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Wallabies: Fix The Basics

Wallabies: Fix The Basics

The Wallabies needed to pressure the All Blacks on Saturday by taking advantage of their opportunities but instead they kept making basic mistakes which gave the momentum back to the All Blacks. 

Dropped balls when hard on attack, soft attempts at tackling, failing to find touch, silly penalties, lineout & scrum losses and a lack of urgency to get into the breakdown are just some of the basics the Wallabies need to address.

Here are some examples of those basic errors.

  • Mart

    How bad is Brown’s defence!!
    They have to replace him. Growden said it himself, “a winger should not be fending a number 8″. Rocky to 8, Mcalman or Higginbotham on pronto. They can’t be worse!!
    How much are we missing Palu… Compare his hit on Karney to Brown getting fended…BY A WINGER!! and a scrawny one at that.

    It’s painful to watch Rocky tussel with Jane as well. He should’ve hit him lower and punished him into touch. Both times weak tackles result in tries. Forwards on a winger.????

    I didn’t realise how many times we gifted them with the ball. Numerous attacking opportunities for us resulted in turnover ball then points.

    • DPK

      Did you ever think that, maybe, just maybe, Jane is a quality winger who spends most of his time practising finishing in those exact situations?

      • RedsHappy

        ….just as we need qualify forwards defenders who can anticipate and can deal with the talent and finesse of a Jane. Saying that Jane has prepared well for such a scenario as is referenced here should absolutely be no excuse for Brown, or any Wallaby.

    • Robson

      Cory Jayne is like James O’Connor. He’s deceptively slight looking but immensely strong. As I’ve said before, he’s the most dangerous player in the AB backline and he’s like Hosea Gear (who is much bigger) and can create something out of nothing. Under estimate him at your peril. Having said that, Brown should have castled him with a copy book tackle.

  • CanadianRugby

    That all hurt, but watching Genia fail to get that ball in was terrible. Okay it was all terrible.

    Did you put the openin break by Gits in because of JO’Cs failure to draw and pass?

    • Austin

      Absolutely – JOC needed to pass when he throws the dummy but Horne should also have run in closer to him to make it an easier pass – for me that was a certain try bombed.

      • Dogman

        JOC has done that at least once per game so far this season! Someone needs to explain to him what “ball in hand strategy” really means.

        • ADC

          It’s also obvious that JOC is not quick enough to be a winger, I can remember a couple of breaks where he was chased down, Spies chased him down against SA for example, a quicker player and it may have been a try.

  • JJJ

    Deans’ faith in Brown is mystifying. You can tell he was a back himself. It’ll all change once Link comes in, post-WC probably. We need a coach for a while who’ll put all the focus on the forwards, since Jim Williams seems incapable of improving them on his own. Then again, I thought Deans would change everything as well. And I thought getting the Munster forwards coach in as assistant coach was a stroke of genius. In my desperation I’ve actually thought a Jake White coaching tenure could be a good thing to get us moving forward. Jake White!

    It’s fun being a Wallabies supporter.

    • ScrunJunkie

      Deans love of Dick comes straight from John Mitchell (pun intended), he stupidly trusts his old mates judgement when it comes to the forwards. Remember they were the coaching team that made Taine Randall All Black captain. That led to a golden era of wallaby rugby, TR was the choking king, and a soft player, and I bet he loves Dick as well.

  • Crackers

    That was not fun to watch.

  • Chris

    Those mistakes are just not acceptable for an international team ranked in the top 5.

  • Lee Enfield

    There aren’t many players in world rugby who could out run Spies, he is capable of doing 100m in mid 10sec.

  • saulih

    Austin, thanks for compiling this. Post game wondering whether “it really was the strength of the AB’s and not our boy’s fault” is absolutely 100% disspelled. As much as the AB’s were good, the same amount our boy’s were horrible. If half of this crap was eliminated from the game, our boy’s might get competitive.

  • suckerforred

    With all the comments about how badly the Wallabies are takling at the moment I am wondering if they are scared to punish the opposition with a really good hit for fear of being sent off and then suspended. (QC should have been congratulated for making a tackle, not suspended!) I am not excusing for one minute the fact the Brown was fended by Jane, but with some of the incidences that have resulted in yellow cards you have to wonder what the officals are trying to remove from the game – dangerous play or good hard tackling.

    Are the Ref’s playing some type of poker perhaps? Whoever gets a pair of reds in the one game is going to win.

  • RedsHappy

    Good work Austin – the exposer!

    How anyone could view this vid and not conclude that Australia has (1) severe coaching deficiencies in almost all aspects of the game (2) major game-affecting problems of mental confidence and concentration and (3) a struggling captain not yet looking up to the job, is beyond comprehension.

    • Robson

      I find it really disappointing – depressing in fact – that we are going forward with basically the same recipe for playing the game that has now been tried on six consecutive occasions this year.

      Time after time, players are rewarded for poor work by being re selected with no thought at all being given to changing the personnel dynamics – by selecting someone else. I am finding Dean’s selections are mystifying to the point of being outraged by the sheer stubborness of them. Mumm provides very little in the contact zone. Likewise Sharpe. Ma’afu is a passenger. Brown is well below the standard required by an international No. 8. He’s no good under the high ball, he can’t tackle, he struggles off the back of the scrum and offers nothing in contact. On top of that, Rocky looks bamboozled by it all. Add to that mix some basic errors by players who should know better and the outlook looks extremely glum.

      But it isn’t as if there are no alternatives. There are. And God only knows why Simmons, Slipper and Hodgeson can’t get a run on start.

      Up until now I have felt alternately angry with and sorry for Robbie Deans. But the announcement of the WBs team to play the ABs tomorrow night, especially in regard to the mindless persistence with Brown, has snuffed out the last spark of support I have for him. I really thought he was more of a visionary than what he has shown. Very, very disappointing.

      I hoestly don’t know whether I can bring myself to watch the game.

      • RedsHappy

        Robson, how do you succeed in expressing the depressing so artfully? Well put. I suspect you articulate the thoughts of many.

        The other infuriating aspect is why sound ‘experimental’ new players like A Faingaa, Higginbotham etc were not trialled from the benches in the June or Bris Boks Tests (as soon as fit) when the pressure and conditions were, relatively, more conducive to a lower-risk blooding of them vs away games contending with the ABs (or Boks on the high veld) and as our team becomes more and more anxiety-stricken.

        Tomorrow night we are throwing Anthony F into hugely pressuring cauldron of a game where everything will mitigate towards inhibiting his potential for rookie reward.

        Then the whole Brown matter is inexcusable and reckless beyond calculation. And when we assess Austin’s vid here, one is compelled to ask: what on earth have Williams and Graham been doing, what minute value are they adding anywhere? We have seen these types and combinations of errors over and over again since the Fiji Test. And then in Melbourne, we could not even manage a series of competent, Test-class restarts which are surely the bread and butter of elementary game strategies.

  • Robson

    RH your point about Anthony Faingaa is well made. I truly hope he is not going to be the sacrificial lamb for Barnes lack lustre performance last weekend. It is a big call coming on against an All Black team with blood already on its taste buds and marking none other than Ma’a Nonu who has got to be the most rumbustious No. 12 om the world. But, for all that, AF deserves the call. Just a shame it didn’t go out to a few others like Simmons, Slipper and Hodgson.

    Having said that why not spread the experimental tincture to the fowards and play Rocky at No. 8 and Hodgson at 6. Someone remarked that Robbie is not a fan of Rocky at 8 and Higgers keeps fouling up at training. So Robbie doesn’t like Rocky at 8? When did he get to play there? I don’t know whether Higgers keeps fouling up at training or not, but what I do know is that the incumbent keeps fouling up on match day!!!

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