Wallabies Team V Springboks - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies Team V Springboks

Wallabies Team V Springboks

Wallabies Team


1. Scott Sio (34 Tests)

2. Tatafu Polota-Nau (73 Tests)

3. Sekope Kepu (82 Tests)

4. Rory Arnold (14 Tests)

5. Adam Coleman (13 Tests)

6. Ned Hanigan (5 Tests)

7. Michael Hooper (c) (70 Tests)

8. Sean McMahon (17 Tests)

9. Will Genia (80 Tests)

10. Bernard Foley (47 Tests)

11. Reece Hodge (15 Tests)

12. Kurtley Beale (62 Tests)

13. Tevita Kuridrani (49 Tests)

14. Henry Speight (14 Tests)

15. Israel Folau (57 Tests)


16. Jordan Uelese

17. Tom Robertson (11 Tests)

18. Allan Alaalatoa (14 Tests)

19. Rob Simmons (73 Tests)

20. Jack Dempsey (1 Test)

21. Nick Phipps (53 Tests)

22. Samu Kerevi (9 Tests)

23. Curtis Rona (1 Test)

Where: Perth Oval, WA (nib Stadium)
When: Sat 9th November 6:00pm local (8:00pm AEST)
Referee: Glen Jackson (New Zealand)
Assistant Referees: John Lacey (Ireland), Paul Williams (New Zealand)
TMO: Ben Skeen (New Zealand)

 Key points/Observations:

  • Haylett-Petty is out for the year after deciding surgery was the best option for his ongoing biceps injury. He has been replaced on the wing by Hodge and Kerevi is on the bench.
  • Adam Coleman returns from injury forcing Simmons to the bench and Rodda to outside the 23.
  • Polota-Nau has replaced Moore (paternal duties) in the starting team and Uelese is expected to make his debut from the pine.
  • Jack Dempsey has been named in the wallabies team as a back-row replacement instead of Timani.
  • Kepu has been named to start with Alaalatoa rotated to the bench.
  • onlinesideline

    no Timani doesnt surprise me
    no Latu does surprise me but looking forward to seeing young bloke
    would have liked to see Rodda instead of Simmons
    like Reece Hodge anywhere on the field while Foley is on the field

    In this match more than the Bledisloe I am worried about small back row
    Interested to see how Robertson will hold up too. There hasnt been much talk about him but he did come on 60th minute of Dunedin test and scrummaged quite well. Is this guy a long term Wallaby. Seems to have bulked up too.

    • Hoss

      Agree OLSL – excited to see Hercules get a run, monster of a kid and a real test aganst the Boks pack – exciting times.

      Love Hodge in the run-oun, bad news for Sauce, but a few months out now means he will be back sooner. Good to see Samu back and eased in from the pine. Maybe Foley goes off at around 60, Beale to 10 and Kerevi to 12 – he is more a natural 12 than 13 – but you cant leave KB out he looks electric of late.

    • Got to agree. I make no secret of the fact I think Hannigan will grow into being a good, possibly great 6. But small and “growing into” is not great against the Bokke. McMahon and Hooper are both on the small side too and having them ALL small against all those big guys in green might be really painful.

      But… Polota-Nau rather than Moore seems like a better front row to me. The tight five looks good. And if the backs remember how to tackle like 2 weeks ago rather than the craziness of 3 weeks ago, it could be good.

      • Bobas

        it was the spacing of D that was better, they still dropped off just as many tackles, they just had someone there to cover.

        • Who?

          Also helped that there was less shuffling in the D line, so that made it easier to maintain spacing.

        • Yes, but they made more because they were in better positions and had a defensive line that numbered up instead of a defensive mob in midfield and then wide-open spaces for the attackers to run through.

    • joy

      Robertson shouldnt be there. Too small.

      • Mica

        Don’t disagree, but who instead?

    • Huw Tindall

      Timani went missing in the NRC last weekend by all accounts. Had an opportunity to dominate but didn’t By comparison Isi Naisarani had a blinder. As soon as he qualifies for the Wallabies he’d be a walk in. Almost as dominant an Mafi. Timani could be yesterday’s man already.

    • Braveheart81

      Our backrow is pretty comparable size wise to the Springboks. They too have opted for a small, mobile backrow and are effectively playing two 7s.

  • Sully

    I would have like to see Simmons start. He along with Arnold was the glue in the tight 5 that held there own against the AB”s. Simmons is underrated & his experience could be invaluable.

    • onlinesideline

      I could of sworn I saw the Wallaby scrum absolutely pummeled when Simmons was on the field in Dunedin.Maybe it was Sydney.

      • Perhaps the personnel at 2,3,6,7,8 might have had something to do with that.

        • joy

          No no. Its always 1 2 3 with an emphasis on one. If there is a weekness up front you’re history. Useless will make the grade.

        • Who?

          No no no. It’s always 3 2 1, with the emphasis on 3. 3 is the toughest set piece position on the field. You’ve got 2 against you. You see people trying to convert LHP’s to THP’s because there’s never enough THP’s. You never see anyone ‘wasting’ a THP’s scrummaging ability by moving them to 1.

        • joy

          Strong hookers do tight head prop well. 3 is only tough if your hooker is week. SA is strong because of Marx. Kearn’s scrum was good because of Kearns and so on. If your hooker is week you have a bad scrum. The secret to a good scrum is a strong hooker with authority over the props. There is nothing worse than a scrum with a prop in charge.

        • joy

          Sorry. It should have read 123 with the emphasis on 2.

        • Brumby Runner

          Michael Alaalatoa?

        • Who?

          Maybe they didn’t rate him at 3…

      • Hoss

        i think Hawko has you there mate – i thought we were alot better when Squeak exited – stage left. Just on that i reckon we have seen the last of Squeak. If Taf plays as usual and this new fella aims up and Latu is injury free, well……

      • Who?

        Go check Nick Bishop’s column for this week – he did a good assessment on what went wrong (read: Nigel allowed Moody to get a MASSIVE angle in on 7A’s, who couldn’t figure out how to counter it, whereas Keps – with 82 caps of experience – knew that was his chance to drive through before Moody drove in and under). Wasn’t Squeak’s fault, was just inexperience. 7A’s will be better for the experience. It’s tough when you’re playing the toughest position in the game and learning against the best in the world – just ask Le Fuse. :-)

        • Adrian

          Great article by Bishop actually.

          Now that Kepu and TPN are starting, I’m actually a bit confident about our scrum.

          I just hope it holds late in the game

    • Hoss

      Thought he was good in Bled II. I would have him at 6 and gives us some size and options at line-out. Hannigan seems a long term investment, but i would start with some big bodies against the Boks and maybe bring on Ned when some fatigue is setting in.

      Just on that i see a young Rocky Elsom in Hannigan, just needs 8-10kgs more

      • onlinesideline

        Im still a fan of Higgers but not many ppl are with me on that.

        • Hoss

          Always liked Higgers mate, but rightly or wrongly, the ship has sailed and he missed it.

        • onlinesideline

          more like kicked off the back of the boat – I thought he had a great season and couldnt have done thatttt much more. Maybe went missing in June series. I must say one thing about Cheika – one may not agree with his 55 odd players since the world cup, make that posssibly 57 by the weekend, but he is still selecting and selecting till he finds that shit hot team and he may just get it. If no one else is, at least hes backing himself. But geeze it would be nice to see the same run on team 3 or 4 times in a row or maybe those Horan / Little days are over.

          PS – but why why why isnt he blooding some young up and coming 10s ?? Surely 2 years out of RWC its time.

        • joy

          Missed the boat? He was keel hauled.

        • 30 mm tags

          Only because Cheika is showing the same unwillingness that Deans had to man manage those who didn’t instantly know their place. Dean’s dumped Giteau for similar reasons.

        • Brumby Runner

          Didn’t miss it so much as got kicked off it.

      • You don’t get 8-10 kgs more playing week in – week out. You need a full pre-season and he isn’t going to get that.

        • Hoss

          yep, but a belly full of experience will help and that’s experience you cant buy.

      • MungBean

        Hanigan weighs enough (110kg), he’s just not strong enough

        • Who?

          Those numbers have been inaccurate since Adam was a lad… It’s just a matter of which way they’re inaccurate. NH teams (and the Bokke) usually understated, we’ve always overstated.
          Further, 110kg is only half the equation. 110kg at 6’5″ isn’t that big. 110kg at 5’8″ is HUGE.
          And it’s not just strength, it’s also technique. Hanigan runs in a very upright manner…

        • Pedro

          Technique into contact seems to be the hardest thing to teach, it seems a bit like running style, people settle into what works for them at a young age.

        • Mica

          Bad technique in ruck clean outs too.
          Very little impact to change the shape of the ruck, which I believe is the metric that @forcefan uses in his measure of effectiveness for ruck stats

      • joy

        He needs only two to top Elsom.

      • 30 mm tags

        Hannigan is not up to it. He plays like a club second rower , not a 6 , totally lacks urgency until the event is on him, slow to reposition himself, lacks any “Higginbothamesque” willingness to charge at pace on the burst. He’d play reserve grade in league.

      • Brumby Runner

        According to Wkipedia, Hanigan 110 kg and Simmons 115 kg. Perhaps not so much difference in size as we might think. Just hope Hanigan, or whoever finishes playing more permanently at No 6, shows a lot more aggression and some dominance in contact than Rob ever had.

        • Who?

          I don’t think Rob’s still 115kg… He’s filled out the last few years. 115kg would’ve been 2011. I can’t believe that Hanigan and Simmons are basically the same BMI.

        • FucktardStorm

          Wkipedia repeatedly harps on about Hanigan’s nickname being The Nedster… is this someone having a laugh, or is it really his nickname?

  • Will

    Hopefully if Kerevi gets a run he will defend better than he did in Sydney – I’m going to put his woeful defence performance down to Grey’s flux capacitor inspired defence strategy….. hopefully simplified and allow him to play a more natural game

    • Brumby Runner

      Better, as in how did he defend in SR this year? Probably more than just Grey’s abysmal structure at play, but also playing 13 didn’t help.

      • Warcomet

        yeah cause Kerevi is a 12, not a 13, 13s are suppsoed to be defensively good but because Chieka wanted Beale at 12, he moved Kerevi out a spot which did not work in his favour in defence. Now with DHP gone for the year, Folau OWNS jersey 15 but i think he worked well with KB at centres for the tahs..maybe on attack they move him there and on defence TK moves back to 13.

        • Who?

          No reason why wearing 14 can’t see Folau roam on attack. Ioane, Mitchell, Tuqiri, Campo, they all did that very well…

  • The key problem is that the backrow is totally underweight. And Dempsey is no heavier. If the scrum starts getting mullered, I hope no one thinks that Uelese is the saviour, he’s played a few MINUTES of Super Rugby. The only possible solution I can see if we do start getting driven backwards is to bring Simmons on to replace Hanigan, so we’ve got a bit more weight on whichever side is buckling.

    Cheik clearly doesn’t rate Latu.

    I would have used Beale and Folau as twin fullbacks and put Hodge at 12, but that’s not Cheika’s way.

    The outside back finishers don’t inspire me but who else?

    • Ulrich

      Wallabies back row is bigger than the Bokke back row.

      • joy

        Shoosh. Don’t let the facts spoil a good story.

      • Brumby Runner

        Is that really the case? Or are you just taking the piss?

        Hooper is 101kg, McMahon 100kg and Hanigan 110kg. Which of the Saffa backrowers are smaller than McMahon and Hooper? Kwahja Smith? Is he in the side?

        • Ads

          8. Uzair Cassiem (Toyota Cheetahs) – listed 108 kg
          7. Jaco Kriel (Emirates Lions), – listed 97 kg
          6. Siya Kolisi (DHL Stormers), – listed 105kg

          So us 311 kg, them 310 kg. But yeah – who knows if those weights are accurate or even meaningful!

          And Dempsey (108 kg) and Simmons (115 kg) add a few kg off the bench potentially if they come on at 8 and 6 respectively.

      • jamie

        Hanigan plays like he’s 90. So that’s a 190kg back row we have, provided Hooper is on a wing ;-)

      • FucktardStorm

        And quite frankly, McMahon might be only 100kg, but he makes as much yards in traffic as if he is 120kg. You can wish for someone like Palu all you like, but I’d rather have McMahon any day.

  • Duvstar

    Pleaseeee can we shift KB to fullback, Izzy to the wing and Hodge to 12. And let Hodge take all kicks out of hand.

    Would have liked to have seen Rodda coming off the bench again but would have been harsh to fully drop Simmons after his performance two weeks ago.

    Harsh on Latu but MC really does seem to not think he’s fit enough

    • Blue Bill

      Agree with KB/IF/RH. Its astounding that all 3 are in the starting backline, and yet all 3 are out of position/in each other’s natural position.

      • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

        You can say that again. I’m not getting what Cheika needs to see the light. We lose so much potential ground with Bernards boot when kicking for touch. With a decent boot we’d be taking the lineout and pressuring the line. This rarely, if ever, happens and it should be normal operating procedure.
        KB at 15 offers a decent boot and his ability to show-up anywhere in attack. Defensively? Well you can’t have it all.
        Izzy on the wing seems a no brainer. IMHO his boot is awful for a 15.

    • Stephen Samarjia

      Here here for Hodge being there. I hope his inclusion is modelled around he being the out of hand kicker. We are so handicapped cause of our inability to put it deep in the corner for a line out etc. Stranger things have happened under this coaching regime tho,and hodge might not even get one kick….

  • Mart

    This is a good team. Hanigan and Dempsey are way too green though

    • Ads

      Finally got our best tight 5 starting!

    • onlinesideline

      Will be better when we get Sefa and KHunt back too – its starting to look the goods. Maybe Cheikas selection merry go round may eventually bear fruit by EOYT.

      Pocock back would be great but 6 and 8 and 10 still a worry.
      Quade seems to have been royally dumped.
      DHP is a big loss – he has on field calm and smarts – reminds of Joe Roth stability.

    • jamie

      Hanigan’s issue isn’t his green-ness, it’s his general size and impact. He needs several uninterrupted preaseasons squatting heavy ass shit.

      • onlinesideline

        squatting 300 pounds wont do squat (I see what I did there)

        You are either a big bloke or you aint. I know guys who squat 300, 400 whatever and it only makes them strong in that one plane of movement. Come other movements and they are still weak. Like isometrically as an example.

        Strength of the rugby kind has to be mainly natural – from body shape and type. Weights can somewhat assist but when it comes to man handling a bokke or islander who are naturally monstrous – good luck.

        • jamie

          Yes, well.. I wasn’t exactly suggesting only squatting, I was more alluding to old school weightlifting. Free weights and all… Deadlifting and squats absolutely help in a breakdown.

        • 30 mm tags

          A Weights programme over a broad range of muscle groups and combined with a running programme, definitely allow you to throw bokke and islanders out of mauls. And then run to the next one and rearrange them all over again. Sure it helps to be naturally strong but don’t discount the benefit of a tailored weights programme.

    • 30 mm tags

      Hannigan and Dempsey are there by the royal line of succession. Simmons non-selection at 6 is a gross oversight. He is superior in workrate and most importantly he has joined the Waratahs which of course is the ultimate pre-qualification. Under the Royal Act of Succession, 2014, and similar to the principle of progeniture , vassals from the Waratah kingdom are elevated to the House of Lords and immediate membership of Wallaby World.
      Scott Higginbotham, born in Subiaco , Western Australia, was therefore rightfully excluded from Wallaby World , but he should check his grand-parentage as if his Grandfather was actually born in NSW, citizenship rights should automatically flow , pending appeals.

    • Parker

      Hanigan seems to be filling the Dean Mumm role as son of Cheika.

      • Mart

        Yeah I’m with you on the Dean mumm role. Pretty disappointing this is the best we’ve got. I’d be happier with McMahon to 6 and Jed Hollaway to 8. At least he’s got size and mongrel

        • jamie

          Was it Holloway who was on fire last season? Then he did his shoulder or sumthin? His form was fantastic pre injury..

  • Tim

    Jack Dempsey in the the 23 is pretty upsetting. Really gotta feel for Richard Hardwick who isn’t even in the squad.

    • Bobas

      I rated Hardwick after seeing him in the June series. I wonder which team he’ll end up on next year.

      • Chris Bobridge

        Hardwick was going to undergo shoulder surgery in the last week.

    • 30 mm tags

      Richard Hardwick brings nothing to the table other than hardness and sheer competence.

  • Bay35Pablo

    Arnold-Coleman as locks. Feels so much better!
    I am a big fan of Hanigan but if “Fardy, S” was there I’d feel so much better.
    Do agree back row bit light. An in form and fit Palu from a few years ago at 8 would fix that – just saying. Really need a big bopper in that mould. McMahon is good, but he’s not a proper 8.

    • jamie

      My ideal backrow at the moment, in lieu of the midfield’s defence, would be Timani, Hooper, Pocock. Short on lineout experience, but massive presence in tight and at the breakdown. Would expect the team tackle %ages to go right up.

      • Duvstar

        Timani hasn’t gone fully committed into a ruck/tackle/contest 100% since 2016 unfortunately

    • Mica

      Palu is fine so long as you catch his 1 good game in 10.
      If you want to go all fantasy with number 8s you could do so much better.
      Toutai Kefu or Tim Gavin obviously.

    • 30 mm tags

      Please explain! When we have this upcoming Senate committee investigation into Aust Rugby, you will be called on to give your reasons for being a fan of Hannigan. I watch him now rather than watch the ball and then I watch almost any All Black from 4 to 8. It’s club footy v National.
      However you are right, imo, about Fardy . He is so superior that it’s embarrassing to believe Cheika and Larkham must have reasons other than competence when selecting him over a Fardy, especially when the reason they insinuated is that Fardy is off OS at the eoy, yet McMahon is off to Japan at the end of the year. This Senate committee could have some serious questions to ask . Pity it’s only going to be limited to how they manage the game and the funding the ARU receive.

  • Baylion

    15. Andries Coetzee (Emirates Lions), 5 caps, 0 points
    14. Raymond Rhule (Toyota Cheetahs), 5 caps, 5 points (1 try)
    13. Jesse Kriel (Vodacom Bulls), 21 caps, 25 points (5 tries)
    12. Jan Serfontein (Vodacom Bulls), 31 caps, 20 points (4 tries)
    11. Courtnall Skosan (Emirates Lions), 5 caps, 5 points (1 try)
    10. Elton Jantjies (Emirates Lions), 16 caps, 166 points (2 try, 30 conversions, 32 penalties)
    9. Ross Cronje (Emirates Lions), 3 caps, 5 points (1 try)
    8. Uzair Cassiem (Toyota Cheetahs) 3 caps, 5 points (1 try)
    7. Jaco Kriel (Emirates Lions), 10 caps, 0 points
    6. Siya Kolisi (DHL Stormers), 21 caps, 20 points (4 tries)
    5. Pieter-Steph du Toit (DHL Stormers), 25 caps, 20 points (4 tries)
    4. Eben Etzebeth (captain, DHL Stormers), 59 caps, 15 points (3 tries)
    3. Coenie Oosthuizen (Cell C Sharks), 28 caps, 20 points (4 tries)
    2. Malcolm Marx (Emirates Lions), 7 caps, 5 points (1 try)
    1. Tendai Mtawarira (Cell C Sharks), 92 caps, 10 points (2 tries)
    16. Bongi Mbonambi (DHL Stormers), 10 caps, 0 points
    17. Steven Kitshoff (DHL Stormers), 15 caps, 0 points
    18. Trevor Nyakane (Vodacom Bulls), 30 caps, 5 points (1 try)
    19. Lood de Jager (Vodacom Bulls), 29 caps, 20 points (4 tries)
    20. Jean-Luc du Preez (Cell C Sharks), 6 caps, 5 points (1 try)
    21. Francois Hougaard (Worcester Warriors, England) 44 caps, 25 points (5 tries)
    22. Handré Pollard (Vodacom Bulls), 20 caps, 188 points (2 tries, 29 conversions, 37 penalties, 3 drop goals)
    23. Damian de Allende (DHL Stormers), 24 caps, 15 points (3 tries)

  • Who?

    So… We saw complaints of ‘Too many Tahs’ the first week. Simmons was being counted as a Tah then, even though he hadn’t signed. Think Simmons made 9 Tahs.
    Clearly no one’s looking this week… If Rona’s considered a Tah (given the rumours that he’s going there), that makes it… 11 Tahs. Given Simmons has signed, without Rona, that’s a confirmed 10 Tahs – 6 starting, 4 on the bench.
    I’m not saying we should dump them all – apart from my standard positional disagreements with Cheika (I’m with those on here who want Folau at 14, KB at 15, Speight over to 11, and Hodge to 12 – I want Kurtley running from the backfield!!! Plus the loose forwards are light and unbalanced), it’s not like anyone’s banging down the door (or, if they are, they’re not people Cheik rates, so it’s never going to happen anyway).

    Key thing is, for mine, this is a better team than the first Bledisloe. But it’s interesting.

    How many Tahs will play Argentina? :-P

    • Bobas

      gotta remember KB and TPN are tahs for life, so 12 tahs.

      Hannigan and the line calls on the bench shit me the most. Horne and Skelton couldn’t even make the 23 for their OS club team. Phipps doesn’t even start for the tahs.

      • Who?

        I started off counting Taf as a Tah, then realized the error of my ways. :-P
        I appreciate the energy and passion Phipps brings, but I think Powell’s the way forward. Skelton, this year’s the first year I think he justified selection (and then wasn’t selected!). But Hanigan and Dempsey… Dempsey hasn’t earned it this year, and Hanigan’s still too small, which sees us with an unbalanced back row, which means everyone (understandably) piles on Hooper… It’s a feedback loop.
        As I said, I wouldn’t change much. Sure, the line calls, and a few stylistic calls (because I have a different philosophy of the game to Cheika), but it’s not a bad team. Just funny that no one else had noticed it (it was Dempsey that made me think about it).

        • 30 mm tags

          Stop rating Powell. Every single match he knocks on at the back of the scrum because he does not keep his eyes on the ball. He will need to overcome that fatal flaw. James Tuttle and Nick Frisby are superior with similar if not superior speed and cover defence tackling second to none.

        • Brumby Runner

          Ha ha ha.

        • Who?

          But Frisby is so slow to clear the ball… Genia’s way quicker.
          Haven’t seen much of Tuttle by comparison, but I like Powell’s service. Which is why I wouldn’t go Gordon – I want my 9 and 10 to pass, not run.

  • Adrian

    I’d say this run-on team is better in every position where there has been a change, so better in 4 positions (2,3,5,11)

    Bench is ok too, but I’d have kept Timani. Having said that, Dempsey was outstanding in 2016, and can play a tight robust game and a wide game. He could surprise.

    Kerevi is pretty classy for any bench, and should be ok in defence, given the D structure has been simplified

    I don’t mind Hodge on the wing, and feel a bit sorry for DHP. Hodge seems to have a 6th sense about being in the right place at the right time, even though he doesn’t always look the part.

    • Brumby Runner

      And just how good was Kerevi’s defense for the Reds this year? Without the piss-poor defensive structures Grey introduced to the Wallabies, I seem to recall Kerevi still had one of the worst tackles made/missed tackles stat for the whole of SR.

      He needs something more than a change to the structure to see him be ok at test level. Give him the remainder of the year at NRC to show/prove to us that he warrants his spot. If he can do that, then I agree 12 is his best spot.

      • DK

        Agreed, I think defensively reading the play leading to defensive decision making and positioning, Kerevi is probably the worst defensive centre in Australian professional rugby. Considering this and the fact his attack isn’t amazingly better than the rest you’ve gotta ask how/why he gets picked? Is he off to the tahs next year or something?

    • Mica

      Dempsey shouldn’t be in the frame for the Wallabies at the moment and Hollaway had a better 2016, but seems to be unpopular with Cheika.
      There are a number of better options for the backrow that just don’t seem to be in favour.
      Dempsey is still very young, so I am hoping he can work hard and become a key member going forward. From what I have seen of him this year, he hasn’t done enough to justify inclusion.

      • Hoss

        On 2016 form mate Hollaway was an absolute shoe-in for EOYT – but the 2017 Holloway is a pale imitation of the 2016 model. Maybe he is subconsciously holding back due to the injury – but he was very poor in 17 and got overtaken by a few fringe players. on 16 form he was the #8 we desperately needed long term.

        • Mica

          Didn’t Hollaway get injured?
          And yep I was just comparing the 2016 Dempsey to the 2016 Hollaway as per @disqus_dLYIHsOwMR:disqus comment above.
          Frankly I think that 2016 Dempsey was better than 2017 Dempsey too……

      • 30 mm tags

        When are some of the ARU HQ blokes going to do a “We got Talent” in Victoria, Tas, WA and SA, and offer a $2500,000 prize for the best Athlete , aiming at AFL , state by state who can prove to be the best high marker, line-out jumper, punt and drop kicker and tackler and get them realizing there is a future in Rugby. Major advertisers love the concept of promoting the idea of trying something new and a reward with it. If the best we can do is the current talent pool then the ARU and state unions have nil entrepreneurial skills.

  • DK

    Don’t mind the team as long as PLEASE have someone other than Foley kicking for touch and clearing AND anyone else throwing the lineout….chieka, the 10 and 2 don’t have to do it.


Brumbies supporter now living in Melbourne. Rugby and Larkham fan ever since he de beered de Beer. Never shy of controversy because when I say it it's cute.

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