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Wednesday’s Rugby News

Wednesday’s Rugby News

Wednesday’s Rugby News has all the latest ruck rules, James O’Connor (and what Cheika thinks), Shute Shield News and most importantly – info about Dan Vickerman’s memorial.

Changes To Ruck Laws

World Rugby has been forced to put out a statement after Italy’s unoriginal tactics embarrassed England on the weekend. As reported yesterday, Eddie Jones attempted to matador the media by making a fuss about them.

“There is a formal process for unions to request law clarifications, if they wish to do so,” said a World Rugby spokesman, with the they referring to the RFU. Referee Romain Poite also has backing of World Rugby.

For their part, the RFU haven’t submitted a complaint but a spokesman of theirs said:  “World Rugby regularly issue clarifications on various laws, so they could decide to do this anyway due to the interest generated by Sunday’s match.”

While most of the complaints about the tactic have come from the English side – “Conor [O’Shea, Italy coach] has gone from most attacking man in rugby to the most negative in one game,” said English halfback Danny Care – there’s been a bit of support for the Italians.

Clive Woodward said, “against a superior team and a rugby nation with infinitely more resources, Italy went down fighting and scheming and plotting…it was behind the lines – literally – guerrilla war and I found it compulsive viewing.”

In addition, Ireland flanker Sean O’Brien suggested the English should have just gone up the guts (aka pick’n’go), while All Blacks assistant Wayne Smith said “It is not an anomaly, just a shock tactic that a team might use now and again, but if you became predictable by doing it you could be cut to bits…I don’t think it requires a law change.”

JO’C Wire

James O’Connor has the support of Wallabies coach Michael Cheika.

Talking on Fox Sports, Cheika commented that the regular street thug/Justin Bieber lookalike just needed some time to sort out his issues (issues that probably ever professional footballer shares, except they just don’t get caught doin git).

“We have to take the football out of it for a second and say he is obviously a good lad, deep down. Otherwise he wouldn’t be in this game,” said the man from Randwick who captured our hearts.

“If he wasn’t he would be away doing other stuff, he wouldn’t be in rugby, in a team sport, having the camaraderie around of being in that.

“There is a good lad in there and I think we just have to leave the footy out of it for a minute and let the guy get the assistance he needs, to get back personally first of all, and then we’ll see about footy.”

Meanwhile, while there are some reports that Toulon owner Mourid Boudjellal has said he’s not going “renew” JO’C’s contract, that apparently has been mistranslated – instead he said he’s not going to “prolong” talks over the player’s future.

“He’s a 26-year-old kid, I’m neither there to destroy him nor support him. It’s complicated,” reports the Toulon owner as saying.

“When you’re under the influence of alcohol, you rarely shine. For James, I blame it more on distress than stupidity.  We’ll look after him. I know there are things to sort out, but it’s not cocaine that will do it for him,” he said.

Shute Shield News Part 1

The Sydney Rugby Union (SRU) is confident it can secure the $250k needed to keep the competition on free-to-air, despite their only being two weeks to the start of the comp.

SRU president David Begg is “very hopeful”, the Venerable GeeRob – Ave Georgina – reports.

“We’ve had a strong response from potential corporate partners and we remain very hopeful that the Intrust Shute Shield will remain on free-to-air television in 2017,” Begg said. “We hope to be able to make some announcements shortly.”

The deal, in its third of five years, has attracted controversy for its terms, which require the SRU to make a $250,000 advertising spend with broadcaster Channel 7 in exchange for the live broadcast of one game per round on 7Two.

Last year the Australian Rugby Union came up with the money at the last minute, but this year neither the ARU nor NSW Rugby Union is prepared to come to the rescue (boooooo!).

Begg, who inherited the deal when he took over the SRU presidency last year, said he was committed to honouring the contract and keeping the competition on television.

“It’s not a hard competition to sell,” he said. “The strong community focus and some recent good news on junior rugby registrations means there is a real sense of an upswing in rugby across Sydney.”

Psst: ABC – how is another shitty sitcom about 30-somethings living in the inner city more relevant to your charter than handing over buttons to cover the Shute Shield?

It’s got a) a strong community focus, b) features teams from all over Sydney, c) is a competition with a historic connection to Sydney, d) is more sport, which is what people love, and most importantly e) it’ll keep The Australian-reading yuppies happy.

(Shute Shield News Part 2 will come tomorow)


At 2 o’clock today, at Sydney University Oval, there’ll be a public memorial for Dan Vickerman. The 37-year-old former Wallaby died at home last week. Copied from the Sydney Uni RC website:

“In memory of Daniel Vickerman, a memorial service celebrating his life will be held at 2pm, Wednesday 1 March 2017 at Sydney University No.1 Oval, Camperdown.

A wake will follow the service at 3pm in the SUSFC Function room, TAG Foundation Grandstand at Sydney University Football Ground (No.2 Oval).

As a sign of respect to a former great, we encourage all past SUFC players to wear the Uni colours.

There will be very limited parking available on campus. It is recommended that you use public transport to attend the service. Reserved parking will be strictly for close family members and those that are less mobile.”

The Daily Telegraph also reports the Waratahs had considered delaying their flight to South Africa so they could attend the memorial. However, the Waratahs management and players agreed

“It was an extremely difficult decision to make, there were about five or six of us who had a chat to Daryl and figured out that the earliest we could get back over here was Thursday afternoon,” Nick Phipps said.

“We kind of figured knowing the big fella he would probably prefer us to be over here, working hard early. We are going to try and have something over here, and remember the big fella in our own way.”

  • paul

    Return on investment really, when you consider Sydney has what 4 million people. $250,000 to have a FTA presence every week, is it worth it.

    Well after 20 years pay TV only presence, where exactly has it got rugby here.

    But who pays for it, not the ARU, mind you this is the same organization that will pay David Pocock $750,000 for a years holiday in Japan.

    • Pearcewreck

      Remember too, it gets broadcast across the whole of NSW, not sure about the ACT.

    • DK

      Totally agreed, pay Pocock $750,000 to have a year off from rugby whilst letting him play rugby and not fork out $250,000 to have club rugby on free to air. Maybe the Chinese should just step in and buy the shute shield.

  • SuckerForRed

    If JOC turns up with an ARU or super rugby contract before 2019 I will be mighty pissed. He does need to sort himself out but he also needs to shut his neck and get on with it and stop burning the people to try and help him out. To the ARU & member unions – picking up after him & giving him “another chance” has not worked so don’t do it again now. Rant Over. (For the time being)

    • Brisneyland Local

      Couldnt agree with you more! He has to learn to do this himself. He is a big boy now, and big boys solve there own problems. Having people around walking after picking up the shit you drop everwhere, does not teach you to bend down yourself or how to use a mop.

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    This caught my attention on little Jimmy O’Connor. Toulon owner quoted as saying “He’s a 26-year-old kid…”. Is this attitude and therefore lack of expectation, part of the problem?

    • Also a note to the Toulon owner, 26 years old is not a “kid”. The problem is JOC still acts like one despite being a professional rugby player for nearly a decade, he’s practically a veretran, you’d think he’d have grown up a bit by now.

      • jamie

        Has he ever been forced to grow up? I think he’s as much a product of his environment as he is a product of his own stupidity.

        • The other 2 ‘Amigos’ have grown up since their respective incidents. Quade has really matured since the “toxic” situation, and Beale hasn’t put a foot wrong since the “Patston incident”.

    • Seb V

      Sum’s him up perfectly, still acting like an 18 year old kid. At 26 there is no excuse for immaturity.

  • DK

    Poor old Ali Williams got caught…..hanging out with James O’Connor.

    • Kiwi rugby lover


  • Bay35Pablo

    So JOC must be OK as he plays rugby ……?
    Riiiiiight. Whereas if he was a complete d!ck he’d play league?
    Known plenty of d!cks that played rugby, and even a few decent blokes that played league (sotto voice).
    Hopefully 40 hours in the slammer with Pepe l’Thug and Pierre d’Robber and no Ali to protect him is the wake up call he needed.

  • Brendan Hume

    It’d be nice if the coverage of the Shute Shield was national. If it’s on 7Two, chuck it on everywhere. Surely its got to rate as well as Bargain Hunt…

  • A Nonymous

    I haven’t read much past the headlines that “James O’Connor needs support”.

    Is he wanting a better lookout?

  • Huw Tindall

    Bit like Zac Guildford at the Tahs last year. Gibson and co got a good price for a high risk/high return player. Didn’t work out but you can see why they did it. JOC probably even higher risk/return than Guildford though!

  • Seb V

    He might go alright at the Brumbies, Not much to do down in Canberra off the field to get yourself into trouble ;)

  • Huw Tindall

    None. It’s a payment to Channel 7 (ad spend) to effectively buy the broadcast time and production. The opposite of Channel 7 buying the rights from the SRU. I’m fine with that. It’s relatively peanuts money in the big scheme of things and gets FTA coverage.

    If I was the ARU I would be looking to invest money in some TV production capability and setting up an ARU TV channel on the web with free streaming of games which wouldn’t otherwise get coverage. Bit like the NRC did last year. There is so much rugby being played we just need to get it into the hands of consumers. I know TV production isn’t cheap but for example Bar TV did the Tahs v Highlanders trial match. Can’t have been that expensive to do and while it wasn’t prime time quality production the picture was nice and sharp and commentary was up helpful.

  • nmpcart

    The QRU manage to do the live streaming with NRC and Reds trial matches so there is some experience there that they could share with the ARU. Reg might know more about what is involved.


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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