Wallaby Ratings v Los Pumas (Perth) - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallaby Ratings v Los Pumas (Perth)

Wallaby Ratings v Los Pumas (Perth)

1. Scott Sio

Did well in the scrum, didn’t do well in other areas. If we could have chosen who should be carded for repeated infringements, we may not have chosen him, but he’d have certainly been in the top two. Is it time for Slipper to start? 4

2. Stephen Moore

Set up the game well, very busy on defence with 12/12 tackles. But like Sio, he also didn’t make any runs. 6

3. Sekope Kepu

Dynamic on attack and solid on defence, Kepu’s form has been building nicely and he is once again our most important starter in the front row. 7

4. Rob Simmons

A good 80 minute shift from Simmons, tidy on defence making 14 tackles. 6

5. Adam Coleman

Backed up from last weeks game, with a brutal defensive effort. Before he was replaced he racked up 18 tackles and missed only one. 7

6. Dean Mumm

Missed 7 tackles and conceded 3 turnovers, enough said. 2

7. Michael Hooper

Managed to complete an astonishing 20 tackles. Found himself as the right option for an inside run and he went clean through for one of his lazy swan dives. He also played a big role in the first try with a show and go before releasing Kerevi outside him. An unused substitute in a gruelling encounter.  7

8. David Pocock

Had very limited time on the field as he served most of a front-row yellow before it turned out he wasn’t coming back on as he had a broken hand. Still managed to slow down the Pumas ball on a number of occasions, even if he wasn’t credit with any steals and tackled at 12 from 12.  6

9. Will Genia

An all-round master class of how to play scrum-half. From 7 runs racked up 45m, 2 tacklebusts, 2 line breaks, 2 tries. Error free around the ruck base and didn’t miss on defence. His Sanchez on Sanchez tackle resulting in a try to the good guys was marvelous, and his second try showed me he’s back to his best. 9 – G&GR MOTM

10.  Quade Cooper

Was shaking it up on attack and a couple of inside pass try assists put on display the positives of what Quade can bring. He also showed the negatives of what can happen when he plays, poor defending resulting in a simulation induced yellow card was unforgivably unnecessary and really could have cost us if the game had been tighter. 5

11. Reece Hodge

Solid-game, but still waiting for that final pass to click. A good game none the less, highlights were his long range penalty and his gutsy chip kick down the left wing was fractionally over hit. 6

12. Bernard Foley

Making improvements in his new role in the midfield everywhere except on defence (making 9/13). His goal kicking has really stepped up of late and the two clearances he was required to make were also very handy. 6

13. Samu Kerevi

Another game and another attacking masterclass, this time got the job done in the corner to put us over for the first try. 9 runs for 65m, including two line-breaks. Didn’t miss a tackle but unfortunately left the winger open outside him early in the 2nd half and the Pumas waltz though to give them hope of a 2nd half comeback. 7

14. Dane Haylett-Petty

He wishes he could play all his games in Perth! Finally fronted up on D and tackled 7/7. Ran the ‘two-dads’ line off QC and still with work to do managed to grab some set-piece meat. He wouldn’t be happy with his tactical kicking however, down on both distance and direction. 7

15. Israel Folau

Just not up to his usual standard, a few terrible passes that conceded the small amount of possession we had in the first half. Still good in aspects of play and still an irreplaceable member of the team. 5


16. Tatafu Polota-Nau

Apart from the captaincy being with the incumbent, the only thing stopping him from starting is his finishing ability. A line break with his first touch and a big role in opening up the space for Genia’s 2nd. 6

17. James Slipper

A very similar game to Sio, good in the scrum, poor else-ware. Although at least he tried something even if it didn’t come off. 5

18. Tom Robertson

Alaalatoa-esque! Came on, kept up the pressure on the Argentine scrum and didn’t miss a tackle. A highlight was when he was tackled on suspicion when Hooper went through untouched. 6

19. Rory Arnold

Didn’t have the same impact as Coleman, but had an error free performance and made all his tackles at a stage of the game that required it. 6

20. Lopeti Timani

Only made one run, two tackles and gave away a penalty. Not a dream debut by any means but with Pocock gone for the next few test he could find himself with more time and this is a good platform to build from. 5 

21. Sean McMahon

Cometh the minutes, cometh the Mcmahon! Immediate impact, brought the go forward the Wallaby forwards have been lacking, didn’t miss on defence either and was unlucky not to pinch a couple of line-outs. He changed the game at a crucial stage. 8

22. Nick Phipps

Came on and made 7 passes, is that it? oh yeah, that’s it! 5

23. Tevita Kuridrani

Didn’t have much to do but made one good run. Hopefully he can build on this and get his attacking timing back up to its best. 5


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Wallaby Ratings v Los Pumas (Perth)

  • Pedro

    Great ratings. Genia really has had some great performances of late. Coleman is such a good find, plays like we all assume we would. Pocock was ineffective but the effort was there. McMahon off the bench, what a monster.

  • Simon

    How you managed to rate Foley over Cooper is anyone’s guess.

    • Bobas

      Try reading the text that isn’t in bold.

      • Parker

        I did and it evidences some very inconsistent analysis in your rating of Cooper and Foley.

        • Bobas

          It evidences?

    • Mikka

      Agree. Foley missed a conversion twice and let a try through with one of his missed tackles. Coopers yellow was also very soft.

      • Ted

        Have to agree I think Foley is well overrated here. He missed two crucial clean out opportunities where penalties were then given for holding on. Just lazy entering the ruck and very poor technique.

        The guy is very talented but every game that passes seems more and more he needs to have a rest.

    • onlinesideline

      Coopers yellow was a joke – he did use arms and Sanchez took massive dive. Almost as dramatic as that video of that gay ref !

      But he was directly responsible for 14 points minimum by putting 2 blokes through hole SUPERBLY.

      Was a 7 in my book – the bloke has sublime skills

      • Adrian

        8 in my book

      • Jasper Sapien.

        He really does have some skills and vision.He also seems less of a dickhead than he did before. Incidentally, anyone getting a bit sick of Argentinians flailing around pretending to be injured? It’s very ordinary.

        • Warwick Todd

          It will always be hard for Quade to completely shake the dickhead label…..he is a kiwi after all!

      • Parker

        And he made tackles. Where are all those commenters now who called QC a turnstile in defence?

        • TommyM

          Cooper missed a number of tackles, going in too high and getting bounced off. He had been a lot better since his return but I thought this a disappointing return to his previous defensive form. Someone needs to sit him down and slap him until he agrees o tackle low. He doesn’t seem to lack courage, just technique!!

        • Warwick Todd

          Yeah a good example is his missed tackle for the Argies try down their left wing. Quade made a huge effort getting back after being bumped off tackling too high, came across to cover the outside man at a full sprint and was stepped easily. It’s almost impossible to make that covering tackle coming perpendicular to the ball carrier…..9/10 you come off looking like a goose.

          I’d give him a 7 if Foley was a 6.

        • Train Without A Station

          Personally I thought Cooper was maybe a 6 and Foley a 5.5. The only difference was Cooper being a bit more influential for us.

        • Seb V

          Cooper I’d give a 7 but minus 1 for a yellow – so a 6. Foley I’d give a 5 average without being outstanding.

        • Seb V

          Yeah can’t blame him for the Cordera miss, one of the best side-steppers in rugby after Milner-SKudder, he’ll score that try 9 times out of 10 no matter who’s there defending. Although there was a couple tackles in the line I was disappointed with Cooper

        • chisel68

          I’ll put my hand up Parker. As someone who has backed Foley over QC I have to say that at the moment QC is playing better – loved his 2 inside passes – though his penchant for getting canaries is as sublime as his passing game. But Coopers defence is still below par thought better. No doubt he’s in a better head space than he was the last few years (post the break up of the “3 amigos”) when he was more often than not a liability. I hope he continues to show form – in the end I want the Wallabies to win no matter who is at 10. But last year (particularly the RWC) the better 10 was Foley. Now, its QC.

      • Opheliacrutchmore

        One try was the direct result from a set piece move, Foley has done that as well with Beal? in a previous game.Agree with the missed tackle from Foley led to Argie try. Inside ball to Hooper was very pretty. I would swap the numbers around for Foley and Cooper. Cooper is very good with front foot ball however I still think he runs around like a headless chook ie too much side to side when under pressure. Take the hit and set up a phase, you will still have Foley there ready to sit in the pocket.

      • Glenn

        And got stood up and let a try through…6.

    • Fionn

      It’s because Quade is unfairly held to a much higher standard than anyone else in the team.

      As proven by the fact that Mumm is continually picked to play.

      • Bobas

        Yes, I hold Quade to a higher standard, because Mumm is selected to play continually.

        You’ve got me!

      • harro

        This is rubbish. Plain and simple. Just like the person that suggested Quade got the yellow card because he’s Quade. As if the whole of world rugby is against Quade.

    • Henry Dissmissinya

      Totally agree. Cooper was instrumental in our attack especially around set peice

    • Ian

      Cooper makes tries – a no-look across the face of Doc who gets tackled as it goes to Hooper was elegant in its execution. I don’t understand the hating. Sanchez should have been penalized as he through his head back as Quade assisted him to the ground. Can’t we rally around the bloke and encourage while he grows the creative genius that he possesses.

      • onlinesideline

        EXACTLY – Ive been following Wallabies since 1978 or therabouts – have never seen ANYONE come close to his skill level.We need to revere him and Beale and JOC when they both return.These guys are freaks and this kind of talent doesnt come around but every 20 years or so if not longer. Still amazed at their talent. We should suport these guys now as they play pure Wallaby style and when done right we can beat anyone.

        PS. I dont buy into invincibility of ABs at moment whatsoever. Think im nuts ?
        Take a ticket !

        • Nutta

          No one with his skill level? Try Ella, Lloyd Walker and Andrew Walker not to mention David Knox off the top of my head. Dude he has some skills, but he’s not the Messiah (“No he’s not. He’s a naughty little boy. Now piss off!”)

        • idiot savant

          Add Steve Larkham, Michael Lynagh, and Paul McClean…

        • Parker

          Not in the same league when it comes to brilliance.

        • idiot savant

          I can only assume you’re being ironic

        • onlinesideline

          I actually refer to Ella bros in similar post in other article today but even considering those guys and David Knox would still say that Quade is above these blokes. David Knox will never be forgiven for kicking a sideline penalty past touch 10 meters out in a Bledisloe cliffhanger if I remember correctly but he had deft hands, did the run around well, had a pretty good pass, but often were floaters not flat long passes like Quades. Lloyd Walker never controlled top tier internationals the way QC has. He may have tore it up at Randiwicks or state level but was never as unpredicatble as QC in my book. Noddy ? – no way was he near QC skill level but we all love him for driving towards the line in the Irish match on full time and passing to Campo to snatch win in 1991 RWC. Larkham was good – give you that one…brilliantly composed, maybe Quades biggest work in progress still but hes getting there.

        • Nutta

          I remember the botched kick from Knox. I also remember the temper tantrum he threw at the touchy! I disagree with your opinion, but hey, that’s life sometimes.

        • onlinesideline

          One has to also ask how much time and space those guys of yesteryear had at their disposal as opposed to someone like QC today.

          Massive difference dont you think ?

          My father is a kiwi and is forever going on about how Granty Batty and Sid Going from the ABs of yesteryear were as good as todays bunch. I simply laugh at that idea and here is a little reminder of yesteryear.

          Think you’ll get my drift around the 14 sec mark


        • mark conley

          impossible to compare; different times, different styles, fitness, different friggin’ everything

        • Willem Labuschagne

          Hahaha, thanks for that blast from the past — hilarious to see the limp wristed bouncing and then reflect that it was meant to inspire fear.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah but they all also had a defence. No doubt at all the Cooper on attack is fantastic but I still think his defence let’s him down. I’d still play him though and use the loosies more to back him up rather than move him out of the line all the time

        • Train Without A Station

          Interestingly Cooper and Foley have both tackled at 68% for the Rugby Championship.

        • mark conley

          Lloyd Walker, beautiful to watch, so easy

        • First time long time

          Lloyd walker great skills but I think he was slower than adrian Strauss and that’s saying something. Andrew Walker please!
          David Knox was barely a fillin at test level.
          Do you have to have played for Randwick to be better than QC?
          I’ve said it before Nutta I think your analytical powers are best suited to the piggies ; )

        • Warwick Todd

          Nutta my recollection of Ella is he was a great ball runner and distributor who can be credited with changing the way the game is played. I also remember him being a below average defender. I started playing Union in 1979, played rugby Saturday’s and League Sunday’s and sometimes both on Saturdays. The one thing that struck me watching the tests was the poor defence……it was like tackling was optional.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Love the Monty Python!

        • Straith

          No one in the world can pass a ball as flat, accurate and as fast as cooper can whilst running at full speed. and no one before him ever has.

        • SD

          Now you’re just making it up. There’s Larkham for one, as well as a series of All Blacks and Springboks. And they all did it at the top level for years .

          Look, Quade is good but stop trying to make him out as the greatest fly half we’ve ever seen. It’s absurd.

        • SD

          There’s no doubt Quade is a skilful player, but let’s not pretend his skills or abilities are anywhere near Mark Ella, Lynagh or Larkham (and that’s just the 10s).

          It’s also pretty silly claiming he is this great player when he clearly has weaknesses – contact, defence, the odd brain explosion.

        • Train Without A Station

          It’s perfectly reasonable then to compare his ability in contact to players who played against amateurs who were not the same size.

          This were the back rowers that those players played against in those eras.

          Zinzan Brooke – 102kg
          Buck Shelford – 93kg
          Murray Mexted – 95kg
          Mourie – 89kg
          Jones – 98kg
          Whetton – 100kg
          Hobbs – 92kg
          Shaw – 95kg

          This is the current NZ back row that Cooper played against:

          Kaino – 113kg
          Cane – 103kg
          Read – 110kg

          The smallest back rower in the current back row is bigger than any NZ back rowers that they played against.

        • SD

          You have to make it relative then. Quade weighs 92kg according to his Wikipedia page. That’s nearly the size of Buck. I can’t find Ella’s playing weight but I am sure it wasn’t close – maybe in the low 70s?

          Ella also played in the days of leather balls. I remember these as a kid, they were slippery and heavy, and in the wet they were worse, more like a medicine ball. You couldn’t throw those long bullets and you needed soft hands to catch passes cleanly.

        • Will

          I like cooper and I can see his attitude is far better these days – yes he has moments of brilliance but I feel he panics at times that really makes him a bit of a liability in test matches. He attempts low percentage passes and chip kicks at some really bad times that can place the entire team under uneccesary pressure.

          I feel we should persist with him but how do you stop him from having these panic attacks?!

        • jamie

          I don’t recall any low Percentage passes in the last 2 tests…

        • Will

          He attempted a low percentage chip kick in broken play on attack on the argie 22 after we had been starved of the ball for almost 20mins…. The argentinian defence was all over the place and we had numbers out wide. Kafe referred to it as a panic attack.

        • Rukcin’ Oaf

          The kick that was handly won by Kerevi putting the Wallabies into a good attacking position. That kick ?

        • Train Without A Station

          I’m not sure a kick to a 1 on 1 is a low percentage play. It wasn’t a chip kick either, it was a bomb.

    • Tim

      Foley is awful in defense, we need someone better suited in 12. I wouldn’t mind foley going back to 10 but having two 10’s isn’t working

      • jamie

        Hodge is better suited to 12. I would mind foley going back to 10. He’s been shit there.

        • Parker

          Are you and Tim suggesting replacing Cooper with an out of form Foley? I think he should go back to the stand.

        • Tip

          He said “I would mind”.

          I would also mind if we went back to Foley @ 10. It’ll make Mr Henry’s assessment right on the money.

        • jamie

          No I’m saying I would mind if foley went back to 10 when cooper is doing a fantastic job at fly.

      • Nutta

        Foleys issue at 12 is that he keeps missing his first clean out. Missed it 3 times last night with 2 of them leading to turnovers. Also his lack of bulk means he is not providing the necessary grunt to the breakdown when he is 1st in to support a tackled 13 as a 12 often is.

        • Ted

          Glad someone else noticed. Was killing me. Bulk is one think but commitment and technique is another.

        • Opheliacrutchmore

          He will get there. Has only played a few matches at 12 and not had to do a lot of clean out work. Hodge needs an apprenticeship to start but no doubt he will be closer to the action as his game time stocks increase.

        • Tim

          Yeah i personally hate him at 12, its a nightmare for the 13 with foley moving in and out of defense

        • Train Without A Station

          Foley’s issue is he’s not big enough.

          He doesn’t miss it, he just lacks the size to be effective against bigger players.

          The same as when he gets run over by rampaging back rowers.

          It’s not that he does anything incorrect, he just lacks the size.

        • Tip

          I don’t buy into this “He’s not big enough” argument. Anthony Faingaa isn’t any bigger than Foley and he secured as much first phase ball as Gilly.

          Foley played 7’s, his 1v1 cleanout skills should be at least serviceable.

        • Train Without A Station

          Fainga’a is bigger.

          And Foley playing 7’s doesn’t pit him against 110+kg players.

          Most 7’s players are 100kg max.

        • Tim

          Foley just hasn’t worked on his defense or clean at skills as he is protected in the tahs and the wallabies making other people pick up the slack. Therefore making him an easy target

    • Train Without A Station

      I probably would have had them equal.

      Maybe 5.5 each.

      • RedAnt

        Think you’re being a bit harsh, TWAS. Apart from his individual performance, I think Quade’s direction/control of the attack was very strong – especially when you consider how little possession we had to play with. In fact, I think this has been the most noticeable difference between having Foley and QC at 10.

        • Seb V

          Yeah but remember you got to at least minus a point for the yellow, and possibly another point for the poor defensive effort. It’s not all attack. Cooper you got good and bad Verse Foley all round average. close call but def wouldn’t have Foley ahead. Even or Cooper slightly ahead.

        • RedAnt

          Fair enough, I get the point off for the yellow and I must admit I wasn’t paying that much attention to his defence. BUT, his main role is to orchestrate the attack and when we managed to score 36 points with hardly any opportunities in attack at all (and something like 30% possession), you’d have to say he performed pretty well.

        • Seb V

          Absolutely @RedAnt Don’t think anyone can say he performed poorly. He did well, best attack we’ve seen in ages.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Mate I personally hope Cheika keeps this combination for Auckland. I think it is crap and will allow us to put 50 points up. Apart from his stupid shoulder charge I tbought Cooper played well. Foley isn’t a 12 and I think its a big weakness in the current setup

      • Brisneyland Local

        I agree with you. I thought the Cooper yellow was unfortunate but warranted. Certainly wasnt malicious or intentional. But I thought the dive was worse. Red Card! There is nothing I can abide more than diving! (Except eye gouging! or Biting!) It must be irradicated from our sport.
        Other than that I thought Cooper played well and was industrious, looking for work and plying his trade. His passing was sublime, and his defence was actually reasonable. There were certainly a lot worse defenders wearing gold on Sat night.

  • Zebber

    Your rating on Mumm is a joke. He races up in the defence and leads the line speed all game. That’s why he “misses” tackles. He’s effective and has made the lineout a lot better.

    • Pfitzy

      I agree that the stats don’t say it all. Mumm was a 4 at best though, and maybe lucky not to get penalised for taking his man in the air a couple of times.

    • Tahs_Man_Fan

      Mumm is a passenger!!! I wouldn’t have know he was there if he wasn’t on the team sheet. He’s a number 6, and should be pestering the breakdown. Mumm keeping Fardy out of the squad is beyond belief

  • AB

    Still found it quite a frustrating game to watch but defence was definitely an improvement on recent weeks and they struggled with QC’s lovely inside passes. loving the Genia Cooper revival and thought 5 was a bit harsh but Quade definitely needs to get his yellow card habit sorted. I think that’s 3 in his last 4 games for the wallabies. Would love to see Reece Hodge get a crack at 12, thought he defended at 12 really solidly and I reckon he would be handy in attack there also.

    Wondering if there is the technology somewhere in the world to put Sean McMahon in Lopeti Timani’s body – the guy is a freak and regularly embarrasses other forwards with 15 or 20 kts on him.

    • Chunderstruck

      Not only that, I’ve said before we need to put Pat McCabe in Skelton’s body!

  • Tahs_Man_Fan

    I reckon now that we have a few injuries, it’s time for Cheika to play his hand and shift the squad a bit. Folau needs to be in a position where he can go looking for work, and is wasted at fullback. Mumm needs to go full stop, and isn’t doing enough to keep Fardy out of the team. The Cooper/Foley thing surely has to be temporary, and there’s too much confusion and lateral movement with 2 play makers. Hodge has proven himself to move into the centres. Plus Naivalu is eligible now, so Hodge shouldn’t be wasted on the wing. If I had it my way, my team next week would be:

    1. Sio, 2. Moore, 3. Kepu, 4. Simmons, 5. Coleman, 6. Fardy 7. Hooper, 8. Timani, 9. Genia, 10. Cooper 11. Folau 12. Hodge 13. Kerevi 14. Naivalu 15. DHP

    • Patrick

      Mumm does need to go. Not certain Naivalu is the answer to anything yet.

      • jamie

        Depends on the question. If the question is, ‘what eligible X factor winger do we have with a 10.5 second 100m and rugby instincts that people would die for?’ Then the answer is probably Naivalu.

        • Patrick

          I’m not against naivalu but I’d rather see him come in with Hodge going to 12. Otherwise I would keep Hodge and Kerevi.

        • jamie

          Oh that’s exactly how I see it Pat. No way is Hodge coming out of the Starting XV for me. Too much potential and value. My ideal backline (excluding JOC and Nemani Nadolo ;-) ) for the Wallabies present is:


          Foley (inside cover)
          Morohan (outside cover)

        • Patrick

          I would leave Folau at FB and Kerevi on the wing and give Kuridrani another go at 13, or think about Perese already.

          But I’d be happy to try that out!

        • jamie

          I personally prefer DHP’s kicking game to be available to us to use at the back. His rugby kicking instincts are so much better than Izzy’s. Saying that though, any of SuperSefa, Izzy and DHP will give us good protection under the high ball and good counter attacking ability. Naivalu (@ 103kg) is pound for pound one of the most powerful players I’ve ever witnessed. His acceleration means he’s hitting twice as hard as the average winger, and I can not wait to see him pull on the gold.

        • Patrick

          Well I’d be happy to see it tried out certainly.

        • Patrick

          I am so sorry. I actually somehow had no idea you were talking about Sefa. I somehow in my head thought this was one of those awesome on paper but never live up to anything NSW players (not sure how I didn’t realise how odd that would be coming from you!!).

          I absolutely agree with everything you said except I am still not convinced about taking Folau off FB.

    • Seb V

      I like this team. Not 100% sure about Naivalu but he’s the type of winger i’d want – an out and out finisher with pace and footwork. Been saying Folau should be on the wing for years (in a Digby roving role).

    • EngineRoom

      Don’t mind that teem except I would just swap the two centres and get rid of Fardy as he brings nothing to the table but talking smack to the refs and blatant penalties. Instead I would have Mcmahon at 6, played there for the Rebels and also heard the boys speak about it on the podcast this week. And there might be a case for Speight at the wing and put Naivalu on the bench because it would be his first game.

      • jamie

        Fardy brings nothing? You have got to be kidding. Single handedly did the work of 4 players during the England series and his ruck involvements are comparable only to pocock.

        • EngineRoom

          Fair enough but you have to remember that, in a team that just gave away 16 penalties, we don’t need someone who is inclined to give more away. Also Scott Fardy is 32 and there is no need to have him playing over someone who is a better player and 10 years younger.

          P.S. Don’t get to far ahead of yourself with the comparison to Pocock I’m not taking anything away from Fardy’s skills in the breakdown but no one compares to Pocock in this area. Just an absolute beast.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Good team. I’d love to see that take the field

    • jamie

      I remember typing up this exact same team 3 weeks ago, only I had Folau at 14 and Naivalu at 11, and TPN at 2. That team, IMO, is the best we got (and no one over 30 bar 2,3 and 6)

      Once fardy retires (potentially next year) I’d like to see a Holloway, Hooper/McMahon, Timani back row.

    • Willem Labuschagne

      Mate, that would indeed be a crackerjack team, especially the backline, where you have Folau, Hodge, and DHP in the positions they’re made for. Pity we won’t see it happen …

  • onlinesideline

    The REAL Sanchez stood up.

  • Pharrell Bill Williams

    I will have to watch the replay, as I had thought mumm had played quite well

    • jamie


  • Conjecture

    Foley, Kerevi and Hodge all played better then Quade Cooper??

    given me a break

    • Parker

      And he had as quiet a game as Izzy according to the silly rating.

      • Bobas

        Where does it say that? It’s not a Richter scale.

    • Train Without A Station

      I thought Cooper was a 5, but Foley one too.

  • Who?

    Think there’s a couple of ratings on there that could be tweaked a fraction… Slipper’s listed as having done little other than scrum, but I recall a penalty-earning pilfer at a critical time with the Pumas hot on attack. Similarly, I recall the match ending because Phipps managed to secure a penalty for not releasing at the end, again with the Pumas hot on attack.
    And Quade? That’s three instances of cynical diving by the Pumas in the last three tests. Cooper’s YC. Sio’s YC. And the dive that saw Hooper before the judiciary last year. I thought WR was going to stamp down on simulation? The other interesting thing is that it was the same minute mark Quade was carded against Argentina last year…

  • idiot savant

    I think it was Slipper who was tackled on suspicion when Hooper scored.

    • Bobas

      Could be right, it was a blonde prop, they all look a like.

  • Greg

    Surely hooper deserves an 8- made 20 tackles, one try and one try assist!

    • First time long time

      The impact of a number of those tackles he is credited with was negligible and often as a passive second in.
      I watched him stand back while QC took a hit up and after a couple of seconds go aww fuck I’m supposed be in there….. Too late turnover.
      Pococks efforts in that first half were immense. 12 tackles in 33 minutes. He hit 3 rucks just before being replaced while defending our try line making an absolute pest of himself. During the same time Hooper stood beside all 3rucks and did nothing.
      Both Pocock and McMahon outplayed Hooper

      • Twerp

        Meh… Pocock injury def blessing in disguise, no matter what the apologists say

        • first time long time

          Meh… my arse and I ain’t apologising for anything.
          Guess we have very different ideas on what constitutes a good game for a backrower.

  • Nicholas

    Very generous for Simmons. The bloke is an absolute spud. Added nothing. “tidy on defence making 14 tackles” Douglas, Arnold both would have had those figures plus a couple in the metres gained category. I just don’t see what value he adds. The defensive line-out didn’t put the Argies under any pressure. It was a step in the right direction when he was dropped to the NRC.

    • Train Without A Station


      No he wouldn’t have.

      He played 80 minutes for 3 straight games, making 21 total tackles. 7 per game.

      I estimate Douglas would have made 7 tackles.

    • Train Without A Station

      Also in those 3 games Douglas had 9 runs for 6m.

      Most importantly he averages the lowest for meters per carry of all our Wallaby locks and generally lowest for carries per game.

  • Wallaby Dave

    Think that Foley needs a rest. Hodge 12, Kerevi, 13, and Speight to run before the debutante. Coleman unreal, as per Genia.
    Kwa-day (Quade) was okay, tackling was very turnstile and definitely needs to improve.
    McMahon was a unit and I hope Timani (Mach#2) gets an extended run.
    And can we hit the grass with our clearing kicks, please!

    • harro

      I’ve been thinking this about Foley for a little while now, that he needs a rest. Apart from when he was injured early in the 2016 SR season, he’s played non-stop since the start of the 2015 SR season.

  • Parker

    This site really took a big swipe at its credibility with the patently absurd, biased rating of Cooper. Get serious Bobas, you’re stinking up the joint.

    • Bobas


      • qwas

        Potentially, all cooper ratings should be just a description with [insert your own rating here] underneath. Might save on the massacre of a comments section that follows.
        Cheers for the ratings btw

    • Scottytoohotty

      I think you need to give a few examples and not just split out adjectives.

    • Train Without A Station

      I’m a huge fan of Cooper but I wouldn’t have thought he was any better than a 6.

      Perhaps a few around him were a little high in comparison but there wasn’t a huge difference.

      • First time long time

        Agreed, can’t remember what he got last week but he wasn’t as good this week. Still streaks ahead of what Foley is offering. I like papworths idea of going and playing in the NRC so he can remember how good he is and get some confidence back. I know it won’t happen at the moment fora number of reasons but might be the best thing for him

        • First time long time

          I mean foley to nrc

        • Train Without A Station

          Must have killed Pappy to acknowledge that the NRC offered any value at all.

        • harro

          I reckon Foley needs a rest, not more rugby. He’s gone 2015 SR, 2015 RC, RWC, Japan, 2016 SR, and now 2016 RC

        • first time long time

          yeah may well be the issue

    • Pedro

      Where is the bias?

  • brumby runner

    Must be hard doing the ratings, keeping an eye on all of the players and assessing how they perform their individual requirements as well as seeing how they contribute to the team overall. Not a task to be taken lightly.

    However, I do think the rating for Quade is too low compared with others.

    • Bobas

      A bit like Foleys intercept passes last week or Pocock pass into touch. Big errors that could feasibly lose a game are too hard to overlook when it comes to the rating a player.

  • Scottytoohotty

    I think Foley deserved a 7. This guy was great under the high ball, kicked well, should have scored a try but thanks to Quade’s shoulder to the head of Sanchez missed out. He looked better at first five opening holes and off loading. I say give him the 10 jersey.
    If you want a guy with a great pass, ok tactical kicking, a brain explosion a game and crowds to be booing their own team then pick Quade. The Abs will love you for it too.

    • jamie

      He’s only put under the high ball because he’s so weak defensively.
      Which part of kicking did he do well on? His 30m boot was still visible, hence Hodge kicked the long range one. Not to mention, missed a (somewhat difficult) kick after already getting a sighting shot. His field kicking was better, but still (again) far shorter than Hodge’s and Cooper':.

      Quade set up two tries off inside balls, ran the backline magnificently (albeit with the help of foley) and got harshly adjudicated because of some Argentinian diving, and you still want him dropped?

      Let me guess, New South Welshman…

      • Scottytoohotty

        Jeez, there’s a lot of things that we disagree on. I suppose we’ll see in the next few games. The next England and All Blacks results will show whats going right and wrong.

        • jamie

          Cooper at 10 has our backline moving forward and relatively flat to the line. Our kicking game has improved hugely and our flyhalf really ain’t broke, so it don’t need no fixing.

          Amazingly, Quade is the more reliable, less dramatic option at 10 right now. And yet he’s still bringing flair on occasion. I reckon against France with Coops at 10, we’ll see some pretty hectic shit go down

    • Train Without A Station

      I love Quade haters. Every time he makes an error it’s a “brain explosion”.

      What do you call Foley missing kicks for touch, throwing 2 intercepts in a game and throwing passes to un-expecting players in worse positions leading to intercepts?

      It’s funny how when Foley does it, it’s just a mistake. When Quade does it, it’s a brain explosion.

      Foley wasn’t opening holes. He opened one hole, with an offload.

      • brumby runner

        Not to mention the clearing kicks being charged down, leading directly to tries against the Wallabies.

        In the past three tests, Foley has been instrumental, indeed wholly responsible, for three tries being scored against the Wallabies. Anyone else in that sort of form would be dropped.

      • Remind me how many yellow cards Foley has given away vs Quade in a Wallaby jersey?

        They’re the brain explosions

        • Train Without A Station

          Got it. Cooper bads = brain explosions.

          Foley bads = mistakes.

          Passing it to the SA hooker who had already charged out of the line was just as much of a “brain explosion”.

          I prefer to think that neither are. Both are players in a high tempo game and as a result make errors in decision making and execution. That’s life.

        • Cooper has given away 5 yellow cards in his last 11 tests. No international player has ever given away more than 7 yellow cards in a whole career.

  • Canuckruck

    Can’t agree with Cooper as a 5. There is no one the Wallabies can play at fly half with the passing game of Cooper. He is literally unlocking defences with inside ball and flat passes putting runners through gaps. I for one am not getting up at 4 am to watch the Wallabies if you guys put Foley back at 10. Cooper’s YC was a joke and a dive and should hardly factor into the ratings.

    What is with the Wallabies kicking away turnover ball? It is commonly accepted wisdom that turnover ball is the best time to attack as defences are not set. So why not follow the old “two quick passes and run it” school of thought?

    • onlinesideline

      agree – ABs counter alot more than we do and we have the skill and pace as well.

    • FucktardStorm

      Yes, except get rid of the two quick passes idea, all that does is give the defence time to organise and come at you. Just bloody run it!

  • Merrow

    Perhaps those having a dig at the ratings could have a go at doing it themselves. I would, but y’know, couldn’t be arsed. For the most part all played better than in previous tests…..except Mumm. He continues to be as crap as ever. Newbies did OK. Genia was deservedly MOM, absolutely sublime

    • first time long time

      Don’t think anyone’s have a go at Bobas, they are just putting in their 2 cents and I would have thought that is the point.

      • Bobas

        Really –
        “Get serious Bobas, you’re stinking up the joint.”
        “Your rating on Mumm is a joke”
        “How you managed to rate Foley over Cooper is anyone’s guess.” – 21 up-votes
        Another guy whose comment was deleted agreed only with Dean Mumm’s rating and said my IQ must’ve be that low too.

        There’s fuck all chance of me doing the ratings in the near future again, so go enjoy the SMH and Fox ones (if they still exist)

        • first time long time

          For starters, no need to have a go at me.
          I didn’t write any of that, but you do have a point re some peoples delivery of their thoughts now that you mention it.

        • Bobas

          certainly wasn’t trying to have a go at you, was just pointing out, that some people were putting more than their 2 cents in.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Mate sorry to hear you are copping some flack!
          And am truly saddened to hear that you wont do this again. I think you did a good job!
          Maybe they can give it to me one week and I will apply my normal style of wit and see if I can melt the servers!

        • Pedro

          Fair enough. I remember the last time i did the ratings and the top comment was “the laziest ratings ever on GAGR” and went on to decry the site’s drop in quality.

          That’s why I’ve never volunteered since. It’s a thankless chore.

          You had a good run though, rating all the world cup matches until now.

        • RedSheep1989

          Sad to see you go if you’re not going to continue, really do enjoy the ratings

        • harro

          Mate, I really appreciate your efforts and understand you wanting to give the ratings the flick. I would too.

          It’s blokes like these that make it so difficult for me to like Cooper, because it makes me feel like I’m feeding their delusions.

          It appears as if not saying Quade is a god is akin to not saying the ABs are gods.

        • idiot savant

          Bobas, I am being absolutely genuine when I say you are doing an outstanding job with the ratings. The whole idea of it is to promote debate and you have done that, got people engaged, and provoked over 170 comments. I used to work in advertising and if you could deliver that kind of engagement you’d be a valuable commodity.

          Dont take it to heart man. Its only social media. Contributors have taken a variety of mind altering substances. Ive read your comments over the years. You are a very intelligent observer of the game. You don’t need anyone’s approbation.

          You do have to realise that when the name QC gets mentioned a full moon comes out every barking dog goes fucking bananas. Just keep lighting the match man. Stand back, watch the flames and laugh.

  • SuckerForRed

    Quade’s “yellow card was unforgiveable, unnecessary” and, IMO, incorrect. Same as Folau’s YC the week before. What the hell are they meant to do? Vanish?

    Anyhow. I agree with others that the ratings of Foley & QC need to be swapped.

    • Bobas

      Folau didn’t get a yellow but I agree he was unluckily penalised.
      Cooper didn’t have to vanish, he just didn’t have to exert any effort to allow the dive to be effective, he could have hugged the player, or done anything really except what he did (which was make contact with the shoulder.)
      If the player doesn’t get to the floor after contact and hence stop the game, Foley scores untouched and its game set and match with 13 to play.

      • Train Without A Station

        But Folau went through the player.

        Cooper stopped at the player when he didn’t get the ball.

        He couldn’t have hugged the player as that would have been tackling him without the ball and a penalty.

        • Bobas

          Folau stopped and the player ran into him.
          If Quade hugged the guy it wouldn’t have been a yellow card.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Mate Cooper did a no arm shoulder charge to the head. Careless rather than intentional and absolutely a yellow. I would have carded him if I was refereeing

        • Bobas

          more of a bump than a charge, but he gave the referees no choice, the only problem i have with it is without the dive no one would have cared or looked at it.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Yeah that diving pisses me off. I couldn’t survive it as I’d give the prick something to dive about and then get red carded myself

        • Train Without A Station

          Of course there were no arms. He was trying not to make a tackle.

  • Jack

    22 of 23 ratings are spot on – But there’s one that reeks of personal prejudice. Fair enough these are based on personal interpretation but come on now…

    • Bobas

      Not sure if you’re talking about Mumm or Quade, I’m really regretting wasting my time doing these ratings.

      You ungrateful lot can go and eat a bag of actual dicks.

      • Canuckruck

        I for one am very glad you took the time to write up these ratings….even if i didn’t agree with the Quade rating….I’ll pass on the dicks

      • Jack

        No dicks for me please. I love the ratings. I agree with 22 of them wholeheartedly as I said. Mumm can keep his 2, he earned it.

        QC just seems to be one of those players people struggle to see objectively. Apart from a very questionable yellow I’m pretty sure he had a solid game, and I don’t see how he can be rated average, and below 15 of the 23 players in the team.

        My two cents, which seeing how much offense it has caused, will in future be kept in my wallet.

        • Train Without A Station

          I don’t see how Quade could really be more than a 6. He was better as a whole last week.

        • Jack

          And I’d settle for that – 5 just rates him as one of our worst, and he was far from that.

        • Train Without A Station

          Can’t really quibble because somebody else saw something 10% different.

        • Pedro

          Yeah, but no one is accusing you of being prejudiced for thinking so.

        • Bobas

          It’s the “personal prejudice” phrase that can be kept off next time. In the last few weeks he has been up the top of the ratings.

        • Train Without A Station

          Just admit it Bobas. It’s all a grand plan to put your Brumbies boy, Robbie Coleman into the discussion.

          I’m onto you!

        • Bobas

          Mogg for 10

  • Bobas

    These are the 10-12 ratings for the last two weeks for those that are too lazy to even look them up before assuming I must be a QC hater.

    • jamie

      So foley cost us 2 tries against the Boks and still gets the same rating as what cooper got against Argentina? Not sure that’s right… I know ratings are hard (especially all-round ratings) but id have rated cooper’s performance, YC and all, far higher than foley’s against the Boks.

  • astamax

    Keep it up @disqus_gITiVO31nf:disqus you are doing a great job.

  • Richie Zhou

    Mumm and Skelton shouldn’t be in the Wallabies side. They’re only in the side because they play for the Tahs. Surely players like McMahon, Gill, Timani, Jones and even Dennis are better players than them. I’ve been watching the Eagles in the NRC. Hanigan and Figg outplayed Fardy, I can’t wait to see them in SR.

    Sio hasn’t been in good form this year. I think BOBAS is right to say Slipper should start and get Toby on the bench. We should also get Tupou & Perese (QLD Country) into the squad ASAP. They don’t have to play for the Wallabies, but just being in the environment will help them improve immensely. They both show a lot of potential and are both only 20. They have been carving up NRC. Perese looks amazing. He dominated Sefa when they matched up (I’m from Melbourne as well so there are no biases), and dominated Speight too.

    I feel like when McMahon came on, the game changed. Having Pocock and Hooper, two 7s on the pitch means one less ball runner and one less jumper. It was fine when Hooper was running a lot 2 years ago, but I think he’s changed his game style. We need at least 2 ball carriers in the back row. With the current back row, there are no ball carriers because Mumm is useless. The ABs have Kaino, Read and Kane/Savea. With Savea, they have 3 ball carriers. With Kane, they have 2 but Kane is capable as well. All of them can jump as well. In saying that, I noticed that the ABs use a lot of movement in the lineout to confuse the opposition, while RSA, ARG and AUS don’t. This is why the ABs steal so many lineouts!

    Obviously I’m not a professional coach, but I’d like to coach and write articles in the future. These are just my opinion but I’d love to know what everything thinks about them! Will be great to have some feedback!

    • Fatflanker

      Notwithstanding recent results, Cheika and his crew are well under the pump. I doubt he has the luxury of selecting anyone on the basis of being a Waratah.

      Observation of movement in the lineout is a good one. The line and spacing has all but disappeared before the ball is thrown in.

      • Richie Zhou

        I’m sure you’re right, but I’m just trying to rationalise Chieka’s selection. Mumm missed 7 tackles on the weekend and has never been a standout player in SR. This is the same with Skelton. It takes a Kiwi coach (Gibson) to realise this and drop him.

        Watching a video that rugby.com.au posted on Insta, I’m embarrassed of Skelton. He looked around to see if anyone was watching and did a sissy squat rather than a full squat. This attitude is the reason why the Wallabies aren’t very good atm.

  • adam

    Ewan Mackenzie always said that Cooper may cost you a try each game with something daft that didn’t work, but he’ll always give you 3 or 4 tries with something brilliant that does work. His defence isn’t as bad as it used to be, and he seems to be coming back into his own with Genia feeding him.

  • Strange rating

    So hooper flogged himself for 80mins made a game high 20 tackles, scored a try created a beautiful try assist won 2 turnovers, but rates lower than someone that makes 3 tackles, 1 turnover and has 1 great run.


Brumbies supporter now living in Melbourne. Rugby and Larkham fan ever since he de beered de Beer. Never shy of controversy because when I say it it's cute.

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