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Wallabies Fall To 24th In World Rankings (Alongside Chile)

Wallabies Fall To 24th In World Rankings (Alongside Chile)

The Wallabies have maintained their position in the top four of world rugby, finishing 2012 ranked number three by the IRB. The narrow victories over England and Wales on the recent tour saved the Wallabies from slipping outside the top four and all credit to them for securing those important victories.

But how did it come to this? How did we come so close to ending the year in fifth place when only a year ago John O’Neill made it clear that the ARU’s goal for the Wallabies was to chase the number one ranking?

Whilst there are many answers to this question the biggest area of concern as far as I’m concerned is the Wallabies’ attack.

Robbie Deans tells us that scoring tries in rugby is not as important as it used to be as a result of the vastly improved defence of international teams. His view isn’t reflected in the number of tries scored in 2012 by most of the top 25 teams in world rugby as shown in the table below but it does apply to the Wallabies who have fallen to equal 24th ranking (with Chile) in the number of tries scored per match in 2012.

Is it that teams save their best defence for the Wallabies, or Chile? Or is it that the Wallabies’ attack has become predictable?

The USA is currently facing a fiscal cliff but the Wallabies’ attack has already fallen off the cliff. Or was it driven off the cliff by the restrictive game plan the players have been given?

IRB Ranking Name Tries Scored In 2012 Matches Average Tries Scored Per Match
1 New Zealand 50 14 3.57
2 South Africa 23 12 1.92
3 Australia 15 15 1.00
4 France 22 10 2.20
5 England 23 12 1.92
6 Ireland 22 10 2.20
7 Samoa 19 7 2.71
8 Argentina 51 15 3.40
9 Wales 20 13 1.54
10 Italy 16 11 1.45
11 Tonga 11 6 1.83
12 Scotland 14 11 1.27
13 Fiji 17 7 2.43
14 Canada 13 5 2.60
15 Japan 59 9 6.56
16 USA 20 6 3.33
17 Georgia 26 9 2.89
18 Spain 23 7 3.29
19 Romania 26 10 2.60
20 Russia 16 10 1.60
21 Portual 19 10 1.90
22 Uruguay 19 10 1.90
23 Belgium 15 4 3.75
24 Namibia 17 4 4.25
25 Chile 4 4 1.00
  • how did argentina get 51 tries?

    • yourmatesam

      Don’t worry about Los Pumas, what about Japan? 59 tries in 9 games!

      • Scott Allen

        48 tries in 4 matches against UAE, Korea, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan. 11 tries in 5 matches against similarly ranked teams to Japan (including 4 against Samoa).

    • Scott Allen

      32 tries in three matches against Uruguay, Brazil and Chile. 19 tries in 12 matches against top 10 nations.

  • mjw

    Does this mean that Eddie Jones should come back to coach the Wallabies?

    • Johnny-boy

      We’re not that desperate but distressingly we’re not that bloody far off ! I even feel a little sentimental about John Connollys up and under-a-thons. It must be a parallel universe surely ?

    • Josh from Bris

      Jones did get us to a World Cup final. At the expense of NZ!

    • Eddie Jones understands Aussie rugby, Deans does not. Jones can give these Wallabies some much needed structure and get them playing the brand of rugby that Australia knows how to play. So therefore, Jones would be a very good move. Would he come back? I highly doubt it. Aussies running the game stuffed that option up just like SARU stuffed up Jake.

  • Johnny-boy

    Ouch. Painful stats..
    One of the most amusing myths currently going round is that we were playing OK under Deans before the world cup. Well we did just before the cup when Elsom was finally dropped as captain and Horwill came in and we smoked the nuns at Suncorp. But Deans saw the future and quickly shut it down.
    But before that we were shit as well, as Deans flogged his favorites like Elsom and McCalman, Mumm, Maafu, Brown.
    I find it hard to believe that genuine Australian rugby supporters are so enthusiastically right behind the Wallabies but still feel they are so shit we have to have a fraud foreign coach who had some previous success coaching a stacked de facto All Black team in the Super Comp (even a blind sheep could do that), instead of an Australian coach.
    Now league and kiwi trolls aside, what is wrong with you s….. c…… ?

  • Aussie D

    You know something is wrong with your attach when the likes of Scotland and Italy have a better strike-rate than you.

  • And Namibia is number one!

    And Japan and Argentina scored 59 and 51 tries respectively?

  • Hannibal

    I’m sorry but thats an absolutely disgraceful and depressing stat.

    South Africa at their PDiddy kick-a-thon worst probably never ranked that low for tries. Our game has fallen apart and for those that want to tell me to remember we won 3 of 4 in the latest tour – well 2 of those wins at least were in spite of the game plan and strategy. The England and Wales results were the result of dunderhead decisions by England and guts and luck in the case of Wales to scape over the line. Did anyone see how many times Wales had massive overlaps in the last game and came close to scoring? What the hell was our defensive strategy there?

    Hats off to the boys for their guts and pride on that tour because from what I saw that was the only thing that stopped 3 wins becomming 3 losses. But capital “F” for the coaching and strategy. I have written to Santa for a new Wallabies coach under my Xmas tree.In fact I’d accept Santa himself as any change will be good.

  • BloodRed

    “Robbie Deans tells us that scoring tries in rugby is not as important as it used to be as a result of the vastly improved defence of international teams.”

    Just another example of the nonsense that comes out of Deans’ mouth, right up there with the unforgivable “no one could have beaten the ABs, the rest of us are just playing for second place”.

    He is totally silent about rugby specifics such as explaining his selections and his gameplan and then trots out those sort of lame excuses for yet another crap performance. As I see it one of the coach’s jobs is to shoulder at least some of the blame for losses yet if he portions blame it is always the players fault or the opposition were just too good. Never is it the selections, substitutions or game plan. Compare with Link who more than once has said it wasn’t the players fault, I got the game plan wrong.

    Saying tries are unimportant is as mindless as saying you don’t need to score points to win. Just ask the Poms how they beat the unbeatable All Blacks. That’s right Robbie, by scoring tries.

  • Kiap

    Robbie Deans is not as important as he used to be.

    Time for him to go.

  • Zebber

    Someone want to explain to me why tries are important? They don’t win Test matches. RWC final, 1 try each. RWC semi. 1 try to NZ and 1 try to Wales

  • scottylawton

    Can we just keep in mind that Chile (and most northern hemisphere teams) don’t play the two best teams (current Allblacks being one of the best teams in history) on the world on a regular basis. having said that, it is still a very worrying stat.

    • Luke_Baird

      You’re right, they don’t, because they play similarly ranked teams. We play against South Africa and New Zealand because we are similarly ranked; it’s not like the All Blacks are some sort of invincible team that can’t be beaten.

    • This All Black side isn’t even close to being one of the best in history. The ref turned the game against Argentina in the World Cup and again, the ref saved them in the final. In the second Ireland test a historic win for Ireland was robbed by yet more biased reffing. The All Blacks were very lucky to beat the Boks in Dunedin and were shown up by England. All in all, the All Blacks of the 90s never needed biased reffing. The 95 and 96 side still the best of all time. The All Blacks of the 00s are nothing more than the IRBs little wenchs whom they protect at any cost. The stats say it all.

  • Gunner

    I dunno if this is apples with apples.

    In a previous post I wondered if the ARU took any notice of posts on various sites? The avalanche of complaints against Deans is plain for all to see. Why the heck is he still there? Can anyone defend anything to do with him? It would be great to hear from a player speaking candidly, but that is not gonna happen. Oh hang on a second didn’t someone go toxic recently?

    Get Deans out

  • Can you do the same with how many tries scored against?


Scott is one of our regular contributors from the old days of G&GR. He has experience coaching Premier Grade with two clubs in Brisbane.

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