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You Choose – Best Aussie Try Of Round 1 2013

You Choose – Best Aussie Try Of Round 1 2013

At last — we’ve got some Aussie rugby to watch and talk about.

Let’s talk about the Aussie tries in round 1 of Super Rugby 2013 – which do you think was the best from the following selection?

[youtube id=”EDnwNcAhxgE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Cast your vote for your favourite, then let us know why you voted the way you did.

PS – yes the front page’s picture doesn’t match them up – but stuff it

  • Pedro

    3 for me because mogg burns ioane, which isn’t supposed to happen. Kingi’s flick pass was pretty damn impressive also.

  • Scoey

    Pyle all the way. Love watching a longback score!

  • #2 Hugh Pyle over the line, but a great team try.

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    All 3 are good for different reasons.

    For me it’s Pyle. I love the way he ran, passed, shadowed & got the meat pie. Also the Rebel fans were terrific.

    To be honest I’m not too sure if Phipps pass was meant for Pyle or not. It all looks like brilliant play now, but could he have been lobbing it to 14?

  • Patrick

    What I love about Pyle’s is that there was actually a negative overlap, but they each ran straight (well Phipps straightened his run, and then Pyle ran straight) and created the gap with Kingi’s footwork and Pyle’s and Beale’s support.

    Yes Mogg ‘burned’ Ioane but Ioane had to turn which is hardly a fair comparison.

    • Pedro

      Ioane has a head start, sure he has to turn but it’s still a matter of predicting the play and being alive to the kick. Mogg anticipated better and burnt ioane who starts closer to the try line.

      I agree with your straight running part though.

  • KevinO

    Hugh Pyle for me,

    Great try from two good counter rucks.

  • fatprop

    I though Mogg’s try was very smart an well constructed

  • Mick

    Kingi’s defensive read on Mafi was terrible – he should’ve trusted his inside man and drifted earlier. Why wasn’t JOC in the defensive line though?

    … Kingi’s attacking read for Pyle’s try was awesome though – the step-jink-flick was great to watch.

    But then I don’t think we learnt anything – he’s always been an attacking weapon and defensive liability since he debuted for the Reds.

  • Dingo

    Mafi loses out cause he missed the ball in his celebration

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