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Wednesday’s Rugby News

Wednesday’s Rugby News

Wednesday’s Rugby News has Beale doing what he wants, Danny Care praising Genia, World Cup voting gossip and Ollie le Roux getting himself into a mess.

Beale Deale

Kurtley Beale and Rod Kafer

Kurtley Beale is happy to keep doing what he’s doing for the Wallabies, which may or may not include taking half-naked photos with the future King.

“It’s a bit of a roving role and I’ll play wherever the coaches see fit and think I play my best rugby, whatever’s the best for the team,” Beale said, according to

“As a back line we all have a good understanding of what is required in certain positions.

“Sometimes out in the field you might have to fill in for someone else and it’s great we have that understanding of each other.

“Whatever makes the team do well I’m happy to do it.”

Beale, if you don’t know, has taken over fullback duties since Israel Folau decided to take a rest. However, with the Kerevi at 12 experiment not working, and Karmichael Hunt to work in somewhere, Beale may have to move or something.

“With K  he brings a lot of class and lot of energy and a lot of calmness,” Beale said.

“He is a great player with a lot of experience in different codes and he certainly has got a good head on his shoulders. He has added a lot to us for sure.”

Meanwhile, Eddie Jones has been kissing arse.

“He’s the most wonderfully gifted player,”Jones said, also according to, as he twirled his hair.

“He does things other players don’t even dream of. He’s got that ability to make that big play.

“His stint at Wasps has aided him, he’s become a lot more professional, a lot more consistent.

“He just adds that extra dimension that you don’t know where he’s going to turn up in attack, you don’t know what he’s going to do and he does it with skill, he does it with pace and he does it with precision and a smile on his face.

“He’s an outstanding player so we’re going to have to watch him carefully.”

ARU to vote for South Africa 2023


The vote for the host of the 2023 World Cup is expected to take place soon, and the ARU are likely to do the thumbs up for South Africa.

South Africa was chosen by an independent review as the best option for 2023, over fellow contenders Ireland and France. Neither of the contenders are cheery about that. World Rugby expects its full member council to vote as the review says.

As part of the Sanzaar alliance, the ARU is doing its due diligence (NZ is expected that they will too). Before anyone says anything about Super or the Force, South Africa does sort of give the ARU and NZRU a big share TV rights deals and so forth, despite the fact the Saffers bring in most of the money. However, this support could see Australia without hosting right until at least 2035, the Daily Telegraph reports.

“For a few years there has been contemplation about when Australia will next bid for a Rugby World Cup, and the 2027-31 bracket has been mentioned,” writes Iain Payten.

“If South Africa win the 2023 World Cup vote, the tradition of alternating roughly between the northern and southern hemispheres would mean Australia would be looking at 2031 as their best chance.”

There are two issues at play, however.

One is Japan hosting in 2019. The Europeans won’t see that as ‘northern’, so will get greedy and demand they have it in 2027.

The second is Argentina. The Argies have announced that they want it in 2027. They’re not the strongest candidate, but the current vice-president for World Rugby is Agustin Pichot, an Argentine, and probably part bulldog. He got the Pumas a spot in the Rugby Championship, and a team in Super, and a vote in the boardroom. If they can’t get it 2027, there’s a chance they could get 2031.

Genia Good, WBs Good


England scrumhalf Danny Care has told that he reckons the Wallabies are all about Will Genia.

“I’ve always been a massive Genia fan, I think he’s a great scrumhalf, one of the best in the world,” Care said in an interview, stating facts, on (via Rugby 365).

“As a fan of his it’s great to see him playing so well, but hopefully he doesn’t play that well at the weekend.

“He’s making the team tick and that’s what they want to do, they want to attack you and play with tempo and he’s massively key to that.

“He and Bernard Foley will be looking to take the game to us – it’s up to us to defensively try and nullify them.”

What a good fella. Care also opened up on how he thinks England will approach the game on the weekend.

“We want to get some tempo in the game, we want to play fast, we play on top of teams so it is up to us to win our collisions to get some quick ball, make sure our breakdown is effective and then get the ball to the people who make the magic.

“That’s George [Ford], Owen [Farrell], Alex [Lozowski], Henry [Slade] and JJ [Jonathan Joseph], they’re the type of guys where we want to get the ball in their hands with quick ruck speed,” he added.

“There’s always a buzz when you’ve got Australia, especially at home at Twickenham. I’m sure there will be a few Aussies out there who will create a bit of party in the stands.

“But, our focus is on ourselves. We’re there to get the job done and get victories.  Hopefully, with that, we’ll play some good rugby and the fans will get excited.”


Springbok Coach Allister Coetzee at post-match press conference

Y’know, this year’s been pretty tough doing the rugby news, especially because it’s a bit hard on the ol’ heart to have to write out the news that would hurt the Force fans more.

So thank the lord Jesus this is Green & Gold Rugby, and not Gold & Green Rugby because thank f*ck this is Australia and not South Africa.

Ollie le Roux, an old fella who played 54 tests for the Boks and now is a chicken farmer near Bloemfontein, had an interview with the Irish Independent. After chatting about a few things, the old Leinster favourite gets to the Springboks. You ready?

“If you look at our national side, there is really some players there who are just not good enough – white players and black players,” Le Roux begins. Wait for it

“It’s not a colour thing for me, I don’t care if they pick a whole black team, just pick the best. What happens is a lot of our players think they’re being victimised. If you have a 60/40 chance as a white guy, you’re not going to get the chance.”

“What does Allister Coetzee know about Springboks?,” le Roux continued, after chatting about South African coach Rassie Erasmus. “Nothing. He’s got no right to even mention the word Springbok, because he’s not a Springbok. He’s got no right to even have an opinion about the Springboks.

These comments may on the face of it, seem a bit iffy but maybe not too bad. However – and this is the big however – Coetzee couldn’t play for the Springboks because at the time, coloured, Indian and black players couldn’t play for the Springboks.

Sedick Crombie, Media and Publicity Secretary for the SARU SACOS Legends (SACOS was a anti-apartheid rugby union body), has therefore written an open letter to le Roux complaining about his comments.

“In stating that Allister is not a Springbok is thus a moot point and something we South Africans over the age of 40 years and ones with a modicum of self-restraint and context of our not too distant past would have been very cautious to blabber about,” writes Crombie.

“It is thus a bit perplexing that you would be so glib to go and reminisce over an exclusionary past symbol and history, flouting it in the public domain, let alone the international arena.”

“ is however astonishing to note that another former Springbok coach, Peter de Villiers – another former SARU SACOS player – had an outstanding record,” continues Crombie.

“In scrutinising the latter’s performance as coach and also taking into account the quality of the opposition he played against you find him to be the last Springbok coach to win against the All Blacks, home and away. And oh yes Peter similarly did not play for the Springboks either, the primary factor you raise against Allister’s fitness to coach the national rugby team.”

Jake White, who won the World Cup in 2007, also never played internationally. Ooft. Thank the lord none of this crap is going on here.

  • Nutta

    Gee Whizz you’re a nice guy Danny.

    And yes, just when I think Australian Rugby could not get more ridiculous I visit my SANZAR mates for a lesson in true myopia. I mean hey, those comments in Oz would be as unlikely and lopsided as if some ex-Wobbly said no one has a right to comment on the Wobblies unless you’ve been one… Oh, wait…

    • Bakkies

      It is the sort of bile that is common amongst the cricketers. Particularly blokes who have played test Cricket lashing out publicly at former ex pros who weren’t fortunate enough to get that far. The Brett Geeves- Merv Hughes story is a case in point.

      • Nutta

        My old Dad used to say funny things. One of his favourites was ‘Boy, just because you’re right doesn’t make it right’.

        • FucktardStorm

          Is that from the book “Shit Nutta’s Nutter Dad Says”?

        • Nutta

          “Said”. He’s dead. Don’t disturb his ghost. I’ll simply annoy you – but he will come back and fk-up your life poltergeist style

        • Brisneyland Local

          Just aprayed my coffee all over my desk. Out my nose poltergeist style.
          Farkin Classic. Tip of the hat!

        • Mica

          Nice one Nutta. :)

        • Brisneyland Local

          Nutta, my old dad had a very similar saying:
          “Being right is not a bullet proof vest!”

  • Bakkies

    ‘As part of the Sanzaar alliance, the ARU is doing its due diligence (NZ is expected that they will too). Before anyone says anything about Super or the Force, South Africa does sort of give the ARU and NZRU a big share TV rights deals and so forth, despite the fact the Saffers bring in most of the money.’

    That makes no sense as Australia voted for Japan to host the 2011 RWC despite SA and NZ both bidding for the tournament. The SH/NH alternation is a myth given that the IRB awarded the 2015 and 2019 hosting rights to England and Japan respectively on the same day. Fraser Neil has his own theory on it in his excellent Ruggamatrix interview.

    The biggest issue now is the exorbitant bid fee not whose turn it is. Australia planned on bidding a while back but pulled out. Realistically you can’t bid for the RWC without the Government underwriting the bid fee as no union has minimum £120 million in their back pocket to pay for it on their own. Given that the ARU is currently on the nose with the Government (the Senate Inquiry which is on notice to be handed down tomorrow had the backing of the Federal Sports Minister) they have a lot of work to do to get them onside along with proper reforms to get their backing.

    • BigNickHartman

      I think though, as SA, Ireland and France can’t vote, if Aus and NZ don’t vote for SA it’d be a bit obvious. Think the voting members are RC + 6N, and Tier 2 nations get half a vote or something

      • Bakkies

        Australia has more Rugby ties to Ireland despite being a part of Sanzaar and voting for a union that picks players based on racial lines to host the RWC won’t be popular.

        • FucktardStorm

          Bakkies, seriously mate, Australia is perfectly fine with positive discrimination. We use it widely in many circumstances. Examples of perfectly legal, and socially accepted reverse discrimination in Australia include: preferential employment to aboriginals, and in some industries to women; higher education subsidies for aboriginals; scholarships available only to women or aboriginals; women only gym classes; discounts for students and seniors; disabled parking; reserved seats for disabled and elderly on busses; and so on. Your comment that Australia wouldn’t want to vote for SA because it “picks players based on racial lines” is utterly ridiculous and exposes yourself as a racist just like Ollie le Roux.

        • Bakkies

          That’s the most twisted and ridiculous thing I have ever read on here. Since when was so called positive discrimination ok….

          You need to school yourself on the corrupt ANC’s social engineering policies that are affecting SA Rugby which they are doing from school kids at interprovincial under 13s level and the IRB’s policy against picking players based upon racial lines.

        • Huw Tindall

          Absolute powder keg of an issue and with only 2nd hand knowledge from friends who have been or are still in South Africa is that it’s flat out not working. Just google a bit around Jacob Zuma and it’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time. Absolutely bewildering. The whole nation seems to be in a long slow decline and you just hope they won’t go the way of Zimbabwe. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Western Cape tried to pull a Catalonia and declare independence!

        • Hoss

          Great points mate – the dignity, vision, calm and wisdom of Mandela seems completely lost and scattered on the winds of time. We are all poorer for it too.

        • jamie

          Zimbabwe just evicted Mugabe from power… Might be the beginning of a turnaround after the white Genocide that gave us David Pocock.

        • Huw Tindall

          Poey arguably the best thing to come out of the Mugage regime!

          It has been called a ‘bloodless transition of power’ according to the official army press release – I don’t know enough about the current state of politics in Zimbabwe to comment with any authority but I’d be comfortable saying it’s a shambles with a one party state based on cronyism and ‘strong men’.

        • Tommy Brady

          Who do you think should be awarded the 2023 RWC Bakkies?

          Do you think SA hosting the tournament be a positive or negative event for the country?

        • Bakkies

          Ireland or France should get it. This is the fourth time in a row SA has bid for it.

          You would think it would be a positive event for the country but not now. Like Australia they need to sort out their Rugby structures and governance first before focusing on a RWC bid. People are unhappy and voting with their feet.

          The country is also struggling economically

        • Pearcewreck

          Hi FS,
          The word I constantly hear out of SA is that positive discrimination has been twisted to be more of a “lets settle some old scores” issue. Right now, being a white man in SA would not be easy. And if you are a white farmer, then there is literally a death warrant on your head. The number of white farmers being killed in SA is disgraceful. But the MSM will never do a story about that, as it doesn’t suit their left wing agenda.

        • FucktardStorm

          None of your replies have anything to do with positive discrimination. If white farmers are being killed, that’s horrible, and a different story altogether. And if the positive discrimination is being used to “settle scores”, then that also is a separate issue. And as far as positive discrimination “not working” or not, well, that’s entirely subjective. The purpose of it is to force the dominant white racist elements of the rugby community to open the game to black people. And by forcing selection quotas at the top level, the racists have a choice of either having a shit quality national team, or actually putting effort into training black people from the grass roots up until they are good enough to be picked on their own merit. It appears to be at least partially working to me. Guys like Bryan Habana were world class, and guys like Beast have even become crowd favourites. There is such a huge black population in SA, and plenty of them are big, fast, and skilful. If enough effort is put into turning this wealth of potential into top players, then SA will dominate the world. If you don’t get that, then sux to be you :)

        • jamie

          Habana and the Beast have been world class and crowd favourites since well before the quotas were installed though?

        • Dud Roodt

          More like LAME Stream Media, Amirite?! Guys? GUYS?!

        • Huw Tindall


        • jamie

          Australia’s government is fine with positive discrimination. Many of its citizens are not. There is plenty of resentment toward quotas in Australia. Don’t be silly.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      Can you link the interview, Bakkies?

      • Bakkies

        Are you referring to the Hughes- Greeves interview?

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          ‘ Fraser Neil has his own theory on it in his excellent Ruggamatrix interview.’

        • Bakkies
        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

          Cheers. Interesting interview in all.

        • Bakkies

          Absolutely. He needs to be involved with Rugby administration however the Friends of Sydney Uni cabal has to go and the Chairman so he can have a clear run of running the game.

  • Jamie Miller

    I think this stuff can be a bit hard to understand from Australia so… 1) The idea that Coetzee not being a Springbok himself somehow invalidates him as a coach is incredibly stupid. The vast majority of international coaches – including Michael Cheika, Eddie Jones, and Steve Hansen – did not play at that level. 2) There clearly is something not working with the Coetzee regime. That’s not about him being a good coach or a bad coach. It’s more like a relationship: sometimes it just isn’t working, and it’s obvious to everyone that a breakup between the Boks and Coetzee would be in everybody’s best interests right now. 3) The le Roux comments were insensitive because Coetzee was a regular scrum half for the non-racial SARU national teams in the 1980s – the Springboks of course being not open to all players of all races in all circumstances. In other words, race played a huge role in why Coetzee did not play for the Springboks, and maybe you’d think a little more carefully before making such a statement.

    • Tommy Brady

      Very well said Jamie!

      Whilst many obviously exist, it’s hard to identify many current issues in world sport as complicated as rugby in South Africa. The history of discriminatory selection policy and treatment of visiting sides to South Africa (no Maori players allowed in touring All Blacks sides before 1970) was harsh and unacceptable. There was always a price to pay and South Africa feel to be living it today. However, call me old-school but South Africa is one of THE great rugby countries and the Springboks an iconic rugby team and It saddens me as a rugby fan to see such dysfunction tearing rugby in South African apart.

      From a purely global perspective it has been great over recent years to see the resurgence of rugby in England and Ireland in the UK and Tier 2 countries such as Georgia in Europe. Offsetting that has been the declining fortunes of teams from the Pacific Islands, Canada & USA, South Africa and France (unsure on Argentina) whilst the game still feels nowhere in South America, Asia, rest of Africa.

      World Rugby have significant work to do truly getting the shop front in it’s best possible order for the world to admire it. South Africa is a very complicated issue, but world rugby is better when South Africa are strong. It feels a “must get right”. Let’s all hope it happens. Isn’t the hour before dawn the darkest?

      • Dud Roodt

        I know people have been saying this for years, but I feel now Rugby is an Olympic sport, the US will throw a shit load of cash at it. That may be towards Seven’s, but if we give them a World Cup in say 2035, that will help. It is the fastest growing team sport there (albeit starting from a low base).
        In Japan I think we will see a huge amount of growth from their World Cup (even last WC saw huge viewership figures – from memory the highest TV audience from one country for any rugby game ever?).

        I remember reading an interview with Brett Gosper and he said World Rugby set 10 year worldwide growth targets and they exceeded them in year 2. Now I’m not sure if they just set ridiculously low targets or not, but I think internationally, the game looks in incredibly good shape.

        • Tommy Brady

          I hear what you are saying Dud and I would love to see it happen. I honestly believe the USA has the perfect mix of money, player pool, infrastructure to be a real force in the sport. Throw in the continued attention on head injuries in American Foogball and there is a real opportunity to attract players who are skilled, athletic and enjoy team based contact sport. The offsets are geographical challenges, the media’s infatuation with the NFL, NBA and MLB, plus a lack of coaching talent and rugby will always face a huge upward battle.

          After all. the same hopes were attached to soccer in the USA after they hosted the 1994 World Cup. 23 years later they fail to even qualify for the 2018 event.

        • Dud Roodt

          Yeah I agree with you.

          I think Rugby should never in its wildest dreams aim to be a top 4 or 5 sport there, but even a tiny % of the market represents a huge revenue opportunity.

          If the pro league over there can sort it’s shit out, it could work out very well.

  • Birdy

    ‘The Europeans won’t see that as ‘northern’, so will get greedy and demand they have it in 2027.’
    I don’t know. Those greedy Europeans not seeing a country with a 9 hour time difference and with a team in SR as one of their own.

    • BigNickHartman

      good. finally for once they will have to get up in the middle of the night to watch their team

  • P00chie

    Le Roux is a clown. I’m sure Rassie Erasmus will be calling the shots after November anyway but this doesn’t help.

  • P00chie

    Shame on the ARU for going with SA. Clearly the wrong choice despite a bogus report and pandering to those people gave us Super Rugby which killed the game in Australia

    • John Tynan

      How come it’s the wrong choice?

  • Bakkies

    ARU referred to the Australian Sports Commission and ASIC in Senate report

    • paul

      An interesting read, just going through the conclusions no wonder Clyne & company did not want the report done.

      Pretty much states that the ARU were incompetent not just with Super rugby but with the running of the whole code.

      • Moz

        Paul, not just incompetent. Raised a whole lot of questions on the sale of the Rebels to Imperium, which is one of the matters being referred to ASIC. There are several glaring matters involved in this.

        Also, information was received that the ARU was involved in the put option being exercised to transfer the Rebels from Imperium to VRU. ARU had consistently denied this.

        They have also referred the ARU Financial Reporting, especially for December 2016 Accounts to ASIC.


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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