Wallabies player ratings vs. Scotland - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies player ratings vs. Scotland

Wallabies player ratings vs. Scotland

Well, what a difference a week makes. This week there were some surprisingly average games and one absolute shocker. No one’s going to criticise the number of nines given; there won’t be any.

Rewatching, the scrum dominance by Australia was clearer than at first look; the refereeing of the lineout was poor so that clouded the catcher ratings. So, here’s my thoughts after another close look, fire away in the comments.

1. Scott Sio

Played 72 minutes, dominated his side of the scrum despite the Scottish tight head illegal binding, tackled and ran well. 8

2. Stephen Moore

Great captain’s game, dominant scrum, good tackles and cleanouts. 7

3. Sekope Kepu

Good in the scrum, dynamic on attack and solid on defence. Loses a point for a knock on with the line wide open. 6


4. Rory Arnold

arnoldSolid game without dominating. Replaced after 49 mins. 6


5. Adam Coleman

Replaced due to a knee injury in the first five minutes and was sorely missed. No rating.


6. David Pocock 

David PocockUsual fine work at the breakdown, made four turnovers despite the battering he took, not all of which looked legal. 7


7. Michael Hooper

Typical Hooper performance, and stepped up the intensity in the second half when the result depended on it. 7


8. Lopeti Timani

timaniOne knock-on was the only blemish, but he was not as dominant as last week. Replaced at 60 mins. 6


9. Will Genia

Will GeniaGood covering tackle, good in the air, ran the ball and game well. Several errors reduced his score. Replaced at 67 minutes.  6

10.  Bernard Foley

Played very well and continually sparked the attack despite suffering a lot of defensive attention, some of which was late. The run-around for the first try was magic. His goal kicking was the difference on the day. 7

11. Henry Speight

Henry SpeightHas suffered heaps of criticism in the forum for his display with lots of people wanting him replaced in the team. Totally unjustified on close inspection: he had the highest run metres, ran hard into contact, usuially making the gain line, tackled well and was safe in the air. One dropped kick early on drops him a point, but he was good this week. 7

12. Reece Hodge

Finished off a good try and always looked dangerous. Made too many errors but he’s still got his L plates on. 6

13. Tevita Kuridrani

Hero at the end for his great break and try but he had a first half to forget. Poor pass turned it over, terrible missed tackle led to the second try, and did not play like last week. Experienced test player who must become more consistently good. 5

14. Dane Haylett-Petty

Aerially he was superb taking high balls at will, better than Folau. His running lines were great and he was the last pass for Hodge’s try. Has really tightened his defence. 8 and my Australian MOM

15. Israel Folau

Again this week he made big metres every time he touched the ball. On attack he was generally slotting in at 12 and always beat the first tackle. Won several restarts through his aerial ability. 8



16. Tolu Latu

Tolu_LatuDidn’t make it on due to the game situation. No rating 

17. Tom Robertson

robertsonCame on for Sio at 72 minutes and didn’t have a lot of involvement. No rating

18. Alan Ala’alatoa

Allan Ala’alatoa

Came on at 60 minutes and went well. Three good carries and solid in the scrum. Deserves a start to rest Kepu this week. 7

19. Rob Simmons

Rob SimmonsCame on for Coleman after 5 mins, so basically played the whole game. Good in the lineout and stole one of theirs. Lots of hard work as usual but lacked Coleman’s impact. 7

20. Dean Mumm

Dean MummReplaced Arnold at 49 minutes. Another on the forum’s most-hated list who did OK. Operated wel in the lineout despite the Scottish harrassment. Made a match saving tackle on their winger who looked like he was gone for all money. 7 

21. Will Skelton

Will Skelton

Came on at 60 mins for Lopeti Timani and a few minutes later got a yellow card for a shoulder charge clean out when we were hot on attack with penalty advantage. I could see he was trying to impose himself and get rid of one of the serial-offender Scottish backrowers holding our player on the ground but it wasn’t very bright and could have cost the game. 3

22. Nick Phipps

Nick PhippsReplaced Genia at 67 minutes and handled the last 16 minutes of frantic attack and defence well. Not everything was 100% accurate but he added speed and enthusiasm. 7

23. Quade Cooper

Quade CooperBecause of the game situation he did not make it on.  No rating




10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

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  • Merrow

    Glad it wasn’t just me that thought Speight did OK. Good ratings once again. Thoroughly agree with your choices.

    • Mart

      I wouldn’t have rated him higher than Hodge or Kurandrani

      • Merrow

        Hodge spilt too much ball. Some good running though. Kuridrani probably deserved more.

    • Tim

      He needs to some how put on size and not loose his speed :(

      • Huw Tindall

        Speight looks like he got shredded for the 7’s but is now lacking the bulk required for 15’s. Few more pies and schooners should sort him out.

        • Tim

          Yeah he needs just a few more kg’s nothing to crazy!

  • Richie Zhou

    Idk how Skelton even makes the squad tbh! He’s too slow for the international level.

  • 6 for genia? which errors did he make. I only saw 1 pass slightly behind foley…

    • Mart

      Genia was a bit slow and stand off ish

      • so where were the errors? If he was slow, then please tell Phipps to slow down and ensure that his pass was as accurate as genias. Phipps once again struggled to find the mark. define stand offish? how Phipps gets a 7 is a mystery. Foley was stretching to catch as soon as Phipps got on.

        • Mart

          I didn’t say he made errors.

          One example was off a lineout a scrappy ball came down and a scottish player came through and grabbed it. If that was Phipps he’d be diving onto that ball as if his life depended on it.
          He showed good composure as usual just needed a bit more intensity

        • I know you didn’t but the review did. “Several errors reduced his score. “. and by several, I am assuming it was implied there was quite a few. Load of BS. I want him to run a little more. Maybe its because we currently have a big forward pack. not as fast? protected? game plan? Not to be argumentative but if we are selecting a 9 for his ability to put his body on the line, I am not sure how long they will last. (coming from a broken old scrummy)

        • John Tynan

          But he was standing back because it was 5m out from our line and it should have been a take it down and drive to set up for a clearance. Instead, Arnold just slapped it back – not sure if it was a throw or lift/jump error – so it went back and infield and yep, he was out of position for that, as Phipps would have been too.

        • Genia dived on the ball after a poor Moore ball in the 60th minute. he was smashed by 3 forwards… does this count?

        • Mart

          Fair deuce

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          I agree. Phipps is faster but at times his accuracy is all over the place

    • Add a poor box kick near the start of the game and a knock on in the second half.

  • Chiraag

    3 for Skelton is very generous. Surely that’s a game that deserves a 1 if ever there’s been one!

    • Simon

      Agreed. I’m struggling to recall a single thing he did to deserve more than a 1. I guess he didn’t let in any tries.

      • Adrian

        He won a lineout

  • Mart

    Simmons won one against the throw But our lineout was a bit sloppy too. Service for Genia was a bit all over the shop

    • I cringe a bit inside when I see Simmons in contact. I wish I had his size. He just doesn’t have the body position or aggression… Very good in the lineout. The lineout issue was pretty shabby and made life tough for genia out..

      • Dud Roodt

        he looks like he’d prefer to sit down, have a cuppa and talk things out with the opposition

  • 8 for folau? He was much more mobile and looked really dangerous but while we won by a point, he threw 2 passes in the 20 that didn’t need to be thrown that went down. I can only assume that is what Pocock was talking about when he mentioned dropped ball in the presser.

    • PeterK

      Look at Brian Smith’s analysis. On 1 of those passes Folau was tackled and Lawler was ready to Jackal and the scottish no 1 the next nearest, TK and Pocock too far away and on the side. If he didn’t pass a turnover would have happened, so the worst case if he passed a turnover, if it came off a try.

  • Andy

    Don’t agree with Simmons rating. Softest player in the squad. That effort he made on their 3rd try was woeful.

    • Tim

      he had a clean shot on the ball and missed then made a second attempt and didn’t even get near it Should have lost a point for two missed attempts

  • I would have knocked Folau down 1 point for forcing two offloads that weren’t on which resulted in turnovers. He’d have been much better suited going to ground and getting a quick recycle. But generally agree with the rest of the ratings.

    • Pedro

      I think one of those offloads he was going into touch.

      • PeterK

        and one would have been turned over, look at brian smith’s analysis

  • Kev

    Good ratings – esp about Speight (he does a lot of work even though he does not score tries).

    But I thought Folau was pretty poor on defence. The first Scottish try was his fault for shooting out of position to try and get the ball, which he missed entirely. Novice mistake for a fullback.

  • Jason

    I know people won’t want to hear this, I think Skelton could be a 4 rather than a 3. While he did give away a very dumb yellow card, he wasn’t awful. If we overlook the yellow, a 5 could easily be justified.

    • Straith

      No way. he made 3 soft carries and made almost no gain before his yellow. Can’t cause any impact with the ball in hand but can dog shot someone after the whistle who is on the ground???

    • Adrian

      Agree Jason, and he won a lineout too. First in 3 years for Wallabies, and something for the future

  • Nutta

    Thanks Hawko for the effort. Bugger of a job to do
    My opinions:

    1. Poey was worth another +1 in turn-overs won. And another +1 for the contact he was copping over it. Poey was my MOTM

    2. Hooper almost deserves +1 for being the worlds shortest lineout specialist (3 catches I think?)

    3. We won that game because of Foley’s goal-kicking and his ability to absorb the targeting he copped especially on the back of slow ball so +1 for him

    4. Fair score for Mumm given the try-saver

    5. The back 3 indeed played well, but they were 7’s for mine

    • PeterK

      No way was Speight, Simmons and Mumm equal to Pocock in that game.

      Speight may have made the most metres but did not break one tackle, did not beat any defenders and no line breaks.

      Not only did Pocock turnover the ball he sowed the ruck down the defense realigned.

      • Nutta

        Fair point. It changes things when we consider impact vs surrounding players as opposed to individually doesn’t it?

    • hasto

      if hooper is being lifter by coleman and arnold, it really doesn’t matter how tall he is, he’ll still probably get over other opposition jumpers.

  • Tim

    Simmons had a clean shot on the ball before the mawl was scored. Which is a missed tackle should have been a 5 or a 6. How did u give Pocock only a 7? same player rating as Simmons and Mumm massive slap in the face saying those two clowns are on the same level as Pocock

    • Arty

      Simmons again overrated. Hawko playing to the audience again.

      • Who?

        If he were playing to the audience, then he should know that neither Simmons nor Mumm are permitted to have a score higher than 3 on any Aussie Rugby website… And Speight this November is only allowed to be rated a 4.

  • Moz

    Well done Hawko for putting your body on the line for this! I always appreciate the Player Rating post, just get everyone else’s views! Some bold views, but great to have your opinion.

  • Brendan Hume

    Good job with the assessments, but overall ratings probably too high for a game that we only won at the death against an opposition ranked 9.

    Continually having issues with execution in attack, an imbalanced back-row damaging our gain line success and line-out options, and continuing defensive concerns all need to be addressed to consistently challenge the top teams. This tour couldn’t have been planned better for Australia with opposition ranked 7th, 9th, 8th, 5th and 2nd in consecutive tests – the quality needs to rise sharply in the next and needs to continue to rise for the following two.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      The imbalance of the loosies has been hurting for a while. It was crap against the AB’s and I think both Ireland and England will punish it

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Yeah mate, it’s a disaster. Play Pocock at 8 for two years until, due to injury, Cheika is forced to select Timani, who turns out to largely fix the backrow problems.

        Thus, when Pocock is back from injury Cheika can’t put him back at 8, so instead he puts him at 6 and we are back to having the exact same problem of two 7s meaning we only have 3 lineout targets. The only thing I can say about Pocock at 6 rather than 7 is at least it gets Dean Mumm off the field, since Cheika seems convinced Mumm (for some reason) is superior to Fardy.

        Cheika needs to make a decision on Pocock or Hooper at 7. Pick one of them and bench the other. Perosnally, I would prefer Pocock to start, because:

        – when he doesn’t we barely have the ball (those Rugby Championship matches against Argentina and the first against South Africa…);
        – Hooper, while having a wider variety of skills than Pocock is worse at the breakdown, which is something the team struggles at as a whole, unlike New Zealand, where all of the players attack the breakdown effectively when required;
        – Hooper will be a good impact player late in the match (rather like McMahon, Pocock, on the other hand, isn’t so much of an impact player in terms of running the ball like Hooper).

        Regardless of who he picks, however, Cheika needs to pick one (either one) to start, and have the other as a finisher on the bench.

        These problems have been apparent for over a year now, why is it taking this long?

        • Nutta

          FFS pick Poey. Hooper off the bench at 60min

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          In total agreement, mate. But I would like Cheika to make a decision either way, even if it is Hooper to start.

        • EngineRoom

          I don’t mind which one he picks but I would like to point out that Hooper does play better with a traditional back-row. Much like the one we had while Pocock was injured, and in those games he takes more of the load in the breakdown with more influence, much more like a traditional openside

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I don’t think Hooper is a bad player by any stretch, mate. In fact, I think he’s class. It is really a blessing that Australia has such strong stocks in the 7 jersey—our depth here is something we are lacking in a lot of other positions.

          That being said, I do think that, regardless of how well Hooper plays with a more traditional back-row, he is simply inferior to Pocock in everything to do with the ruck and stealing the ball.

          That said, he does have a number of abilities that Pocock simply doesn’t possess, such as his running and passing game, and ability to link up with the backs. I sort of think of them both as two halves of George Smith—they both have the fitness, however, Pocock has the ruck abilities and Hooper has the running and passing abilities. Shame neither is quite the complete player George was.

          Regardless, pick one of them and stick to it.

        • Tim

          I agree but u cant bench your vice captain

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Why not? Ewan dropped his captain (Genia). Once you start seeing captains/vice-captains as protected species then that destroys the idea of a meritocracy: just like Strauss being picked over Marx and Bismarck du Plesiss. Also, why does Hooper need to remain vice captain? He is one of the most yellow carded players in history. Also has poor decision making—remember the penalty goal rather than kicking for the corner to draw the first England match? He’s a very good player, but things like that demonstrate he isn’t really fit for the captaincy.

        • Tim

          Yeah i agree with you Moore should be “rested” aswell. Thats the mind set of Australia (maybe cheika) tho we have done that alot. Remember when we scored the winning try against South Africa after the hooter after we turned down 3 points. Who would you make a Vice Captain? Foley?

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I don’t know, mate. I think the captain and vice-captain should 100% be far and away the best player in their position on the team. Foley has been better the last few weeks but was really really bad for a year.

          My preference would be to try and coax Genia back to Australia with the promise of the captaincy.

          I don’t know if someone like Folau would want the vice captaincy. I would like it if we tried to get a succession plan along and have the vc as one of the young guys who (fingers crossed) will be Wallabies for years to come, and who can be groomed and prepared for the captaincy.

        • Tim

          Yeah i wouldn’t mind Genia but his overseas :( Hooper is young and they are grooming him.

        • harro

          Hooper’s not even close to being the most yellow carded player in this Wallabies squad.

        • Mica

          Of course the irony here is that Scott Fardy is probably the next best ruck pilferer after Pocock.

  • DK

    Once again week to week consistency is hurting. Puts Cheika in a tough position…is he not keeping it fresh and too same – same each week or what is he doing one week and not the next?
    With a non-grand slam test this weekend its a good chance to give a few blokes a run and on the flip side give a few players a bit of a break.

  • Brisneyland Local

    Hawko, Good effort. Two weeks in a row. You are like one of the second rowers, driving it hard and taking the punishment. Look to be honest any of the calls could be one point either way, but you are certainly consistent. More so than the bloody team we are debating. And thatscores you big points in my book!
    It will be interesting to see the squad selected for next week, because I think those players ratings could be off the chart!

  • wilful

    I agree with all of those ratings. It goes to show that the wallabies put in a decent workmanlike performance, certainly didn’t play a shocker, and Scotland pushed them all the way. Apart from the poor reffing, which didn’t really favour either side, we were a bit lucky to get that win, and Scotland are no easybeats.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Mumm 7! Really? I thought he is definitely a lock not a flanker. But I can’t see how you marked him so high. No dominance in the go forward, in fact ended on his arse backwards at least twice and pretty ineffectual in the rucks. I really don’t know what you and Cheika see in him.
    I do appreciate you doing this though as it’s a great debate. On the whole tend to agree especially with your MOTM

    • brumby runner

      And it is a bit rich crediting him with a game saving tackle when the winger was in touch before the tackle was made. Reduce his rating by 1.

      Otherwise, 7 for Phipps is really over generous. Not having a hate for him, but his impact on the game was not in the same category as others who received a 7 rating as well.

      • The only reason the winger went anywhere near touch was because he was trying to outflank Mumm. Had Mumm been slower, the winger would just have run straight down the train tracks and got away completely.

      • harro

        Yeah, stupid winger. Why would you run into touch?

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Dane Haylett-Petty has been going from strength to strength for weeks. I’ve been saying for a long time that I think Folau’s best position is on the wing rather than fullback as he doesn’t have a good kicking game and, unlike Ben Smith, Folau isn’t actually a brilliant counter-attacker when running the ball back from deep, and is better when given a bit more space is afforded out on the wing. However, I’ve been told I’m wrong in thinking all of this.

      That said, I wonder how long it is before DHP stakes a claim for starting fullback due to his superior kicking and counter-attacking game to Folau, while running a pretty decent second under the high ball. It would be nice for us to actually use the guy who has a boot capable of getting us to halfway when clearing.

      In regards to Mumm, it just makes me laugh. I’ve wanted him out of the team for a fair while now, but he was decent on the weekend on a night where, as a team, we were collectively average. I think most of these scores 1-2 points too high.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Mate I agree with you on Folau. I think he’d be a much better winger. Cheika will never change though. I’m actually losing faith in Chieka, he brings in marginal players, plays others out of position and is far too loyal to underperforming players

    • Dean Mumm got 35 minutes and in that time hit 27 rucks. Dare I say it, those numbers remind me of a certain AB prop in the RWC final. Forcefan’s stats say that 27 of those had good impact. (See post no 820 on the Scotland-Australia match thread in the forum).

      Mumm is not Kaino (only Kaino is Kaino) so I don’t expect every 6 to play like Kaino does. He does have less impact, but he has a huge workrate and a great engine. Kaino would have been left for dead by the winger. Everyone has their own skillset, you rate a player by what he does or doesn’t do.

      • Kiwi rugby lover

        Don’t agree mate. That’s the joy of this site, being able to disagree without stupidity. I don’t think Mumm makes a difference when he hits the rucks. Most times he arrives late and just leans. I do think he played better at lock than he ever did at flanker where I think he’s totally ineffective, but even as a lock I don’t rate him higher than about 4/5 in the pecking order.
        I know Kaino is an exception but I still expect a lock to provide some go forward with the ball and I just don’t see that with Mumm.
        I also accept that I may be a bit biased, but I think we all are a bit

  • Adrian

    Ok ratings, and well explained as demonstrated by Speight explanation.

    I read blogs and media reports before I watched the game (no live TV).

    When I watched the game, I was amazed at how differently some guys played, compared to what the blogs and articles said.

    Talk about preconceived notions!

    No-one, I repeat no-one has mentioned that Skelton won a lineout (just before THAT cleanout)

    By my count, Skelton is the 17th guy in this playing group to be penalised and/or yellow carded WHEN A GAME WAS IN THE BALANCE in the last 3 years (which includes McKenzie period). Slipper, Moore, Kepu, Horwill, Simmons, Coleman, Fardyx2, Higginbotham, Mumm, Hooper, Pocock, Palu, Phipps, Genia, Cooper, Folau

    Only 2x did this clearly alter the result that looked like happening anyway.

    Over the same period, ridiculous kicks straight to the opposition have cost us at least 2 wins, and missed tacked have cost us 2 more games.


    Give Skelton a break, and give him credit, where credit is due, if you’re going to criticise him.

    • Missing Link

      I’m not a fan and I don’t rate his brainfart, but agree the the time he spent on the right side of the chalk he did OK.

      He just needs to stay out of the refs sights.

    • McWarren

      didn’t realise Horwill, Higgers and Palu were on tour.

      All the players you use in your comparison I would argue have contributed more to Wallaby wins and good performances than big Will has. Will Skelton had done all the hard yards to trim down, too get on tour, to comeback and earn a bench spot, I was looking forward to seeing the guy have a run, I was impressed by his conditioning and then he gave us that. One lineout win from a second rower hardly evens the ledger. He very well nearly cost us the game and he wasn’t trying to save a try in the processes doing what he did.


      Next week, cause he will be in the team I have no doubt, if he wins a lineout and bends the defensive line and throws a soft pass with his soft hands then I will give him the credit he is due.

      • Adrian

        It’s a shame you felt like splitting hairs re whether the guys are currently on tour or not. I think its clear what I meant.

        I mentioned Skelton’s lineout win, because it truly is news,…irrespective of whether he should have done so previously.

        Its also a shame that you resort to saying that its ok to heap shit on someone. I didn’t think you agreed with that style at all.

        The attraction of this site (compared to a noisy other one) is reasoned debate, and an absence of slagging off, … whether that means of other participants here, or players.

        Anyway, it’s only a game, and everyone does their best

        • McWarren

          Actually it’s not exactly clear what you meant. I assume your saying that Skeltons yellow card is no worse than the previous 17. I can’t be sure but I reckon if any of them had nearly cost us the game we the common folk would be calling for their head.

          i find it interesting how offended you get when confronted with an opposing view.

          I re read my post to see if I was unduly aggressive. Was it the capitals that offended you?

          You brought up the point that no one patted Will on the back for winning a lineout. Well I don’t think a second rower winning a line out is note worthy, much like a half back passing the ball straight.

          You want reasoned debate then debate don’t pontificate as too my manner or hair splitting.

          Answer this? Did Will winning the line out or Will getting carded have more impact on the game?

    • Tim

      Will Skelton can be good i dont mind him coming off the bench

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Mate it’s not just the yellow card. Yeah he won a lineout, he’s a friggen lock – that’s part of his basic job. My issue is he’s crap around the field. Turns up to rucks late and just leans into them, doesn’t make any dominating tackles, his running with the ball is slow and telegraphed so he’s easily contained, he is unfit and has lost his offloading. I would put him and Mumm as 4/5 in the pecking order of locks in Australia

  • moaning expat

    I would take 2 points off everyone and there’s your ratings. The reason is, this would have been your ratings if they’d lost. Which they almost should have done.
    Sorry no one in that game deserved a 7 let alone an 8.

  • Greg

    Thanks Hawko. Always a good read and much appreciated.

  • Tip

    You’re a hard marker.

    4 turnovers is a 9/10 game, considering no other player in the past decade has reached these peaks in the Aus jersey besides him.

    You’re marking a player against the Standard they set themselves, not the Standards that are defined at the end of the piece.

    There’s no way on earth that Hooper & Pocock should have the same rating.

  • MungBean

    Totally overrated. Every single player. In particular, Genia and Folau, both of whom kept throwing Hail Mary passes that almost cost us the game.

  • adrf

    Gotta say something about Genia.

    In 2014 G&G did a great article and video comparing Genia and Phipps, exposing the difference in speed of service and go-forward. Phipps gives quick ball, Genia too often takes a few steps, giving the opposition a chance to advance on the 5/8.


    Against Wales, Foley was able to play flat and fast because the service was quick (and because the forwards were consistently bending the gain line), but Phipps service was key. Watch how often he fires a flat, and accurate pass from the base.

    Compare that to Genia against Scotland. The annoying thing is that he can fire from the base at pace, and does from time to time, but the lateral steps, even if they’re only one or two, puts unnecessary pressure on Foley and prevents the chance for flat attacking play. This feature has crept back into his game.

    This is the key to the combination Phipps & Foley have been enjoying. Foley knows he can align flat, knowing the service will be quick. In contrast, when the Genia/Cooper combination is on the field, Cooper stands much deeper as he knows what the speed of service is going to be.

    Genia had a great season at home, but this continuing issue will be his undoing.

    For mine, our halves combination should be Phipps/Foley, unless Phipps gets wayward with his accuracy, at which time it will be worth reassessing.

    • Haz

      You criticise the two steps but look how effective it was for England when the 9 actually had runners offering themselves up for the carry…

      • adrf

        If that’s the strategy then take steps forward, not back. See video link.

    • Brisneyland Local

      I think you are in the minority with that view.

      • adrf

        I never thought it would be a popular opinion. But what is it that I’m missing with Genia?

        He probably does run the ball better, he may have a better box kick, but isn’t a half-back’s primary role giving fast, clean service to the 5/8?

        • Brisneyland Local

          I didnt say your points werent valid, just that they would be in the minority. Yes when Phipps is on song, he is certainly better at getting quicker ball. But when his pass is off he couldnt hit the borad side of a barn with a Bluderbuss. His running and sniping game isnt in the legue of Genia’s, and Willy G’s box kick is much better.
          Overall I think WIlly G offers a far better all round game. Certainly without the brain snaps that Phipps has. For the record I am of the view that Phipps really embarrassed himsef and the Wallabies jersey with those two idiotic acts.

      • Sideshow

        I agree that the majority prefer Genia when he’s playing well, and I’m one of them, but when he’s doing his two step thing he’s a god awful liability and doesn’t even belong in the 23. I don’t understand how any coach puts up with it.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I think theytolerate it because of the other strengths he brings to the game. I equate this to the way George Greegan slowed down and added an extra step in his last few years. But they way he controlled the game and ‘managed’ the umpires was sublime.

        • Sideshow

          I was going to mention Gregan, as he too was woeful at the end of his career, and for exactly this reason. No surprise, it coincided with the Wallabies being average. I don’t know why any coach would tolerate it when surely you could easily train it out of them!

  • david baldwin

    How did Folau get an 8? A 6 at best!!

  • harro

    Moore is getting back to his best. Still away to go but heading in the right direction. How good was his line break and offload early on in the match? It was a pity Kepu (?) dropped the ball not long after.

    I don’t know why we don’t do short kickoffs every time. The year the Tahs won the SR they did this constantly and often won the ball straight back.


Grew up watching Catchpole and Hawthorne, then later the Ella brothers, on Channel Two on Saturday afternoon. Expert commentary by Cyril Towers. No better rugby education ever to be had.

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