Wallabies player ratings vs England - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies player ratings vs England

Wallabies player ratings vs England


1. Scott Sio

_Scott_Sio rwcIs it just me or is this guy playing like a veteran but still getting better. Adapted after his first scrum penalty and put the chariot into reverse after that. 7

2. Stephen Moore

_Stephen_MooreMoore put in a better performance than recently and led from the front as captain.  6

3. Sekope Kepu

_Sekope_KepuAn outrageous flick pass to Beale to open up the space for Foley’s first try, was part of scrum wallaby on a dominant night. 8

4. Kane Douglas

Kane_DouglasThis is what we were hoping “Dare-Devil Douglas” could bring to Wallabies a real Bakkies “Baby-Eater” Botha effort, serviceable when called into action at the line-out and dominant in contact else-ware. Played ferociously for the whole 80 minutes sometimes with his strapping over his eyes (hence the earlier nickname).  7

5. Rob Simmons

_Rob_SimmonsContinued to run the line-out well and upped his work-rate around the pitch. A former penalty magnet has pulled his head in (it’s now firmly between his prop’s and hooker’s buttocks). 6

6. Scott Fardy

_Scott_FardyFardy is quickly becoming synonymous with hard-work. The unsung hero of “The Fardy-Pooper” was solid in the line-out and defensively (especially his ruck fringe cover tackling). His running game was serviceable and he presented quick ball, one sparkle away from a seven. 6

7. Michael Hooper

_Michael_Hooper-2A great hit on Farrell to start the game helped set the tone for our defence, earned a “Pocock-esque” penalty during England’s attempted come-back and even took two lifted line outs. One mark deducted for the no arms clean out on Brown that could have left us a player down for ten (risk v reward). 8

8. David Pocock

_David_PocockSupreme at the ruck, seems to always come up with big play when we need it most. 9

9. Will Genia

Will_GeniaA good passing game and decision making at the ruck based marred by two charged down box kicks. 5

10. Bernard Foley

_Bernard_FoleyTwo tries, seven from seven off the tee, 28 points against England at Twickenham. His combination of defence, passing and tactical kicking in this game the best I’ve seen in a Wallaby jumper against class opposition since… Bernie. 10

11. Rob Horne

Rob_Horne-2Came off after ten minutes with a shoulder injury. No Rating

12. Matt Giteau

Matt_GiteauThe old man had his best game back, solid on defence, some very good clearing kicks and some genius clean-up work in the loose. His sparkling 25m run to the corner and swan dive on his bruised sternum will be long remembered. 7

13. Tevita Kuridrani

_Tevita_KuridraniA bit like Folau in this game, soaking up a lot of defenders to stop him but not quite linking up at times. Serviceable in defence and solid in attack. 6

14. Adam Ashley-Cooper

_Adam_Ashley-CooperGreat defensively. AAC may not be the most capped wallaby but he could certainly be the most capped ‘G&GR 6′. Almost nailed seven with his pin-point left to right long (for him) ball to put old-man Giteau away at the death.  6

15. Israel Folau

_Israel_FolauI’m not suggesting Folau is out of form, it’s just his timing doesn’t look as good as it has been (missed opportunity to put Horne in outside him very early in the game). He still busted 5 tackles though! 6



16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Played the last 15 minutes for Moore and the set piece did not miss a beat against a very much still in the game England. 6

17. James Slipper

Came on at 57′ for Sio, got some neat touches and looks fully recovered from the head knock and scrummaging well. 7

18. Greg Holmes

Came on at the same time as Slipper and played his part turning the screws on the English scrum until it was considered out right domination.  7

19. Dean Mumm

Replaced Simmons at the same time TPN came on, the line out was still highly functioning 6

20. Ben McCalman

Only played four minutes as a replacement for Fardy. NO RATING

21. Nick Phipps

Two big errors almost immediately after he came on at a time England were just creeping back into the game. He might not get 19 minutes off the bench again. 4

22. Matt Toomua

Didn’t get too much chance on attack but a thundering tackle quick counter ruck causing a turnover was enough to consider this a solid 15 minutes replacing Folau 6

23. Kurtley Beale

Played 70 minutes and didn’t miss a beat on the left wing. His switch play with Foley was stunning and only he could make that final ball so easy to catch. Much improved in defence but still fell off a tough one on one tackle which allowed an English try making them seven behind with time remaining. 7


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

  • Pedro

    I think this is the first time I have seen a 10 given out by GAGR, really well deserved by Foley. I imagine that Launchbury guy would’ve got an 11 on that basis.

    • Hugh Cavill

      I remember the last 10 well, and it was also in a World Cup! David Pocock against the Boks in the 2011 QF. Fair to say Foley’s effort was the best in Wallaby gold since.

      • Larkhage

        Oh, of course! That was a splendid day. :3

      • Patrick

        And frankly Pocock can’t have been far off this time, I’m just hoping he only got 9 because we all know he has a better game in him yet :)

        • Nipper

          I think he had a point deducted by the East German judges for getting the big “don’t argue” from Mike Brown.

        • astamax

          It was an epic don’t argue from Brown

      • Rob M

        In fact it was Kimlin who got the most recent G&GR 10 that I can remember, although that was not for the Wallabies, I’ll grant you.

        • Someone give that man a prize

        • Bobas

          RoffsChoice got it first.

    • RoffsChoice
      • Bobas

        The British and Irish Lions got Noodled!

    • If Launchbury played 80 minutes he’d have been a 12

  • drewprint

    Way off with Genia. Apart from the two charge downs his service was good, top notch in defence and was a cool, calm head out there.
    I’d also have Fardy up at around an 8.

    • dane

      I think a seven is appropriate for Genia. Minus one for each of his charged down box kicks = 5

      • Pedro

        Yeah I agree, it’s a bit harsh because he did play well, but at least one of those charge-downs was a funny bounce away from a try against the run of play.

        • drewprint

          Would you take one or two points away from Foley for missing the tackle on Watson? Not a chance! I’d have Genia at ‘A good game with a few sparkles’.

        • Larkhage

          Foley was marking the outside man, he had to back up for Beale’s missed (but also extremely difficult) tackle.

        • Seb V

          still a minus for a mix-up (poor communication with Beale) and a try scored by Watson from the missed tackle. 9/10 from me.

        • Larkhage

          I’d have to disagree, Foley had to stick to his man on the outside. Communications, I imagine, would have been difficult at that particular moment in the game. Foley still took him, despite being on the back-foot, and so restricted England from a potentially easier conversion.

        • Nutta

          Concur. Outside man must stay on the outside man. Mungo’s come in off their wing.

        • Pedro

          it was a covering tackle, and he roughly completed it so it’s not a fair comparison.

        • McWarren

          I’d take a point off Beale for the missed tackle. I think Foleys effort was worth a point.

    • McWarren

      Agree mate, maybe take a point off the piggies who are suppose to be giving him cover.

    • Marlin

      Thought Fardy was solid as – Genia was only a 5 for mine

    • dsb

      Agree, despite the boxes he was much better than that and did some important defensive tackles and ball recovery. If you are short of the points to reallocate takes some off the red bull ant Phipps who threw terrible ball, again.

      • Lindommer

        Phipps’s job is to maintain the pace of the game as one of TGC’s expert “finishers”, possibly even speed it up to run opponents off their feet. We all know passes from Nick are going to come out lightning-fast, it’s the job of those not at the breakdown to get themselves into position to catch the ball. The second of Phipps’s uncaught passes went to Fardy, WHO PROMPTLY DUCKED. And then it went past three other Aussies all calling out “YOURS”. Not good enough from those loitering around the inside backs positions.
        I am mightily pissed off those calling for Phipps’s head all support Super sides other than the Waratahs; surely provincial favouritism can be put aside for the duration of the RWC.

        • Funk

          C’mon, seriously, Phipps has no blame in passing bricks to other players?!?!? no matter how fast he is to the ball and how fast that pass is, if it doesn’t go to a player it’s his fault. the halfbacks job is to get the ball out of the ruck and on to the next player, if he can’t hit that next player it’s his fault. if the players aren’t in position and he gets tackled with the ball then fine that’s the others fault.
          That ball was going to Fardy’s head, with players outside him why on earth would he think that ball was supposed to be for him and then the ball went a mile in front of the other players.
          Phipps has definitely improved since the dingo days, but he still throw some shockers in just about every game he plays.

        • dsb

          Mate, I live in the Waratah State and do not indulge in parochialism and support all Aussie teams who are putting up. Funny, when I use to play rugby we were invariably told to pass the ball to a player. IMHO he often tends to through too high and not as accurately as he should. If he could fix that part of his game he would be very good.

        • Utah

          Fardy was coming back onside. He assumed, and rightly so IMO that the pass was directed at a player in the line.

  • Patrick

    Dear me. Is Foley the only guy in the team to not have done your wife or is the hangover still burning holes through your brain?!?!

    • Chinese Dave

      A bit crass for a Tuesday morning don’t you think?

  • RedAnt

    Some pretty hard marking there, Bobas. Especially on Moore, Simmons, Fardy and Genia. I agree we don’t want to get carried away, there’s room for improvement, we need to keep our feet on the ground, it’s one game at a time etc, but it was a pretty solid team performance. And is it just me, or do quite a few of our players have eyes too close together?

    • dane

      head shots are a horrible thing

    • Pedro

      Oh yeah?! Well they only have to wear one goggle when they swim in their swimming pools….

      • RedAnt

        You’re obviously a one-eyed supporter.

  • SD

    Quade would have got an 11

    • astamax

  • jamie

    Should we start calling Bernard Foley ‘stephen’??

    • Or just “Bernie”

      • astamax

        Whoa whoa whoa… let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet…

        • Graeme

          A performance like that at 10 in a World Cup game. He at least gets to call himself Bernie for the rest of the week.

    • Bobas

      we’ve already made the media call him the “Pooper”. I’m gunning for “Dare-devil Douglass” and “Stephen Foley”

      • Cramps

        Let’s throw back to the eighties, how about Axel?

        Can I request a Foley highlights reel set to this music?


        • JeeEmm

          ( the name of the track is “Axel F”, as in Axel Foley, Eddie Murphy’s character in Beverly Hills Cop )

    • stanley

      No. Foley was good in tight, but to call him Bernie would be an insult to larkhems wide passing game. He truely played well, but is limited in his distribution

  • Larkhage

    Good ratings, probably would’ve given Beale +1 more

    • Pedro

      Yeah, he was good wasn’t he.

    • gypsyspud

      didn’t rate his little chip kick over the top of the ruck… poor use of the ball. could’ve also stayed on the wing a bit more too. I am far more of a fan of leaving him out of it, putting ashley cooper on the bench, and getting an actual finisher on the wing. Ashely cooper and tomua can then cover the whole backline with gits as back up half

      • Braveheart81

        Folau did call for the chip kick.

        Strange call to want to drop two players who set up tries for us and bring in so called finishers on the wing who haven’t really done anything.

        • Chinese Dave

          But don’t you know that AAC never passes?

  • I was watching the recent Georgia match and saw their 9 execute a number of very effective box kicks. Not only the kick, but the response from the outside runners and supporters. I don’t see the wallaby box kick as a tactic they need to dispose of, but something they need to refine, significantly and fast. How I saw it was the Georgians only used it when there was proction for the kicker. 9 times out of 10 when Genia fails, it is because he is under pressure from those opposition close to the ruck. IMHumbleO, This needs to change if it is to become more effective. There needs to be a greater understanding of chasers as it often seems as though they are unaware of the use of the tactic. It comes down to Genia being able to coordinate it. He cops a huge amount for the regular failures but if he does address it, I think his ratings will have nowhere to go but up.

  • Patrick

    I would gone with:

    1. Scott Sio 8
    2. Stephen Moore 8
    3. Sekope Kepu 8
    4. Kane Douglas 8
    5. Rob Simmons 7
    6. Scott Fardy 6
    7. Michael Hooper 7 (taking into account the clean out)
    8. David Pocock 10
    9. Will Genia 7
    10. Bernard Foley 10
    11. Rob Horne
    12. Matt Giteau 8, we’d be in trouble without him
    13. Tevita Kuridrani 6
    14. Adam Ashley-Cooper 6
    15. Israel Folau 6
    16. Tatafu Polota-Nau 8
    17. James Slipper 7
    18. Greg Holmes 8
    19. Dean Mumm 6
    20. Ben McCalman
    21. Nick Phipps 4
    22. Matt Toomua 6
    23. Kurtley Beale 7

    That’s an average of almost 7.5, compared to 6.6 for yours, which is surely more reflective of the team’s effort??

    • Bobas

      Yours do look good, on a very similar curve too, I believe we have more in us. It was about 122/23 tackles each this game, they missed 17, we missed 23. England ran for more metres than we did 579-542, line-breaks to them 6:5.

      • Patrick

        Let’s face it if we want to beat NZ we will need more, but if we beat a switched on NZ in an elimination game I will be starting at a baseline of 8 for each player :)

    • Pedro

      So basically add one to each player. You’re just a softer touch.

      • Patrick

        FFS! I may be biased but that was a really good performance, with a shedload of “sparkles”, not just “solid”

        • Bobas

          It was a magnificent game and the wallaby performance was far greater than the sum of the individual parts.

          The match will be remembered forever, these ratings however will not be, except foleys rating will be remembered until we give out another 10.

        • Pedro

          I suppose if we beat Fiji by that much I might be more impressed….

    • Digs

      Garry was a 7. We won that game through the forward pack who completely dominated England and provided the opportunity for the backs. Rubbish ratings once again by G&G, not sure I believe the author actually understands rugby.

      • Patrick

        Do you mean Fardy? Even if I disagree, that would certainly be worth a discussion, were it not presented in such a way as to make you too much of a dickh*ç% to have a discussion with.

    • Who?

      Mostly agree Patrick, the pack almost universally deserved more points. Like the Sydney game, they were incredible and won us the game. I think Genia also deserves more points, and so does Beale. I’d have Beale at an 8 – it really was an incredible game from him, all around the park. Very close to his best in gold, if not that.

      I don’t see how Giteau gest more points than Genia, Beale, Fardy or Hooper. Constantly steals space from his outside men, hasn’t unlocked those outside them. It’s worth noting that the lowest scores in the team are almost all outside Giteau. Folau was injured and bombed a try which can’t be attributed to Giteau (Brown had turned his hips really early, where was the step?), but TK, AAC… No good front foot ball, no ball in space. Folau’s most damaging runs were arguably in traffic, such as his one at 16:25, when he was at second receiver and ran straight. I’d take a couple off Giteau, and add some to Fardy, Hooper, Genia, Beale.

      Also worth noting the lineout was still less secure after Simmons was subbed and Mumm came on. One penalty we won late in the game, the only reason we had attacking ball was because Pocock made an impossible steal on the ground after England had stolen it in the air. That being the case, it’s hard to argue Mumm gets the same score as Simmons.

      • Patrick

        All good points. Although on Giteau, I am not sure I agree. For one thing, to my mind he improves our defensive structure enormously. I am less certain about his attacking to date, I admit, but I have put that down more to the nature of the games I have been paying attention to.

        I would be perfectly happy if we were to run out against Wales minus Hooper and Gits, a bit of rest can also be a good thing and it would be valuable experience for the whole team to give Toomua a run (and to give QC a run in the last 20+ minutes; we must have the fewest “indispensable” players possible and the most experience with our back-up combinations possible).

      • Graeme

        Disagree about Giteau. I thought he had an excellent game. I’d agree with the above ratings but take 1 off Pocock and Genia. Pocock because he was just great, a 9, and although Genia’s passing and decision making was good, he slowed play down and was his usual bad self at box kicking.

        • Who?

          Genia’s tactical kicking was generally sound. The charged down box kicks were down to poor defense at the ruck. And slowing the play down? He controlled the play – he gave fast ball when it was wanted (i.e. Foley’s tries), but wasn’t so quick that he threw passes to people who weren’t ready, which Phipps did when he came on and was a little over-pumped. Put it this way – we didn’t play slowly with Genia out there, but we did play a little panicked when Phipps first came on (though he turned it round, and I’d rate his cameo a 5 – higher without those panic passes).

        • Graeme

          I agree the box kicks weren’t completely his fault. But I just thought that his game overall was a 6 not a 7.

        • Braveheart81

          Agreed. Giteau was oustanding.

  • Cramps

    Good observations and I know we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but there’s some tough marking here.

    I’d rate Squeaks 7 because of captaincy (our composure was amazing), the scrum and the lineout – all solid.

    In fact, it’s pretty hard to rate any forward lower than 7 given that in addition to good lineout work and great breakdown control we DECIMATED THE ENGLISH SCRUM!! There are more sparkles in that than there are on Sydney Harbour Bridge at 12.01am on the first of January!

    Poor old Phipps stood out like dog’s balls in the first five minutes because of his f*ck ups and how out of sync he was with the pace of the team. Sure, he was under pressure from the White Orcs, but I think that reflects how well everyone else was playing including Genia. That said, Sanchez’s box kicks were pretty friggen ordinary. There’ll be a few scrum half drills this week!

  • Greggles

    Genia deserved a better score – his cover defence was superb!

  • McWarren

    You missed the 10 for Romaine Poite. Oh how different it could have been if he hadn’t fought the muscle memory in his left arm. It would be good to beat the Welsh with a few dodgy decisions going against us.

    • Chinese Dave

      Yeah, that was one of the best moments of the game, his arm went up reflexively to give England a penalty while his brain was fighting back, sending furious messages to the arm “turn around arm! TURN AROUND!!!”, thank goodness the carrier pigeons got there just in time!

  • Xaviera

    If Izzy was overdue for an off game, good that he’s got it out of the way, as we may need his match-turning talents later in the tournament. He bombed an early try, dropped another high ball which was a certain try (catch, fall, try), then had two knocked away from him in the air (although the second was close to a deliberate knock-down). When did he last have a match like that? I can’t remember either, so I have high hopes he’ll have a blinder sooner rather than later. Even the Kiwi press have noted the drubbing we gave England was without Izzy at his usual level, which suggests they might just be a tad nervous.

  • Huw Tindall

    Uh oh Hooper was cited for the clean out on Mike Brown just before half time. Minimum 2 week ban if found guilty.


    Could be time for Sean Mcmahon to shine! Will miss Hoopers bone crunching defence though. His tandem play with Pocock (Hooper knocks em down a Pocock cleans them up) is one the of greatest rugby double acts going around.

    • Patrick

      I think it is odds-on we are without him against Wales and hopefully Scotland or Japan. We definitely should be more than able to beat both teams without him, even if Wales in particular will give us hell for 80 minutes.

      Not that McMahon has missed a chance to shine yet, so maybe Hooper will have to fight his way back in!

      • Graeme

        The McCock just doesn’t have the same ring to it as the Pooper.

  • jamie

    Honestly. Instead of Cooper being back-up 10, can it be Kepu? His ball handling is sublime.

  • Jimmydubs

    10? Turn it up. Missed the tackle that led to the English try in the corner. Butchered what should’ve been our first try by shovelling instead of looking. Great game, but 10?

  • Kurtley Beale did things out there that no one else but Campo or Mark Ella could have done and he gets a seven because he missed one tackle on a winger in full flight. That’s more than hard marking!

    • McWarren

      I think he had a solid game but I didn’t see any Campo or Ella esque touches.

  • Brendan Hume

    How did Douglas rate so well? Are there any stats on his individual game that shows something I didn’t see? I see a few have agreed here with that rating – I saw a few really ineffective clean outs, not a lot of carries, and a bit of walking around the paddock. I may have had a more critical eye on him during the game because I still don’t think his selection was justified, but I couldn’t see a 7 – if it was a 6, I may have accepted that I was a bit overcritical. Individually I’d have rated him a 5 and maybe given him a point for the set piece.

    I also can’t see Foley getting a 10 – when Phipps came on, Foley needed to stand up and organise the blokes to adjust to the faster tempo of Phipps passing. Instead he went missing. An excellent game in terms of the result, and scoring points is great but surely not complete performance?

  • Gibbo

    Is it just me or is Simmons’ body height still an issue going into contact?

  • ForceFan

    Where I differ:
    Foley was good but not a 10. Suggest an 9. 2 good tries. He’s supposed to be the kicker who puts the ball between the posts. Some lapses in defence.

    Hooper missed his mark too many times (3 missed tackles) and was caught out of position to often. Was much slower than normal in supporting our ball carriers and had less impact than normal. 5 runs for 7m only. Only single TOW from 9 Def Rucks. Likely to be trouble for his cleanout on Brown. Suggest 7.
    Moore was back to his normal self with good ruck involvement and team-high tackles. Strong leadership esp with the scrum and handling Poite. Suggest 8.
    Kepu had a great day scrummaging but was missing around the park. Half the tackles of Moore and 60% of Sio. Slow to rucks and minimal impact – lot of late arrivals and standing around – would have been better back in defensive line lifting his tackle count. Suggest 6.
    Douglas was busy but needs to lift his impact. 0 Lineout Wins. Busy around rucks but late arrivals and low impact. Good tackle count. Would like to see more carries. Suggest 6.
    Fardy deserves his 7 as he had the 2nd highest Def Ruck involvements was quick to arrive with impact. 1 TOW and 2LOW.
    For their 24min bot Slipper and Holmes deserve a 6 (not 7).
    Pocock deserves his 9 as best ball-carrying forward, high tackle count, most ruck involvements – early and effective. His 3 TOW from 20 Defensive Rucks (same as Hooper and Fardy combined) earns him my MOM. That makes 8 TOW in 2 games from 40 Def Rucks – 1 TOW per 5 Def Rucks. Try and tell me that he’s not Australia’s best No 7 when it counts.

    • Hugh Cavill

      ‘He’s supposed to be the kicker who puts the ball between the posts’.

      Didn’t he kick 7 from 7?? Or are you criticising him for going beyond his remit and scoring tries? The temerity! The gall!

      • ForceFan

        Hugh. Why should we be surprised when a professional sportsperson does what he’s supposed to do? It was a commendable effort to kick 100%. But what does that lift his average to in TESTS over the past 12 months? And is it anywhere near the best from other top-tier nations? His 2 tries were fantastic!

        • His rating is about what he did on the day, not the other 12 months!

          (and he also had a lot to do with the 3rd try)

        • Braveheart81

          You could say the same thing about all the players doing what they’re paid to do. The goal kicker gets marked down if they kick poorly so of course they get marked up when they kick well. 7 out of 7 is an outstanding day regardless of how good the kicker is.

          Should Pocock get marked down because he’s meant to get turnovers and have ruck involvements? Of course not.

  • Whig

    Can not believe how low you rated our front rows! What do they have to do? Cough up a lung?

    We went into this World Cup fearful of being demolished by England due to scrum dominance. At every scrum the crowd started singing sweet chariot. And yet, we demolished them. Every single front rower deserves at least a 9.

  • Nick

    To mark Phipps 1 point below Genia is laughable. He played for 20 minutes and turned the match on its head…the wrong way! I think all these scores for most are far too hard. The Wallabies skill level was very very good the knock ons that were there were normally when the ball was contested and as a whole I would rate the teams performace around an 8 to 8.5.

  • Nutta

    Kepu, Dougy and Tatts all deserve an extra point for mine.

  • Patrick

    My sentiments exactly

  • McWarren

    Well said Mike. Using the Quade gauge, Hooper is verging on a discipline issue but not a word is spoken of it. Could easily have been rubbed out for the punch in Argentina, whether you think it was a punch or not. He doesn’t need to do these things. I wonder if having Pocock in the side is throwing him off ever so slightly. Perhaps over doing the aggression, I don’t know, just speculating. But agree, Quade cops 3 cards for indiscretions no worse than I’ve seen others get away with in the RWC and he has the problem?

  • On the ‘Quade gauge’, anyone who didn’t get 3 yellows in 4 starts is doing better than Quade. That’s everyone – including Hooper.

    Still lost him a mark though I see

  • Bobas

    I’m a different reviewer to the last week and a massive QC fan. Hooper’s game stood out to me because not only did he bring the D but he also played very tight elsewhere and had two takes included a very good lifted effort which was contested heavily and others would have been forgiven for giving up.
    I really didn’t praise him and took a mark off for his bone-headed effort a minute from half-time.

  • Bobas

    Quade’s last two yellows have been soft high tackles. That’s the only truth to your conspiracy.


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