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Wallabies v. Scotland – Player Ratings

Wallabies v. Scotland – Player Ratings

A patchy field and a patchy performance saw coach Ewen McKenzie’s Wallabies win their third test in a row for the first time under his control.

The match was destined to be a ‘banana skin game’ given Scotland’s recent history against us, the unfavorable conditions and the hard-line stance Link too against some of his key players. In the end they team got away with the win, and weren’t ever really troubled, but how did they perform individually? Here’s how I saw it:

Australian Wallabies HeadshotsJames Slipper

Was bloody busy all game. By some reports, topped the tackle count, which is a mammoth effort. Has continued to battle away all tour whilst many were calling for Robinson’s inclusion, but it’s hard to fault his effort. A massive heart which is vital for a prop. 7

Australian Wallabies Squad HeadshotsStephen Moore

Another solid game from the in-from Moore. Isn’t it remarkable how the confidence in your game can lead to other minor parts coming to the forefront too? I mean how many tries has Moore now been involved with the direct lead up to this tour? (seriously, how many, can someone let me know?). A solid enough scrum and a mistake free line out are more kudos for Moore.  

Australian Wallabies Squad HeadshotsSekope Kepu

Had a very good first half, despite some discipline issues. Made a real impact around the ground through a couple of big hits and he was close to my best of field for the first 30 minutes. Unfortunately he couldn’t sustain it come the 2nd half where he went largely unnoticed until he was replaced. 6 

Simmons wallabies profileRob Simmons

Copped a yellow card for an awkward looking punch and then the expected backlash on social media. But this has been a quality tour from Simmons. His work rate is high, and he’s even becoming somewhat of an effective ball carrier, with much improved body height. Bloody good in the lineout too. 7 

horwill wallabies profileJames Horwill

Another step closer to the Horwill of old. Some strong up front tackes, but also some crucial covering ones. He was solid with the ball in hand too, but really made an impact at the ruck. With Fardy and Hooper, he is the forward that contributes the most in this element of the game.

Australia Wallabies Headshots SessionScott Fardy

One of Fardy’s quieter games I thought. Didn’t provide the impact we’ve come to expect from him and you would’ve thought the conditions would have suited his abrasive style of play. Still, an average Fardy is pretty Fardy good.  6

Australian Wallabies Squad HeadshotsMichael Hooper

Much improved on last week – in that he wasn’t yellow carded. Just another typical Hooper game. A high work rate, sure, but it’s his aggression at the ruck that is the stand out for me. That and his crazy eyes.    

MOwenBen Mowen

Two key plays in the closing moments of the test were highlights in a busy performance. Strong in defence but largely anonymous ball in hand, Mowen must take a lot of credit for a dominant lineout performance.  Which begs the question – why continue taking shots at goal with a dysfunctional kicker and a strong lineout? At the very least he should have called up Quade or Harris to kick.

genia wallabies profileWill Genia

Kicked more than his flyhalf, which seemed too much. The dodgy pitch, and its unstable nature, surely made the box kick and inadvisable option.  Still guilty of taking a few steps to pass on occasions. Was effectively harassed by the Scots.  

CooperQuade Cooper

Remains one the Wallabies’ most influential players and clearly one of our most dangerous. Set up both tries, but when the opportunity was there for him to really control the match in a way that the likes of a Michael Lynagh or Dan Carter may have, he didn’t. Will enjoy having a few more runners outside him against Wales. 7 

Australia Wallabies Headshots SessionChris Feauai-Sautia

He scored a try, sure, but gees he looked lost. The proverbial deer in the headlights. Perhaps this is just his laid-back style, but he didn’t look to involve himself too much. Could take a leaf out of Cummins’ book in using his bulk and just charging ahead, rather than those little ‘skip jump setps’. Somehow managed to position himself outside the touch judge at one stage. Like I said, a little lost.

mike harris profileMike Harris

Worked hard for the Wallabies, but with no real impact. Made plenty of tackles (apparently not missing one), but didn’t provide any of the guile or play making that Matt Toomua does. Should have been given the kicking tee at some stage. 6

Christian Leali'ifanoChristian Lealiifano

This was always going to be a tough ask of Lealiifano, to run in the unfamiliar outside centre channel. Like many Wallaby 13s (up until Tevita Kurindrani) of recent years, he seemed to be sucked into some invisible vortex and went largely unnoticed. Except for his poor kicking which ultimately could have cost the Wallabies the match. 5 

tomane wallabies profileJoe Tomane

Not really a winger’s game but Tomane didn’t exactly stake his claim for a jersey against the Welsh week when Adam Ashley-Cooper and Nick Cummins return. Needs to produce more consistently to prove his worth. 4

folau wallabies profileIsrael Folau

Smashed it. This man just seems a class above any other back in, dare I say it, world rugby? Rarely have we seen someone who is such a consistent threat with the ball in hand, every time he runs. Now his defensive reads are improving (note the try saving tackles) and add in his safe kicking game, and he’s World XV quality. 8 (GAGR MOTR)

saia faingaa wallabies profileSaia Faingaa

Not enough game time so no rating. 

Australian Wallabies Squad HeadshotsBen Alexander

Made a noticeable impact when he came on for Kepu including pulling off the biggest hit of the game. 6

timani wallabies profileSitaleki Timani

Another bench player who made a strong impact, securing an important penalty at the ruck. Really should be a much more productive runner than he is though. 6

ben mccalman profileBen McCalman

Not enough game time so no rating.


nic white profile wallabiesNic White

Wasn’t good. Unsurprisingly booted the ball away the first time he got it and the rest of his touches were equally non-impressive. His decision making seems to be under most question. 4

The patented G&GR ratings guide:

10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke


So what do you reckon? Too harsh? Too soft? What do you think I got wrong or right?

  • Patrick

    Harsh on Moore!!

    • Bobas

      Moore’s moved his 5 to a TPN 9 or a Fiangaa 10.

      raised the bar.

  • wilful

    You gave Chris Feauai-Sautia a 6 (“solid performance”), and said he was lost and not up to it. Huh?

    I think a lot of those ratings were a point or two generous…

    • Zuriel

      Agreed 4-5. but good that Link’s trying to make depth.

    • Bobas

      He seems a bit high, Tomane a bit low. I guess its the old GAGR (website not Matt) argument of average performance meaning the players personal average.

      ie. a fardy 5 is a horwill 6

    • I thought CFS’ performance was on a different plane…..

      • WaikatoKid

        a parallel one perhaps?

      • Graeme

        A magic show to ammuse the airline staff on the long flight over?

      • The plane of touch?

    • Graeme

      He was about a 4, plus maybe 1 added because of scoring the try.

  • Bill

    Moore has had 3 good games in a row now, regaining some of his old form, maybe the scrum is functioning better now so he doesn’t get sapped by pulling other guys weight there.

  • Stu

    Thats not funny.

  • Brax

    Not even close to funny. In fact it’s downright offensive! Give yourself an uppercut Rant!

  • mistermouse666

    I agree with most of the comments, Reg, but some of those ratings are waaaaay off.

  • Ads

    Rant, my daughter has a genetic condition not dissimilar to Downs. I have seen her fight like shit through numerous operations and hours of therapy to get to where she is. She is 5 years old, and last week asked me if she would get a new body when she gets to heaven. It took all my control not to start balling until I left the room. I know you probably didn’t mean it, but for people like me those comments hurt mate. Next time you see a kid with downs or some other disability, think about them and their family fighting a daily battle to be all that they can be, demonstrating more ticker in adversity than our sports people ever do. Have a good day mate.

    • Patrick

      I wouldn’t have made it out of the room, just reading that nearly did it for me.

      I wish you and your family all the best in fighting that battle.

      • Ads

        Thanks mate. I think it’s better if the mods delete the string, as it’s off topic, and I didn’t expect it to go to top comment (its a response to the deleted comment below).

    • The Rant

      fully accepted. Heart felt apologies. To all.

  • SuckerForRed

    Rugby Reg is BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • King Gizzard

    Agree that Genia probably kicked too much, but I still thought for the most part his kicking was better than it has been for awhile. On a few occasions, he actually got some real purchase when kicking deep out of the Wallabies’ half, thus taking pressure off the Aus defence and further frustrating the Scots rather insipid attack. I think he would be much improved if he kicked less by cutting out the dinky box kicks and focused on putting to boot to ball only when he genuinely has the time and space. Of course, easier said than done.

    • Braveheart81

      His passing was again poor. He needs to pass off the ground more and certainly not take two steps before passing.

      White is not putting enough pressure on him either. Phipps deserves a crack off the bench,

      • King Gizzard

        I agree. I’m the first to admit Genia has not had a great year. Still, I thought it worth mentioning there appeared to be some improvement in his kicking game.

        You’re right, he definitely needs to provide faster ball to the outside backs. I think a component of his form slump stems from some really poor decision-making. He seems to be very indecisive when standing over the ball. Rather than making a quick decision and committing to it fully – the cornerstone of any effective halfback’s game – he seems to oscillate between wanting to run the ball, pass the ball or kick. More often than not, he appears to want to do all three at once. As such, he takes far too long to commit to an option, and as a result, he puts himself and the players around him under unnecessary pressure. Hence the half-hearted runs, slow passes and rubbish box kicks.

      • Patrick


  • Hugh Cavill

    Good ratings I reckon. Glad to see Ben Mowen get a rap, thought that was maybe his best game in gold. I have also been a bit disappointed in the performance of White- Genia has left the door wide open but he hasn’t been able to take his opportunities. I wouldn’t mind seeing Phipps get a run, as we just aren’t getting any value out of White off the bench.

    • Bobas

      White hasn’t backed himself for a while, I’d definitely having him starting if Genia was injured but having Phipps off the bench might be a better alternative to the current set up.

  • Hoges

    Good comments Reg but can’t see how they translate into the ratings.
    Slipper 6
    Moore 8
    Kepu 4
    Simmo 7
    Kev 6
    Fardy 6
    Hooper 6 (let’s all take a deep breath…he just did his job for once)
    Mowen 7 (agreed best game in gold so far….still absent as a ball carrier)
    Genia 4
    QC 8
    CF-S 2 (that is for the try…seriously…. he was outside of the field!)
    Harris 5
    Lilo 3 (standard 13…..should have handed over the tee)
    Tomane 3
    Izzy 9
    Alexander, should still be in accruing points from past transgressions
    Timani – great turnover and 2 huge tackles – doesn’t do anything in attack for such a big bloke

    • Mica

      Almost agree, but a bit harsh on Kepu and CFS.
      I’d go 5 & 3 respectively.

    • Patrick

      I think Harris a 6 but otherwise agree.

  • Andy

    I though harris didn’t do too bad. A better running track would have seen more impact imo. Applies for all the back as well

  • NitPicky

    Maybe a little late with this comment, but I wish those at GAGR would be a little more consistent. I understand that different people write the different reports etc, but so far both Izzy and Moore have been GAGR MOTM against Scotland. Which is it? Personally I think Moore is more deserving. If its personal opinion in naming MOTM then don’t state that it the GAGR MOTM, but teh author’s choice.

  • PorPor

    Just wondering – has GAGR ever given a 10 to any player? If so who and which match was it? PS – I’m not being a smart arse. I just want to know if any player had produced a legendary performance before.

    • Rugby_Union

      I think Pocock got one against SA in the last World Cup…mans a machine


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