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Who’ll Be In The 2011 RWC Final?

Who’ll Be In The 2011 RWC Final?

Since September 2010 I’ve been telling you that I think the final will be between the Wallabies and All Blacks.

Yes, I’ve raised issues with the way the Wallabies played in 2010 and so far in 2011 but my opinion hasn’t changed.

What do you think? Would you like to check your opinion by seeing what affect pool game results have on the finals and who might get through? To help you we’ve developed an online tool that gives you the opportunity to select winners of each of the pool games and then see which team ends up playing which in the finals.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. work through each of the pool games and select which team will win or if there will be a draw;
  2. then assign bonus points for each team for each game — 1 each for 4 tries or more and 1 for the losing team if their score is 7 points or less than the winner (these bonus points are important as they could be crucial for deciding who finishes where in the pool);
  3. at the end of each pool you’ll see who ends up in positions 1 and 2 and therefore who plays whom in the quarter-finals;
  4. then decide who you think will win the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

Let us know who you think will make the final.

  • Baldy

    where is the online tool? am i missing something??

  • Ooaahh

    Aus v Beef Eaters (SA)
    Poms v Frogs
    Samoa v Ireland
    NZ v Argetina

    Aus v Frogs
    Darkness v Argies

    Aus – The Darkness

    • Gnostic

      This is what I got. Pool of Death is pool D – I can really see Samoa having their best ever Cup.

    • Davey

      Hahaha, everytime you say “darkness” I think of Charlie Murphy and Rick James!

  • Ooaahh

    sorry Qtr
    NZ v Samoa

  • I had Australia knocking out the Kiwis in the semi and playing the Bokke in the finals.

    • ozusa

      I dont think Aust can meet the kiwis untill final ?

      • Duncher

        course we can… depends if we both win all our pool games etc… Each of us has a hurdle to overcome, the ABs have the French and we have the eyetalians…

  • KangaDingo

    The abs won’t be in the final
    The pressure is gonna do them way before that.
    Probably be us and the jarpies.

    • Blinky Bill – Bellingen NSW

      “Probably be us and jarpies”. And this is based on?

      • KangaDingo

        Us and them bein the better teams.

        Who do u think?

  • Dogman

    Yep, Good Guys Vs Dark in the final, but Argentina to beat England to their # pool spot, so we cruise on through to Bill untouched. The final is all one-way traffic with Radikulous scoring a hat trick.

  • Ian Collidge

    Well I was surprised, Poms didn’t make it out of their pool and all the top 3 have to play each other for a finals spot. I put an upset loss to New Zealand in the pool and 2 to England in the Pools.

    Wales v Ireland
    France v Argentina
    Aus v Saffa
    NZ v Scotland

    Aus v NZ
    Wales v France

    Aus v Wales

    • RJ

      I’ll have what he’s having.
      Are you joking? Wales in the final.

      • Ian Collidge

        Ah, the sweet smell of bravado, shall i explain to those of us that can only see world rankings, and not the journey to get to the final..

        So, it is fair to say, i watch both our own beautiful tri-nations, and also that boring crap from the north. It is well within the realms of possible for england to lose to both Scotland and Argentina. It is also possible for the kiwis to drop a game in the pools to France. Wales should make it out of their pool. Once Wales get a fire in their belly, they are the best team in the 6 nations, but it takes a fair bit of psyching themselves up for it.

        From there, Ireland, just not very good at the moment, wont leave the quarters. France, will be drained after beating england and argentina (both very physical teams) and will not be able to keep on fighting past the semi.

        truth is, there will be upsets, and the ones i believe will happen, just turn the finals into what you see here. A lucky, and quite easy path for a rubbish team like wales to make the final.

        It is hard to believe, but i woudnt be at all amazed if we see all tri-nats on the same side of the draw.

        • Patrick

          Wales should make it out of their pool.

          I also watch rugby, including the last world cup. I don’t recall Wales cruising out of their pool in that one and don’t expect things to be much different this time.

      • Ian

        Still feel like Wales don’t have a chance?

  • Chisel68

    Aus v Wales
    Eng v Frogs
    SA v IreNZ v Argies

    Aus v Eng
    SA v NZ

    Final Aus v NZ

  • Pedro

    I was surprised that Samoa beat wales only to fail to make it out of their pool due to bull shit bonus points.

  • Dave


    • Garry

      Thank christ it wasn’t the poms

      • The Rant

        rather be a paki than a pom *clap clap*

  • The Rant

    i had SA struggling to make it out of the group stage based on 4-try bonus points. Be interesting to see if Samoa can role wales – i think wales can role SA.

  • RJ

    Boy my workrate is going to drop off over the next 8 weeks. Has anyone got any cunning plans around reading/listening to rugby commentary at work. The aido is easy as you have it in the background with headphones in with excel spreadsheet etc showing on screen.

    I also use the “copy+paste rugby article into work template” maneuver. Looks like your drafting up the next big thing for that really important client.

    ANy idea’s?

    • RJ

      I need to get to a point where I have a special monitor at work. To the naked eye the monitor shows work stuff, but when you’re wearing the magical glasses that this monitor comes with, you can be watching rugby replays on screen that noone else could see.

      If i managed to stay away from rugby score update websites, I could upload all games i dont watch on the weekend, and hit out 2-3 games a day at work. Watching USA vs Russia at 9:00am on a monday morning works for me.

      Does this shit exist or have I just come up with a million dollar idea.

      Oh, © © © © © © ©

    • bill

      The week before it all kicks off just tell people you’ve found Jesus, smile brightly at people a lot and stand 6 inches too close to them while telling them of your newfound spirituality and interest in line dancing. Of course if they’ve found god as well it could all go horribly wrong.

      You could throw in a conversion to veganism and greenpeace as well.

      Or my personal fave, let em seeya reading Train mags, they look boring but they’re like the tour de france more of a travelogue than a serious hobby.

  • Smithy

    I seriously thought this would be something to do with Miles Austin.

  • mattyjinoz

    I am praying on the frog curse for the darkness in the pools. Give the Samoans a chance in the quarters. If this doesnt happen it would admittedly be a bit of an a v b team islander test really in the quarters…bit like 15 Craig Gowers playing for the Italian team…

  • murph

    Dingos v Taffs
    Poms v Frogs
    Boneheads v Paddys
    Darkness v Argies

    Dingos v Frogs
    Boneheads v Darkness

    Dingos v Darkness

  • Skippy

    I wonder what the odds are at the bookies….

    France to beat NZ in the pool game (without Keiron Read and Thompson) and Tonga to beat France….as France won’t back up after beating NZ. That would put France/Tonga and NZ all on one loss each.

    Depending on bonus points there is the potential of the All Blacks not moving out of the pools.

    It’s worth a cheeky bet I reckon.

    • Francois

      You put a lot of faith in the French team. For us to have a real shot at the AB, we would need them to be without Carter, McCaw, Mealamu at the very least. But that won’t happen.

      In fact in a interview for lequipe.fr, Lievremont said he would not necessarily field his best team against the All Blacks because it meant risking a psychological and physical exhaustion very early on. So he might actually rest his key players and pretty much forfeit that one, to bet everything on the Tonga test, and then of course on England in the quarters.

      makes sense.

      • Garry

        ” without Carter, McCaw, Mealamu”

        What do you think about AHore? I rate him equal or above Mealamu?

        • Colvin

          Francois is right. If you watch the game again you will be amazed that the AB’s lost, they were so much the better team.

          For all you Aussie supporters I wouldn’t read too much into the AB loss in Brisbane. It happens. The AB’s have an amazing record having won 75% of their matches over 100 years. But that still means they lose 25%. So losses are part of their game, just not as much as other teams and that includes the Wallabies.

          At home, the loss percentage falls to around 10%. So the AB’s can lose at home as well. A loss is not a choke which is a nice British journalistic invention which seems to have been picked up be Wallaby supporters. It’s just that it’s not possible to win all the time. But the odds are that the ABs will be in the final. And I hope it’s against the Wallabies, as these two teams are playing the rugby around these days.

      • MattyP

        Were you born before or after 2007?

      • Francois

        2007 was incredibly lucky for us and any honest French supporters would tell you the same. From Wayne Barnes’ call to scrumhalf Ellisalde catching Nick Evans by a finger, to Carter and McAlister both deciding to have an off night with the boot… I mean I’ve watched that game two or three times and although it’s a great game to watch, and although the French where superb, the more you watch it the more you realize it was nothing short of a miracle. That’s what makes it great :)

        1999 was a much better win but I think the difference in level between the two teams was closer back then.

        And Garry to answer you I cited those players in particular because they are always among the top performers… with Read missing they are not a lesser team by any stretch.

        • Patrick

          Did you watch them on the weekend? I’d say he left a bigger hole than the replacements were able to fill…

          France can beat the AB scrum and Mealamu, but if Carter and McCaw are on song you will get nowhere fast.

  • Bones

    I think the Aussies will cruise the pool (sadly as they may hit the QF undergone a la 2007).

    SA look strong but limited, but still see them topping their pool. NZ will make a bitch of France to top theirs. And I think England too slick for the limited

    In the QFs, Aus to smash Wales or Samoa (less), ……. Sorry don’t know the rest! But Semis to be Aus, Eng, NZ, SA.

    Aus to outplay a good English side on the semi, and similarly NZ to outplay a tired SA, with Aus to deliver a masterclass in the final and bring Bill home. R Samo the 2011 IRB player of the Tornament; W Genia IRB player of the Year..

    • Dave

      That’s my prediction precisely. But I don’t think this will be a particularly good England side. But they’ll bully their way through to the semi only to come undone. But only if the WBs play like they did against the ABs.

  • John Wayne

    I got Russia vs. Japan in my final… Not what I wanted… Just what I got

    • i think you set your teleport machine to 1942.

  • RedMan

    Predicting a few sleepness nights for those in Pool D. A couple of upsets in that pool could really throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

    Namibia are likely to experience night terrors as I’m sure the other four teams will come at them with the tactic of putting as many points as possible on them to get their bonus points and for/against up. Fingers crossed Namibia dish it back and give them hell.

  • Jimbo81

    Australia NZ final for sure

  • Mart

    They way I saw it. Us V England in the Semi and NZ vs Saffers in the other.
    That makes for a cracking tournament.
    At least none of the top teams have an easy run to the final this year. like the 2007 world champions, South Africa.

    “We are the best in the world”

    “We beat Argentina and England”

    • A Jo

      And just where was the “world’s two best teams” watching either of those two games from Marto?

  • D.

    Reds v Crusaders for the final

  • AJ

    No matter what I do I keep getting an Oz v England semi.
    And that makes me a little scared…

  • Uncle Percy

    Guys – I reckon there’s a problwm with the way Pool B is calculated. The Argies were coming up as runners up even though I had them winning only two games vs Scotland winning three games (i.e. Scotland to beat Argentina). It doesn’t affect the final result but it might leave a few Scots unhappy if they beat the Argies, Romania and Georgia but don’t get through to the quarters!

  • Nabley

    What a fantastic tool Thanks for that.

    • Muffy

      Thats what I said to god….

      Sorry couldnt help myself

      • bill

        He must have given 2 to pete devilliers… noone can get that silly playing with just one.

    • Brumby Jack

      ‘That’s what she said’…

  • A Jo

    I’ve come up with Bokkies vs Wallabies final.

    Fourie du Preez is back.

  • Youngun

    what do you call 15 men watching the world cup final on television?

  • Chriscullen

    Aust nz final but the game I’m looking forward to is USA vs Russia.

  • bill

    Only real shock/insanity I got was tipping Samoa to top D and go through meet Ire. Don’t think it’s a shock to tip Samoa over Ire.

    Qtrs Aus vs SA, Samoa vs Ire, Eng vs Fra, NZ vs Arg.

    Semi Aus vs Eng, NZ vs Samoa.

    Final Aus vs NZ.

    Well whatever, we get another pool matchup between Wales and Samoa, brilliant, that game could be anything.

  • Garry

    At the risk of pissing on our recent party….

    I’m going out on a (short) limb here by predicting that, taking into account our previous form over the Deans tenure, we will lose at least one of our pool matches.

    Head v’s heart, I’m hoping that this result doesn’t matter in the wash-up come finals time.

  • Here is how I see it going….

    Quarter-final 1:
    England (Winner Pool B) v France (Runner-up Pool A)
    Saturday, October 8, Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington

    Quarter-final 2:
    Australia (Winner Pool C) v Wales (Runner-up Pool) D
    Saturday, October 8, Eden Park, Auckland

    Quarter-final 3:
    New Zealand (Winner Pool A) v Argentina (Runner-up Pool B)
    Sunday, October 9, Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington

    Quarter-final 4:
    South Africa (Winner Pool D) v Ireland (Runner-up Pool C)
    Sunday, October 9, Eden Park, Auckland

    Semi-final 1: England (Winner QF1) v Australia (Winner QF2)
    Saturday, October 15, Eden Park, Auckland

    Semi-final 2:
    New Zealand (Winner QF3) v South Africa (Winner QF4)
    Sunday, October 16, Eden Park, Auckland

    Final: New Zealand (Winner SF2) v Australia (Winner SF1)
    Sunday, October 23, Eden Park, Auckland

    Winners= New Zealand

    Runners Up= Australia

  • Alan

    Australia v Wales

    England v France

    South Africa v Ireland

    NZ v Argentina

    Australia v France

    NZ v South Africa

    NZ v Australia


  • Scotty in Devon

    Its a very interesting tournament for sure this time around (isn’t it always?) I have NZ vs Aus in the final too, but playing against England will be tricky. If we continue in the vein of the Tri-Nations winning team then I think they will have no answer to it; in attack they are pedestrian at best. But if we don’t keep that level the Poms could roll us by a score divisible by 3, with Wilkinson kicking numerous penalties vs 1 or two Wallaby tries.

    I would say NZ to win the final and get the monkey off thier back, and FINALLY admit the RWC is a really important title. ;-)

  • KingofDubai

    Kiwis are favorites and don’t know how to lose in Auckland. Problem is they have SUCH a good record there that they are getting closer and closer to fuc@king up. it’s at these massive occasions that they do.

    A few losses under there belt at that venue would have done them a few favors. They’re going to run out thinking ” no way we can lose this here” but they will .

    • Patrick

      I don’t think they will be capable of a coherent thought by the time they run out….poor bastards

  • Old Weary

    I think we are going to face Sth Africa not Wales…. Maybe a big call, but they have been showing a lot of stratedgy, and I am sure they would prefer their chances vs us than the AB’s in the Semi’s.

    Now Botha is out….

  • redbull

    Am sorely tempted to take AUS v IRE as finalists at 33-1 which is only possible if WBs drop one to Irish in the pool.

    Then it is

    QF1 IRE v SAM
    QF2 ENG v FRA
    QF3 WAL v AUS
    QF4 NZL v ARG

    Yes, no RSA after the pools.

    SF1 IRE v ENG
    SF2 AUS v NZL

    NH v SH final

    Pool D will be extremely entertaining. Glad WBs not in it.

  • redbull

    NZL v FRA odds are very slim, 4-1 and 11-2. Do the bookies know something?

  • manlypanda

    I got an Ireland vs Saffers Final, mainly due to predicting ARG to upset ENG and NZ to choke. AUS? I’m afraid they got over-confident, didn’t beat the Italians and got ground out by the Irish. It was raining, you see. In both games.

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