Wallabies player ratings vs New Zealand - Green and Gold Rugby
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Wallabies player ratings vs New Zealand

Wallabies player ratings vs New Zealand


1. Scott Sio

_Scott_Sio rwcA very quiet game with only 1/3 tackles from 58 minutes. Scrum held up well while he was on. 5

2. Stephen Moore

_Stephen_Moore8/9 tackles in 54 minutes. Needs to shoulder some of the blame for our below par line-out. 5

3. Sekope Kepu

_Sekope_KepuWas really happy with the level of intensity he brought around the park even if he was penalised for tackling Carter.  9/9 Tackling effort in his 58 minutes and a couple of dominant carries too. 6

4. Kane Douglas

Kane_DouglasCrippled by injury after 14 minutes, made 3/3 tackles before then. 5

5. Rob Simmons

_Rob_SimmonsNot replaced and did okay around the park, the line-outs were mostly poor but made the take for the driving maul try, 10/14 tackles. 5

6. Scott Fardy

_Scott_FardyNot much went Fardy’s way this game and he looked like he was playing under high fatigue. Only made 4/7 tackles in his 59 minutes, but still managed to make 2 key turnovers. 6

7. Michael Hooper

_Michael_Hooper-210/14 tackles in his 80 minute performance, teamed up well with Pocock at the rucks but didn’t have the go forward he is known to bring. 5

8. David Pocock

_David_Pocock80 minutes, 1 try, 3 turnovers, 2 tackle busts and 11/11 tackling. He is our best shot at world rugby player of the year. 8

9. Will Genia

Will_GeniaHad a very poor start with a charged down box kick and knock-on. Put the start behind him to play solidly after that and we even managed a try off a Genia box kick. 4/5 tackles, 69 minutes. 6

10. Bernard Foley

_Bernard_Foley5/8 tackles, faultless off the tee. Distribution was okay but opted to take on the line himself for not many big gains. Very good kick chase and patience down the right wing resulted in a try, not replaced. 6

11. Drew Mitchell

Only missed 5 minutes of the game in the ‘head-bin’, his 3 tackle busts and 2 line-breaks were by far and away outweighed by his 4 handling errors. 4/5 tackles. 4

12. Matt Giteau

Matt_Giteau2/3 Tackles in his 25 minutes, the miss resulted in concussion that meant he was unable to return to the field. 5

13. Tevita Kuridrani

_Tevita_KuridraniFinished off a great try that gave everyone hope. 10/12 in the tackling department and a good crash ball game, stayed on the whole match. 7

14. Adam Ashley-Cooper

_Adam_Ashley-Cooper4/6 tackles in his 80 minutes. Tried to stay busy all night but just not his game. 5

15. Israel Folau

_Israel_FolauJust not the Folau we’re used to. Still lacking agility and drive, as well as doubting himself on kick returns. Still made 99 run metres. 1/1 tackle in his 80 minutes. 5


16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

26 minutes, 1/1 tackle, a big part of our (short lived) comeback. 6

17. James Slipper

22 minutes, 3/3 tackles. Somehow blamed for collapsing a scrum that gave the momentum back to the kiwis. 5

18. Greg Holmes

22 minutes, 1/1 tackle. Did not really notice his involvement. 5

19. Dean Mumm

Thrown into the cauldron early, took on the tackling responsibility of Douglas and returned and impressive 15/16 in his 66 minutes. A poor defensive position late in the first half allowed for a simple New Zealand try. 6

20. Ben McCalman

21 minutes, 2/3 tackles. Very busy after replacing Fardy. 6

21. Nick Phipps

Played the final 11 minutes and didn’t really do anything individually special or wrong. 5

22. Matt Toomua

Only covered 5 minutes for Mitchell’s concussion test. No rating

23. Kurtley Beale

Thrown in early to cover for Giteau and ended up as a permanent replacement. Constantly our most threatening player. Put Mitchell through a hole off a scrum and even took an intercept with the kiwis hot on attack. 55 minutes, 3/4 tackles. 7


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Wallabies player ratings vs New Zealand

  • OZabroad

    Having a beer for you all. We simply were unable to build and maintain pressure. Losing Douglas and Gits didn’t help. Looking forward to next year. It sed the ref wished the game to flow and so ignored indiscretions. THe TMO seemed to point out the High tackle and then play went on until Mitchell was penalized. Then the REf just simply didn’t go back to the Penalty. It also seemed as though Moore was unable to even look at the REf. Do they have meetings with the Ref beforehand to discuss interpretations. Even so NZ were immensely calm and poised. They looked like they enjoyed it. It was a great WC and now my sleep patternd can go back to normal

    • Bobas

      The referee called for the TMO to review the tackle and called advantage over after we gained about 10m, we then lost the ball. I wouldn’t have called advantage over that early but once he’s done that and the TMO said its nothing more than a penalty advantage for the tackle his hands are tied. It was unfortunate for us though.

  • Rugby stu

    Kurtley Beale was immense, he really injected himself into the game at every single time, was bold and fearless and willing to take risks can’t fault him for the pass to Drew Mitchell, if he had of held it would have been a great play.

    • Still Shattered Simon

      I’m the biggest beale hater around (he’s usually far too sloppy) but I’d agree that he played well.

      • aj

        this whole world cup he has absolutley lifted coming from another former beale hater

      • Seb V

        Me too. Prior to this tourney I didn’t want Beale anywhere near a wallaby jersey, mainly for his pathetic defence and work in contact. But he was superb all tournament, and actually quite dominate in contact which was a huge surprise to me. Defence no longer a problem. Well done Kurtley.

    • Whig

      Yep and obviously has been in great form all tournament. And Folau has obviously been struggling with injury and out of form. This is the one Cheika selection I’ve found unfathomable. The only one though. Otherwise Cheiks is God!

      • onlinesideline

        yeah i agree..really like cheika but Izzy was clearly underdone by a long shot…he couldnt even jump and he managed the way he fell in tackles too, you cant win world cup finals against maddog kiwi team like this …. was madness. And Sio was clearly still in pain. When doug and gits when down it was all over really – wasnt our day.

    • Simon

      Yes Kurtley was my Wallabies MOTM by a mile. He and Mitchell were the only backs who looked really dangerous, it’s a pity Mitchell dropped so many balls or the result could have been different.

      It’s great to see Kurtley back to his 2010/2011 form. Mitchell was the other revelation of the tournament for me. It’s a pity he probably won’t see another RWC as I think he’s a great talent. Hope to see him back with the Wallabies next year.

      • Seb V

        Mitchell looked so dangerous every time he had the ball and the high ball he took was superb. But so many dropped balls otherwise he would of had a very good rating. I really hope the likes of Speight, Tomane can step up at Test level.

        • onlinesideline

          why I like mitchells probing and speed the drop ball thing has been a problem he has always had and he also has a tendency to run half baked into 2 or 3 kiwis thinking he can reset but always gets stripped – he did this often ,prior to leaving for europe – its a big problem for me and big enough to exclude him from team. I still say we didnt have right team picked. I still think honey badger in this team enviroment with 8 week campaign would have been on fire. He would have smashed into kiwis not gone for the weak reset…its too soft from mitchell – was tearing my hair out watching. And still convinced we left behind our best 2nd rowers. I also think Toomua should have seen more game time… anywayssssss..blah blah – too depressing

    • Langthorne

      The pass was good, but Mitchell struggled to keep control of it at least partly due to Whitelock deliberately tripping him.

  • bigDsmallorgan

    I have to say one of the biggest takeaways for me from this world cup has been what Beale has been able to bring to the table. I was fully on the sack Beale train at the end of last summer, and to see him put his head down and help the team however he can has been fantastic. It was only last year that there were reports that he wanted to switch to league cause he wasn’t a wallaby starter but this time around he’s taken his role as the instant-offence-in-a-can guy and run with it, turning himself into arguably our biggest offensive threat. I’m sure Cheika has had a great deal to do with this, and while we don’t know what goes on off the field the seemingly monthly Beale scandals seem to be in the past, and I’m fully behind him.

    Anyway, unreal couple of months. I was blessed enough to see the Oz-Wales game live (that way easily the biggest emotional roller-coaster of my life), and our boys have really given us something to be proud of. We so easily could’ve been England but the guys weren’t gonna let that happen.

    I already cant wait for the England tour, gonna be interesting to see how drastic the personnel changes for both sides are.

    Thanks for a hell of a ride.

  • Sherlock

    Can we get a rating on Wayne Barnes and Nigel Owens please? And one not based on laurels (Yes Owens is usually good)

    • Simon

      I think if Owens had produced a game like that in the quarters or semis, I doubt he would have been there for the final. Garces or Poite would probably have gotten it, with Barnes and Joubers already having blotted their copybooks in the earlier knockout rounds. Hence my comment in the other post about reffing the final being a Steve Bradbury race – wait for all the others to fall over and be the last man standing.

      That’s not to say I think Owen really affected the result though. Kiwis were deserved winners. And let’s face it, we had the rub of the green when it came to refs in the quarters and semis, so as Cheiks has said before, these things tend to even out in the end.

      • Spank

        Agree that Garces and Poite were the best two referees – objective, fair, and keen for the game to role on WITHIN the rules.
        Pity for us was that Garces was not on the side where the ABs threw the NFL pass.

        • Jimmy Thomas

          C’mon mate. You Aussies all climbed into Garces performance after the 1st semi final, rolling out the usual tiresome nonsense about not policing the breakdown correctly and letting the All Blacks get away with all the things that every other ranked international referee also fails to find fault with. He did penalise the All Blacks 13 times in the match (9 in the 1st half) but the 3 only penalties at the breakdown were won 2-1 to the All Blacks.

      • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III

        ^^^ This… NZ are the better team and deserved to win. Owens was sub-par and unduly impacted the game, but not as much as our injury position.

    • Mikey R

      What confuses us up here in the UK is that you Aussies seem so critical of Nigel Owens and Wayne Barnes when in fact they seem the 2 best ref’s at communicating with the players and allowing the matches to actually have some flow.

      We also know that despite him awarding the Wallabies the “referee call of the tournament” in the Scottish match, you all dislike Craig Joubert and you have similar criticism of countryman Jaco Peyper.

      You all grilled Frenchman Jerome Garces for his performance in the All Blacks semi-final against South Africa and we assume you think all French ref’s are useless.

      We guess you think all Kiwi ref’s are shit because, well they’re Kiwis right, so you can’t compliment them.

      That really just leaves the Aussie ref’s – but there were none good enough to even officiate at the World Cup so they can’t be any good.

      That prompts the obvious questions…
      1. Who is it amongst the top rated referees that you do actually like???
      2. Do all these really highly ranked referees not know the rules – or is it you blokes down there that don’t know the rules, but somehow think you do? I think I know who I trust.

      • Dally M

        It’s not that we dislike any referee in particular, but like players they have their ups and downs in terms of their performance. Barnes had a reasonable tournament, Poite was good, Garces was ok & even Nigel is fine unless you are playing the AIG’s. Joubert used to be the best but he seems to have had a dip in form.

        Just because their errors are discussed as part of an overall review of the match doesn’t mean we dislike them. We’ll leave that to the Kiwis and Saffa’s to hack Wikipedia pages and issue death threats etc.

        • Mikey R

          Oh so all the referee’s aren’t really that bad. They make mistakes just like players do. It seems they just provide a convenient excuse to mask disappointing Wallaby performances when they happen and present a legitimate hope to avoiding games against the All Blacks in tournaments such as the World Cup.

          I recall the anger from the South Africans in 2011 over Kiwi referee Bryce Lawrence. I assume your Kiwi reference is over the Wayne Barnes incident which is now 8 years ago. I seem to recall the NZ fans made little reference to Wayne Barnes in their loss this year in Sydney, blaming instead some poor defence to allow soft tries to Kepu and Nic White.

        • Dally M

          Who here has blamed the referee for the result on the weekend or used it as an excuse for the loss? You are trying flog a dead horse there champ.

          What did Barnes do wrong in the game in Sydney? What exactly is the point you are trying to make, or are you just trolling?

        • Mikey R

          My point is don’t think any other country is worse than you Aussies about complaining at referees. We move on…

        • Dally M

          Well the responses by NZ & SA to those 2 referees mentioned above says otherwise. Add to that the reaction to Joubert by the Scotts at this tournament.

          Where is the Australian equivalent to those?

        • Martin Bradbury

          Are you really living in the northern hemisphere? Surely you weren’t three weeks ago, after the Scotland game.

          Trust me, after that you Poms hold the record for overblown whinging and whining about the referee, and that wasn’t even your team who caught the dud 50/50 call.

        • Colin Fenwick

          Sorry, but “AIG”?

        • Dally M

          The mob formerly known as the All Blacks, who said they would never desecrate the jersey with a sponsors name, then sold out to AIG. An American insurance company bailed out by the US Federal Government in 2008 as they were essentially bankrupt, then they paid their executives bonuses of $165 million the next year. You know, the kind of reputable, home grown company you’d sell out your jersey for.

        • Colin Fenwick

          Riiiiight. So the All Blacks then.

        • Dally M

          No longer.

        • Colin Fenwick

          That’s the spirit Dally, if you say it enough, you’ll eventually believe it.

  • Philip Vilsoni

    still disappointed but life goes on, we were close with just 4points behind but couldn’t get it done, congrats to NZ, I’ll be looking forward to next season and hope to see more of Arnold, Coleman, Higgins, JackDev, the Rebels #9, Kerevi, Lilo, Sautia and many more, our Scrum improved a lot in just one season under Super Mario so hopefully he stays around longer, we have a quality Head Coach under Cheika, thanks for the memories Wallabies, enjoy your well earned break, Merry Xmas and see you guys next year. #StrongerAsOne

  • Christopher

    So did Genia get the record for most charged down box kicks in a WC?

    • Davo

      And did he break his own record from the last WC?

      • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III

        Yes and yes and he also beat his own personal best for the number of skip-steps taken before throwing a pass but WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK BECAUSE GODDAMN IT THAT WAS ONE HELL OF AN EFFORT BY EVERY SINGLE WALLABY THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT.

        Take a bow, everyone.

        • John Palandri

          could not agree more….totally fantastic no passengers no prisoners nothing lefty in the tank couldn’t ask for anymore!!!!

  • Tyrone Biggums

    Nigel Owens. I hope you finally got the New Zealand citizenship!

    • Spank

      He got Richie’s jersey didn’t he? Signed ‘with thanks’.

  • Brendan Hume

    Not that it matter anymore, but all these players busted their arse for their country against a very good Nee Zealand team. The control by Carter and the forward pack of the pace of the game, some great execution and the rub of the green with a few calls made the task a bit too hard on the Men in Gold. I’d rate every player +1 in what they were given here – to come with 4 after losing two influential players and really only have the game snatched away from their reach in the final 10 was a great effort. We’re second in the world rankings and deservedly so. Great game Wallabies

  • mistermouse666

    Mate, no way was Mitchell our worst… extremely harsh rating for one of the few guys providing genuine go-forward and beating tacklers – 2 of his handling errors were after the head knock, which he probably shouldn’t have been allowed to return from.

    • Seb V

      His dropped balls were crucial though in 2 in critical moments of the game. Otherwise I agree on the go forward.

  • Andy

    Bit too high for Mumm. Bad read in defense led to a try, had hands like feet and his clean outs were poor

    • Bobas

      It was a tough match to rate, if you told me after the final whistle that I would give Mumm a 6 then I would have laughed. But the re-watch and the stats always show a different story.
      Hooper, Foley, Mumm and Simmons were particularly difficult to rate.

      • idiot savant

        Well I think its laughable that you think Mumm was any better than Simmons. Both had moments and made mistakes and frankly Simmons had more responsibility than Mumm.

        I cant understand your rating of Foley. He was outstanding given the way the kiwis played. In your replay watching did you see outside overlaps when he ran himself? I cant remember any. And can you tell me if there is any Oz back who has penetrated the line better than Foley in the RWC? Beale maybe but no one else so why wouldn’t he take the line on. And who has more responsibility in the entire side? Did he go to water when Giteau left? No, and he was instrumental in the TK try that got us back in the match.

        And Sio a 5? The same as Hooper, Moore and Simmons? Really? He was unsighted and wasnt the loose head messiah.

        But now you’ve made me feel bad because none of our boys deserve criticism in this game. They gave their all. Perhaps this was a game that shouldn’t have had individual ratings.

        • Lee Enfield

          I didn’t see Foley try and change the momentum of the game or create anything…unlike his opposite number, who slotted a field goal, made decisive runs and made telling dominant tackles to halt the Wallabies momentum and/or regain the initiative. He was hardly outstanding, he was largely missing.
          Going forward in to next season, Foley is not the answer to the question of who should be the Wallabies 10, he is serviceable, nothing more. His game against England was a one off and should not be used to justify him retaining the 10 jersey because of “incumbency”.
          I think Lealiifano, could be worth a look at as 10 for the Wallabies, but regardless, the 10 jersey should be declared vacant for next season.

        • Dally M

          What jersey has been handed to an ‘incumbent’ since Cheika took over? All positions are up for grabs. He gave a number of players a shot at staking a claim for those spots both in the lead up games and at training & it will be the same next year.

          Hopefully Jack Debreczeni can build on last year and push for a place in the squad.

        • Lee Enfield

          I would say Hooper retained his jersey due to incumbency at the start of the year.
          This is not a criticism of Hooper, who was playing well, but Pocock was playing better and offered more to the team over the course of 80mins. In the end Cheika had to find a place for Pocock in the 15, and just so happened that we had no clear cut 8 in the squad, but, really, Pocock should have been starting 7 from the get go.
          I am not necessarily referencing Cheika, when referring to Foley. More so, that next year, there will be arguments on these forums about the selections. The Foley supporters will undoubtedly hark back to the England game and that he is the incumbant 10, so it is up to the others to take it from him. There are players who are considered automatic selections, Foley should not be one.

        • Bobas

          Sorry for making you feel bad. Maybe you should quit the internet if someone else opinion has that effect on you.

    • Davo

      Mumm did a great job of defusing a dangerous looking rolling maul. Come over the top and got his hands on the ball, Skelton style.

  • gum

    Who the fuck did these ratings? What a disgrace. How did Simmo play equal to that of hooper. Lost a fan of your website through your bias decision!!!

    • Davo

      See ya.

      • Darrin Briggs


    • Bobas

      Hooper has challenged me to a cage match. He was also disgusted to see he got the same rating as his fellow starter after they both put in an 80min shift and tackled at the same clip.

      • Alex

        Cage of rage with hooper and pocock. Owens can referee.

        • Brian

          There wouldn’t be a result Owens would be too focused on one-liners and getting air time

        • Cloak and Dagger

          …..and do you think Dan is noticing me, I hope he is noticing me, maybe he’ll talk to me after the match. Too true about being the centre of attention much like Shane Hayne used to be in the mungo world. Narcissism is alive and well

    • Well that’s it. I’m shuttin this place down

      • Bobas

        I’m actually not sure if I’m being bias for Hooper or Simmons.

        Hooper played his best years at the brumbies.

        • DReido

          He is definitely over rated.

        • Bobas

          Who is “he”.

    • Lumberjack

      Didn’t take long for us to stop attacking the kiwis, refs and go straight back to the narrow minded regional parochialism. QUEENSLANDER, nah thats bull sh#t he wouldna got sh!t if he wasn’t from NSW. Saaaaah bias I just can’t believe my eyes who is this Bobas and what is his agenda. Hahaha farcical a buh bye gum

    • Gibbo


    • Gibbo


  • Davo

    Seems like fatigue and injuries really started to take their toll on Wallabies as the tournament went on. Perhaps that’s the sting in the tail for getting through the “Pool of Death”.

    • Bobas

      I thought Hooper, Fardy and Moore looked to be under high fatigue and Sio and Folau showing signs of under confidence in their respective bodies.

      • onlinesideline

        commonly refered to as being completey and utterly buggered. Moore was a wreck, could hardly talk …we may had the fardy pooper but lets be honest does maddog macalman really have the same presence as the kiwi replacements in those loosie spots..we still lack size and muscle ..maybe Palu would have peaked after 8 weeks of campaign, maybe skelton would have done his job of tiring the opposition a bit for 30 mins – who knows but Cheika needs to back the up and coming muscle next year

        BTW – this site is fanbloddytastic

    • Darrin Briggs

      It . was so obvious in the game Wallabies players were fatigue while the All Blacks looked very fresh.. throw in a couple of early injuries, no rub of the green, a ref who is in aWe of the All Blacks who was clearly the best team in the world it was always only going to be 1 Out come

  • Mike

    I’m bewildered by Beale’s 7. For all his prancing about, we never really threatened as a result of anything he did. And he just fell over when he was required to get a shoulder on Nonu. Didn’t even lay a finger on him. How big a play in the game was that? How big a fail?

    • Bobas

      You can go look at the top comments. A lot of people have Beale as their wallaby of the match. He did well, but I would have had Toomua play 12 but I would have preferred him start over Gits anyway.

  • Spank

    Not the Falou we USED to know may be more apt.
    Hoping 2 months or more off will bring back the spark or he may have to be benched to bring back the desire.

    Looking ahead though we are going to have to bring in a new brigade as most of the present squad are getting past their use by date and will certainly be so by 2019. Exceptions may be Sio, Paul Alo Emile [assuming he will come back], Pocock, Hooper, McMahon, Phipps & Foley (although they may be about to be challenged anyway), Kurindrani, Speight and Tomane. Perhaps Beale (not sure how old he is) and Falou (if he finds the fire again).
    On the up side we have some very solid depth and I think they will stand up if given a good coach (take that as a given) and the chance.

    • Patrick

      So more than half the team are exceptions?

    • Seb V

      Only ones who’s won’t be there are Mitchell, Gits and AAC. TPN and Moore are unlikely. There is nothing stopping the others from being there in 2019.

    • Adrian

      Good comments Spank. Beale is only 26ish I think

    • dom par

      2019 Wallabies:

      1PAE,2 Hanson/Latu, 3 Talakai/Alaatoa ,4 Arnold, 5 ?? , 6 Jones/Hooper/McMahon, 7 Gill, 8 Korcyzk/Skelton (seriously), 9 Stirzaker/Frisby,10 Debreczeni/Macintyre, 11 Dargaville/Kellaway , 12, Toomua, 13 Kerevi/Horne, 14 Naivalu, 15 Placid/Taulagi/Robbie Coleman

      Boom. Done. Noone over 30.

      • Lumberjack

        I love that depth we have coming through but I’d say that may resemble more of the 2023 campaign. 2019 It is only 4 years away, I think a lot of the current squad will be able to continue on – sio, smith, maybe taf, kepu if he comes back, simmons, douglas, carter, skelton, hooper, pocock, mcmahon, phipps, foley, toomua, tevita, speight, tomane, beale, folau. Injury and form will of course play a massive roll, but I don’t think we are in complete rebuild clean house mode, we are in the refining and building mode. Can’t wait, Japan is an amazing country to boot and i’d suggest will make for an awesome World Cup, apparently only 1417 days away, who is keen?

  • I reckon this analysis has taken no consideration of the level of football we forced NZ to play at if they wanted to win. If Mitchell had held the pass then we may have ended up in extra time, yet most players only got a six. If most players just turned in a solid performance (definition of a six) then we would have had fifty put on us. These scores diminish what was a wonderful game of rugby to just another game. Absolute bollocks!

    Kurtley and Bam Bam were immense, both deserved 9’s. Mitchell was, after Beale, our most threatening runner and deserved at least a 7. I could go on, but you get the drift.

    • Bobas

      A solid performance all round means we beat everyone. Not get done by 50.
      Its harder to score a test 100 against South Aftica than it is against Bangladesh. Mcmahons MOTM v Uruguay is nothing compared to foleys performance v England.

  • Joe

    I think the scrum penalty wasn’t sliper, it was Holmes going down under pressure. We just couldn’t see it from the angle of the camera

  • Anthony David

    Folau had his best game of the last three outiings. He ran the ball and , most importantly, handled the high ball very well.

  • dom par

    Really unimpressed with the lack of use of Toomua (and Horne if he was match-fit). Toomua/Horne is a defensive match made in heaven and would have controlled Carter, Nonu and Savea well. Was Cheika really naive enough to think Giteau, Foley and Beale could watch the 10/12 channel against the AB’s?

    At least Beale has the excuse that he should have defending elsewhere as starting fullback!

    Also all 3 second rowers should consider themselves lucky to be wearing Wallaby gold in 2016 onwards. They were woeful at ALL their roles. Jones, Coleman, Enever, Neville, Smiler, Arnold, even Carter! We have alot better to chose from.

    • Adrian

      Perhaps Arnold, perhaps Coleman. The rest are too small or skinny or just too weak for Cheika style rugby

    • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III

      - Maybe re: Toomua.
      – Possibly re: Horne, (presuming Mitchell can normally catch).
      – Yes re: Beale.
      – Bollocks re: Douglas

  • Adrian

    Hard marker but ok

  • Dingleberry Hufflethwaite III

    Awesome tournament, awesome team. Awesome result from where we were and what nightmares we’d all conceived.

    Give ‘em all 10. That was fucking awesome.

  • MungBean

    That scrum penalty looked like it was blamed on Slipper but it seems that it was Holmes who collapsed when he slipped on our shove.

  • Brian

    Dean mumm is an absolute disgrace, his defensive effort on the try you mentioned was pitiful and showed a lack of effort to even try and position himself to make the tackle. Our line out always went to crap when he came on. I wonder if he even went to training with his lack of fitness and line out knowledge. Kids nepotism will definitely get you places

  • Pfitzy

    I struggle to rate Kuridrani higher than Mitchell. One try doesn’t make up for his defensive lapses, and his crash ball game was no better than anyone else’s. Giving Hooper a 5 for not bringing a go-forward game is in stark contrast.

  • Kiap

    Too much emphasis on one statistic again in these ratings — tackles. Sure, I love seeing completed tackles. They’re great, but those tackle stats never tell the story of the game, even for the defence. Tackles ain’t enough to beat the All Blacks.

    2/10 wnb

  • Bay35Pablo

    I had no issue with Kepu’s “late” tackle on Carter. Looked late in replays, but in real time he was clearly committed. You can’t muck around with a freak like Carter, you have to get him down and wrap the ball up before he can pull something out of his a$$. Again.
    Kepu had an awesome RWC, and this type of mongerel dog commitment is exactly what the pack had been missing for years. And exactly what the ABs always produce in spades. If they had done the same to Foley, and taken him out, they’d have all shrugged and said “Meh”. If Kepu had taken out Carter and we’d won the game, we’d never have heard the end of it. Ever. it’d be Trevor frigging Chappell underarm redux. We’d just ask for the meds the ABs fans take whenever we raise Meads on Catchpole, or Loe on Carozza, to forget it …..
    Well played to the ABs, they were the better team, but Owens helped. He was pants. Without him it’d have been a closer game, and who knows we might have stolen it. Stolen yes, but winners are grinners.
    Mumm. What can I say I haven’t said before. He appears a better player than when he went, but …. He. Is. Not. A. Test. Lock. He is a 6, and Fardy is a better 6 by far. If we’d had Skelton on the bench instead of Mumm, it would have been very interesting. Depth at lock has been a big issue for years. We seem to have some talent coming through but we need to blood them. Recycling Mumm is not the answer.

  • Footy Fanatic

    How about a ref rating. Here is a picture of a blatant trip.

    • Freddie

      Rating = 8

  • Wolfcub

    Adam Ashley-Cooper was left for dead by Beauden Barrett in the lead up to his try – was he injured? Otherwise he hasn’t got the top end speed for an international winger. Unfortunately, the wallaby props can now scrum but I think they have sacrificed scrumming ability for mobility/fitness e.g. Kepu lying on the ground leaving a hole in the defensive line that Nonu ran through.

  • Dally M

    And it was like that from the opening discussion.

    He would then walk over & have a casual chat with the AIG’s.

    We knew he was going to be like that, but completely disrespectful to a team captain.

  • Lumberjack

    Perhaps as some have said that Moore may need to work on his communication skills with refs bringing a lighter touch but I agree with your assessment of Owen’s behavior towards Moore. I’m not sure what the history is between the Owens and Moore but the disdain he showed towards him from the outset didn’t leave a great feeling in my stomach especially when contrasting the talk to hand because the face ain’t listening approach he used towards Moore with intent listening to of Mccaw or the laughing and smiling with DC. I think it is a massive leap @bizzare to suggest that he is the best ref in the world at the moment, I haven’t seen that at all, I would suggest that the speed of the southern hemisphere game leaves the northern hemisphere refs perplexed. It was telling that 3 northern hemisphere refs were on the field during the final and non of them was up to the task to make crucial line ball calls due to the pace and expansive nature of the game, not really checking boxes of being ‘absolutely the best ref in the world at the moment’

  • Bizzare

    Maybe Moore needs to think about how and when he addresses the ref, the captain is allowed to talk to the ref, but not try to hold an in depth discussion on the meaning of life. It is not up to the ref to be respectful to the team captain, professional, consistent and impartial. Nigel Owens has a relaxed jovial style, that highly is professional, reasonably consistent and absolutely impartial and is absolutely the best ref in the world at the moment.

  • Tim Brown

    Amazing how McCaw has the clear respect of every referee. Speaks volumes about the class of the man. Respect is earned.

  • Dally M

    Relaxed jovial style? What load of bullshit. Maybe when he was talking to Rutchie & the boys but he was abrupt & overly officious with Moore from the word go, so it had zip to do with anything Moore did or said.

  • Humble Winners

    you most certainly prove that cuzzy. Much like how NZ is the greatest country in the world just that no one wants to live there, could you take that massive chip off your shoulder and chuck it on the scales for me uss, i’ve always wondered how heavy it was and how much of a battle everyday life must be.

  • Pclifto

    Exactly. Owens is a good ref generally but he is also an ABs fan boy and makes no secret of the awe in which he holds that team.

  • Scotland the Brave

    That’s probably because little Squeaky Moore and his Wallabies are there to be bitch-slapped and part the reason 90% of the impartial crowd at Twickenham on Saturday were not cheering for the Wallabies to win. The rugby world does not like nor especially respect the Wallabies. Now there is a work-on for the next 4 years for wonder boy Michael Cheika and all you lot down there.

  • Langthorne

    Let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story

  • Phil

    Every match Nigel Owens referees is an open contest that produces some outstanding rugby by both sides. His communication with players throughout any match is better than anyone and I will take him any day of the week. I equally have very little problem with Wayne Barnes. The less interference a referee has in any contest, the better the spectacle. That is what we all pay our money to see.

  • Dally M

    Lol…impartial my arse.

    Australia only knocked England out of their own tournament in the pool stages. Beat Wales & Scotland. No way those ticket holders expecting to see their beloved home teams in the finals would be biased against the team that did that. Nah, never! TOTALLY impartial, just like your disingenous comments.

  • Dally M

    And the fact he has captained the team for 112 tests & 10 years.

    I seem to recall him not being thought of as a good captain when first anointed.

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