a brilliant game with his kicks. I kind of agree with you in principle on the last 90 secs, but Wales hadn’t really threatened ball in hand in the previous 79, no reason not to trust your defence.

      • porpor

        I’ve seen tries scored in less than 90 seconds. As much as I trust my defence, keeping possession with only a minute and a half to go would have been a better idea.

  • Bill

    Epic bit of rugby , Hibberd can always form a fellowship of the ring and play Borimir. 9 little hobbits mofo! 9! As for Gatland mingeing and moaning about forward passes, loook at the tape, backwards out of the hands, has to get a yard from them before the natural momentum takes it forward. Barnes did everything reasonable to crack the door open for the boyos and usher them over the threshold in the final 20, no fault of his if those rude bastard aussies kept slamming it shut in their faces.

  • Bill

    Well Jamie Roberts if you are selecting a composite team somehow I think the names Fardy, Hooper, Folau, Genia, Simmons, Kepu and Cooper and a few others besides just got stamped across that impressive forehead of yours.

  • Nick

    What a game! Thought the ref had a good game too. A few incorrect calls but they evened out over the match. I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to rank any player down in the player ranker.

  • Parker

    Great to see it coming together. Take a bow Mr. Link. Zip your lips all you who doubted him at the outset and even went so far as to wax nostalgic for the Dingo. As a corrective to that, let me excerpt a post game comment on the BBC’s web page live commentary where they lauded Cooper’s outstanding performance:
    “Just last summer Quade Cooper was pretty much out on a limb in the Australia squad, having described the atmosphere as ‘toxic’ under former coach Robbie Deans.
    Give the man a little love though, as Ewen McKenzie, his old coach at the Queensland Reds, has done and you get your rewards.”

    Every time QC plays well is a signal reminder of the damage that Dean’s toxicity did to Australian rugby. But make no mistake, it was not Deans alone. His enablers and defenders on the ARU board are equally culpable. Their names should be recalled every time the Link restored Wallabies win because they’re the dills who overlooked Link the first time and then when it was as obvious as canine gonads the Deans was detrimental, they’re the gutless dills who couldn’t own up to their terrible mistake. Their the ones who extended Dean’s contract instead of firing him. Don’t live in the past I hear the Robbie apologists say, to which I reply, those who don’t learn from the past mistakes are destined to repeat them. That’s why we need to make bloody sure those useless appendages on the ARU board learn the lesson.
    Great win Wallabies. Top game. Here’s to more of that.

    • Nick

      Three cheers for Bill Pulver?

      • bad ass

        Are the losers who brought and kept Deans in too long still around or are they all gone?

        • Nick

          I believe they are gone. Not too sure.

    • ‘BoutBloodyTime

      We are starting to reap the benefits, both in rugby & cricket, of having Aussie coaches for Australian national teams…coaches who are ex-players having played & won at the highest levels…long may it continue

  • Bill

    World xv after last night, Folau, Cooper and although I’m not a huge fan because I think we have better 7’s but a guy can only do what’s asked of him, Hooper, somehow I think they get some love….no not that sort of love,what’s wrong with you?

    • porpor

      At this point I’d put Hooper ahead of Bam.

  • Bill

    In the lead up to this game I read Jamie Roberts opinion where he thought the welsh were universally the better players, so I thought ok, leaving aside the understandable support for your team mates let’s youtube the guys I have no familiarity with to test this hypothesis. Let’s just say whoever put the first Dan Biggar highlights reel I pulled up has no idea what ‘finishing’ is. Somewhat more problematic is after 3 mins of a 5 min clip we start getting placekicks as a ‘highlight’….this is always a problem. However there was one genuinely nice right foot step and leave the defender in there.

  • Bill

    I can understand why Bob Dwyer doesn’t particularly approve of Cooper’s play. And a couple of articles ago he articulated why that’s so in a very reasonable and accurate fashion. And I’d agree Cooper could do better. But sometimes you just have outliers, be it Emanuel Augustus in boxing, Bjork, a trained singer so in control of her instrument the only place to go is Abandoning control, or Cooper, I’m not saying Cooper or the team can profit from abandoning control but sometimes you have to, not fail to hold people to account, but celebrate when they make you question the possible. Performance is the ultimate arbiter, is there anyone left who says Cooper doesn’t perform?

    • Muz

      This fails to account for the fact that Coopers game management has improved dramatically. We noticed this during the S15 this year – and he continued in this vein once he got back into the Wallabies starting 15. He is picking his moments to do his razzle-dazzle much more intelligently these days.

      If anything I would say we have not seen enough of this part of his game – he seemed to have become a bit gun-shy about ad-libbing things. Today was a welcome return to his free form style – but he still kicked for territory, took the tackle, looked for forward runners etc. when it made sense

      • Bill

        I reckon that was his most complete performance for a while. After jay-c’s comments in the preamble I took some time to reacquaint myself with why I like the welsh rugby ethic, primarily 91,99 Samoa. Not because they lost to Samoa but because they didn’t hide from them. Thing is, if you’re looking for the finest example of 5/8 play in the professional era look no further than Stephen Bachop for Samoa in that 99 game, he was perfect. I don’t think Quade lost too much in comparison in terms of game management.

      • Parker

        He was using his genius indiscriminately in the past because he was frustrated under Deans. It’s like when water in a stream is dammed by fallen branches and leaves. It will build up and trickle through every which way until the blockage is gone.

  • Giles Gibbins

    gosh darn Georgie North can play some rugby. That Kid is electric.

    • Bill

      Love him in our team. Fck I hope they pick a babas team with Genia, Cooper, Roberts,North(was going to pick Kahui here but had to pick Le Roux) 11 Le Roux, 14 Dagg 15 Folau. Forwards? Just give me every 2nd stringer on the planet, that backline will slaughter everyone. But here’s a decent set of forwards, 1 Slipper, 2 Hanson, Corbieser, 4 Simmons… I’d love to pick Etzebeth here but a, he’s injured and b, it just feels like cheating picking the best 2nd rower in rugby, Maybe that scottish lad Jim Williams? ,backrow Gill, Faletau, 6 Chabal in a swansong.

      • Bairdy

        I want what you’re smoking.

  • mattyjinoz

    I have to say what a game of Rugby. Played at the intensity of the Lions but the result went the way of the Wallabies.

    Secondly, hats off to the IRB, the internationals this last month have been fantastic, rugby played the way its meant to be. Refs have been on the whole decent (no whinging please as I think as a rule they have let the game flow and have been consistent in their approach). The interpretations of the laws are on the mark. Being an old forward the new scrum laws are great, accentuates the difference between League and Union even more.

    On to the Wallabies. What I love is the passion is back, we are charging into the breakdown and aggression is fantastic – whether it is backs or forwards. Our use of the field was brilliant.

    Bit more time and the penalty count will come down and if you remove that from last night we were a 15 point better team.

    What I love even more is what we are missing:



    Up and comers

    Luke Jones



    Add some/all of these into next years mix and we have depth coming out of the proverbial.

    Finally, a special thanks to Robbie Deans, if it wasn’t for you:

    a: changing your mind so much on who should be a wallaby we wouldn’t have so many players blooded for Link to beat into shape

    b: Have made such a mess of our team that the contrast with Link wouldn’t be so obvious.

    What an end to the season. The light at the end of the tunnel is growing.

    2015 is 2 years away, and 16 years is enough. 2003 was devastating, 2007 was a travesty and 2011 was a joke. Already planning my trip as I believe this team is ready to climb the mountain again!

  • Al Sylvester

    I consider Wayne Barnes the best referee in the world by a country mile. He has no intrinsic bias against the Wallabies. He’s not influenced by crowd baying. I don’t care what the penalty count was in the Welsh game, the wallabies got a fair go.

  • porpor

    Top 5 players of the tour: Hooper, Quade, Moore, Folau, Fardy.

  • dane

    Dont get too excited boys. Wales only treat these games as friendlies. They probably weren’t trying their best.

    • Mica

      Oh I’m pretty sure everyone was trying their best.
      It certainly didn’t look like anyone was playing tiddlywinks to me. :)

  • Westy

    Anyone else see a small tiff/push between someone (Fardy? Simmons?) and Quade at the 62min mark? I don’t have a copy to rewatch

    • Old_Laurentian

      Yes but also can’t replay.. Black headgear. Not happy with whatever QC said, and his pointing finger. Fardy?

      • Simmons.

        • david baldwin

          I think he was filthy that Simmons was pushing the pass in contact when it was really not on. Interesting from someone like Cooper who builds his game on his passing both wide and in traffic however he has the skill to do it. Think Simmons should just retain possession and let Cooper shred them on the next phase or two.

        • Tony Dun

          Yes interesting exchange that one. QC went up to Simmons and pointed to his own head as if to say “think”. 30 seconds previously Simmons had knocked down the Wales kicker and was lucky not to get pinged or worse. After Simmons pushed QC’s arm away, Moore gently moved QC to one side, as it to remove him from harm’s way.

        • Westy

          Cheers for clarifying – this could be Quade the vice captain in action

        • Old_Laurentian

          Thanks Sully. Say no more.

  • Southerner

    I always thought that the game against Wales was going to be the tester. So it proved and the Wallabies are just a different outfit now than 6 months ago. Here are some interesting reflections from a Northern Hemisphere correspondent of mine who follows the rugby game closely:
    “It was a massive win for Australia ; Wales will not get near the world cup
    final on this showing ; HOWEVER – they rely on the centre partnership of Roberts
    and Davies (which may be the 2nd best in the world (behind – you know who)) ;
    they missed them a lot against Aust . . . . but Aust were awesome . . . . Cooper
    is finally becoming the player he can be ; he will shake the next world cup
    Enough said.

    • Bill

      I haven’t always been a fan of Roberts but he changes Wales utterly, with him there all bets are off, you’ll earn your win against them, not that you won’t anyway.

  • Tony Dun

    Awesome game, unbelievable that a scrum didn’t take place until early in the second half. I thought this ref, as with previous refs on this tour, let the opposition loiter on our side of the ruck and slow our ball down. One would expect the opposition teams to try this as the Wallabies with quick recycles will be very threatening. However them doing so continually seems to desensitise the ref and they don’t penalise it (the Scotland game was worse though – it looked to me as though the Scots couldn’t believe they were getting away with it and only encouraged them to be bolder in slowing the ball down). We keep saying we need to be good enough to take the ref out of it, which is true, but it is annoying nonetheless. Agree with earlier comments that referee Barnes lost it in the last 20 minutes and was ridiculous.

    • Tony Dun

      and the other thing was, the anthem (both of them). Well done the Welsh, you lived up to your own very high standards. Didn’t understand a word, but got goose bumps during the Welsh anthem.

  • Pclifto

    Can I just say as eloquently as I can… Gatland is an arrogant, fat f@#k.


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