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Wednesday’s Rugby News

Wednesday’s Rugby News

Wednesday’s Rugby News examines Quade Cooper’s departure and parting gift to the Reds, the front-runner for Wallabies outside centre, the All Blacks preparation for the final Bledisloe and the confidence behind Queensland Country’s tilt to go back to back

Quade no longer a Thorn in his side

Cooper is stepping straight out of Reds exile into Rebel land

Cooper is stepping straight out of Reds exile into Rebel land

The worst kept secret in Australian rugby has finally been confirmed with Quade Cooper signing with the Melbourne Rebels for the upcoming 2019 Super Rugby season.

Cooper spent the majority of 2018 exiled into the club wilderness, taking part in Queensland’s number 1 rated show “I’m a Wallaby, get me out of here” with fellow contestants Karmichael Hunt and James Slipper, before staring for Brisbane City in the NRC.

“I want to do whatever I can on and off the field to help grow the rugby community in Melbourne. I’m keen to work hard and make the entire Rebels organisation and their fans proud,” Cooper said.

“I was really impressed seeing the improvement that Melbourne have made this year and their professionalism since the first discussion we had about me being a Rebel has been first class.”

The move adds to the gluttony of options that coach Dave Wessels has at his disposal, leaving the Rebels more dangerous than Andrew Hore in a seal colony.

“I’ve obviously chatted to Quade a lot over the last few months and I’ve been impressed by his love of the game, and his willingness to reflect on his journey,” Wessels said. “He knows that he has some hard work ahead of him, but he has the potential to be a really important spark for us over the next few months.”

Whilst this is old news in most rugby circles, the fascinating aspect of this story is how Quade Cooper chose to announce his departure.

Cooper released a photo on social media last night depicting him fending off old sparring partner and Reds coach Brad Thorn with the caption “Sometimes you are forced out of the place you love but thank god there’s more than one place that loves me.”

The post attracted a wide range of responses from across the rugby community, including All Black TJ Perenara, Wallabies Reece Hodge, Lukhan Tui and Dane Haylett-Petty, former Wallabies Nic White, Drew Mitchell and James O’Connor, with the majority of players either backing the star or simply laughing at the post.

What do you think of the move, our Brisbane man Ben has penned his thoughts surrounding his departure, do you agree or disagree with his assessment?

Folau’s position let out(side) the bag

Folau's set to be reunited with the number 13 jersey this weekend

Folau’s set to be reunited with the number 13 jersey this weekend

The mystery surrounding who will play outside centre in this weekend’s final Bledisloe Cup match has all but been confirmed, with Israel Folau continuing his subtle shift throughout the backline to take up the position.

The Wallabies had been weighing up the replacement for injured incumbent Reece Hodge, but Folau has seemingly all but been confirmed for the role, with his main opposition Samu Kerevi, ruling himself out of contention on the back of a lack of match fitness.

Kerevi hasn’t played a professional match since the end of June due to a bicep injury with his only football since coming at the Byron Bay Sevens competition where he made two brief cameos (and two longer cameos at Beach Hotel), with Kerevi admitting he is unlikely to get through half the match, let alone 80 minutes.

“Game fitness is something different,” Kerevi said. “You can train it all you want but when it comes to the game it’s a lot different. But I’ll back myself to play a solid 30 minutes and see where I go from there if the legs keeping going over.”

Folau impeding selection at 13 has caused significant debate amongst Wallaby fans, with his only experience in the position coming with the Waratahs during 2016-2017 which ended up being a failed experiment by coach Daryl Gibson.

Personally, I would like to see young livewire Jordan Petaia given a shot at the position, something which former Wallaby Tim Horan believes is a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

“Jordan Petaia isn’t a star of the future, he’s a star now who’s earnt the right for a Wallaby tour of Europe,” Horan said. “I went from club footy with Souths to facing the All Blacks so I really think Jordan has had a much better foundation to feel confident about the huge next step that may await him.”

Petaia has been a revelation for the Reds this year, debuting for the Queensland side this year and he has been dominant throughout the NRC, scoring nine tries across eight games.

Whilst he’s only just a boy (relatively), considering this is essentially a dead rubber, I don’t see the harm in throwing him into the role and seeing how he does.

All Blacks preparing the broom

The All Blacks will look to continue this form when they try and get a clean sweep over the Wallabies

The All Blacks will look to continue this form when they try and get a clean sweep over the Wallabies

Whilst we’re on the topic of the Bledisloe test match, which seems to be the Luke Hemsworth of Bledisloe matches:the forgotten one, the All Blacks are determined to avoid any slip-ups this week, aiming to clean sweep the Wallabies on Saturday in Japan.

The All Blacks have been settling into Japan ahead of the 3rd test match and their attempts at a 3rd straight World Cup, marvelling at the wonderful country and its hospitality.

We’re aware of the fact that the World Cup is in Japan next year,” Hooker Codie Taylor said. “It’s a great chance to experience the culture and having the Test in a different country adds a little element of excitement.” You feel like a king when you walk around.”

Despite their fascinations surrounding the host country and Tokyo, Taylor warned that the world champion All Blacks had their sights set on completing a series sweep, aiming to avoid a repeat of last year which saw the Wallabies take the 3rd test match in Brisbane and avoid the whitewash.

“Since last night the boys have switched into normal Test mode to face an Aussie team that will be up for the challenge,” Taylor added. “I’m just looking forward to getting stuck into them again…It’s the Wallabies — they may have lost some games in the Rugby Championship but when they play us they back themselves to beat us.”

Lock Sam Whitelock said the All Blacks’ first task was a top performance against the Wallabies noting “We have to make sure we concentrate on Australia and once we have done that we can focus on Japan”

This comes as Japanese Rugby fans have fallen well under the spell of the famous All Blacks haka, which Whitelock had put down to its historical and cultural significance.

“The cool thing about the haka is the tradition that’s gone with it. The All Blacks performed it for over a hundred years. People think we do it for intimidation — but for us, it’s to connect with ourselves, our team mates and the people that have gone before.”

Country looking to continue Hodoo Drua

Queensland will be looking for more of this on Saturday in the Grand Final

Queensland will be looking for more of this on Saturday in the Grand Final

Whilst most of the rugby attention will drift to the Bledisloe Cup match, lets not forget about the other huge match in Australian rugby this week, with the final of the 2018 NRC season set to be played between Fijian Drua and Queensland Country.

The Drua have been the dominant team throughout the competition, only losing one match, which fittingly came against their grand final opponents.

The Country recorded the 51-27 win during the early stages of the competition, which continued their unbeaten run against the Fijian side since their inception in the competition, a statistic that captain Duncan Paia’aua believed would give them the belief to get the job done.

“It does give us confidence,” he said. “It’s going to be a very big crowd over there and they’re going to have a lot of support base behind them but the boys did the job against them over there last year and hopefully we can take some confidence into that.”

The defending champions have proven their 2017 form wasn’t just down to coach Brad Thorn either, with Rod Seib taking the reins this season and his slightly more hands-off approach reaping similar rewards.

However, the Drua will be a tough matchup for the Queensland side, with the Fijian side deservedly going into as favourites on the back of their star flyhalf Alivereti Veitokani to marshal their unpredictable attack.

“They play a very interesting style of football, with their offloads and trying to keep the ball alive as much as possible, which makes it very difficult for us to shut down,” rookie flanker Tom Kibble said.

“They’re definitely the team to beat, I think they haven’t lost a game at home this year so it’s going to be a difficult task for us but I’m sure we’re up to it.”

  • andrewM

    So when did they get rid of the salary cap in Super Rugby?

    • Huw Tindall

      Think this one has proven to be a bit a ‘fake news’. Salary cap doesn’t include Wallaby top ups hence why you have had at times lopsided teams as the RA doesn’t mandate that Wallaby top up players have to spread themselves around the franchises. This year RA stumped up all salary for ex-Force players too. Going into 2019 with QC the Rebels are only paying a fraction of his costs as both RA and Qld are still chipping in given he was contracted to them. The Rebels squad is, I believe, smaller in 2019 after they were given dispensation in 2019 and they are trading out a lot of players who would have been on a decent Super Rugby wage like Geoff Parling. On the face of it yes it seems like the Rebels must be smashing the salary cap but they aren’t. If you’ve got any beef it should be with how the RA top up players are distributed around the franchises. As we don’t have centralized contracting yet there is little they can do about it. If they did QC wouldn’t have been playing Brisbane club rugby this year. Simple as that.

      • Custard Taht

        Mate, really? Are you seriously bringing facts and logic to a witch hunt? That shit is not needed, it is time to drown them all to see if they are guilty or not.

        • Alister Smith

          How many of us would it take to hold Cameron Clyne’s head under the water

        • Custard Taht

          Oooh, I wouldn’t imagine he’d put up too much of a fight…..maybe just some excel spreadsheets shackled to him.

        • Alister Smith

          he’s actually quite a big fella though

        • Custard Taht

          So maybe a a few extra spreadsheets

        • Greg

          not funny.

        • Alister Smith

          no you’re right…but I wasn’t suggesting we actually do it

      • Alister Smith

        They don’t have Mafi either – one of the best players in the Australian conference.

        • Huw Tindall

          Were marquee players outside the salary cap?

        • Alister Smith

          no idea sorry Huw…from your previous posts I suspect you are more up on it than me.

        • Metootootoo

          Wayne Smith had an article on all this last week. Genia is their designated marquee player so only $200K of his salary counts under the cap. If Cooper is on $650K then AR pays half – that leaves the Rebels with 50% of $325K – probably less than what Fereti Sa’aga is on. Luke Jones is coming home on the smell of an oily rag – because he wants to go to the WC – I hope he gets there.

        • Who?

          Don’t forget that, if the Super Club’s portion of Cooper’s contract is $325k, the Rebels’ share is less, given people are saying that the Reds are paying part of his contract. If the Super Rugby portion of Cooper’s contract is $325k, the Rebels’ share may even be as little as $160k or so. I don’t imagine the Reds would be paying more than 50% of Cooper’s salary, but they may well be paying close to that figure…

      • Perth girl

        Have you counted the squad size? Plenty of PONI’s in the rebels so most of their wages are paid by RA so Rebels stay under the cap. Of course that means even less money goes to grassroots.

    • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

      I read the Reds continuing to pay a significant part of Quade’s salary.

    • RahRah

      You know that none of the rules regarding money applies to the Rebels. 15/17 million in gift money and still counting.

      • Bakkies

        It would be nice not having to pay your debts

        • Missing Link

          Rumour has it if you go to any bar in WA and order a “Bakkies”, you get served a shot of Agnostura with lemon and salt. You drink the Agnostura, snort the salt and squeeze the lemon into your eyes before admitting Melbourne is a far more liveable city than Perth.

        • Hoss

          Link i snorted out loud to the bewilderment of those around me.

          Now you’ve done it.

        • Singapore Sling

          Gold mate

        • onlinesideline

          I dont feel like Im in Australia when Im in Melbourne. Very different vibe to it. I enjoyed it though when I went once or twice.

        • Bakkies

          Yeah and becoming overpopulated like Sydney is.

        • Bakkies

          Missing Link in defending mismanagement shocker. Got any other pearls of wisdom and diarrhoea for us?

      • Andrew Luscombe

        I’m still waiting for proof of these 10-17 millions and what exactly they were for and where they went. No one who posts about it ever seems to have any. Could you please provide a link?

        Bakkies provided some links a few weeks ago that showed that some money was given to Andrew Cox (not the Rebels), and the Victorian government made a $250,000 grant to the Rebels that passed throught RA books.

        Also iIn the senate enquiry there were some figures of money moving between Rebels books and ARU books at a time when the ARU controlled the Rebels, I think some in the form of a written off loan. This was not explained, but ASIC subsequently found nothing illegal. I don’t think any of us know what that was.

        Be happy to look at any info you might know about.

        • Custard Taht

          You know RA are shit when they pay for cox.

        • RahRah

          There was an article posted on this very site about 12 months ago detailing where the money went, that is probably the most accurate piece I’ve read to date.

        • Andrew Luscombe

          Yes. Alison I think it was. It identified some amounts of money but not what the money was for. I made the point in the comments section and Alison agreed that she didn’t know what the money was for.

          There are various ways that money could have been for something other than the Rebels. Eg since the ARU was running the Rebels at the time, ARU staff normally running the Rebels in Melbourne may have incurred costs to arrange test matches in Melbourne – ground rental, accomodations, etc. The ARU may have refunded that and so you end up with some extra millions over some years showing on the books.

          I don’t think anyone outside ASIC and the ARU knows. All we know is ASIC said it was legal. You are jumping to conclusions that it was actually Rebels costs when in fact the Rebels were effectively part of the ARU at the time.

        • Bakkies

          Andrew the Rebels weren’t apart of the RA last year and still picked up double in amount of funding compared to the Reds, Waratahs and Brumbies. Only a small portion of that money was accounted from the Vic Government and paying off Rebels’ directors debts to allow for the sale to go ahead as stated by the information sourced by Nick Taylor. Nick Taylor’s information was that the pay off was just under a million so wtf is the rest of the money for. All we see and here is this ‘commercial in confidence bs’ if it is tax payers’ money the amount is small so why hide the details?

          Subsequent information in the past two weeks from Alan Jones includes remarks from former board member Geoff Stooke who said that the sale was not discussed and/or voted at board level.

          The Force were included in the footnotes due to the Assassination Agreement and there is still money owing on salaries in this financial year.

          Paul Cully put up a good article breaking down the farcical financial expenditures in the report. The article is not that hard to find.

          You really need to download the annual report from ASIC or PM someone who has it as the information can’t be cut and pasted. Either that or you have to back the information that is provided to you.

        • Andrew Luscombe

          I’ve read all the articles you noted and none of them are evidence of 10-17 million going to the Rebels. The ASIC documents as I stated just previously are not either. They are not detailed enough. They raise questions, but they do not answer them.Suspicious minds will interpret them how they want.

  • Huw Tindall

    Thanks again Nathan – as always we appreciate the effort collate all the news!

    Personally I’d leave Petaia in Fiji to play the NRC final against the Drua. Reckon it’d be better for his long term development. Finals campaigns are few and far between so let him experience it rather than get pummeled by the ABs after 0 time in the Wallaby camp where he won’t know any of the structures or plays. Take him to Europe and give him a chance against Italy.

    I’m going to have to get up at 0430 to try and watch the NRC final here in the UK. Anyone tell me how I can get a stream of it as my previous method has fallen through (using mate’s foxtel account and a VPN – he no longer has foxtel -_-).

  • Ant

    The Rebels should be bloody entertaining next season, if nothing else. Will be interesting to see if this effects the crowd size at home games (and elsewhere). Probably a pretty damn good investment, I’d guess, especially given the Rebels are not even having to front QC’s full wage.

    • Custard Taht

      I haven’t been to a super rugby game in over 5 years. As a new resident in Melbourne, this Rebels team will have me walking safely over to the pool, leaving my shirt on for fear of sunburn, climbing down the rail and gently lowering myself into the shallow end, with floaties on my arms…..ah bugger it, I am stripping naked and diving straight into the deep end, like Big Kev, I’m excited.

      • Silver Ghost

        Dive right in.
        Even with small crowds (which hopefully will get bigger) the atmosphere at the Stockade is a great way to finish the work week.
        A drink before the game at one of the many establishments in Richmond then a stroll with the crowd to the game and then a train or tram ride home. Hopefully with a win under the belt!

        11 games for $80 something (subsidized by Dan the Man) is the great value. My son and I buy season tickets and even though we don’t make every game, it’s still great fun and value.

        • Bakkies

          Dan the Man?

        • donktec

          maybe Uncle Dan?

        • Bakkies

          Not Uncle Cam?

        • Custard Taht

          Dan the man stefaneedies

        • Custard Taht

          Really looking forward to next season. The last time I was this keen on going to super rugby was the Ewen McKenzies Reds. Flirted with the Waratahs for a couple of years, but they were prick teases who left me with an empty wallet and no satisfaction…of course they put out the year after I decided to cut them loose.

  • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

    Folau was already attacking from 13 most of the time. I wonder if we will now have a 13 who actually plays there in attack and defence now?

    Mind you, a 10-12-13 of Foley-Beale-Folau may make Swiss cheese look solid by comparison.

    • Geoffro

      Great fb’s/wingers don’t make great 13’s-ask Christian Cullen or Ben Smith.Izzy doesn’t need another dent to his confidence after his ordinary season thus far..

      • paul

        Well that ordinary season just got him signed to a nice 4 year deal looks bored shitless now, imagine 2022.

        • Geoffro

          His future has been a bit up in the air.Now he’s committed he may show a bit more interest.

      • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies

        It can work – ask Umaga or Mortlock. Somehow, I don’t think Izzy will be one of the few though.

        • Geoffro

          Smashingly direct runners and uncompromising defenders both hard men.,Izzy dont fall into that category

        • D. Braithwaite’s The Brumbies


        • Brumby Runner

          Mortlock was always (or mostly) a 13 at club and with the Brumbies. He was kept out of the 13 spot with the Wallabies for too long as he was the form 13 in the country for quite some time.

        • Mica

          I recall him on the wing at the start of his SR career.
          I also remember that his goal kicking was immaculate during this period.

        • Brumby Runner

          Mica, not saying your recollection is off, but it is certainly different to mine. I believe Mortlock played 13 for the Brumbies, if not from the start, at least from very soon afterwrds. He did play wing for the Wallabies long after he was the form No 13 in the Aussie Super sides.

      • Custard Taht

        But with them God didn’t will it…..

    • Mart

      Folau outside Foley and Beale at 13 isn’t the worst thing

      • Brumby Runner

        I reckon the ABs would look on it as the best thing.

    • Custard Taht

      Folau in attack and Hooper in defence

    • Number 12

      A 13 that can’t or wont pass – perfect!

  • onlinesideline

    whats happening with the 3rd Amigo ?

    • Damo

      Played last weekend for Sale Sharks. Haven’t heard anything further about him coming home.

      • onlinesideline

        Was referring to AAC. Apparantely Drew Micthell is lacing back up and Gits is coming home too.

        • Adrian

          I’d prefer Eales myself

        • Hoss

          That inner sanctum is gonna get full.

        • Greg

          but are they enjoying their rugby?

        • Hoss

          Their training really well and are full of belief.

        • John Tynan

          “Seeing ‘em really well in the nets”

        • Hoss

          Love Greg Chappell’s quote here – ‘i’am not really batting long enough top tell if i am batting badly’

        • Custard Taht

          Sanctum? More like rectum….that camp gonna be right at home on an hungarian porn set.

        • Who?

          Clearly they have the suppository of all wisdom.

        • onlinesideline

          Greetings from Budapest. I can tell you first hand there is very little of that form of socialising around these parts.

        • Custard Taht

          And I shall defer to your first hand knowledge!

        • Custard Taht

          And I shall defer to your first hand knowledge!

  • Nutta

    Come on Wobbs. Smash through and show your true maddeningly, inconsistent, disrespectful nature by swording these AiBastards with the whole world watching. I need this one. We need this one.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Nope. Ain’t going to happen mate

    • Custard Taht

      We might as well all drink the kool aid, no number of losses will change the coaching staff.

  • muffy

    ‘More dangerous than Andrew Hore in a seal colony’

    One of the few times in my advancing cantankerous years I have laughed out loud…

    Now that most people have shot their venomous loads regarding Coopergate, I will say this:

    In all my dealings as a jnr coach Quade was the one Red that gave the most. Hands Down. Talk about creating culture – he was Queensland rugby to every kid he passed the ball to side stepped to their collective delight, play with them in the rain while the others were in a cliquey bunch under cover… you know, the stuff that couch critics never saw him do.

    The fact that that all thegoodwill he created for Queensland Rugby amounted to nothing in the end frankly pisses me off.

    I am not sure I can back Thorne just yet. So far I find him sanctimonious and I know I am not alone.

    He has a lot of mind changing to do – not just mine.

    • Gallagher

      Well said to a tee.

    • Kiwi rugby lover

      Well put mate. I’ve heard the same about Quade from multiple sources. Its a real shame QLD couldn’t see this and make use of it

    • joy

      Sanctimony – Kiwi are synonyms.

  • Who?

    Queensland’s number 1 rated show “I’m a Wallaby, get me out of here”
    And with that line, Nathan yet again confirms his worthiness of his place among the esteemed college of G&GR news writers. Just gold. :-)

  • juswal

    ‘more dangerous than Andrew Hore in a seal colony’


  • Adrian

    Thanks Nathan, good summary again.

    I am wondering how our defence will go, irrespective of who is at 13.

    Is it just me, or do they muddle along with this bizzare system until there is a crisis, then simply it a bit and get better, then re-introduce complexity, then….. another crisis?

    At half time in Bled 1 in 2017 they seemed to simplify things, and they were better in Bled 2, Bled 3 and the RC.

    But by EOYT in 2017 they were unbelievably complex again and very poor in defence.

    Another crisis!

    So it gets simplified again v Ireland, and works.

    Grey (or whoever) then makes it complex again for RC and it is a fiasco culminating in the first half in Argentina a couple of weeks ago.

    Another crisis.

    At half time they simply it, and it works!

    Why not keep it simple, and desist from re-introducing complexity?

    They obviously do know how to use a less complex defensive system

    • Ed

      Our potential backline – Genia, Foley, Marika, Beale, Folau, Maddocks, DHP. In attack, it can be good.
      Defensively – that is another matter. Nick Bishop today has his most critical article on our defensive system.
      I bet the MSM journos will focus on what attack a Beale and Folau combo could do but neglect to question the defence.
      If Cheika is asked about it, he will likely say “intent”, “passion”, “reload” etc to obfuscate about the defensive system he approves of.

      • Adrian

        Yes, I read the Nick Bishop bit, and that’s what provoked me to write this.

        I reckon that backline would go ok in defence, IF they used a simple defensive system.

        Given the players to pick from (in squad), none of the options are ideal, including Folau at 13.

        Someone I know who knows someone (etc) says that the players have far too many instructions in their head from 3 different coaches, causing hesitancy in attack and defence and ball handling issues

    • Andrew Luscombe

      You don’t learn much by sticking within what you know. All teams need to try different things sometimes, and this year is the year to do it, the year before a world cup.

      You should expect not to do as well when experimenting. Very few things will work well straight off. Most things will at least need tweaking if they don’t turn out to be bad ideas completely.

      • Bakkies

        So test matches are toys for experimentation and not being accountable for results? This is while stadiums aren’t being filled.

        Not that I agree with it at all no wonder Pichot came up with the League of Nations idea.

        • Andrew Luscombe

          I think they were more conservative in the Ireland series, and the first two Bledisloe cup games. It’s not like everything is only an experiment.

          If all tests are as important as all others then when do you try something new?

          The Wallabies seem to be trying more new things, or more radical things (strange things even) than most at this stage. I guess they need to improve most to meet expectations.

          Don’t expect any tests played next year to be anything other than preparation for the world cup.The ABs traditionally lose the RC in world cup years. Their loses in those years mean nothing.

        • Bakkies

          Andrew all tests are important Warren Gatland found that out the hard way landing in a pool of death two years out from the 2015 RWC. Lost to Japan away and failed to beat poor SA and Wallabies teams. I think they also lost to Argentina and Samoa at home who were also struggling in that rankings period.

          Cheika threw a golden opportunity to win back the Bledisloe Cup in 2015 by sacrificing the set piece with bizarre selections to prepare for the RWC. NZ dished out a clinic.

          You got to get results and build combinations. Aus, NZ and SA use Super Rugby as test trials. France experiment four years out from a RWC and look where that has landed them. Poor rankings, no combinations, pool of death and players playing in fear of getting dropped.

          There is more to Rugby than the World Cup.

  • Adrian

    My guess is that QC and Genia together will go ok, but that’s all.

    My thinking is that Wessels is an ultra conservative coach, best suited to preventing a thrashing.

    Without Maffi the Rebels won’t have much go forward, and will use Cooper for a lot of well placed kicking.

    They’ll do tricks before the advantage line, but who to give it to?

    The Rebs have FIVE (5) Australian wingers (Korebette, Naivalu, Hodge, DHP, Maddocks) but barely use them IMO

    Cooper alone won’t get it to them without a changed team mindset

    • disqus_NMX

      Maybe that’s because they’ve never had a decent 10 until now. Watch this space!

      • Adrian

        Agree re 10 NMX, and I hope you are right

      • Hoss

        They’ve gone from paying $67 with TAB to win to $41 since the announcement.

        That’s some big money gone on em to bring it down that far.

        I dont think my pineapple did it.

        • disqus_NMX

          Money talks, bullshit walks! That other article on GAGR today was a lot of bullshit walking.

    • joy

      Cooper got the ball to Digby Ioani regularly. I don’t see why he wouldn’t use Koriobete, Naivalu and Maddocks in the same way.

      You don’t think Naisarini delivers go forward?

      • Adrian

        Agree Joy re Naisarini, although Maffi is world best at go forward, if not family matters.

        Agree also re Quade and Ione.

        My point was that the coach might want him to play conservatively

  • Hoss

    Having been a recent convert to Qaudeism (i didnt check – do i have to give up eating swine or stop wearing rubbers – unsure of the requirements) i am over the whole thing. So here is my Hoss 23 for tomorrow – before Adrian gets in

    1. Methuselah
    2. Latu
    3. 7A’s
    4. Felix
    5. Rodda
    6. Sterling
    7. Lee Magors
    8. Brian
    9 Sanchez
    10 Spanners
    11 Bastards
    12 Gilbert
    13 Dusty – why not i guess
    14 Maddock
    15 Sauce
    16 Palestine
    17 Sio
    18 The Abattoir
    19 Hannigan
    20 Dempsey
    21 Cottrell
    22 Commissioner
    22 Kerevi.

    • Who?

      Swine’s only an issue if you convert from being a Nonu-ist to being an SBW-ite. No restrictions in that area for Quadism.

      Quadism permits family planning, as in choosing not to have kids until you’re ready. That’s pretty common. Barrettism is the one where you’re required to keep your lady barefoot and pregnant, constantly churning out kids in hopes of supplying a full team!

      But you do need to wear special glasses and observe special days, like July 8th (feast day – the end of the Deans era), July 9th (Super Rugby Title Day – a feast day), November 8th (Wallaby debut day), and October 16th (2011 RWC SF day – a day of mourning).

  • Bakkies

    Former Irish tighthead on MOC, Schmidt and Cheika. MOC and Cheika don’t come out well in this.

    • John Tynan

      Interesting. One man’s opinion, obviously, just as he says other people probably wouldn’t gel with Schmidt’s style. But his observation that “once you’re out of the good books it seems impossible to get back in” feels like it rings true.

      • Bernie Chan

        And yet…some players deliver dross time n time again, but Cheika still picks them.

        • John Tynan

          That was his counterpoint, I only half quoted him. To paraphrase – if you’re in the good books, you’re in, but if you get in the bad books, it’s basically impossible to get back in.

      • Bakkies

        I would put Fardy in Cheika’s bad books category. An old school player challenging an old school coach.

        Ross backs up what I have heard and read about Schmidt that he always keeps you in the picture by giving players add ons, sending them to camp for a few days and they go back to their province to work on it. He is calm and concise whereas Cheika belongs in a previous era. Schmidt has a very high player retention ratio when it comes to keeping players in Ireland despite higher offers in England and France.

        As for MOC he was a dunderhead who wanted a short term solution by hiring imports at Leinster to play side to side cement ball. The IRFU said no you are only allowed four Non Irish Qualified players and one project player. He gave minimal time to youngsters. Particularly Garry Ringrose and Luke McGrath. I don’t think that Tadhg Furlong got much time under MOC either. MOC got sacked as he was going backwards. Yes there were results but they were regressing as a side on the pitch and youngsters weren’t getting the time which is part of the Irish system as test players get player managed.

        McKenzie and Deans both turned down the Leinster job so it ended up with Leo Cullen who just retired by default. McKenzie and Deans will be kicking themselves as they both ruled themselves out of being next in line for the Ireland whenever Schmidt decides to leave.

        Schmidt has set himself a deadline on whether he stays or goes by the end of this year. Lancaster has now got ahead of Deans and McKenzie is not coaching. I wouldn’t rule out White even though he has eyes for Cheika’s job. Johann van Graan and Dan McFarland are too green as head coaches

  • onlinesideline

    I like how Beauden Barrett says the Wallabies have their belief back and they are expecting an aussie backlash and you scroll down to see a picture of the kiwis playing on the ground laughing their heads off at training. Yeah they seem worried sick – pifft.

    • Who?

      Had a Kiwi on The Project tonight talking about lying, and how people do it. One of his examples of a lie was, “Yes, of course the Wallabies have a chance of winning this weekend.”


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