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Wallabies make changes for Perth test

Wallabies make changes for Perth test

Robbie Deans and his selection panel (whomever they are) have made four changes to the Wallaby starting team  for their match up against the World Champion Springboks this weekend in Perth.

Injuries to Berrick Barnes and Nathan Sharpe have seen the recall of Ryan Cross and Mark Chisholm to the side.  Cross has snagged the 13 jersey with last week’s outside centre, Adam Ashley-Cooper, moving in one spot to inside centre.  Chisholm, after injury shortened his Super 14 season, returns to the starting side and will lead the Wallaby line out.

The other changes see Brumbies prop Ben Alexander replace Al Baxter, as he did at the half hour mark in the Bledisloe Cup game last week.  Peter Hynes also returns to the starting side for the first time since last year, replacing Drew Mitchell.

On the bench, Quade Cooper comes in to cover the inside backs whilst Baxter and Mitchell are dropped to the reserves.

James O’Connor and Rocky Elsom were injury concerns but came through training unscathed and are set to retain their starting spots in the team.

The Wallaby side is:


The Tri Nations Trophy – in case you forgot what it looked like!

15 James O’Connor
14 Lachlan Turner
13 Ryan Cross
12 Adam Ashley-Cooper
11 Peter Hynes
10 Matt Gitteau
9 Luke Burgess

8 Richard Brown
7 George Smith [c]
6 Rocky Elsom
5 Mark Chisholm
4 James Horwill
3 Ben Alexander
2 Stephen Moore
1 Benn Robinson

16 Tatafu Polata-Nau
17 Al Baxter
18 Dean Mumm
19 David Pocock
20 Will Genia
21 Quade Cooper
22 Drew Mitchell

  • Scarfman

    Well, whether we win or lose, that side’s no better than the last one.

  • Sinking feeling on this test @ Perthfontein.

    Giteau & the Force lot know how to lose there, the Saffas know how to win

    Quade Cooper

    Richard Brown

    This could get ugly

    • Newb


      also wondering how many full matches fat cat and gsmith can go in a row. seems ages since they’ve had a rest but obviously can’t spare them.

  • and the award for bigest EPIC FAILURE to impliment a selection stratergy and stick to it goes to Robbie “Dingo” F’n Deans. honestly, he threatens people with dicipline problems but selects them anyway, says name doesnt mean anything so drops a few people to send the message then if a no name doesnt perform and hasnt all season then he still get selected. Brown has been hammered, our scrum is lighter with him in it and south africa will screw him like gagger at the mardi gra! this is looking ugly as ugly is!

    agree, perth cant win in perth so why pick em, they beat what, two international sides all super 14 and there in the team, if we lose this game, forget the injuries or the cattle, its on the coach and he should be under a hell of alot more pressure to perform he is probably getting payed more than half the side put together, you cant have pride in your jersey in a professional age when your coach is a bussinessman!

  • Mart

    Surely Palu would make an impact off the bench?

  • Yep… were screwed…

    The only thing I can possibly think is happening, is dingo is trying to wait for the players he has ID’d as superstars to come good.

    I know kiwis and south africans and this is hurting… Can’t he see he is hurting me…

    • AJ

      Letting a class full of children learn from their own mistakes can be rewarding, not only for the teacher but the community as a whole. Robbie has a vision, I’m just concerned that vision may be based around the primary thru tertiary system, and in twelve years time we’ll have an exceptional team based around an overworked and weary James O’Connor. Sadly I think the general malaise within the comments above and surrounding stems from the fact that this could be our team for the next world cup!

      Problem is, right now Robbie has a team of boys with little nouse who collectively can’t put it together to win a game of football. I’m sick of seeing us play like a desperate team as soon as the opposition does. Why constantly kick the ball back to a team down 6-15 with plenty of time on the clock and nothing to lose?

      My opinion to stop this rot is Cliffy or Horua on for 55-60 (ie. not Brown or even Pockock) – then bring on some wise heads in Waugh or Hoiles for the rest if it looks like it’s going pear-shaped (this is a given unfortunately). Handover the captaincy, let George run amok, and control the ball. I’m not a Waugh fan, but only because in the past he has come on for George – and you just don’t do that – ever. Even Robbie learnt from that mistake.

  • Robson

    Can’t imagine what Brown has done (when he’s been on the paddock) that gets him a recall. Baxter got dropped and Mitchell got dropped, but they are both on the bench.

    As for Phil Waugh, he must be feeling like a breakfast someone has thrown up. I don’t rate him highly as a player, but he doesn’t give up easily and he’s got some good leadership skills. I was hoping that Robbie would put him at 7 and George at 8. With Rocky at 6 I think that would have provided a really potent backrow – in the area it counts most – the breakdown.

    There is something dreadfully familiar and sinister going on here. Deans is running true to form. For years he persisted with two players in the ‘saders who weren’t really up to it and one was Rueben Thorn and the other was “watzhiz name” who had a fling with Zara Phillips, played on the wing. He did, not Zara.

    Deans won’t weild the axe. What gives????? I’m starting to go off him a bit.

    • 100% spot on here

    • geoff

      brown’s at least tried to make an impact, albeit stupid impacts.
      what on earth has pocock done to warrant getting picked over waugh or palu? he’s been totally invisible

      • happy hooker

        agreed, at least Brown is in there having a go. Do we need a second openside on the bench? When did Smith last get injured or not go 80min flat out…Palu for Pocock (or even Waugh). Maybe even Hodgeson could be given a go. It cant get any worse after this match.

    • Rich

      I rate Waugh highly and it both suprises and frustrates me he can’t get a spot in the 22 behind Pocock.
      Both him and his Force team mate Brown have been that lucky to not only get a spot but somehow maintain it, both very, very overated.
      Backrow of Elsom, Smith and Waugh is the way I’d be going, Elsom and Smith can carry the ball and Waugh just purely concentrate on the breakdown with Mumm as cover on the bench.
      Pocock goes missing and Brown has a lot of work to do before becoming a Wallaby regular.
      Way too inconsistent at this stage of his career.

      • can a pocock fan explain why he is in the team at all, if your going to drop waugh the player replacing him should be better. i have never seen pocock have a good game, ive seen him whinge alot and do a whole lotta nothing but never get stuck in and produce.

        and as far as brown goes, he shows up but when you watch him, he doesnt make an impact, he doesnt perform, ad the dicipline factor to this and he just should be dropped until he produces something better in club land!

  • Springbok

    Quade Cooper should not be there. He’s an aggressive idiot that struts around the field with a frown on his face. He needs one of his own team mates to give him a snot clap let alone the opposition.

    Mark my words, if the Wallabies are in the unfortunate position of having to put him on the field he will cost points.

    Good to see O’Connor there, he’s always a threat but would have preferred Mitchell to start. The side is weaker without him.

    Although I am still positive that SA will win, I have never underestimated any Wallaby side in Oz. Pride is a huge factor and can lift a side. Pity about Mortlock, he is very strong and provides steel to a backline that looks a bit light.

  • justin

    cakewalk in perthfontein for sure for Saffers. They will put 15 points on wobblies – obviously through soccerlike kicks rather than marketable rugby (tries) – but 15 nonetheless. Feel for Deans. One thing we have been able to rely on in past was our smarts, but even that fails us these days… this and the ashes makes me want to cry

  • Jason

    Grim. Not much to add that hasn’t already been said. Happy that jizz is back – owner of the biggest guns in the west, so let’s just hope he uses them. Can’t see him troubling babyeater and matfield though. Speaking of which, the smh website has another one of those ridiculous “wallabies of tomorrow” vids on Big Kev. Apparently he’s an “enforcer” and “when he tackles people they stay tackled”…um…we talking about the same Big Kev? Haven’t seen much of that this year. Time for the tight 5 to man up and for the loosies to stop bleeding penalties and yellows (ie: Brown).
    Backline looks ok…AAC and Cross midfield makes sense – no other options really and adds a bit of bulk in defence. Bad news for us: Napoleon Dynamite’s been dropped for Ruan Pienaar – could be a masterstroke from PDV. 2nd playmaker in attack and not prone to the Frans brain-farts which usually help us out.
    Can’t see this happening for us. Boks by 15+ with the highlight being Rocky making Spies his bitch.

    • Even more laughable is that Dick Brown seems to be the other anointed “enforcer”

      The only guy we got that anyone else wouldn’t want to go toe to toe with is big Cliffy. And he’s playing for fucking Manly this weekend

  • Seb V

    how come everyone hates quade cooper so much? his try vs italy was awesome, dunno many player who can pull off fancey steps like him. Although i havent seen much of him play at all. So im guessing he brain farts a lot????

    I agree it was a good move for the boks to ditch frans for peinaar. I rate peinaar as a quality player. we are pretty screwed. Would of loved to see JOC at inside n AAC at outside. Cross doesnt do much for me (i think his old mop top hair put me off lol). Also strongly agree palu should be in for brown. Palu needs game time to get into form n brown needs to be punished for his discipline.

    • Lance Free

      ‘How come everyone hates QC so much’?

      The sneer, the tatt and the sharp haircut. Does the name K-Sulk mean anything to you Seb V?

      Brain farts and failing to tackle what’s in front of you……

      • Louie

        because he can’t tackle and goes missing far too often. doesn’t work at ten should only ever be at full or 12

    • beeza

      because he is like Carlos Spencer’ less likable (impossible I hear you say) less talented, slow twin.

    • Robson

      I don’t hate him or even dislike him. Afte all I’ve never met him. But I’ve seen him play footy a few times and man if this is the style of player who can get into the Australian No. 1 team then Oz rugby is in real trouble.

      I don’t know whether he can tackle or not because he just doesn’t tackle. His management of the backline for the Reds was totally non existant. Mind you I prefer him to Beale, but only by a hairs breadth.

    • Henry

      He only scored that try because someone took out one of the defenders in the lead up and opened up the first hole… cant remember who though…

  • CanadianRugby

    Agree with Seb V, would rather see JOC at 12 and AAC at 15. AAC hasn’t really ever played 12 has he? He has been a 13 or 15 most of his career and his one test at 12 wasn’t very exciting. Not a complete failure, just not very good.

    And Waugh should be on the bench.

    And we need a different 8. Neither Brown nor Palu have been good enough this season.

    And better kicking.

    And a enforcer in the 2nd row.

    And better players.

    And a better coach.


    Wallabies by 2 when O’Connor scoots over for a last minute try.

    • Daniel

      lmao u must be kidding son…:-)

      SA by 20 and u can take that to the bank!

      • Who Needs Melon

        I think our friend in Canada might have his tongue a little bit in his cheek.

        I’m with everyone else – I think we are going to get walloped – but I’ll adopt a typical aussie overconfident attitude and say (hopefully) “Wallabies by 1″.

  • Joe Blow

    It’s pretty much the best team available. The coffers are looking a little bare with both our starting centres out injured.

    Would have liked to see Palu at 8 and Brown on the bench in place of Pocock as he can play all 3 backrow positions. Many are underestimating AAC at 12. He will be solid and test the Boks through the 10-12 channel.
    Much depends on Giteau. Which one will we see this weekend? Hope it’s the brilliant touch finding, gap taking, try scoring one……otherwise we are stuffed.
    Go the Wallabies!!!

  • rsea

    If I were AAC I’d be sick of being bumped from position to position to cover injuries. The guys got to have a sit down with big cheese and point out that plugging holes everywhere isn’t his job.

    15. AAC
    14. Turner
    13. Cross
    12. O’Connor
    11. Hynes
    10. Giteau
    9. Burgess

    Deans has obviously seen something Brown none of us have. If he turns into a superstar we’ll all have to bow down to the master but right now it seems like he’s flogging a dead horse

  • Photon

    Moses, I was wondering
    Where is your weekly this is the week when the Wobblies finally get their shit together and win preview!! Or has hope finally been extinguished!! Boks by 12

    • Thanks for noticing Photon, I mixed it up a bit and stuck it over here this week, Wallabies by 13!

  • Lance Free

    Half a league half a league,
    Half a league onward,
    All in the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred:
    ‘Forward, the Light Brigade!
    Charge for the guns’ he said:
    Into the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred.

    Cannon to right of them,
    Cannon to left of them,
    Cannon behind them
    Volley’d and thunder’d;
    Storm’d at with shot and shell,
    While horse & hero fell,
    They that had fought so well
    Came thro’ the jaws of Death,
    Back from the mouth of Hell,
    All that was left of them,
    Left of six hundred.

    It is time to stand and unsheathe.
    Girt by sea – defend our values.
    Wallabies by 11.

  • Robson

    Lance mate what have you been on that allows you to make such predictions when all your other pre match crystal ball gazing has been uncannily …… um …. right???? Or are you trying some hocus pocus so that the rest of us don’t line our cars up ready to drive off a cliff tonight?

    On the other hand every other time I’ve disagreed with your predictions, I’ve been wrong, so I’ve got a big patch of sticky tape over my mouth this time.

    • Lance Free

      Robbo – I’ve been on the vin rouge…. which of course has given me enormous insight!

      As far as the outlandish prediction goes…..a little bit out of character I know….but I’ve just got this feeling in my water….you know, like why would you put 50 bucks on the nose on a rank outsider?

      The answer is that something inside tells you to and sometimes, just sometimes, the kama and the planets are aligned.

      I’ve got the keys in my pocket just in case……

      • Lance Free

        Click…vroom, vroom, vroom….geronimo!

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