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Wallabies Grand Slam tour referees

Wallabies Grand Slam tour referees

Anyone think referees don’t make any difference to a game?
Thought not.

So here are the refs for the much vaunted Grand Slam tour this spring.

DATE/TIME Opponent Venue Referee AR1 AR2 TMO
31 Oct TBC New Zealand Olympic Stadium, Tokyo South Africa M. Lawrence South Africa C. Joubert Japan T. Hirabayashi Japan A. Aso
07 Nov 14.30 England Twickenham, London New Zealand B. Lawrence Ireland G. Clancy Wales T. Hayes Scotland J. Yuille
15 Nov 15.00 Ireland Croke Park, Dublin South Africa J. Kaplan France C. Berdos England A. Small England G. Warren
21 Nov 17.15 Scotland Murrayfield, Edinburgh France R. Poite Wales N. Owens France J. Garces England G. Hughes
28 Nov 17.15 Wales Millennium Stadium, Cardiff England W. Barnes France R. Poite Scotland D. Changleng England G. Warren
  • Funny, I was just googling the Refs to make sure I had the nationalities correct, check out the first result for “IRB referee Barnes” in google.

    • Shane Sullivan

      You mean the Facebook one with the Rooster reference?

    • Newb

      astonished that you didn’t start that page moses.

      at least joubert is only a touchie and for only 1 game.

      • Northern Lion

        he will still make sure he gets his face on TV though…

    • Geez, I thought Barnes was one of our better ones this year

    • Epi

      That’s too funny. He is even in the Urban Dictionary:

      “Wayne Barnes
      Also see definition of wanker, tosser, blind.”

      Who’d be a ref? Especially a crap one. Apart from getting your head on telly I can’t really see an upside…

      • Travel the world?
        Decent Salary (150k plus I believe)
        Yep, no upsides at all!

  • All those guys are good and it takes alot to prepare and go out and make the calls they have to make despite the response they may receive. Just my opinion.

    • Epi

      That’s quite an interesting page you have there…

      • Lance Free

        I do the laundry in my bikini as well…..

      • Lance Free

        I like to do my laundry in a bikini too!

  • Interesting 3-2 split southern-northern. Might be a tough one against Wales!

    I needed this post as well – cheers. I was actually starting to be productive at work.

  • Wonder if Mr Aso – ah so! – can speak English, or South African. Wouln’t be the first time that the Ref and the TMO couldn’t communicate. Remember poor Bryce Lawrence!

  • Bobas

    Whats the wallaby win/loss record under kaplan?

    And whats the Tah win/loss record under Kaplan…

    • Northern Lion

      I have been looking everywhere for this also – would like to see a grid of all refs actually.

      • Eddo

        It’s a shocker under Kaplan.. He’s a tosser for sure.

  • Bobas

    I’m pretty sure the tahs are like one super 14 win out of 16 under kaplan but i’m not sure about the wallabies.

  • Get your excuses in early…

  • golf tipster

    Are these games on TV? there’s nothing in the Foxtel guide out today…

    • They announced that it’ll be on Fox at the John Eales Medals tonight.

  • James

    Last I heard refereeing got you a salary of 170k plus. Travel plus World Cup year if your referee you get a significant amount.

    They are also on Channel 10 I believe.

    I’m not happy we go all the way to Ireland to have J Kaplan to referee us. Bulllllllshit.


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