Wallabies Players Ratings - Fiji - Rugby World Cup 2019 - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies Players Ratings – Fiji – Rugby World Cup 2019

Wallabies Players Ratings – Fiji – Rugby World Cup 2019

Scott_Sio_02 (1)

1. Scott Sio

Part of a dominant scrum, but due to the Wallabies whack gameplan wasn’t given an opportunity to shine going forward. 7

2. Tolu Latu

Scored two tries through unbeatable mauls, made 13 carries and when the lineout was working, it worked a treat. Standout starter, only rivalled by Hooper. Pips man of the match over Genia due to time served on the field. 8 – G&GR MOTM

3. Allan Ala’alatoa

Ditto Sio, really. 7

4. Izack Rodda

Had a decent game, making 11% of the Wallabies tackles (9/79). Part of a weird lineout but a strong maul. 6


5. Rory Arnold

Ditto Rodda, really. Edges out Rodda for his importance during the maul, which broke the Fijians’ back. 7

6. David Pocock

What was that quick lineout about? The Pooper was put in place to give the Wallabies pack a bit of mobility, but that didn’t really work out. Made 1 turnover all game, and in almost every other field was outshone by his other half. Made 9/9 tackles though. 5


7. Michael Hooper (c)

Hooper shone in this game, coming up with an important leg pumping try at the right time and leading the charge with the most carries in the team (18). One of the three standout players.  8

2019_TRC_Headshot_Isi_Naisarani (1)

8. Isi Naisarani 

Struggled at line out time, and didn’t have the same impact he’s had against stronger opponents. Came off early at 56 mins. 5

9. Nic White

Had a bad game, although there is sympathy for him that his quick game is not what the Wallabies needed against the Flying Fijians. Saying that, his passing, ruck management and box kicking was poor. Waited 51 mins until he got the chop. 4

10. Christian Leali’ifano

Anonymous. Was at the butt end of some big hits, but he missed 3/4 tackles and a few conversions. Like White, should have been hauled off earlier (taken off after 58 mins). 4

11. Marika Koroibete

Excellent game from the winger, making an average of 16 metres per carry (8 for 128m). Maybe not the best Fijian winger on the park, though. 7

12. Samu Kerevi

The Krusher didn’t do much krushing this game, and even started to show sparkles of Folau’s insistence on going it himself. However, his stats are still insane – 73m for 17 carries, 2 clean breaks, 10 defenders beaten. Missed 3/6 though and conceded 2 turnovers – one which was from Pocock’s insane quick lineout that the Krusher buggered up by stepping and not Krushing or passing.   7

13. James O’ Connor

Wasn’t sighted much, but with Leali’ifano out of action not much ball came out to him. Similar to Kerevi’s defence, missed 3/6 and conceded a turnover. 6

14. Reece Hodge

Missed 2 crucial tackles early on, but recovered to round out with an excellent game. Finished well, and his range finding kicks kept the Wallabies at arms length from Fiji. Will be an asset against slower NH teams. Might be suspended for his tackle that knocked out the opposition.  7

15. Kurtley Beale

Made a fair few metres – 58 – but he went missing this game. Maybe it was because the Wallabies should have been playing a forwards game in the first half, and then in the second half when they did play a forwards game, Beale wasn’t really needed when the Wallabies have 8000% possession. 5


16. Jordan Uelese

Came on at 58th minute, continued the set piece domination. 6

17. James Slipper

Same as Uelese, and came on at the same time – front row was swapped out. 6

18. Sekope Kepu

Ditto the above. 6

19. Adam Coleman

Came on and bashed some brains, as he does, but didn’t have enough time to impress except missing 40% of his tackles. 5

20. Lukhan Salakai-Loto

Made a difference to this game, straightening and shoring up the set piece especially given he came on for the unsure Naisarani. 6


21. Will Genia

Made a difference to the team, and took control of the match. He out box-kicked White, and brought some marvellous touch finders during his almost 30 mins on the park. His work secured the win for the Wallabies. 8


22. Matt Toomua

Much better all-round game than Leali’ifano, including making his conversions. 7

23. Dane Haylett-Petty

Came back from the dark, had a decent game and put Koroibete away for his try with delicious ball skills. 6


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Player Ratings – Australia vs Ireland

  • UTG

    Justice for all the overlooked front-rowers.

    Cheers for the timely ratings.

  • laurence king

    Thanks Nick. Latu was good wasn’t he? And LSL did well coming off the bench.

  • Hoss

    Fair overall, barring ISI and Brian. The line out issues were the lifters, no his jumping. He was willing in contact and did his job. Brian’s 5 v a possible 7.5-8 was the fuckstick with the whistle who pinged him 3 times for legit turnovers.

    Mark my words the penguins are going to be a huge talking point after Nov 2 is over.

  • Kiap

    Fiji were ferocious at the opening of the game but were running out of ammunition towards the end.

    That apples and oranges comparison naturally makes the Aus bench players shine by comparison. In saying that, Genia brought a noticeable impact by coming on.

    Latu played good and deserves his gong.

  • formerflanker

    Hooper was no.2 in the line out for most of our throw-ins. Sometimes jumped and lifted a lot too.
    It worked tonight but I can’t see that being a sustainable tactic in any future games.

    • Who?

      We’ve used it for a couple of years now. :-)

      • Yowie

        …and Cheika wouldn’t persist with any unsustainable tactics for years…

        • Who?

          I know, but, to give credit to both Hooper and Cheika, it’s actually worked. He’s handy as a fourth choice jumper, and he’s jolly easy to throw up high!

  • Huw Tindall

    Fair ratings. Would keep the same side for Wales I think despite White and CLL having an average game. Said it on the match report thread but our tight forwards won that game. Wouldn’t have picked one Fijian tight forward in a ‘best of’ team from this game. Latu well deserved. Hopefully he’s done a JOC and turned the corner.

    • Seb V

      I’d seriously consider swapping Beale for DHP. DHP’s kicking and high ball abilies will be very handy against Wales, I feel Beale will get exposed again against these top kicking sides.

      • Ads

        Hodge will miss at least 1. Beale (or Petaia) to that wing and dhp to FB

        • Who?

          Don’t think Petaia’s fit yet? Think he’s due to come available around October 5th..?

        • OnTheBurst

          I don’t think Cheika sees Beale as a wing. My bet he will keep Beale at 15 and put HP Sauce on the wing… even though it should be the other way around

        • Ads

          Yeah that would be dumb. Here’s hoping they get it right. I’m kind of confident that they will. Most people agree with most of the selections now.

        • OnTheBurst

          I don’t think Cheika sees Beale as a wing. My bet he will keep Beale at 15 and put HP Sauce on the wing… even though it should be the other way around

      • Patrick

        You fear? You can basically bet on it

  • Who?

    There’s always room to debate rankings… :-)
    Pocock. Hooper’s an 8, Pocock’s a 5? Our big issue in the game was ruck security. In the last 30, certainly after Naisarani came off and Pocock went to 8 (meaning he moved from playing in the train tracks to the midfield, securing ruck ball), our ruck was much more secure. On Koroibete’s break downfield (which led to the penalties, the mauls, the YC and then Latu’s first try), Pocock was the one securing the ball. On Hooper’s try, Hooper himself said, “I didn’t think I was going to make it, but one of the lads gave me a push up the rear and got me over.” It was Pocock. Pocock wasn’t permitted to contest the ball today, but he still had a significant impact on the game, and I believe a 5 is a little unfair. I’m not sure I’d be giving anyone 8’s off the game today, but Pocock wasn’t in the bottom half.
    White. It’s really rough to rank a scrumhalf as having a poor performance – especially when the tight five are all given high marks, an average mark of 7 – when the forward didn’t do their job in securing the breakdown for him. I don’t see how the starting five can be given an average mark of 7 when it took over 50 minutes for them to figure out they needed to secure the breakdown. The tight forwards might have ‘won the game’, when they figured out they should start mauling, but the reality is they didn’t play near tight enough on the ball in general play.
    Leali’ifano. I don’t know how he can rank a 4 when Beale’s a 5, and he did very little. Beale’s first touches were to kick long to a Fijian (i.e. not find touch), and then throw a ball directly to touch on a promising attacking raid. His game didn’t improve. I’m not saying Leali’ifano had a great game, however, he wasn’t our poorest back, and that’s in spite of his 9 being harangued as if he had no forwards in front of him, and therefore transferring pressure to his 10.
    And Beale should’ve been a 3 or 4 (pass to touch, and just his timing was off all day – didn’t contribute much at all).
    JOC. I thought he was our most composed back in the first half. Kerevi and Koroibete were running hard, but JOC was the one calming things down, being willing to buy time, even take the tackle, when Leali’ifano was getting hammered passing at the gain line and Beale was throwing the ball into touch. Not saying he should necessarily be higher, but I think he deserves a little more credit in text than he’s received here.
    And while I’m criticising the tight five… The territory and possession stats didn’t change all match. At half time, we’d had 65% of possession, yet were down 12-14. At full time, we’d had 66% of possession. Yet at half time, with White constantly harangued, harried and harassed, it felt like our forwards hadn’t really woken up to the fact they were in a WC match, and they needed to protect the ball. Fiji had 35% of possession and were up 12-14 at halftime, up 12-21 just after. They dominated all the contact zones – not just the tackle, but particularly the breakdown. When you get owned like that, you don’t get given average marks of 7’s. You could argue for 7’s at set piece, but in general play, the guys who were there in the first half, most of them get more like a 4, maybe lower…

    • Human

      Well put Who. Pocock was excellent except for the quick throw. Rodda and Arnold both strong. JOC was very composed.
      I did not see much wrong with the Hodge tackle other than Hodge being bumped off..if White had not tackled White 7 from behind, he would have scored. I am also a fan of LSL and thought that he made a huge difference.

      • Seb V

        And if Poey was wrongly penalised at the end of the game he would have had another 2 turnovers. Probably deserves a 6 in my view. Certainly had more involvement then Beale who rated the same

        • laurence king

          I think that most of Beale’s metres were when he got the ball and ran up to the defense where from that point he did a great impression of a nail. He did take a high ball under pressure at one point which was a pleasant change. But DHP was more impressive when he came on.

    • Human

      Rodda was the first to hit Hooper, Pocock the second.

      • Who?

        I did pick that, but Rodda was halfway up Hooper’s back, and fell over the top of him. Whereas Pocock was right up Hoops’ clacker (it genuinely was the Pooper!!!), driving him home. :-)
        Agree about the quick lineout.

    • Nutta

      Good comments Who. Pretty bloody accurate for my 2cents.

      The lineout just wasn’t clicking. That will right itself with some training and settled nerves. I wasn’t happy, but am not unduly worried there.

      The scrum was sound and I was actually a little surprised Fiji were not stronger in that department.

      Once folk woke up, narrowed the point of attack and went for penetration over immediate-width the more professional unit started to shine through as their defence could not keep up with realigning.

      L’fano was getting whacked because others around him weren’t doing their job to take heat off him. That was disappointing.

      My two greatest concerns (and my only disagreement) were that I thought JOC avoided contact a couple of times (maybe he didn’t – maybe it just looked that way – he was clearly organising and influencing but I thought he was gun-shy 2 or 3 times) and Beale was disgraceful and should have been yanked at 25min tops.

      • Who?

        I thought we got lucky on that first scrum – it was pretty clear to me that 7A’s dropped it, and Campese Ma’afu was right in complaining to the touchie.
        Totally agree on Beale.
        JOC, I took it he was buying time. You’re talking in the first half? Because there was a number of times there I felt similarly – that he was avoiding contact – but they were at moments where it felt like we were playing at the pace of the Fijian defence, rather than setting our own attacking tempo. By which I mean White had cleared the ball because the ruck was completely insecure, and he’d cleared it before we were aligned and ready to attack. So taking the contact and creating a secondary ruck would’ve created yet more backfoot ball. So buying time, evading contact, it gave opportunity to win that next breakdown as players had time to get behind the ball. That’s why I think JOC showed a sense of calmness that others were missing – White was forced into playing at a rush, and the others (excluding JOC) couldn’t buy the time and space needed to recover the situation.

        • Nutta

          My wife looked at me on that first scrum and said “You’re kidding”. Now occasionally that happens for other reasons best left undisturbed and I stress I do love my wife dearly and further I concede that given her status as married within a family of front-rowers she is more … overly exposed … to the atmospherics of The Learned Ones more-so than most others. But when even my fair lady notices which prop dropped like a good Catholic first (“On your knees Boy!”), well, it is then more clearly obvious then a Trump chicken-skin sun-tan what has transpired and who should be penalised.

          JOC – fair point. Playing for time rather than space. On reflection it’s a legitimate argument. But I caution you to be careful; you’re sailing perilously close to giving a Fairy a nod for a considered, dare I say intellectual response to a posed challenge there… Blasphemy!

  • sambo6

    O’connor was a beast in defence. Underrated part of his game

    • laurence king

      Yeh he certainly had a go. That rueful grin he had when got bounced off by that big boppa was one of the lighter moments


    And it’s no surprise Lealifano wasn’t taken off early(weather or not because the hits knocked him around or simply off his game) but Toomua just isn’t a solid option/cover at 10. Well cover yes…… but big minutes against quality oposition…..the organizational threat just isn’t there without Lealifano or Quade!
    It’s so disheartening watching a Wallaby team where you have to rely on individual brilliance in the backline instead of legitimate vision!

    • laurence king

      I sorter hope that Foley is found to be hiding an infected toenail or gets a hammy strain having scored a couple of tries against Georgia and Quade is given a call.

    • RedAnt

      I know you’re a big QC fan and I am as well, but I actually think Toomua had a fantastic game when he came on.

      • GO THE Q REDS

        Yep he was good. But how many times have we said that since he came back at either Super or International lvl? Not very often! I’m also a Toomua fan but sorry to say It, Toomua did not earn his Wallaby spot, he was given it as a utility player and I think itd be a massive mistake to have Toomua at 10 in this RWC for anything more than injury cover! Still….he offers far more than Foley……

  • Patrick

    Surely Beale was a 3 or 4? He had one strong touch (his take under pressure), a few errors and a few nothing touches. If you really thought that was his average game then he shouldn’t be in Japan at all.

    Folau, for example, never had such a bad game in his life. And DHP probably hasn’t had many (playing at FB) either.

  • AllyOz

    I didn’t think Pocock had his best game but I thought a 5 is maybe a little harsh.

    And poor old JOC is still in his Rebels jersey, that’s at least two “life changing experience, going to come back a better man” ‘s ago. Actually thought he was decent but probably how you scored him.

    I also don’t entirely agree with the calls on CLL. He got belted big twice but on both occasions he delivered a nice soft pass that led to a line break so he was putting his body on the line. I wonder if it was also a case of getting better and more judicious service later in the game, less impact at the ruck from Fiji and a bit more front foot ball that helped Toomua out point CLL.

    • Who?

      JOC’s even made it into a current Wallabies jersey for BOSE advertising, so we’re definitely due for an update on here. It’s JOC, Pocock (I think), and Foley.

      • AllyOz

        Are we talking about BOSE sound systems (the ones that look real cool but I can only hope to afford on my salary – note to self, spend less time on rugby forums and perhaps you could earn enough to buy a BOSE)?

        • Who?

          Yeah, but BOSE headphones… So maybe not quite as far out of the price range. :-)

  • numpty

    I think CLL has been harshly judged. His performance was ‘behind the scenes’ this match, wearing a number of hospital passes and sealing off a number of contested rucks. He also made some key tackles in defense, while seemingly injured.

    • Nutta

      He got majorly targeted with blitzers because guys around him weren’t doing their jobs so he was an easy bunny to charge.


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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