Wallaby Player Ratings v England (Twickers) - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallaby Player Ratings v England (Twickers)

Wallaby Player Ratings v England (Twickers)

I wish I was rating the Pommies. I’d find it a hell of a lot easier. A couple of 9s on the wing, another at scrumhalf and a few in the pack. Throw in some 8’s in the midfield and at the back, as well as on the side of the scrum and you shouldn’t then need to consider anything less than a 7 for the rest of the team. The Australians on the other hand….

Beale has always loved his chips.

15 Kurtley Beale – The rich vein of form just continues. I’ve said it before and will say it again, he is very Latham-esque at the moment in the danger he provides the Aussie team at the moment. Also like Latham, he seems the only Wallaby able to break the line at the moment. Two tries including a fabulous individual effort. –  8

14 James O’Connor – a bad day with the kicking boot but I thought some of the decisions to take the shot early on, by Rocky one can assume, were poor decisions. The Poms tore JOC’s side of the field to shreds, as well as young James’s defence, as he finished with five missed tackles. – 4

13 Adam Ashley-Cooper –suffered the same fate as Rob Horne earlier in the season as he seemed to fall into the outside centre vortex this Wallaby team can create. I barely saw him except when he was missing tackles (three). Other than a pass to Beale for one try, he had little positive impact on this game. – 5

12 Matt Giteau – Deservedly sin binned for one of the more cynical pieces of play going around, however it probably saved Australia four points. Straightened the attack well and almost got through the Pom defence a few times. One of the very few Aussies not to miss a tackle. – 6.

Quade, the things at the top of your arms - use them.

11 Drew Mitchell – started strongly and looked powerful ball in hand but went into hiding not long after. The Poms played the rugby down the other wing but he still managed to miss a couple of tackles. – 6.

10 Quade Cooper – terrible. Never took his backline forward and provided England easy metres every time they ran at him putting us on the back foot all too often. Tried, but failed. Like a number of these Aussies, he just seems to lack the physicality needed for test footy. Brilliant skills though. A couple of astute kicks late in the game hinted at a strong finish, but on the whole he provided little in attack and was pathetic in defence. – 3

9 Will Genia – Said during the week that he hadn’t sniped as much this season to allow his outside men to do the damage. Changed tact this game and ran more often, I think to positive effect. One such occasion resulted in a brilliant Chris Ashton try, but I struggle to blame Sanchez for that when (1) the tacklers never released him to play the ball and (2) his forwards were MIA. Injury added to the insult. – 6.

8 Ben McCalman – A couple of years ago a number 8 from the Force provided the Wallabies some nice impact from the bench for a couple of games and earned a starting spot for the injured Wycliff Palu. Soon that player would be found out as lacking the physicality for test football. That player was Richard Brown. McCalman seems to be following in his footsteps. – 4.

William Wallace coudn't stop the Poms this time.

7 David Pocock – A tireless worker once again, but the English team limited his effectiveness at the ruck. A perfect tackling record once again (he is yet to miss a tackle on tour) but copped a bit of a battering and would love some support from his pack and his centres. – 7.

6 Rocky Elsom – Another step on the upward climb in Rocky’s form of late. Made a shed load of tackles, and tackles that needed to be made. The physicality raised a notch as well as he was a noted presence at the ruck. Leadership questions remain, but there’s not much that could’ve stopped that rampant English team. – 7.

5 Nathan Sharpe – It is amazing that Sharpe continues to produce career best form at an age one year older than when the great John Eales retired. He is the dominant performer in the Wallaby tight five, and his physical impact on the game outweighs even his Force team mate David Pocock. His dominant tackles v England were another highlight, as they’ve been all tour. – 7.

4 Mark Chisholm – I thought it was on track for a very good game thanks to an early line-out steal and some solid work from our own throws. But when a pack is found out for their softness as we were, and we have a monster the size of Chiz playing, and not sorting it out, something is wrong. Last chance I suspect. Van the Man for Italy! – 5

3 Ben Alexander – Well we never got to see much at scrum time, although there was a nice one (penalised) from him at loose head. However BA put in an impressive effort around the park, full of running and impact. Unfortunately the ledger was sullied by an unacceptable 4 missed tackles. – 6.

If only we had 8 forwards like Moore.

2 Stephen Moore – Squeaky was sensational. I think his game has been overlooked by some Aussie pundits because he didn’t score a chip ‘n’ chase try. But he was the best Aussie on the park for mine. Achieved the ‘triple double’ of 18 tackles (team high), 10 runs (team high) and 10 ruck/maul involvements (again, a team high). But the intent was there and he made an impact with each involvement. Stepped up big time under the pressure of the newly arrived Tatafu Polota-Nau. – 9 and G&GR Man of the Match.

1 Benn Robinson – I think it’s time to cut him loose. Fat Cat just hasn’t looked the player of recent years this season and this peaked last night when he failed to make any sort of physical impact at all. He’ll be back as the cream always rises, but for now, it’s time for James Slipper to get his start. – 4.

From the bench:

17 James Slipper – made the impact that Robinson never did almost immediately. He handled the scrums just fine and was prominent around the field. Should start v the Italians and the French, despite a couple of missed tackles. – 6.

James - gives them the slip.

18 Dean Mumm – A productive little cameo and he may get a shot v the Italians because of it. – 5.

19 Richard Brown – Efficient, not effective. A high work rate but doesn’t make an impact. The Pommy forwards dealt with him like he’d played a full game rather than being a fresh reserve.  – 5.

20 Luke Burgess – had a couple of shots of red cordial before he ran on and proceeded to run around like a headless chook, to various effect. One shocking pass soured an otherwise very productive turn from the bench. Regardless of Genia’s injury he will push for a starting jersey next weekend. Still managed to miss almost half the tackles he made. – 6.

21 Berrick Barnes – Solid. Didn’t provide too much and definitely not the spark we needed at the time of his introduction. His dependability/reliability may prove to be a more attractive alternative to the randomness that is Quade at the moment. – 5.

Rating system (no half marks):

10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

  • Balms

    I believe that Chiz had a good running game and was effective in the breakdown late in the game.

    • Who?

      How could Chis be effective late in the game when he was subbed more than 20 minutes before the end of the game..? He wasn’t there late in the game…

      • Jnor

        Because Chis is most effective when he’s off?

  • Barbarian

    Think you are a bit generous to Genia there. His snipe that lead to Ashton’s try was never on, and he had plenty of numbers outside him. He is just lacking spark at the moment. The Poms were marking him pretty tightly but his option taking could be a lot better, especially close to the line. We looked rudderless for most of the game, which is mainly the fault of the halfback and captain.

    • Josh

      Generous on QC too… I would give him a 2/5 for his attack at a push, and nothing for his defence… Did he even MAKE a tackle?

      • Muffy

        At the risk of some hate mail, not a huge fan of Quade as a test player, super sub yes. For me Berrick to start and QC to sub at about 60. AAC to inside, Digby once fit to outside C

        But then what do I know, Im a prop..Maybe its a genetic disposition to hating dancing backs…can never line them up for a good hit:)

        • dano

          you got no idea what your talking about
          thats a terbile team

        • Josh

          You’re right about not having QC… but do we have any other number 10’s? Maybe the secret is, pick another 10 who can kick? Digby would be a lovely player to have in the squad, hopefully he can run with the ball. But he’s injured, so i guess we have to use what we’ve got.

          I would have though, as you are a prop, you would have loved dancing backs, giving the opportunity just to hit them:P Maybe you should turn into a wallaby style back, and be so quick that you are good in open play, but cann’t quite scrum!

        • dano

          you dont want quade to start? we only beat the all blacks two weeks earlier because of it, that would be a bad move. you guys got no idea wat your talking about so jsut stop

        • Muffy

          You see Josh apparently you dont have to tackle to be a test player… thats a terbile idea (sic)

          And you thought you knew about rugby…we all have so much to learn, I wonder who could teach us…

          Hand me my landing net, I have one on the line

  • Reddy!

    Good ratings (Y)

  • Brax

    Pretty spot on with those ratings. I thought Cooper was a bit better in attack than you give credit for though and to be fair we didn’t have much possession to work with in the first 40 mins really.But yes, as we know, his defence is atrocious.
    Burgess made at least two glaring passing errors both leading to big breaks(one a try I think) other than that he was good, 5. Genia was outclassed by Youngs, but didn’t disgrace himself.
    Got to hand it to the Poms though, they had all the running in that game & I reckon most teams would have been hard pressed to stop them. They are definately going to be contenders next year! Damn It!!!!!

  • murph

    Way way too generous

    e.g. BA had four missed tackles and you give him a 6?

  • rugbyinmyblood

    matt giteau was terrible. You guys need to stop been blinded by there stars and really have a look, his kicking, tackling and ball running were all poor. Nathan sharp played well but looks a pace slow every second week, you guys always comment about his ball running but that is not his primary job and he neglects his tight jobs for the looser play. I wasnt sure if i saw a single dominant tackle by any wallaby as the england players made it over the gain line with every run. Mark chisholm was good and deserved better than a 5 in his 60mins stole line outs charged a ball down on the line, picked an incredible ball of his toes to intercept and turn defence into attack and made a few great rumbling go forward plays although he had some chances to make a real impact at the break down but didn’t. Will genia got white line fever and although played well single handedly blew our chances of a come back with one brain explosion. I personally wouldnt pay quade for that game his kicking and tackling were terrible the guy spends more time on your twitter stream than he does thinking about rugby.

    • JTM

      If Sharpe didn’t take the ball to the line then we wouldn’t get any go forward at all, and from what you say about Chiz it sounds like he was avoiding the breakdown too.

      When I see Chiz, it seems that he is a white Palu. Same frame, same biceps, same level of great athleticism for such a solid size. But from there it is all down hill! He just doesn’t have any sort of consistent impact, and just like it says in his rating a guy like him should be the go to guy to give this impact.

      Quade can’t go on like this. Has to be dropped til he puts effort into his technique. If Beale can make such a turn around so should he, no excuse. Giteau didn’t miss a tackle, so imagine if he had of been outside a similarly effective Barnes and that’s half of England’s line breaks and gains shut down.

  • Who?

    I see a lot of people complaining about Genia’s sniping turnover. Clearly most people don’t agree with Dwyer’s column, which stated:
    This clearly infers that the fault lay with the ball-carrier, yet I am totally convinced that all of the blame lies with the (non) support players. The poor ball-carrier, now accused of an error, was able to carry the ball forward – a desirable feature – past and into a group of defenders, all trying to stop him. His team-mates, on the other hand, do not have the ball and have no-one at all trying to stop their progress. Yet they were unable to achieve the same field position as the ball-carrier and to support him in his difficulties. My description of this situation would be, ‘YOU LET YOUR TEAM DOWN BY LACK OF URGENT SUPPORT FOR THE BALL-CARRIER’.

    • Barbarian

      But being a halfback is about taking the right option. The support players are obviously culpable to some degree but Genia should have known that the option to run was never on, there was no-one within cooee and numbers to the left.

      • JTM

        he was unlucky though, caught by a great and desperate tackle just around his laces from which other defenders poured all over him. I think it says more about England’s level of commitment and desire.

      • Nick

        Thats wrong Babarian. He was nearly through and has scored many tries that way. problem was that there was not one person there to clean out the illegals and Joubert had put his whistle in his pocket at the wallaby rucks. England constantly cleaned out from the side and lay all over the ball with out penalty or never released the player. the rules state I thought that the tackled player must be allowed to play the ball. Australia was bad and so was Joubert but really is anyone suprised a Saffa ref what shet.

        • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

          Mmm I think Barbarian is pretty spot on. Watching I thought WG had white line fever (hey he’s pulled it off before) and got suckered by the English defence. He also has a tendency to take the quick tap without support.

          It’s too painful to go and check the tape but just wondering where where all the support players were. You’d reckon that close to the line and knowing what WG is likely to try that the lads would have been close by.

  • Gnostic

    I think you have been overly generous Reg. I prefer my ratings on the Forum.


    • Epi

      I’m sure you do Gnostic. I don’t though.

    • Thomas

      You’re ratings are shit there’s so many things wrong with it!!
      No way did Moore deserve only a 6 as stated before he made 18 tackles that’s good for 2 reasons 1) he’s not even a flanker and 2) it’s higher than pocock’s
      “Slipper – 6 made difference when Fatcat was replaced, but he is starting to get fat as well”
      He’s a prop you idiot of course he’s getting bigger he’s still only young and still growing

    • Tim

      Of course you do. But they were shit ratings. Noddy got these one’s spot on.

    • Brax

      Gnostic! Always sees things far more negatively than everyone else. Why do you bother to watch the game…..You clearly don’t enjoy it… or truly understand it.

  • Langthorne

    Those ratings are pretty fair except that Cooper gets a 2 from me – tell your story walking.

    In too many cases I thought of the players ‘he did ok, but really shouldn’t have been on or playing in that position anyway’

    One other point – At times Brown was preferred over a fit Palu (Brown starts with Palu on the bench). Sad but true.

    • Brax

      When will people learn that your backs….ESPECIALLY the halves…. can’t do thier job well unless the forwards are doing as their name suggests!

      • dano

        Your exactly right mate, all these guys baggin quade and genia, but the forwards werent up to speed in scrums and in-play rucks/mauls. Its a team sport, they rely on each other

        • Thomas

          I think Genia’s game was below his standard but still had decent quality but Cooper’s was terrible mainly because of his defence

      • Of course…there the problem right there….!!

        It the FORWARD’S fault Quade Cooper can only make 50% of his tackles….they really need to pick up their game alright.

        Well done Quade and keep it up!

  • fr3ak

    “12 Matt Giteau – Deservedly sin binned for one of the more cynical pieces of play going around, however it probably saved Australia four points…

    Have you caught some sort of Mungo disease?

    • England kicked the 3 rather that getting 7 for a converted try. 7-3 = 4.

      • Bobas

        anyone who thought twice about that equation must have a mungo disease, or at the very least be a fr3ak.

    • Struggler.

  • Ian Withers

    Hi Aussies,

    Bottom line.. a scrum half going for the line from that distance should have support or he’ll get turned over in my view. The Ashton try that resulted was made by the adventure of Youngs on his own line.

    The English front 5 won the game. Why? To score you need the ball, fowards win most of the ball, backs score the majority of tries. Ask any winger where the ball in his hands has come from.

    Final comment..it’s a team game..you win together, you lose together. I never met a player who walked onto the park wanting to play badly.


  • Bones

    Depressing stuff.

    When the Pommies beat us, it is always the same way – they blast us off the ball so we are backfoot and the Ref usually rewards the dominant physical side. We need to start picking teams who can serously
    counter this strategy.

    So small and fast Cannot keep getting picked over big and mobile, without being express pace. Sonic we want Pocock to start, none of Genia, Robinson, JOC or Gits can start (or at worst only one).

    Secondly England ran a lot of deliberate defense obstruction in the backs which was not penalized. Jobert had an unbalanced game.

    • drop kick

      “England ran a lot of deliberate defense obstruction in the backs ”
      None of the commentators picked up on this but I thought it was sooooo obvious, they did it allnight to great effect.

  • Robson

    I’m always interested in the player ratings no matter who writes them because it gives me something to balance my own thoughts against. I never agree or disagree with them, because a numerical assessment is always an arbitary thing at best. I am much more interested in the comments. We might not always agree with what is said, but I think you have to give the writer a great deal of credit for putting his thougts out there and thus making a big contribution to the way we discuss the game and, currently, the Wallabies games in particular. Thanks RugbyReg once again for your contribution to what we rave on here about.

  • pants

    With Moore playing so well and TPN almost fit again, why don’t we put TPN on at 8? Clearly McCalman and Brown are not up to international standard. TPN and Moore should both be on the pitch. So TPN at 8 makes sense right?

    • rugbyinmyblood

      what about scott higginbotham. the guy is faster than all the backs and is 6 feet 4 and 113kgs he over shadows the other number 8s and has been wasted in mid week games and was the reds most devastating forward this season. Just ask sharpe he smoked him

    • JTM

      Great call! He has had experience in the backrow as a schoolboy and for club, plus one or two efforts as a sub for the ‘Tahs. Anything that get’s more impact into the pack has to be at least considered by Deans!!!

  • Gooch

    Fair ratings Reg. A tough game to watch sure, but even though I was caught up in the belief that with 2 wins in a row, we were back, it was a display that maybe should have been a little expected if our past few years of consistency are anything to go by.

  • Balms

    I’m glad to see people on green and gold get my sense of humour.

  • Balms

    Whatever happened to Laurie Weeks…..

  • Richo

    Good ratings, Reg. My only quibble without the comments would have been that you’re a bit generous to Giteau, but not missing a tackle in a game in which so many of our backs were turnstiles is to be commended.

    All that said, drop him. It ain’t working.

  • ozrugbynut

    Just a suggestion, but could we perhaps also rate:

    a) the game plan (what we understand it to be)
    b) on-field captaincy

    I thought the game plan didn’t seem to work for us. Unlike recent WB performances, we looked very casual (lacked intensity) early on, until England’s lead started to blowout, and then it was almost too late.

    • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

      The game plan – I’m still recovering from that hiding so my recollections may be inaccurate but was the plan to boot the ball back & hope that England…..oh I dunno…….hope that they knocked-on, didn’t know what to do with it, kicked it back but we gained territory?

      I’m actually stumped why we moved away from ball in hand to kick & in most cases kick poorly. Seemed the conditions were pretty reasonable for ‘ball in hand’ (England obviously thought so). So why we would suddenly opt to move to a style of play that we have not demonstrated we can pull off all that well, is beyond me.

      Also IF the plan was to kick & play down their end of the park then we needed chasers & chasers that could tackle. I know QC gets a flogging for his crap defence (and rightly so) but he’s not exactly Robinson Crusoe in that team.

      So I thought our game plan (if I worked it out) was Crap. 2/10 for moving away from our strengths.

      Captaincy – Why Rocky opted for shot for goal so far out & on an angle is beyond me. Clearly with hindsight the wrong decision but one he must have considered right at the time for some reason. Is our lineout that poor? Would we have got countered by their rolling maul. Buggered if I know. 4/10

      This kicking business needs sorting out. It’s money for jam if we can get it right. If JOC was off due to the death of his mate, then my question is why give him the pressure of the kicking duties? Surely it’s the job of the coach to act in the best interest of the team. It’s not like we’re short of capable kickers (Beale, Cooper, Barnes, …….Gits?). So what gives?

  • Beale has certain wow factor about him this year thats for sure. Would be nice to see Rod the Rocket make an appearance soon! Sad to see JOC struggle but there is a lot of pressure on the guy to perform already at such a young age.

  • Muffy

    Hey Dano, read my last line…

  • reggie


  • mark conley

    Too harsh on McCalman, he’s been playing well considering he’s been thrown in because Brown is definitely not the answer. How aggressive is Van Humphries?
    I’d love to see Higginbotham get a bench and callup half way through the 2nd half.
    Apart from McCalman’s rating I’d say spot on from watching it live.

    • murph

      How aggressive is Van Humphries?


  • Youngun


  • Coatsie
  • flower power

    Great call for palu at 8 whilst we wait…. and wait for Cliffy’s return. Whilst we’re at it why not shift KB to fly half. Played great for the Tahs there a few years back. Better defender than Cooper, would get his hands on the ball more often which has gotta be a good thing. AAC to fullback with Afinger inside centre Ioanie (when fit) outside centre. Turner and Mitchell on the wings… JoC Cooper Gits etc off the bench as impact players in second half

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