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Rugby World Cup 2011

Wallabies v. Boks Player Ratings

Wallabies v. Boks Player Ratings

I always enjoy doing the ratings after a Wallabies win, because rewatching the game is so much easier. This one was a real toughie to rate, though.

It was a titanic performance in many areas, but I couldn’t go bananas with the scores as we came so close to losing. Pat Lambie slots that droppie and it was probably curtains. So it couldn’t be 8s and 9s all round, could it? In the end I think I found a nice medium.


So, to the ratings:


Player Rating Comment
Kurtley Beale  6 A solid Beale outing. Made a good line-break in the first half, and looked pretty threatening whenever he got the pill. However, his kicking game was average and he was guilty of a couple of poor decisions when things went to shit in the second half.
James O’Connor  8 Probably his best all-round game in gold. Normally a fleet-footed, silky haired young ragamuffin, on Sunday he turned into a hard-arsed, steely eyed veteran. Made plenty of big hits in defence, some stellar hit-ups off scrums and rucks, and kicked the winning goal under immense pressure.
Adam Ashley-Cooper  7 Defended very well but barely touched the ball. 18 tackles and 3 missed, he shut down most Bok attacks with aplomb. Not much more to say really.
Pat McCabe  7 Same as AAC. His defence in midfield was brutal, and the Boks sent plenty of traffic his way. Considering he played with a bung shoulder for most of the game I think he may have silenced some of the critics for now…
Digby Ioane  6 I thought Digby was a bit off the pace. Still had a couple of good runs, but didn’t have the same effect he has had on every Wallaby game this year. The fact that he still scored a 6 says plenty about his performance in those games.
Quade Cooper  3 He started off OK, but had a shocker of a second half. Nothing went right for him, and the more he tried to do the worse it got. Hopefully it was just one of those days.
Will Genia 6 Was busy and had a few nice touches, but it was not one of his better games. Like Digby maybe it’s because we have come to expect so much from him, but his kicking game was poor and his decision making at times was misguided. I am sure he will bounce back pretty well this week.
Radike Samo  8 Another who I think had their best game in gold. Sure there were no 60m tries or barnstorming line-breaks, just plenty of gutsy defence and strong hit-ups in the face of very strong opposition. Outplayed Pierre Spies by a mile.
David Pocock  10 Wow. Just, wow. 27 tackles with 0 missed. Big hit-ups. Turnovers at crucial times. Bonecrunching tackles. I think at one point he saved a small child falling from the upper tier. Put simply, if we didn’t have him in the side we would have lost. He set up our only try and saved about 4. It goes without saying that he is the G&GR Man of the Match.
Rocky Elsom  7 There were no standout moments from the Rock but he just got through an absolute truckload of work. One of the key cogs in the victory, he never gave an inch in defence.
James Horwill  7 Scored a good try and like all of the forwards made heaps of tackles. A few good hit-ups too, although that was tempered by the failure of the lineout. His leadership passed a vital test.
Dan Vickerman  7 Back to his abrasive, physical self. This was a game tailor-made for Vicks, and he didn’t disappoint. Flew in at ruck time with no thoughts of his own safety, but there were also some nice touches in attack. Like Horwill he should carry some blame for the shitness of the lineout.
Ben Alexander  6 The scrum was OK, but we were lucky not to be penalised a few more times than we were. He didn’t get through as much work as he normally does, and he missed a few tackles. Still a respectable performance.
Stephen Moore  6 He wasn’t bad, but he has certainly had better games this year. The lineout was a shemozzle, and he didn’t get many chances to get his hands on the pill. Made plenty of tackles though and did well in the tight and in the scrum.
Sekope Kepu  7 Made a couple of bone-jarring big hits and held up his side of the scrum very well. Stepped up his game when it was required, he has come a long way in a short space of time this year.
TPN  6 Played a pretty solid fifteen minutes without standing out.
James Slipper  6 Same as TPN.
Nathan Sharpe  7 Made a real difference when he came on to the ground. A couple of trademark runs and some brutal tackling close to the ruck. Certainly was showing no nerves on 99.
Berrick Barnes  6 Seemed to steady the ship a bit when he came on. We were still pretty patchy though, so he may not be the miracle cure some are suggesting. Nonetheless a good showing off the bench.


The patented G&GR ratings guide:

10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke


Too generous? Not generous enough? Let me know what you think…

  • Thenextbigthing

    The baby Pocock caught was the same one he had delivered during half-time.

    • eMack.

      And fathered that morning.

    • nugget

      and conceived just before kick off…

      • nugget

        edit: ah beat me to it eMack.

        • eMack.

          great minds nugget!

        • RJ

          Pretty sure the little quade they had over the weekend was not a quake at all. It was pockock doing push-ups, becuase when he does pushups, he pushed the earth down, not the other way around.

        • RJ

          quade = quake

          ahh ruined the joke. too late

        • RJ

          David Pockock once urinated in a semi trailer’s fuel tank. That truck is now known as Optimus Prime

        • The Rant

          If Pocock was the star of the show ’24’ it would be called ‘1’.

        • Joe Mac

          David Pocock can watch 60 minutes in 25 seconds.

      • AC

        David Pocock sleeps with a night light. Not because he is afraid of the darkness, but because the darkness is afraid of David Pocock.

    • ula

      sekope kepu is like a very fit salesi ma’afu only he does more

    • RedMan

      Pocock is the guy Chuck Norris wishes he was.

  • Razz

    If no injuries do you think we’ll make any changes? No choice really in the backs but still think Higgenbotham is a better option than MCccalman vs the AllBlacks.

    • bill

      Higgenbotham is a better choice vs whoever.

    • Behind Enemy Lines

      There will definitely be changes.

      If Horne is fit I think Deans will give him a game. He also has preferred to play Simmons against the ABs this year so Sharpe will be hoping we win so he has a shot at 100 games.

      Not my choices for the lineup but I guess I don’t know the game plan.

      • bill

        normally i’d prefer vicks , but i’d prefer sharpe to start and simmons here. Can’t believe i’m saying that, but if we get through the blacks I’d go back to Vicks vs I’m assuming the welsh. …big if, we get through, there’s no reason we can’t. The blacks tried to play out of their skins against us in brissie, partly because they thought we were their major threat to the world cup i’d guess.

        who knows, the welsh are a real chance now. The french, well, i’d take them seriously but they are the douglas adams parobability drive of the rugby universe, sometimes you get a kick arse spaceship with Zooey Descanel on board, other times you get a really comfortable sock puppet.

      • Patrick

        I don’t think it is quite the time for ‘giving someone a game’!!! Least of all Horne.

        I’d say Deans will change as absolutely little as possible.

    • wallaby fan

      absolutely not. did you not watch higginbotham v russia? if he can’t play well against russia then how would you expect him to play against nz. plus mccalman can cover 3 backrow position s but higgers can only really play 6, and even then his style is not one for test rugby. super xv yes, test rugby no.

      • Rob

        Am I going insane. Time to bring in Simmons????? And higginbotham??? How about robinson for pocock while we are at it. Give it a break. Super rugby finished months ago. Its time to concentrate on the real prize.

  • JonC79


    • eMack.

      Could someone please explain the purpose of the box kick?

      • The Rant

        I can – i just can’t explain the purpose of a ‘shit-kick’

      • Garry


        It is a potent weapon, but only if you have Diggers/JOC/TwoDads underneath it when it comes back down.

        • Joe Mac

          Im not sure it’s so potent. If we catch it when it comes down (which must be like 15% chance) then yes we have made some metres but it is such a low probability play i cant see its value.

          The wallabies didnt put 5+ phases together once in the entire game… What is wrong with holding on to the pill and making the metres up through the guts?

        • Patrick

          All the teams use box-kicks a lot, chased well they are indeed very effective.

        • Garry


          their effectiveness is directly related to how passionately those chasers are in getting under it. And you’re right, lately it hasn’t been working, and gives the pill back with space for the opposition. But why is that? We have shown how well we can use it, have we gone off the ball with our coordination? We’re not short of wingers, how about some competition for position?

          Add it to our long list of ‘to dos’ at training this week?

        • Homer j

          Unfortunately having Israel Dagg under just causes a mountain of problems. He has feet like Digby and is on a roll.

          Send Radike after him..

      • see the Super Rugby final for more effective use (interestingly by the same players)

  • Razz

    If no injuries do you think we’ll make any changes? No choice really in the backs but still think Higgenbotham is a better option than MCccalman vs the Blacks.

    • marky mark

      mccalman can play no 6 and 8 to test standard and can fill in at 7 if worst comes to worst and pocock is shot by a nz sniper. higginbotham can barely play at no 6 to test standard let alone fill in at no 8 or no 7.

  • Epi

    I’m suprised we even won without a halfback… Quite an effort!

  • g man

    no rating for genia

    • Country Kid

      Genia? abstained

  • murph

    Genia & A Finger?

    • Barbarian

      Got Genia now.

      No rating for Faingaa and McCalman, neither were on for long enough.

      • RJ

        No McCalman was on for ages, you just wouldn’t have noticed.

        • Stin

          Actually thought Mccalman was better than usual. Such a tight game, his tradesman like approach seemed to at least settle things a bit.

        • bill

          They finally stuck Benny in his best position, no8. That’s why he did ok, they didn’t try and misuse him.

  • skip

    The boogey man checks under his bed for Bam Pocock. If you can see Bam Pocock, he can see you. If you cannot see Bam Pocock, you are seconds away from being tackled so hard you will piss purple for a month. There is no point eye gouging Bam Pocock (yes, we mean you schaller), his eyes are made of titanium.

  • Cam178

    Genia would have to be a 4

  • quade

    whats bryce’s rating?

  • Cam178

    Genia would have to be a 4.

  • Goddess

    Pocock 10? Surely you jest, sir! Or you missed out a few zeros at the end.

  • Russ

    Full credit to the Wallabies…they played the ref like champs! But IMHO they played rugby like chumps. Everyone knows that you can get stats to sell whatever story you’re trying to sell…But when you break it all down…the stats say that you lost every aspect of that game…except of course for the ‘what’s on the scoreboard’ and ‘playing to the ref’ ones…. those kinds of games (where you lose every aspect, but still win) don’t happen very often…you’ve had yours now, so it’s extremely unlikely to happen again.

    Don’t kid yourselves…Joubert will blow David “Wow, Just Wow” Pocock off the park, if he does what he did against the boks.

    How about one of those great GAGR “ABs at the breakdown” videos to show just how “wow” Pocock was at the breakdown? Would love to see/hear how it’s justified.

    • BDA

      The scoreboard doesn’t lie. The wallabies only did what they had to do. They got in front, held the lead, and when they fell behind they took it back again. The fact that many aspects of their game were dominated had no effect on their ability to win. If the Boks had been able to breach the wallabies defense things might be different, but they’re not.

      • RJ

        It was the rugby god’s way of saying, “I shall smite thee whom attempteth thy pussy drop goal”

      • Russ

        Indeed the scoreboard doesn’t lie, but in rugby more often than not, being dominated definitely affects your ability to win (except in this case of course).

        Majority of the time rugby works like this:

        Possession + Territory = Pressure…which majority of the time = Tries or Penalties

        Boks did breach the wallabies defense (twice i think) but were let down by forward passes. Besides that, it was QF time…wallabies do in fact have good defense, so tries weren’t going to be common place.

        But…a lot of that territory +possession “should” have led to kickable penalties…IF the breakdown was reffed properly, which it wasn’t.

        You’re right Nothing is going to change though…just don’t think that wallabies where as good as everyone thinks…Pocock was allowed to (illegally) eradicate all the pressure that was built….credit to him…but it wont happen 2 weekends in a row, and the wallabies might find they’re 4or 5 penalties down when they next look.

        • Hambone

          BL was incompetent, but consistently and evenly. I’m pretty sure the boks actually got the better end of the penalty count, even though they were off their feet in a lot of the turnovers they caused.

          Even if BL had reffed the breakdown strictly, the backlines then would’ve had a greater impact on the result, and the boks would’ve lost that one too (probably by the same margin).

          So I don’t think the ref has had much of an influence here. He was shit, but evenly so, and this result is consistent with the 3 previous games between these teams. The better team has won.

        • RedMan

          Any team that has had to make that many tackles should be dead on their feet in the last 15 minutes. Towards the end of the game SA should have been able to run rings around a completely rooted Wallaby defence.

          But they didn’t because they are full of old buggers and training for them probably involves their forwards holding their own fight night and the backs standing around to see which of the two Steyns can kick the longest.

          I’m pretty sure I spent close to 79 minutes screaming at Bryce for failing to ref the breakdown at all (the last minute was spent being quietly nervous hoping that we didn’t fuck up the scrum). If you watch Pocock was also screaming at the ref while he was trying to get the ball. If he was doing it illegally, would he be calling so much attention to himself?

        • ozabroad

          Only ozzies said that BL was shit b4 the gameWhy was this.

          However only after SA lost have they started complaining..

        • commonasmud

          Russ, just remember that it (proper refereeing of the breakdown) is a two-way street: sure, Pocock was playing to the whistle… just like all those characters in green jerseys who were illegally all over Sanchez and QC like a cheap suit because they were continually offside or not bound to the scrum!

        • Brax

          Defence wins World Cups Russ.

    • Gumby

      Stop complaining. The fact is that the Boks were not able to capitalise on the mountain of opportunity that they created. That is either pure ineptitude on the Boks part or it was as a result of an unbreachable and astonishing Wallaby defensive effort. For me, I prefer the latter as it makes the victory so much sweeter.

      No wonder all of SA are screaming at BL. There is nowhere else to go other than to take a good hard look at the style of play and game plan you choose and realise that it needs something more. Rugby has moved on.

      • Skip

        There is no law in rugby which says that a team which dominates the field and ownership of the ball shall win, it’s just that it usually happens. The simple truth is that the boks lost as they stubbornly stuck to a game plan that was not working and lacked the ability to adapt it to either the opposition they faced or the referee in charge.

        No test side, even one which has a pack that secures that level of possession, can be assured of a win unless they can manufacture phase play in which the point of attack is shifted rapidly so as to actually challenge a tier one defense. Having failed to do that so clearly, they were instead reliant on the Australians missing tackles which, as we saw, was not happening.

        The wallabies entirely deserve their win as they did not miss tackles (the stats will tell you that despite making 1/3 the number of tackles, SA actually missed the same number that the wallabies did, which is likely why with the limited seed the Wallabies had, they were in a position to score more points) and when presented with opportunities to score, took them, unlike SA.

        It is highly doubtful a side which did its homework so thoroughly on Bryce will fail to apply the same formula again, therefore it stands to reason, they will play differently with this next referee – something the boks clearly did not do.

      • Gumby

        Russ. Just stepping past the RWC for a moment. The really stunning stat that should really tell you the state of SA Rugby is that since the start of the 2010 season these two sides have met 6 times and the Wallabies have won 5 of those contests.

        In the same period the Boks have played the AB’s 5 times for 1 victory (against their B Team). Yet the Wallabies have met the AB’s 6 times for 2 victories (none against their B Team).

        What makes you think that the Boks should have won this last game with a team, style of play and game tactics which in recent times have been proven to be grossly wanting?

        Lose the attitude. The Bok Team and Bok Rugby in general needs a revamp in order to regain its former status of being at the pinnacle of the game. That is what the Wallabies have been doing since 2007 for much the same reasons. Suck it up and get on with it.. You weren’t robbed you were just beaten…..again!

    • Garry

      ” How about one of those great GAGR “ABs at the breakdown” videos to show just how “wow” Pocock was ”


      Be careful what you wish for. Gagger may be just up for it.

    • Chunderstruck

      All this saffa butthurt about no penalties is illogical. You can’t change the ref and keep the same stats. Russ, why do you assume a better ref would have meant the Boks got more penalties? Australia would have got more and the game could have been totally different. The only reason you were able to stumble around in our half the whole game was because there were no penalties to put your rancid attack out of its misery.

      If there had been a real ref instead of Bryce, Pocock would have played him equally well. You can’t change the ref and keep the same stats!

      And why do saffas keep bringing up the forward pass? The only way to get past the defence (in this case Beale) was to throw it forward. Throwing a forward pass counts as a fuck up, not breaking the line. One of the best attacks the boks had and they fucked it.

      Australia 1 try to 0. That’s all the stats I need.

    • Behind Enemy Lines

      Russ, I watched the game again last night and watched each ruck in slow motion. For pretty much all the rucks where Pocock slowed down or stole the ball he was the second man in and latched on to the ball before, or as the Springbok players were joining to form a ruck. There were certainly some where the timing was borderline and could have been pinged but it was hardly blatant. I too would welcome the video if anyone has the ability and the time because I think we could find plenty of similar steals by Brussow for each Pocock steal.

      Bryce had a shocker in the second half but it went both ways with both sides not getting a number of penalties they should and a handful of borderline passes being called forward, one resulting in a no try to the Springboks.

      The Springboks played extremely well but their option taking was poor given they were unable to break the Wallabies line (other than the disallowed try above). They should have taken the points when they were on offer. They strayed from their game plan and the end result was that defence won the game for Australia. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that solid defence helped a side to close out a RWC quarter final.

      • Behind Enemy Lines

        A few clarifications:

        For pretty much all the rucks where Pocock slowed down or stole the ball he was the second man in
        After the tackler

        I think we could find plenty of similar steals by Brussow for each Pocock steal
        steals from other games in the tournament which have Boks supporters convinced they are the best team in the tournament.

    • muffy

      Russ, how many times hhave we heard ‘defence wins finals’. We defend like gods and its still because ‘we cheated’ Please get over it, your life will improve.

    • Patrick

      If he blows McCaw off too that’s fine by me. The biggest thing is doing the legal part but doing it first, basically, and having the strength and positioning to hang in there which necessarily disrupts the other team’s recovery by slowing them down and forcing more bodies in.

    • Pants

      Why do the saffas feel like if the breakdown had been reffed properly they would have been better off. They could have easily have been pinged out of the game for failing to release the ball, players diving into the ruck (which was happening all the time) and players entering from the side. The infringing was going on both sides, not just one.

    • beeza

      Everyone here would agree the wallabies played poorly in most aspects bar defence. There is no doubt that both teams were well outside the laws of the game at breakdown. I would suggest this actually benefited the Springboks most as without Brussow many more effective and legal turnovers would have been made by Bam, or more penalties would have been given for holding on.

      Bam will adjust his game to suit the ref this weekend, and hopefully Richie will not try and twist his head off like uncle Schalk did.

  • BDA

    I liked what i saw from our bench players this week. They all made a good impact. Barnes, Sharpe, Slips, Finger and TPN all did their job. I got a nice feeling of confidence when Deans injected these guys into the game, because everyone of them has something to add. In particular, I thought TPN looks like he has all of a sudden regained his form.

    • RJ

      yeah there was another sub that came on but he just sort of stood at the back of the scrum and got in the way and got his face on tv.

      • RedMan

        I think I saw him waving at the camera and holding up a sign saying “Hi Mum”

        • RJ

          Mrs McCalman would be so proud

  • Gallagher

    If the tables where turned and the Boks had to live with only 24% possession, the Wallabies would have put 50 points on the Boks!

    Thats why we are in the semi’s. When our attack is shutdown by bad backline decision making, excellent opponent forward pack pressure and a dubious referee, we can still defend. The Boks cant score tries with 76% possession, they didnt earn the right to be ahead on the score board at full time because they only have one game plan.

    Full respect for having a go South Africa (unlike the pitiful English) – GO THE WALLABIES!

  • murph

    Watched the match again last night. Cooper was just so dire it was unbelievable. I think the worst incident was when the Wallabies had just absorbed multiple 5+ phase raid in their quarter, the defence had pressured well to create the Springbok knock on. From the ensuing scrum there was plenty of space for setting up several phases of possession and slowly driving the ball up field, but Cooper chose to kick to the wing when there was nothing on. It went out on the full. If I was an Australian forward I would have come close to clipping him one.

    Genia was also poor. His constant box kicking was simply handing possession to the Boks, giving our chasers no chance. It was obvious the Boks were reading him but he failed to change his game.

    The lineout was appalling but Matfield had definitely cracked our code.

    The scrum was ok against a very good Springbok scrum. Slipper should have come on earlier, particularly when Bismark came on.

    Ioane had a decent game. It wasn’t his fault he only saw the ball four times. I think a 6 is harsh in comparison to the others.

    Samo did nothing wrong. I don’t know was Bob is on about.

    Elsom was immense. Pocock? Goes without saying. Tremendous.

    The defence was superhuman.

    • The Rant

      Yep – that crossfield kick was coopers rock-bottom. Deans’ face said it all.

      I’ve scorched cooper on other articles and stand by my claim he hasnt had a great game since the 1st tri-nations which was against 2nd string opp. – but he put us down on the boks goal line where we scored and he made a try-saver on fourie. (so my maths actually scores him a 2 :)

    • bill

      It was my moment of going “we’re fucked now” that crossfield kick. It wasn’t so long ago that Barnes was cross field kicking to the cheetahs for the difference maker in s15 though. So I’d hold off on judgement for now.

  • Jimmy_crouch

    Genia needs to take more blame. He shouldn’t be ranked six he was terrible. So many people say quade is only good because of the quality ball he is provided. Well it works bothways. I understand a good box kick needs a good chase but his were rubbish. I’m frustrated by the inability to change the game. Lineouts

    • Wallabies Fan 2011

      Agree and I am a massive fan of Will’s about his passing game in parts about his box kicks.

    • 2ndRowLegal

      Anyone think Genia was stuck for options? My co-viewer suggested Genia was avoiding giving the ball to Cooper – for obvious reasons. So he either ran it, and got smashed. Or box-kicked it.

  • Jimmy_crouch

    Genia needs to take more blame. He shouldn’t be ranked six he was terrible. So many people say quade is only good because of the quality ball he is provided. Well it works bothways. I understand a good box kick needs a good chase but his were rubbish. I’m frustrated by the inability to change the game. Lineouts

  • Jimmy_crouch

    Genia needs to take more blame. He shouldn’t be ranked six he was terrible. So many people say quade is only good because of the quality ball he is provided. Well it works bothways. I understand a good box kick needs a good chase but his were rubbish. I’m frustrated by the inability to change the game. Lineout time what is wrong with Rock at two before they are set?

  • NC

    Wow, Pocock for Prime Minister I say, put it in perspective folks yes he played bloody well, but remember Brossouw went off after 20 mins or so, and replaced by a blindside so……….
    He is an outstanding talent though. Cant wait to see him and McCaw go for it on Saturday should be a classic my money is still on the man in black!!!

    On another note do we really want him fathering children?? He is a Ginger and it would be highly unfair on his child!!

    • bill

      Which just goes to show how retarded it is not to have a backup 7.

      • murph

        That’s an insult to retards :0)

      • vidiot

        There is not an alternate universe where David Pocock would have been subbed on Sunday.

        A back up 7 will run only when the unbreakable is broken. The guy doesn’t leave the field during a game.

        And there are backup 7s, but none of them are really Pocock. Robinson would have enjoyed the “freedom” of Bryce’s unusual visual defect for hands in rucks, but he would have been thrown around like a preschooler by the Saffers.

        • murph

          Yeah, just like he was against the Bulls and Stormers…not.

        • murph

          Secondly, Hodgo is another option. He can play all three backrow position much better than Unflushable, including #8

        • bill

          I’d far prefer Beau or Gill to Hodgo, but it’s f*king bonkers to pick McCalman ahead of any of them.No offence to Benny.

    • RJ

      Pockock for Prime Minister? No thanks mate. He’s a left wing labor supporter. Probably his only downfall.

      • drop kick

        He’s got brains and brawn.

  • Bobas

    There’s only two types of people in the world,

    those who want to sleep with David Pocock

    and those who want to sleep with David Pocock again.

    (cos he’s a 10!)

    • Patrick

      The new Larkham Bobas ? (eyebrow raised!)

  • Chunderstruck

    McCaw said about Pocock “The Tests we’ve played we’ve had to make sure we keep him under control”.

    McCaw, Pocock in showdown

    Does this mean holding him down to keep him out of every second ruck? Bit worried about this.

  • hightower

    McCabe was stellar in defence, when almost every ex wallaby and half this site were calling for barnes, he also pooped the pass that led to the only try we scored, and got over the gain line on almost every hit up. Minimum of an 8.
    Who ever was calling the lineouts, Vickerman or Horwill they need to start with a 6 as the high score.

    • Pedro

      Did you mean passed the poop?

    • bill

      I admire McCabe but he invites pressure onto us because he is rev limiter on our attack. Chambers, Horne, Digby, JO’C, Faingaa and Tapui are all better for the team in that position.

      In fact Leroy Houston would be an improvement over Pat as an in centre.

  • KingofDubai

    Ive got this sick feeling that something maraculous is going to happen. It will be something like a drop goal or a kick to win, but I think we somehow pull it off.

    Is there any chance DK can smash Cruden so they can bring on Stephen Donald? Hes down in the dumps with low self asteem and would be a perfect target. I really am sensing the AB’s are nervous and much more nervous than us. Fiaanga looked cool calm and collected on Fox as the pressure is most definately on them as favourites. GO WALLABIES

    • Patrick

      Is DK David Pocock? Or David Vickerman? They absolutely will be smashing Cruden though, or in fact whoever is at five/eighth, it is part and parcel of a crunch game like this.

      • Wallabies Fan 2011

        Radike samo.

  • Muffy

    What’s the general thoughts here on Liam Gill, is he too young, small etc. I personally rate him.

    I agree that Hodgo should be the second 7, no complaints from me. I think Beau was a hero at 7 for the Reds, and as a reds fan, I will be the first to admit that he may not be a test 7 (might lose my reds membership here).

    Gill, I think has the Class to understudy King David The Seventh, and the time to start blooding him will be after this world cup, win or, if Gods also worships King Dick, lose

  • KingofDubai

    Fhark I thought Radike Samo was knicknamed DK.

    Lets hope all 3 DK’s are ready to rumble.

  • Fullo

    Only 1 point missing from the scores and its a +1 to Vickerman for kneeing Heinrich in the head hard enough for him to have to hit the bench.

  • Ruggo.

    Sharpe was not bad but you overinflate what he did. He is meant to be our lineout guru and added no value to our failing lineout when he came on. His fresh legs were valuable no doubt but we badly needed his customary strengths at the lineout.

  • bill

    Watching Sharpie over the years he annoys me because he gets complacent and game manages his effort, but once he gets dropped or his position is threatened he pulls out a good game, he’s due for one. Problem is he will turn the ball over once or twice on his carries and more worringly he was “inaccurate” trying to sack/disrupt the saffa mauls which for me is one of the strengths he can give you.

  • RedHead

    Can anyone tell at what part of the game this occurred?


    • murph

      57:10 to 57:30

  • wallaby fam

    Is it true that richie mcccaw can’t get to sleep at night until he has checked under the bed, for David Poock?

  • wilful

    The trouble with these player ratings is that if the saffas had tried and succeeded with one (more) field goal (don’t know why they didn’t) and just beaten us, every player would have had a couple of points knocked off them. So I think there’s some real rose tinted marking here. A couple of seconds of difference that we could have hardly controlled would have made all that difference? Nah.

    Not that I disagree with the relative markings of the players, I just think that across the board they should all lose a point. Well Quade can stay on 3, I think 2 would have been too harsh.

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