Winner: predict the score 3Ns game 4 - Green and Gold Rugby

Winner: predict the score 3Ns game 4

Winner: predict the score 3Ns game 4

We had another cracker of a response to our third pick the score competition.

MOSES, G&GR’s own technical supremo, is recorded as getting closest first, with a tip of 18-9 (just 4 points adrift). However, with his capabilities and the time he spends on the site it’s impossible to know whether this was a real tip or just a glitch in the matrix responding to a thought impulse from Moses as he lay connected to the grid in a perspex cocoon full of amniotic fluid during the match.

Also just four points out in his prediction of 17-10 was SCOT FREE, so he’s our winner! Mr Free (no relation to Lance) will be receiving  a copy of Rocky Elsom: Leader of the Wallabies and the Bob Dwyer Coaching Manual.

Clearly so reeling with shock that he took three days to get back to us, Scot said:

Woohoo! I finally won something! Might have a crack at guessing the outcome of the match against
the AB’s now, though, frankly, I don’t care so long as the Wobblies win. I want them to go to the WC
and ask for the Bill.


To everyone else: yep, you’ve stuffed it three times but there’s still another game to go next week with the Wallabies’ last Tri Nations match.

BUT THIS ISN’T THE TIPPING POST — you’ll have to wait till next week.

  • bonesy

    wallabies 23-20

  • ChargerWA

    I’ll be different and tip on the two teams who are playing.

    NZ – 23
    SA – 20

    • ChargerWA

      Wait, Now i’m confused.

      What game is this for?

      In the forum the game tonight is billed as TN game 5. So does that make next week game 6

  • Cazza

    Australia 21 – 19


  • ChargerWA

    You don’t actually think we read the blurb do you?

    • No, but maybe at least the title?

      • ChargerWA

        It’s the old Pavlov’s dog trick. You show us a picture of Bob and Rocky and all we want to do is tip (and drool a bit).

  • RJ

    How good would it be going into the WC with the super XV trophy, and the tri nations! Those kiwi’s would be shitting themselves. That would equate to at least three extra drop balls in the final from “nervous shaky choke like hands”.
    Australia 25
    AB’s 20

    • RJ

      ahh fuck i thought we were tipping. It still stands. We are gonna dish up a 5 course meal of suncorp stadium pain this weekend.


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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