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Video: Wallabies Need to Improve Their Execution

Video: Wallabies Need to Improve Their Execution

The All Blacks were very good in the game against the Wallabies last weekend — in fact they were pretty close to perfect in that first half — but the Wallabies produced a performance that left lots of room for improvement.

Some of the tactics were questionable but more important were the poor execution and a noticeable lack of awareness:

[youtube width=”600″ height=”450″][/youtube]

  • Totally agree Scott. Those errors – borne of pressure from the intensity of New Zealand – completely derailed the Wallabies attempt to impose a pattern. It even spread to JO’Cs kicking which was the nail in the coffin.

  • hooker

    the dominant characteristic of the Crusaders, especially this season, and the Blacks over the last 2 or so is they nearly always take the right option – always

    a characteristic of the Wallabies over the last few years is they nearly always don’t : don’t believe me ? – well why do you show unbridled enthusiasm and love for them when they do make the right decision, and screams at them (or the TV when they’re away) when they don’t

    why do they so often play with their eyes shut – it happens too regularly for supposedly test standard players – want an eg ….. just think of our restarts !

    ‘we’ see the right decision at every moment – either instantly (ah if only we had been a little bigger/ a little faster/ weren’t quite so old … ) or later, after the moment or seeing the replay – so why can’t they see it? They have more self interest in getting it right than we do !
    (we know they’re good athletes, the equal of the other top teams, because they’ve proved that in other games)

    I suspect for some of them it is because they don’t really know what they’re doing – it is merely a well paying job

    some of them don’t understand the game, let alone love it.

    “Training” needs to change immediately. Emphasis needs to be placed on watching great old games, with a beer in hand – learning the game, thinking about it, solving the problems it presents, understanding its history and the changes that have evolved in it, but mostly, having fun and being tested by a knowledgeable coach – “what should he have done here? what will you do when you’re in this situation?”

    Rugby is a great game because it requires more good decisions from more people in an extreme physical environment than any other football code, and at this high level and pace it is wrong decisions rather than physical mistakes that extract the highest price

    lets hope our renaissance man captain starts to use some of his famed mental skills on his team mates, and our coaches start to tell stories about great players from the past (oh, it would help if said captain actually used some physical skills on the opposition as well)

  • bones

    Anyone else think that Higgers could be our solution at 13? He runs straight and breaks the line nearly every time, plus can offload. The Aussie SBW. Surely Robbie can teach him the defensive plays over the next month to a sufficient standard. Or if not a starting 13, at least the last 20 mins of each match.

    • Cutter

      I’m being careful with my words to ensure the emphatic nature of my response isn’t lost:

      No. Never.

      A tip for young coaches, if you want a player to learn a new position, do it in club or, if they’re good enough, super rugby, not tests against the Springboks and All Blacks.

  • lyle c

    higgers at 13 would be awesome lol

    • Skippy

      Bones… Idiot.

  • KDog

    I love the Wallabies.. I am a one eyed Wallaby fan… but for the life of me I feel like an abused lover. Just when things are getting hot and sticky…. wham some body kicks the shit out of me and I feel gobsmacked, amazed and betrayed…… cheated on.

    I have been watching the Robbie Deans and ARU show for how many seasons now… 3 or 4.

    I get hot and sticky under the collar and then wham the Wallabies cough and splutter through a game .. at first I thought yup they are young they are inexperienced …. then nah its the fucking Ref… nah its Sir Richie… how does he get away with it… I wished they bring back rucking….. “ruck him out of there … you want to lie on Wallaby ball, we’ll ruck the fuck out of you…”

    But I think of the joy Link has brought back to Ozzie rugby… watching the Reds these last two seasons is like watching the old time Brumbies … with Joe Roff, Larkham, Gregan and a young George Smith… hell wasn’t it beaut to watch those dreads go into a ruck and the ball come back….

    So now we have the “Crusaders Man” and i dont hink he is getting the best out of the team…
    Excuse me but WTF did they do in camp for two weeks training to fuck up like this video shows..

    Has Robbie Deans got such big balls, or is his ego so big that he can’t ask for help… Hey Robbie this is our team you are fucking with …cant you ask Link for some help or some ideas..
    Cant you see that your Capt aint working..

    How is that the Reds can fire up and Horwill ccan fire them up but Robbie and Rocky can’t.

    So tell you what boys I am worried about this team, they have the talent… but do they have the ticker….

    Maybe next time … we are still rebuilding.

  • nugget

    It’s a fricken crab fest, that’s what it is. It’s like a race to see who can get the ball over the sideline the fastest. Where’s the straight runners? Where’s the inside runners? Where’s the coaching???

    • Skippy

      Yeah… but we all wanted to get rid of Gits for this as he was the only offender remember!?

      • jimmydubs

        Is that you gits?

        QC has one perpendicular game & it’s a bad thing we got rid of the king crab or should bring him back? The logic escapes me.

  • Joe Blow

    The game may have changed a little but one thing remains the same.

    You have to earn the right to go wide.
    I want to see Moore,Sharpie, Horwill, Kepu, Rocky and Higgers taking the ball forward around the ruck for a few phases before we spread it to the wings.
    Also, McCabe and AAC need to be taking the ball back inside when we start to get crowded out wide to make space again.

  • okc

    Will someone please get beau robinson involved!

    • Skippy

      He is involved. He is in the squad.
      And that is as far as he is going. He is not world class… and where would you play him? Drop Pocock for Robinson?
      Robinson had a great super 15 season and worked well in a well balanced forward pack with plenty of grafter which enabled him to play his natural ‘link’ game. He is not a poacher, he does not play on the ball like Pocock and he is not a test standard 6 or 8.
      Appears to be a likeable bloke and I’d be pleased to see him play a few tests in his career against minnows and on EOYT’s but he is a 1000 to 1 to make the Wallaby team and if he did… he wouldn’t make much difference.

      • jimmydubs

        Prefer him as the replacement backrower on the bench over rocky or McCalman…. And which beau Robinson were you watching who wasn’t on the ball or a poacher???

      • BloodRed

        No Mrs Hodgson, Beau isn’t a test standard 6 or 8, primarily because he is a 7. Maybe you should have a word to his SuperXV coach who reckons he tops all the Reds stats; most tackles, most turnovers won, most breakdown involvement and was one eigth or 12.5% of that well balanced forward pack you mention. Doubt anyone would drop Pocock for him but the game day squad is 22 and currently we don’t have a back up 7.

  • Eddo

    I’m sitting at work and Quade flicks that back pass out because Nonu is about to square him up…
    Accidentally ripped out a bunch of expletives at the top of my voice..

    Pretty much what it deserves. very Campo-esque

  • BigAl

    That is what you (we) have, (reality check) back it up. This over analysis is not helping. Rocky is the man and Deans is right to back him because if he finds form he is a match winner(dont over estimate the Aussie rugby capability). QC has to raise his game (interpretation is poor). I am backing Deans and Elsom and I suggest you do too……. Post WC Autopsies are 24 a dozen. I am happy Sharpie is back this weekend as I have always felt Horwill (oh, so sorry Queenslanders…) is way to high for a lock and needs to drive more and present his head as a battering ram and drive with his legs, yes that does hurt James. I believe in the Wb’s and think ‘we’ are expecting far to much of them’ International sport has changed so much and we are not respecting to that…the dice have changed… Anyway i have to go and see my daughter now because she is the best person in the world!

    • jimmydubs

      This is pre world cup and you my dear sir are a muppet.

  • okc

    Good point there skippy…

    Would have liked to see old beau get some game time though and see how he copes, if it is mongrel we need then he could certainly deliver.
    I think a surprise selection of the mircale that is Eales in the second row would certainly bring home some silverware…

  • Warrick Todd

    It doesn’t matter how much mongrel you have if you’re knocked arse over head every time you get involved……….this is not a reflection of Beau Robinson rather the wallabies in general, based on the recent losses.

  • Andy

    Dominate tackles, straight running, experience. If we have any hope of coming close to a WC final that’s what we need. Before we split it wide we need do do the hard yards up front. We need to hurt the opposition down the middle. The more we free our backs up to do the basics right, the better.

    The biggest problem I noticed with the AB game was the intensity in defense lacked significantly. Mealamu and Nonu’s tries were a disgrace. We made it so easy for them. You would never see the Boks or Poms defend like that on the line.

  • ozabroad

    No there would have penalties galore ,

  • ozabroad

    Sorry There would have been penalties galore,

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