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Wallabies sweep series against Wales

Wallabies sweep series against Wales

The Wallabies have come away 20-19 victors with another hard-fought win over a determined Welsh outfit in Sydney.

In a successful return to afternoon rugby at the Sydney Football Stadium, the Wallabies swept the series and remain unbeaten by the Welsh at home since 1969.

There was only one try apiece and while the game often looked like opening up, it never quite did.

The first half was a seesawing affair, with the sides trading penalty goals and neither really looking like scoring a try.

The Wallabies went into the sheds up 12-9, which was probably a fair reflection of the tightness of the opening stanza.

Joubert blew five penalties to each side in the first half and they were often at points where the game was just looking like opening up.

While the flow of the game was a bit stunted, there were promising signs from a few of the Wallabies.

Sharpe and TPN looked good in the forwards, while Barnes and Horne were good at the back. David Pocock earned two vital breakdown penalties when the Welsh were hot on attack.

Their execution failed the Wallabies on countless occasions, with dropped balls, forward passes and a few brain fades stopping them when they looked most threatening.

Kurtley Beale looked like he’d been rushed back to Test rugby too quickly – he made breaks and slotted into first receiver fairly often, but also made a number of errors.

While it didn’t have the same spark, the backline had better balance in the previous Tests.

The Welsh did a good job of disrupting the Wallabies’ ball and often held players on the ground or far away from play, concentrating heavily on Bam-Bam. It was one of their only real disruptive options as Craig Joubert was hard on any infringements at the breakdown, especially in the first half.

The set piece was an area of concern as the lineout dominance of the last couple of weeks disappeared and the scrum was constantly under pressure. It was also where the Wallabies gave away most of theor penalties. The scrum seemed to perform better once the replacements of Moore, Alexander and Dennis came on but they were immediately under the pump with a 5-metre scrum to Wales that eventually resulted in a try to Stephen Jones.

That play came off the back a break from KB, who turned the ball over with a chip. The Welsh then made a break up the midfield before toeing ahead and were only held out with Ioane taking the ball over the line.

Australia hit back just after the Welsh try with Rob Horne getting one of his own.

After the initial break, the Wallabies held onto multiple phases picking and driving until Barnes saw the overlap and spread it to Horne, who almost tripped before he got to the line and only just grounded the ball.

Barnes missed the conversion and the Welsh got a chance to get back in the lead soon after the restart when the Aussie scrum was penalised on halfway. Halfpenny nudged it over, putting the score at Wales 19, Australia 17.

The Wallabies were on the back foot again and got out of the 22 thanks to some obstruction from the Welsh.

Once the ball was back in the Welsh half, discipline let the boyos down again and Berrick only just scraped a penalty to regain the lead for Australia.

Wales had one more opportunity after a ball came loose yet again from a Wallaby break. James Hook toed ahead and had a clear run to the line but the ball rolled into touch.

After that the Wallabies showed admirable patience and held onto the ball until Genia booted it into touch as the full time siren blew.

Australia 20 (Horne try, Barnes 5 pens.) def. Wales 19 (Jones try, Halfpenny conv., Halfpenny 4 pens.)

What did you think of the game?

  • Alan

    A pretty ugly match, neither side was impressive and Joubert – well i know some here think he is great but since gifting the WC to the ABs ive been suspect of him and along with some puzzlingly calls/missed calls, the infinity he took at the scrums was soul destroying

    Handling errors, lineout, scrum… there was alot of problems. Surprisingly the restarts were good but typical of Deans’s Wallabies, as one facet of play seems to be improving other problem areas spring up!

    To take the series 3-0 against a good (perhaps arrogant?) welsh side especially with the guys we are missing is a great achievement that few would have predicted. I dont agree with much of the media who report that we ‘robbed victory from the welsh’ or we were ‘lucky’ – i think we played the better rugby and deserve to have won the series.

    The wallabies of a year or two ago would have lost the last two matches so their ability to take out these close games is promising but there is MUCH to improve on ahead of the rugby championship.

    • Mao

      Some of the comments on here are unbelievably one eyed. Joubert has just taken of his gold jersey in the dressing room after another stunning performance! You knew that like last week, the referee would give the Aus the final chance to win it. It’s awful that we are discussing the referee who should be there to manage the game, not decide the result…How long did he take to get that scrum on the 5 metre line started? He has to take a fair amount of responsibility for a game that could and should have been so much more open…

      • Really can’t agree with your comments at all. Joubert is in no way responsible for who won or lost this game. Sure he wasn’t perfect but if anyone is being one eyed it’s you

        • Mao

          Not really, good teams are good enough to win despite the involvement of the referee…but if you don’t feel that Joubert had a huge impact on how the game played out then you were watching a different event. He gave 6 free kicks against the Aus front row for early engagement without once turning it into a penalty or giving a yellow card…the scrum on the five metre took the best par of 8 minutes out of the game…this is just incompetent refereeing…

      • Robson

        It wasn’t the referee whose play was inaccurate at the breakdown (and a lot of other places) or who lost control of the ball in the tackle or who failed to finish off moves that should have yeilded points or who got the lineout calls wrong or who couldn’t make dominant first up tackles, or who couldn’t hold the scrum up after it had set.

        • James

          Sounds like an extremely accurate description… of both teams!

  • AJ

    I thought Timani played very well – at least he tackled like a demon. Not sure whether he was a contributing factor to the line out falling apart but I’m slowly coming around.

    Just missing that zip with JOC and Quade despite our D being ten times better.

    • I think Timani was missing in the tight.

      I’m not sure what O’Connor would bring to the side.

  • James

    I know they awarded Hornes try, but for me that’s 2 he’s butchered in 3 games.

    • bill

      He was lucky there, don’t know whether he was thinking to dive or pass there. maybe caught in two minds? But he showed some much needed pace and class at out centre, in attack,… in defence? doesn’t seem authorative. Ok, but not great yet.

      • Does anyone think Ioane would have run in untouched if Horne had just passed the ball.

        • No Bryce = Good Rugby

          Hell yes – Horne seems to have no sense of how to read a defence.

        • Pedro

          Horne needs to learn to draw and dish. Run straight! Commit the defense and leave some space for digby to work with. School boy stuff.

        • Rugbysmartarse

          Yes and no. With that much space there is risk involved in throwing that pass – slips out of hand as its thrown, goes forward, goes too slowly and defense covered, gets dropped etc – Horne or anyone else I would expect to back the,selves and get to the line.

        • James

          I don’t know which is the greater risk. I’ve seen him go himself and butcher or near-butcher it, but haven’t ever seen him pass, so cant really compare both sides to summise which is the most risky.

          Sarcasm removed though, draw and pass and it’s a sure thing instead of a heart stopper.

        • ula

          i don’t think horne has heard that wingers are finishers, why the fuck doesn’t the selfish prick pass it?

        • robbo

          Definintely, and so long as Horne held his line he would have been much closer to the posts. There is a lot of negative stuff said about Horne but the one thing you can rely is that he will not pass to his winger – especially on his right – that’s where JOC can be of value.

        • Patrick

          Not to mention under the posts!

  • KDog

    I agree about Horne. I would bench him, his try looked suspect, he wants to be the rock star and gets white line fever. he has to learn to pass so the Wallabies get the try every time.

    Wallabies were lucky to get away with that win. If they play like that the AB;s and Boks are going to belt them for a six.

    Dingo is a looking a bit weary.

    • Wolfie

      Horne absolutely one of the better performers. Strong runs, good defense. Meat pie (he got it down and that is what matters). For mine he has improved throughout the series and developing well. Fearless in defense and goes lookIng for work. Not deserving of the slander he gets from idiots. Def a better performer tonight than most Wobs

      • Brax

        No doubt Horne had a good game, however his near butchering of that try is because he’s a bloody hog & as such is a massive liability at outside centre. If you can’t see that you’re looking through baby blue coloured glasses!

        • BDA

          I cant agree. I was aggressively critical of him for butching a certain try in the first test, but I think he did the right thing yesterday. He pinched his ears back and headed for the corner. He tripped but still managed to get there. He had a very good game.

        • Fin

          i think it is lack of basic skills, or confidence in those skills under pressure, rather than a deliberate Hogging of the ball

  • bill

    Funny, I thought that was Dingo’s clearest and most concise, truest communique yet.

    • No Bryce = Good Rugby

      Maybe, but that’s from a pretty low benchmark…

      • bill

        True, but it was still the right call, I’ve called for his head before but I’d be very pleased if he continued in this vain and the wallabies continued to play as composed as this, the accuracy will come.

        It’s easy to think there’s going to be a step up in the opposition after the welsh, i’m not sure there is, they were a pretty decent team.

  • Gumby

    A tough match against what has been shown to be a quality side. The Welsh have proven with their tour that they are to be taken seriously and full credit to them.

    Even though much of what he tried did not come off Beale showed how much the unpredictability of Beale, O’Connor and Cooper adds to the team. We are indeed fortunate that we have three such ball players/finishers in the team at the same time and the fact that they are about the same age means we have a lot to look forward to as Wallaby supporters. Genia should be in that mix as well and if we need to play a more conservative game we have the more traditional but equally talented (in his own way) Barnes.

    What I am happy about is the way the pack went about their business. I no longer have the sneaking fear that all will turn to shit like in 2007. We may not always dominate the set piece but we are close to the pinnacle of the game at the breakdown.

    A tough series with three tough games yet at the death we prevailed as we have been doing more often in recent seasons. This team is building into something special and Deans now has a 60% win ratio which will only get better from here in.

  • Canuck

    a win is a in and I’m not complaining but….just watched the NZ game and I’m a bit worried about the RC coming up. There are miles between our two great nations, despite what many think. NZ did exactly what a team of champions should do after a close previous match, come out and blow everyone away. Even when they were 30 points clear they never once took their hand off the throttle…..we scrapped together a win but only by the smallest of margins.

    • I got to about 60 minutes and had to stop watching. It was like looking at a 80 min train wreck. They look awesome and Conrad Smith is revelling in lead that young backline.

    • Gumby

      True the AB’s are not to be disrespected but there is currently a gulf between Wales and the rest of the NH including Ireland irrespective of the tight matches in the 6N.

      For the Wallabies it is all to play for. A successful season this year will set them up nicely for the Lions team next year which will no doubt be dominated by the Welsh.

      • Johnny-boy

        A gulf between Wales and Ireland ? Is that Ireland who beat us at the World Cup ?

    • Robson

      I reluctantly agree with every word you say.

      The difference between the All Blacks performance tonight and the Wallabies was frighteningly and very worringly apparent.

      The ABs were on fire for 4,800 seconds of that 80 minute test match at Hamilton. They literally bullied the poor Irish around in every single facet of the game and their attack was searingly accurate and executed at blistering pace. On top of that their defence and work at the breakdown was amazingly intense.

      The Wallabies have got a huge amount of work to do before they meet them in Sydney in August and the return of stars like O’Connor and Cooper plus a return to form of Beale isn’t the magic formula that will produce the goods.

  • Botticelli

    It seems like the Wallabies have changed the way they play. I keep expecting fast and elusive back line play but they just keep hitting it up tight, with the backs playing more like defenders in the waiting – trying not to over commit. Is it because they haven’t had the cattle to play expansive? Or is it that the Welsh have a very good defense? Would like some expert opinion on this (I’m not a rugby player).

    Another thing is that 6,7,8, as a group, seem offensively limited. H-Bomb does limited damage – kind of like a soft pretty boy with a grizzly beard (no offense to those banana benders). Dennis seems more comfortable at international level (I’m not from NSW).

  • No Bryce = Good Rugby

    Two teams, both well off their games in my opinion, turned in a pretty pedestrian match, which only stayed interesting because the scores were close.

    I hate to say it, but we were no better than the “least worse” team out there, and it looked scarily like we were reverting to that staid “Tah Ball” game plan that turns spectators away faster than the phrase “today’s referee is Bryce Lawrence”.

    I pine for the days when our ball would be cleared from a breakdown and my immediate thought would be one of anticipation of what our backline might show us.

    Today, each time the ball went to our backs, I found myself thinking – “Jeez, boys, try not to f#ck it up this time”.

    We were very lucky Warburton went off, because today’s style of play was tailor-made for him. Or am I being too harsh?

  • fetch

    went to the game, had good mid level side seats but I find TV has spoilt me.The only thing better about being there is the crowd but I hardly rememeber the game.What I did see ppl doing was giving hospital passes to digby on the wind …why ppl cant pass the ball chest high ill never know..poor guy just gets setup on sideline all day and has to make these ridiculous recoveries.something is not right with this team…..f..ked if i know..it seems..that … ah fark ..cant pinpoint it..just dont know

  • Mighty Moth

    Barnes had a solid game at ten and made some crucial tackles. I still think we need Quade in there too give some real attacking flair. Problem is, how do you accommodate both of them in the starting side? Horne, for me, is over-rated, he should have straightened and passed for the try instead of almost butchering it. I’d like to see Ben Tapuai at 12 instead of McCabe and maybe AAC at 13 with JOC on one of the wings and Diggers on the other. KB at 15 and QC at 10, to me that’s a great backline.

  • George B

    After watching the ABs game v Ireland I think there is one Tier 1 nation: NZ and then the rest. The lineout went to crap without Simmons and KB was rusty as hell. Didn’t think Timani was much good at all, would like to see his stats? Wallabies defence very ordinary indeed.
    I still don’t get Dingo’s selection strategy? Is he such a dumb back that he fails to understand that combinations apply to forwards and the set piece as well?
    Restarts were good though, for the first time in 5 years.
    3~0 over a greatly over hyped Wales is great, but that kiwi iceberg is coming our way Captain Deans! Pp

  • murph

    This will only imbue a false sense of security that will once again allow the usual suspects undue benefit of the doubt when tha ABs smash them.

  • good win wallabies…ref was unfair to both sides,,shame he didn’t let the game flow….at least the wallabies have shown they can win close games…but NZ & SA …different prospects….

  • Chris

    Stephen Jones scored then, did he?

    • Dogman

      His second try in 67 tests, and the credit goes to an over rated, washed up back!

      • No Bryce = Good Rugby

        Or did you mean “overrated washed up hack”, as in the clown who writes for the London Times?

        • Chris

          I don’t agree that Stephen Jones the journalist is overrated. I’ve never met anyone who rates him or agrees with a single thing he says (btw, I’m an ex-pat pom with a Times subscription).

  • Robson

    Deans comes out after half time and laments the lack of accuracy shown in the first half and scoring chances having been chucked away (which didn’t improve in the second half), so it’s tepidly encouraging that he has noticed it, but you have to wonder what he is doing about it. Whatever it is, if indeed it is anything, the message seems to be getting lost in translation.

    I’ve never taken part in the controversy about Higginbotham, but tonight I agree absolutely with Bod Dwyer’s often expressed view that Higgers is not up to the standard he should be. In fact tonight Higgers was awful.

    Last week I castigated Ben Alexander for not being able to hold the scrum up. This week the Ben on the other side of the scrum was – if anything – worse although Ben Alex still gave away his usual penalty at scrumtime. Atoned for this somewhat with a couple of good charges up the paddock, but hell I would just as soon he gets the scrums right.

    On the question of scrums, in the match between the ABs and Ireland there was not – I believe – a single collapsed scrum. But there were some good contests at scrumtime nonetheless. Is it only when the Wallabies play that scrums collapse? I’m beginning to wonder that there is something seriously amiss with the Wallaby scrum mentality. Last week the Welsh got toasted in a lot of the scrums. This week they had the Wallaby scrum all worked out; embarrasingly so.

    What disappoints me most though is the apparent absence of any real attack strategies having been run in training by the backline. Apart from a heavy reliance on Genia to produce some magic and break the line open the cupboard is bare of backline attack ideas.

    A helluva disappointing match and extremely depressing when you witness what followed in Hamilton.

    Very few of the Wallabies should be feeling secure in their spots right now, because tonight’s test puts most of their jobs up for grabs. Maybe a few red strokes through the team list will set off the “wakey”, “wakey” alarm.

  • murph

    This season’s excuse is in: “…go easy on Deans and the Warat…er, I mean…Wallabies. Yes, they got reamed 75-12 by the All Blacks but, remember, this is a team that beat the 6Nations champs 3-0, so they have potential and are building…blah blah fucking blah…”

    • Jack Norton

      We just won – maybe lay off the depressants until we lose again!

      • murph

        I know we just won. That is one of the central premises of the comment

  • Joker

    Horne = [I’ve not been fully satisfied with his performances]. There is a few too many other passengers in there too as well though.

  • Lee Enfield

    My thoughts, for what they are worth having never played Super or International Rugby.

    1. Our scrum needs sorting out. Slipper has to come in, Alexander must go, and I am starting to think Robinson should follow him. Maybe Palmer to come in if it can work with Kepu.

    2. Big fan of TPN, but we simply cannot afford inaccuracy with the lineout throws. Steven Moore to start, S.Faingaa to the bench until TPN sorts his shit out.

    3. Simmons is the best option at lock and should partner Sharpie until he retires. When Horwill is fit, Simmons and Horwill are the best locking combination we have. Simmons has his shit squared away and clearly contributes more to the yard work then the stats have us believe.

    4. The traditional backline does not work for the Wallabies. We have had a mountain of ball in good position in the last two tests, and only crossed the line twice. We will not beat the Boks or the All Blacks if we can’t convert possession, territory and pressure to tries.

    5. Horne and McCabe are not the best options at 12 or 13. Horne nearly butchered another try by running on an angle and not having the speed to get the job done neatly or at all.

    6. Cooper if fit, is a must at 10 for the Wallabies. His passing game is the best in this country and possibly the world. The Wallabies need a playmaker who can hit the man on the chest at pace without missing a beat.

    7. The Wallabies need X Factor, bugger it, they need hardcore porn XXX factor. Cooper, Beale, O’Connor.

    8. Pocock is a machine and should stay captain of the Wallabies.

    9. Deans is finally starting to use his bench in an effective and meaningful way.

    10. We managed to win the series 3-0, and we managed to win 3 games in a row against quality opposition, something we haven’t done in a long time.

    11. The Wallabies have the foundations to win back the Bledisloe and win the Rugby Championship. We just need to use the right bricks and mortar.

    • James

      Agree with that up about #7. Poey is brilliant but I’m still not buying him as a captain. Sharpey and Will do all the talking to the troops and Pocock appears to have a pretty ordinary manner in dealing with the ref.

      Change #9 to, although Deans is starting to be able to use a bench (as in he now makes subs pre-70min), he still cant pick a starting team or put together a game plan that results in any successful attack being generated.

      • bill

        Dude what more could he do?

        I’m expecting to see pictures of Poey with loaves and fishes in his mitts at my local church, if I ever went there.

    • Fin

      if you have 2 and 3 you can’t get 1

  • The Big Code

    I thought it was a tough, physical and close encounter, but a pretty poor game all round. Plenty of mistakes from both sides and neither team chanced their arm.

    The Wallabies should be happy with the win but it’s hard to see that side beating the ABs or the Boks. They are very one dimensional and one out in attack. The backline of Barnes-McCabe/Faainga-Horne has zero creativity.

    Having said that, I thought McCabe was good before he got hurt and the Wallabies missed his go forward. AAC is wasted on the wing, should be at 13. Beale was clearly not ready after his injury and looked very rusty.

    In the forwards, I thought Sharpe and Pocock both had good games. It was good to see Palu play 80 mins. I actually thought TPN was terrible, his throwing was horrible and he made some bad mistakes around the field. Timani was OK, goes missing in tight. Higgers was poor, Dennis was good when he came on.

    Our scrum doesn’t appear to be solid at all. We were lucky Wales didn’t score a try on us that time on our 5m line. Alexander is clearly not good enough.

    Like I said a win is a win but we arent putting the fear of God into anyone.

    • George B

      It feels to me like this team has peaked under Deans. We have been stuck at this level now since 2010 (when we beat the ABs 3 times I think) while NZ kept improving. I can’t see Dingo taking us to ascendancy, or even parity, with the ABs. Not with the 1D and predictable schlock we used to beat Wales. I only hope the 3 amigos offer a change in strategy,but fully agree we are still carrying some forwards who shirk the hard yards from week to week. About 3 hard working piggies are holding this pack together.

      • Robson

        Agree totally with that summary of facts. Guilty as charged I would say of the prisoner in the dock – Monsieur la dingo.

        • bill

          Let’s just see how it goes hey, Deans is actually making sense in his utterances at the moment, the team is playing some fairly decent test football under some pressure. They have some pretty good players who have a lot of work to do on their game, I don’t think it’s time for the commissars just yet.

          McGahan? is taking a bit of the pressure off deans as the media guy pre game for foxsports.

  • Nick

    It may just be a personal complaint of mine or maybe a change in how the game has been officiated over the past two years, but I feel like since McCabe and Horne have been cemented as our centre pairing (last year and this year), we really have been struggling to score tries.

  • Craige

    I feel our bench could have been better. Why have a guy on the bench if you have no chance of using him. Aussie Mike should have had Nicks spot.When McCabe was replace, Aussie Mike should have replaced Horne. A Reds centre combo would have been a better option.
    I am unfourtunatly a Waratah fan. However. Horne has proven on many occasions now he is selfish (Hog boy). Pickup your act Hog boy you almost cost us the test.

    • Fin

      can you imagine the pasting Dingo would get on this site if he went in with no cover at 9 and Will got stretchered in the first half? Especially after Ireland in the WC. I’m willing to listen to you argue Ben Lucas’ case as he can cover 9 and some, but i don’t think you’d find too many that would have the team you suggest.

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen

    Unfortunately for us TV viewers, the Men in Black Show followed our boys little amateur effort in front of 42,000 paying fans. And it really was like comparing Broadway to the local school play. The AB’s rocked, entertained, wowed, inspired and gave their opponents a lesson in complete Rugby. The Wallabies by comparison fluffed their lines, fell off the stage and really tested the loyalty of family that bothered to show-up and support them.

    • Robson

      Yep and if the differences weren’t so blindlingly obvious I would have enjoyed the ABs match against the hapless Irish.

      As it was it produced cold fingers of apprehension to run up and down my spine.

      What kind of midnight madness was it that made the ARU sign Deans up for another two years? After six years in the seat he will have all but destroyed the very last fragments of the great Aussie rugby game.

      I simply can’t believe how bad it has got under Deans.

  • BenD

    Second row is of considerable concern. Sharpie is working hard to keep the boat afloat but Simmons and Timani wouldn’t even come into consideration at the selection table of any other Rugby Championship nation.

    • bill

      uh, I think Simmons would be a walk up start for the the all blacks test squad, the boks, that’s a more interesting question.

  • robbo

    Once again lots of people saying that Alexander must go. This time he came on at tight head – although why Kepu was subbed rather than Robinson is beyond me – and played very well. The scrum got better after he came on. Robinson was the problem all day and the that last scrum penalty was against him not Alexander.

    All round though – well done wallabies.

  • You can only beat what’s in front of you so well done to the Wallabies.
    What scares me though is the quality of the opposition in Wales versus the challenge that NZ & SA will offer.
    I believe the Chiefs, Crusaders, Stormers, Bulls and Red would have beaten this Welsh side.
    Yes they are 6N champions but after watching them for 3 Tests, they wouldn’t make the semi’s in Super Rugby.
    The Wallabies were basically an under performing Waratah side wearing Gold, with a few stars added.
    Being at the ground, the thing that struck me the most was the very slow pace of the game.
    Wales were a combination of wounded and exhausted, yet we plodded to breaks in play and never once purposely lifted the speed of play.

  • Nutta

    Random Thoughts:

    Wales far better opposition then Ireland. So whilst the AB’s were damn good, they weren’t playing the same quality. That being said, we lost to Scotland (still can’t believe that – and the weather was not an excuse)

    NSW front row should continue to start due to combination. However Moore is an understandable change due to TPN shitting on himself. Ben A must go. They are targeting him for scrum penalties like they used to to Baxter and Reffs are weak to it. Palmer for me or perhaps Slipps

    Timani did ok for an early test. Needs to be tighter and have heavier impact for such a big man. If we had been playing Mars for World Domination we would have kept Simmons, but the depth development was necessary with Horwill & Vicky out.

    Dennis for Higgers to start hands down. Others are welcome to their opinion. But they are wrong. Let the Labrador come on late in game to pick holes against tiring defences and give another option to defensive lineout

    Poey stays Captain

    Welcome back Cliffy P

    I don’t know much about Fast Fairies, but for what it’s worth:

    Great game Barnsey. Continuing to shut a few folk up. And please leave him as the 1st option kicker.

    ACC to OC. For fks sake get over it and realise that is where he is best.This will bring Brand back on the wing when the time is right.

    Beagle struggled but needed the game prior to 4N

    So with the current crop & availabilities, if tomorrow we play Mars for World Domination it looks like this:
    Fat-Cat TPN Keps
    Dennis Tims Sharpe Poey
    Gins Barnes
    MacC ACC
    Diggers Beagle Dunno (2 or 3 options with no-one really stamping it)

    Moore Palmer Tims Higgers QC AntF NicW

    QC comes on at 60min to mix it up with Barnes to 12 and the weakest Back on the day gets the replacements card (competition is good). Likewise Higgers at 60min for underperforming Lock/Loosie

    NicW is a passenger. Makes you realise the strength of Gits when he wasn’t poison in a squad

    • DCW

      How can Nick White be considered a passenger when he hasn’t even been given the opportunity to drive? Stupid comment.

      • Nutta

        I’ll clarify both:

        Passenger – With the exception of hooker every bloke on the bench can cover multiple spots. I say “passenger” not as a criticism of the bloke, but as a lament that a spot needs to be taken by a single-position-player and then compounded as he is playing behind arguably the best No9 around at the moment. This means his probability of getting a run is thin to be generous. Thus passenger. It would be great if we had a No2 who could play No3 or 1 and/or someone else who could throw reliably to free up another spot, but given the years required to develop this it’s for the most part a fantasy (it can be done but its very rare)

        Poison – 3 provinces for 3 sacked coaches all in quick succession says it all. But if you need more, then consider the multiple dummy spits after not getting the VC of the Nthern Tour and then toss in the twit comments after not making the RWC squad. Was a great player who did magic on his day, but was well known for being a challenging personality especially for coaches.

    • bill

      Giteau poison? Yet John Connolly was a big fan of his, they didn’t call him knuckles for nothing, can’t imagine him championing a guy who was a locker room cancer.

  • JC

    First of all, congrats to the wallabies for the series sweep, you showed cool heads in pressure situations, secondly, change your bloody strip, no national representative side should have a corporate logo on their jumper except for the manufacturers, drop the yellow and go back to the gold with the green collar, yellow means you’re chicken, gold means you won, facing the wallabies would be much more daunting a task if it actually looked like you were facing the wallabies. Would be great to evoke memories of the great wallaby teams of old and instill a bit of fear into the opposition.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen

      I have to agree about the Wallaby jersey. When are we going to finally appreciate tradition?

      And….which ever designer thought those Wallaby shorts was a good look needs a swift kick right up the date with a pointy toed shoe. :)

      The Wallabies look like escapees from a nursing home with nappies that are longer than their pants.

      They’re not nappies…..are they? ;(


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