Wallabies player ratings vs Scotland - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies player ratings vs Scotland

Wallabies player ratings vs Scotland


1. Scott Sio

_Scott_Sio rwcGave away 9 points with scrum penalties, took a good pilfer and made 4/5 tackles in his 50min contribution. 4

2. Stephen Moore

_Stephen_MooreShowed good leadership to go to the corner late in the first half, but a quiet game with only 5 runs and 4/4 tackles in 61mins. 5

3. Sekope Kepu

_Sekope_KepuA better work rate, 10/10 tackles in his 53 mins. 6

4. Kane Douglas

Kane_Douglas10/11 tackles, but the sting he showed in the last two weeks has begun to vanish. Played out the whole 80mins. 5

5. Rob Simmons

_Rob_SimmonsPlayed a major role in the Scottish first try, 6/8 tackles in his 65min stint. One good line out steal. 4

6. Scott Fardy

_Scott_FardyPlayed the full 80 again. He was penalised for the first Scottish 3 points but it wasn’t a bad penalty. Uncharacteristically good runs was spoiled by uncharacteristically poor handling. 9/9 Tackles, his lineout take for Hooper’s try late in the 1st half was impressive. 6

7. Michael Hooper

_Michael_Hooper-21 try late in the first half got us back into the game. Played the whole 80mins, 7/9 Tackles. 5

8. Ben McCalman

Did not come out and replicate either Pocock’s game or his own form from last week. Full 80 for only 6/7 tackles and 19m gained from an equal team high 6 positive carries. 5

9. Will Genia

Will_GeniaApart from two errors at the ruck-base Genia had a solid game. His decision making is in better form and that coupled with accurate execution was instrumental in Mitchell’s 2nd try. A Gregan-esque moment, only for a pop pass to ruin his try saving tackle. Played 70mins, 3/3 tackles. 6

10. Bernard Foley

_Bernard_FoleyHe had a shocking first half with a pushed pass on the try line, knocking on an uncontested high ball and missed three conversions. He found 1st gear, albeit, in the 2nd half but still managed to chip kick into his opposite number resulting in a Scottish try. He played the whole 80 and his running game was excellent but we needed more from him, 1/1 tackle. A clutch 80th minute penalty saw Goose re-incarnated to Ice-man. 4 

11. Drew Mitchell

Two tackle busts, two tries. He dropped one ball and fell off one tackle, not substituted. 7

12. Matt Giteau

Matt_GiteauNamed man of the match at the ground. Gits was solid without sparkling. His ribs held up and didn’t need to be subbed, 5/5 tackles, including a great tackle into touch early in the 2nd resulting in a 5m line-out to us, a couple of handy runs. 6

13. Tevita Kuridrani

_Tevita_KuridraniFinally has hit some form, bent the line at will and lay-ed on AAC’s try with the trifecta: a tackle bust, line-break and try assist. Also scored a great solo try, stretching out as he carried two Scots over from close range. 80mins, 8/8 tackles. 8 – G&GR MOTM 

14. Adam Ashley-Cooper

_Adam_Ashley-CooperScored Australia’s first try to get the ball rolling and should have had a 2nd only for it to be brought back. A Classic AAC game, except for a fumbled lifted kick-off take. 6

15. Kurtley Beale

Faultless handling (even under the high ball) and a lot of positive involvement early on including the last past for Mitchell’s first try. Completed 1/1 tackle but wheeled-dealed and Kurtley-Bealed throughout the whole match and was just edged for the G&GR MOTM. 8


16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Played 19 minutes replacing Moore. No real impact positive or negative. 5

17. James Slipper

Played 30 minutes mostly well but made a huge error throwing a weak pass in his own quarter that was intercepted and almost lost us the game. 3

18. Greg Holmes

27 minutes replacing Kepu, was busy and the scrum became steadier. 6

19. Dean Mumm

15 minutes on for Simmons. Was penalised for not rolling away allowing the Scots to creep within stealing distance. 4

20. Sean McMahon

Did not play. No Rating

21. Nick Phipps

Played the final 10 minutes one good run down the wing but slid out of bounds in the pouring rain. No Rating

22. Matt Toomua

Did not play. No Rating

23. Quade Cooper

Did not play. No Rating


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Wallabies player ratings vs Scotland

  • Dave

    Harsh on Simmons but extremely harsh on Giteau who contained their line in D.

    • NIck

      Agreed. How does gits (man of the match) get a 6 and Kurtley get an 8?
      Seems a little blue tinted…

      • Bobas

        blue tinted? thems fighting words.

      • Pedro


      • Phil

        This state bias stuff really gives me the shits.When I watch the Wallabies,I don’t give a stuff where they come from.
        I have not been a Beale fan but he has come on in leaps and bounds this RWC and played superbly last night.Gits,I thought was very solid and a steadying influence but did not do anything outstanding,so I think the ratings were accurate.

      • Hitcho

        Nope these ratings are only Gold tinted. We need to stop this provincial bullshit. Rating are about right for mine.

      • Tip

        I don’t understand how anyone takes the “official” man of the match seriously.

        If Giteau was given MOTM on ground and I didn’t watch the game, I’d assume he was worst on park.

      • Nick

        MOTM. You mean the same MOTM given to Joe Launchbury and Gareth Davies in the two games prior? I’d take the official MOTM with a grain of salt. Not saying Gits didn’t have a good game though.

      • jamie

        Clutching at straws mate. Beale was very very good.

  • Pedro

    Slipper’s a great player but I would’ve been tempted to give him less than three. Otherwise about right.

    • Tip

      If Slipper is a 3 then Foley is a 2.
      Reasoning: Slipper didn’t give away any penalties at scrum time. He gifted a try.
      Foley gifted a try. Kept Scotland in the match with wayward place kicking from the tee.

      Everyone’s commending Gits for his cool-calm-headedness, but that wouldn’t be needed if the 10 stepped up.

      • Pedro

        He gave away a free kick in a scrum for pushing early. What else did he do? Foley did some good stuff.

        • Tip

          Point remains: he didn’t give away a penalty at scrum time. Scotland played us in that scrum and didn’t take the weight – very smart footy.

          The Wallabies pack pushes as an 8 now. A free kick for pushing early is on the whole forward front row and forward pack, not just Slipper.

        • Pedro

          Point remains: he didn’t do much of note besides throwing an awful pass which very nearly lost is the game.

          I love the guy but I can’t imagine a worse game than he had. Like I said Foley did some good stuff, Slipper just didn’t get penalised, whoopti-doo.

        • Tip

          No, your point doesn’t remain. Infact you’ve just directly contradicted yourself and argued my point for me.
          (By the way, strengthening the scrum as a reserve, and not allowing the opposition to milk penalties illegally as they had been doing to Sio, is certainly something “of note”. I daresay you were a back of some description considering your lack of appreciation… but I digress)

          If Slipper doesn’t do anything of note “besides throwing an awful pass which very nearly lost us the game”

          Then what would you call Foley’s performance Pedro?

          Wait, we’ve got an answer for that: “Foley did some good stuff”

          Like what mate?
          Kick a sitter after he’d missed 4?
          Make regulation passes to the man outside him?

          I’ll use your words here “Whoopti-doo”

          He cost the Wallabies 16 points, Slipper cost us 7. Yet you hilariously try and apportion one mistake as the one that nearly lost us the game. What nearly lost us the game was Bernards wonky boot, missed kicking and chargedowns. Slipper & Simmons’ errors don’t even make up half of Berny’s shortcomings.

          Foley was worse than Slipper. Everything error Slipper was guilty of, Foley was guilty of doing (and then some). Except Foley can’t apportion part of the blame on anyone else for his mistakes unlike Slipper (where Hooper got in the way of our exit-strategy play, causing the initial hesitation).

          At least the scrum improved when Slipper came on. Sio was getting dusted.

        • Pedro

          Foley missed 3 in the first half then 4/4 in the second. So your point about missing 4 and then kicking a sitter doesn’t hold water. This also puts pay to your assertion that Foley cost us 16 points. Three missed conversions (6) plus a try gifted (5) equals 11 points, 13 if you include an imaginary conversion. Foley also scored two conversions and two penalties that’s 10 points. So -1 on aggregate. Slipper still sits at -7 for his gift.

          Foley had 46 metres gained, two line breaks and five runs over the advantage line.

          Look they both had games with regrets but Slipper didn’t do much except not get penalised at the scrum which to me is not that impressive, particularly with Andre Nel having been replaced.

      • Utah

        Foley also kicked the winning goal and played the whole game. More time to make errors.

  • Antony

    The 4s and 5s are a bit harsh on the forwards. They ceded the gainline a bit, some of the ruck-defence was sloppy (Simmons…), and the scrum obviously wasn’t as strong as it has been over the past few weeks, but they also mucked in and secured some pretty quick ball against a willing and underrated Scottish forward pack. The proof is in the pudding to some extent, and five well-constructed tries suggests that the forwards established a reasonable platform.

  • Canuckruck

    At least one of Sio’s penalties came from the Scottish TH hinging first causing Sio to extend and lose his footing.

    • Cramps

      Yep, we were unlucky. But Scotland managed either the ‘dark arts’ or the ref better…

    • Tip

      Play the referee not the game.

      Sio needed to chase his feet harder and get lower at the hips. Having a back as straight as a coffee table doesn’t help when all the force is being put on one of the tables legs.

      The reserves (Slipper mainly) realized this, and towards the end of the game you saw a few scrums result in the front rows standing up… Better to push upwards to counter their drive&drop than to push straight and just drive&drop yourself.

  • first tiem long time

    In these big matches we are going to struggle without Pocock even if Hooper plays a 9 out of 10 game because he still won’t get a turnover or slow down opposition ball at the breakdown.
    We need a genuine backup for Pocock and GIll should be there.
    Before there is any bleating, Hooper as well but we need someone on the ball!

    • Patrick

      McMahon was not far away…

      • AJ

        McMahon is a tackling machine and will hit it up all day, but he his NOT a pilferer. A great back-up for Hooper, but he is no Pocock. Perhaps leaving Gill out was a mistake…

    • Braveheart81

      Our biggest issue stopping us competing at the breakdown was not dominating the collisions like we did against England and Wales. Scotland routinely got over the advantage line which meant they got easy cleanouts and retained the ball. It was the same for us in attack. Scotland had very few opportunities to compete for our ball.

      Pocock will make a big difference regardless but the biggest thing we need to improve is getting our line speed better and winning the contact zone.

      • Klaus

        I agree in part, however there were plenty of rucks Hoops didn’t come in when he should even to cause disruption to the rucks or even try for a turnover. This is why the Wallabies have struggled without the so called genuine 7 in our team. If Pocock is out then Gill should be in the first plane here.

      • Who?

        Slightly tangentially… I reckon we won our attacking collisions last night. Generally, we drove the tackler back quite well. But even then, our ruck was less secure than it should’ve been, as our support was a few metres too deep all night, giving the Scottish dual fetchers a chance to slow the ball far too often.

    • Alan Grouse

      The main issue is the workrate and effectiveness of our pack. Pocock does too much work so when we are without him (like last night) we struggle. Moore with only 4 tackles in 60mins, Sio only 5 – Kepu posted more than those two combined. Work rate must improve. Perhaps after such a tough group we are becoming fatigued?

      • How could they have made more tackles? They didn’t wave anyone through. You can only tackle the players who run at you.

    • first time long time

      I think Horne needs to go home now and get Gill or George Smith in now so they are ready in case Pocock not fit. Should have happened a week ago! We have plenty of wing cover just cooling their heals you don’t win a world cup without a dominant 7 and halves.

  • RugbyStu

    Slipper was lucky to get three, thing that annoyed me so much about the intercept was a prop playing at first receiver trying to be a playmaker, should have just charged up the guts I know we are in a time when forwards are multi-skilled but positions do exist for a reason and he should have been focused on doing his particular job as a battering ram.

    • Officer McNulty

      yes but wasnt the backline spreadout and if he charged up he would have been on his own. turnover ball. The player he tried to pass to seemed a long way from him

      • RugbyStu

        Props should run back towards where the other forwards are.

        • Tip

          Firstly, the blame is Slippers.

          Secondly, why the fudge is a forward taking that ball? We have Beale, Giteau and Foley… why all 3 need to be sitting at or outside 2nd receiver is beyond me.

          Thirdly: Hooper mucks up royally here. He runs the complete wrong line and blocks Slipper’s out-the-back-ball to Mitchell, which causes the initial hesitation by Slipper.

          Fourthly: If Slipper is lucky to get a three for a gifted try, and gave away no penalties at scrum time, what is Foley? A 2, by your reckoning.

        • Nutta

          For mine, your points 2 & 3 are the real issues.

    • Garry

      3 playmakers in the team, where were they? Foleys game management in question agan?

      And why are they putting Foley to the wing on defensive scrums? I always felt his grass cutters were his strength

      • Braveheart81

        Beale had carried the ball into the previous breakdown. Foley was there helping secure the breakdown ball. Giteau was one pass further wide than Mitchell (who Slipper unsuccessfully tried to pass the ball to).

    • Braveheart81

      We’ve been using this play all season on our exits. Slipper was meant to truck it up and set it up to retain the ball at the breakdown and then we are closer to centre field for the clearing kick.

      There is the option to send it wider but given it was raining and in the last 5 minutes passing was never the right option.

      Generally it’s been Fardy running this play.

      • Nutta

        Bugger me! Did we just almost agree on something?

        • Funk

          …and so began a beautiful friendship!

        • Braveheart81

          We agree on plenty of rugby things. Less so on the political side of it. I like that you try and provide real insight into discussing the play and back up your comments with analysis.

      • Tip

        Okay, your first sentence is correct.
        Your second is wrong. Your third sentence part right, ditto fourth, but Moore-so than Fardy (pun intended)

        The out-the-back ball wasn’t the option play, it was the play itself. Hooper mucks up our exit strategy by getting in the way of Slippers ball to Mitchell. Wallabies prefer to use the two-pass method before kicking as it causes the openside winger to come up in defense, creating space in the backfield for our left boots of Mitchell & Giteau.
        You can see this is the play by the lack of depth of the Wallabies backs (they are flat on Giteau, so either he or Mitchell were planning on kicking)

        • Braveheart81

          Let’s agree to disagree. Hooper was in the way of a ball going out the back to Mitchell.

          Mitchell wasn’t in a position to kick. He was too shallow.

          Slipper’s available options were to truck it up himself and have TPN and Hooper secure the breakdown or to pass it to TPN one pass wider for him to take the contact and for Hooper to support him (and Slipper to follow in).

        • Tip

          I agree, Mitchell wasn’t in a position to kick, but he was in a position to pass it to the designated kicker (considering the chase-line was on Gits).

    • Nutta

      I am no big fan of Slipper generally. Give me Toby Smith any day for meat & potatoes work. But to be fair, he is doing what his coach wants fronties in his team to do; that being play at being a Distributor in midfield. Can’t blame Slipps for doing what his coach wants. And to take that further, the supporting runners got themselves tangled. That wasn’t Slipps fault either. When I was learning the game I was taught the onus is on me to put myself in a position to catch the ball as passed – I support the ball carrier (not the other way around). All that said, it was a bloody ordinary pass.

      • Nutta, what makes you think Cheika wants him to play distributor in front of the posts?
        RugbyStu is right.
        His job is to take it forward.
        Besides, he telegraphed his intention.
        We won, so I forgive him!

  • wilful

    Very unusual these days for Cheika to leave 3 completely on the bench and only give Phipps 10 minutes. Wonder what his idea was there.

    • Officer McNulty

      if another #10 had played like that he might have been hoiked at half time

      • John

        Unless he was a waratah…

        • Jack Mallick

          Grow up. Which other waratahs does he favour?

    • Tip

      I’d say he was all out of ideas.

      It’s neither here nor there, but it’s funny how the only ones that make it off the bench are the props and the players who he’s coached at provincial level.

      • Lindommer

        Slipper, Holmes, Mumm? Don’t think TGC coached any of that lot.

    • Nick

      He was probably having a mild heart attack much like myself at the time.

    • muglair

      In the context of the game it is hard to see who you would replace. Toomua comes on at 12 for Giteau or 10 for Foley? Cooper would probably have got a run if we had fallen 10 behind or got 20 in front. Hooper has been a go to man for Cheika for a couple of seasons. McMahon for Hooper could have been fine, but a huge call for Cheika.
      The biggest issue was the team looked as energetic as Wales did. They forgot to tell us that getting out of the Pool of Death makes you easy prey for the next predator.
      Half is the big problem. Phipps looks to have settled down a bit, deliberately not pushing the speed of everything he does. However I would be nervous about him starting. On the other hand Genia is pretty ordinary. Best he has played for years. His individual skills are being executed more smoothly and he is fitter but he is still far too slow to the breakdown. Phipps’ most spectacular errors are when he tries to push the tempo and he passes to where he thought someone is going.
      Genia won’t make that error as he checks a 1000 times where everyone is and confirms with them exactly where they are going. In the meantime the ball sits at the back of the ruck or spurts out while he is looking the other way. We might win the Cup but if we don’t with Genia starting I am going to be left wondering for at least 12 years.

  • Nick

    Foley 4 – Below Par.
    One good kick and its “below par”? Should be 2, or 3 at best.
    That was probably the worst performance of an Australian 10 in 3 years.

    • Antony

      Man we must have watched a different game.

      • Tip

        If costing your team 16 points is a 4, I’d hate to see what a 2 or a 3 looks like :s

        • Graeme

          He created the almost try, and the dropped pass was as much Mitchells fault as his. It wasn’t a good pass, but it did come off Mitchells shoulder meaning he could have caught it.
          Also his kicking wasn’t that bad, they were all difficult kicks. He played fairly well apart from the charge-down.

        • Who?

          “Also his kicking wasn’t that bad, they were all difficult kicks.”

          Exactly. Just a shame no one applied that logic to Quade.

          We should be fairer with ALL our goal kickers. None of them are Halfpenny/Farrell!

        • Parker

          Grammar arsehole here, “None of them is” as none is not a plural and therefore must be followed by a singular verb. Rule 11.9!

        • Who?

          ‘None’, along with ‘There’, often feels wrong with a singular verb to me… There should, in theory, always have a singular verb, but much of the time the object (which effectively defines the quantity/plurality of the subject) is plural. An example would be:
          There was fifty goal kickers.
          It’s just wrong. It sounds so much better as:
          There were fifty goal kickers.
          Maybe I should’ve written ‘Not one of them is Halfpenny/Farrell’… That would’ve felt better.

        • whig

          From googling “is none singular or plural”, the general consensus seems to be that “none” can mean either “not one” or “not any”. In the first case, it is singular, and would be “not one of them is”. In the second case, it’s plural, and would be “not any of them are”. So if that holds any weight, it appears we are all correct, and all wrong.

          PS – apologies for the name calling, that was uncalled for.

        • Whig

          “Them” is plural you tool. Should call yourself grammar tool.

        • AndyS

          No he’s correct. The verb ‘is’ refers to the ‘none’. ‘of Them’ is really just describing which ‘none’ and has no bearing on the verb. Saying ‘none of them are…’ is like saying ‘the ugly one are…’

        • Nah, it’s a common fallacy. From the Oxford Dictionaries:
          “It is sometimes held that none can only take a singular verb, never a plural verb: none of them is coming tonight rather than noneof them are coming tonight. There is little justification, historical or grammatical, for this view. None is descended from Old English nān meaning ‘not one’ and has been used for around a thousand years with both a singular and a plural verb, depending on the context and the emphasis needed.”

    • MrJones

      Come off it – what game were you watching?

    • Waz_dog

      3 – Bad game. Bobas failed to mention the charge down and using he played 80mins doesn’t not give weighting for the affirmative – all flyhalves pre req is 80mins on the field.

      • Bobas

        re foley: “managed to chip kick into his opposite number resulting in a Scottish try.”

        It wasn’t a charge down anyway it was a clean catch.
        Plus no one gets extra marks for playing the full 80mins unless they have the workload to match.

        • Waz_dog

          He had a bad game plain and simple Bobas – 3. You know what would be really good article for the GAGR pundits – highlights/lowlights clips of foleys 4 game v qc 2 game. See if the ratings really do stack up.

        • Bobas

          you might want to check the authors on the respective articles.

  • Nick

    I thought Genia had his best game in 2 years, seemed like the backline was too deep and we struggled to penetrate in close, making most of the meters by going around their defense.
    I could hear the gasp of concern from the Aussies in the crowd all the way back in Aus, when Phipps took the field with 10 to go… Who would have thought slipper would be the one to throw that ridiculous intercept, I would have put $$$ on Phipps being the culprit!

    • Simon

      I’m not sure Phipps would have been accurate enough to have that pass intercepted.

      • Pedro

        Probably force another yellow card for a deliberate knock on.

        • Simon

          Either that, or the Scottish 13 would have positioned himself perfectly for the intercept, then watched it sail a few feet over his head.

  • Bay35Pablo

    far more realistic than the rose coloured glasses over at the Terror/Nus site.

    • Tip

      Glasses as Rose as the Waratah

      (The flower, that is)

  • hugo

    I have been a critic of AAC since the first time he played 13, however I freely admit that I was wrong – I love him. It was wonderful to have a genuine attacking threat at 15 – good under the bomb, pace, and wonderful hands – Folau is great but he cannot pass like Beale – mind you I am still to forgive Beale for his behaviour last year.

  • kp

    Harsh ratings for Sio and Simmons.

    Sio did not give away scrum penalties – they were gifted by Scotland illegally boring in at a 30 degree angle. Joubert missed that and Wales pinched 9 points as a result (Scotland really should not complain about a penalty going against them at the end when they got away with murder at scrum time).

    Simmons too played better than 4 – that lineout steal resulted in a try.

    • Larkhage

      What game were you watching?

      • Tip

        Wales is to the West.

        Scotland’s to the north.

        Agree re: Simmons. Simmons lines up at Pillar at the ruck, Genia sprints from behind the ruck to cover blind side. (Halfback always patrols area behind the ruck) Shit communication all round. Players should have been alert and folding across.

      • kp

        Oops – my bad – Scotland

    • Braveheart81

      He did give away scrum penalties. Whether or not they were entirely deserved doesn’t really matter. They still count the same.

    • Utah

      Nel also not taking the hit and hinging on at least one occasion where Sio was penalised for collapsing.

    • muglair

      Agree with Braveheart. The Wallaby position is that we have to take the referee out of the equation.
      We may have, or (as we are Australian supporters) probably, leapt onto the scrum is a weapon bandwagon a bit too quickly. My English uncle tipped months ago that we would go through the Pool and England would be tipped out. One of the main reasons was that he thought our scrum was on the improve and Wales and England were the two weakest scrums in the 6 nations. We will find out for real next week and that might be the defining point of the Cup.

  • matt

    In relation to “that” penalty…
    the ball leaves the lineout and Scotland number 7 tries to gather the ball, spilling it forward where it bounces off a combination of Strauss and Phipps, hits the deck and the scottish front rower jumps on the ball from an offside position and kills the ball dead along with any chance australia had at playing advantage.
    there is nothing controversial here at all. that’s the rule. a player in an offside position plays the ball or interferes with a player after a knock on, preventing the team from playing advantage, its a penalty. if the prop is onside, then its a scrum. but he’s offside. it’s a penalty.

    • Tip

      Phipps touches it, and knocks it backwards.

      #8 from Scotland tries to catch it, grazes his hand, and continues travelling in the direction Phipps hit it (therefore knock on)
      #18, standing directly infront of #8, see’s this, but still tries to catch the ball that has been knocked forward.

      Therefore penalty.
      Joubert made the right call, but on the wrong player.

      • matt

        i see the knock on from scotland 7 before hand. as soon as it leaves the lineout, he traces around the lineout and fumbles the ball forward into phipps/strauss, then it gets knocked from there to scotland 8. i must admit the angle i see isn’t great for where the 8 hits it, but yes, 18 is then offside when he kills it.

        • Tip

          His hand definitely grazes it. Human Fingers do not move in that direction without force applied.

          I lack the appropriate restraint and level-headedness to make a proper post and explanation on Reddit/TheRoar/G&GR, so I’ll just sit here on my ladder of wisdom and righteousness and enjoy the despair of the uninformed masses.

    • Saus

      Have a look at World Rugby law 11.7 link and play
      the video – looks like they’re
      habitual offenders it seems ;-)


      • Sportsdaft

        Law 11.7 only applies if the offside player is the next to play the ball. Phipps played the ball after the knock-on and before the second Scottish player caught it. He (Phipps) did not catch it thus Law 11.3 (c) applies and the Scottish player is NOT offside. The correct ruling should have been a scrum with a Gold put in.

  • Larkhage

    I think it’s okay to be harsh in these circumstances.

    • Cramps


  • Cramps

    I reckon these ratings are about right, although Gits is a bit hard done by.

    Certainly something strange going on with Sio. I reckon we were unlucky on the penalties at scrum time, but the front row certainly lost the battle in the first half.

    How many brain farts are we able to conjur in a match? Simmons, Foley, Slipper – at least we didn’t get carded…

    • Bobas

      Quade Cooper’s cousin got carded. Although I didn’t agree with it either. They have to get rid of that dinosauric slap-down rule.

      • Klaus

        Disagree it’s a blight on the game and stops good tries being scored. Right call and correct ruling with the card

      • Who?

        Think it’s a family-thing. As in, “He’s from Tokoroa – let’s hand out soft yellows!” :-P
        I like the slap down law, but I don’t agree that he slapped the ball down. Slapping the ball down is a blight on the game, and should be penalized and even carded. But Maitland wasn’t clearly slapping the ball down. There was room for argument either way, so I think he should have the benefit of the doubt…

  • Nutta

    I thought TPN added some real physicality when he came on. I would have given Gits, Fardy and Dougy an extra point each

    • Tip

      Kane Douglas has spent the last two months watching nothing but Dan Vickerman ’11 match tapes. He’s mental

      The man was barely 80% fit, but proved that it’s 90% between the ears. If you go into every point of contact literally thinking “i’m going to hurt this bastard”, then your contact is going to be swell

      Controlled, channeled aggression. It’s a thing of beauty that has been lacking for years.
      I was wrong on Douglas, sorry Cheika.

      • Nutta

        Vicky, Maddness (McMenimen), Chainsaw McCall, Garrick Morgan (when his head was screwed on)… it’s nice to have a big sledgehammer in your side. I was so disappointed when Thorn went to the Cru/AB’s after playing State of Origin for Queensland.

        • Tip

          It’s a shame about Madness’ body not allowing him to reach his angry potential.

      • Good on you Tip!
        Douglas allows Simmons to be our lineout caller despite lacking grunt. He works for both of them!

  • AlanDownunder

    Funny how Beale was just about the only Wallaby who didn’t have a “Kurtley moment”.

  • Londoner39

    I do agree Foley’s running game was good which is at least a positive…..given rest of his game not so good. But do wonder part of it was due to being behind a well beaten pack.
    Foley showed enough in recent games that deserves to start and the kicking was not as good and sure made a couple of howlers which kept his score down (e.g getting kicked charged down when changed his mind) but I am enjoying at least him employing his good running game as nearly scored a try with one of his early darts.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    All Blacks won RWC 2011 by 1 point & they’re the freaking Champions. We edge Scotland by a point & we r the world’s most hated Team? The whole team should take responsibility for relying on a penalty to win it. Player ratings should also have coach ratings. Calm down bitches! Bernard Foley crashed the English Chariot. He’ll be the chosen one to deliver us.

    • Nick

      I agree but Tyrone, I was very hurt that you carjacked me that time.

  • An 8 for Beale – how good is it to have him back !
    Well played to Scotland, they were awesome.

  • Mike Thompson

    I thought Sio was very unlucky with Joubert’s rulings.

    • Wallaby Legion

      Agreed. I am hoping G&GR have been trawling spider cam for the coverage of the scrums from above. About the only good thing that ridiculous camera is good for is dissecting the lines of force in the scrums.

      I haven’t watched a replay, so take this with a grain of salt, but I’m certain that Joe Marler must have been chatting to WP Nel. I saw his bore work on multiple occasions. While I appreciate it is difficult to rule on what is happening in scrums, when the scrums consistently shifts in a direction that is the antithesis of two forces colliding head on you can’t keep putting it down to being a coinkydink. That kind of shizz reeks of bad angles.

      • Utah

        One of the later scrum penalties against Sio should have gone the other way. Nel didn’t take the hit, took a step back, and then hinged, forcing Sio to collapse.

        • dd99

          I shouted exactly that at the game and got bollocked by a very partisan crowd. I think Joubert was influenced by the crowd – until the end.

        • stu

          The Scottish 6 changed his bind that many times to target Sio. Watch the reply and the shots from the spider cam. At times he was even in front of Nel

        • Utah

          I remember seeing that at the time and thinking WTF, why isn’t he blowing the whistle.

        • Nutta

          I think it was in the early 1920’s or similar when the AB’s toured Oz and later SA with a 2man front row. They played effectively with 2 TH’s and 3 Locks. They didn’t win by striking but rather by splitting the opposing scrum down the centre. In those days you fought for the loose-head on engagement so alternatively they just gave up the LH for a more focussed pressure on the Hooker. Apparently they put a half dozen opposing Hookers in hospital seriously messed up. Would have loved to have seen it (car-crash-love y’know?) The pic above has some similarities…

  • apanelofanalysts

    G&GR Player Rating – 4 Below Par

  • MungBean

    Incredibly harsh on Slipper. Why was he at first receiver? He should not have been put in that position. Where were Foley/Phipps?

    • Seriously? Well, Phipps was the halfback at the ruck, and Foley was part of the ruck. No one “put” Slipper there.

      • MungBean

        What? The team couldn’t organise another first receiver?

    • Braveheart81

      Why didn’t he just take the ball into contact? He had TPN and Hooper there to support him at the breakdown and secure the ball.

      It was a pretty obvious play in that situation.

      A tight forward is generally at first receiver when the play is to hit the ball up into contact.

      • MungBean

        Not when he was isolated like he was, he shouldn’t have. The Wallabies should’ve had a kicker at first receiver to clear it.

        • Braveheart81

          Slipper wasn’t isolated at all. TPN and Hooper were right there with him to secure the breakdown.

  • MungBean

    After poring over the footage, I stand corrected. Phipps played the ball…after Strauss played it after John Hardie knocked it forward. Penalty. Correct decision. Same result. I’ll be here all week.

  • I think this set of ratings betrays a common response to this flawed but still well contested game.

    The fact that you made Kuridrani MOM with 8, yet marked Hooper at 5 when his work rate was higher, is mystifying.
    The reality was that the whole team was playing as if they’d overslept, yet still scored five tries, (IMO six)!
    Scotland has been lauded but the implication here is they did well to push Australia, where we should be judged on a different standard that seems to imply we would have been correct to take them lightly and you expected us to smash them!
    In reality, this was a quarter final in a World Cup series which saw us essentially in a knockout comp from the beginning and playing tough matches each and every week.
    The fact that the team did not surrender when all was lost for me in my armchair with 5 minutes to go, was impressive and given a metaphoric exclamation point when Foley, after a poor first half, stepped up to take a relatively difficult kick to win the match at the death knell!
    You gave him a 4 bobas!
    Sorry, you get a 4 from me!
    Let’s make it a three for poor Aussie team support!!

    • Who?

      G&GR’s full of support for the Wallabies, but player ratings – which are ALWAYS hotly contested – are an attempt at objectivity. If you think Foley genuinely played well, then sure, you can give him more than a 4. But do you really think that was anywhere near his best..? One goal kick – making up for three earlier missed ones which would’ve meant that same late penalty wasn’t a pressure kick – doesn’t make a rating. And I say that whilst being a little more relaxed about his missed conversions (which were all tough kicks) than most.
      It’s the same for the rest. It’s not about supporting them – we’ll all support every player in Gold before and while they’re on the field. As does Cheika, by selecting them. But I’m sure Cheika doesn’t lie to them when they’ve played a bad game, and I’m sure he tells them when they’ve done well.
      So just relax, feel safe in the knowledge we all want Bill to move here permanently, and skip to the next article. :-)

    • Bobas

      Well mate, like Foley, you get a foxsports 8 –
      “Comparing the work-rate of an outside-centre with an open-side flanker.”

      Also a lot of commentators on here think I should have given Foley less. He made multiple errors and one giant one that almost cost us the game.

      We played our worse game of the campaign so and the ratings reflect that. If we got rid of our 3 big errors leading to Scotland tries, they score 19 less points.


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