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Wednesday’s Rugby News

Wednesday’s Rugby News

Wednesday’s rugby news has Samu Kerevi defending Marika Koroibete, Henry Speight’s worthwhile Sevens experience, All Blacks wary of Argentina at home and Pat Lambie glad to be back for the Springboks.

Kerevi Backs Koroibete

Wallaby centre Samu Kerevi has defended Melbourne Rebels recruit and fellow Fijian Marika Koroibete after he stated his move to Rugby was simply a “business decision”.

“Everyone’s got a family. But for us, our extended family comes into it. Everyone in the same village, it’s kind of like a bigger family,” Kerevi said.

“That’s why you see a lot of Fijians overseas. You may think they’re just there to cash in but they’re not, they’re really trying to help their family.

“I didn’t get brought up just by my mum and dad. I got brought up by my grandfather who’s not even my actual grandfather – he’s my grandfather’s sister’s husband.

“For me, I’ve called them mum and dad for a long time. His kids, I call them brothers and sisters. We don’t have that cousin thing.

“For me to give that back to them, it’s a massive blessing for me to be able to do that.”

“Any money I get is shared back into our family, helping secure our future – if it’s buying a home, property or land, that’s where it goes, not just for myself.

No Regrets for Speight

Wallabies winger Henry Speight says that joining the Sevens program this year was a worthwhile experience despite not making the squad for the Olympics after sustaining a medial ligament strain two months out from the event.

“I can say that I really took a lot out of that and can’t thank the Australian sevens program enough,” Speight said.

“Coming back, the body’s in good nick, the transition hasn’t been too hard, which is pretty good.

“I’m happy to be back in the fold, in the Wallabies camp and hopefully I can get a run with my roomie (fellow Fijian Sefa Naivalu).”

AB’s Wary of Pumas

The All Blacks have admitted they need to be careful when they take on Argentina at home this weekend.

Last time the two sides met, the Puma’s were competitive until the 50th minute before New Zealand dominated the latter part of the match.

“I guess you can talk about their 50 minutes, and we did pretty well in that last 30 but we’ve got to be careful,” said All Blacks assistant coach Ian Foster.

“They would’ve learned a lot about us in that last 30.”

Lambie Glad to be Back

South African flyhalf Pat Lambie is excited to return to test rugby after being knocked out in South Africa’s match against Ireland in June.

Lambie revealed he woke up with a headache everyday for three months following the incident.

“I’m thrilled to be back, very excited to be included in the group again. I’ve missed being part of the Springboks, so it is wonderful to be back,” Lambie said.

“It has been quite frustrating sitting on the side, especially for how long it took to get better again. But thankfully I’ve been looked after well off the field.”

  • Duncher

    Hearing Samu tell it like that I find it difficult to get upset at Marika. Part of me wants to see him head of to Europe or Japan to chase real cash though.

    Best of luck to him

    • dane

      If he can crack the Wallabies XV he will multiply his worth in Europe

  • First time long time

    Can’t wait for tomorrow so we can get back to bitching about the guys who are currently playing for the wallabies/team selections and the usual discussions as to whether Cheika is an idiot/mad genius/angry genius or maybe just as confused as the rest of us???? ; )

    • Tim

      Cheika to fly half

  • McWarren

    The Puma’s at home is, I feel, the only chance the AB’s have of being beaten this year. Will be a good game and I think the Puma’s may hold them until the 70th minute, but the darkness should prevail.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Not a friggen chance mate. We’ve got this lot covered. Yes it will be closer than 57 – 22 but we’ll still win

      • first time long time

        And I see your true colours shining through ; )
        It’s an easy life as a rugby tipster when you’re an AB’s fan

        • Kiwi rugby lover

          Mate my colours have never changed. AB’s against everyone, Wallabies against everyone except the AB’s. The ANZAC spirit only goes so far

        • muffy

          Haha, the best thing about KRL is he is actually slowly turning to a Wallabies fan, he just doesn’t know it yet….don’t tell him… one day he will wake up and feel an uncontrollable urge to scrape the silver fern sticker off the back of Holden :D

  • Braveheart81

    The article that everyone is having a crack at was also from an NRL perspective so all the questions were framed about leaving the Storm and why he did that, not why he wanted to go to the Rebels and ARU.

  • Duncher

    Yeah and that’s how I felt at first… But I doubt that it’s his SOLE motivation for the switch

  • jamie

    Oh please. Don’t be daft. It’s not Andre Agassi situation where he was forced into playing sport he didn’t want to. Rugby is his passion.

  • Kevino

    It’s pretty funny article and timing. NSW media will do everything in their power to disrupt Storm’s preparation for this weekend. Melbourne media doing the same thing to the Swans. Anyone who reads into this article with the insufficient amount of quotes really needs to get a clue.

    He has stated he choose Rebels because he and his family are happy in Melbourne, he played Union growing up and the chance to play for the Wallabies was to good an offer to pass up.

    Look at Sefa and the amount of Fijian’s who come to games to support him, I think his pretty much in the came case. Box Hill and the Island Breeze program are doing a good job in the Fijian community and the Rebels are behind that. For any of you who have been to a game in Melbourne you will see the Rebels bus taking a large group of Fijians to and from the game.

  • jamie

    Don’t let facts get in the way of a media witch hunt braveheart. How unprofessional of you

  • Simon

    Yeah this is my thought also. They were asking him why he was leaving the Storm. The Storm are by all accounts a tight community with a strong club culture, and I suspect he wanted to emphasise (on the eve of a Grand Final especially) that it wasn’t dissatisfaction with the club or the community that made him leave, he just wanted to do what’s best for his family financially. Calling is a “business decision” was probably a poor choice of words but we need to look at the full story, not those two words in isolation.

    The real criticism must surely be with the Storm for not coming up with a big enough offer to keep him, when it’s pretty much inconceivable that the Rebels could offer him enough to lure him away from NRL if the NRL wanted to keep him. The NRL has much deeper pockets, so if the Rebels offered more money then that shows they value him more than the Storm do. Loyalty goes both ways.

  • Joy

    He’s not a politician, he’s a footballer. Cut him some slack.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    with you mate. Why would anyone want to invest in him when they know he’s going to be off chasing money as soon as he’s gained the skills he needs

  • Braveheart81

    Was he asked any questions about rugby union? Did he say anything about rugby union and the answers just weren’t printed because that is not what the author of the article was writing about?

  • Joy

    He called it a business decision because it was a business decision. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. A professional doesn’t need an excuse to change jobs. He delivered for the Storm initially for money and later developed a sense of loyalty and there is no reason to believe he won’t deliver the same for the Rebels. Maybe he is not as passionately nationalistic as some who post here but that will come although it will never supplant the his loyalty to his family.

  • Bay35Pablo

    Wingers in league don’t get the major cash. They need to spend the major coin on the hooker, half, 5/8, fullback spine, then the forward pack. Teams that blow their coin on the wingers aren’t spending it wisely.

  • McWarren

    Oh how I wish I had your enthusiasm and eye for a rails run.

  • Hoss

    Link – love the fact you are drunk early in the day. Good form.

  • first time long time

    Like the last couple of times they played us when going for some record, I’m predicting a draw…… at least up until kick off.

  • Chinese Dave

    Thanks Link! Right now, as we speak, thousands of mailboxes across NZ are lighting up with google notifications about a website in Australia predicting a Wallabies win. You should have at least had the courtesy to let Matt know you were going to crash the site with this amount of traffic.

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    You’re right about the pressure. It’s one of those things that the longer a record goes for the sooner the end of that record comes through. I think they will be under a lot of pressure due to the undefeated record in sequence, the undefeated record at home, the undefeated record on Eden Park. It’ll all add up and definitely more on us than the wallabies. Cheika is the master of motivation, in fact I think he’s one of the best and he will use all of this to pump the Wallabies up. It’ll be a cracker of a match either way and I’m really looking forward to it.
    Just make sure you beat the Boks and Argies over the next fortnight.

  • Tomthusiasm

    Same thing happened in Hong Kong, I believe. AB’s were about to break the record then too

  • Tim

    Yep your good at dead rubbers

  • first time long time

    Damn you Missing Link!

  • Seb V

    Hooper isn’t a 7… that make you feel better?

  • Nutta

    Dean Mumm, Quade Cooper, Kurtley Beale. Feeling better now?

  • Simon

    Yeah, and when your spine includes Cooper Cronk and Cameron Smith that’s a lot of your salary cap right there. But even with that taken into account, the average salary in the NRL is much higher than in union, and wingers aren’t usually the highest-paid players in union either.

    The NRL salary cap per matchday player is almost double that of Super Rugby’s. If they’d wanted to keep him that badly they could have found a way, but they clearly had other priorities.

  • Spank

    And there are loads of classy wingers in the NRL but unfortunately the pinnacle is State of Origin. Rugby League World Cup is a joke and the only genuine ‘other team’ the Kangaroos can play are the Kiwis (who win what two or three out of every 20 or 30). Would love to see the Kangaroos play the ABs in a hybrid game though.

  • jamie

    foley > cooper at 10

  • muffy

    He is, just not as good as Pocock….. whew, I don’t like it when we don’t fight

  • Nutta

    Welcome to the realities of a country where rugby is the 5th biggest winter sport…

  • Kiwi rugby lover

    Yeah but you don’t need to compound it. Personally until he made a commitment I’d just play him as is and if he fails put him on the bench.

  • Spank

    Generally I would agree BUT recently Hopper has been the more outstanding of the two. Admittedly I agree in advance that Pocock has had to play at Number 8 and it is not a fair comparison. Wait and see what 2018 brings. In advance, looking forward to 2017 and McMahon, Kellaway, and Timmani. Likewise the battle of the wingers.

  • Xaviera

    Cipriani thinking of becoming an Australian resident so he can become a Wallaby. James O’Connor moving to Adelaide to improve his brand (tag line: “The Bogans are Better at Hungry Jacks”). Hooper to play at 12 because everyone knows he’s really a centre.

    Everyone feel better now?

  • Nutta

    Fair point. It’s sort of what I think – he’s clearly a class athlete so give him a crack and if he cuts it then great.

  • Nutta


  • onlinesideline

    thats pretty funny – painful but funny


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