Wallabies Player Ratings - Bledisloe 1 2019 - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies Player Ratings – Bledisloe 1 2019

Wallabies Player Ratings – Bledisloe 1 2019

Scott_Sio_02 (1)

1. Scott Sio

In a scrum that was arguably better than the ABs, despite not forcing any turnovers. Made 5 of his 6 tackles. 7

2. Tolu Latu

Who saw that coming? Solid lineout, solid work around the park (33 metres made!), solid scrum, and only conceded one penalty (coming in from the side) called inconsistently by referee Garces. Fainga’a has competition. 7

3. Allan Ala’alatoa

Returned a solid performance in his first week back, in a crunch match. Apart from the solid scrum, also did a lot of work around the park – except for the missed tackle on Coles that lead to a try. 7

4. Izack Rodda

Lineout was superb, and he contributed with 3 wins. Had a big game around the park, with 12 carries. Gave away a silly penalty for diving over a ruck. 6


5. Rory Arnold

Can we clone him? Part of an immense lineout – also winning 3 – and also smashing all and sundry around the park. Lock of the week. 8

Lukhan Salakai-Loto

6. Lukhan Salakaia-Loto

His stats are solid. 13 carries for 23 metres, 3 defenders beaten, 2 clean breaks, 6/8 tackles made, 3 lineouts won. Is it the new, gross hair-do he had? 6


7. Michael Hooper (c)

Gets a lot of stick from Wallabies fans, but played his heeeeeeart out. Targeted by the All Blacks – both Savea and Barrett, S gave him some rough treatment. Kept his head high and still kept going! If a battery company is looking for a mascot, they’re kidding themselves not signing him up. Made all 8 tackles, pilfered once, made a million metres as always but he dropped 3 balls. Otherwise he’d be an 9.  8

2019_TRC_Headshot_Isi_Naisarani (1)

8. Isi Naisarani 

Good solid game, quieter than he was against the Pumas and Boks. Did his shift defensively (8/8 tackles) as well as in attack. 7

9. Nic White

So close to a 10/10 performance. Sniped around the rucks, pushing the ABs back 43m with his 14 carries, beating 5 defenders and making 2 clean breaks. Shone in defence, with 9/11 tackles. Only blemish is expecting Jaco Peyper to call a forward pass that was right in front of him, and then deciding not to tackle the waning Ioane. 9 – G&GR MOTM

10. Christian Leali’ifano

Last article I wrote that he was a shoo-in for Perth; he’s a shoo-in for Japan. Conducted the Symphony of Destruction of the All Blacks with aplomb, letting the boys play instead of running it all the time. Saying that, made some good runs. Only blot is he missed two conversions from the same spot. 8

11. Marika Koroibete

Wowee! What a game, summed up in his early run to support Reece Hodge on the opposite wing. Played like a madman, making metres, breaking tackles and not stepping outside of play. Gets extra points for his smart pick-and-go try – coming from a bloke who’s still (re)adjusting to rugby union. 9

12. Samu Kerevi

Made Australians proud with that Lomu run, and generally dominated the match for the third time in a row. The man is a freak. After 3 games of the Rugby Championship – next week’s game is considered an extra – he leads the competition in metres (221m), carries (50), clean breaks (10), offloads (6) and comes second in defenders beaten, 15 to Barrett, B’s 16.  9

13. James O’ Connor

Great advertisement for The Brand’s brand. First test in six years, but showed what he learnt overseas offering a complementary threat to Kerevi that Kuridrani wasn’t offering. Single-handedly set up Hodge for his first try, and gave him the pill for the second. 7

14. Reece Hodge

Scored two tries and the Wallabies most effective runner (average of 12 metres per carry), Hodge is growing into his role. Provides a decent aerial threat, now that He is gone. Missed 4 of his 6 tackles, which is a worry.  8

15. Kurtley Beale

Israel who? Wallabies look a far better side with an actual footballer playing at full back, providing kicking prowess and playmaking ability with the hand-throwy thing they call passing. Ran a crazy 112m, including his sublime run from 5m when he skinned Whitelock so hard the AB lock just gave up. Missed 3 of his 8 tackles, but made 2 important ones when he was last man. Speaking of last man – what was that Laumape try all about? 8



16. Folau Fainga’a

Came on at 64th minute, and really didn’t do much except make 5/6 tackles. Due to Latu’s breakdown threat, will probably be on the bench in Auckland. 5

17. James Slipper

Wallabies lost nothing when he came on for Sio, at the same time Latu swapped off for Fainga’a. Was seen using his experience to calm the lads down in the late stages. 6


18. Taniela Tupou

Came on, smashed some blokes and threw his weight around. Made 22m in 5 carries in his 24 minute cameo. Put in a huge shift. And let’s not forget that grubber that almost came off – Mo’unga would come off second-best against the 50kg heavier Thor if it did. 7

19. Adam Coleman

Offered the impact of the bench that Simmons hasn’t. Absolutely smashed some. Came on the 56th minute, made 8/8 tackles – at least 2 of them bone-crushers. Good to see some pressure on starting locks from the bench – with Retallick (arm) and Barrett, S (suspension) out of next week’s game, lock depth is something the Wallabies have over the ABs. 7

20. Luke Jones

Came on for 4 minutes. Would like to see him get a better run – has received 18 minutes of game time in the past two games. No Rating


21. Will Genia

Like last week, came on for the last 11 minutes. Put in a solid shift. 5


22. Matt Toomua

Came on with 17 minutes left, and was an able replacement for Leali’ifano. Much better than previous games. Kicked 2/2. 5

23. Tom Banks

Can’t actually remember him coming on. Apparently missed 3/3 of his tackles. Eeep. 5


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Player Ratings – Australia vs Ireland

  • Gipetto

    Coleman’s smothering tackles put an end to the AB’s dreams of a come-back. Koroibete decided get involved a lot more; he has realized that his team needs him to.

  • Nicholas

    Overall sound rankings – We did have a lot of “missed tackles” but often it was enough to slow down the AB player for a more effective hit. The misses tackles didn’t lead to many line breaks which is a pleasant change!


      Exactly…… tackle busts and line breaks are an inevability in test rugby. It’s how you minimize and handle the scramble that matters most!

  • Proof that all the depth issues the Wallabies have been suffering are now well and truely over with Marika Koroibete a proper forwards option..
    And Beale has rendered Izzy a ghost.
    What a night.


      Not sure I’d say that about Beale just yet! He wasn’t convincing all season and this was certainly the 1st time he’s put in a good solid complete test performance this year! I firmly remember Folou doing that on many occasions…… he is a huge hole to fill. Banks in his small amount of time so far certainly hasn’t done what let’s say a player like Naivalu did with very little time in Gold! Sefa always impressed in Gold and it’s still a mystery why he’s not in the squad now.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Banks played fine in his only start at fullback. Sefa isn’t in the squad because he is well behind Koroibete and even Speight as an out and out winger, although I agree that, weirdly, Sefa has actually been better at international level than super.

        Beale had his first good performance in a long, long time. But back in 2015 he did something similar. After being terrible for years at international level, he was our best back at the World Cup. Folau was terrible that tournament, playing with an ankle injury that I don’t think he ever truly recovered from.

        • Twoilms

          Koroibete has also been better at test than Super. Some players just get up for big games.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I think he had a good 2017. Thought he regressed for the Wallabies last year. The guys on the rugby report card made a good point – no one would have believed a few months ago that Koroibete would be outplaying Reiko Ioane multiple weeks in a row at international level.

      • Yeah, I agree about Beale though he does seem to rise to the big occasions. Fingers crossed his form continues with Banks snapping on his heals.

  • Ron Botswell

    Probably the only one, but I liked Nic White’s refusal to tackle Ione. He never would have stopped him anyway, so you might as well take the opportunity to highlight the ridiculous forward pass, doormat touch judges, and the ongoing subconscious bias of referees towards the AB’s.

    • Farva

      I dont agree. He might not have stopped him, but by making the effort he could have either forced a pass and maybe a mistake or maybe forced a dropped ball. Its a low chance but by appealing he achieved nothing.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      I love Nic White, but was the pass actually forward? No chance was Nic tackling Ioane whatever happened.

      • TimG

        I know White is not Gregan and Ioane is not Wilson – and also that the famous play was on the other wing, but the tackle should have been attempted by White – there’s always a chance to knock the ball loose in such a scenario – regardless of the size differential.

        And yes, it was quite a lot forward, there is no doubt.

        I was surprised at the number of forward passes that were ignored on Saturday actually. Otherwise though Garces had a good game.

        • Who?

          I think the second pass White threw after that try was about 2m forward. All the Kiwis in the crowd went up. Nic took note that Jerome was spatially challenged, topographically terrible, and took his toll! :-D

        • Mica

          All the Kiwis in the crowd went up. Hmmmmmm yeah, that’s compelling evidence of a forward pass. Tee Hee (not saying it wasn’t, just like using that as the logic)

        • Who?

          Don’t worry, the Channel 10 commentators called it forward and laughed! Only got away with it because it was quick ball and the ABs were still backpedalling.

        • Mica

          Yep I spotted a few forward passes that were let go, but they went both ways. Did the Kiwis in the crowd call out for the forward passes they threw?? :)

        • Who?

          Of course not. :-) But it was the second forward pass we’d thrown in two phases after that try, the first by White. And it kind of felt like he was testing Garces, after Jerome and Jaco had missed the forward pass at the other end.
          Totally agree with you – Garces was consistent, he was terrible both ways. I just found it funny, and actually a bit savvy. How often have we seen opponents pushing the laws and not pushed them ourselves? And often, if we do, we’ll get pinged when they don’t (like Latu getting done for side entry when he was dead square, and Savea getting away with late side entry 5 minutes later (immediately before he caused problems with Hooper)). This was a nice change. :-)

  • Custard Taht

    Good bounce back games from LSL and Hodge. Wouldn’t say they solidified their positions, but, certainly showed more than enough to persist with. I think they should be given further opportunities to solidify their positions, and honestly, I think we are too close now to the RWC, to keep experimenting with the match day 23.

    I think the Samoa game should be used to settle the RWC extended squad and maybe a few bench positions.

    The return match is the defining game for the Wallabies leading into the RWC. They had a good win, off the back of a good performance. The All Blacks will improve from this game, so the Wallabies are going to have to step it up again……there will be no “ambush” this week.

  • Farva

    Take a point of White for refusing to make that tackle, allowing the tey in uncontested and instead appealing to the ref. I cant give him MoM because of that. Flawless otherwise but that was a huge minus on him. Didnt matter this week but it might next. MoM should go to Hooper who was in everything and grabbed a couple of pilfers.

    • Zippo

      No mention of hooper losing the contact with Kieran Read that led to an AB’s try?
      Or, Beauden Barrett’s try when hooper made contact on him 5m out and he still got over the line? (That passive tackle still gets recorded as a successful tackle though)

      • Twoilms

        Hooper could nab MotM in a RWC final win and some fans would still rag on the bloke. He was phenomenal last night and the fact that the ABs specifically targeted his head shows they know what a threat he is.

        • Justin Smith

          That try was LSL’s fault not
          Hooper’s. Covered too wide and left a massive gap that even I could’ve scored through.

      • UTG

        How did Hooper lose the contact when he was the one still on his feet and Read was on the ground in no position to play the ball? Shouldn’t an 8 be winning that sort of contact against a 7 anyway?

        Barrett ran a good line to hit a hole at pace 5 out after 22+ phases…

        Can’t believe this is what people take out of the game.

      • Dud Roodt

        You mean the one were Whitelock checked Hooper’s run and then LSL missed the tackle on Barrett?

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    These all seem pretty accurate. I think that JOC was perhaps worthy of an 8 as he performed his role more or less perfectly.

    Really solid analysis. Garces’ refereeing of the scrum was a joke. The All Blacks collapsed every time.

    • Mike Thompson

      JOC defensive work was excellent.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        We couldn’t ask any more of him. He was. excellent in attack and defence. TK has had an excellent season, but JOC has earned the right to start again next week, and I am a huge TK fan.

  • Mike Thompson

    Talking of ratings, Shaun Berne should get 10/10.

    In the first half, when the All Blacks were at full strength, the Wallabies created a very steady stream of line breaks and good quality attacking opportunities. There are still skill problems which caused opportunities to be squandered, but the attacking structure was very effective.

    What a dramatic difference to the Larham era where we seemed to trudge through endless “phases”, using carefully placed pods, getting nowhere.

    Mind you, it sure helps the attack when the selectors go with some big bodies in the forwards, and they are routinely making a lot of “meters after contact”.

    • Who?

      I’d agree with you, but……..
      We’ve got to remember he was appointed after the new attacking system had been explained at Wallabies training camps. He may have had some input, and he may have used the Rebels as a trial, implementing the system there (at least a variation of it – Leali’ifano did have a few runs early in the game, Cooper also did some uncharacteristic early-game crash balling at the Rebels, so there’s evidence Berne was in on it), however, the official author of the Wallabies’ 2019 attack style is…..
      Michael Cheika. So, if we’re going to praise Berne, we must also praise Cheika, given it’s arguably his baby more than Berne’s.
      I’d ask that anyone whose partner reads these forums please check them now, as seeing me as the one giving that level of credit to Cheika may actually cause people to have adverse physical reactions from the shock. :-P

  • Juan_Time

    Good appraisal Nick. JOC added a dimension particularly when CLL took a head knock in the 1st half, he jumped in as first receiver a few times. Just focusing on the first half (15v15), we were making excellent inroads and left a number of points out there (Kerevi and Kurtley no-passes), plus the CLL> JOC. Our big bodies were not going backwards against an almost full strength pack (yes, Brodie was out, but Ardie was in). Also, thought our bench looked really solid – as it turned out to be.
    Had been underwhelmed by Lukhan previously, but thought this was his best effort by far (not flawless obviously). The challenge is on everyone else to try and get into that team – even Will.

    • ozrugbynut

      LSL is still a concern for me. Hangs off rucks, ineffective at times in the breakdown and his defensive misread led to the first AB try after half time after they held possession. I just don’t think he offers enough in a key position. I’d give samu or Luke Jones a go. Dempsey promises but you have to have a plan for lost height in the line out, which is why for me Jones is worth a go.

  • Twoilms

    I would probably give Hodge a 7 and O’Connor an 8 but minor quibbles. All looks about on point.

    • Who?

      All the talk about, “We don’t need Folau…” Folau would still have a spot in that team. For Hodge. I know Hodge is taking line kicks for penalties, but the way he’s being used (especially chasing high kicks, a skill he’s significantly developed very well this last year), his role (and jersey!) is exactly what Folau brought. It’s just that we now have better balance by shuffling Beale to the back – an option we could easily have tried in the last few years.
      I agree – solid from Hodge, but both his tries were off passes from JOC, and I thought JOC had a better night than Hodge. 7’s far from a bad rating.

  • Big Ted

    Can we clone Rory Arnold?? Don’t need to, nature has blessed us with his identical twin brother. Just need to get him playing Rory quality football.

    • Mica

      He was actually not too far behind Rory last time I saw him play. I had to double take a couple of times.

  • juswal

    Nic White is getting a bum rap on the non-tackle on Ioane. He swerved around Smith, momentarily facing the try-line; by the time he was moving laterally again, Ioane was past him. He was close to both Smith and Ioane but never in a position to get hands on either.

  • Ian
  • Keith Butler

    Best game i’ve seen Hooper play in a long time. Maybe the word is out that Pocock will not make the RWC and that Hoops needs to step into proper 7 mode. Still not sure about LSL at 6. He looked better towards the end of the game as the ABs tired – 3 or 4 mins for Luke Jones is a joke.

    • ozrugbynut

      He was effing outstanding, wasn’t he. If only all the backrow had his work rate.

  • Mica

    On the Arnold comment – can we clone him.
    Well there is another R Arnold that is about the closest you can get to a human clone…… :)

  • kp

    I wonder how Steve Hansen feels after being beaten by Mickey Mouse?


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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