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Wallabies player ranking vs USA

Wallabies player ranking vs USA

It all came good in the end, but what are your Wallabies player ranking versus the USA?
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  • jamie

    McMahon has to be MOTM.

    Genia made Phipps look like a pancake.

    Tatafu is no longer a lineout liability, his throwing was solid.

    Foley’s kicking was good.

    Needs more gelling. Palu has to be relegated to ‘below-bench’ status

    Also. McMahon is our closest non-pooper thing we have to a pooper. On the bench. Good in the air too in the lineout, despite his heights

    • Marcus Pontmercy

      Mcmahon was given only one chance this year so far and he seized it. Granted it was against a 2nd tier opponent i understand what the hype around this young man is about

    • idiot savant

      I dont think Genia made Phipps look like a pancake. Do you mean flat? Like others have said, its easier to look good against tired legs. And the wind went out of the Eagles sail about the time Genia came on. What I did notice is that Genia’s first few passes didnt have the usual number of steps beforehand. Thats what he has refused to do for the last couple of years. If he can do that consistently we might get back a weapon.

  • Hitcho

    It appears there are 4 blind people that have voted on player rankings for this game, with 4 X thumbs down for McMahon. People need to get off the gas or invest in a guide dog.

  • UB14

    What did phipps do so badly?

    • Simon

      Couldn’t handle pressure at the breakdown (partly ref’s fault for letting the Eagles get away with too much) and was much too slow in getting the ball out. Eagles had fantastic line speed which meant they were always smothering us. As soon as Genia came on the change was instant.

      • UB14

        furry muff. a worse ranking than palu is harsh though.. ouch

      • Mike

        Translation – Phipps did the hard work, and Genia came on when WBs changed their game plan at half time to deal with USA rush defence.

        • Sambo

          What was the change in game plan?

        • It happens every game under Cheika. The ‘finishers play to a different plan eg. more direct. Stop blaming and start watching

        • The hard work? He made hard work of the US. No running game. Allowed the big US forwards and pick off the wallies.

      • Stin

        Phipps had no protection around the rucks.

        • Tim G

          Mate I am building up the same amount of confidence in Nick Phipps for the cauldron of Twickenham as I have with Quade Cooper in the fortress of Eden Park. The bloke may be the best in NSW, but he ain’t an international calibre halfback.

        • Simon

          Yes, I meant to add that as well after my comment about it being partly the ref’s fault. Also partly our fault for not committing enough men to the breakdown which let the Eagles come round the side as soon as the ball was judged to be out of the ruck (which if you only have one man in the ruck, doesn’t take much).

    • Rob Malcolm

      Good question. Ridiculous marking down. Phipps fires straight away, which means that when we do sort out our attacking alignment we will have the time/space to put runners into gaps. He played pretty well!
      Genia comes on at the 60 min mark when Eagles are buggered and looks good. But Genia’s style of pick it up and then pass is much slower, and that won’t work when defences are fresh and against higher quality, as we saw in the first half versus South Africa in Brisbane.
      And that box kick? Nic White got (rightly) pilloried for that last season. I hope Chieks has a quiet word to him and that is the last box kick we see on this tour.

      • Sambo

        Mate… Obviously Phipps needed to start asking questions of the Eagles back line by taking it to the line or taking the extra step. Eagles knew Phipps was going to pass straight away and they nailed their man. Phipps is too one dimensional.

        • DReido

          Hush your mouth sir. How dare you talk about a Waratah like that. Did you not know that you can be killed for such an outburst. Especially when you’ve also ranked a Red better. Better head for ze hills!

        • dane

          Agree. Fast service is important but so is variation, esp. against a rush defence.

        • Big Ted

          Up x 10 mate. If Genia did nothing else, he kept the Eagles more honest around the rucks and slowed their rush defence by asking questions around the ruck, rather than playing his one trick to death. I fear whilst ever he is on the field, a rush defence that is well organised is a real risk to our campaign.

      • jamie

        Are you joking? Phipps was woeful

        • TB

          Phipps was horrid passing was erratic and the decision making was poor. The bloke can’t put the bal out in front of someone. Every pass was at the man and not in front and they were high or low. Piss poor effort that

        • brumby runner

          He was pretty much below par. The detail was that he was unusually slow to get to the breakdown and to get the ball out. He was caught at the base of the ruck on a couple of occasions and he was even beaten to the ball at the back of one ruck. His passing was also not very accurate and combined with the slowness of delivery put the rest of the backline under a lot of pressure.

          On top of that, he is very much one dimensional as others have mentioned so the defense really don’t have to consider what he might do, but can be quite sure of exactly what he will do.

    • Gottsy

      I marked him down because he seemed to panic when the defense was rushing. i didn’t think he controlled the game well and was a key contributor to the game being so scrappy.

  • Straith

    Saw so many faults with Phipps out there. Too much delaying when the ball was present trying to milk penalties and deciding what to do when the ball was in danger… Our ruck defence was pretty horrid but Genia came on and moved the ball on quickly before anything could go wrong.
    If you’re playing against the bloody Eagles I can’t understand why as a halfback you would want to slow down the rest of your team when you can destroy their defense with fast running rugby.

    Genia also seemed to have better direction/control by thinking phases in advance and working our attack, he didn’t miss a beat and kept us going forward. Too much risk with Phipps. He shouldn’t be looking out of his depth against a team like USA.

    • jrsONE

      I agree. Genia did a much better job of dealing with the pressure that was coming from the USA at each ruck. The game in Sydney against the ABs, and this game, leave the impression that Phipps needs the ref to protect him at the ruck. He appears to lose his cool, and control of the pace at which the game is played.

  • LoveThePoop

    Genia is rubbish!! Any good work he does is undone by piss poor box kicks!! surely he has been told to pick his timing better with them yet he will do it after only 3,4 or 5 phases even if we are on the front foot with an opportunity to attack… It’s a bad habit that loses games of rugby

    • Robbo_76

      So Phipps’ box kick out on the full was better? We were beginning to turnover ball when Genia played his box kick. At the next phase of play, we turned over and scored? So you can’t criticise Genia and favour Phipps for the same thing when the outcome of Phipps’ wa so much worse…

      • LoveThePoop

        I didn’t mention Phipps did I? None of our halfbacks have stepped up consistently this year and it’s probably our biggest issue… Atleast in the 2nd row we have numours options but at halfback we are limited… The only good thing is that Genia and Phipps play 2 completely different styles so selecting based on what the opposition will do may workout well rather than sticking with one throughout the whole tournament

  • Farthing

    Since the first test this year the replacement scrum half has looked like a sensation compared to the starting one. Phipps, White and now Genia have all had a turn of being the second half savior. Fact is it’s easier to be fresh legs amongst tired ones when your playing frantic Cheika football.
    If Skelton ever wanted a decent ranking on this site he should slot in at halfback for the last 10 minutes.

  • dane

    Probably fair to say that of the starting XV, only phipps, foley giteau, horne, simmons and Douglas would likely start vs England and Wales.

    • jamie

      Horne? No way. Phipps? Hope not but probably

      • TheMountain

        Horne is almost a lock in

        • jamie

          Horne has done absolutely nothing this season to deserve a starting wing spot, and did absolutely nothing in the Eagles game. Mitchell > Horne.

        • Simon

          Horne’s done the most important thing to deserve a starting wing spot – pulled on a blue jersey!

        • jamie

          As much as I hate to agree with you… Cheika may be going with what he knows…

        • Simon

          It’s just human nature. I don’t subscribe to the Great Tah Conspiracy, but in this case I feel it’s hard to argue with the view that Cheika is struggling to avoid the bias of going with what he knows. It’s a strong argument for keeping the Wallaby and Super coaches well separated.

        • He’s there for his defensive abilities.
          As for attack, he hasn’t blown one opportunity!

        • TheMountain

          despite being the most consistent Super rugby winger all this season and last? the only thing to hold against him was his injury. Horne suffered from receiving 0 ball from a very poor outside centre cameo

        • jamie

          No pace. If we have AAC on one wing we need a winger with pace (or, that can kick)

      • dane

        Sorry, Should have read ‘possible’ instead of likely. Horne is the best of all options defensively which is vital in our wingers if we continue playing our flyhalf in the backfield.

  • Gilbert

    Mc Calman had a good game, McMahon loved his attitude it comes from being 21 and hungry deserved his MOTM. Douglas was absent why he is there who the F*ck knows. Palu well he has done his dash should be sent home, looks tired and old. Tomane is not consistent enough and played himself out of a starting spot. Thought Genia made a difference. Foley kicked well. But the backs did not really fire. Speight does not put enough spark into trying to get there on kick and chase. Felt generally that the Wobblies did not show enough respect, they need to go forward before going wide. They lack the killer instinct and the attitude that they need to win back Bill. I think about Owen Finegan Kefu and the 99 Wallabies, that team kept on keeping on. Why did Quade kick possession away at the 79 minute after playing so much rugby he is meant to have brain smarts??? Not many dominant tackles. We have no fetcher in the front 8 apart from Pocock. I think Pepyer sucks as a ref god it should have been a penalty against the Eagles for not releasing when Tomane held on. Aah the refs will be a problem at the world cup.

  • I absolutely hate the man, and I feel sick just typing this but… Kurtley Beale played well.

    • Simon

      He’s always been better in broken play, and playing at fullback against the Eagles is about as broken as it’s going to get. If Beale doesn’t play well there, there aren’t many situations he’s going to have a better chance!

    • ‘Hate’ is strong. Conceding he played well is the first step in a happier life. Good on ya’!

    • onlinesideline

      how the hell you could use “hate” is utterly repulsive. You may not have liked a couple of things he did / said but to say “hate the man” – he’s a kid in his mid twenties – we all screwed up once or twice – YOU need to grow up .. yeah, yeah – sure your free to say what you want – but you need to grow up.

      btw – he seems like a nice kid to me

      • Whig

        Well said onlinesideline.

        I’m not surprised Beale played well at fullback, and I don’t understand why we keep playing him at 12 or 10. I know he’s a good player in those roles, but he’s a great player in the outside backs. Sure, Israel has fullback sown up, but surely he can play wing. And it’s not like we have any wingers owning the position at the moment.

  • Having already read a few reports and watching the game, I am again interested to see the wide range in peoples opinions. For me, the first half was laboured, frustrating and well below a no 2. rated team. I would suggest that it was what it was because of the inability of Phipps and Foley to create anything… At all… Against the US! One of the commentators nailed in one when saying while Phipps has a dead eye and quick pass, it is at the significant expense of his running game. I would also agree that this is a major flaw in his game heading into the world cup and one we can not afford to risk. Genia is Australia’s only world class 9.when he is on his game and thankfully, it would seem like that it is coming. The two other points I would suggest delved into insanity was playing QC in the outside backs… Again… How did that go last time check? And the second, how the hell is palu anywhere near the team sheet? Horrible rugby to watch. Mcmohan and gits nailed it… In a bad side.

    • Stin

      I don’t disagree much but Foley did create the Phipps try.

      • He scored himself too!

      • I would suggest that that is what needs to happen (ten and nine scoring or creating opportunity), and again, he should have done a lot more against an apparently much less worthy opposition. If anyone should be scoring or creating tries, it is Foley. they should have been putting the US in more pressure situations by attacking more competently but they did not. Running against them would have been ideal. how many times did the wings get the ball? Giteau at least tried however, he was flat also. very little urgency…

    • Gottsy

      Agree with everything except that we were poor in the first half because of Phipps and foley. that was definitely a team effort haha

    • brumby runner

      I agree with all observations except about Giteau. He was actually outplayed by the Eagles’ No 12. He didn’t offer a lot in attack and lost the ball on a couple of occasions in the tackle, as he has done too often since his return to the Wallabies.

      I wholeheartedly agree that the poor team performance in the first half (it was essentially a NH 10 man rugby display) was down to the poor form of Phipps, Foley and Giteau.

  • Got a taste of World Cup refereeing here. Different standards applied for minnows.
    Foley is the best 10 in Oz. You’d have to be ‘one-eyed’ and probably ‘Red-eyed’ to mark him down on today’s performance.
    Nick Phipps will be our starting halfback.
    You mark him down but he’s the only half capable of executing Cheika’s game plan.
    This has Phipps having to run back and forward from one side of the field to the other, following the widely swinging change in point of attack. Not sure it works for attack, but I’ll give Cheika the benefit of the doubt. Regardless Phipps has to run more metres than Hooper
    But Phipps is following the game plan so blame the coach !
    Did you notice his try? Did you notice Foley’s try and try assists? Did you notice he only missed one shot at goal? His line kicking was good too.Guess you chose not to.
    Tell us who you want at 10 and we’ll know what province you barrack for.
    But please remember Foley was the 10 for the top performing Oz team for the last two years.
    The other stand out in the negatives list was Douglas. IMO the average punter can’t evaluate locks and I’d say this proves it.
    How can you give Douglas a negative when he was the dominant lineout receiver and maul spearhead, our scrum was dominant and he was working hard at the breakdown.
    On Douglas’s scoring alone, you can see the trolls are out and the point of the scores is questionable.

    • jamie

      Want Toomua-Giteau or Giteau-Toomua 10-12.

      OH, I’m a rebels supporter…

      PS Douglas had a fairly standard lock’s game. Glad to see him do well against a minnow oppsition

      • Did Douglas deserve a negative rating?
        Did Gits stand out compared to Foley?

        • jamie

          Eh, he didn’t do anything spectacular in the game he should’ve. And yes Gits was strong in defence (did you see his opposition 12?!?!) and straightened the attack

        • idiot savant

          Gits was our best back.

    • idiot savant

      I think you are right about Phipps but wrong about Douglas. I believe the speed of Phipps delivery is one of the most important factors in our RWC chances. No other half comes close to matching him on that skill. And I have always said there is no more exhausting position than half back.

      With Kane, well his job is to take line out ball and hit rucks. If he cant do that against the 16th rated side in the world there would be something wrong. But tight 5 players have to carry the ball and tackle. Maybe his fitness affected his workrate and I think he was OK but no world beater.

      • Redman

        Sadly Phipps is crucial to Cheika’s game plan which means to get to the core of it, opposition sides are going to attack Phipps very hard. As we have consistently seen in big matches this year, no Wallaby player gets more rattled when put under the pump and thrown off his game than Phipps. It is further complicated by having an inexperienced Foley, or maverick Cooper outside him in the No. 10 jersey. Sure Cheika’s can default to Will Genia, but that puts the whole game plan under pressure.

        • idiot savant

          Smart observation about other teams recognising how vital Phipps is to the game plan. Im not sure Phipps gets more rattled than any other targeted player. eg. QC? But what other game plan can beat the All Blacks? We saw what happened at White speed which is quicker than Genia speed. Phipps passing speed is exactly what the All Blacks have been doing for years. Its our best chance.

      • Adrian

        100% right idiot re both Phipps and Douglas, AND that’s what Cheika wants.
        He’s the coach, and it’s his gameplan

    • galumay

      The “ratings’ are complete nonsense, how can you even have negative ratings for a pro player in a team sport? Its just light entertainment for ignorant fans who slavishly follow a S15 team based on their location. Just ignore.

    • Gottsy

      Calm your farm big fella. It’s just ratings, which is based on people’s opinions of what they saw. It’s a bit harsh to say that everyone that doesn’t have the same opinion as you is wrong and doesn’t know what they are talking about. People probably think that the players you mention didn’t do too well because we were so poor in the first half, someone has to get the blame for that- and generally that’s going to be the players involved. Down voting someone because you think they had a bad game and calling for their heads because you don’t support the team they play for at provincial level are to totally different things.

  • qwas

    why are we always terrible against terrible teams

    • We won by a country mile! Cheer up, Ee aw!

      • qwas

        fair point

  • Raytah

    Best performance i’ve seen from an Australian no.2 for ages. Wish TPN could bring that to the table every week! Macmahon and Slipper also excellent. Sio still first choice for me.

  • jamie

    You forgot Palu

  • Sambo

    I lost count how many times he was offside… Sometimes I wish he wasn’t so good at running the lineout

  • UB14

    I’m with you Jamie.

    Can someone explain why Radike is not our starting 8? He’s a lot better than ben m, higgers and definitely better than palu (anyone who can catch is better than palu)

  • Timbo

    He’s 500 years old.

  • jamie

    Because he’s about 400 and hasn’t played a super rugby game this season, let alone a wallabies game. Wishful thinking when Pocock is arguably the best loose forward in the world

  • aj

    why not Ita Vaea

  • dane

    Because Radike is like 84 years of age.

  • UB14

    that’s not a reason.

  • But, he doesn’t look a a minute over 450 !

  • UB40

    suppose we play the fooper (fardy, hooper and pocock at 6/7/8), what do you think england and wales will do? kick all bloody game and give us lineout after lineout is what they’ll do. without 3 jumpers and only ONE guy who can throw straight (Moore), we are in a precarious place…….

    fooper is tempting and a gamble, but fardy, pocock/hooper and samo is much more formidable and hard for cunning english and welsh outfits to exploit as they surly will against a weak pooper lineout

  • GoMelbRebels

    Technically he did play a Super Rugby game this season – came on in the second half for the Rebels in an early sesaon game.

  • Mike

    Radike huh? Why not Toutai while you are at it?

  • UB14

    age means nothing. performance is everything. radike is the best 8 in australia. without super rugby this season it’s an issue, as we saw with rocky in 2007 (he was in the form of his life playing for Leinster) but why playing in 2011 he was horrible, simply due to lack of game time after his injury.

    in summary, we have one example of an older loose forward getting picked coming back from injury and admittedly it failed.

    he’s fast, not fragile like palu, performs superbly in the line out, clears out rucks, mauls like a champion, and punishes in defence. also good interplay with backs

  • Farthing

    No no get Willie O out there. He’s really bulked up since his retirement so he should be unstoppable.

  • UB14

    I agree.. he’s an animal. And he’s better than his highlights reel shows.. he was devastating and created opportunity after opportunity for toomua/kuridrani all season by running hard lines inside of the 10..

    he and samo are our best 8s. forget maccalman and palu shouldn’t have played in green and gold in 2015. big selection error.

  • Stin

    I prefer Focker.

  • jamie

    Fardy is our best jumper apart from Simmons…

    Simmons, Horwill (I wish) and Fardy work well in tandem. Simmons, Douglas/Mumm and Fardy will do.

  • Simon

    There’s nothing wrong with Fardy as a jumper if you play Pooper. You just need two jumping locks which means no Skelton. Which many people would consider a double bonus. If necessary, bring Skelton in off the bench in the last 15 or so, and sub out either Pocock or Hooper with a jumping 8 like McCalman.

  • UB14

    haha.. fardy/pocock/samo or fardy/hooper/samo all the way.. Foops or Focks.. solid across the park and in the lineout

  • Avid

    … good sentiments – best to keep digging though.

  • Foxcatcher

    Luke Jones should be wearing the 5 jersey if we want someone to run the line out (2nd most lineout takes in Super Rugby) and actually make an impact around the field, Simmons is so overrated being a ‘lineout general’. He’s nothing but a liability.

  • Er ……..jumping, and running the lineout, are different!
    Douglas acted as receiver again and again, successfully. He wasn’t calling.
    Jones like Carter is a lightweight, so good as he is he isn’t what Cheika requires.

  • Foxcatcher

    He still ran the lineout for the rebels and did a good job of it, the fact was to show his reliability.

  • Dom Par

    Being a lightweight lock isn’t a problem if the other lock is a hard bastard, e.g. rettalick, thorne, b. botha, pape.

    In Australia look at how Timani complemented Jones, or Horwill complemented Simmons (ok not the last 2 seasons)

    Our problem is we have no-one to fit that mould of an abrasive rough prick, so our softer lineout calling locks like Simmons and Carter are found out.

  • Who?

    Looked pretty good scoring today… Until the head clash with Saia. :-(
    Get what you’re saying though. We should be looking at the future. Which is Vaea. But we can’t play him with Skelton (much like Palu).


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