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Blues hold off Waratahs

Blues hold off Waratahs

The Blues have held off the fast-finishing Waratahs 32-29 to continue their impressive run at home. The Blues would get off to a flying start, racing out to a 17-0 lead within 20 minutes. However, the Waratahs recovered from the slow start, fighting back into the match and they kept within striking distance for the majority of the second half.

In the end, the Blues showed their class, controlling the ball in the last moments of the game (after a questionable decision to kick the ball away as soon as the Waratahs got it), hanging on at the end to record their fourth straight home victory.

The Match

The first half would be a half of two halves, with the Blues flying out of the gate, immediately opening the scoring within 3 minutes when Ned Hanigan was caught not rolling away from the ruck, allowing Otere Black to convert the resulting penalty from 20m out.

They extended their margin when Tom Robinson was on the receiving end of to a lovely cut out from the ageless Ma’a Nonu, taking advantage of a lack of communication between Newsome and Foley to score, with Black slotting the conversion from the sideline to make it 10-0.

The Blues would take advantage of back to back sloppy penalties from the Waratahs, putting them back on the Waratahs goal-line, allowing Caleb Clarke to push the score out to 17-0 inside 20 minutes when he easily broke the attempted tackle by Adam Ashley-Cooper to cross right under the posts.

The Waratahs would kick into gear, reverting to their go to play of bombing for Israel Folau, who latched onto a pinpoint perfect kick from Foley, becoming the top try scorer in Super Rugby history and bringing the score back to 17-7.

This was the kick (literally) in the backside that the Waratahs needed, sparking them into action and they would look close to scoring from another cross kick, however, Folau was put into touch by the covering Blues defence.

The Waratahs pressure on the Blues line would be rewarded right before half time, with Will Miller rumbling over the line at the back of a strong driving maul, with Foley slotting the conversion from the sideline to bring the score to 17-14 to the Blues at the half time break.

Jack Dempsey Runs Waratahs & Crusaders 2019 (Credit Keith McInnes)

The second half would start exactly like the first, with the Blues dominating possession and territory, putting together 14 phases on the Waratahs line before TJ Faiane would finally get the ball over the line, extending their lead out to 22-14 after 45 minutes.

The Waratahs would return serve 10 minutes later, with Alex Newsome being rewarded for some strong runs to get into the Blues territory, taking advantage of a perfect cut out from Foley which put Folau through a gap, who proceeded to draw the fullback to allow Newsome to score. Foley would convert again from the sideline, bringing the score back to 22-21.

However, the Waratahs would gift an easy try to Ma’a Nonu, who put a huge hit on Folau to disrupt his pass, before running under the post after Rieko Ioane picked up the proceeding loose pass from Kurtley Beale, restoring their 8 point lead.

The two sides would proceed the trade penalty goals for the next 5 minutes, with both sides gifting Foley and Black with easy opportunties to continue their strong nights with the boot, with the Blues remaining in front 32-24.

The Waratahs would set up a grandstand finish, with replacement halfback Jake Gordan sprinting over from a strong Waratahs scrum 10m out, however it was third time unlucky for Foley from the sideline, leaving the score at 32-29 with 3 minutes to go.

Having given themselves a chance, the Waratahs for some unknown reason would then immediately kick the ball away, allowing the Blues to do what every good New Zeland team does, keeping the ball in hand for 3 minutes and securing the victory.

The Turning Point

After Alex Newsome’s try, the Waratahs were back within one and looking like they could snatch victory. However, some loose passing within the backline allowed Nonu to cross to put the Blues ahead by 8, a lead which they would maintain until the end.


Has to go to the immortal Ma’a Nonu. He controlled their offence, carving up the Waratahs during the first 20 minutes with two try assists and he would seal the result with a try of his own.

Wallaby Watch

Israel Folau once again was the best out of the Wallaby contingency, showing his class under the high ball and with the ball in hand. Besides his own slow start to the game, Foley showed his class to get the Waratahs back into the game, especially with the boot.

Disappointing outings from Hanigan, who was mysteriously pulled after 5 minutes and Hunt, who was quiet in attack and almost missed more tackles than he made.


Blues 32

Tries: Robinson (9′), Clarke (17′), Faiane (47′), Nonu (60′)

Cons: Black 3/4 (9′, 17′, 60′, 67′)

Pens: Black 2/2 (3′, 67′)

Waratahs 29

Tries: Folau (24′), Miller (39′), Newsome (55′), Gordon (77′)

Cons: Foley 3/4 (24′, 39′, 55′)

Pens: Foley 1/1 (63′)

  • Tim

    Did well coming back from 17-0. Very annoying that the crusaders gave away about 4 pens right in front of the sticks and nobody went to ask why they hadn’t warned of a yellow card yet. It was a very entertaining game despite the loss

    • Bobas

      Saders cheated in the game before this one too.

      • Who?

        Only the Saders are good enough at cheating to be able to cheat in two games in the same day, separated by hundreds of kilometres, and unimpaired by not playing in one of them! :-D

  • Cameron Rivett

    I have to give props to the Blues here, they look like a completely different side to last year – and they knocked off the Tahs then anyway! Phipps had a mediocre to bad game as usual, and Gordon made his impact felt the moment he entered the field. In my view, Phipps isn’t even in the top 4 Australian scrumhalves. Not even if I were being generous to him, and if I weren’t he’d probably fall a few ranks further.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Genia, McDermott, Ruru, Gordon, Powell, Moses are all better surely?

      • Cameron Rivett

        Sorovi isn’t as consistent as I’d like, but if Phipps keeps playing like this I’d agree with all of those!

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          It’s really a shame that Ruru gets such limited minutes at the Rebels. He’s a very good player and would start for at least the Brumbies and Tahs, if not the Reds also.

        • Cameron Rivett

          Ruru is okay but based on what I’ve seen I don’t think he’d start for anyone except the Brumbies. He’s a very solid bench player for the Rebels though, and could be that for any franchise.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Really? Personally I think Gordon’s passing technique and decision making at the ruck liabilities at international level despite his strong running game. I would have him behind Genia, Tate, Powell and certainly Ruru who is solid in all aspects of 9 play: much better running game than Powell, much stronger defence and pass than Gordon or Moses.

          Interesting the different ways people rate 9s.

        • Brumby Runner

          True DB. I personally would rate Gordon as next best to Genia for his more effective sniping game from the ruck and scrum base than any of the others. Perfectly illustrated again last night against the Blues.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          We’ve seen with Burgess and Phipps the issues with halfbacks that don’t deliver quick and accurate ruck ball. A halfback could have all the other attributes in the world, but if they don’t offer that then I personally wouldn’t consider them.

          Gordon seems to have a technical issues of his pass. He needs to take a step and it takes a lot of time away from his 10. Also has nowhere near the speed of decision making at the ruck as McDermot, Genia or Powell.

          His running game is excellent though.

        • Cameron Rivett

          It depends what you favour in a halfback. Gordon’s pass probably isn’t as quick and accurate as any of those players except maybe Powell but he runs/snipes better than all of them except maybe McDermott and Genia when he’s fired up. A coach who just wants a ball distributor wouldn’t pick Gordon and would pick Ruru, but on the balance of things I’d say that Gordon is the second-best halfback in Australia right now (though McDermott may soon replace him).

          My article this week will be on this topic and I would appreciate your thoughts on it once it goes up.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I can just personally never support picking a 9 for his running game rather than his passing game. It takes too much time away from the rest of the team, and puts them under pressure.

          I’ve seen the Wallabies make the mistake far too often in the post-07 era.

        • Cameron Rivett

          I can just personally never support picking a 9 for his running game rather than his passing game

          It’s never that clear a dichotomy or else most people would make the same decision. I get your point but it’s all a matter of degrees. Rather than a choice between someone who is 0/10 at passing but 10/10 at running and someone who is 10/10 at passing and 0/10 at running, we have choices more like someone who is 7/10 at passing but 9/10 at running and 9/10 at passing and 7/10 at running. And there are other factors too, such as combinations like how Genia and Cooper play better next to each other. I’m not sure the Waratahs have any need to get the ball to Foley a split second faster, not when the tradeoff is the creation of tries that wouldn’t otherwise have existed like Gordon’s solo try in this game.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          “I’m not sure the Waratahs have any need to get the ball to Foley a split second faster”

          What? Of course they do. Every moment the ball gets to the first receiver faster is a moment in which the defence has less time to get set. Delivering quick and accurate ruck ball consistently is by far the most important thing for a 9 to do.

          And you’re right, but the issue is that it isn’t a choice between an excellent pass / average running game in Powell and an excellent running game and pretty good passing game in Gordon.

          Instead, it is a choice between a very good passing game and very average running game in Powell; and a very good running game and a very average passing game in Gordon.

          The whole ‘running game’ argument is why we’ve had put up with Foley despite his positional limitations for for the last 4 years. Core skills come first, and for the 9 that is passing. If you don’t pass the passing test, it isn’t good enough.

    • Huw Tindall

      I don’t know why Phipps is starting to be honest. At his best he can really drive a team with his energy and speed to the breakdown. Would rather have a better game manager like Gordon to start.

  • Huw Tindall

    Turning into a season of almosts for the Tahs. Bonus point in every loss with 1, 2, 3 and 6 point margins. Every chance they should be 5-2 up not 3-4 down. Big game against the Rebels coming up in a fortnight.

    Being an optimist here’s what I liked.
    – HJH had a top class game. Solid scrum and a shed load of work in tight and runs.
    – Stainforth had his best game in blue. Got through so much work.
    – Set piece in general was excellent, especially the lineout.
    – Foley’s bombs were world class.
    – Folau drew and passed. Wow.
    – Dempsey had his best game since his comeback. Promising signs.

    And because I don’t have my head in the sand…things that worried me:
    – First twenty minutes. They were asleep. The remaining 60 they edged the Blues but a 17 point start is too much against what is fast becoming a very decent Blues side.
    – Hunt has had fuck all impact last 2 weeks. Off the bench against the Crusaders he was great. Total bum this game.
    – Wells and Miller have good motors but the Tahs lacked a a but of defensive ruck presence. Of course no Hooper but even with him you want a Poey or Marx type player somewhere in the mix.

    • Cameron Rivett

      I agree with everything, but I would say that Miller is a decent pilferer. I had the pleasure of watching him play for Norths before he was selected for the Waratahs and I know that he’s capable of performing some great turnovers – I’m pretty sure he bailed the Tahs out more than once on their own tryline last year. This was his first game back from injury and the Blues are very physical around the ruck so I assume that he will warm back into things.

      • Huw Tindall

        Yes I was probably a bit harsh Cameron. He was brilliant last year when Hooper did his hammy. To be fair to him he did a lot of digging today but didn’t come up with anything. I’m a fan.

    • Jason

      Foley’s bombs were world class.

      Nah, not so sure about that, I felt like he made quite a few of them much harder than they needed to be, but it’s hard to look bad when you’ve got Folau on the end of them!

      • GO THE Q REDS

        Agreed. He put up 4 or 5 bombs and only 1 was advantage and pin point. That’s ALOT of lottery and broken play your giving to good counter attacking teams aswell as offensive possetion your giving away cheaply……

        • Jason

          I guess the other thing to consider is what is his benefits over replacement (same should have been considered with Izzy and Hooper in their contracts). Let’s assume Foley’s kicks were decent, are they going to be better than Quade’s, is Foley going to make up for the areas of the game he gives away to Quade?

          And in that context I’d say Foley is perhaps even behind Hegity at the moment.

  • Hoss

    Love an article that has maths question to start.

    ‘A half of two halves’ = one/eighth. The Tah’s were robbed given the game was shorter than it should be. Fucking kiwis coming up with even more refined cheating plans. Bastards.

    I did watch on in awe though as I compared Spanners outing this week v Shifters outing last week and got a new appreciation of mentoring par excellence. Charge downs – check, missed tackles – check, poor passes – check, poor options – check. Good goal kicking – check.Mack is in capable hands after being taught by a Black-Belt in his craft. Had a chuckle in the seconds prior to half time (by my reckoning the 14th half of the half that was an eight – Nath, please verify) the Bovine Sprinkler, base of ruck and siren sounds and he turns to ref to confirm – after last week kicking it out on full before the siren sounded. That’s applied learning – very impressive.

    Don’t know if Ned was hurt or yanked. Had given away two penalties already and had that ‘multiple penalty’ look about him – maybe his replacement was insurance, either way, Staniforth had a belter.

    Last match summary, Gilbert continues to shine in the same way that way that being really shit is better than being completely shit or am I confused in that he is shit at being really shit or just shit as he is really good at being better than average shit or is he shit as he is not good at being good ? Nathan’s maths question intro has thrown me. Either way I hope he gets a try assist for Nonu’s ((kiwi for ‘old fart’)try. Gilbert’s commitment to running sideways and stealing time and space from team mates before unloading speccies is to be admired, especially in the face of overwhelming evidence that it’s NOT FUCKING WORKING YOU FUCKTARD.i will say this though, I was on all 4 Oz teams with my multi. The Ponies with 25.5 start, the Tah’s with 8.5, so there is an upside, a large upside.

    Listening to Segall during the coverage today had some interesting things to say. Most notable, those he didn’t mention in contention for spots and ‘seemingly’ open to axing the Pooper – no, that’s not a metaphor. Interesting

    • Who?

      A half of two halves is written 1/2 * 2/2. So, that then would work out to 2/4, which simplifies to 1/2. A half of two halves is a half..? ;-
      I wrote that before GTQR posted! :-D But was reading the rest of your post.
      Hoss, when do the Tahs get the bye..? I think you need the break. :-(
      Oh – and, since I missed the game – was the Chef involved with the media during the game?

      • Hoss

        Morning Dr. he was in studio between the Ponies and Tah’s matches for a 15 minute interview. Was quite candid in his Segall-speak way.

        Summary –

        – said that Palestine is form hooker in Oz conf. but needs to get fitter.
        – said they are doing all they can to get Nick White and Will Skeleton back
        – believes there are genuine options at 6 & 8
        – Kafer asked him directly re Pooper and said the bench for one was a real possibility
        – singled out Valentini as being real impressive
        – mentioned the form of Luke Jones and the real flexibility of the back row with FKA and Jones capable of playing 6
        – mention SR form was key. As to combinations and not from state sides, but which form players complimented each other best.
        – said the new attack coach candidates are already in Oz
        – that 2019 will see new selections and style of play.
        – that 2018 wasn’t the year to tip his hand and show other nations that style to allow them to see what we will be doing
        – spoke about rotation policy and explained its more about the volume of games for players. The science suggests that 25 games is ideal and that the loads this year were different, meaning it’s usually 15-16 Super games, 7 x RC and then 4 x NH. This year it’s 15-16, 4 and 7 to the RWC final
        – acknowledges he has made some changes to his prep and now studies more about opp reams and specific players
        – spoke about Schnoz and Mandrake and that dynamic.

        It was candid, insiteful and interesting

        • Ed

          Thanks for the summary of Cheik speak Hoss.

          He said “11 or 12” players had been allocated games off with the idea being that top Wallabies would ideally play their 25th game of the year in the World Cup final.

          While they were having certain games off they were not rest weeks with players given training tasks to complete.

          “You know me, I don’t think I’d be copying New Zealand,” Cheika said.

          “We want to have guys full of energy.

          “In the week of the World Cup final you don’t want to be going soft at training.”

          These quotes are from a Fux article.

          I would like to hear Dylan Langes’ thoughts on it as a sports scientist. Cheik can dismiss what the ABs do in this area but you can bet their S&C coach would be looking at what the most up-to-date thinking is from both practical and theoretical sides.

        • Who?

          Thanks Hoss. Wow, he seems to be in a pretty good mental state, getting round talking to lots of people! Given I watched his 2.5 hour interview in Dublin from the other night.
          He always thinks everyone needs to get fitter… Yet Skelton didn’t learn to get fit until he was no longer under Cheika, and Latu gets picked in spite of not being fit enough for the Waratahs. :-
          I’m not unhappy that he’s trying to get White and Skelton back. Skelton, I can easily see him being another Vickerman/Douglas, as in, returns for a RWC, has one good game (Douglas) or maybe 4 (Vickerman), then doesn’t contribute again (i.e. injured, or back overseas). White would be a brilliant backup for Genia, and to have Genia/Cooper and White/Toomua in the same side (plausibly both on the bench, but you’re talking about a combination that, whilst they haven’t played together recently, have played a lot together in the past, and a both even better players now than then).
          I’m finally starting to be able to understand LSL and Salakaia-Loto for FKA… Finally! It’s only taken seven rounds!
          Not sure I’m happy that the new attack coach candidates are locals. Who’s a viable option, who Cheika would consider? McKay’s supposed to stay with the Reds. I don’t even know who’s the attack coach at the Brums or Rebels. Is he gonna drag up Gibson again?
          2018, you might not play all the trick plays, but there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be putting in place the foundations and skillsets. NZ started their game plan for 2015 in 2012. Implementing new skill sets and changing drills back then. Cheika’s said he’s implementing new coaching methods, communication methods and game plans with Colts. That’s a bit late…
          It’s interesting to see who’s getting rested. Because it’s based off history, there’s going to be players who are in cracking form right now who should be rested, as they should play every test. But they won’t be rested. And then will they be picked..?
          I have no issue with asking teams to rest players. It’s tough, but everyone’s equally impacted. That said, going off Ed’s comments, I don’t agree that you train hard the week of the RWC Final. You taper. You’ve done the work there, you’re near the end of a rough six week period, you want to refresh the body and have energy. You don’t get that by slogging your guts out that week!
          It’d be fascinating to be in the room with Schnoz and Mandrake. I know Schnoz has been Schnoz since before I can remember (still remember that incredible kick in the pouring rain from the right sideline in Origin in the early 90’s, and how his nose was spread across his face even back then), but how long has Johnson been Mandrake?
          No question, though, when Cheika’s in good form, he’s entertaining.

        • Hoss

          Evening Dr.

          My money is in Gibson for attack coach.

          Check never strays too far from his comfort zones and is like the old Hebrew proverb of a dog returning to its vomit.

          Not sure what having Big Willy back in Oz gives us over Felix, Rodda, FKA, Jones, Phillips, Simmons and co? I admit I have seen zero Pommy Ball and acknowledge he is apparently going well – but better than those listed – maybe you can enlighten me ?

          Nick White – yes. For sure he would be welcome and maybe cost Hodge a World Cup squad given he has / did have a prodigious boot ? Our stocks at 9 are thin. Sanchez and then a pack of ho-hum backups. The Commissioner is honest, Powell
          Is a blonde Phipps, The Bovine Sprinkler is a faulty shot gun and Mc Dermott has potential but one good game doesn’t make him a hall of famer.

          One thing I would say is that in many positions we have got good depth and Segall must deserve credit there. There sure as shit will be some big names miss the boat for Nipponville – Beale amongst them.

          As for Mandrake – I proffer that Johnson would need to be a fucking magician to curb Segalls selections and conjour success at Kill Bill. I will admit though a small flame does
          flicker way ahead in this dark tunnell of Oz rugby’s chances though.

        • Who?

          I think you’re probably right on Gibson… It would also fit the pattern of thinking a bloke can be full time head coach of a Super team and full time attack coach for the Wallabies, too…
          I’m not sure that Skelton would be a significant improvement over our local options, either. But I’m also very aware of how, each Super season, we look and say amongst ourselves, “We’ve got this bloke, and that bloke, and t’other bloke…” And three Tests in, whatever the position is, we seem to have no one left! It’s rarely because there’s truly no options, it’s generally that the universally approved option isn’t available, or favoured, there’s an injury, Cheika doesn’t like the other options, we can’t agree who they should be anyway… At least it’d be another player who’s supposed to be in form (like you, I don’t get to watch Pommy Premiership), who’s something of a known quantity, who’s improved from when he was last a Wallaby (I still enjoy the memory of how he manhandled Brodie playing for the Tahs in 2016! Brodie looked completely baffled as to what to do).
          I’m not sure Powell’s a blonde Phipps. His pass is better, his defence is honest and hardworking but not as intense… I’d take him over Gordon, because I’m more interested in distribution over running. If you can get both, great, but if it’s a choice, I want the option of playing wider.
          We do have good depth, but I’m honestly not sure how much of the credit goes to Seagal. Because we don’t have depth from him blooding more players than the average. We have depth because players are stepping up. I’m not even sure we can credit it on good coaching at the next level down, because our teams are still far too often disappointments. And the good players, they still often play individually in teams. Often standout players are standout because the team around them is abhorrent, or at least disjointed. That was true for LFGill back in the day. No question, awesome player, but also a sole ray of light in a world of darkness. George Smith was too often the same for the Wallabies.
          I thought Mandrake might just be a reference to the spell he needs to cast, but I wasn’t sure! It’s clearly the point of keenest interest for the international season to come, that interaction of men and Rugby philosophy.

      • Cameron Rivett

        The most notable thing he said was that we lost almost every game last year because he was keeping our best strategy under wraps for the RWC. Am now expecting us to bring the Webb Ellis home.

        • Brumby Runner

          That would have to be the biggest load of crap ever uttered by a public figure, and in the age of Trump, that is saying a lot.

          If there is to be a better than expected outcome at the RWC (eg a quaterfinal win) it will be down to better players forced on him by the other two selectors all playing in their proper spots. I am yet to be convinced that will happen.

    • Keith Butler

      Morning Hoss. I may have to take your Sour Mash away from you. The plum vodka must have got to me because I thought Spanners was ok. Gilbert on the other hand.

      • Hoss

        Unfortunately sober mate – I don’t know why people do it to themselves. I was Daddy Daycare last night as Mrs Hoss was guest speaker at some Nerd-Fest sponsored by the Uni.

        She did tell me but I blocked it out. I am attuned to respond to key triggers – sex (it’s my birthday in November) so don’t need to listen till then, money – I never see any so constantly tuned out, or rugby ‘not this again isn’t there anything else on’ – I choose not to respond, I am like Switzerland and stay neutral to the provocations of a hostile entity.

      • Hoss

        No mate – took thebTahs at 8.5 start and Ponies at 25.5 start. Never cheered for Kuridrani so much in my life he got it back to a winning bet and then the Saders take a shit at goal after the siren instead of going the try. I was sweating bullets.

        • Keith Butler

          I will never understand betting as long as I live. I manage to lose money by other methods. Mrs B having a debit card being one.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      I actually thought Foley played well from what I saw (I only watched the second half).

      • Hoss

        Morning Sherbert.

        His first half was average but he was better in the second but it’s still akin to saying my herpes isnt as bad today – it’s still herpes.

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          I didn’t actually know he could throw a flat left to right pass like that while running :)

      • GO THE Q REDS

        1st half was pretty poor, dropped the ball cold, knocked on, poor passes to no one, kicked out on the full. . …. after awhile I stopped watching him as it would have taken an astronomical game to turn his overall performance around into an impressive one. 2nd half was certainly better.. …

    • Ben Fox

      Who are all these people, Spanners, Shifter, Seagull, Gilbert?

      • Keith Butler

        The joys that await you. As a start Spanners is Foley. As Hoss explained “ every time he gets the ball I feel my nuts tighten”.

        • disqus_NMX

          Shifter is Mack Mason – can do everything a spanner can do (… was there more?). Gilbert is Beale. Many years ago he slipped and caught a high ball right on the face so hard and hilariously that it was like the Gilbert on the ball was tattooed on his face.

        • juswal

          That should be TREBLIG.

          or TЯƎઘ⅃IӘ

      • laurence king


      • Keith Butler

        And not forgetting the Bovine Sprinkler, Nick Phipps, after the antics on his stag night.

      • Who?

        The lads have missed “Segal” – as in, Steven, because he’s ‘Under Seige’.
        Just wait until you see Hoss post a Wallaby team list! :-D

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      What was worse it appears the crabbing sideways is a disease for the Tahs as Hunt was doing the same

      • Hoss

        I’ve never seen anyone play themselves out of national selection so well. Gilbert’s form has always been representative of his mental state – he has some really bad curcuitry at present.

        Could anybody on this site possible see him ahead of Kerevi, Toomua, Meakes or any other 12 – in fact he is so far behind he couldn’t be in a wallabies 30, let alone 23 and with Cheika also selecting combos u couldn’t go past Sanchez and The Sunshine Band for halves, I can’t see how Gilbert can get in anywhere !

        • Andy

          To be honest, when it comes to backs you need to pick the best 9/10 combination first, then pick the players that best fit around their game.

          At the moment it’s the Sunny’s by a country mile. With the rest of the backline we are best picking players that will fit their game. The only Tah that could be considered is Folau.

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Watch this space mate

  • Hoss

    Sorry gents. I am a maths nerd from
    way back .50(.50x.50)=.125.

    • Greg

      Sorry @HossRugby:disqus

      two halves = 2 x 0.5 = 1

      half of two halves = 0.5 x (two halves) = 0.5 x (2 x 0.5) = 0.5 x 1 = 0.5

      See.. I feel better now,

      even better was reading Mr Cully’s article in the SMH. Although he select Cooper….Pocock missed the cut.


      • Kiwi rugby lover

        The only point I’ll give Cully is that except for Pataia he said no injured players which rules Pocock out

  • Brumby Runner

    The Tahs are fast developing into a one trick show with the high ball for Folau to chase being their sole weapon in attack. Imagine, though, how much better they’d be going if Naiyaravoro had stayed with them this year. He was at least as dangerous as the Foley/Folau kicking game.

  • Keith Butler

    I find it very disappointing that there is no match review of the Rebels Sunwolves game. You’d think that being 7 points clear in the Aussie conference and equal third in the overall ladder might merit something but obviously not.

  • Parker

    This mathematical debate is ample evidence of why the economy is tanking. That’s why we have rugby as a refuge. Now can we get back to it please.

  • Nutta

    Afternoon Shoppers. This weeks specials from the bleachers:
    > Haters gonna hate but Foley turned in a timely reminder of what he is good at
    > And in same vein, Beale did just the opposite
    > What’s wrong with Ned?
    > Likewise what was up with KHunt?
    > Phipps has lost the starters 9 jersey
    > Dempsey continues to impress
    > Pretty good set piece from the Tarts
    > Nuns is a special footballer. And like all champions, when it’s time to stand up, he stood up
    > Congratulations Blues. Good win.

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