Wallabies v. Ireland : Team Announcement - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies v. Ireland : Team Announcement

Wallabies v. Ireland : Team Announcement

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika has made four changes to the squad to take on Ireland on Sunday morning, as he returns to one of his former stomping grounds of Dublin.

Following the loss to France last weekend, Cheika has made four changes to the starting side which sees Henry Speight make his Test debut on the wing, taking over from Joe Tomane. The other changes see Sam Carter return to the second row in place of James Horwill and joining him in the pack is Luke Jones who replaces his Rebels teammate Sean McMahon.

The other change to the starting side is Matt Toomua returning at inside centre in place of Christian Lealiifano.

Cheika has also named an extended bench of eleven players, with that to be finalised closer to kick off.

1. James Slipper
2. Saia Fainga’a
3. Sekope Kepu
4. Sam Carter
5. Rob Simmons
6. Luke Jones
7. Michael Hooper (c)
8. Ben McCalman
9. Nick Phipps
10. Bernard Foley
11. Henry Speight
12. Matt Toomua
13. Tevita Kuridrani
14. Adam Ashley-Cooper
15. Israel Folau

James Hanson
Tetera Faulkner
Benn Robinson
Ben Alexander
James Horwill
Will Skelton
Jake Schatz
Will Genia
Quade Cooper
Rob Horne
Kurtley Beale

3 to be omitted

  • Homer J

    Does that mean Godwin will be the only player not to get game time on tour?
    Shame, he is a dynamite defender and has the greatest work rate of allo the IC in Australia.

    • Tahs_Man_Fan

      I’m really hoping he gets a crack vs England. If we don’t blood him through now, then when will we have a chance before the world cup??

    • brumby runner

      And English? A Baa Baas game shouldn’t really count. The biggest shame for these two is favouring Beale potentially on the bench while they miss out completely.

      • Purce

        There is no way English should be selected over any other back on tour…. even some left at home. Definitely not up to it. Happy to be proven wrong in the future but for now, no way.

    • Rob Malcolm

      Cheika likes to two play makers at 10 and 12 i.e Foley/Quade and Toomua/Lilo/Kurtley. That means hard-running IC like Godwin isn’t likely to be in his plans. He’s a good player though. Just not good enough to have the teams’ style built around him…

      • Nipper

        Godwin is every bit the ball player that Toomua is, and is as good as a defender. While he is a hard runner, he also used to be a 10. May not be at the same ball playing skills as Lilo, but a betteer ball carrier and defender.

    • Braveheart81

      Whilst I think everyone would have liked to see him get a crack, he’s more likely to be a starter than a bench option. Certainly wouldn’t be the first player to not play a test during his first time in a Wallaby squad.

  • Cramtram


    Also though QC was a strong chance to start but I guess not. Will be great to see QC and Toomua combine outside of Genia at hopefully around the 50 minute mark.

    • Christopher

      Will be a shame when it happens at the 75 minute mark and the game is decided

      • Mr T.

        And Quade comes on for Speight…

  • Pinstripe

    Speight on the left wing? Thought he was a specialist 14. AAC’s fend off his left is legendary, but would have thought he’d be more likely to switch sides.

    • Brackets

      Speight is a 14. Not seen him play 11 at Brumbies, but maybe he’s more adaptable than AAC

    • The Rant

      I though AAC’s monster fend hand was his right running the 13 channel down the left side of the park.
      So I’d put him at 11 as well (actually I’d bench him but not dramas)

  • Gavala

    Good XV!

  • BealeIsADummy

    I reckon Quade, Skelton and one of the Ben(n) will be omitted… .I would have preferred Quade stay given last week’s spark, but with Ireland’s form and physical presence, Rob stays and Beale will be back – not a fan about this though.

    • Chris

      Really not sure again about the tactic of going in with no coverage for 7. Hodgo has added something when he’s come on too. Hope that’s not prophetic. Cheika has had to face up to the fact we have too small a back row with McMahon at 6. McCalman actually plays 6 quite well but then we don’t have an 8 without a fit Higgers (or vv of course). I think Horwill got his chance and blew it. He had a job to do and didn’t. Tomane got another chance after a good game against Wales but also blew it. Genia has fought his way above White but still isn’t doing as much as Phipps at the moment. Michael Brial (who should know a bit about this game!) rates Foley above Quade and so do I. Lilo got his spot when Toomua was injured and has surrendered it back. So all in all the chosen side mostly makes perfect sense.
      Bench will be interesting. I believe Cheik will pick Genia, Horne one of Quade/Kurtley. One lock and one prop will drop out. No idea which ones he’ll keep.
      The big trick will be to flick the switch BEFORE they start. He did manage it with the Tahs (best S15 scorers in first 20 and last 20) but he’s had them longer.
      We live in interesting times.

      • Train Without A Station

        Because you don’t “cover” an 80 minute player. You have one loose forward reserve and your 7 is the most likely to play 80. A reserve 7 would leave you inadequate cover for 6 and 8.

    • brumby runner

      Horwill may be carrying an injury. That would be the only explanation to me that makes sense of having Skelton in the extended bench. Agree that one of the Ben(n)s will probably drop out, and the excess back will be either Quade or Beale. Given that Beale cannot be match fit and his form in recent tests doesn’t warrant his inclusion, and on the other hand Quade was quite instrumental in getting the Wallabies playing better after he came on last week and prior to that had shown he was returning to good form in the NRC, it will be a travesty if Beale replaces Quade on the bench.

      • Rex Munday

        Beale will replace Quade on the bench

        • Wendy Wills

          Sad but true

  • Michael

    Would love to see Luke Jones make a fist if it. Good addition for the lineout. Like the look of Speight on the pick and swing as well.

  • Bob

    Great team

    • Biffo

      yes, great team. TGC and Nathan G have done a terrific job here. i could not have done better – and there is no higher praise than that

      • Blah

        OMG, give up the this TGC shite. The Great Cheika MY ASS!! His record is no better than Deans or Mckenzie so how bout waiiting until he actually produces some results that matter Bledisloe, Rugby Champ or WC) before proclaiming him the one true God!

  • Fandom

    if they omit quade for Beale I’m done with Aussie rugby… What the hell kind of message would it send to the kids?

    • Michael

      It would send the message that if you do something bad, face an independent tribunal, get fined but are available for selection, you might get selected. Don’t let due process get in the way of you having a rant and a spray though. People need to move on from this, if you are done with Aussie rugby because of this, you were not much of a fan to start with. There will be 22 other blokes out there that have deserve your support. Try focussing on them.

      • astamax

        Mate I cannot have put it better…. comon wallabies!!!!

      • RedSheep1989

        Hear hear!

      • Move on from which time? The JOC time? Oh that’s right, he was exiled. I share the sentiments of Fandom. This sets a low standard and a poor precident that seems to (fingers crossed)worked with JOC. He has the right to have another chance. Beale does not.

        • Braveheart81

          JOC was given the opportunity to remain in Australian rugby straight away. He just chose not to.

        • If you mean by he chose to go in that he wasn’t offered a contract so had to go to France, was not picked up by an Australian franchise then… mmm’ok… I stand corrected… the ARU really wanted him to stay, right? Maybe your bravery is your best quality…

        • Michael

          You must have some late mail Matthew… Last I saw Beale was on tour. You are not judge, jury or executioner. JOC was not exiled, he was not offered a contract on Australia. I hope he has learnt his lesson also, but don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

        • Read the post again Michael. You seem to have missed the point. I was referring to consistency.

        • Michael

          “He has the right to have another chance. Beale does not.” Seems pretty cut and dried to me Matthew.

        • Thank goodness we are in agreeance. Glad your on board and not trying to manipulate the issues . Consistency would suggest that after punching your captain, etc etc… And then continually not meeting the expectations of the rugby public and the ARU, then Beale should go the way of JOC. But no…

        • Yeah, I stand corrected. He was offered a gig in a club in Sydney… Far from exiled.

      • PiratesRugby

        Has he paid the fine?
        Where has the world come to when Quade Cooper is the moral standard ( and Beale can’t meet it!)?

        • Clearly the moral standard has been reached previously by taking strong action. Clearly the moral standard, as determined by the ARU, is slipping. The two other amigos were dealt with harshly and immediately but have toed the line for a while. They have not only paid their fines but their dues. Quade is still being watched and judged and is performing. JOC will be heavily eye-balled when he returns and judged heavily by all and sundry; I suspect by the waratahs more than any others. Beale punches his captain, ignores team protocol and treats women like he is a school boy with no conscience. It sets a very low standard and it stinks.

      • drewprint

        That’s what kids will get from it is it? Not that being a constant source of disruption, punching your captain, and sexually harassing a female management figure is ok as long as you can play a bit of footy? I love rugby but you’ve got your priorities absolutely fucked if Beale being selected is of greater importance than setting a high standard for all to follow.

        • Michael

          If you are worried about the kids Drew, I would settle it down on the language. Kurtley has been through due process and rightly or wrongly is available for selection. You can blow a gasket and swear about if you like, but that is how things work. For the record I would not have Beale in the team this week, but it’s not my call.

        • drewprint

          Yeah, about the swearing, I just get a bit frustrated when a bit of talent holds more weight than assault or harassment charges, regardless of the sports code. You know, real life stuff. I’m weird like that I guess.

        • McWarren

          Beale should not be on tour for two main reasons. 1. I agree with Drew, it doesn’t set the right example, the day Beale is called onto tour league are announcing their new female cfo. I don’t think that is coincidence. And if you are the ruby fan you say you are you would give to hoots about the image of the game. 2. Beale shouldn’t be on the tour because he isn’t in the best 30 or even 40 rugby players in Australia. He has been a constant in our long history of poor form since he made his debut. How many chances does he need to prove he isn’t up to test rugby?

          If you do pick him, then don’t pick Quade. They are too similar therefore don’t provide enough variance on the bench. Why not someone like Kyle Godwin, give him a sniff of test match rugby and he covers outside backs???

          Great to see Luke Jones get a nod.

      • bad ass

        I’m not moving on. I want Beale gone for what he has done, but I guess we will have to wait for what he inevitably will do. The children’s lesson is that with the right connections you can treat people in a disgusting way like would be done in the school yard, and then bully them through your mates and hired media assassins and get a slap on the wrist.

    • Jarofpickles

      You should watch the All Blacks, they have a woman basher in their team, hang on that is worse. Oh no what a pickle. Maybe you should just be done with rugby in general to keep things consistent.

      • We all know that the text is mightier than the fist. Ask any keyboard warrior.

      • Sammy

        And if I was a kiwi I would be appalled that someone like him is representing my country.

        But I am not. I am an Australian and I don’t like the fact that someone who assaults team mates/their captain and has admitted to sending a despicable message to a female member of staff, among other things, is representing MY country. I don’t care what you think, this is my opinion.

        Yes, tribunal … fine … suspension … blah blah blah. But how many chances is one man permitted before enough is enough? Lote got 3. JOC got a few, but none as serious as assault as far as I know.

        • Rex Munday

          It’s amazing the lengths that people will go to to defend Beale.

      • Patrick

        And I love the ABs… wait, what?

    • Braveheart81

      It would tell the kids that you’re a petulant whinger who has a massive overreaction if something doesn’t go the way you want it to. I agree it would be a terrible message for you to send.

      • Mr. T

        Sounds like he’d fit right in at the Wallabies

  • AndrewWA

    Cheika clearly concerned about the Ireland lineout.

    Get ready for another hammering at the breakdown as it’s all about work rate, timing and impact.

    Averages for Super XV 2014:
    Hooper – 11 tackles per game at 90% effectiveness; 1.3 turnovers/game.
    Jones – 9 tackles at 92%; 0.4 to/g
    McCalman – 10 tackles at 92%; 0.5 to/g
    Schatz – 9 tackles at 83%; 0.3 to/g
    Hodgson – 15 tackles at 92%; 1.8 to/g
    McMahon – 12 tackles at 95%; 1.2 to/g

    Hoping that Faulkner gets a run and Skelton and Beale get a rest.

    • Train Without A Station

      Yeah Australia will really miss that extra half a turn over Hodgson may make…

      • cynic

        That would be one and a half.

        • Train Without A Station

          Hodgson had 1.8to/pg (in a team that played on less possession so therefore had more opportunity for turn overs mind you). Hooper at 1.3. That’s an extra 0.5 per game.

          How that compares to Jones, McCalman, Schatz or anybody else is irrelevant as that’s not a skill that you primarily select your 6 or 8 for.

          Folau makes more run meters than McCalman, doesn’t mean we should play him at number 8, it just means playing a different position with different roles, they bring in different stats.

  • Tahs_Man_Fan

    Thank the rugby gods Luke Jones get a crack!! But I’m suprised Foley kept his place, he had a shocker. I really wanted Quade back in the drivers seat, shame he didn’t get his crack. If Foley has a repeat performance, and gets flustered by rush defence and isn’t putting inside pop passes to counter this, Cheika needs to sub Quade on much earlier than 65 mins mark. Geez I hope he reads GAGR!!!

    • Dally M

      You must have been smoking crack if you were expecting Foley to be benched in favour of Quade.

      • bobo

        Quade created more opportunities for the players around him in 10 minutes than Foley created in 70. Foley had no idea how to adjust his depth to counter the rush defense. And so often when a try is scored against the wallabies, foley’s poor alignment is to blame.

        • Dally M

          10 minutes of good play by Cooper was not going to get him a start over Foley & i can’t believe you are going to use defence as a reason why Quade would be better. I know he’s improved his tackling but sheesh!

        • The Rant

          Agree. A good 10minutes was great to see. But Foley has improved this backline this year. Forwards gave him nothing to work with last week. I’m just amazed at how many comments there are saying ‘Foley is a goalkicker’ and ‘Cooper is the playmaker’. Have they watch Super Rugby the last 3 years? Foley became a default kicker cos they had noone else and it was his weakest point the last 2 years to the point that I felt sorry for him cos it negatively colored his performance. Now this year he’s improved dramatically and even earned the nickname ‘iceman’ for his kicking – but if you watched the tah games – he’s been much more of a playmaker than cooper. Runs the backline better, flatter and creates so many opportunities for the tahs with a lower ‘stupid overplaing his hand’ ratio. He still needs another year or 2 at international level to develop and find his feet I think and is our best WC chance if he’s given that chance.

        • Who?

          Foley didn’t improve the backline. McKay did. Plus, I’d still argue that it looked pretty slick last EOYT – at least as good as it looked at any point this year.

        • Who?

          You think Foley can tackle?! :-D

        • Dally M

          Better than Quade, yep.

        • Who?

          I don’t think there’s much in it, but I reckon it goes the other way…

        • Seb V

          Quade is a better tackler then Foley, he has on occasion put on some good hits in the career. Not often but it has happened. H is also a better reader of the defence. Foley is horrible at reading the defence and it has led to tries against us on numerous occasions. To be fair Foley at least tries to put his body on the line and is improving. Cooper at this stage IMO is the better defender though.

        • Klaus

          Please take of those glasses they are hurting your brain.

        • Dally M

          I’d be more worried about the welfare of those that expected Quade to get the starting nod after an average Barbarians start and 10 minutes of good work v France.
          It’s wornderful to reminisce about last years end of season tour, but it’s 12 months later folks, Foley has the runs on the board & Quade does not. As simple as that really.

        • Purce

          At international level please tell me what runs Foley has on the board?

          I like Foley a lot, but at this stage of his career he is not as good as Quade in any facet. If you think his defence is better than QC’s I think you should be worrying about your own welfare my friend. Foley is a speed bump. If QC had missed as many tackles as Foley in Super rugby or Tests this year we would have never heard the end of it.

          I’m not blind enough to not see that Chieka was never going to select Quade over Foley. However that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been selected over him.

        • Dally M

          Steered the Waratahs to win the Super Rugby competition, a series win over the French & within a bees dick of beating the All Blacks.

          What has Quade done that is better than that this year? An average start against the Baa Baa’s & 10 mins of good rugby at the back end of the game against the tired French & you think that means he should have been selected to start.

        • brumby runner

          Would really have liked to see Quade start this game. Pity is that he still might miss the bench if Cheika prefers Beale.

  • Nick Gregory

    Really disappointed to see Alexander, Beale, and Carter in the squad.

    • moaning expat

      Don’t be silly Nick…if we dont have Alexander, who else is going to drop, knock-on or generally f*ck up a play 5 minutes to go when we’re a few points behind hey ?

      • Wendy Wills

        We actually have a couple of backs who do that for us by kicking it back to the opposition in the final minute or so. More than once if I remember correctly.

      • Merrow

        That’d be Skelton.

    • Me to…

  • Magoo

    Like others I’m Interested to see what happens with the reserves but 1 to 15 look decent enough.

    Best of luck to Luke Jones, I hope he goes well at 6.

    Speight definitely deserves a crack, but I do feel for Tomane – I
    thought he tried hard last week – maybe he’s injured, from memory he
    came off pretty early.

    • the pirate

      Tomane gets a bit of a tough rap on this site but personally I had him diffusing about 3 or 4 nasty situations in defense in the first half alone against France. I think he is a better player than he is often given credit for. Very happy to see Henry Speight get a start though

  • Canuckruck

    I can’t believe Foley is starting over QC. At least England was smart/brave enough to pull Owen Farrell out to inside centre in favour of George Ford playing at 10, and Ford has all of 7 caps or something like that.

    I hope I’m proven wrong, but I don’t like the looks of Foley-Toomua-Kuridrani as much as Cooper-Toomua-Kuridrani.

    And if Beale makes the bench and QC doesn’t…….

    • bobo

      Foley and toomua together are worse than the sum of the parts

  • Wendy Wills

    I must be a cynic but not one Waratahs player changed up from last week’s first 15?

    • Michael

      Self diagnosis rarely works Wendy, but in this case I think you might have nailed it. Each of the non Waratahs hooked have been replaced by non Waratahs. I think that the Foley/Cooper change would have been close but other than that……

      • Wendy Wills

        It would have been nice to see Quade start with a fresh pack of forwards. Seen him crucified by many for far less than Foley, but I am a Quade fan.

        • Braveheart81

          Have you seen Quade dropped after one below par game? I haven’t. There’s been plenty of criticism of Foley’s performance last week but players don’t generally get dropped after one below average game, particularly when he’s been going pretty well.

        • Wendy Wills

          Actually seen Quade dropped for more than a game….

        • PiratesRugby

          Yes but Foley’s best is still pretty ordinary. He gets lauded for mere competence. His howlers are always forgiven. And he’s only been dropped for Beale. Quade gets crucified for not being brilliant enough. Foley is an honest toiler but he wouldn’t get picked at 10 for any of the other top 6 teams.

        • Wendy Wills

          Right on Pirate. Quade single handedly lost us the WC (or so everyone would like us to believe). Funny, I was in the stadium that night and Quade wasn’t the only one who made mistakes including the officials.

        • TouchFinderGeneral

          Can’t really agree with that. Jonathon Davies, who knows a thing or 2 about playing at 10, was impressed with Foley in the Wales game. Yes, he makes mistakes in attack, playing that close to the gain line he will do. Sure, he ain’t Sgt Wilko in defence, not many 10’s are. No question he *really* could do with some work on his tactical kicking. But for all that he does keep defences interested and makes good decisions (most of the time).

          To be honest I’m happy with either QC or BF at 10, though, if pushed, I’d prefer QC purely for the entertainment value.

  • bobo

    Disappointing to see AAC at 14 and Foley at 10, but glad to speight debuting.

    • Kurt K

      Cmon Bobo, let’s not bash on AAC too hard. I can’t understand why he attracts so much negative feedback.

      • bobo

        I think speight would be better at 14. Aac at 11 or 15 would be ok

    • Michael

      One off game from one of our most consistent performers and you want to hook him… who for? Tomane? One reasonable game and a number of questionable. AAC would be one of the first picked for mine. It may be that I have misconstrued what you meant and you would prefer him at 13… so would I but Kuridrani is too good at the moment and we need him there.

      • bobo

        Given tomane has been pulled, it might be worthwhile playing aac at 15 and trying folau at 11.

  • Willie Anderson

    At last a balanced backrow.

  • Seb V

    Can Beale bugger off already.

  • Rob Malcolm

    I like the idea of Genia, Quade and Kurtley coming on with 15 to go! Please leave both Alexander and Skelton out so that the scrum doesn’t turn to custard.
    Good luck to Jones and Speight. And hoping Carter is freshened-up and ready to impose himself. It looks a good, balanced side.

  • What’s the bet the three that should go, stay…

  • Purce

    Jones selected at 6… up until this year I though he was massively overhyped and overrated. He had many very good Super games but went missing in the tough stuff in about half.

    I really hope he makes a fist of this match. Could be a missing piece of the puzzle. Height, athleticism and seems to have a big motor. Not sure about mongrel though…. that’s what the pack really needs. Here’s hoping!

    Best of luck to Henry & Luke!! Dreams coming true!

    Go you good thing!!

  • brumby runner

    I would have made a couple of changes to the starting xv, but it is not far off the best imo. The bench I think Cheika will go with will probably be :

    Hanson, Robinson, Faulkner, Skelton, Schatz, Genia, Horne, Beale.

  • Mickeyb

    This is a great team and provides interesting insight – speed and size!

    – Looks like we’ll take the Irish on at set piece (line out and scrum) rather than challenging breakdown/ turn over and will be aiming to stretch their defence with speed on wings.
    – Clearly going to swap 9/ 10 around 50/60 min to keep up pace and stretch and tire irish defence if required.
    – Jones on for size and height at line out – 111kegs @ 197cm
    – Toomua shoring up mid field defence

    Watch the Irish rush as all game

    Horwill, Skelton and Ben to miss the cut?

  • Beagle

    We wonder why our best and brightest decide to go overseas to play their rugby and then keep picking the same old tired players to ‘represent’ Australia on the world stage.
    Australia, When only the second or third best will do!

  • Boris

    I like the starting line up but the bench is a joke. Great to see Jones, Speight and Toomua in, most people wanted that but seriously how can Beale be on the (extended) bench ahead of Godwin or Lilo? How can Hodgson get dropped? what is it that the coaches don’t like about him. I guess they see Jones and Hooper both as 80 minute players.
    Surely one of the props plus Skelton and Beale to be omitted.

  • Robson

    In my humble opinion, Tevita Kuridrani is the most lethal back the Wallabies have. So I’m disappointed that QC is not in the starting XV because he has, over everyone else, the ability to unlock the size, power and pace of Kuridrani with his long passing game.

    • deLicious

      Unfortunately it often unlocks the size, power and pace of opposition backs as they intercept it. Not that Foley is faultless in this regard, but my stomach does go whenever Quade slings those wide balls when it’s touch-and-go.

      • Wendy Wills

        That’s how I feel when White and Foley or any back kicks the ball to the opposition in the final minutes of a game when we are 2/3 points down!

        • deLicious

          Also true but similarly Quade does those solo runs attempting to step but getting isolated and dominated in contact. It also carries a high turnover chance. It’s been so long since I’ve watched him play that I can’t remember if he did it more in pressure situations but I remember it standing out as yet another gnawing fear when he played. I was/am a huge Quade fan to watch but not many players give me that fear when they have the ball. While less likely to be a turnover than the almost-100% of a stupid kick, they gain that possession in better position.

        • ERCvSXVmatchplease

          He gives you the fear and you’re a Wallaby supporter? Try the fear when you’re up against him pinging bullet passes to the midfield, or lining up a 6’4″ winger and the slipping it out the back door twice in 10 minutes to set up try scoring opportunities!

      • Robson

        I agree, there is a high element of risk involved in Quade’s cut out passes, but I’m not sure how else you can create more space for TK to do the damage. I lot of the time he receives the ball now, he’s right on the gain line. Fortunately he has the power to achieve a half break, and sometimes much more than that, but I would love to see him using space to go for the outside gap.

    • Patrick

      spot on. If Quade is dropped it will be a really disappointing sign. I think Folau too will be much more effective with Quade.

  • Bill

    Geez, what a laugh if Beale is included ahead of Cooper.

    • Wendy Wills

      Actually, it won’t be funny but it will be telling!

      • Bill

        With Toomua in the starting XV I’m starting to expect that bonehead selection.

  • How quickly it was forgotten that Genia and Quade absolutely tore the Irish to shreds in the corresponding match last year in a 4 try to nil whitewash.

    • Rex Munday

      As quickly as a Super 15 flag for the Tahs.

  • Tahs_Man_Fan

    My bench: Hansen, Faulkner, Robinson, Skelton, Schatz, Genia, Beale

    • Guest

      Only 7 on the bench? Ambitious.

      • Tahs_Man_Fan

        Haha true story! Ok, drop beale cos we can have cooper now, add Horne as cover for outside backs

      • Tahs_Man_Fan

        Check the bench! I picked it perfectly!! Haha

  • Rex Munday

    So, basically, Horwill, Lilo, McMahon, Hodgson and Tomane were at fault for the France loss….but Skelton, AAC, Hooper, Foley and Phipps had nothing to do with it.


    • Wendy Wills

      You forgot Falou! Not sure how many high balls he missed? He had a bad night but definitely did not make it any easier on the team on the day.

    • Seb V

      I can forgive Phipps, and Hooper. They have all had consistently good seasons with only last match being very poor. Foley has been average at best all year, same with Tomane, AAC not his usual self either.

  • Rex Munday

    How does Schatz get a gig ahead of McMahon. It’s pretty harsh to put McMahon straight in the run on side for two games then completely drop him

    • Trent

      How about Hodgson being captain and then getting scraps off the bench and then dropped entirely?

      • Train Without A Station

        He was named captain of a tour match

        • trent

          I’m aware of which game he captained. It was only a few games ago so not hard to forget even with my alcohol consumption

    • Train Without A Station

      Because Schatz is a true utility option. Good in the line out, packs at 8 but can cover 6 and 7.

  • trent

    Schatz on the bench instead of Hodgson? And Hooper keeps his spot when he had been looking flat and it would have been the perfect opportunity to rotate him without it looking like he is being dropped.

    But kept out by Schatz! This is a guy who made a huge 2 tackles and 2 ineffective runs against the Argies? Yeah he’s a great option over Hodgson. I’ll give him points for his lineout work. But in the whole as a player he is not in the same league as Hodgson.

    Cheika you are becoming as frustrating to watch in your selections and bench usage as the last 2 Wallaby coaches.

    • Nipper

      Agreed. Apparently absolutely zero lessons were learned from previous games. Theyre gonna get smashed at the breakdown. Good for Luke Jones getting a run, no problem with that – but then have another rookie on the bench? Makes no sense…

  • PorPor

    Well f**k…apparently Mic Check 1-2 didnt read my post earlier.

  • Graeme

    Schatz the only Backrow cover in a bench of 11 is pretty surprising. I’d have expected at least one of Hodgson or McMahon.

  • Hambone

    Looking like kurtley and quade both get to lace up against the paddys… Could make for a lethal last 20 if the forwards can give the pretty boys out back some decent pill. http://www.planetrugby.com/story/0,25883,9817_9571563,00.html

    • Stuey

      I defy you to name one back who is “pretty”!

  • Brendan Hume

    I’d probably reckon
    Hooper needs a rest, regardless. He’s been much less effective the last
    few matches and I’d think fatigue would have to play a pretty big part.
    Probably same for Foley as well.

    I would probably pick different
    players if I was coach, but I’m not and I’m happy enough with the
    players that are being selected – however I still see some weariness
    particularly among the key Waratahs players – Folau, Foley, Hooper…
    Kepu however, who had a spell on the bench during the SR season, and
    gets some time off the paddock most games is improving each week.

    is surely a challenge, but its something that the Darkness have managed
    very well since the whole issue of sabbaticals came up.

  • Nutta

    Congratulations Luke Jones and Henry Speight. Well deserved.


Canberra born and bred Rugby fan brought up on Canberra Kookaburra and ACT Brumbies Rugby.

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