Wallabies v. Los Pumas Instareview - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallabies v. Los Pumas Instareview

Wallabies v. Los Pumas Instareview

The Wallabies have held on for a gritty 25-19 win over Argentina in Rosario this morning.

In a match that was riddled with handling errors and the shrill of referee Craig Joubert’s whistle, it never really reached any great heights. It took the boot of ‘Aussie’ Mike Harris to keep the Wallabies in front for the most of the game and that proved the difference in the end.

The Wallabies opened the game strongly and showed their hand by rolling the ball through the forwards. The pressure led to an early penalty for offside right out in front and Mike Harris opened the scoring and silence the rowdy home fans.

The visitors were getting the majority of the ball in the early stages and another penalty to the Wallabies inside the Pumas 22 saw
Harris land a penalty from the sideline to increase the lead to six points.

The Pumas were finally able to get their hands on the ball after being on the back foot and were awarded a penalty just inside the Wallabies half and Hernandez landed the long range penalty to get his side on the board.

Scott Higginbotham made an early appearance off the bench after lock Kane Douglas took a knock to the head and was ruled to be unfit to continue due to concussion.

Harris once again showed his prowess with the boot and kicked his third penalty of the night despite the attention of lasers being pointed in his face from the crowd but that penalty was answered by Argentina right away.

The Aussies had their best chance to score the first try of the match in the 23rd minute after some great lead up work from the forwards. Scrum half Nick Phipps tried to fool everyone and place the ball at the base of the goalpost pad but dropped the ball in the process. They didn’t leave empty handed and Harris converted the penalty for earlier offside play by the Pumas.

Referee Craig Joubert was running out of patience with the Pumas constant infringing and then pulled out the first yellow card of the night to Albacete of Argentina.

The penalty shootout continued with Harris converting his fifth penalty in the opening 30 minutes and maintain his 100% success rate. He swapped penalties with Hernandez which was becoming the theme of the first half with Joubert almost calling for a replacement whistle he was blowing it so much with both teams out to spoil as much as possible.

At oranges the Wallabies lead 15-9 with both teams struggling to get any chance to play running rugby although the Wallabies looked the more likely to score the opening try.

The second half started with James Slipper being subbed off for Benn Robinson and hopefully the IRB have taken note of this. Robinsons scrummaging in the second half was imporessive.

The Pumas targetted the Wallabies uncertainty under the high ball and have dropped two chance in the half and atleast four times during the match with both sides struggling with handling which contributed to the stop start nature of the match.

The Wallabies then bombed the best chance of scoring the opening try. After Michael Hooper made an outstanding run to get the Wallabies into the Argentina 22, they had an overlap and with a certain try looming, Ben Tapuai held onto the ball and were penalised from the resulting play.

It took more than 60 minutes for the Pumas to seriously attack the Wallabies line and were almost rewarded with a try for their play. They didn’t get the five pointer but did come away with a penalty goal

Then finally after 65 minutes, the Wallabies executed a brilliant set piece move that saw winger Digby Ioane set sail for the tryline untouched and score under the sticks. Harris’s conversion stretched the lead to 10.

With 15 minutes remaining, Robbie Deans sent Liam Gill on to form a double team with Michael Hooper and made an immediate impact at the breakdown.

The same couldn’t be said of replacement scrum half Brett Sheehan whose first act of the match was to be sent to the sin bin for an alleged deliberate knock down when the Pumas were on attack in the Wallabies 22. Replays show he was harshly done by but worse was to come.

With the extra man advantage the Pumas took their chance and rolled over the Wallabies try line with Imhoff coming up with the five pointer. Bosch’s conversion made the for thrilling finish with the margin only six points with 4 minutes to go.

In the end it was a game the Wallabies deserved to win but there are still many things to work on before they take on the All Blacks in Brisbane in two weeks time.

The win means the Wallabies finished second to New Zealand in The Rugby Championship of 2012.

Australia 25 – Ioane try; Harris con, 6 pens def Argentina 19 – Imhoff try; Hernandez 3 pens, Bosch con, pen

  • muffy

    RC drinking game – every time a Puma lies down ….skull

    Recon the medic is the fittest man in the argie set up. Poor bugger does some miles!

  • BloodRed

    Unconvincing first half.
    Is there a game plan beyond Timani hitting it up in midfield?

  • campo

    joubert has found his whistle.
    the same one he could not find in the world cup final.
    just cracks me up. SIR graham school teacher wrote the shit he wrote after a game 5 years ago,in which his poorly coached team choked once they lost their talisman. same refereeing standards today as last world cup final,kiwis lose by 20 .

    • bludge

      tastes a bit bitter does it mate?

      good thing the wallabies are having such a good season, bet it makes you feel better. also good that the kiwis are having such a terrible run of form. bet that brightens up your week.

      awesome that you can keep using the old kiwi chokers tagline. bet thats the highlight of your life. so many things going for you, things to be happy about! life must be breezy.

      • Kate

        For gawds sake cheer up… So boring all that cliched crap

  • S Paddy

    At last!! After a mistake ridden, skill lacking, opening 63 minutes we score an absolute pearler to Diggers.

  • Jack

    How many times can they drop the ball, knock on, give away penalties at the break down ( time and time again?)….bloody Robbie, can’t he coach these monkeys to perform these basic schoolboy skills….and i’m talking primary school!
    Bring on the fabulous Link, the answer to all your prayers.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen

      I’m with you Jack. Dropped pill, knock ons and those dumb arse penalties were driving me absolutely nuts.

      What is it was our blokes? Joubers warns “hands off Gold what….ever” and we persist AND right in front. Maybe our hearing isn’t what it should be.

      All in all I thought we guts it out for a good win in hostile (but not toxic) environment, using a team who’s combinations and understanding simply aren’t there yet.

      Personally I’m proud of the boys.

  • Jack


  • rugbyinmyblood

    Higgers sharp hooper man of match any of them

  • Jack

    And the first thing that the new coach needs to do, is kick that loud mouth, inconsistent Q.C. traitor as far into touch as he can…all the way to mecca if possible.

    • johnny-boy

      Except the first thing he’ll do is kick a few Tahs out of the team and bring him back in, where he belongs and they don’t.

    • Fletch

      Can Ewen actually commit to the wallabies if he has committed to the reds. .can he do both jobs ? ..was just curious

  • The Rant

    2nd in the inaugural Rugby Championship!!!


    Having watched the SA-NZ game earlier this was a bit of a let down. Usually only see that many dropped balls when the rains coming in sideways. Game plan was again very obvious – play what’s in front of you and hope beale and make something happen. Every player is trying and is skillful – just doesn’t seem to be a central script or concept behind their thinking.

    Happy we won though and if nothing else you know that we just saw 18odd aussies giving their all for the green&gold after a long campaign and trip. Respect. Enjoy the argie bars boys!!!

  • Paulo

    Jack – do you have to kick QC east or west from OZ?

  • All gold

    Wow great win.i think we’re ready for the abs..lol

  • J-Rugby

    Shame not to see the Honey Badger get more of a go …

  • Jay-c

    How are we 3rd now if we’ve had 3 wins and sa 2 wins? Shouldnt wins count for more then bonus points?

    • Jay-c

      Edit: that’s what channel 9 has reported

    • bill

      Super rugby wins count more, don’t know if it’s ch 9 being special or the administrators of the game, they better sort it out or they’ll have a championship holder with less wins than someone else one day.

  • Jack

    West would be the way to go Paulo…a miss kick the other way could land him short, in NZ…. and we wouldn’t want that!

  • Dr. D

    That was a terrible win and Beale was terrible At flyhalf.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen

      Huh? :(

    • Dave

      That is terrible analysis. And you’re terrible at analysis.

      • johnny-boy

        Except Beale had a kick off charged down, failed to find touch with a kick, gave a poor pass to a prop, Alexander that he fumbled, had an air swing kick at the ball in a critical passage and threw a pass too far in front of Tapaui causing another fumble.
        Normally Wallaby flyhalfs are criticized for these sort of schoolby errors ? Whats up ?

        • Dave

          Yep he made errors and should be criticized for them. As did Hooper (my motm), as did Fatcat, who also had a good game. But he did some good things that ultimately helped them get the win and he deserves credit for that as well, surely. For someone to simply classify his and the WB performance with the blanket statement of “terrible” isn’t looking at the game critically but I suspect, prejudicially.

          But if it makes you feel better I still don’t think this win will help Deans keep his job.

  • bill

    Well, good result. Despite criticising Timani’s selection at 6 I thought he moved pretty well and performed well.

    Handling wise crap. Taps, well some late handling errors clouded a f*ing obvious appraisal, why did we have to wait this long to see him?

    Pop quiz: McCabe, AAC, Tapui which is the odd one out? Well I guess that depends on your inherent vices, obviously Taps, despite this am is a better ball player than either, isn’t really great at defence at oc, So the decider is what does he bring to the team… Sorry Pat, great effort, not at the races here though, but it’s marginal between Pat and AAC for the other centre spot..

  • bill

    Slipper got subbed? Thought Alexander should have gone for Robinson.

  • JJJ

    What a difference Fatcat made in the scrum. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Argie telestat fellas.

  • tc63

    Wallabies tried very hard and were rewarded with a win for effort. Some good defence, especially holding the man up with the balls, however basic basic skills lacking.
    – cannot catch kicks
    – passing is rarely in front of the man
    – too much dropped ball, lost in tackle
    – running across field
    – WBs kick offs do not put much pressure on opposition. Digby only chaser but does not watch the ball
    – WB receiving kick offs – lack of support for man taking the ball. No one moving while ball in air
    – Scrum a disgrace in first 40
    – Lineout improved in 2nd half, but take way too long to throw in – especially after a penalty
    – halfback passing missed the man
    – Pick and drive – pedestrian

    Appreciate injuries and humidity can contribute, however there is still a clear lack of basic skills. We need to have coaches work together across all franchises to lift our basic skills



  • Pottsy

    Has this Wallabies side actually trained with a rugby ball…?
    Just wondering…

  • Dave

    Decent win by the WBs! Not great, but decent. A lot of dropped balls due to the humidity. Although Diggers’ one handed carries didn’t help.
    Too many unnecessary penalties given away.

    We may have learnt it the hard way but it’s nice to see we now know how to get a turnover from a maul. See, we can employ new tricks.

    Our defence was solid and our kicking finally up to international standard. Other than Beale’s embarrassing attempt at another grubber. Why he choose to kick it and not pass it to the unmarked Honey Badger we’ll never know.

    The scrum stood up tonight. Fatcat scrummed particularly well when he “legitimately” came on. No messing with substitutions this week, another lesson learnt the hard way. Although the scrum was dominant nothing unfortunately came from it other than putting the Pumas on the back foot. Probably not the scrum performance from the Argies that Roncero would have wanted for his last game.

    Hooper was again outstanding. Still hard to believe this is his first year playing international rugby. No opensides should be able to make a break like he did. Impressive.

    Overall I think the positives outweighed the negatives this week, which is good to see. Especially from this cobbled together 22. It’d be nice to see a few more tries scored but I’ll take the win.

    Good on ya WBs!

    • Redsfan1

      While happy that we won I think your comments gloss of glaring weaknesses in the Wallabies.

      Is ‘Guts & ‘Character’ for a ‘gritty win’ the excuses we use for what is really poor handling, lack of aerobic fitness, &poor tactics in ignoring the ref’s advice at breakdowns?

      This shouldn’t be used as an excuse to save Deans. I don’t know what drills he had our backs running- but catching, passing & kick offs don’t appear to be in his list.

      • Dave

        Were you referring to my comments? As I wasn’t attempting to be comprehensive. There’s a whole article above that does that.

        But anyway, yes there was poor handling. Conditions weren’t conducive for anything other than that. The Argies suffered from this as well. Established combinations, or lack of them, also played a part. But neither of these are the full story, nor adequate excuses and I agree it needs to be worked on. Poor handling has been a factor throughout the ARC.

        “Lack of aerobic fitness”? Both this game and last week’s had the WBs slogging it out until the end. I don’t think fitness is the issue.

        “Poor tactics” Maybe in the past but as inconvenient as it may be to hear, they played an effective game plan against the Argies. It was the penalties (mostly unnecessary), the handling, and some of the decision making that let them down – not the overall tactics.

        And while I agree this win shouldn’t be an excuse to save Deans I don’t believe tonight’s game can be used amongst the many other legitimate reasons for his dismissal.

  • spectator

    Both wining teams this weekend out coached their opposites i thought, & credit to Deans for going with an option was able to produce enough to fulfill that after the very impotent last game.

    Interestingly, the A.B.s won with a more classical Wallabies type of game, Very Well Done, & the Boks were not able to adjust, as per their loss to the Wallabies, in a game situation they could have won.

    Despite the ‘modern’ game, i still think teams of classical skill, timing & speed can always be better than a team of equivalent power.

    The wallaby win over France 2010, was just as impressive as the A.B. power dis-mantling of the Pumas last weekend but the A.B. win over the Boks, was an improvement over their previous Puma win, due to a different style of play being the key in creating an easy win in a game they should have been tested more in for victory & were not able to dominate in an straight forward direct way.

    It would have been interesting to see just how good the A.B.s are, if the Boks had been able to adapt appropriately as i think the teams are very close, particularly in South Africa.

    Good win for the Wallabies, & in some part like the A.B.s, the opposition being out-coached/prepared was an aspect of their particular win.

  • mattyjinred

    Okay watched the game and was surprised by a few performances.

    I have now settled on my fit 15:

    1. Kepu
    2. Moore
    3. Robinson
    4. Douglas
    5. Horwill
    6. Dennis
    7. Pocock
    8. Timani
    9. Genia
    10. Beale
    11. Ioane
    12 O’Connor
    13. AAC
    14. Mitchell
    15. Barnes

    16. TPN
    17. Slipper
    18. Phipps
    19. Tapaui
    20. Hooper/Gill
    21. Shipperley
    22. Higgers/Samo

    This is a balanced team that has all the making of world beaters. All we need is a coach to lead us there…

    note as a QLD supporter QC is not there – what I saw of Beale he has the capability to effectively manage the backline and with O’Connor outside both have the capability to attack the line – Beale with finesse and O’Connor has the strength to do the bash ball when required

    • Lindommer

      Kepu at LHP and Fat Cat at THP? Robbo’s never played THP in his life. Fit and well Palu’s the standout number 8 in Oz rugby at the moment.

    • Pie Thrower

      Why would you have Dennis at 6? He is anonymous. Higgers is a better option at 6. He isn’t an 8 which is where he plays when he gets critisied.

    • bill

      Slipper and Robinson at prop. On form this year I’d suggest Faingaa at hooker but I know I’d be shouted down as a deluded red c*nt, I think he’s showing a bit though.

      Higgers in front of Dennis, Dennis quite competent but lacking physicality this year, another preseason , I wouldn’t be surprised if he aims up.

      Cooper,well? it’s a circus.Assuming he’s unavailable JOC is a better option…however Beale has shown a fair bit of maturity in this environment so it’s advantage Beale.

      love Genia, but Phipps is making a very good argument at half, personally I think Genia has to show an improvement in his service or he’s on the bench.

      Fullback Barnes…well that’s interesting. Nice guy and a triumph for professionals, maybe he can carry the oranges for a world class player, or even someone useful: that’s pretty unfair at 5/8 or in centre but at fullback that’s what I think of him, rather see about 10 players there before Barnes.

  • Robson

    Yes a win is a win and it was a relief to get it at a venue and a time when the Argies were primed to take us to the cleaners. But the errors in execution by the Wallabies were only superseded by the kickable penalties the Argies gave away.

    Not a great portent for Brisbane and the ABs in a couple of weeks time.

  • rossco

    After this grinding win, the wallabies should concentrate on having 2 players in each position and stick with them.

    If we have an injury, then the 2nd best gets a run, in that position, rather than shuffling everybody around to make way for someone else.

    That is the only way to build combinations and consistency….playing people in position and rotating them when necessary.

    This game shows that we do have the depth.

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen

      rossco – It’s so logical isn’t it? Instead I’m seeing players picked out of position. Which maybe okay if we’re injury struck and there’s no choice.

      By all means stick a 9 on the wing if we’re desperate but I’d love to get to a point where our players excel at positional play instead of following the Jack of All Trades model.

      For example, I watched Tapui at 13 running across field, not passing, cramming the winger & eventually blowing a near certain try. Chances are IF he was given the 13 job he would know when to pass and how not to push the winger into the tram tracks.

  • Brumby Runner

    Still not convincing, but a satisfying win. With some better options and better ball handling, Wallabies could have won by many more.

    Thought Beale showed enough to retain the 10 spot. He mostly challenged the line and looked to set up supports. Would like to see him with O’Connor at 12, but failing that, Tapui should move in a spot. Pat McCabe had his worst game imo. Why kick the turnover ball away when he had an unmarked winger outside. Just one of his brain explosions.

    No mention here of Higginbotham? Was one of the Wallabies’ best. Scrum was on top in the 2nd half when Benn came on. Good to see that he is on the imporve.

    Thought Digby must have been carrying an injury to lose so much pill in contact, but glad he was there to score the try.

    Hooper continues to impress!

  • murph

    Absolute drivel. Wallabies true ranking is about 5 or 6

    • Westo

      Whatever it takes for a changing of the guard mate.

      However, I live up here and the Poms have a few injury woe’s themselves. I really hope Bigs gets a run on for England. He looked top class with Bath on the weekend.

  • murph

    The Poms are going to belt us

  • Pedro

    Any away win with a bunch of injuries and a recent heavy loss is a good win.

    Too much dropped ball, but overall we outplayed the pumas and played smarter. Also good to get a good scrummaging performance in, it’s been a while.

    Shame on the laser pointer wankers, I know it’s perhaps only a handful of people responsible but I’m sure significantly more seated around them knew what was going on.I suggest in future we employ snipers, mainly as a deterrent.

  • AJ

    I think we need to give the players some leeway for dropping the high ball because of the humidity. The ball looked like a bar of soap at times – just look at how much time each hooker spent with the towel at line-outs!
    I thought we started very strongly. Pleasantly surprised by Timani’s efforts in the forwards. TPN, Hooper, etc also worked their hearts out.
    I would’ve liked to see us rack up a few more tries (we had some great breaks and good forward momentum early in the match), but given how much the Argentinians were infringing, you can’t blame the WB for taking the points.
    Which brings me to my final point: Joubert was bloody awful! At first, the infringements were pretty one sided, and I’m glad he wasn’t afraid to use the team-yellow, but by the end, it was absolute chaos at the breakdown from both sides! Players were getting away with murder, including a pretty obvious infringement leading to Argentina’s try. I feel sorry for Sheehan to get sent off given the Wild West nature of the game by that stage. Joubert – worst on ground.

    • Redsfan1

      Joubert ref’d very well. I normally slam refs but fair go it wasn’t his fault that the Argies & Wallabies refused to listen to him. Looking at replays he was dead on in his calls.

      So this is one game we can’t blame the ref. we were just tactically stupid at the breakdown. Luckily the Argies looked as though they didn’t even know the basics!

      • Blinky Bill of Bellingen

        I was surprised that the Honey Badger ‘hit in the air taking the ball’, wasn’t a penalty. Is the concern over player safety more relaxed these days?

        Also knock-ons galore went unnoticed.

        That game was a lot closer than we all realize. There really was nothing in it. And the Argies will almost certainly be a lot tougher to beat as the years roll by. Will Australian Rugby be able to keep pace?

        Loved the passion of the Argie & Wallaby fans. What a great atmosphere for the boys to play in.

  • Alan

    im just shocked the wallabies finally tried a rehearsed backline move!! was a splendid try by diggers

    more please

  • mark conley

    Mr Higginbotham, ( i’m sure he read these threads), so, best (international) i’ve seen from you ever, not motm, but refreshing to see.

    Mr Deans, another who’s addicted to GAGR, how ’bout (on current availability)

    Robinson, TPN, ?, Sharpe, Timani, Higginbotham, Hooper, Samo, Sheahan, Beale, Tapaui, Cummins, Iaone, Shipperley, McCabe with Harris, Gill, Slipper, both Fainga’a’a Phipps, and that Queensland skinny jumper you know…

  • mark conley

    Forgot Sharpe’s about to retire, the skinny kid that does win all that lineout ball will have to start and who to be sub for the locks?

  • F Potenza

    Lol – all the Wallabies’ points were scored by nz-born players!

    • johnny-boy

      Who have no intention of going back and are coached brilliantly by a guy from the same place ……the sporting equivalent of asylum seekers stuck in villawood


Canberra born and bred Rugby fan brought up on Canberra Kookaburra and ACT Brumbies Rugby.

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