Wallabies player ratings vs Wales - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies player ratings vs Wales

Wallabies player ratings vs Wales


1. Scott Sio

_Scott_Sio rwcAnother seven for Sio, he was dominant on his side of the scrum and busy around the park, he also assisted a key tackle, holding up George North whilst they had a two man advantage. 62mins for 7 tackles. 7

2. Stephen Moore

_Stephen_MooreMoore followed up his good form from last week with another great display. The cuts to his bald head showed his grit and determination and his respectful but direct communications with Joubert went a long way to ensuring the win. (Marched ten metres for slowing the play, but no marks off as it didn’t put the kicker in range.) 66mins for 7 tackles. 7

3. Sekope Kepu

_Sekope_KepuLay-ed the platform in the scrums, needed treatment a few times on his ribs (is he okay). Almost saved the day by scooping one into touch only to knock on. 55mins for 5 tackles. 6

4. Kane Douglas

Kane_Douglas“Dare-Devil Douglas” or Dougy as he likes to be called, has done it again. Ferocious for the whole 80 minutes, topped the tackle count with 15, one of those (with the help of Moore) was a try saver on Liam Williams. 8

5. Dean Mumm

Unlucky yellow card (softer than QC’s v Uruguay) put us under immense pressure, but with 20/20 hindsight a Wallaby supporter wouldn’t change a thing. He won a turnover which was my take on his inclusion over Simmons with Hooper out. Not subbed 9 tackles for his 70mins. 6

6. Scott Fardy

_Scott_FardyOne sparkle away from a seven last week, everywhere for 80mins this week. Scotty was two tackles off Douglass effort and went toe to toe with Pocock forcing two clutch turnovers. Changed the match when he gifted the Wallabies an insanely valuable 3 points early in the 2nd half after being illegally cleaned out, putting them up by six. 9 – G&GR MOTM

7. Sean McMahon

Really tried to replicate Hooper’s presence in the team, came out chasing kick off and trying to fire his team up on defence. Gave away a ruck penalty right in front of sticks. He’ll be 25 at the Japan World Cup. 48 minutes for 7 tackles. 6

8. David Pocock

_David_PocockOur best ball runner against what was, until the final ten minutes, exceptionally good Welsh defence. That coupled with a couple of almost expected Pocock steals to relieve the pressure. 10 tackles in his 59 minutes… Here’s hoping his calves are too big for a tear to keep him out of the game next week. 7

9. Will Genia

Will_GeniaGood service despite exceptional Welsh line-speed, which can’t be said for others outside him, a great bootlace tackle on Faletau taking the ball out of a scrum in the red zone early in the 2nd half. He’s already come out and said he’d give away that yellow again, but I think he would have been regretting it, especially when Mumm came and sat next to him. A trademark snipe away from a seven. 6

10. Bernard Foley

_Bernard_FoleyWe were looking for consistency from Foley but only got it on defence. He was very good with an early try saver, holding up of George North the highlight, 6/6 tackles. Needed more variety in attack (there was space behind the ruck) and when shifting it wide needed to be more accurate. Had a clearance charged down and kicked 5/6 penalties. 6

11. Drew Mitchell

Didn’t have too many chances but made one great line-break out of nothing beating three defenders on a kick return. Unfortunately this was only one of two carries in his 66 minutes on the field and he was only 5/7 in the tackling department. 5

12. Matt Giteau

Matt_GiteauLucky he got lots of practise in with his clean up work last game. Giteau must have one of the hardest chests to hit with a rugby ball, but did well with the terrible passing he got. Good kicking game, featuring a right-foot clearance and half ending 56m attempted penalty (should have used his right). Like Mitchell Giteau also fell off two tackles (6/8) in his 66 minutes. 6

13. Tevita Kuridrani

_Tevita_KuridraniHis distribution was way off but passes too him were far from perfect and the wingers were all too flat for how Wales was defending. Still made 21m with 3 runs and 8/8 tackles in what is the hardest position to defend. Played the whole 80mins. 6

14. Adam Ashley-Cooper

_Adam_Ashley-CooperA few fantastic early involvements before going a bit quiet. A dumb penalty in the side when the ball hadn’t come out of a welsh ruck was the catalyst for the double yellow card period. Good line speed however shut down a welsh back-line move and allowed Beale to force a penalty. Whole 80 minutes, became the captain when Moore came off, 6/7 tackling. 6

15. Israel Folau

_Israel_FolauOur most dangerous back, with ball in hand, really stood up (albeit on one ankle) late in the game. Obviously playing injured with no substitutes left, regathered a chip kick when he had no right to and deserved a consolation try but slipped (blame the dodgy ankle) late in the game. 65 run metres, 2 line-breaks, 4 tackle busts and 4/4 tackles.  7


16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Seamless replacement for Moore, came on and packed straight down into a seven-man 5m defensive scrum. Some good carries late in the game, one crooked line out, played 14 minutes. 6

17. James Slipper

Another seamless replacement, played 18 minutes helped turn the screws on our scrum dominance.  6

18. Greg Holmes

Came on for Kepu for a crunch 25 minutes. Spent most of the time camped on our try line with one less player helping him in the scrums. Didn’t really put a foot wrong and made 7/7 tackles in a very short amount of time. 7

19. Rob Simmons

Played 21 solid minutes coming on for the injured Pocock. 5/5 tackles and some good presentation of the ball when he did have a chance to have a run. 6

20. Ben McCalman

32 minutes, 9/9 tackles. His defence when we were two players down prevented two certain Welsh tries, he some how got across to stop Davies on the blind-side of a 7 man scrum and also held North up when he was charging over after a line-break.   8

21. Nick Phipps

Came on and played a relatively error free 13 minutes. No Rating

22. Kurtley Beale

Who’d have bet on Beale of all players to force a penalty at the ruck to win us the game, played 14 minutes. No Rating

23. Matt Toomua

Came on for the same length of time as Beale, made 1/1 tackle. No Rating


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

  • onlinesideline

    mmm – pretty tough markings – maybe its just after the win but all the 6s and 7s feel like 7s and 8s

    • Tah fan


    • Larkhage

      I think a ‘team effort’ is emphasised, not exactly a criticism, but it can’t be denied as an ugly win

    • Bobas

      P’s get degrees. G&GR 6’ers get wins.

  • Marcus Pontmercy

    Wats the injury update? Giteu didnt look good too

    • Bobas

      Wayne Smith reporting Pocock and Folau as not as bad as initially thought. No word on Gits. We will see…

  • Larkhage

    Thought gits would deserve another point given his back up playing at scrum half, especially that scramble defence off a scrum 5m out on the blindside, even though he (unluckily) tripped at the back of the scrum, but he still made the important tackle to stop the Welsh taking that advantage.

  • Pedro

    Looks pretty good. I would take one more off AAC for that dumb arse walk around the ruck in the red zone penalty.

    • Bobas

      He would have had a 5, but was very good early on and he did shut down the move allowing for the “Beale Steale” to take place. His penalty was only dumb because he didn’t make the ball unplayable, he might have seen it out, if it was (like the foley forward pass) it was on like donkey kong. He should have thrown a long speculative ball like he didn’t hear the whistle after picking it up, maybe a few more caps are needed…

  • Larkhage

    Can we give a team defence performance of 10? Or perhaps 11.

    • Bobas

      Launchbury is the only 11 in my book, not only did he best Foley for MOTM but he let him stroll in for both his tries.
      Davies only just topped the missed tackles and turnovers in his own half stat this game.

  • Cramps

    Top analysis on an epically intense match.

  • Jack

    That’s a very generous 6 for Genia. I thought he was comfortably our worst player last night, and that was even before the moronic yellow he gave away.

    Tricky game to rate mind. Defensive heroics aside, we didn’t look fantastic going forwards. Was hugely impressed with Douglas and Fardy.

    • jamie

      Sorry but no, Genia was good considering the line speed of the welsh and the flat footedness of his forwards. He tried to get things moving but the whole team was slow and down on confidence and momentum.

      The yellow probably saved a try mate. Not at all moronic. Cynical yes, worth a yellow yes, smart play yes

    • Disagree. Completely.

      • Londoner39

        Can’t see how you scored mitchell at 5 and worst performer of the starting 15….that is just rubbish – he played a reasonable game

        • Pedro

          It’s the worst of the wallabies not England. Five isn’t a bad score.

    • TSR

      So you’re suggesting he should have just let them score and take the lead???? Sorry – but that is really a ridiculous suggestion. He had to make that tackle.

    • Chris M

      I’m out sure we were watching the same game.

    • Disco

      Genia had to give that penalty away, AAC stuffed up by coming around offside.

  • Jimmydubs

    Foley maybe 5. Between the legs forward pass on your own goal line; when you finally got possession to give the welsh a crack. I hate to say it…. But if Cooper had done that the gallows would be under construction on this site.

    Fantastic defensive effort by all. But lack of attack and making it hard for ourselves may be slightly points of concern.

    • Adrian

      Totally agree Jimmy, especially re Cooper.

    • Pedro

      I didn’t think it was forward and we were away.

      • Utah

        It was definitely forward. They showed an aerial view which was pretty clear.

        • Bobas

          Law Variation for NRC 2016?
          – “If an attacking teams’ player passes the ball through his/her own legs to another attacking player, on the full, it can never be ruled a forward pass.”

        • Utah

          Haha. I forgot that rule.

        • Bobas

          we’ll submit it next year

        • Pedro

          Maybe I had my gold tinted glasses on, but I’d like to see it again.

        • Parker

          I saw that same aerial view and it didn’t look forward.

    • Larkhage

      It really didn’t look forward, though it was a very interesting play, and it would have definitely paid off

    • Braveheart81

      Maybe Foley’s a 7 without that error? I thought he was excellent in defence making several try saving tackles and kicked well.

      • Seb V

        A few poor passes behind the man which stifled our attack, Gits did well to catch a few of them. plus that error through the legs. He kicked well, defended well but attack was way off tonight. I think a 6 is fair.

        • Braveheart81

          I also think six is fair. All I was saying is that it’s likely that was taken into account into his overall game.

    • Bobas

      Personally I am a big QC fan, I don’t think I’ve ever rated him in an international on this site. If QC threw that ball, it probably wouldn’t have been called forward.

    • sampro

      He ran and got caught with the ball a little too much I thought. Excellent defence though.

  • mark conley

    Phipps 6 and Beale 7

  • LoveThePoop

    Soooo if we beat Scotland next week, do we start claiming twickenham as wallaby home ground?? It would be 3 from 3 in 3 weeks against the “British” #WallabiesFeelingAtHomeInTwickenham

    • Pedro

      If fate allows we could play Ireland in the semis creating a grand slam of sorts.

      • Bobas

        Royal Slam?

        • ___

          Except that Ireland isn’t British

        • Bobas

          Royal Flush then.

      • David Creagh

        Absolutely we should claim it if the cards fall that way. My recollection of a Grand Slam was to play all the home nations and win. England {TICK}, Wales {TICK}, Scotland { }, Ireland { }.

    • I think we won Twickenham in a fair contest last weekend. It’s ours now till the end of the tourament.

  • Braveheart81

    I reckon all the front rowers deserve an extra point. Withholding at least three five metre scrums with 7 forwards was unbelievable stuff. That was the difference between us winning and losing.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      Front row? It’s all about the tight 7.

      • Braveheart81

        Of course, but if we start giving half the team an extra point for something it distorts the relative importance. Most of the scrum plaudits rightfully have to go to the front rowers I think.

      • Spank

        Have to agree with Blinky Bill – what a performance from THE MAGNIFICIENT SEVEN (as they were). Our forwards (both packs) are really spécial at présent. Trusting that soon the backs will do so – they all looked a bit off last night and it concerne me that we still seem to be losing that battle in the air – especially Folau BUT I think it is the ankle injury perhaps. This was Folau’s forte.

    • Patrick

      Testify brother! That was sparkles enough for a bonfire!

      The second row too.

      • Bobas

        It was an amazing effort and I did give 3×7’s for the front row. Kepu missed the down players action, TPN would have got a 7 if not for the crooked throw. Slipper did exactly what he needed to do and even popped a good ball to MOTM Fardy but I thought on the scale I was using a 6 was fair.

        The scrum got them the marks they have, If we can secure some attacking rucks and punch holes around the fringes inside great umbrella rush defence we’ll be looking at 9 and 10’s. Remember that runaway Holmes try when he was 15 years younger against Ireland?


        • Patrick

          Golden memories.

          But remember TPN coming on and packing straight into a 7-man scrum, five yards out, AND LEADING IT THROUGH THE WELSH LIKE A BULLDOZER??

        • Bobas

          Who do we want? Tatafu Polota. When do want him? NAU!

        • Braveheart81

          Scrumpocalypse Nau!

  • Known Rugby

    Dead right about McCalman. I was nervous about Pocock going off, but boy oh boy did Ben put up his hand and dig in.

    • Spank

      Me too. Pocock off and Mcmahon off with McCalman and Simmons on. I was worried and then some. BUT no need thèse ‘finishers’ really stood up. Cheika is building something with this team and with the guys playing NRC at présent.

      • Bobas

        Cheika + Forced changes, I really cant imagine Palu and Skelton on for McMahon and Pocock being the best two for 10mins of 5m defence. Accuracy was needed above all else and that’s obviously been drilled into them.

  • Marcus Pontmercy

    Cant remember how many times gits caught a wayward pass with his fingertips and straightened the attack

    • Bobas

      There’s a reason the force fans used to call him spiderman.

  • Dadd

    I don’t understand lineout rules. Was Joubert right to have yellow carded Mumm?


    • Pedro

      Basically no, but there WAS interference in several other lineouts and Moore could have been yellowed just prior to this for “illegal” maul defense (and it could have been a penalty try too). On balance it is unfair to Mumm, but ultimately I believe we deserved a yellow, though perhaps not this one.

    • Bobas

      Dadd looking out for Mumm? I try and stay away from the literal ‘laws’ of the game as the interpretations are so fluid, but basically you cant wrap up the lifted until after he hits the ground. (Which I always thought the logical conclusion was to toss a player, rather than lift them, 5m out to score.) It really shouldn’t have been a penalty, but the referee can call what he likes, we are fortuitous in a way Simmons had come on for Pocock and McCalman for McMahon (both better jumpers). Imagine if we had Skelton and Palu on when that card was handed to us?
      If you look closely on your video its Berry, telling Joubert he was taken in the air, so hard to blame Joubers.

  • Londoner39

    How you score Mitchell as worst performer and score of 5 out of 10 is beyond me…as played reasonable game…..

    • Bobas

      “5 – Average – ho hum” – Mitchell has the same last name as myself and I’m a big fan but he didn’t get himself involved enough in an ineffective attack and fell off two tackles, he did well when put in space but it was an “average” (not unreasonable) effort for 66 minutes.
      5 is not a bad mark.

  • phil peake

    Folau had his second shocker in as many weeks but gets all the media and praise!! He should be dropped but won’t be.

  • SiriusCove

    -1 for McMahon’s haircut. It seems he shares barbers with Kim Jong-un

  • Gavin

    Kane Douglas, surprise package of the World Cup to date?

    Wallabies lucky to have as close to a gimme as this competition will offer next week against Scotland. Rests (enforced or otherwise) for Folau and Pocock and anyone carrying knocks a.

    I am 10000000% in the Foley camp for #10 but I would give Cooper a start to keep him sharp and give him a confidence boost, which will be needed if he is called upon for injury/tactical reasons later in the tournament

    • Parker

      Right on Gavin.

    • Funk

      I’d have to say that was Douglas’s best game in the Wallaby Gold!

  • etal
    • Bobas

      go troll yourself

  • Mart

    Douglas has been a revelation

  • Tim

    What about all Folau’s dropped ball? Seems a little generous.

  • Parker

    Genia’s was a very pragmatic professional foul. Can’t fault him for that.


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