Wallaby Ratings v All Blacks (Auckland) - Green and Gold Rugby

Wallaby Ratings v All Blacks (Auckland)

Wallaby Ratings v All Blacks (Auckland)

James Slipper 2020 headshot1. James Slipper

Slipper won an early scrum penalty and generally pressured the All Blacks scrum all afternoon – one of the Wallabies best. 6.5

Brandon Paenga-Amosa 2020 Headshot

2. Brandon Paenga-Amosa

Did the job he was picked to do. Scrummaged well, went 12/13 at lineout time and had a couple of nice runs. His only blemish was a costly one; when he was pinged for playing the ball twice when attempting to score a try. 7 – GAGR MOM

Taniela Tupou 2020 headshot3. Taniela Tupou

Again Tupou came out with strong intent, helping to set the tone early on. The Wallaby scrum was solid when Taniela was on the field. Slipped off a few tackles in the first half and was surprisingly replaced at halftime just before things went pear-shaped. 6

Lukhan Salakaia-Loto 2020 headshot4. Lukhan Salakaia-Loto

Got through significant work and carried hard into contact all day.  The lineout was solid, but LSL was also guilty of slipping off several tackles. 6

Matt Philip 2020 headshot5. Matt Philip

The second row looked like a real problem area pre-Bledisloe tour, but the combination of Phillip paired with LSL stood up in New Zealand. Phillip was again busy on Sunday afternoon, making nine tackles and carrying six times for 21 metres. 6.5

Ned Hanigan 2020 headshot6. Ned Hanigan

The Hanigan selection proved a beauty from Rennie with the Waratahs forward in everything. As well as providing an additional option at lineout time, Hanigan finished the game with 13 tackles, a turnover and was instrumental in our only try, breaking free of a few defenders to make a firm bust up the middle of the field. Two penalties for incorrectly entering mauls hurt his side and probably costs him MOTM. If he can get the soft penalties out of the game he has the potential to be our next Scott Fardy. 6.5

Michael Hooper 2020 headshot

7. Michael Hooper (c)

Another busy afternoon for the skipper who like last week topped the Wallaby tackle count with 17. He also nabbed two crucial turnovers at the breakdown. Like a few of his troops was guilty of going for some big hits which led to five missed tackles – not good enough for someone of his class. 6

Harry Wilson 2020 headshot8. Harry Wilson

Colossal effort from the 20-year-old to even be on the park after spending three days in the hospital last week nursing an infected foot. Wilson was heavily involved in the first half, carrying hard and getting in the ABs face in defence. His absence was notable when taken off at halftime. 6.5

Nic White 2020 headshot9. Nic White

While White was tenacious at Eden Park, he lacked a little bit of the polish we saw a week early. He was certainly not afforded the same leeway around the ruck to snipe and create chances but he need to assert a bit more authority, especially in the second half. 5.5

James OConnor 2020 headshot10.  James O’Connor

Started strong and looked to be controlling the game nicely early on. That all fell apart when Toomua limped off injured. Kicking wasn’t up to standard and made a poor attempt at a tackle on Jack Goodhue that led to Aaron Smith’s try. Is he better suited to 12? 5.5

Marika Koroibete 2020 headshot11. Marika Koroibete

Better days are ahead for the speedster who was well of the mark in Bledisloe 2. Korobiete was “Johnny on the Spot” for the Wallabies opening try. Should have scored again in the second half but was frustratingly held up by Richie Mo’ounga.  Two terrible handling errors to go with some bad missed tackles ensured it was a night to forget for the 2019 John Eales medallist.  3.5

Matt Toomua 2020 headshot12. Matt Toomua

Toomua was the focal point of the Wallabies attack. His influence on proceedings was perhaps most evident after he went off with a groin injury just 35 minutes in and the visitors attacking shape seemingly left the field with the inside centre.  6

Hunter Paisami 2020 headshot13. Hunter Paisami

Another who had a real mixed performance on Sunday afternoon. Paisami consistently carried hard into contact and ran a nice support line to find space in behind the ABs defence.  The 22-year-old was found out on defence on several occasions, most notably when Beauden Barrett ran around him like he was stuck on a treadmill. 6

Filipo Daugunu 2020 headshot14. Filipo Daugunu

Daugunu backed up his excellent test debut with another solid outing. Looked dangerous with ball in hand but his opportunities were relatively limited when compared to last week.  He was another who was guilty of looking for a big hit that leading to some bad missed tackles. 6

Tom Banks 2020 headshot15. Tom Banks

The Brumbies fullback looked out of his depth at Eden Park. Whilst Banks did a good job diffusing high balls and positioning himself for kicks, he never really threatened the All Blacks defensive line and lacked the ball-playing skills and presence that could have taken the pressure off James O’Connor and the young centre pairing in the second half. 5


Jordan Uelese 2020 headshot16. Jordan Uelese

A few nice carries but again the scrum regressed when the reserve front-rowers were introduced. 5

Scott Sio 2020 headshot17. Scott Sio

Virtually anonymous around the park and another who contributed to our scrum going backwards. 4

Allan Alaalatoa 2020 headshot18. Allan Alaalatoa

Introduced at halftime and was consistent in open play. Loses a point for the set-piece issues at the back end of the game. 5.5

Rob Simmons 2020 headshot

19. Rob Simmons

Doesn’t add much punch as a finisher.  With Simmons off to England next year perhaps its time to blood a younger second-rower off the bench. 4

Liam Wright 2020 headhsot20. Liam Wright

The Red skipper was heavily involved after replacing Wilson at halftime. Unfortunately, he was another who contributed to the Wallabies high turnover rate, losing the ball twice in contact. Showed his worth by getting over the ball and forcing a penalty with 10 minutes to go. 5.5

Jake Gordon 2020 headshot21. Jake Gordan

Needed to bring more of a controlling aspect to the contest – it all just felt a bit helter-skelter when Gordon came on. He did have a couple of lovely darts around the ruck. 5.5

Jordan Petaia 2020 headshot22. Jordan Petaia

Whilst Petaia looked dangerous with every touch; he was another Wallaby who was guilty of poor ball security. Is better for the hit out and will surely start in Sydney. 6

Reece Hodge 2020 headshot23. Reece Hodge

Hodge had a couple of nice carries into contact and perhaps deserved more than the 15 minutes he got when the game was already over. Oozes consistency, something the Wallabies could have used a bit more of on Sunday afternoon. 6


10 – A legendary performance to go down in the history books
9 – Outstanding performance: Man of the match shoo-in
8 – Excellent all-round game
7 – Good game with a few sparkles
6 – Solid performance
5 – Average – ho hum
4 – Below par
3 – Had a bad game
2 – Tell your story walking pal
1 – A complete joke


  • Steve

    Thanks OC – Always a tough challenge to do.

    Again, I have issue with rating Banks a 5 along with “Banks did a good job diffusing high balls and positioning himself for kicks”, while the row of turnstiles in front him all scored higher.

    In a game where lack of defence and solidity lost us the game, this is a very Aussie attitude to take.

  • Nutta

    Many thanks Oli

    I did not consider BPA MOTM. Again I would have looked to Matt Philip there. However on reflection it is not a bad call – got his meat & potatoes right and contributed elsewhere. No issue.

    But for the same reason I don’t understand the general feeling against Banks (not just here but elsewhere in wider media as well). Handles the highball nicely, kicked accurately and tackled well. Meat & potatoes. Ok he didn’t do anything spectacular in O but if we want that then go back to picking Beale and we live with everything else that brings (thanks, but no).

    I was surprised at Tupou’s early replacement as well.

    • idiot savant

      Agree with you and Steve that Banks has got an undeserved bad wrap. He did the basics well but stood out because he tried to get heavily involved and spark something. He wasnt able to because the AB defence was amped up and because well, he’s not a playmaker. But I doubt Rennie will punish him for that performance. He put his hand up. Although with Toomua gone maybe Rennie has to look at a full back option that can play first receiver. Thats not DHP. Pity Campbell is so small. He has the right skill mix. Maddocks too but speaking of Beale…. he too flaky at this point in his development.

      On Tupou, I too was surprised not least because he is one of those players that makes space for others by attracting an extra man or men in defence. He is a distracting target and that could really have helped in the second half when the AB defence went up a gear.

    • Mike D

      Starting to think Rennie was playing a long game. Looked at the potential for injury and said, “right, pull off some of my starting front row, make sure we keep the team intact long term.” Because there was real potential for horrific injuries in that match. Yes the physicality of it, but also some of the diving (actually spearing) into rucks that was happening.

      Agree on Banks. I like his play, no he didn’t do heaps in offense, but then who did? But he managed the high ball well and brought it back into contact near his forwards so they didn’t have to sprint 40m to a break down. Basic ball security first and foremost.

      • Yowie

        …Rennie was playing a long game. Looked at the potential for injury and said, “right, pull off some of my starting front row,…

        When I played we only got oranges.

        • Mike D

          As crotch protectors, I presume, in case a spearing ruck clean out hit you in the Matt Toomuas?

        • Nutta

          You beat me to it. Feeling mighty ripped off. I know these top-end boys get it good but really…

          And it’s for-real too as for my first 25-30yrs playing we sang the victory song in the sheds and there was a least 2x cartons of grog on the floor when we came in. Fair play.

          Whereas for the last 5yrs or so with all the bloody gel-shots and sporty-spice drinks there are no bloody beers and we’re expected to line up like trained monkeys and sing the song to the crowd while Numbats live-stream it on FB. Farh Ken Oath. I’m starting to feel like an AwlBlick and am expecting choreography and liturgical dance next.

        • Yowie

          On reflection the “only oranges” thing isn’t 100% true. There was that half season where Father O’Riley coached us before he got moved to another parish.

        • Nutta

          There is soooo much I want to say. And so little that I should say…

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          ooooooooooh! That sort of explains a lot

        • formerflanker

          “there was a least 2x cartons of grog on the floor when we came in. Fair play.”
          What did the other 14 players get?

        • Nutta

          They got thoughts & prayers.

          Look, I fought the good fight for a while – in about 2012 the club started bring in an esky with sports drinks and coke cans and other associated kiddy-shit and I lost my rag a few times so there was always a few beers tossed in for a while. But it progressively got worse and what was 2ctns became 1ctn became a half-ctn became a lonely x6 over about a 5yr period.

          I completely lost it one day when they ‘renovated’ the dressing sheds and actually put fkn doors on newly installed, individually partitioned shower stalls. Fortunately it was a shoddy job so i just lifted the doors off the pins and a trusty phillips-head on a battery-drill took care of the rest. The Club Secretary came and had a go at me. I asked him if he knew how much it hurts when you use a screw head to twist someone’s gut-skin. Conversation over.

          Naturally the fkn cricket club complained. Ponces. So the doors are back.

          These days I sit in the corner growling at people and drinking my whiskey instead. Some in the Club think it’s a bad look that I’m drinking hard-liquor whilst sitting on the bench. Bugger them. And they say I have the problem. Well they fkn made me this way. It’s their fault. New Age Pansies.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Hahahahahaha that’s gold. Hopefully I’ll reff you one day and we can sit and share a whiskey together after the game

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Oranges! Luxury. All we got was a smack on the back of the head and told to toughen up

      • Jason

        Yeah this game was largely a write off, play some experimental line-ups.

    • Jason

      Regarding Tupou I suspect he was being load managed.

    • Wallabrumby

      Agree RE Banks – I think he has been solid for 2 test, yes he hasn’t made any trade mark breaks but I think that is a combination thing. His position play at the back in diffusing kicks and also in defense is underrated.
      Would like to see him in space all the same. Also one of his missed tackles was Clark who was clearly tackled and Clark got up and kept running.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        Wasn’t held mate so he’s allowed to

        • Greg

          anyway…. released and regained his feet.

          [comment elsewhere about still needing to learn to lie over the ball refers….]

        • Who?

          I double checked that one on the day – Clarke didn’t release the ball. He was on his knees on the ground with Banks’ arms around him, he pulled away from Banks, stood up without releasing, ran ahead and set up Savea’s try. He was basically as held as BPA (who wasn’t really held, he was under an existing maul when he regained his knees – the penalty was the correctly ruling).

        • Andrew Thompson

          Not the rule defender hands on knee on ground = tackle.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          If you’re not held then it’s not a tackle. So even if you are tackled and brought to the ground, but the tackler loses contact with you in the tackle then when you hit the ground it’s not technically a tackle because you have to be held for it to be one. I’m not so sure whether he released the ball or not but he doesn’t actually have to if he’s not held.

      • I looked at that, and my first thought was that he was tackled, I looked at the replay and thought “was he held?” and I wasn’t sure.

        It was so clear, in terms of a tackler and a tackled player, in the wide open with no one around, and the TMO wasn’t shy, so I’m thinking not a clear offence.

    • I had this discussion yesterday with Huw. I like a 15 who does the basics well, catches the high ball, kicks well for touch (or to space upfield if that’s the game plan), makes a high proportion of their tackles. Banks ticks all the boxes.

      Having a FB who can add to that is always nice, but look back to Sunday and the previous one. How much difference did it make to the AB forwards never having to trudge back 40 m because BB didn’t drop a high ball while the week before they did it regularly because DMac couldn’t buy a clean catch? I know the weather was different, there were a load of other things going on too and, or course, having caught the ball Clarke and Barrett made some tackle-breaking runs, but DMac can do that too. But that simple catching the ball and having options that mean the forwards stay going forward makes a big difference.

  • idiot savant

    Thanks OC. Good summaries. I agree that BPA really stood up but I want him marked down to a 2 for recidivist stupidity. BPA has been penalised many many times for crawling on the bottom of rucks and using his knees to promote himself over the try line. He’s kissed this girl before and been slapped for it. Some blokes just never learn.

    I feel Slipper deserved another half point for a huge game and bringing Caleb Clarke to ground the first 2 times he got the ball. Im getting worried about Scotty Sio. I don’t think he’s handled the demotion well and seems to be mentally fading.

    Mark Rennie down a point for taking Tupou off at half time (unless there is an injury niggle we dont know ablaut). WTF? This guy plays 90 minutes for the Reds and really puts his opponents off their game.

    Im going to grudgingly admit that Hanigan deserved his 6.5. There might even be a future there. I guess he’s proof that if you fire enough bullets you’ll eventually hit something.

    Hoops? Nah, I’ll start a fight. But gee I hope he really enjoys Japan and doesn’t feel like he has to come back too soon.

    White and JOC were ok when you consider the ABs gave them much less time than last week. It was classic AB pressure on the halves and when Toomua went off there was no playmaker to shovel to. But we were in it for all but 15 minutes so I dont think they were too shabby. The chase and defensive shape let them both down with some of their kicking.

    If Rennie is consistent Marika should get a week off. What struck me was how he makes mistakes at full pace – which isn’t a good sign for a winger. Daugunu was good but under utilised. He will have nightmares about Caleb Clarke for some time to come.

    • Funk

      I was thinking the same thing about Sio, he seems off this year even through SRAU.

      • Reds Revival

        Completely agree, but probably a bit soon to be throwing Bell into the fray!

        • Funk

          Probably not, but Ainsley is in the squad as well, he could have been on the bench. Hopefully Sio gets his mojo back soon.

        • Howard

          Ainsleys a THP and not very good at that. Miles behind Thor or many a’s Sio does need to pull his socks up because he’s really not putting in this year

        • Funk

          Yep your right, then maybe like Hoss has mentioned HJH. I still rate Sio over most when he is playing well but at the momnet he’s just not.

    • Hoppy

      Agree on Hooper. Cane has schooled him on both the breakdown and on captaincy in these 2 tests. Those 5 missed tackles also don’t count the ones where he rushed up and didn’t lay a finger on the target. Then there’s the Meerkat impression he does at scrum time where he stops pushing and often hands the initiative to the opposition 8 man shove with our scrum starting to go backwards soon after. Time to start resting him and letting McReight show his wares.
      White also has a tendency to follow a good game where we win or draw with another where he gets flaky mentally. Perenara had him on a string with his antics, just prodding and provoking White who in short order lost the plot and wanted to retaliate instead of bringing his own game to a better level in response. Smith and Perenara both know exactly how to get to him and quickly.

      • MichaelA

        Interesting point about White getting niggled. I hadn’t thought about that before, but now you mention it…

      • UTG

        The statisticians 100% do count the ones where he shot up and got beaten.

    • Brumby Runner

      I don’t agree about Sio, but if he does get replaced I can’t think of a more worthy replacement than HJH. He would not be found wanting.

      No fight with me on Hooper. Absolutely a top player but moreso with a winter’s skills playing in the pack.

    • I think BPA is a bit lucky, on at least two of his lineout wins, maybe it was three, I didn’t count properly. But his very first one got a tiny deflection on the top and fell into Toomua’s hands rather than an AB’s. Win for the Wallabies, yes… but not a good throw-catch combination. Just before he was subbed (I think), there was a catch and flick off the top to 9. It was more like a spike to about 30 cm into front of White and somehow he pulled off a hero catch, instead of a knock on. But for those two bits of skill and luck, we’re looking at three lost lineouts again…

  • Mike D

    Absolutely agree with points on Hannigan. I think previously he was thrown into tests too young and expected to be some sort of wunderkind. He has potential to grow and will get tougher, more cunning, and more skilled over the next 10 years. Expect him to peak when he’s 30+ years old. I’m looking forward to watching him develop.

  • onlinesideline

    Scott Sio – Im becoming less and less convinced about his inclusion in the team. Yes he is in the engine room, doing heavy tackles, he seems pretty solid in scrums, but I never seem to actually see him truck it up and get over the gain line, or truck it up and hold ball out to side ready to slip a pass to someone. Its just head down, truck it up 4 meters and hit the deck, recycle.
    Is that good enough in this day and age if you want to be a world class team ? The AB tight 5 seem to be better linkers. Im obsesed with that part of their play. I wish our guys would focus on linking more.

    • Joe Blow

      His scrum work is suspect. It is on that side where the ABs were getting on top when he came on. Might be time to give one of the young fellas a go from the bench.

      • Hoss

        My smokey is HJH on the pine for B3. he’s good on the ball, solid at set piece, a good tackler and trucks it up.

        The SS seems to have lost that hunger and work ethic and to be frank showed sweet FA during SR Strayler.

        • MichaelA

          But, but, that would add another Tah…

        • Hoss

          ‘Incremental gains’

        • Huw Tindall

          Good shout Hoss. I was a bit skeptical about HJH’s potential when he came on the scene last year. Thought he was going to be one of those good around the park but average at set piece props. To his credit he really stepped up in Super this year to the extent that the Tahs front row was competitive. Full credit with newbies at prop (Bell) and hooker (Horton) to pack down with. Speaking of Tahs I think Horton is a great chance for Wallaby honours next season. Offers way more than any of the current crop of hookers who are all very similar.

      • Brumby Runner

        Not exactly accurate JB. The scrum later in the second half where we were going backwards at rate of knots, it was the TH side that gave way under AB pressure. The only scrum in the whole game that I remember being really worked over. And RS was the lock on that side. He looked to be under most pressure.

    • Wallabrumby

      Agree I believe he was below par for the Super AU season as well. Would be good if could get AAA at loose head, starting along side Tupou. My suspicion is next match AAA will start and Tupou will come on with 30 to play

  • Jason

    Hanigan is basically a mini Simmons.

    • Who?

      That’s a bit unfair. Simmons’ maul infraction in Welly was one off and way less obvious. He didn’t go swinging around the side of the maul and then start digging – the maul flaked off him, gathered around him again, and then he went digging. Hanigan did indeed go swinging round the side and start digging whilst not being caught in the maul before being penalized.

      Hopefully Dave gives him a rocket this week, because that sort of stupidity didn’t go with the rest of his game on the weekend.

  • Joe Blow

    BPA was OK and did some good things. Stats show 1 tackle made and 1 missed? Not exactly a Trojan in defence. That double movement cost us big time, as did the carry from the base from LSL near the line. We need to be smarter, like the Darkness.

    • Jason

      I disagree that it was actually a double movement. Poor call from the TMO IMO.

      He clearly didn’t propel himself – his legs stayed still, he lifted his body to reach out his arm.
      But he has done that too often and that’s something he NEEDS to cut it out of his game. He must be more patient.

      • Joe Blow

        You cannot play the ball on the ground. You also have to release if tackled and held, which he was. He could have released, risen to his knees, picked up and gone but not gotten up at the bottom of the ruck and moved forward as he did. penalty every day.
        He has been penalised for the same previously in Super Rugby.

        • Graeme

          My memory is terrible, but wasn’t it him that did a quintuple-movement in the super rugby a year or two ago, where it honestly looked like he was trying to a swimming Aussie crawl to the try line.

      • onlinesideline

        he was lying flat and then rose up using his knees to jolt himself forward. Once you use the knees the ref said, its a no no

        • Who?

          He didn’t actually move forward on his knees. The reason it’s a penalty is, as Joe Blow says, he was ‘playing the ball off his feet’. He went to ground, didn’t place/release the ball, then moved. He didn’t go forward, but he was moving off his feet. Actual movement forward or otherwise is irrelevant.

      • Hambone

        It was clearly a double movement unfortunately. Even on the back of my pint power drinking rose coloured glasses. Cost us dearly as if he went to ground and recycled we surely would have scored as they were scrambling.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        Sorry it was absolutely a double movement and the correct call.

      • Too Little Too Late

        I’m pretty sure there is no law called double movement, but what he did was definitely playing the ball on the ground. Same as that crazy rolling about 4 times that once was accepted. You have to place it immediately not get yourself to a better position then place.

        One of the Caleb Clarke’s pinball runs (before Savea’s try I think), looked to me like he was tackled and then got up to shrug off the tackler, I yelled it at the TV at the time. Would have been a brave ref to call it such.

        • Who?

          You’re right – I replayed it whilst watching, he was on his knees with Banks’ arms around him… Didn’t release the ball.

    • Greg

      Guys isn’t a double movement mungo?

      My understanding of the laws is that when tackled:-
      1. movement in any direction needs to be as a result of momentum.
      2. you are able to place the ball in any direction.

      If ground into the grass on the bottom of a ruck, the only momentum you have is downward :-( He could reach out in any direction but not propel himself in any direction.

      Bottom line…. I think he went too early. Just wait 2 more seconds and get 7 points.

      • Alister Smith

        I don’t think it is called a double movement in rugby but I think what he did probably wasn’t legal. The tackle was completed and if he had been able to reach out and place the ball over the line at that point he would have been awarded the try but he first rose into a crouched position and then reached out – so his immediate movement wasn’t to place the ball in any direction but to rise to his knees and elbows. To do that he probably has to release the ball.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          definitely called a double movement and unlawful. If he could have reached out with his arms and not gone up on his knees to go forward then it would have been good. He was just too short and couldn’t reach the goal line. Should have been patient and gone again

        • Greg

          @KARL… which law refers to double movement?

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          2.c. Says it must be a continuous movement so if you stop and go again then it’s called double movement. Doesn’t mention the words but it’s what we’re taught to call it so people understand the ruling

        • Who?

          That’s new though, isn’t it? Because it’s always previously been ruled as ‘not releasing’, and it’s never explained that way at any other point on the field. Which makes it a League thing imported into our game for no benefit.

          The issue wasn’t that he went again, because as you say you can reach out, it’s that he was playing the ball off his feet not immediately.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          It’s not new as far as I know. The issue is he was tackled short of the line and stopped. So the movement of bringing his knees up and reaching out was a second movement. If he’d been able to reach out and touch the line he’d have been fine.
          Actually it’s not a league thing at all. In a tackle you have to release the ball but you have always been able to place it or even push it in any direction except forward. You just must do it immediately. Law 6 and 7.a

        • Who?

          I mean it’s new calling it ‘double movement’. The law’s always been there, it’s just that we’ve traditionally called it ‘not releasing’. Because there’s little logic in having a different explanation for an offence in the red zone that is the same offence wherever you are on the field.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          No it’s different to not releasing as that’s just holding the ball. This is specifically about grounding short and not being carried over with momentum and making another movement while held towards the try line to score. Not a lot in it but I can see why they have it

        • Alister Smith

          There is no offence of double movement in the 2020 law book and no mention of that term – It’s a league term. The offence is under Law 14 Section 7, tackled player must immediately release the ball. 14.7a allows the ball to be placed in any direction

          But they don’t actually use the phrase double movement

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          I think it’s more Section 8.2.c. where it talks about a player who is tackled short has to have momentum over the try line in one continuous motion to score. He/she can’t stop and then move forward. All my training has this referred to as a double movement even though the wording isn’t actually in the law book.

      • Geoffro

        I thought he went again…offhand,whats the ruling if he’s shoved over the line once he’s hit the deck ?

        • Greg

          My reffing days are a long while ago…. but I would say it has to be consistent with playing immediately.

          If the maul is moving forward at speed and he hits the deck half metre short, by the time he places the ball he has been driven over the line.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          If it’s the same movement as the going down it’s all good

  • Jason

    I’d be keen to see a Paisami & Petaia centre pairing.

    • onlinesideline

      The exorcet needs to be a bit more selective when trying to rocket out of the line. Keep it midfieldish, not 10m out from our line. Just get your man first, then maybe surprise him next time with a bone rattler, just for shits and giggles.

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    You’re a brave man Oliver to put yourself out there to be shot at. So many opinions in this sort of stuff that no matter what you say there’s always a few who’ll disagree. Like me for example hahahahaha. To be fair I don’t have any complaints and the point or so I think is always part of my bias more than anything else. Not sure what Hodge did that got him a 6. Not really on long enough to prove anything and certainly didn’t step up with his experience to guide anything with no Toomua there. Don’t rate him at all actually. I have to give Hanigan his due. Probably the best game I’ve seen from him in a long time. Still needs to get lower and better at ruck time but he didn’t have a bad game at all. I don’t like White so I’ll always mark him at least 2 points lower but that’s just my bias coming through.

    • Greg

      I was waiting for a yellow card for Hannigan. Two maul penalties in quick succession and one on the ground as well I think.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        Can’t fault his enthusiasm and to be fair that has always been a good part of his play

      • Who?

        I thought the one on the ground was to him, not against him..? As in, he gave away two stupid penalties in a row, then found the relieving penalty.
        But I was with you – twice pinged for the same infraction, you’re expecting that YC.

  • Pfitzy

    1) “Gordon”
    2) Stop it with the .5 ratings – integers please and justify them
    3) Wright was a 4 at best – one penalty gained after the game was lost does NOT make up for getting stripped by the opposition replacement half.

    Time to ditch Simmons and bring in Hosea or some other guy who looks like they want to be there.

  • Andy

    Good call on BPA. Happy he got game time. Thought he was unlucky not be in the mix last year and was the best 2 in Super AU this season imo.

    FF is an ok player in a good team. Hasn’t cut the mustard at test level yet.


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