Wallabies Player Ratings - England - Rugby World Cup 2019 Quarter Final - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies Player Ratings – England – Rugby World Cup 2019 Quarter Final

Wallabies Player Ratings – England – Rugby World Cup 2019 Quarter Final

Scott_Sio_02 (1)

1. Scott Sio

Another strong outing in what has a been a solid World Cup for Aussie props. Made 8/8 tackles. Scrum better than English but smashed in one key scrum. so a mark against. 7

2. Tolu Latu

Solid scrum, great lineout, fantastic work around the park. His turnaround has been one of two highlights for the Wallabies this RWC. 8 – G&GR MOTM

3. Allan Ala’alatoa

As above, with Sio. Made 8/8 tackles. Loses a point for dropping the pill a few times. 6

4. Izack Rodda

Amazing lineout all World Cup, solid defence and park display. 7


5. Rory Arnold

Ditto Rodda, even though he left a huge gap for Kyle Sinckler for Sinckler’s try. 7

6. David Pocock

Much is made of the Pooper, but World Rugby’s negligence of the breakdown snuffed out Australia’s breakdown threat. Solid display in defence (8/8) and around the park . 6


7. Michael Hooper (c)

This game confirmed him as Australia’s best openside. Sorry Liam Gill. In his pseudo-centre energiser bunny role, made 30 metres in darting, dangerous probes. Backed that up in his proper flanker role, making 10 turnovers and a couple of key turnovers.  8

2019_TRC_Headshot_Isi_Naisarani (1)

8. Isi Naisarani 

All things considered, put in a decent shift. 5

9. Will Genia

When the Wallabies needed him most, kept doing his steppy shit. Itching for Nic White to come on all game. 3

10. Christian Leali’ifano

Didn’t have a great game either. As Australia’s only good proper flyhalf at the moment – Toomua is a centre – he had to shoulder an almighty burden. Targeted by the English, which didn’t make his recovery any better. 4

11. Marika Koroibete

Another good game from the winger, who managed to make his mark despite the same old English performance. He is a keeper, and for anyone who despairs for Australian rugby – look how far he, Latu and even Leali’ifano have come. Loses marks for not containing Anthony Watson and his rug hair on his wing. 6

12. Samu Kerevi

Ever player rating is the same – smashed bashed and crashed his way through several English defenders. Managed to get six (6) passes away which was a nice change.  6

13. Jordan Petaia

Young kid, 1 cap, quarter-final, outside centre. Had a great game and was absolutely unfussed despite the madness going around him. Reason enough to stick around another four years. 7

14. Reece Hodge

He played?  5


15. Kurtley Beale

Added some sparkle from fullback, running up the guts. Added in some nice kicks too. But, also did some dumb panicked shit – more so out of desperation and the need to create than anything else. 6


16. Jordan Uelese

Came on at 65th minute, and yeah did alright. 5

17. James Slipper

Did ok. Came on at the 68th minute. Great to see him come back and score a try this World Cup. 5

18. Taniela Tupou

Come on at the 60th minute. Didn’t have much impact but – can you blame him? (No). 5

19. Adam Coleman

I’ll commend him for managing only getting binned once this World Cup. 5

20. Lukhan Salakai-Loto

Decent backrow option. Hopefully he develops into something better than “the best of the rest”. 5

2019_TRC_Headshot_Nic_White (1)

21. Nic White

Didn’t turn the game around as he have the whole World Cup. Look forward to him having the gold 9 in 2020. 5


22. Matt Toomua

Like White, didn’t have a similar impact. According to the stats, didn’t even make any tackles in his 28 minutes on the pitch. 5


23. James O’Connor

I can’t remember him coming on. 5


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Player Ratings – Australia vs Ireland

  • GeorgiaSatellite

    Thanks Nick. Agree on Latu, but that him riling Sinckler up after the first scrum was asking for trouble. He kept a relatively cool head throughout the tournament, though, which was a relief. Sanchez – I noted at the time that his last act in gold was a knock-on at the base of a ruck. Won’t be a good memory for him. I see all the press that Pocock was out of form. I felt more like out of position, also a pity for his farewell.

    Vale to all the players who are retiring and thanks for you efforts. Cheik? Well, see ya maaaaaaaate. Knowaddamean?

    • Fatflanker

      Sinckler was getting owned in the scrum though.

      • LED

        Didnt stop him complaining to his mate Romain. Ive never seen that so blatantly before!

        • Who?

          Garces should’ve given him a massive spray for that. That’s personally insulting, to think that a bloke 2m away has a poorer view of the situation than someone literally 40m away.
          “I am the ref. He is an AR, he’s not here. If you want a penalty, I can blow one, but you won’t enjoy it.”

  • Sigh. 4 more years.

    For my money, too much mucking around with the first 15 and not enough time for the final selection to get it together. That said, Jordan Petaia gives me some faith in the future. All the best to Cheik – as much as he is responsible for some of the grief, and has done the right thing, he shouldn’t be alone when the fingers are pointed.

    • Huw Tindall

      Check out the U20s and Schoolboys highlights if you want some faith in the future. Both carved this year, including beating our nemesis over the ditch for the first time in a long time. There are new pathways in place behind these teams and most of the players are signed up long term. This is something decent RA has been doing but hasn’t got the cred for (yet). That on top of Chek getting the states to finally cooperate have us in the best position in a long while in terms of a more centralised system.

  • Gottsy

    Shit tactics, selections and game plan made us make little mistakes. Little mistakes cost us, and in turn have cost the players in their ratings. For a lot of these lads, this was their last outing in gold, and it’s unfair that it’s what they will be remembered for

  • Bobas
  • Adrian

    Pretty right with all of them Nick….IMO of course!

  • Graeme

    Apparently Japan have jumped Australia on the log. I’m not sure if they will stay there after playing the Springboks, but Cheika hasn’t exactly gone out on a high.

    • Seb V

      Japan deserve it, they would beat us on current form

    • They didn’t after losing to the Bokke, but honestly, I think they’d have beaten the Wallabies if that was they way the QF had panned out.

  • Bernie Chan

    See Cheika has dumped on Castle and Clyne in a spectacular fashion…the guy who was basically given carte blanch complaining about those who gave him free rein? The lack of dignity from our national coach will stick long in the memory…and this era will be known as the period where the Wallabies were one of the least intelligent rugby sides.

    Alas he resigned a few years too late…Rugby in Oz will recover (David Alred said the skill sets of lads coming up through the junior ranks is impressive…) but the last 4 odd years has been bloody awful.

    • Andy

      Agree. They are the people he should be thanking.

    • formerflanker

      Cheika must be angling for another coaching job, judging by the way he is distancing himself from RA.
      “Don’t blame me”! seems to be the sub-text.

  • Wallabrumby

    Excuse my ignorance (i was a forward), but i am interested to know how important settled combinations for a 9 & 10 are. As the rhetoric is that it is very important.
    But is that just commentary or does it actually make a big difference? Surely at that skill level you could put any two together and the disruption would be minimal?

    • Steve

      Not at all Wallabrumby – you might be thinking mainly of set first phase plays, but obviously most of rugby is broken down improv play.

      Particularly 10s and centres tend to have their own patterns – lines they will tend to pick, or runners they will tend to look for – and over time players tend to learn each others’ habits and timings. Remember that timings don’t have to be out by much when you’re running flat chat, so knock-ons etc can creep in very easily.

      There’s a saying in the military that under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you regress to the level of your training. I think that’s probably the best way to put it here.

      • Wallabrumby

        Yeah that was what I would think, that 6th sense ability that grows with combinations. But surely the selector (s) would know that, it seems strange they had no settled combinations is crazy.
        That is why i was second guessing myself, maybe for those that level it does not really matter. Even eddy pulled a swifty at 10
        Results suggest otherwise

        • Steve

          Yep, ‘pure’ improvisation is an ideal – in a perfect world, players would be able to play what’s in front of them and coordinate on the fly.

          In reality, rugby (as with most sports) is a surprisingly simple set of repetitive patterns, which can look like improvisation when it’s well-drilled enough and executed at speed.

          I think that some coaches hold Into their belief in the ideal state more than others.

    • Hoss

      Mate it’s like putting Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton together. Each brilliant at what they do, doesn’t mean they could make music together though – not at first anyway.

    • Like you I’m an ex-forward, but I’ve watched the game for far more years than I’ve played.

      Settled combinations at 9 and 10… it’s a bit like settled combinations in the front row or 2 and main jumpers at the line out. In theory any THP, hooker and LHP should scrummage just fine. In practise… some front rows work better than other! Same with hookers throwing to their jumpers – in theory any combination can do it but in practise getting the timings of the jump, the throw etc. just so takes time and repetition.

      Obviously exactly what the 9 and 10 combination bed down with time together is different to those examples. Knowing where the other will be, the time to throw the pass, how they’ll be moving etc. but the principle is the same. The better you know your mate, the faster and smoother it all works.

  • Huw Tindall

    Looking at the pack they could all make the next World Cup besides Poey and Slipper. They are already great at set piece so could be a real force in another 4 years. The backbline is another matter. Young 9s and 10s showing real promise and hopefully some legit class wingers and full backs. Beale is 30 so wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make it to 2023. Kerevi will be a flat track bully in Japan for 3 years so I’m worried about his game developing. Petaia could be great. Koribete is only getting better. As low as we are right now I’m already looking forward to 2020. Look what England did in 4 years. Why not us? Bring it on!

    • Gun

      Beale shouldn’t have made it this far. Part of Cheika’s legacy is picking the same guys even when there are better alternatives. KB has always had issues around defence and the high ball, he’s added ball security in contact to that lately. For all his broken field skill, his down side is too great these days. (Not mentioning his role in Link’ demise ((which it appears Link assisted in creating circumstances for))).

      • Human

        …and he is no longer quick.

        • Gun


      • Huw Tindall

        His form has waned for sure. With the way international rugby has tightened up and become more about defense and field position control his style of game is less suitable. Will be interesting to see what the Tahs do with him. Hopefully it’s a pick and stick rather than 12/15 back and forth. With Kerevi out of the picture for 3 years we’ll need a new 12. Toomua obviously front of mind but will see what the new coach things. That’s honestly one of the most exciting things to look forward too. Assessment of the cattle and see what the new coach (and panel) are going for.

    • Like a lot of folks I’m hoping Beale isn’t part of the plans going forward. I wouldn’t mind DHP, but I think I’d prefer Banks personally – 4 years gives him the time to develop fully into the role.

      • Huw Tindall

        Fair point Eloise. His form is waning. Think he signed a 2 year deal with the Tahs and RA so at that point we should have a good read on how he is going. Will be interesting with the new coach as there will be no loyalties (perceived or otherwise) to certain players which shrouded Chek’s tenure.

  • Who?

    I think 3 and 4 for Genia and Leali’ifano are harsh, given every other player (fairly) scored 5 or over. In fact, the average score of the rest of the team is 6.46, with those two added we’re at 6.06.
    If Genia’s stepping was an issue, with White on the bench, if Cheika didn’t like it, surely Genia would’ve been hooked. If Leali’ifano wasn’t executing the game plan, surely Toomua would’ve gone to 10 earlier. I’m not arguing that they had their greatest games, but in a game we lost 40-16, it sure looks like the problem is that our 9 and 10 were clueless.
    But Genia and Leali’ifano weren’t the ones who wrote a game plan where we ran the ball in our own 22 constantly. Or where we tried a chip kick in our 22 (Beale’s genius, along with his intercept – a pattern, given he’s also thrown an intercept on our tryline to start a game in the last 18 months), or a gerryowen to exit our 22 (Leali’ifano). If it wasn’t the game plan, surely it would’ve seen one or both of them hooked.
    The other thing to note is that, if you’re beaten 40-16 and the average player ranking is 6.06, the coach’s ranking in such a flogging must be rather low. Because a ranking of 6.06 would imply you won. Not necessarily a great win, maybe a tight win, but a 6.06, you don’t expect to have your score more than doubled by an opponent who’s traditionally been a rival (not a superior, as they clearly were for the entirety of the Jones/Cheika rivalry).

    • ALJ

      What if you played well but the other team played very well? What if the other team averaged 7?

      • Who?

        If the other team averaged a 7, I’d expect we’re averaging a 4.
        I generally don’t have issue with the ratings, other than thinking that it’s a bit harsh for those two guys to cop it for performances that their coach didn’t seem to think were bad.
        I don’t think the players (overall) were terrible – far from it. But it shows that the issue wasn’t the performance on the field, it was about the game plan. Top teams aren’t stupid enough to run the ball from their own 22.

    • Thanks for writing this. I wasn’t sure I violently disagreed with their ratings, but thought Leaili’ifano in particular suffered from (gamely/heroically/insanely) sticking to the game plan. And the trouble with not having a plan B is that it becomes hard to switch plans – if he kicks there’s no way to organise a good kick chase.

  • Joe

    If Kerevi played for tbe allblacks, he would already be the best center in the world. Just a thought

  • LED

    While Genia is an awesome competitor and player, Cheika’s late change of the Wallaby the game plan this season to “play off 9″ did not suit him at all. All the commentary about his steps before passing comes down to this – hes not used to making the attacking decision as he hasnt played this way in his entire career until just before a RWC. So what does he do – runs 3 steps backwards and sideways before passing to give him a chance to decide who to pass to. It destroyed us on Saturday night and allowed England to be all over us. Couple that with a “run it from your own try line ” plan and we look like headless chooks.

    FFS – if you are going to play a game plan like that choose a 9 who has played that game plan for at least a season and can do it at international standard. Oh wait we had one of those didnt we?

    The next coach is going to come in and from Week 1 look like a genius.

  • formerflanker

    Backed that up in his proper flanker role, making 10 turnovers and a couple of key turnovers.
    Should that be 10 tackles?

  • MungBean

    Utterly delusional. Take at least a point off for everyone in the run on side, two for Beale, Pocock & Genia.

  • Long Xuyen

    Really, the results suggest that no one should score more than 3 on this scale with Genia struggling to get one. I remember when our backline was a weapon and one might suggest that the players and attack coach are imposters. Just how much ball would they have needed to win a game if 60%+ is not enough?


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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