Wallabies Team v Los Pumas - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies Team v Los Pumas

Wallabies Team v Los Pumas

Wallabies Team


1. Scott Sio (35 Tests)

2. Tatafu Polota-Nau (74 Tests)

3. Sekope Kepu (83 Tests)

4. Rob Simmons (74 Tests)

5. Adam Coleman (14 Tests)

6. Ned Hanigan (6 Tests)

7. Michael Hooper (c) (71 Tests)

8. Sean McMahon (18 Tests)

9. Will Genia (vc) (81 Tests)

10. Bernard Foley (vc) (48 Tests)

11. Reece Hodge (16 Tests)

12. Kurtley Beale (63 Tests)

13. Tevita Kuridrani (50 Tests)

14. Henry Speight (15 Tests)

15. Israel Folau (58 Tests)


16. Jordan Uelese (1 Test)

17. Tom Robertson (12 Tests)

18. Allan Alaalatoa (15 Tests)

19. Izack Rodda (1 Test)

20. Jack Dempsey (2 Tests)

21. Nick Phipps (54 Tests)

22. Samu Kerevi (10 Tests)

23. Marika Koroibete

Where: Bruce Stadium, Canberra
When: Sat 16th Sept 8pm AEST
Referee: John Lacey (IRE)
Assistant Referees: Glen Jackson (NZ), Paul Williams (NZ)
TMO: Ben Skeen (NZ)

 Key points/Observations:

  • Despite Moore being back in the squad he hasn’t been selected in the match day 23.
  • Koroibete looks to make his debut off the bench, with Rona missing out on selection.
  • Arnold has also been dropped from the wallabies team with Simmons starting and Rodda on the bench. Cheika really likes changing his locks.
  • Assigning each player to their 2018 super rugby club (or past if unknown) makes there no QLD Reds in the starting XV.
  • Using the same method for the whole 23 makes it two Reds, two Force, four Brumbies, five Rebels and ten Waratahs.
  • Mike Thompson

    I really like the look of Koroibete and I’ve been surprised when others have got their chance ahead of him. Having said that, I thought he was going overseas next year? (If so, this is surely a cynical way of “capturing” his nationality).

    • Adrian

      No, as far as I know Korebette isn’t leaving.

      I reckon he could cut loose in the 2nd half of we have ball.

      We need to win by 20 points for all these shenanigans to have been vaguely worthwhile. Korebette could help

      • James Pettifer

        Koroibete has been really good for the Rebels particularly in the second half of the year where he scored 5 tries in the last 6 games.

        Noting that this is his first season back in rugby and that the Rebels sucked, I think that is a pretty impressive end of a season.

  • Mike Thompson

    I’m surprised to see Simmons in this test. To my eye, the scrum seems weaker when he’s there, and that is not what you want against the Argies.

    • Adrian

      I’m not a scrum person, but people I know say he’s ok on scrum….and lineout.

      I don’t want him because I think he’s pathetic in the grunt department

      • Dorothy Ball

        Had a great game against the ABs in the second test, IMO. Surprised a few people, including me.

    • Who?

      Our scrum issues this year are all around 7A’s dealing with LHP’s boring in on an angle. He had Coleman behind him last week, made no difference. Where Coleman and Kepu had success (relatively, in a horribly poorly managed scrum thanks to Jackson), 7A’s came on and was exposed. Mario needs to get to work!!!

  • Adrian

    As expected I guess, given the squad.

    Sad Timani still out, and sad Hanigan still in. I’m surprised that McMahon is fit.

    Glad Moore out, but sad Arnold is out.

    I think Arnold needs to learn how to call lineouts,….. surely it’s not that hard.

    Korebette a good choice, but I thought Banks might grab that bench spot

    • Brumby Runner

      Too soon for Banks, just called into the squad. But good to see him being recognised.

      • Andy

        He looks very capable. Glad he has been picked

  • Alister Smith

    Hanigan perhaps gives some balance in terms of lineout but I think he needs another season or two to mature physically. Apart from the second row we seem to be seeing some signs of stability which perhaps means this will be the side for the remaining three matches barring injury. I would have liked to at least see Timani on the bench as he provides some cover for both backrow and lock.

  • Jimmydubs

    Backrowers that have been overlooked, one way or another for this A team. Higgers, fardy, alcock, Hardwick, hodgo, Smith, faainga, rhp and I’m sure there’s more.

    The emperor is going to catch a cold

    • Jack Mallick

      RHP is out since super rugby with busted shoulder

      • Jimmydubs

        Overlooked in June.

  • Jy

    Dean Mumm must have passed whatever secret he knows about Cheika onto Hanigan… it’s the only logical explanation.

    • Gottsy

      They had a changing of the guard ceremony at the last meeting of the Stone Cutters

      • Brisneyland Local

        He just passed on the USB stick with the video of the goat!

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      It’s all about the pics and a goat

      • Brisneyland Local

        YEah baby!

      • Human

        No one ever asks how the goat feels.

    • Andy

      Very good!

    • Greg Dowden

      hanigan has zero ability. doesnt run the ball at all. missed 6 tackles last week and had zero presence.

  • Nick

    10 Waratahds. Sums it up right there doesnt it.

    • Brumby Runner

      And the push in on in the public domain (viz, here) to drop Alan Alaalatoa. Doesn’t add up that the better SR sides in the Force and Brumbies have such low representation in the national side.

      • Who?

        I’m one saying that 7A’s is the problem in our scrums, but I don’t want him dropped. I want him coached…

    • Who?

      So it’s an improvement on last week? :-P
      Go look at that squad – it had 11, plus Rona (who’s rumoured to be signing with the Tahs).

  • Brumby Runner

    It is widely accepted that the forwards last week were the weak link and contributed mostly to not winning the game. So, this week it is a big step backwards having Rob Simmons replacing Rory Arnold. The second row really isn’t where the problems are. Time that some changes were made to the back row.

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    Since I’m not getting my wish of shifting KB to 15 and Izzy to wing, I’m still holding out hope that when a penalty is awarded and there’s a kick for the lineout, that the ball will be tossed to Reece Hodge for him to gain maximum meters. That alone would allow me to see that Cheik is at least thinking about things, like gaining serious distance [penalty and exiting our own 22], a bit more.

    • Darrin Briggs


    • Darrin Briggs


  • Hoss

    Thrilled that the young Hooker Uelese gets a second run, really enjoyed what i saw last week, he bent the line with his carries. Arnold out of the 23 is more about a rest and a look at Rodda for mine. Would like to see Holloway make squad for EOYT, based on 2016 form he was a great prospect at 8, has Higger’s ball skills, but likes the tight stuff as well. 6,7,8,9 & 10 still a concern (as a collective).

    • Patrick

      F.. his carries, I hope he’s still alive after the first scrum

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    Pathetic calls from Cap’n Cheik.

    Simmons can’t even make the Reds yet starts over Arnold who has been. One of our consistently best forwards is dropped for the Canberra test.

    No back-row change. Are there no consequences?

    What is McMahon doing at 8?

    Ned Flanders. God I feel sorry for the kid, he just isn’t up to it. But he doesn’t deserve his spot and I am really resenful towards him.

    As much as I don’t like Simmons at 6 at all, I’d take him at 6 over Flanders. Nice guy, but just not (yet) of Wallaby standard.

    Koroibete is going to get a start rather than Banks. Wtf? It’s in Canberra AND Banks is better.

    Uelese on the bench is the only positive.

    • jamie

      I’m guessing it was simply down to who has more gas. Marika is a jet.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Jamie, I can say pretty confidently that Banks would be the second fastest man in Australian rugby after Naivalu.

        • jamie

          I haven’t seen much of Banks, but my knowledge of Marika K is that his greatest asset is his speed. Hence I put it down to that and only commented on what I knew.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Check out the highlights from Brumbies vs Jaguares. Banks is lightning. His acceleration off the mark reminds me of 2009-10 Beale.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Koroibete is so over rated. Was easily marginalised against good teams in Super rugby. Not fast, not particularly skilled and lacks defence. Seems ok

      • Simon

        I thought he went okay for a guy in his first season in what was the worst team in the competition by a long way. He rarely got any decent ball. Put him in J Savea’s place and I reckon you’d have seen a very different result.

        Still a long way to go of course. It’ll be interesting to see how he goes against the Pumas outside backs. They tend to be small and slippery so he should be effective in attack but may get found out in defence.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Mate, that’s my point. Yes he shows some potential. But he’s got a hell of a lot to learn and throwing him into the fray before he’s ready is only going to slow his development down.

      • James Pettifer

        5 tries in his last 6 games in the worst attacking team in the competition isn’t too bad. Noting that he would have had some transition time.

      • Pclifto

        My view is Naivalu is the pick of the new wingers. As he is injured, and Koro is in the same mould, I would have blooded Banks from the bench…

    • Darrin Briggs

      As long as Hooper plays 7 our back row will be totally unbalanced and we will never be a top tier rugby nation. I can’t wait for the Giza to retire!

  • John Miller

    There is clearly no gravity on Michael Cheika’s home planet, Nepotismos. Obviously the weight of his Sky Blue blood rushing to his feet has drained all horsepower from his brain.

    Demolished at the breakdown, outmuscled in the tight and overpowered at the set piece. His logic-less response is to drop one of our most abrasive, well performed forwards (and the tallest in the entire Super competition), in his Canberran hometown test match.

    And speaking of hometown, no Powell for Phipps (who would struggle to hit the water if he fell out of a boat). The bloke barely gets a start at the Tahs behind Jake Gordon, yet his Russian Roulette scrum base scattergun / harbour bridge delivery allows him casually to stroll into a Gold jersey, yet again. Tell the Argies to tie their laces with double knots and their trainers to wear boxing gloves onto the paddock this weekend.

    Best of all, Goldilocks is again propping up our blindside flank. If the sight of him being absent-mindedly, one-handedly ragdolled by a bemused Bok lock didn’t give Cheika pause for thought, surely multiple failed clean outs, lost collisions and set piece penalties warranted some second guessing? I suppose when you’re playing 2 opensides in the other two slots, what bother is it to select a fairy tale character at 6?

    Cheika for PM!

    • Will

      haha made me laugh and I totally agree! Sometimes I think Cheika literally rolls the dice when it comes to selection time….we never seem to settle on a team, and give players a chance to gel and form combinations. I get the whole competing for positions concept – but how do you move forward if you’re just spinning your wheels constantly?!

  • Mishad

    I’m a bloody back through and through but where the hell are our fetchers?! The amount of miss turnover ball and penalties are costing us majorly as many commentators have pointed out. We can have the finest backline in the world but pretty much redundant when the pack in incapable of some basic functions. I know Hooper and McMahon try their guts out but they just not effective like some flankers we used to have, smith, pocock et al. I don’t know, just hard to watch anymore.

    • Andy

      The 5 best fetchers that are Australian are Smith, Pocock, Gill, Fardy and probably Colby F. Only 1 is available. I’d still pick him though (Colby)

      • Huw Tindall

        I thought Nick Bishop put the ‘Hooper isn’t a real 7′ stuff to bed in this article. http://www.theroar.com.au/2017/08/09/dispelling-the-myths-michael-hooper-and-leadership/

        • John Miller

          Nope. The bloke’s confirmation bias is out of control. Some of the post article comments are more intuitive than the article.

        • Who?

          Nick’s a legend, but I’m more with Scott Allen on this. A 7’s primary role isn’t to carry the pill, it’s to secure the attacking breakdown, then to pester the defensive breakdown. Hooper, as excellent an all round ‘Rugby Player’ he is, struggles with the KPI’s I have for the position he plays. No question he’s a fantastic all round player, it’s not about that, it’s about KPI’s for that seven shirt.

  • Bernie Chan

    The lock combinations used thus far (how many combos this season…?) is probably symptomatic of our selection woes…Cheika has no idea about his combinations. Not particularly a fan of Kane Douglas, but how is it he was good enough for the squad one week, doesn’t play…and then gets dumped? Douglas has commented that he doesn’t know where he stands…if so that is poor man management by the coach (though Cheika’s explanation for the exclusion of Cooper also baffled most…”enjoy playing rugby…”…really?). And yet in a contrary act of madness (doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result…) our woefully unbalanced backrow remains…How Hanigan is considered a #6 of Test standard is beyond me. BTW…2 Vice Captains…?

    • Brumby Runner

      Bernie, you have really elucidated some of the problems that seem to surround Cheika in his selections and explanations therefor. Just makes things up as he goes, and expects us all to embrace his pearls of wisdom by suggesting we know what he means. Sorry Cheik, I for one do not know what you mean when you ramble or rave.

      • Bernie Chan

        BR/KRL et al..I am absolutely clueless about the logic (or otherwise…) behind Cheika’s selection process, and it seems (based on what Kane Douglas and QC have said recently…) neither do the players who are not part of the inner clique. It truly pains me to be critical of our team, but like many fans it hurts even more to see how far we have fallen …2015 was a “classic”…win a Test against the ABs and then Cheika makes 6 changes and we get smashed in the following game. Is he a rugby coaching savant…does he see something no one else can see?

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      The only thing I’d say is that Arnold and Coleman are by far the best combination in Australia

      • mikado

        Got to agree with that. Could it be that Arnold’s got a knock?

    • MungBean

      Here’s a hint: Douglas used be a Tah and is no longer. Simmons wasn’t a Tah and now is.

    • Wallabrumby


      10 Waratahs in the squad. Please. Did Chieka watch the rubbish they spat our in SR this year? Or was he too busy reviewing the Rugby WC final still to make a complaint to IRB about a ref decision and hopefully overturn the decision.

      Cheik seems to only look either far behind or far ahead in his strategy, selections and planning, not the right god damn now!

  • sambo6

    Remember when Hugh McMeniman first got picked for the Wallabies squad, and he turned it down, because he knew he wasn’t physically developed enough….

    Do you remember that?….Ned Hannigan?

    • Graeme

      I don’t remember it. And seriously doubt it. Basically nobody, let alone an uncapped, turns down a Wallaby cap. Fake news.

      • sambo6

        so if you dont remember it. It musnt be true?

        well they reference on the ARU’s own site…so I guess they’re making the fake news now too….


        • 30 mm tags

          McMeniman played as aggressively as Mark Loane and Tony Shaw. He had the size of Hannigan but the tiger and go forward of Sean McMahon.

      • Wallabrumby

        Not Fake news.
        Wish he did play more though, he was a great talent plagued by injuries.

  • Gipetto

    Simmons haters can suck it!!! Simmo is the best lock the Wallabies have had in years. He can catch, tackle and scrum and tries. Even Clown knows the team needs people can do everything expected off them in their role. Go Simmo; score another winning intercept try against the Pumas!!!

    • I’ve always liked Simmo but you’re overstating his influences and ignoring his short comings. He is a little anonymous carrying the ball.

    • MungBean

      I actually like Simmons and don’t think he;s as bad as his detractors have made out in the past. That said, there is no way that he deserves selection ahead of Arnold (and Rodda & Tui & Matt Philip). The fact is that Simmons is in the team because he’s now a Tah and the captn wants him there.

  • Graeme

    For all the hatred he receives, Cheika has actually made the Wallaby team better than the sum of its parts, which based on the last couple of years of super rugby, wouldn’t make the top 8 in the world.

    • Can’t agree. They don’t play better than the individuals in my opinion.

      • Brisneyland Local

        Here Here Sully!

  • Gottsy

    Would be interesting to see Cheika give Simmons a run at six, he’s killed it every time he’s played there. Give hanigan some time to go and eat a braai every day for the next two years

    • Brumby Runner

      The legend of the Six continues. Simmo has never killed it anywhere.

      • Geoffwho

        Fair crack mate. Simmo is a waratah now and that means he is killing it 4, 5, and 6!

      • Pclifto

        Haha well played!
        Look I am a Simmons knocker from way back, but the Hannigan selection has even me contemplating the unthinkable!

  • Brisneyland Local

    I am sorry GAGR’s this is just beyond a joke now. Nepotism at its best. My points as follows:
    – Agree with others I would have Simmons at 6. Hannigan isnt ready yet, and Simmons has been good when he has played there.
    – Coleman and Arnold at 4/5.
    – Hooper needs to contest the break down and stop swanning up the back.
    – Foley is still shit, but Cheik’s isnt ever going to drop him.
    – I would be playing Beale at 15, and Folau on the wing.
    – Make sure Hodge does the kicking for touch.
    – How the fuck is Phipps in the squad.
    – Tom Roberston is shit.
    – Personally I would make Genia Captain because at least he has the genuine people skills to communicate with the referees. He wont ask them to teach them or train them or what ever the fuck it was that dumbass Hooper asked. He also has a little bit rugby nous that Hooper has demonstrated.

    I am not looking forward to this.

    • Bobas
      • Brisneyland Local

        Yep, what a complete and utter Ocean Going variety of fuckwit!

      • mikado

        Haha superb

    • Waz_dog

      I really hope we get flogged – like proper flogged. There’s been too many wishy washy performances were the cracks have been papered over by the final score. The major ball handles of 7,9,10,12,15 (and their replacements) is so unbalanced, that comes back to Chieka. And now the man has subtly shown the public that Foley will no longer fight for his jersey with the vc next to his name.

      I’ve lost faith in the game in Aus – from the board to the coach, nothing makes sense.

  • 12,14 15 are just numbers. These backs move around and many punters get to tied up in the jersey a player starts the game with.
    I’m a fan of Arnold but he went missing last week. Yeah there were a few other tight forwards who did the same and were worse but unfortunately for Rory there are plenty of good giraffes around at the moments and not many razorbacks.
    I would have been tempted to play Simmo at 6 too, but Cheika has never shown any inclination to try him there and I don’t expect to ever see it. I’ve seen him play there twice and both times he was excellent.
    This is a must win game and anyone expecting to see more young players than what we have now is dreaming. Foley may not be fantastic at the moment but he is easily our best until or if Cooper and Lance come good.

    • Pclifto

      Wow… a Queenslander talking sense about Foley v Cooper ;)

  • Brian Smith’s analysis said the Wallabies were a work in progress after last week. It seems like Cheika is seeing enough positives from these players and enough progress to stick with them…

    Me, I’m honestly not so sure. I like Hannigan but he’s not cutting it at test level yet. I think he’s too green and probably too small (you don’t have to be big to be a blindside, but you have to be a lot older and wiser than he is to make up for not being bigger). The rest of the back row haven’t performed yet and I can only assume that Cheika hopes they’ll perform against Los Pumas. That would be the same Pumas that went ahead of the AB ahead because they out played them up front last week in the loose amongst other phases of play.

    Simmons can play well, the question is, how often? He doesn’t do it consistently. At his best, he’s probably better than Arnold, on average he’s worse IMO and you don’t know who is going to turn up. With Arnold you get a consistently good performance.

    And ffs why is Phipps still there? I’m fat, in my 50’s and played in the forwards as a schoolgirl and I could probably throw a better pass from the base of the ruck than Phipps. I’d be slower to the breakdown but I could throw the damn ball to a player.

  • Kev Brown

    10 and no collusion at all

  • hippyb9

    More selfishness from Australian rugby in naming Marika Koroibete in the squad. Another one or two tests player and then discarded?

    • Bobas

      certainly not, this guy has the heart of a lion and speed to give Turner and Mogg a scare

  • onlinesideline

    tell ya what, 6 is a worry and 10 is a worry but other than that its starting to look pretty good.


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