Wallaby Ratings - Ireland game 1 - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallaby Ratings – Ireland game 1

Wallaby Ratings – Ireland game 1

1. Scott Sio

Nothing flashy, but scrummed well and made all his tackles (10/10), the last frontrower to be replaced. 7

2. Brandon Paenga-Amosa

Probably the pick of the starting front rowers when it came to runs. A few bread and butter things; like lineout calls should be cleaned up when he gets more than five days in camp. Won the national anthem. 6

3. Sekope Kepu

Rock solid as always, missing a bit of his usual dynamic ball running influence. Like Sio 100% strike rate, 11/11 tackles. 7

4. Izack Rodda

Seemed to disappear in the shadow of Coleman’s influence, are they too similar? Like Kepu the stats have him not missing a tackle, with limited opportunity or effective runs. 6

5. Adam Coleman

A game high 17 tackles with zero missed, some of them were devastating momentum-shifting tackles. A couple of silly shovels early in the first half were poor but his ‘foul play’, which cost Australia a try was the bigger stain on what would have been a brilliant game. If only he hadn’t “finished him off.”  7

6. David Pocock

Massively influential performance on both attack and defence. 15 tackles and stole the ball back on at least a couple of occasions. Made more metres than any of our other starting forwards and was rewarded with the game-sealing try. 8 – G&GR MOTM

7. Michael Hooper (c)

A somewhat unusually tight game from the captain, he was operating firmly in the guts of play. Out-pointed all but Coleman on D, but like others mentioned above, seemed to lack a bit of timing in the attacking contact area. The sparkle was when he belted underage Irish 10 Joey Carberry like a drunk step dad. 7

8. Caleb Timu 

Seemed to not get a lot of opportunity to show the attacking prowess that forced his selection with Pocock packing at 8 on attack. Rock solid on D with a 14/14 clip. I think he went off early in the 2nd due to a nosebleed from being lifted too high. 6

9. Will Genia

The composure that makes him irreplaceable in the team was in full flight for this game, sharp decision making, sharp passing, sharp defence. Threw the two final passes for the tries, and beat more defenders than Folau, so I guess that makes up for relatively tame  haircut. 8

10.  Bernard Foley

A mixed bag from Foley, he was at his best when he scored his first try and a rock on defence, but then got obsessed with cross field kicks, which more often than not had negative results. I don’t mind the experimenting, just don’t keep repeating the same one… 6

11. Dane Haylett-Petty

I must admit I was sceptical about his inclusion, as he hadn’t played a lot this year, but he was classy this game. Made time for himself on the ball and was always making the right decision, the lead up to Foley’s try needed a player like with composure to make it work and Dane provided it, as he did again getting his body under the ball over the try line to deny what should have been 7 Irish points. 7

12. Kurtley Beale

Beale was physically-enforcing in this game, which is scary because we all know he has the quickness and agility to do amazing things without relying on brute strength. It’s exciting to see a player add another dimension to their game on the biggest stage. It a pity that both his crispy passes to players on the outside in space either went wasted or wished away by a kiwi TMO.  7

13. Samu Kerevi

Probably going to be my most controversial rating. Samu had an OK game on defence, with 8/10, but it was his terrible positioning on the left wing that has me perplexed. Firstly why was he out there and secondly you can’t pass it backwards to him with him that flat. A number of attacking moves stagnated due to this, would love to see him attacking in the centres running with confidence. 5

14. Marika Koroibete

If he keeps icing everyone do we call him the ice-man? He’s just a brutal defender, who shows no signs of slowing down. Like some of the boys above, lacked some subtlety in contact, but (to make excuses for him) this is his 2nd year of rugby, he has a massive ceiling. He should put as many bums on seats as big Dell.  7

15. Israel Folau

Gordon Bray said Folau had taken more marks in this game than in his whole career with with the Giants. He was amazing this game, it’s a pity his try was chalked off, some would say, due to a farcical decision. 8


16. Tolu Latu

In a Campese like effort he somehow didn’t have to make a tackle after he came on. Line-out was working a bit better when he was on and he didn’t do anything wrong. 6

17. Tom Robertson

Similar to Latu, didn’t really put a foot wrong after coming on for Sio, will he hold his place? If there’s any possible risk to 7A’s I’d say he’s certainly done enough. 6

18. Taniela Tupou

The pick of the replacement front rowers by far, just gets through so much work and blessed with velcro hands too. I hope he does have 3 world cups (12 more years) in him. 8

19. Rob Simmons

Good: Line-out worked better. Bad: Worst tackling clip for a forward (very high standards this game). Also got bailed out with knock-on adv. after not watching the halfback put him through a hole with the game on the line. 5

20. Lukhan Tui

Too few minutes to rate accurately, somehow made 6/6 tackles though. 5

21. Pete Samu

Immediate impact when he arrived with a ruck steal, he also joined Pocock as the only forward to make it into double figures in run metres. 7

22. Nick Phipps

Threw 7 passes and made 3 tackles. 5

23. Reece Hodge

Pretty quiet considering he had a bit of time on the park, made 3 runs for 12 metres with a tackle bust. 5


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke

Player Ratings – Australia vs Ireland

  • Nutta

    Thanks for the effort Bobas

    Pretty much spot-on though I have a couple of slight disagreements:
    * Swap the ratings for Foley and Spanners.
    * Replacement front-row took an up and through TH off a B&I Lions level front row. Extra point each.

    • Adrian

      Who is spanners again?

      • Nutta

        Beale. Because your nuts will tighten every time he goes near the ball.

        Royalties to Hoss.

        • Brisneyland Local

          I thought Hoss was calling Foley spanners! Hoss can you confirm this one for us?

        • Andy

          Yup, Hoss was calling Folicle spanners!

        • Brisneyland Local


  • Dud Roodt

    With about 5 mins to go the fox stats had Pocock with 19 tackles?

    • Bobas

      I used ESPN stats as I find them easier to see the spread sheet for the ratings. They also had Koroibete missing 5 tackles, which was surprising.

  • Nick

    Pretty accurate I think. Thanks!

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    I highly doubt that Kerevi chose to positional himself out there. Often when Kerevi plays Cheika positions him on the wing. Not fair to mark him down for something that is almost certainly a coaching decision (like Folau standing at first receiver off line outs).

    I would move Pocock to a 9 and I think Kerevi should be a 7 at least. Defended like a champion and the ball barely came to him. When it did he usually made meters. While dropping 1-2 he had a couple of busting runs and shot out of the line brilliantly on defence once or twice and shut down attacks before they started.

    I would give Latu and Tupou both 8s. Tupou destroyed them in their scrum and that was incredible to see.

    • Patrick

      Yes but it doesn’t matter where he plays Kerevi can’t afford to be that flat. It did cost us a few linebreaks wasted and is a basic rugby skill.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Agreed. But it is very different playing 13 to 12. He has played mostly at 12 this year and been the form Aussie12 for most of Super Rugby. I’m sure it is something the coaches will look at this week and will improve next week. I remember in about his 3rd test in the 2016 Rugby Championship he carried the ball in the wrong hand it cost him a try. After then, I’ve never seen him do it since.

        I am certain we will see him standing deeper on attack week.

  • Adrian

    Pretty right Bobas, though I had them all up one, really because of the defence.

    Interesting tactic having Kerevi on the wing at times, but I’ll wait to find out more before I say too much

    • Reinforce

      I concur with you Adrian – I would at least up the forwards rating based upon their defence. The Irish are world leaders at recycling and to be able to continually make the tackle, make the next tackle, drive them back, secure the odd counter-ruck was something special. The game required a meat & potatoes type effort to counter Ireland’s strengths and the piggies were magnificent. I know it should be standard fare but it hasn’t been and it was warming to see.
      I even saw Izzy complete an aggressive clean-out. Jaw-dropped on that one.

    • Gareth

      My gut feeling is that Chek knows how bad he is at defensive reads and the best option is to put him on the wing.

      • Who?

        That’s a horrible way to coach, though. Because defensive reads get harder to make the further out you go. It’s why it’s harder to defend at 13 than 12, because you’re dealing with your jockeying winger and more overlaps. Better coaching technique is to stick your poorer tacklers in the line where they’ll get support.

        • Gareth

          sorry to disagree Who, tell them to stay outside their winger and come in if the back line is staying straight or slide to the sideline. You generally only have to watch 1-2 player when making a read, at 12 or 13 you need to watch at least 3 or more players in motion. He has a habit of planting his feet in the centres on defense.

        • Who?

          Always welcome to disagree. :-)
          The issue is, if there’s a bad read, you’re still stuck between coming in and staying out, and there’s less help around to make that tackle stick. Kerevi’s strong when he makes the tackle, but he’s not strong when he’s got to deal with a player stepping him – which is more likely in space on the wing. And a bad read is more likely, because you’re not communicating as much as in the middle of the line, where there should be constant talk around who’s tackling who.

  • Alan Grouse

    How many GnGR MOTM awards has Poey received over the years? Surely a record? Best Wallaby of the last decade. Guy is a freak and the Wallabies look so much more composed in defence with him back.

    So many great performers on the night but seeing Tupou boss Cian Healy in the scrum to force a penalty really shocked and frightened the Irish.

    Bring on Melbourne

    • Nutta

      To be fair to the Spuddies, we have dished up fat backrower after fat backrower as imposter 1 and/or 3’s over the years so I guess Cian’s/Irish cynicism was probably fairly justified given such history. But the lad is certainly strong and being under Thorn would mean he has little option but to be more than honest at set-piece time.

    • Steve

      Ugh, I despair a little bit about Poey as he is basically a one-man team at this point. The Wallabies with and without him are like night and day. No idea what we’re going to do without the man!

  • Jason

    On BPA I’m not sure how much of the line-out was his fault and how much of it was due to the limitations of our pack configuration. I agree the line-out is a train wreck, we really MUST play only one of Pocock and Hooper if we are to not be rolling the dice with our line-out every time we try. Interesting our defensive line-out was quite strong.

    I think a bit harsh giving Pocock only an 8, could easily be a 9. I think not because of what he did perse but because of when he did it. Under pressure, you’re team is about to crack, you need the ball. Pocock just goes and get’s it.

    I think Hooper getting a 7 is a bit kind, he had a good game, but really didn’t do anything much. Similar game to Timu again not bad, but really needs to do more; the one advantage Timu has over Hooper is that he is a more viable jumper.
    I’ve thought it for a long time now and once we have one of our bench players step up (likely Tui or Samu, but potentially Simmons) Hooper must make way to the bench if we want to be allowed to use our line-out as an attacking weapon.

    Interesting regarding Genia, I felt he wasn’t bad but not outstanding, I’ve seen people say he had an excellent game and others who said he was rubbish.

    Perhaps against Argentina or once another game is iced, I’d be interested to see Beale tried at 10 instead of Foley, I’m not sure that Foley gives us anything really beyond his kicking (in this game at least), and with his kicking we’ve got to consider that we’d likely bring Hodge in somewhere as a replacement (and would also have Beale) so his goal kicking isn’t exactly what he scores but value over replacement.

    Regarding the rest of the backs, I’m not going to comment, because I have no fucking clue what the backline structure actually was, DHP and Koro were very often on the same wing (but were playing on opposite wings), Folau looked like he was playing in the centres, as noted Kerevi looked like he was playing on the wing. It kind of reminded me of a schoolboys team who would wear random numbers to confuse their opposition — except in this game they all played whatever numbers they were given.

    The Tupou clearly ate the bench before he came on. The dude would be unlucky to not find his way into the starting XV very very soon (I hope next game)! He turned a Tom Robinson scrum into a dominant scrum against the Irish best! Plus he gives you soooo much around the park. I’ll ask the question, how long until he’s the best prop in the world, a month, a year, the next RWC?

    I really hope Tui was just a bit nervous having not played much rugby of late, because he could be the missing piece of the back row puzzle, but it’s entirely possible, even if Tui is outstanding our line-out still falls short. Plus we have a long history of giant humans having all the potential in the world, but falling short of expectations, Tui has shown all that potential but hasn’t replicated it.

    • Patrick

      Agree about Foley, he started the second half with about 5 kicks none of which were good and 3 of which were fluffy passes to Irish players not under any pressure – and he continues to make 20m off penalties, when every other team gets 40 :(

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        After he did that diabolical kick to Stockdale I had thought we had seen the worst kick of the match, then Stockdale kicked it back to him and he followed it up immediately with an even worse kick back to Stockdale that put us under pressure for about 10 mins.

        Foley is really accurate when doing short range kicks – inside the opposition 22 especially. He is really good at aggressive kicks for Folau to contest, but needs to work on his game management style kicking, or let Beale handle it.

        • Patrick

          Yes, but he has needed to for a long time now. Maybe next week he will have Hodge inside him and surely then he will hand over kicking ?

        • Jason

          When kicking for touch DHP has a cannon on him, isn’t very accurate but can peel off 50 meters on a penalty kick.

        • Patrick

          I know. I was a bit surprised and very disappointed to see Foley taking those kicks!

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yeah but we have hoped for that before, and we are where we are !

      • Garry

        For some time now this team resembles a squad of potential world beaters, hobbled by the selection of a second grade flyhalf. And a coach who either….
        a) has the blinkers on when looking for a possible replacement from any of all the rugby grades in Oz,
        b) doesn’t want any one other than Foley, as he doesn’t know how to take advantage a more skilled flyhalf, or
        c) doesn’t care. He does the important job of coaching the forwards, whilst the backs practice catch and pass at the other end of the field.

    • Who?

      I didn’t see anything down the lineout (was at the game, haven’t watched the recording yet), but BPA’s warm up (directly in front of me) was much more accurate than Tolu’s, and it took a while for Coleman to stop calling it directly to where the Irish were defending. Once that improved, the lineout started functioning much more accurately.

  • Brumby Runner

    9 for Poey Nutta, but no real qualms otherwise.

    Just have to ask the question, was there another 20% improvement available in his game? Don’t think so. One of the best all round back row games ever produced.

    • Nutta

      Fair call.

    • Bobas

      I’ve seen Pocock play 20% better than that, He’s a superstar.

  • Pfitzy

    Genia fluffed a bunch of passes by running before delivering, putting outside backs under pressure. How he gets an 8 is a genuine mystery, unless the author is a Queenslander.

    • RugbyReg

      TV vision a bit blurry over in Fiji? Genia was excellent. Sure he’s no Nick Phipps but then again, I’m no NSWmen.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        Very few 80 cap halfbacks have the quality of pass of Nick Phipps.

        • John Tynan


      • Bobas

        In a recent face-book poll 171 people voted to have Phipps start ahead of Genia.

      • Pfitzy

        TV was perfectly fine. Genia was worth a 7 or a 6, not an 8. He put in some shit passes and shit box kicks.
        If Bobas is going to give Foley a 6 for Crossfield kicks not working, let’s have some consistency, eh?

        • Bobas

          So who else cross field kicked? Beale?

    • Gipetto

      Genia fixes the defenders, giving ball-runners a chance He is the main playmaker. Foley is nothing without Genia. If you want fast, inaccurate, predictable , telegraphed hospital passes, go with Phipps

    • Who?

      You’re half right. Simmons didn’t drop the pass, Genia threw it behind him because he went a step too far. But he was right to fix the defender first, because that’s what opened the hole for Simmons. So it’s the combination, just rediscovering old team mates after a few weeks off all Rugby and some time away from the team mates.
      It was informative to watch the warm up drills of Genia and Phipps… I’d record Genia’s and show them to kids I was coaching, not so much for Phipps.

      • Mitch Leach

        Who?, I’m interested to hear a quick run-down of what Genia did…I’m always intrigued to learn how the big wigs do things, hence I gobble up articles by Nick Bishop, Scott Allen, Tatts the defence coach etc etc

        • Who?

          Phipps started on one knee passing to the left, and worked his way to his feet, predominantly passing to his left. What I did appreciate from Phipps was that he was clearly trying to get low to pass the ball, and he was also practicing picking up the ball from non-ideal rotations/alignments.
          Genia had Larkham out running as a first receiver, throwing the pass – both directions – directly from the deck to his moving target. Then he worked on receiving the ball from the lineout and throwing to a running Larkham. It wasn’t so much the exact drill that Genia was following as much as it was the precision in his technique in doing it. The way he positioned his feet to take the ball off the ground (wide, powerful, leading where he was passing), how little he lifts the ball for a pass off the deck in his drills. It was purposeful and precise.
          We know that scrumhalves don’t get ball like that in the game, and both Genia and Phipps are looking to put themselves into ideal positions, not realistic positions. But you still want to practice things perfectly. Hence Phipps looking to get himself down low by starting on his knees, and Genia throwing off the deck (Phipps always seems to lift the ball that little bit higher).

  • MungBean

    How does Latu get a six for making zero tackles in 30 minutes, and Tui get a 5 for making 5/5 in a few minutes??

    • Adrian

      It’s not just about tackles Mung

      I think 5 is a fair score for someone who is on for a short while and does their job.

      I thought that Latu was good in the lineout throwing department, linked well in attack, was very involved in rucks/mails and didn’t miss any tackles

    • Bobas

      Tui on for 7 mins 9 points ahead. Latu 18 with the first 11 having the game firmly the balance. It wasn’t like he ran away from putting hits on. Just didn’t get the opportunity, also Latu had a good hand in the ruck towards the end of the game that I didn’t mention as I don’t want to see it again.

      • Bobas

        Phipps and Tui really weren’t likely to get anything more or less than a 5. Most sites wouldn’t rate them but I think that’s unfair when they’ve come on a done a good job.

  • Gottsy

    Agree on kerevi but I think that combination on the edge with koroibete is worth persisting with.
    Would also like to give out a team-wide extra point for not doing anything fucking dumb (not that I think it should be rewarded for not playing dumb rugby but in this case I think we should show positive reinforcement)

    • Who?

      Not doing anything dumb like tackling blokes without the ball..? :-

      • Gottsy

        Haha, well. To me, he was running a line and from where I was sitting, it looked like the ball brushed his fingers milliseconds before Coleman flattened him. Might be controversial, but I thought it was play on. In Coleman’s position, I probably would be just as dumb and commit to the tackle ;)

        • Who?

          He was running a line but the ball was well past him before Coleman made contact. Commentators agreed he could’ve pulled out of the tackle, but at the least he didn’t need to go through with the tackle to ground, and then stay down. It was dumb. Koroibete made a lot of tackles on future suspicion, too, and was lucky.

        • Gottsy

          Some very good points made Who. I’m probably only backing him because when I watch it back in real time I probably would have done the same haha (hence why I’m not a wallaby)

  • Jack Ashurst

    How good was Kurtleys defence this game!!! A few bloody great hits.

  • Gipetto

    Simmons worked tirelessly when he came on. He tackles around the legs giving the fetchers the chance to pounce on the ball. He must start if the Wallabies want good line-out ball.

    • Patrick

      He even made a dominant tackle!

  • OnTheBurst

    Pocock got an 8? 8?!?!?!

    Fair dinkum – what does a man need to do to get a 9 (outstanding performance, man of the match shoo in”), let alone a perfect 10?

    • Ed

      Agree. How did he not get MOTM, TEN said it was Genia, was beyond me!

      • Brisneyland Local

        Yep. We were all betting on Poey, and dropped our glasses when we heard Genia. Not that I think Gneia had a bad match, but Poey was a demi-god!

      • Who?

        Genia was an SMS vote (they announced it at the game), second on the poll was Tupou. Pocock wasn’t top 3!

        • dane

          Poey did a lot of work that you probably dont see if you are at the game.

  • Steve

    Might not be a popular opinion, but I really think Coleman needs to clean up his game and I certainly wouldn’t rate him a 7 on that performance.

    The guy can be really dominant when he tries to, but too often gets sidetracked with niggle. Not sure if Cheika has instructed him to do so (his teams have a history of mistaking dirty play for aggression) but at this point he seems to hurt as much as he helps.

    • lu99ke

      Tend to agree – I am a BIG fan…and his aggression is something that we have missed in the forwards for a long time.. ( remember Owen Finegan?? ) …but he still needs to learn that line… I am sure he already has looked to Retallick for a good example to follow… but could do with a little more finesse like Retallick or Eben Etzebeth

  • Who?

    My adjustments, bearing in mind I watched from the Northern end and haven’t had a chance to watch back my recording:
    Pocock has to be a 9. Everything that was good, he was near it.
    Beale needs one of Foley’s points. For a few reasons. Our exits were way better, and he was taking most of them, shared with Genia. His attacking kicking was key, not Foley’s. Beale’s were more effective. Further, Foley ran 20m directly sideways to throw a 15m pass to a winger with three green jerseys around him who was immediately turned over. I can’t remember a poorer decision from a 10! Lastly… Pocock’s try. I was DIRECTLY behind that kick, with my wife and three kids. We were ready, we were waiting… And he couldn’t get it over the fence!!!! That’s points off ANYBODY!!!
    Koroibete made a lot of hits in defence, but I’m not sure all of them were legal. In fact, a good number of them were nowhere near the ball… If the moron with the whistle had pinged him for that, perhaps Coleman wouldn’t have gone through with the tackle later in the game (which was completely unnecessary).
    Simmons is unfairly pinged for dropping Genia’s pass. Genia’s timing was half a step slow, as it was in the first half when he threw a pass as he was tackled which Foley then knocked on. Look where the ball hit Simmons – it was behind him.
    Very impressed with Tupou and Samu’s contributions. Tupou, given he was playing against the regular starting Irish front row (Healy and Furlong), has arguably made a pretty decent claim to start next week. A very impressive performance.
    I was at the northern end, I think we were lucky to get away with a lot of high tackles in the first half. It took about 30 minutes before every second tackle didn’t have a gold arm around a throat.
    Just a shame that what was a fantastic contest was corrupted (not ruined, but corrupted) by a self important ref and TMO.

  • Patrick

    I think the consensus in the comments is
    Pocock +1
    Props +1
    Foley -1

  • Got to be 9 for Poey.

    8 for Genia? I agree he timed and seeded our tries perfectly but he made two big defensive errors, each nearly ended with an Irish try (minutes 42 and 57).

    Great list though Bobas!

    • Bobas

      42 its Foley that lets the Irish player make the line break, and at 57 it’s Genia trusting the cover defenders, if he doesn’t its a 4 on 2 and it ends up being a good call as the wallabies get the ball back.

    • Bobas
      • Fair call. It’s rough to say 42 is his fault but he didn’t do a good job covering, especially given that after his misread it he’s overtaken by about 5 blokes.

        With 57, definitely see that now you pointed it out. He really shouldn’t be in that situation, poor reading from the backline.

        Thanks Bobas!

        • Gareth

          that is a defensive line error, not a cover defensive error. Bit harsh there boys on genia


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