Wallabies Player Ratings v Springboks Brisbane 2016 - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies Player Ratings v Springboks Brisbane 2016

Wallabies Player Ratings v Springboks Brisbane 2016

1. Scott Sio

Came up against a world class front row and earned parity in that department. His crowd try in the second half was a highlight. 6

2. Stephen Moore

Huge improvement with his throwing, even if our line out wasn’t perfect. Was having a great game but was out on his feet at 55 mins, and held off getting involved to counter ruck. Lay the platform for TPN nicely though. 6

3. Sekope Kepu

Must’ve listened to our podcast… A massive step up around the park. Looks back to his 2015 form, time will tell. 6

4. Kane Douglas

Dougy has been coming along nicely in the tight. Usually ruthless with goal line defence, I felt he wasn’t playing to referees whistle when the were calls for obstruction in the lead up to the first try. A quiet game otherwise, which when you win means the engine room did its job. 6

5. Adam Coleman

The Thylacine! We thought it was extinct in Australian Rugby, but we have a lock capable of controlling his mongrel! In everything, error and penalty free. Rewarded by getting on the end of an overlap, and a tidy finish. Ran himself to a standstill. 7

6. Dean Mumm

I’m not convinced he offers anything more than the alternatives (cou-Fardy-gh). OK on defence, struggled to make an impact on attack and was our line-out any better? We didn’t pinch any of theirs, even when they had a lock off for 10mins and our line-out had two pinched. Also, what was he looking at when a pass after a Genia-snipe hit him in the chest and went forward hot on attack early? 5

7. Michael Hooper

They interviewed him at the end of the game because they hadn’t read these ratings yet. Hooper was busy all game, throwing himself everywhere on D (topping the tackle count) and sucking in defenders with this runs, which were in tight! HE ALSO FORCED A TURNOVER! A well earned open-side flanker (7)

8. David Pocock

Struggled to make his mark at the breakdown, but still managed to make all his tackles and made a few strong carries. Unfortunately his biggest highlight was an error, where he threw a pass too far in front of the unmarked player outside him (Foley) turning over possession inside our own 22m line. 6

9. Will Genia

Genia’s learnt how to box kick (or at least not have them charged down) and hence we have a fool-proof, although conservative, exit strategy string to add to the bow. Try saving tackles, clutch passes and sniping runs. The most telling thing about his performance was that finisher Phipps was forced to stay on the pine. 8 – G&GR MOTM

10.  Quade Cooper

Quade back in his own backyard and almost back to his best! His passing game and kicking game are coming along nicely, but this game his running game stepped up significantly. Quade busted more tackles than any other Australian player with 5, usually while wrapping around for his 2nd touch. At one stage he even looked to propose a shirt v skins boxing match with Etzebeth. 7

11. Reece Hodge

An error free game from “Hodgey” (Australian for: The-Man-Who-Runs-Down-Hill). Bone-crunching on attack and defence (in the 10-12 channel). His punts for touch are not yet to be spoken in the same sentence as Latham’s, but he’s got the hoof to get there. 7

12. Bernard Foley

The good: Only kicked out of hand once! (5/5) Perfect from the tee, 3 tackles busted, 2 line-breaks including the show and go for the match ‘icing’ try.
The bad: Was intercepted twice by the same player! This cost us at least one try and directly lead to us conceding another. An error that cost 14 points was repeated. 5

13. Samu Kerevi

SAAAAAMUUUUU! Put on an attacking masterclass, and no mean feat considering the variety of positions he was put in and the execution that was required. From 11 runs, he busted 4 tackles, made 3 line-breaks, got off 2 offloads and accumulated 115 run metres. He will be ruing not making his effort in the corner count, an 8 if he got the job done there (tuck the ball under the other arm son!). 7

14. Dane Haylett-Petty

Persistence has paid off and DHP brought one of his super rugby games to the test arena. Some very good involvements and was trusted rightfully (and finally) with more tactical kicking. A highlight was his Folau-esque take which was so spectacular the referee decided to stop play so we could all watch the replay while it was fresh in our mind. 6

15. Israel Folau

Better positional play allowed him to make the most of his incredible aerial skills. Didn’t have his greatest game with ball in hand, but still managed to make metres and get away 5 offloads, even if he didn’t bust tackles. Penalised for obeying the conservation of mass. 6


16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Came on and got stuck in. His leg drive in contact is a point of difference and he is certainly pushing for a start. 6

17. James Slipper

Slipper has been building the consistency too. Up against ‘single-man scrum’ Steven Kitshoff, Slipper didn’t put a foot wrong, tackled 5/5 and is almost back to his dynamic best around the park. 6

18. Allan Alaalatoa

Aa Aaaaa came on and kept everything tidy, must have been busy because he managed to make 7 tackles at 100%. 6

19. Rory Arnold

A hard act to follow but, worked well in tight and secured fast ball leading up to the Foley try. Backed up the platform laid before him, but unfortunately his penalty resulted in a tighter finish than we deserved. 5

20. Sean McMahon

Actually got his hands on the ball a lot given the small amount of minutes he played, also nailed the four tackles he attempted. More dynamic on attack than the current no. 8. 6  

21. Nick Phipps

Did not play.

22. Tevita Kuridrani

2/2 tackles, made one run, for some reason decided to kick and it was a shocker but thankfully it ended up OK. 5

23. Drew Mitchell

Did well in the minutes he got, which was surprising, a good tackle, a couple of okay runs, he couldn’t have done much more. I still question his usefulness as a bench option. 6


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Wallabies Player Ratings v Springboks Brisbane 2016

  • Teh Othar Daev

    TPN’s leg drive and body height was really something to behold last night.

    • I am a convert at the moment. I am really liking his work. Hated him previously. Couldnt syand him being selected ahead of hansen. Now, he should be starting. Comparitively Good lineout nad far more effective with the ball. Just dont twll my mates… #youvechanged

    • Buzzliteyear

      Totally agree but that lineout throw that hit a Wallaby in the back also reminded me of his lineout weakness. But yeah his bull like runs are solid when he’s at his best.

  • Farthing

    Harsh on Dean Mumm he was still shooting out to make tackles in the 79th minute and the line out was much improved. The Springbok jumpers are classy and they got nothing more than parity.
    Mumm deserves Australiam respect. Dude has squeezed all he can from his talent. Wish that could be said of Horwill and others. God bless him.

    • Michael Hassall

      Good to record a Wallabies win in 2016

      Are there any citings from last nights game?

      I thought Mumm went well, except for dropping that pass from Genia, but there was this odd moment in the second half where it looked like he was bracing for the ruck clean-out and either stood on one of the saffas or adjusted his footing so that he didn’t. They didn’t replay if ad-nauseam so hopefully there wasn’t anything in it that gets him in trouble.

      • SuckerForRed

        I believe that The Beast was given a “Judicial warning” for his neckroll on Poey.

    • Who?

      Mumm, Coleman, Douglas, they were all shooting out of the line to miss blokes on the outside (i.e. the ball carrier stayed inside them). I wonder if having a lock rush up (though not miss) is part of the Grey defensive plan..?
      That said, I don’t believe the Boks got nothing more than parity. They had all the clean ball they wanted – we never looked like challenging their ball. And our ball was often scrappy – just ask Hooper and Cheika (they both raised it in their Channel 10 interviews). But you’re right – the Bok jumpers are as good as any – amazing to watch Etzebeth stare at his opponent, daring them to jump, have them both start jumping almost simultaneously, and then see him get up to peak elevation at least a foot before any Aussie jumper… Great skill.
      But I’d rate Mumm ahead of Douglas, who is adding very little.

      • Blackfish

        Douglas and Coleman up against Etzebeth, de Jager and P-S du Toit. A real contest won by the Wallabies. Lucky that useless Simmons got the boot, would never have measured up.

        • Who?

          That Red Douglas (I saw your anti-Reds whinge on what is usually a very pro-Tahs website) has half the workrate of his fellow Red Simmons… And his lineout work is hardly ahead of Skelton (he’s still averaging one lineout win a Test this year). And Douglas was standing back watching (having spent a lot of time walking around to rucks, not tackling, not running) Genia tackle Whitely for the first try. I’d have Simmons over Douglas – in every aspect of the game – every day of the week. But I’d have been happy with Arnold and Coleman starting.

      • jamie

        that’s what etzebeth’s 300kg squat will get ya.. old school strength, can not be beaten.

        • Who?

          But it’s also built off athleticism. He still runs like the little winger he was only 8 years ago.
          But 300kg…. :-O

  • Pedro

    Good ratings I’d have taken another point off Foley, but he’s a hard man to mark.

    • Jack Mallick

      So a rating of 4 for a (match sealing) try, a couple of line breaks, 100% kicking, sound defence. That’s not right.

      I think he earned a 7, minus a couple for two bad intercepts. 5 is about right, maybe a 6

      • Pedro

        That try was well taken but it was the reward for the forwards’ hard yards just previous to it. Sound defence is three tackles? Cool.

        I said he was hard to mark, in my opinion throwing two unnecessary yet intercepted passes, especially the second, is hard to come back from.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Don’t forget the one he threw to bury Cooper!

      • The “match sealing try” to me was a desperate individual effort of sorts that thankfully paid off. Good on him but how would it have been different if he had done the same and not broken the very poor tackle. Wouls the ABs or argies have missed him? He would have looked like an amateur. I am thinking he needed that to legitimise his selection and it was a selfish play considering the numbers. He is a major ball player and intercepts cannot be tolerated. I do appreciate that the try did come off but do not see him as a long term option. Hodge needs the chance. I dearly want to see genia, cooper, hodge, kerevi folau backline. Balanced and aggressive.

        • Patrick

          I thought this too – very poor tackle made a terrible decision look good.

  • Kev

    Foley’s second intercepted pass didn’t lead to a try tho?

    • Bobas

      The error was repeated the outcome wasn’t.

      • Kev

        Didn’t he just give away 7 points (rather than 14)? Not defending foley just confused (seen a few people say he gave away 14 points)

        • Pedro

          As in you don’t score seven and the other team does. Fourteen point turn around.

        • Bobas

          If his first intercepted pass wasn’t thrown, we’d have almost certainly scored a try, and Foley most probably would have converted it.

        • Kev

          Oh righto yeah that makes sense.

  • Sambo

    DHP was over scored, although it was a great take in the air. I just haven’t seen anything close to his super rugby form. Foley is a very good linking player, which is why I think Cheika wants to keep him in there. Would still like to see 9. Genia 10. QC 12. Hodge 13. Folau 15. DHP

    • Blackfish

      Vastly overscored. If he didn’t have the odd name who would have known he was on field.

  • Simon

    I thought Foley actually had a much better game, with the exception of those two intercepts.

    Still not a fan of Genia box kicking for touch from within our 22, especially when running the clock down. It rarely gets past our own 10m line and just gives the opposition the ball back in an attacking position. Get it to Cooper or Hodge and let them punt it past halfway. The box kick should be used like the ABs do, where it’s an attacking move intended to be contested.

  • LoveThePoop

    Would love to see Hodge given a go at 12 before the end of the year… I think foley would add great value coming off the bench in the last 15-20 mins as well

    • big greg

      he’s our best goalkicker and not starting him could cost us a lot of points

      • Tim

        Foley isnt a good goal kicker. He costed us 14 points on the weekend. All his kicking was right in front so he actually could kick them.

        • Andy

          Watch the replay. They weren’t all in front

        • Neil Macdonald

          What game were you watching? His kicks werent all in front?

      • Seb V

        Hodge can kick goals too. Can’t be any worse they Foley’s kick %.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Really good player scores. The only one I disagree with is Pocock.

    Ruck Involvements: 54 Total – 34 Attack/20 Defence (32% of team’s DRIs)
    Turn Overs Won: 2 (1TOW/10DRIs)
    Tackles: 5/5 – 100%
    Carries: 10 carries for 22m – 2.2m/carry
    3 Passes; 0 Offloads

    Ruck Involvements: 29 Total – 19 Attack/10 Defence (16% of team’s DRIs)
    Turn Overs Won: 2 (1TOW/5DRIs)
    Tackles: 12/12 – 100%
    Carries: 8 carries for 9m – 1.1m/carry
    5 Passes; 1 Offload.
    (Courtesy of Force fan).
    On those numbers alone I would have to give Pooey a higher score than Hoops.
    I think maybe Foley was lucky to get a 5. 5/5 was great instead of his usual of late 50-60%, his try and his running were good. But two intercepts, and a hospital pass to Cooper that ended up in a penalty turnover was bad.
    But the rest were spot on!

    • Bobas

      Interesting ruck stats, There may be some expectation bias when Pocock gets rated (like folau, too used to them having good games). I was originally thinking Pocock had a stinker before I re-watched the game, a 6 despite his bad pass, IMO is more than generous.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Good point. Originally I was of a similar view. I re-watched the game and was changing my mind, then I read the stats. As they always say, there are lies, damn lies and statistics!

    • CoachOfTheYear

      Agree. Hooper was very busy and made his tackles. Pocock was obviously designated to be the next man into the ruck and did well to disrupt Bokke ball. I thought he actually had 4 turnovers but I will defer to ForceFan always. I have no idea how they picked out Hooper as MoM when it was clearly Genia.
      Foley was terrible but there’s nothing we can do about it. We are stuck with him.

  • mattyjinred

    I am actually starting to see the reason Cheika is going for the Cooper/Foley combination. The width they played and the double touches (something I know Bob Dwyer rates as critical) were happening. I think this will grow into the ball in hand midfield we have been looking for. Not having foxtel this was my first real chance to see Hodges in full flight and playing well. All in all a better looking game but I feel as though our backrow still isnt gelling – does the pooper experiment need to end or what else an we do? I dont know the answer.

    • Bobas

      Let’s hope that’s the method and he’s not using the law of averages.

      • Qualify

        Agreed. Replace Mumm with Pocock/Hooper and put Timani or McMahon at 8.

      • A coach who tries random variations in the hope of a solution popping up is unlikely to have won a HK, a Supe and a RC.

        • mikado

          Either that or – by law of averages – this random coach is due a ten year barren spell ;)

    • Unanimous

      I agree. It is interesting to see a 5/8 pop up in unusual places, like one in from the wing.

    • The Pooper experiment is a success.Against England, we won every measurement except for penalties kicked and games won. Against NZ, we lost to a better team.

  • sambo6

    sorry. Have to disagree on Douglas. His involvements are very seldom. If you watch him for 5 mins, he looks like a guy who knows he’s not fit enough, trying to conserve energy, lots of walking, and slow to get back in the line. Loves to be the ‘pillar’ on the side of the ruck, rather than actually in the ruck.

    • Seb V

      and lots of looking at the ref in confusion instead of actually playing…

  • Unanimous

    Conservation of momentum maybe is the law of physics applicable to Folau’s situation.

    • Pedro

      The law of conservation of mass states that mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction. Thus, the amount of matter cannot change. – Folau couldn’t disappear so the statement is apt. Also what is momentum but a product of mass?

      • Ouch… my head hurts.

      • Greg

        indeed…. but it is the product with velocity that gives momentum. Given mass cannot change and velocity cannot instantaneously change we have the problem that we saw….

        I thought I heard the TMO saying that Folau was trying to stop.

  • Seb V

    HODGE FOR 12!!!!!

    • RobC

      Samu. Samu for 12.

      • Seb V

        I’d like to see that too… anyone but Foley

        • Fionn

          I’d like to see a backline of 9. Genia, 10, Cooper, 11. Folau, 12. Kerevi, 13. Kuridrani, 14. Naivalu, 15. Hodge or DHP

          We have a dearth of talent at 15 but depth in the centres. Hodge could do some great things at 15 with his boot. I know his currently preferred position is 12, but, could someone tel me, has be played at 15 before? Other option is to have him on the bench and bring him in later on, or start him at 13 with Kerevi at 12. I just think it’s important to have the attacking weapon, Kerevi, running off Cooper.

        • SuckerForRed

          Unless my memory is playing tricks (highly possible) I think he popped up there a couple of times for the Rebels. While they were still trying to work out what to do with him I think.

        • jamie

          He started every in backline position except 9 at some point in the season.

        • SuckerForRed

          Yeah. Right after I posted this I saw some highlights and realized this. He is a talented bloke.

        • Who?

          +1,000,000 on that backline… Well, I’d swap Folau to 14 and Naivalu to 11, but same thing!

        • jamie

          No reason Kerevi can’t run off Cooper in the 12 Channel with #13 on his back..



          Hodge will be a 12 come RWC. Give it to him now

        • Fionn

          I understand what you’re saying, and perhaps you’re right, that Kerevi and Hodge should be our centre pairings. Would Hodge work as wel at 13?

          I sort of want to believe that Kuridrani will pop back into form, in which case I think they are our strongest centres and dynamic runners. And I like think Hodge will be a stronger fullback due to his boot. That said, I could be wrong and perhaps your centre pairings is the ideal one for the future.

        • jamie

          Hodge has scored a shitton of tries at 13 this year, but I feel hes better at 12 playing inside centre where his trucking and distributing ability can be fully utilised.

          I hope to see hodge on the front line where his accurate kicking can be used for midfield and cross field bombs. Saying that tho, there’s nothing stopping a 15 doing any of these things. Izzy plays at 13 in attack already.

          At the end of the day, they are only jerseys , and there’s nothing stopping Kerevi lining up in the 12 channel and Hodge in the 13 channel even with 15 on his back.

  • MattL

    One thing that stood out was the handling skills and light touches that we seemed capable of this week. Not yet Darkness standard but much improved from last few starts.

  • Tim

    Disappointing Cheika didn’t use the bench earlier. Sean should have had at least 20 minutes. We played better but having foley at 12 is to easily targeted

  • CoachOfTheYear

    Bobas, your scores are spot on except for Pocock. Perhaps the same as Hooper would be fairer? Also, he was picking up the slack for Mumm who isn’t worth the sweat on Scott Fardy’s nuts.

  • jamie

    I feel like Poey’s impact this year has been the same, but in different ways. Players are holding him, slowing him down and double teaming him, meaning that they’re as occupied as he is, and (hopefully) will eventually get caught (perhaps)

  • Go wallabies

    Hooper was outstanding his aggressive rush defence forced multiple errors especially in the last 10 mins when we were under pressure. This sort of work seems to go unnoticed. Deserved motm for the 3rd time in the last 4 home games.

  • Blackfish

    Hooper clearly MOtM except on this Reds site.

    • jamie

      Honestly, Hooper does cop a bit of flak, but it’s generally because our lineout isn’t up to an elite standard with him and Pocock in the mix.

      And let’s be honest, even the most biased of Tahs supporter can understand why poey is near on undroppable.

  • thehunters

    Arnold’s penalty for not rolling away was interesting. Sure it cost us points but if you look at the situation closely I think he was very unlucky. One of the reasons he could not roll away quickly was because his girlfriend Elizabeth dived straight onto him while he was on the ground. Technically I think E could have been penalised. His was not a legal clean out by any stretch.

    • Who?

      I agree with everything you’ve written – but you mean Ala’alatoa, not Arnold. ;-)

  • Schadenfreude

    Foley cost 21 points, and scored 18. Being the designated kicker gets most of those points, and his try was opened up for him by his team.

    What on earth is his value?

    • Seb V

      he’s a good runner of the ball, got to give him that. But that’s about it.

  • RobC

    Thanks Bobas.

    One of my fav moments was just before the bullet pass by Sanchez for Foley’s try:
    – It was Tafs killer cleanout, to faciliate a lightning cycle
    – Tafs was in there like cannon fire. It was awesome

  • astamax

    A good mate – who isnt a big rugby person, actually said to me after … “hey gio, you aren’t actually happy about the win, you just look relieved that the wallabies didnt lose… “


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