Wallabies player ratings vs Argentina - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies player ratings vs Argentina

Wallabies player ratings vs Argentina


1. James Slipper

Lived up to his name and slipped in the first scrum. Penalised twice in scrums, the first occasion was the 2nd scrum of the match. 52mins played but a poor 5/10 in the tackling department. 4

2. Stephen Moore

_Stephen_MooreA solid outing for Moore, did very little wrong in his 62mins completing 9/9 tackles, set the platform for his hooking partner. 6

3. Sekope Kepu

_Sekope_KepuA quiet game from Kepu, but he did okay in his 52mins, not many errors and 6/7 tackles. 5

4. Kane Douglas

Kane_Douglas“Daredevil” was on the whole game and made a faultless 15/15 tackles, including two turnovers won. That’s excellent. 8

5. Rob Simmons

_Rob_SimmonsScored an intercept try in the 2nd minute to get the wallabies on the scoreboard. Forced a penalty with his counter-rucking early and some good hit ups, 9/11 tackles in 66mins. 7

6. Scott Fardy

_Scott_FardyEverywhere, 16/17 Tackles in only his 65mins (came off and back on for blood before being subbed). Also featured a good clearing kick early, counter-rucking, a few steals and the best maul defence I’ve seen in the world cup (Pocock tickles the man with the ball, who in turn presents it behind his head for Fardy to take and for the tickling to stop). 9

7. Michael Hooper

_Michael_Hooper-211/13 tackles most of them big ones with great line-speed and power, 3 tackle busts and a turnover won. His timing seemed to improve during his 80 min effort too. 8

8. David Pocock

_David_Pocock4 missed tackles (14/18) was the only thing stopping another G&GR 10. Broke his nose 8 minutes into the game and still came up with a steal off the first ruck of an Argentinean attacking set-piece in the 18th minute of the game, ended up with 3 more steals for the game, while constantly pressuring the opposition ball. Not substituted as there is no substitute. 9 – G&GR MOTM

9. Will Genia

Will_GeniaCalm and accurate from the ruck base. Looks to be building on his form. A couple of snipes kept the defence guessing and a decent kicking game, he’s lucky the out on the full box-kick ended up as an Argie yellow. 3/3 tackles (including a try saver), 66mins. The diffused bomb under immense pressure was the added sparkle. 7

10. Bernard Foley

_Bernard_FoleyHis left to right ball to put Ashley-Cooper in for his first made me question which Bernie I was watching. Solid all game too, 8/9 tackles including a couple of try-savers. A couple of gettable kicks or the droppy would have probably secured him an 8. 7

11. Drew Mitchell

That run late in the 2nd half was a 10… but like Slipper, fell off 5 for 6/11 tackles. Still though: 80mins, 10 tackles-bust from 6 positive runs, including the stunner. 7

12. Matt Giteau

Matt_GiteauOnly played 46mins and was subbed after being tackled into touch. 1 Great pass to put Ashley-Cooper in for his 2nd,  1/1 tackle. 5

13. Tevita Kuridrani

_Tevita_KuridraniOne of his more quiet games but still solid as our kick off catcher and returner, 10/12 tackles. Sliced through early but couldn’t link up with anyone and pushed a pass. He wasn’t tiring and was still heavily involved late in the game. 6

14. Adam Ashley-Cooper

_Adam_Ashley-CooperHe got a World-Cup semi-final hat-trick, played the full 80 and was 7/10 in the tackling department. On the improvements for next week, he turned the ball over twice early in the 1st and once again early in 2nd. 8

15. Israel Folau

_Israel_FolauVery quiet in his 64mins. Dropped a high ball and he wont be happy with his short kicking game. Only made 1/1 tackle, but it was an important one. Only had one Folau like involvement early, other than that he looked like he was playing on a dodgy ankle. 4


16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

23mins, steadied the scrum, punched some holes through the middle. 4/6 Tackles. 6

17. Toby Smith

29mins, adapted in the scrums, made a couple of good runs. 4/4 tackles, the rookie stepped up. 6

18. Greg Holmes

Also played 29mins. Steadied the scrum. 8/9 Tackles. 6

19. Dean Mumm

Played the last 15mins well after coming on for Simmons, 4/5 tackles. 5

20. Ben McCalman

Got a couple of stints on for Fardy (16mins total). Solid all the way, won a tricky line-out with his first involvement, ran well, 3/3 tackles. 6

21. Nick Phipps

Sped up the game as he does so well running at the tired defence. Made an error but put it behind him to come up with a nice pass to put Mitchell away. 2/3 Tackles, 15mins. 5

22. Matt Toomua

Hooper-like defence with his 6/7 tackles in his 17mins on for Folau. Slowed down the Argentinean attack and got us back on the front foot when we needed it most. 6

23. Kurtley Beale

Always looked threatening but just couldn’t gel with the rest of the back line this game and that resulted in two handling errors. Almost played the whole 2nd half for Giteau, 5/6tackles. 5


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Wallabies player ratings vs Argentina

  • Zebber

    15/15 tackles. Douglas deserves an 8 or 9. He’s a tackling machine and sets the tone for the line speed all game. Well done Cheika – you know what you’re doing.

    • Robbo_76

      I actually would have given him a 7 because whilst his defensive intensity was great including work at offensive rucks, he does not seem to be running the ball? Even Simmons does this better or perhaps just more often and I thought that running would be another big contribution of Douglas when he was announced to join the squad…may be I’m missing something?

  • jamie

    Did Poey legitimately break his nose?

    • SuckerForRed


    • Pedro

      Don’t worry you don’t need a fully functioning nose to play rugby, Just ask Dean Mumm.

      • Nick

        Mumm, McCalman, Toomua, Slipper … check out the schnozzes on them! Pocock will be a welcome addition to their family.

        • Pedro

          Just like Laurie Daley who referred to his nose as a face protector.

      • Jack Mallick

        Picasso Mumm

    • Moz

      Legitimately? Yes, I believe he went through the correct channels to have it broken…

      • Pedro

        This is rugby union after all.

      • muffy

        Filled out the form – in triplicate..

    • I saw an invisible elbow from Macaw.

  • Mart

    The backrow is hitting form just at the right time

    • Stin

      Yes they’ve been quiet these past few games. What?!!!! You mean – it’s amazing that they seem to be able improve on already fantastic performances? I agree.

  • Mart

    Smith ahead of Slipper now for me

    I hope Izzy comes good because at the moment he’s a shadow of his former self

    Giteau is doing more than people realise, with his direction and exiting etc.

    • Pedro

      He (Gits) is a quality player, his one tackle must have been that rib buster that put one of the Argies out of commission. That being said it was one of his more quiet games and he played only just over half .

      • brumby runner

        Don’t remember a rib tickler from Giteau but could be wrong. The stand out one that left the Pumas’ No 12 in trouble was by Pocock as I remember.

        • Pedro

          Oh ok, it was late/early and Gordon Bray was commentating. We’re probably thinking of the same tackle so I’ll take your word for it.

        • Mart

          Yeah was Pocock on Hernandez.. destroyed him

      • John Tynan

        That was Pocock’s early tackle that busted that blokes ribs.

        • RugbyStu

          That was monstrous, Pocock has a scary level of strength.

        • muffy

          Its very apparent when he uses one hand to effect a steal and pass it back behind him. Freakish.

    • muffy

      Slipper is a great player, one bad gig is no need to axe him. That’s not how you build confidence and moral in a team that has been given the freedom to express themselves.

  • Pedro

    Seems about right, if not for our set piece weakness it was a pretty complete performance.

    • Robbo_76

      I wouldn’t go that far, some of our kicking from hand was not strong, but that made our defence stand up and become a beautiful thing to behold (so not all a bad result). I thought our defensive line was very staggered at times as well that allowed the mini breaks to be made, but perhaps that is part and parcel of our rapid defensive line speed…

  • Nicholas

    While nerve wracking for fans the team should be priding itself on its scramble defence. Amazing against the Welsh, V Good against the Puma’s and will need to Incredible to keep the darkness at bay.

  • Nick

    Simmons was an 8. Had one if not his best game in the jersey.

  • Nick

    Pretty good ratings. Can’t really argue. Folau perhaps deserves a 3 although not for lack of effort. You can see him trying to be the difference maker but he just had one of those games where he ran when he should have kicked and kicked when he should have ran. I hope he’s right for the final.

  • Dougs

    Quality rankings thanks Bobas. I personally would have given MOTM to Fardy, I thought his game was simply enormous. His usual high work rate + excellent ruck/maul work + some massive defensive hits at very important moments. That said I’ve attempted to read the entire internet about this game and most people agree with you, Pocock is the generally agreed MOTM.

    A few other random observations
    – Simmons and Douglas both excellent. Simmons seems to have eradicated the silliness from his game. Douglas is the great combination of heavy hitter and high work rate… he is the Aussie Retallick we were all hoping for last year
    – Sio has gone from debutant to irreplaceable remarkably quickly.
    – Genia’s best game in a while. His service gets faster each game
    – AAC as consistent as ever.
    – That run by Mitchell and subsequent try by AAC will be in the highlight reels for a few years to come
    – TPN had an immediate physical impact when he came on
    – Who is this new Beale? Safe under the high ball, solid front on defence, no silly decisions. I realise he made a couple of errors but at least there wasn’t the constant stream of low percentage plays. No longer is my stomach a ball of nervous energy terrified with what he’ll do next when I watch him play. High energy contributions as always, now combined with a calmer head it seems.

    • Tahs_Man_Fan

      I’d also add that Toby Smith seemed to contribute more than Slipper did, both in the scrum and around the park.

      • RugbyStu

        Agreed, there was one mighty bullocking run and scrums towards the end when he was key in completely driving them backwards great technique and power.

    • Jamie Miller

      Re: Beale, picked the perfect moment for that chip to Foley and weighted to perfection. Often not the case, but right on the money on the day and deserved a try to come from it.

  • McWarren

    I think Simmons at least deserves an 8. He had as good a game as Douglas. All the praise is rightly on the back row but I think the two giraffes had their best games together.

    • Pedro

      As Simmons calls the lineouts he has to take some responsibility when they don’t perform well. It was a great match by Simmons though and if you look a previous ratings by Bobas he marks pretty hard, so a seven is very good.

      • Who?

        There was one lineout we didn’t win during Simmons’ time on the field. That was an underthrown ball from Moore, who otherwise had an excellent game (some of his tackles were excellent takes around the bootlaces in cover). The call was the back of the lineout, it was stolen by Argentina in the middle.
        But contrast that with the first lineout Mumm ran after Simmons went off, where no one jumped… And it was hard on attack, too.

        • Pedro

          fair enough, they were somewhat scrappy though, but I take your point.

  • Rob Malcolm

    Slipper 3 – had a bad game
    TPN 7 – more than a few sparkles

  • Fardy pooper

    “Broke his nose 8 minutes in.. not substituted because there is no substitute”

    …f-Ing love that!!

  • Marcus Pontmercy

    Whats the news on gits?

    • Bobas

      Groin I heard. Minor. But who knows until they’re back training

  • Nutta

    Pretty much agreed other than to show my bias Keps, Toby, Taf & Homer all deserved an extra point. Likewise Too’s influence and steadying was enormously valuable. 1 extra for him.

    • Patrick

      Agree about the three replacement front rowers, definitely deserve a point more each

      • Spank


    • Stin

      I’d say Beale did more than a 5’s worth too.

      • Nutta

        He is a gifted footballer.

  • Steve Miller

    For the first time in a long time I’ve been greatful for TPN making an impact rather than just making up the numbers.
    Toby Smith did the same.
    Thought both added a fee sparkles and could have 7’s next to their names.
    That’s the type of impact we need for next week.

    It’s great to see Genia is looking good again. I think he’s ready for an 8 or 9 next week as he plays a big role in taking the game away from the Darkness.

    Agree Slipper was manhandled but Sio also got touched up last week. Most worrying aspect of our game…. still.

    Not a rating killer (yet) but AAC needs to promote the ball closer to the goal rather than swan dive almost everytime. Swan dives are for that last minute match winner. I gave him the benefit of the doubt last week because he had a man marking his run, but his 2nd this week could have given Foley a lot easier kick. I would hate to see us lose by 1 after another show pony effort to the corner. Still that’s one of my biggest frustration, so I’m very happy! Hope he score’s another 3 in the Final.

    • Spank

      I would rather see AAC or any player swan dive for the corner or slide in with ball in two hands rather than trying to run it in only to be bundled into touch one metre out. AGREE though with the rest of your comments certainly as regards Toby Smith and TPN. Once they came on our scrum was pretty much square as it should be and we made a couple of big shunts a la the game against England. Couple of decisions against us were dubious but overall the ref was right and Slipper was very poor (or just being totally outclassed by his Argentenian counterpart).

  • Hutch

    Pocock has enough MoM awards, give it to Fardy. They were both awesome, but Fardy gets it for his multiple cameos at fly half.

    Also Moore was really good. When the boys were slowing down, he put on a few big tackles to lift the intensity before being subbed. Played a very, very good captains game.

    • Bobas

      Fardy got it against Wales.

      • Hutch


        • Bobas

          Or was it Launchbury?

    • Duvstar

      Hardcock. What a trio. I certainly had one after watching that match

  • Jimmydubs

    the total missed tackles for the wallabies is 33?
    certainly looked like it at times. argies must have greased up at half time.

    • Bobas

      10 of those are slipper and mitchell.

      • Tyrone Biggums


  • MungBean

    About right. One reservation: while I thought Foley had a pretty good game he needs to be kicking those penalties and conversions against the ABs. I’d have rated him a 5/6

    • Robbo_76

      I’ve been critical of Foley in the past and while I agree he can improve more still, he is playing much better than I ever thought he could. His wide passing over the last 2 weeks in particular and brilliant defence all tournament have been just fantastic. I hope he can have a better general kicking performance next week because that is an area that NZ are far more accomplished than us

    • Seb V

      He did put in 2 try saving tackles though! I think the 7 is deserved. His goalkicking is a worry though.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    I disagree with most of these ratings!
    If it wasn’t for his intercept try, Simmons would be rightfully shouldering the blame for the line-out mess. Kuridrani did a ton of work in this game. TPN had a gr8 impact. I’d say the Argies drained Kepu at the scrum. He held his own though.

  • Where has Kane been hiding ? What a great addition he’s proving to be.

    • Bobas

      He’s stripey like where’s wally.

  • fed up

    jesus, this bloody website and its hard-on for Foley… he plays one good game and you’re now willing to forgive continually mess ups, giving him a 7?! Missed goals, terrible drop goal (missed by 25m), some shocking pass placement… if that is a 7 then Pocock was a 17.

    • Braveheart81

      He ran a backline that created opportunities and scored them. He led the team around well and his defence was excellent including a couple of try savers. The drop goal attempt was executed poorly but there was nothing wrong with the option. We’d lost our structure and weren’t going anywhere and the result was a lineout from exactly where we’d had the ball.

      His goal kicking wasn’t great but he finished with 4 from 6. It’s good that we’re finally expecting better than that.

  • RugbyStu

    I was originally very angry with the shafting of James Horwill and parachuting of Kane Douglas in his place but whilst I still think Horwill was hard done by and would have been a massive asset in the 30 man squad I was wrong about Kane Douglas, he has fulfilled the role of the classic workhorse, seems to embrace the tough stuff, great physicality and all around solid, grinding performances.

  • PiratesRugby

    Sorry but I don’t see how Foley rates a 7. His tackling a general defence is now competent at international level. Good on him for working so hard but it is only mere competence. By comparison, Kuridrani gets through as much ruck and defensive work as a forward yet he rates poorly? Foley is the kicker and he missed kicks. It gave the Argies a sniff and put us at risk. It’s one of the reason Fokey is picked and he let us down again. Not a 7.

  • Mart

    Ha I’ll take your word for it, purely for that call

  • Mart

    Slippers scramble defense was a plus

    Smith had some good hit ups though

  • Nepotism

    Nice pick up. I had my eye on nepotism mumm. That guy was hunched over sucking in the big ones and made no effort in defence. Added to this is the consistent miscommunication in the line out when he comes on. What was up with no one jumping ?

  • Waz_dog

    agree and i’ll add that – when we made a break he should have pick & go(ed) instead of trying to form a ruck. Hopefully he learns from that because we make a half break like that against the abs we need to convert it to points.

    Going to love this week in Christchurch – the darkness is already panicking hahahaha

  • RugbyStu

    Yeah that was a coach killer thank god for whomever it was that threw themselves on the ball like a hand grenade I also remember Toomua doing something similar pure fearlessness!


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