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Wednesday Rugby News

Wednesday Rugby News

Wednesday’s Rugby News sees more broadcasting criticism from the Daily Telegraph, Ardie Savea clarifies his comments, Ben Te’o opens up on Eddie Jones, and Simone fit and firing.

Daily Telegraph criticises RA Broadcasting deal

Raelene Castle and Cameron Clyne

Raelene Castle and Cameron Clyne

Jamie Pandaram from the Daily Telegraph is reporting two weeks after Rugby Australia put their broadcasting deal to the open market only Channel 10 and Optus have shown interest.

Fox Sports insiders (or fellow employees) have informed the Daily Telegraph they will not make a bid for the rugby and haven’t spoken to Rugby Australia since their late bid for the rights to the Shute Shield earlier this month.

Rugby Australia reportedly believes Fox is bluffing and will come to the table with a late bid, much in the same way they did with the AFL, Rugby League, and Cricket rights.

On all occasions, the Daily Telegraph reported Fox Sports were walking away from the broadcasting negotiations.

At this stage, it is believed that Channel 10 wishes to broadcast all Wallabies test matches, and one Super Rugby match live on a Saturday. Optus Sport will show the remaining Super Rugby games, Women’s rugby, Sevens, Club Rugby, and Wallabies games as well.

Rugby Australia wants to have the broadcasting deal finished by their next annual general meeting on March 29th.

Ardie Savea clarifies comments regarding League

All Black flanker Ardie Savea

All Black flanker Ardie Savea

Ardie Savea has spoken about why he desires to play Rugby League in the future, revealing he wishes to play for Samoa in international league.

Savea says it would make his father incredibly excited.

“A big part of why I wanted to go to league was because I could play for Samoa because of the rules. So that’s been a thing that’s pondered my mind.

“Been following hard out on the World Rugby rules and that stuff. For me it’s how proud the Samoan people are and I know how much Samoans give to rugby internationally…my old man’s face if he knew that I was going to play (for Samoa),” Savea said.

Under World Rugby rules, Savea is unable to play Union for Samoa.

Savea is contracted to NZ Rugby until the end of 2021, but if he were to leave he spoke of his desire to play for a dominant side.

“Strategically I would want to go to a team that was dominating, like the Storm or Roosters,” he said.

Ben Te’o praises Eddie Jones


Despite missing out on Eddie Jones’s 2019 Rugby World Cup squad, Te’o holds no grudges towards the England coach. 

Te’o says he loved his time in the England jersey and holds no ill-will towards Jones.

“He made his decision. He picked his World Cup squad. He decided that I wasn’t in it.”

“I loved my time in England and you would love to stay sometimes longer and get more caps, but when you’ve got a family things change,” Teo said.

Te’o also revealed that former Wallabies coach Michael Cheika attempted to lure him to Australia.

Te’o met with both Jones and Cheika at the 2015 World Cup, and revealed he once had a desire to play for the Wallabies.

Simone ready to go after mumps scare

Irae Simone Canberra Vikings v QLD Country NRC 2019

Brumbies inside centre Irae Simone has spoken about his bout with the mumps after missing the sides round three clash with the Highlanders.

Simone said while there were obvious visual symptoms it was the long term effects that scared him most.

“It can lead to guys being infertile so that was a bit scary for me, I already have a daughter but if you’re wanting to have more kids, it was a shock to my system.”

“I just tried to get better as fast as possible,” Simone said.

Simone said he felt ready to go by the time Saturday rolled around for their clash with the Chiefs.

“I felt ready to come back and I hope I didn’t miss a beat,” he said.

“It was good to get around the field and I was fairly happy with my performance.”

Coach Dan McKellar praised his sides resilience after the game.

“It just shows how strong the culture is when it comes to that kind of thing.”

“The mumps was something, we couldn’t control and what we could do was just move on, boys who were healthy trained and the boys who were sick just stayed at home,” McKellar said.

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Hamish,
    So much misinformation about the rugby broadcasting that I’m just not going to give a shit until it’s done. I mean it’s not like I can influence it at all anyway so who cares. If it doesn’t go to Foxtel then my subscription to them will cease anyway, in fact if I can get RugbyPass in Australia like I do here in Korea I’ll probably kick it into touch anyway.
    I think Savea has a good point. I personally think World Rugby should change their rules and allow players to play for other countries once their prime country doesn’t want them anymore. If it comes in I think it needs to be a limited change so that players don’t change every year or so and also once you’ve changed you can’t go back. All this talk about supporting the PI and other tier 2 and 3 countries and this one simple rule would actually show that they do care.

    • Anonymous bloke

      If you have a VPN you can use rugbypass. I had it for a while before getting kayo which showed the NRC.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        That’d be a kicker. Watching the NRC, if it continues would be something I’d want to do. On the other hand couldn’t give a shit about any SS game

    • Nutta

      Nah I disagree on that one. That would only cement the chosen few at the top and force the separation from the rest in that the best of the North would all head to France (money and resources) and the best of the South all head to NZ (reputation and proximity) to test themselves among the best and then go back “home” once they weren’t A-Grade any more. You can see that in Savea’s comments – he only wants to play league for the best regardless. It’s why he left behind playing rugby for Samoa in rugby and pursued the AiB. And no-doubt the AiB used the same argument on him as a younger guy to keep him in the NZ system (“What? Go back and play for them? When you could be an All Black?”).

      For me, sometimes in life when you make a call you have made that call.

      • Brendan Hume

        So someone like Naiyaravoro who played a few games for the Wallabies and is now in Europe shouldn’t add his talent to the Fiji national team if they wanted it? George Smith shouldn’t have been able to play for Tonga after not being required by the Wallabies? I think what you describe is happening now – all a rule change should do is make very good talent available to lower ranked nations after those players have contributed to their adopted country if they’ve been lucky enough to get a cap. Those countries can’t compete with the professional pathways that the more wealthy competitions can offer, but the opportunity to represent your heritage is a powerful one that should demand careful consideration given the contributions they’ve made to rugby throughout history.

        • Nutta

          Where I reckon it could work is as-per Who’s comment where if the subject had not been selected for their ‘resident’ country for a nominated period (say 4yrs for a Bill Cycle or whatever is fair). Then they could re-declare on the basis of parentage/lineage. That would fit examples like Smith or Naiyaravoro. I am just not comfortable with the notion of Nation Shopping.

      • Who?

        I hear you, Hoss, but…
        The new five year residency requirement would prevent much of the migration you’ve mentioned. If you’re a top quality Welsh Rugby player and you want to play for the best team, rather than your home team, are you going to give up five years of your career living in France before you can win a singular cap?
        If it were a system whereby you could, after a stand down period, go and play for a nation for whom you were previously eligible by birth or family heritage (i.e. stand down 2 years, and then George Smith could play for Tonga, or Ardie for Samoa), I don’t see it would be a major problem.
        In fact, that system already exists. Because Rugby, in order to have 7’s in the Olympics, is part of the IOC system. So, if you don’t represent your nation in Rugby for 18 months, then you get selected to play 7’s in an IOC sanctioned 7’s event (which are all WR sanctioned), your IOC eligibility and therefore also your WR eligibility changes to the other nation.
        Lastly, I should note, Ardie was born in Wellington…

        • Nutta

          I have no issue with the stand down period point. If you weren’t picked or if you declared yourself unavailable because you were attaining citizenship or had significant parental connection and wanted to play for (say) Azerbaijan, then whatever is the IRB nominated period is sweet with me. My core issue is to disbar Nation Shopping or “flag of convenience” type fiasco’s on the basis that “Well England didn’t pick me so i’ll go play for Italy instead”. We hold to the notion that a national team is representative of that nation and (at least to me) if you have declared yourself (say) a Frenchman by citizenry and residency then that’s what you are – and that is far more important than a game – and any attempt to change that should be carefully considered.

      • Andrew Luscombe

        Nations and nationality aren’t created by rugby. If a nation accepts someone as a national, then that’s what they are. If rugby wants teams to represent nations, then rugby should also accept nations’ decisions on nationality. Anything else is less representative.

        I know that some government areas and citizenship rules don’t correspond to cultural nations (eg. Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland). So in those cases rugby, should use an average, median , or typical rule – e.g. if most nations have 4 years residence for nationality, then apply 4 years residence for those nations combined with a citizenship of one of the governmental areas involved.

        Many nations accept that people can be citizens of more than one country, so there is nothing unrepresentative about rugby also accepting that. Is the point of representative teams to represent nations? or is it to represent an idea of nationality being more or less permanent?

        • Nutta

          Ok, so you need to be a citizen (or thereabouts). I have absolutely no issue with that. That to me is the biggest thing. You declared you are part of a country be it Australian, New Zealand, Ethiopia or whatever. That’s bigger than a game. That’s a major part of your identity beyond merely your job. If you have qualified for citizenry (or the closest thing to it) of a second country then you can play for that too if they pick you. Again, that’s a significant part of your declared identity and if you and they agree you are a suitable representative of them then so be it. Or did I misunderstand you?

        • Andrew Luscombe

          No that’s pretty much it. I’d add some emphasis on the country accepting you to be one of them – I think it’s a two way thing – but that’s it teally. And then if the sport wants to represent the nation, then that’s how they should do it.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I’m not so sure that would happen. Players may indeed come to NZ or elsewhere to test themselves, but that doesn’t mean they’d be picked for the national team of that country and therefore they’d still be eligible to play for their home nation. I’m thinking more of a number of players that have been passed over by NZ and others who would then be available to play for their home nation. I’m sorry I don’t see a down side.

        • Nutta

          Fair enough, we don’t need to agree on all things. I’m swayed quite a bit by a combination of Who and Andy Luscombe arguments in that a stand-down period and a true, declared citizenry connection establishes that the person is doing this because they are truly committed to representing a nation. As long as that nation accepts them then fair play. What I’m completely anti is “Flag Shopping” once you’re passed your use-by date or similar. The person is representing a NATION. that’s far bigger than them jockeying for their career. As long as we respect and protect the sanctity of that by carefully considered qualification requirements then fair play.

          All that being said, $BW vs Australian Rugby League established that once a person changes code they can do what they like. To do otherwise is a restriction of trade and infringes on their ability to earn a trade/living.

      • Scott W Johnstone

        You think maybe he decided to play for NZ becauses hes native to wellington an raised there. I have a scottish name scottish heritage bit if I told a scotsman im scottish as well he would just laugh at me. I aint from scotland an savea aint from samoa we both NZ native. Savea has a stronger link as his parents are born there, but cut the bullshit acting like NZ just lures them all with money hes probably a proud kiwi an proud samoan you can be both.

    • Adrian

      In theory KARL, if you have a VPN and set it to say you are in Korea, then you can watch on Rugby Pass. I have VPN (wife uses for movies etc) but don’t use it for Rugby yet, but I’m thinking about it. I use Kayo, mainly so my grown up kids can also watch it….and other sports.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I wish I understood what that meant and how to do it

        • Adrian

          I’ll get back to you

        • Greg

          I think you take the VPN twice a day with water. In the meantime keep applying the cream.

        • Who?

          Most easy use VPN’s will give you a program that you download to your computer/phone/tablet/etc. You open that program whenever you connect to the internet, and it allows you to select where you’ll appear to be. It also makes you anonymous (though some VPNs do track what you do).
          If you open the VPN program and connect to a RugbyPass country, you can then continue using RugbyPass as you already do.
          There’s also the option to set it up on your router, but that may be problematic (what happens if one person wants to watch iView – requiring an Australian IP Address – but another person wants to watch RugbyPass..?).
          For this option, you’ll be charged a periodical fee. There’s some free options, but the speed of those connections will be such that you won’t be able to stream without buffering, let alone stream in HD.
          I know people who’ve used Private Internet Access, Cyberghost and NordVPN. All had good experiences. Most VPNs will have sales – Black Friday, etc. If you’re not in a hurry (i.e. if you’re still up north for a bit), it may be worth watching the websites and picking your time to make the purchase.
          Hope that helps!

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Thanks mate that sounds great. Back in Australia in about 2.5 months and it’s definitely something I’ll be looking at

      • From NooZealand

        Thank you Adrian. Now thinking about that.

  • Hoss


    What a day. The weight has lifted form my soul now that the Monster that is Weinstein has been found guilty. I too have been a victim of his – #mealso – the nights i had to endure his creation Project Fucking Runway have left my spirit gnarled and my soul darkened – but in the spirit of conquering my demons and contributing to society, i go on.

    Does anyone apart from Newscorp staff and field soldiers honestly believe their current, public and transparent approach to the TV rights is genuine ? To be frank, i normally, 100% of the time only believe that 40% of stats are 32% accurate. Based on this hypothesis i arrive at the conclusion Newscorp currently have a pair of 2’s with a 6 of spades as their high kicker and a drawing ‘dead’ against RA who have a full house of ACEs over Kings. I recall from some nerdy, learned types here that Kayo subscriptions dropped like 1006% after the conclusion of Kill Bill in Nipponville last year ? So FOX aren’t worried that armies of households like the Hoss’s’s’s will drop them quicker than the Libs drop PM’s and Energy Policy if they lose Rugby ? News Tip FUX-wits – i don’t need to pay $150 / month for reruns of Seinfeld. Yes, i do enjoy watching the occasional Nigella show when my wife has trotted off to bed, but its purely because she has such nice scones and I enjoy baking. As a father to young Hoss’s’s’s i have seen this behaviour from FUX before and know its fingerprints – i call it ‘throwing the toys out of the cot’ syndrome

    Anyhoo – Rugby crystal ball. Home wins / local derbies early in season to be paramount, me thinks coronavirus will play a big part this season with cancelled trips, games and impacted season – you heard it hear first.

    Hoss – out.

    • Yowie

      I’ve been a victim too – back in the 2000s. Can’t a university student go to a pub without getting taken advantage of while drunk by a similar-age female uni student?

      • Hoss

        Stay strong mate. It’s a battle ground out there.

      • RedAnt

        Yowie, I generally love your brand of humour but conflating sexual assault with sex is a major factor in why sexual assault still happens and so many men get away with it… Sorry to get all serious on you but felt I had to call it out!

        • Yowie

          Fair call. My angle was piss-taking the ignorance and obviously false victim-hood of the character saying it, but the trouble with such jokes is that (in writing on the internet at least) it’s hard to tell them apart from the genuine f-wit comments floating around.

        • RedAnt

          Yeah, fair enough. I’m a bit more sensitive to this for various reasons, but downplaying the impact of sexual assault (which includes non-consensual sex) is a big problem.

        • Mike D

          Well played, both of you.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      I think you’re right on Coronavirus being an issue. here in Korea it’s getting bigger and bigger every day. Just about to be confined to base and perhaps even barracks where I’ll have to subside on a diet of RugbyPass, Netflix and red wine

      • Hoss

        Yep. Media reporting the Olympics are also in jeopardy. I had my weekly round table with HR & WHS this morning and even at a local level some of the PPE our team uses is nearly dusted, as in sold-out – especially P2 respirators. They were hard to secure during the bush fires due to smoke haze in large metro areas. Now it appears people are stockpiling them in readiness for a possible pandemic. I will need to make sure i can get wifi from the bunker under the Ponderosa soon – to think my friends mocked me as a ‘prepper’ when i had it built !!

        • Hambone

          Whilst most factories in China are reopening this coming week. All respirators and type 4 disposable coveralls are still on govt controlled lists. Wuhan is the main industrial manufacturing area for all this non woven medical PPE. Its going to be z while before anything starts rolling through unfortunately

  • Tah Tragic

    Fox’s continual pulling out of negotiations reminds me of Robyn William’s take on Gaddafi’s “line of death”.


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