Winter Tours Tipping - Week 1 - Green and Gold Rugby

Winter Tours Tipping – Week 1

Winter Tours Tipping – Week 1

Now this. Is how you tip

A nice soft start to this short tipping comp, with only two games to worry about. The only way to get yourself into an early lead with this one, was margins. Cheezel did the job with the Wallabies vs Fiji, picking the 46 point margin, and #1 Tah cleaned up the Saffa vs Wales game, a close one with only 3 points in it. Bonus points made the difference for the others. Nice picking guys. With so little to pick with, Margins are going to be key to this one.

So, after week one, the leader board looks like this:

1 #1 Tah 3.50
2 Cheezel 3.50
3 Jets 2.50
3 Reddy! 2.50
5 Stof 2.50
6 Todd 2.50
7 rugbymatt07 2.50
8 Rocky Elboa 2.50
8 chriscullen 2.50
10 RunningRugby 2.50
11 simonr 2.50
12 petdr 2.50
12 bigd 2.50
14 JTM 2.50
15 GirlsRule 2.50

If you haven’t joined yet, it isn’t too late to get on board, the details are:

1 – go to Superbru
2 – register / login
3 – select the G&GR pool with the pool code reinbyes
4 – make tips

Go on… you know you want to…

  • D

    Enjoy your week at the top. See you up there Saturday.

  • Well as important as the margins may become, they’re not as important as getting the correct result. Bloody Welsh couldn’t beat a half-arsed Bokke in Cardiff.

  • Cheezel

    My early peak is right on cue. Now for the gradual trip down the ladder.

    • gothereds

      haha nice one cheezel, same with me, but I thought I was sitting at 15, Im going for that last place kudos now


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