Waratahs v Reds - Green and Gold Rugby
NSW Waratahs

Waratahs v Reds

Waratahs v Reds

The Waratahs have comprehensively taken apart the Queensland Reds 45-12 in Sydney tonight.

Waratahs v reds 2020-4

The Match

The Waratahs have gone on a try-scoring rampage against a hapless Reds outfit bearing little resemblance to the outfit that challenged the Brumbies last week.

The contrast between the two sides couldn’t be starker. The Waratahs played to their strengths and stuck to their patterns while the Reds were terrible at every aspect of the game except the scrum.

Look, as a Reds supporter, I’ve sat here and watched my team play like rank amateurs tonight and frankly I don’t have the temperament to a decent job of this review after watching the effort they’ve put in. The Waratahs, on the other hand, were on song.

Waratahs v reds 2020-3

The Game Changer

The whistle to start the game.


Jake Gordon picked up Three tries and steered the dominant pack around masterfully.

Wallaby watch

Will Harrison stood out. Frankly, I could name most of the Waratahs side here. No one in Maroon deserves a mention.


Waratahs 45
Tries: Gordon 3, Maddocks, Newsome, Horton
Conversions: Harrison 5, Donaldson
Penalties: Harrison
Reds 12
Tries: Hardy, O’Connor
Conversions: O’Connor

Waratahs v reds 2020-6

  • Don’t talk to me! I’ll be in my room in the foetal position until further notice.

    • HK Red

      At least you stuck it out. I turned off the tv in the 53rd minute when Horton scored.

      • Tim

        I reckon the hardest thing to take this weekend. Is that all the “wallabies” that should make up the squad didn’t pick up their game and got smashed. I am not sure if this weekend was a good thing for Australian rugby or bad?

        • idiot savant

          It should be good as it has increased competition for each position. Karmichael Hunt for example has put his name forward for 12. Maddocks and Hodge for 15. Gordon for 9. Hosea for 4. 13 is wide open. This is all good.

      • Alister Smith

        It got so desperate I started flicking across to Fr Brown….it reminded me of when I was 12 watching scary movies through my fingers

  • Huw Tindall

    Cheers Sully! Took me about as long to read the match report as it did for the Tahs to wrap up the game tonight against the Reds.

  • IIPA

    Looking forward to Hoss’s match report. It might be a tad more lucid and detailed.

    All I’ll say is Gordon’s first try with the chip from Ramm and the flick from Hunt gave me a stiffy.

    • Too Little Too Late

      I’ve been a long time non contributor to this forum, I’ve watched from the sidelines as some of the best banter on rugby has filled my phone screen.

      Let me start with thanking all the regular reporters and commenters. I’ve been amused and in agreement with most of the comments posted, and above all loved the passion that fills this website.

      I finally had to comment in full agreement with IIPA, that try was awesome. Too often we as rugby fans have had an inferiority complex to Kiwi rugby.

      That try tonight was as good as anything in world rugby, the fact that the Waratahs scored it made me jump out of my seat in excitement.

      Aussie Rugby feels like its turned the corner. Wallabies places are on the line and the players are playing like it means something.

      Thanks once again for the brilliant repartee from the usual contributors, they are the highlight of my before and after work scrolling.


      • IIPA

        Was a beauty ! And then the two that came soon after weren’t far behind.

        Like you I tend to be more a reader than a poster here and agree there’s a dozen or two contributors plus the guys that write the news / top 5s / match reports that really make this site what it is.

        • Too Little Too Late

          Perhaps it’s the ‘clean air’ that the Super Rugby AU gives us, but this weekends games have been crackers (Reds fan’s excluded).

          Our competition is heating up, and the selection panel must be excited by the quality being served up. Each spot in contention. Established players needing to step up and young bucks strutting their wares.

          We might a step behind the pace, but geez it’s a step we can make up.

          Looking forward to whatever the Wallabies serve up this year, and as I always said I support the Wallabies it’s the only team you have for life.

      • GeorgiaSatellite

        Are you boning up on your commenting now?

      • Huw Tindall

        Long time reader, first time poster? Post more ya bastard!

      • Hoss

        Welcome aboard. Sorry to be a stickler, but new comers are required to bring a plate of sweets and or alcohol to be accepted, so…..

        • Too Little Too Late

          I appreciate the welcome and understand the requirements.

          Please pop down to your local bottle shop and pick out a 2014 Coonawarra Cab Sav, tell the proprietor it’s on Too Little Too Late’s tab.

        • Greg

          Just been down to the bottlo. They said I was number 72.

    • Huw Tindall

      I hope Hoss comes in off the long run/big session and dishes it up finer than the MasterChef final.

    • Keith Butler

      He waxed lyrical.

  • Ads

    Not against you Sully (thanks for the report), but I look forward to this weeks’ “they played well in training” “none of the Tahs will make the wallabies”.

    No basis for optimism my arse.

    Looks it’s not a done deal. They could very easily lose next week. But they are young and apparently being well coached. Good for Aus rugby.

    • UTG

      I’m still bracing for the hot take on why Tom Cusack is a better 7 than Michael Hooper.

      • pfft,

        Hooper didn’t even bother to get carded.
        What kind of 7 is that?

  • nmpcart

    Very well played by the Waratahs, didn’t expect that. Great support runners at all times – there was always someone there to take the pass. Reds clearly showing that they have a good grasp of social distancing in defence. . Dauganu got closer than 1.5 metres though when he decided to run back between the Tahs 9 passing to the 10, and he should have been quarantined for that. Maybe if no other teams are allowed across the Qld border we will have a chance. Anyone got the number for the Premier?

  • Crescent

    As a fun animated character once said “I can see you are confused and aroused” – probably sums up that game as a Tahs fan.

    The margin was somewhat unexpected. The effort wasn’t, it appears they stopped talking and starting doing something about delivering on the park. The light weights decided to protect the ball in attack, and get after Reds ball at every opportunity and rarely let the Reds back into the game.

    However, the last 10 minutes for the Tahs needs to be addressed. Shipping points at the death has cost them games, and closing out strongly needs work.

    A fine effort from Gen Next, and with some more time under their belt and ongoing development, there are exciting prospects starting to show their hand. Now to develop some consistency…..

    • UTG

      The last ten minutes was the majority played for on the Reds’ line.

      When you’re up 45-5 pushing for 50 points a leaked try at the end doesn’t mean anything.

      If you’re finding negatives from that Tahs’ performance you should give up watching rugby. Every game has imperfections and that Tahs performance was as close to perfection as you’ll get.

      • Crescent

        Bring up 5 positives and mention 1 negative aspect, but that is how I view at many things – list what I loved and look for what could be improved – doesn’t mean I thought it was not enjoyable or a not a great match.

        Where does the thought come from?
        Rd 1 – lost by 6, shipped 6 points in the last 10 mins.
        Rd 2 – shut out the Force
        Rd 3 – lost to Brumbies at the death (and that hurt after such a good performance!)
        Rd 4 – Rebels – ouch. We were cooked before shipping the late try.
        Rd 5 – bye

        I think it’s a fair observation that shipping points in the last ten would make a difference to how the season is perceived. Agree it was immaterial last night, but in the context of the season, it’s not out of line for such a minor point to be the biggest quibble to find.

        • UTG

          No need to go looking for a quibble in a match where a team played completely to potential (particularly when it wasn’t even an issue). It was a once in every couple of seasons performance like the Wallabies win over NZ last year. Soak it up while it lasts.

        • Crescent

          Make no mistake – I am watching it again right now just for the sheer joy of it!

  • Steve

    Jeez that wasn’t too flash was it. Funny that Wright had a dig at the Brumbies last week for celebrating like they’d won a final – and so it proved this week with a solid off night to the Rebels.

    And then the Reds themselves get the same syndrome twice as bad.

    Shows the value in shutting up once in a while

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    What happened there? I was tuning in to read a report of how we got given another Rugby lesson & we won. 45-12. I will need to read the reports to see if we had a wonderful one off or the Reds had four flat tyres. I’m pleased for players, coaching staff & everyone associated with my Tahs. Let’s hope we can build on this & gradually improve to the point where we are challenging some of the top teams. Baby steps.

    • Honestly, I think it was a great performance by the Tahs and a sub-par one by the Reds (although not as bad as the Brumbies – the Reds were certainly miles off the pace, but they looked like they wanted to play, unlike the Ponies yesterday, they were just not up to the pace and intensity of it).

      And again, we come back to my bug-bear about the state of Australian rugby. If you were going to select based on last week’s performances alone, you’d probably pick a load of Reds and Brumbies players. On this week’s performances alone, you probably wouldn’t pick a single one. (Both of those statements are probably exaggerated a little, but not that much.) I know you don’t pick on one-offs, but how do you pick the best player in a position when from week to week their performances go from the sublime to the ridiculous (that’s definitely veering into hyperbole).

      • idiot savant

        Yes for the first time this competition I agree with your position on the comparison between the kiwis comp and ours. No kiwi side would ever put up the white flag like the Reds did last night.

        • UTG

          Reds defensive stats were as good as both NZ teams last night (in fact much better than the Chiefs). The Waratahs just had an outstanding first half where every single pass stuck.

        • idiot savant

          And if ever there was a night where stats were irrelevant it was last night. This is the kind of attitude that leads to no change and more of the same. Reds defensive strategy, cover, and positioning should all be under the microscope after that. Take the Gordon break through the middle of the line out for eg. Why didnt Malolua run behind the line out in cover? Bad coaching? Wrong decision? Take any of the breaks down the NSW left hand side. Why didnt Reds players break from their positions and race over in cover when they saw one missed tackle? Daugunu did but it wasn’t enough. Some of the Reds weren’t working hard enough. Where were the loose forwards stationed? These are the kinds of things that were exposed and need addressing. Kiwi sides are better coached to make those moves and thats why you dont see any of their sides shipping 38 unanswered points in 25 minutes.

        • UTG

          Watch the tries with a keen eye and you’ll see it was a night where everything stuck. The Waratahs did a similar number on the Crusaders in 2018 in the first half in Christchurch, so did the Wallabies against NZ last year in Perth. Sure there are things to review on the tape but the Reds weren’t awful defensively.

          The first try down the left edge, Ramm stands up Campbell but the Reds do no wrong after that. Ramm puts in a well weighted chip kick and gets a fantastic bounce. The Reds’ loosies are trailing in behind and they actually make cover tackles but there are too many men in support and the offloads go to hand. It’s just a wonderful piece of attacking play where any side would concede a try.

          2nd try, Reds get penalised for sacking a maul, Waratahs play on under advantage and the Reds do a good job of shutting down the backline play behind the advantage line so the referee blows the whistle. Having forced the Tahs back, the Reds are caught offside by Gordon who scores from a quick-tap. Sure the Reds could probably work harder to get back onside but the fact that they were able to catch the Tahs so far behind the advantage line really hurt them.

          3rd try Dempsey makes a good move off his left foot and Jack Hardy trips over trying to make the tackle. Maddocks looms in support and is tackled over the line by Hegarty. One on one miss but not something that was happening a whole lot last night for the Reds.

          4th try—the lineout try. Very messy lineout from the Tahs, Hanigan just gets a touch on it and it bounces back up into Gordon’s hands. Malalou has to push forward into the hooker channel given the Tahs have been running set plays through the channel. HJH blocks Zander from getting a hand on Gordon. Really the try came about from a Tahs error and a fortuitous bounce. Again not something the Reds can really do much about.

          Final try of the half, ball hits the ground twice and both times bounces for the Tahs. On another night the Reds could easily have secured it and made a breakout.

          This was one of those performances that comes about at most just once a year. The Tahs did everything right and everything went right for them. There just wasn’t much the Reds could do. Good coaches know there’re nights when you just can’t do anything. I expect the Reds and Thorn will know this and will turn it around against the Rebels without having to do a whole lot in the way of personnel or tactical changes.

  • idiot savant

    Wow that was some performance by the Tahs. Their handling at full pace in greasy conditions was a sight to behold. The Reds dropped the very same ball when they tried to attack. James Ramm is going to be something special. He’s a bit George Bridge like and has upper body strength, pace, balance and smarts. Harrison continues to grow and Gordon has finally shrugged off his injuries and returned to form. The Tahs halves cut the Reds to ribbons.

    Full marks to the Tahs coaching group as well. Their game plan to use their pace to move the big heavy Reds forward pack around worked a treat. Reminded me of the humiliation the Sunwolves dished out to the Reds 2 years ago. That combined with the rush defence which shut down the Reds in the first half demoralised them and the game was over in 25 minutes. I couldn’t see any discernible game plan from the Reds but it should have been wet weather rugby and wasn’t. But then I guess when you’re defence is that poor you cant play wet weather rugby. And unless they get a new line out coach there will be more thrashings to come.

  • Hoss

    Zippity doo-dah, zippity ah, my oh my, what a wonderful day.

    We’ve all got them in our families. The dim, northern half-wit cousin who has spent a lifetime eating lead based paint flakes, licking windows and pulling the wings off flies and we understand that picking on them and humiliating them should be always be avoided – except for now.

    Last nite gods chosen ones displayed a type of brutality and buggery nairly dreamed of by the writers of ‘Deliverance’. The Northern Jethro 23 were left wanting, exposed and with a limp to last them an eternity after Gods Chosen ones clicked.

    I read that the Queenslanders People Republic of Queensland side were ‘off’ or ‘poor’ – I call bullshit in that. For that is to understate the complete dominance the Tah’s displayed from the first whistle. As Mr Savant opined a few days back the youth of the Tah’s was delivering consistently sublime in insistence. Last night us mere mortals were given a peak inside the window of potential if this side. Their was line speed and venom in defence. Poise, depth and unity in attack. Scintillating tries, stinging hits and a tear or two glistened as it ran down the weathered, leather-like Texture of my cheeks.

    Last night I was escorted back in time to a period in 2014. A time when the sun shone gently, the birds chirped sweetly and all was at one in the rugby cosmos. Last nite was not a game, nor a fluke but it was Mozart in shorts and sprigs delivering a symphony of soaring beauty with layers of ‘get that into you’ you northern simpletons interwoven for good measure.

    Now if you’ll excuse me – I am off to watch the replay with a box of tissues by my side – make of that what you will.

    Plenty of sunshine heading my way, zippity do-dah, zippity ah.

    • Yowie

      Not having foxtel or being bothered with streaming services, I just watched the online score updates, calmly, while gripping some Cloud City infrastructure:


    • Mate, I was even nearly impressed once or twice.

    • Keith Butler

      Crikey mate you’re up early. Was that one or two boxes? The Tahs were truely on song and the Reds were rank. I for one don’t by into the ‘ they left it out there against the Brumbies’ crowd. Haven’t seen a worse line out performance that that dished up by the Reds in years and their vaunted pack going backwards at the end does not auger well. Reds and Ponies well beaten by two good teams. A word of caution though my friend lest your well founded hubris comes back to bite you in your ample rear end.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Hahahahaha was waiting for this. One day of sun doesn’t make a summer, but it certainly clears the blues away.
      Good game mate and even as poor as the Reds were it was still a good game

  • Mortahs Incoming – custardtaht

    Well, the Reds were abused, the Stahs should be put on the offenders register.

    Like the Brumbies, the Reds were anus horriblis, it seems both teams may still be recovering from last week, and both their opponents took advantage and had their way with them.

    Whilst not quite to NZ standards, the Stahs were impressive.

  • formerflanker

    Hooper’s personal strategy this season has seen him play a lot tighter and get involved at the breakdown more often. Whilst he does get shifted by arriving opponents, his early arrival at the tackle and ability to bounce up and be available immediately are big strengths to his game.
    I assume he took a lot of “beat your opposite number” motivation into the game last night, and it paid off.

  • mortlucky

    Irrespective of the opposition effort or the relativity to NZ, the Tahs and Rebels (and ergo Wallabies) will benefit from having experienced a game where everything clicked. It’s a frame of reference/ template/ gold standard that is useful in the mental kit bag.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      Absolutely. Knowing it can happen helps it actually happen

    • idiot savant

      Only if the Wallabies are mainly Tahs and Rebels. Which on last outing they should be.

  • Alister Smith

    As a Reds fan….that wasn’t easy to watch. The Waratahs identified a weakness on that left edge where the fullback (Campbell) had been moved late in the week. But good on them for the way they played – Both 9 & 10 for the tahs had very good games. Harrison looks like he has something, add that to Deegan’s smart game the night before and there was some good 10 play to watch in both games. After being down 3 tries (17 points?) in under 15 minutes I thought the Reds then started to panic a bit – not necessarily catch-up footy but hard tense hands and some forced passes. Hopefully, they haven’t been training with the Broncos and caught whatever they have got. From such a strong (losing) performance against the Brumbies the previous week, well that was a huge drop but I think the desire was there (maybe too much). Some defensive work needs to be done this week because I think the Tahs worked on our defence in their prep last week.

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