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Wallabies Touring Squad Announced

Wallabies Touring Squad Announced

The Wallabies 28-man touring squad for the forthcoming TRC Tests against South Africa and Argentina has been named.

Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has had much to think about this week after the Wallabies came from behind to defeat Argentina. On Deans’s mind is the injury curse that has struck again, with fly-half Quade Cooper being ruled out with a knee injury that will see him miss the rest of the international season.

In some good news, Dom Shipperley has overcome a dislocated finger that required surgery during the week to take his place in the squad, along with Stephen Moore and Sitaleki Timani who are returning from hamstring injuries.

Notable inclusions in the squad are Reds back Ben Tapuai and the ‘Honey Badger’, Nick Cummins from the Western Force, among the 12 backs selected. Waratahs prop Paddy Ryan will travel in the hope of making his Wallabies debut.

Full squad:
Adam Ashley-Cooper (Waratahs), Kurtley Beale (Rebels), Digby Ioane (Reds), Dominic Shipperley (Reds), Nick Cummins (Force), Ben Tapuai (Reds), Anthony Fainga’a (Reds), Pat McCabe (Brumbies), Berrick Barnes (Waratahs), Mike Harris (Reds), Nick Phipps (Rebels), Brett Sheehan (Force).

Scott Higginbotham (Reds), Radike Samo (Reds), Michael Hooper (Brumbies), Liam Gill (Reds), Dave Dennis (Waratahs), Rob Simmons (Reds), Nathan Sharpe (Force), Kane Douglas (Waratahs), Sitaleki Timani (Waratahs), Ben Alexander (Brumbies), Paddy Ryan (Waratahs), James Slipper (Reds), Benn Robinson (Waratahs), Saia Fainga’a (Reds), Stephen Moore (Brumbies), Tatafu Polota-Nau (Waratahs).

The majority of the squad departs for South Africa tomorrow. Ben Tapuai, Rob Simmons and Mike Harris will join the squad after playing in the Brisbane club rugby Grand Final this weekend. The first tour match is against the Springboks in Pretoria on 29 September. Then it’s on to Rosario in Argentina for the to play the Pumas on 6 October.


  • Brumby Runner

    Good to see both Tapui and Cummins included though I doubt that either will get a bench spot let alone a start. Choice of Barnes or Harris at 10 is bloody awful.

  • Jimbo81

    Harris and Tapuai should start!

    Where is Beau Robinson and, James Hansen and Adam Wallace Harrison?

    I dont want Barnes, Dennis or McCabe anywhere near the starting side.

    Looks like a sub-par squad. Maybe Beale will finally do something. Will Digby and Shipperley get the ball this time?

    Will Slipper finally get a start?

    Where is James O’Conner and has he got a proper hair-cut yet? Vanilla Ice isn’t cool anymore!

    • DC

      If you’re going to chuck banter at O’Connor*, at least spell his name right instead of looking like a complete twat.

      Would love to see Beale get the chance at 10, Barnes looked rather at home in the 15 jersey, although I would rather see McCabe get the 15, his true jersey. Barnes to 12.

      09. Phipps 10.Beale (Rebels combo)
      11. Digby 12. Barnes/Taps 13. Tahs 14. Shipperly/Cummins 15.McCabe/Barnes

      • sarina

        If u gona chuck banter at him at least spell shipperley properly!

      • PM

        You must like his haircut and/or be a teacher. I haven’t seen a rugby player with a more poxy haircut in my life. Did anyone see the photo of him in the SMH last Saturday I think at training, he’s not David Beckham.

    • Jimmy

      Ok Jimbo, It’s obvious you are a massive Reds fan so there a a few points that need to be covered.

      Slippers scrummaging is poor. Which is probably the main reason he doesn’t start. He is good around the ground but without Kepu on the field we need someone who wont get penalised every engagement.

      Barnes has had one or two off games but all in all has been good this year. His kicking place kicking has been brilliant and if he doesn’t put any more stupid grubbers in, his general kicking hasn’t been too bad either. Certainly infinitely better this year than Quade. He also went ok at FB last week so he covers a lot of options.

      McCabe is a great player and one of the few backs who provides go forward and who is a force in defence. Yet you want to drop him one game back?

      Dennis has been getting better with every outing and given that we have no obvious replacement I can’t see a better option at 6 than him, Higgenbotham has been average when he has started.

      “Where is Beau Robinson and, James Hansen and Adam Wallace Harrison?” …..

      So you want Hooper and Gill dropped? I’m sure plenty would argue with you on this one. Also, both Timani and Douglas have been good, so I’m assuming you want AWH in for Sharpe? I’d have to argue with you there. As for James Hansen, who would you drop? Both the current hookers are fairly good scrummagers and have plenty of experience. I’d keep them both personally given that I can’t see any better options out there.

      • Jimbo81

        Slipper is the future. The occasional scrum penalty is a problem that will get better. Work-rate more than makes up for this.
        Barnes is totally useless and is not even match-fit – constantly cramping after 60minutes. One or two off games is all it takes – come back after a stellar super-season and we’ll consider whether it’s worthwhile reinstating you. He is there for the kicking and had a shocker last week – ergo he adds nothing and should be dropped. His kicks are a disaster! He is one of the main reasons the Tahs sucked so much this year.
        We disagree Re McCabe, who I would not select in a club match unless it was to use his supurb straight-running skills to fetch the water or kicking tee. Not even big enough for that role – needs to be 110kgs+ if it’s going to work, and it doesn’t work! Just get’s held up in the tackle. The biggest liability in attack – drop him now!!!! Why bother having the best wingers in the game (Digby, Shipperley) if they NEVER get the ball? Call me pessimistic but if the starting centre for Australia can’t even pass the pall………………
        Dennis is the phantom. I have never seen him contribute at all accept to do the Matt Dunning, one hand on every 2nd ruck move. The obvious replacement is Beau Robinson at 6 to provide impact and mongrel. Higgers is a super-impact player now. That is all. Sure he doesn’t play 6 at the Reds but his game is perfectly suited for that role – the enforcer!
        I do not want Hooper and Gill Dropped, never said that. I want Dennis and Moore dropped.
        AWH is there as cover for 6,8,4 – had a stand-out season at the Reds – yet we pick the NSW boys. They finished 11th for FS!
        Why would you assume I’d want to drop Sharpe? (or Gill, or Hooper??!!???)
        James Hansen is great around the park and can throw straight. TPN is an injury time-bomb and there’s too many fails in Moore’s history for me to consider his experience a bonus. Two failed WC’s, numerous lost bledisloes. He doesn’t get over the advantage line and I’ve lost count the number of times we get a penalty on our 22 courtesy of a Pocock strip, only to kick the ball 50meters for the lineout, and Moore stuffs the throw – which is why it’s essential we get Hansen in. Grosse Incompetence at lineout time cannot be tolerated.

        • ooaahh

          best wingers in the game (Digby, Shipperley)

          I’ll give you Digby’s up there, Shipperly’s got a bit to go before he cops a label like that.

        • Jay-c

          There is so many things wrong with this I don’t have the time to go through them all… But your comment regarding the occasional scrum penalty is a problem that will go away suggests you have missed the last decade of rugby in this country and casts doubt on any further claims you make

        • Jimmy

          I’d actually have Paddy Ryan in before Slipper – he is the real future and a big, hard bugger.

          Barnes is worth points for his goal kicking alone, who would you have taking the shots if he was dropped?? Cooper is gone (and wasn’t worthy of being in the team anyway), so unless the very very limited Harris is in the team, there is no other option.

          Beau Robinson is a bit like A Finders, he has plenty of heart and energy but he is a lightweight. You need a 6 who can jump and provide some resistance. Robinson doesn’t cut it in that role. So if Robinson is added, theres 1 less line out option to begin with.

          As for Hansen – totally unproven against 2 guys that are both pretty good in the scheme of things. Moore has a very solid game and TPN provides a bit of the X factor when fully fit.

          And Shipperly as one of the best wingers in the game? He has played 1 1/2 games and has done quite well but nothing earth shattering. That’s just far too big a comment for him. Probably the best 2 wingers in the country are Ione and Mitchell. Mitchell is injured and Ione has abyssmal hands at times.

          You really need to take the Red glasses off for a few hours and watch the international games. Totally different from Super 15 and different type of players exel. A lot of the Tahs boys, despite the Tahs S15 performance, have been some of the best players for Aus. AAC, Timani, Douglas, Barnes (2 MOM against Wales can’t be ignored), Kepu etc have played better than a lot of blokes.

          Anyway -probably wont change your opinion but I can assure you a lot of people will differ with a few of your ideas here.

      • spectator

        The stupid grubbers in first half may have been a decent factor in winning against the Boks.

        ‘Collectively’, they were not well executed at all, but Beale’s solo effort resulted in the Boks losing a forward which proved to have pivotal implications in the second half with a tiring Bok forward pack.

        Due to their frequency even though with no overall execution and the Bok forward pack tiring, the chipping & grubbing of particularly first half achieved their two basic strategic goals – all be it not in the classical way.

        The Bok back defense was in two minds about what was gonna happen when Wallabie backs had ball(even if not due to results you’d ideally want) , which combined with Wallabie forwards achieving more go-forward, locked the Boks into a pattern which did not adapt when the Wallabies changed theirs in second half.

        Wallabies ended up with go forward and space in backs. It was the un-expectedness of gameplay in first half that created this against a rigid opposition.

        Look at Boks their next game in NZ, not only should have won but should have won with a bit of comfort.

      • rugbyinmyblood

        Dennis is not a test player. Everyone else has positives and negatives. Tell me his positive. He is slow poor in the air in lineouts weak in contact and has zero flair. F…ing poser. Beat it tahs supporters win some games to warrant selection then talk.

        • mark conley

          Dennis getting better, i replayed last weekends match and just watched Dennis, does a hell of a lot of work!

    • Merrow

      If you want to be taken seriously Jimbo, please look at players outside of Qld. Hansen? Really? He’s not even the first choice hooker of the Reds. Honestly mate, stop licking the cane toads and your contributions might be less delusional :)

      • RJ

        Mate James Hansen is the best hooker in Queensland. He should be in the squad.

        Also, Gill is 10 times the player than Hooper. Hooper wa sup against the slowest backrow in history and pulled 1 pilfer in 2 games. His running game is good but I would have taken Gill’s 5 pilfers a game over hoopers running.

        • mjw

          ‘James Hansen is the best hooker in Queensland’

          Take that up with Link and leave it out of a Wallabies squad.

    • Facthunt

      Let’s just start with the Reds 1st XV, shall we?

      • BloodRed

        Finally, somebody is making sense

    • RedSheep

      @Jimbo81 And what has Pat McCabe done wrong recently? The yellow card on the weekend was bs, he actually passed on the weekend not to mention seemed to be the most fired-up as we saw after his try!

    • JJJ

      Vanilla Ice is infinitely cooler than Bieber.

    • Groucho

      Do you follow any other franchises?

  • RugbyNoddy

    Well done on allowing Simmo, Taps and Harris play finals this week too. Probably would’ve been good to give Gill at least 40 as well.

  • Jimmy

    Anyone know what Palu’s problem is, he seems to have been missing for months for a fairly innocuous injury (as usual). Could do with some power in the 8 role.

    • TerribleTowel

      I’m not an alcoholic, I only drink when Palu’s injured…. but seriously, I’ve almost given up on Palu ever playing a full season again, which is a shame, because when he’s on form he’s a true world class 8, one we haven’t had since Kefu and there’s a marked drop off to the next best big, fast hard hitting bastard. Maybe Fotu Auelua given a bit more time with Jake White, but he’s already 29. What do people think of Ben Mowen for Dave Dennis btw, or even Gill and Hooper at 6/7? Atm, the first side is picking itself simply because of injuries to every one else and that’s the only spot I reckon is contentious

      • Jimmy

        Yeah can’t argue with any of your thoughts there. I was really just wondering if anyone knew what his issue was this time.

        Was thinking the other day a pack of Kepu, TPN / Moore, Ryan, Timani, Douglas, Palu, Pocock, Higgers/Dennis or maybe someone new, could do some real damage and would command respect if on form….I know that’s a big if but it’s been a while since we had some real enforcers in the team.

        • TerribleTowel

          yeah, don’t forget Dan Palmer either, another young player who’s looked the goods at S15 lever. Honestly I think that once our injured list doesn’t read like a division’s at the Somme, the Wallabies stocks are looking excellent with a lot of good young players coming through, especially in the forwards. Especially at lock, in two year’s time, we’re going to have an embarrassment of riches, Fardy and Carter from the Brumbies, Douglas and Timani from the ‘Tahs, Hugh Pyle and Caderyn Neville, even Sam Wykes if he replicates his 2011 s15 form.

          I reckon they’re nearly at the same spot that the back line was two years ago when they were setting the world on fire (remember that EOYT match against France anyone?) while still being a very young unit. Then again, the backs haven’t exactly lived up to that promise, and I guess injuries have played a big role in that.

      • johnny-boy

        Ben Mowen is Australia’s best No.8 option by far at the moment. Which means he won’t get a run in Deans’ Wallaby team. We couldn’t have our best team run on the field now could we Robbie. Otherwise the All Blacks may not look so unbeatable or awesome ….

        • Groucho


    • Serious?

      Palu’s problem is that he’s fucking useless….

  • stinger

    Hey GAGR can we get a poll going on who should be wallaby 10 for the boks test? Would be interesting to see what people are thinking given that we now know the ‘confines’ of the touring squad.

    Personally I think 10 and 15 should be Beale & Barnes but I’m not decided on which way around.

    • HardenUp

      Beale is the only option, he looked dangerous there for the Rebels. Could be a bit risky though given his attitude at the moment. Barnes decision making is too slow. Better to leave him at FB. Are there any other good young blokes running around club rugby playing 10?????

    • RedSheep

      How about a ‘rank this’ style thing for the 15 or the 22?

  • ooaahh

    Not to bad a squad but can’t help think we’ve missed a trick in taking an old has been scrumhalf in Sheehan… this could have been a tour to blood some new talent in Genia’s absence. After all we found Genia when injuries occurred.

    • Nipper

      So who exactly would that “A.N. Other” #9 be? There really aren’t any others still standing.

      Unless you want to throw McKibbin or Hart to the wolves in Pretoria and Rosario. Not exactly the kind of “development” you’d want for a young player.

      • Brumby Runner

        Ian Prior from the Brumbies, ex Qld, is definitely the next best and worthy of a go.

      • Skippy


        When is the time to play a new boy? Wait until we play the USA or Canada next in 15 years time?

        I’m guessing when Giteau debuted against England at Twickenham this was chosen so he could ‘ease’ into test match rugby.

        Likewise when Kearns took on the All Blacks?

        There reality is there are no easy tests anymore. Remember those easy tests last year like Samoa and this year with Scotland.

        Pick a kid and have a go like Oooaah suggests. What’s Sheehan got to offer now?Give a young bloke a go and if he cuts it… great. If he doesn’t oh well… atleast we know and we can send him back to grade rugby with an idea of what he needs to do to get another go.

        • Nipper

          I see what you’re saying, but playing against England in front of the polite blazered folk at Twickenham and playing in Rosario with a soccer stadium full of baying Argies down your throat, and a brutal forward pack sending you backwards, is a different proposition altogether. And neither McKibbin nor Hart are the next Giteau (for better or for worse).

  • Jimbo81

    Jimmy – are you really Robbie Deans?

    Reds finished top of the Australian conference for the 2nd year in a row. How anyone can argue that the NSW guys deserve a spot in the Wallabies is beyond me. It seems like the Wallabies is simply an end of season jaunt to prop up the Tahs so they don’t suck so much in 2013. The Wallabies should be based around the top performing provincial side with the best of the rest included (AAC, Pocock, Hooper, Mogg, Palmer, 2 or 3 others at most).

    Seems this forum is very anti-Reds, which is a shame because at international level, the rest of the country doesn’t cut it.

    All this is moot anyway because until Deans is sacked we won’t achieve anything.

    • Nipper

      See, that’s the problem with you gents with the red blinders on. A good team doesn’t necessarily mean that you have excellent individual players. There are no Reds who aren’t in the squad that should be.

      Beau Robinson? You must be joking. Good S15 player in 2011, not up to international standard.

      Simmons, same thing.

      That’s the beauty of Link – he built a TEAM and got the best out of them, despite a few of them being average.

      • Jimmy

        So True.

        Link….the Red that REALLY should be in the Wallabies team.

      • Brax

        Don’t go tarring us all with the same brush there Nipper, I don’t agree with anything that Jimbo said. Apart from Slipper….
        Mind you I’m happy to see Paddy Ryan in the mix, he has looked very good with limited opportunities at the Tahs’ this year, not in the game side yet but he deserves the chance to better himself by being in the touring squad.

        • Nipper

          Sorry, Brax. I realize that probably the majority of the Reds supporters know the score.

          I guess it’s just that Red fever sufferers are the loudest, so they’re the ones you see complaining that the forum is anti-Reds because Rod Davies isn’t in the squad!

          I actually enjoy watching them and can’t wait until Link is the Wallabies coach.

          Just a reaction to the silliness, I suppose. My bad…

        • Red Kev

          Nipper – I was really hoping that Link had taken the opportunity to release Rod Davies from his contract but it seems he’s been retained at the Reds.

    • Jimmy

      Why does everything need to be a Reds vs NSW thing??

      I for one always hope the Reds do well but I can see that a lot of their players are not cut out for test Rugby. For some reason, some of the Reds fans seem to want to make everything an “us vs them” issue. Very much along the same mentality of Kiwis.

      Seriously – no one here has it in for the Reds. We all want what is best for Aussie Rugby and pretty much all the Reds who should be there, are there, aside from Link. A lot of the reason there are a lot of Tahs in the sqaud is that they have proven form and experience in the test arena, and everyone knows you can’t put an entirely green team out there. It has nothing to do with bias towards one provence or another. If anything, the Brumbies have the biggest gripe this year.

  • JimmyC

    Anyone who watched that test (I saw it dressed as a dwarf you may noticed us on tv) and saw McCabe’s chase knows why he is in the team. That guy puts in more than anyone out there. 100% pumped on playing for Australia. We need more blokes like that. You know how we do it. Drop the blokes not having ago. Piss KB off until he wants to put it. I don’t care who gets selected. Keep going down the list until we get someone who does

    • Kurt

      Someone talking sense on the issue.

      McCabe gives it everything and gets in amongst it. What he gives away in ability he makes up for with commitment, a bit like A Faainga actually.

      Cooper, Beale etc just don’t have that fire in them. Maybe too busy on facebook

      • Jimmy

        Both of you are spot on

      • johnny-boy

        Unfortunately that’s what is has come to under Deans. You don’t have to have any ability, you just have to try really really hard. Seriously ? Thats how high we are aiming ?

    • Moz


      Great effort with the outfits! I was watching the game on TV with my 9yo son, and he did say “Errr dad….why are they dressed like that”? I just pointed out the it was well known that the 7 dwarves loved their rugby, so obviously managed to get tickets!
      Just curious, how did you decide who was to wear the Snow White dress, although I must add he did look rather fetching!

      • JimmyC

        Snow White was the buck. We actually had nine dwarfs Spilzy, Schlurry, Boozy, Creepy, Handsy, Sleezy, Queezy, Tipsy and Remorseful.

    • Pete

      Coudn’t agree more. Cooper and Beale should take notes from McCabe on attitude.

      Oh and Beale would be good to lay off the pies and beers for a bit too.

      • JimmyC

        Pete, KB was punching back the beers at Ballymore on Sunday. What a surprise

        • Pete

          As he was in the Cross after his diabolical Bledisloe Cup performance…!

        • GB

          Would be good if KB laid off punching pies, beers, Bieber’s date and Brissie bouncers…

    • Nipper

      You’ve got that right. He’s hard and goes 110% all the time. I don’t think he’s the problem – it’s the freakin’ selections and combinations.

      McCabe is essentially a crash ball merchant. Barnes at 12 is a ball player. one week you have a crash ball runner, the next you have a 2nd five/ball player. No wonder they can’t get their combinations to work. Two totally differing styles and roles. FFS, just get some consistency.

      There are injuries and they force some of the changes, but it’s more than halfway through the TRC and they still don’t know they style of player they want at 12. If the crash ball player goes down, bring in another crash ball player, not a ball player and then have to change everything up.

      Not that they can’t change things up as a tactical measure, but maybe having the same style player for two matches in a row might be a good start.

  • Alan

    would love to see Fotu Auelua given a chance

    also is Dan Palmer injured? after his stellar season and with the injuries/poor form hitting some of our props i thought he would have got a look in

    perhaps for the november tests

    • JimmyC

      I’m surprised Fotu hasn’t been given a run either and Palmer is injured.

      • Alan

        ah cheers for the JimmyC, i think Fotu is an exciting prospect and for me looks a more damaging runner/defender then either Samo or Higgers. Also believe Palmer will be a great player in time, here is praying robbie gives him his chance when he is fit again

  • whatwouldberniedo

    if barnes plays 10, we lose, simple as that. he plays too deep and doesnt have the foot speed to threaten the bok’s rush defence. with the inside channel a lock, watch mccabe and aac get smashed before they even get to the ad line. hate saying this but tactical kicking could be our only hope. (cringe)

    • Mighty Moth

      I agree,
      Barnes looked good at 15, why not leave him there? KB was groomed from school age to be the “next big thing” at fly half and I watched him play there in schoolboys rugby and he has been good at 10 ever since. It’s his favoured position and the one he knows best.

  • Jimbo81

    You can’t get a silk purse out of Pat McCabe – I don’t care how courageous him losing us the RWC was. It’s a failed experiment – experiment over – Australia thrives on attacking centres – NOT McCabe / Horne or McCabe / Faingaa.

    Where does this rot about the Tahs having players better suited to test rugby come from? Timani? Dennis? Paul? TPN? Elsom?
    Quite frankly, if NSW stopped playing rugby all together, it would not affect the Wallabies chances in a profoundly negative way.

    Serious improvement is required in NSW. They need to contribute competent, passionate rugby players for the national team – not simply numbers (and too many already).

    The thought of watching McCabe / Barnes / Robbie Deans in action again is depressing. They aren’t good enough and never will be.

    • Jimmy

      So by your logic basically the Reds shouldn’t have had any players in the Wallabies until 2009 then??

      Remember, since the Brumbies last won the title, and before the Reds won theirs, the Tahs have been the form province of the Aust conference. The Reds languished at the bottom of the ladder for years on end. Yet they still had players worthy of playing for their country.

  • Skippy

    Can people stop carrying on about this bullshit concept the Wallabies should be picked from the best performing provincial side. What a load of shit.

    The Wallabies should be the best 15 players in Australia who complement the other players in the team, bring balance to the side and can play the shapes/style the coaching team wants.

    Just because your the best centre in Qld or NSW may not mean you are the best centre for Australia.

    Often coaches will pick players because they can perform a specific role, address a specific weakness or indeed bring something unique to the team. Selecting a team is not about just filling 15 jerseys…

    All players have strengths and weaknesses.Some players weaknesses are not necessarily exposed in Super rugby or perhaps the way the team plays, covers up these areas. But if in theWallavies and based on how they want to play this person may not be suited or may get exposed. Its a constant challenge for a coach to get the right combinations and combinations that compliment each other.

    Wake up people…this isn’t the school yard. I’m sick of reading about how well someone played for their Super team and ‘owned’ someone else during the year.

  • murph

    I’m going to piss myself laughing when Cheika fails to get the same pack of preening prima donnas to perform

  • murph

    Oh, and it’s good to see that Growden and Deans’s life is so much easier when Reds players get injured…


  • HardenUp

    Wow, Isn’t this Article about the Wallabies, you know the national team!!!!!!!!! If you have a valid argument about selections i.e. some comments on what some players have to offer over others, go for it.

    If not, don’t bother.

    I think most of us here would have liked to see Cooper have a blinder on the weekend, but alas, shit happens. Now, he’ll just get to have a blinder with his prima donna mates in Melbourne or maybe the cross……

    And now someone else will hopefully step up!

  • Garry

    It’s such a shame that we won’t get to see Tap’s outside QC. The familiarity could have been electric. Instead he’ll be running off the steady hands of Sookface, who’d prefer the ball on his boot.

  • Devils Advocate

    Dean’s is slowing down Australia’s progress and development by persisting with, frankly, dreadful players. Fainga’a x2, Samo, Dennis, Had-Enough Now, Sharpie Most of these are in the pack, and they are just not good enough up front.

    It doesn’t help with all the injuries but it is a poor omen when players like Phipps, Sheehan and Cummins are in the squad these players aren’t international quality and highlights the lack of depth in Australian rugby.

    Compare this to NZ, they have depth in EVERY position and the Wallabies just don’t have that quality, A loooooonnnnngggggg way off number one and I don’t want to hear them discussing it, they have no chance, None at all this year or before next RWC if you ask me.


Canberra born and bred Rugby fan brought up on Canberra Kookaburra and ACT Brumbies Rugby.

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