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You Choose – Episode 3: Most Important Score in a RWC Semi

You Choose – Episode 3: Most Important Score in a RWC Semi

The verdict from last week: 60% rated John Eales’s Bledisloe Cup-winning kick to be their favourite. Second place went to Kurtley Beale’s kick against South Africa with 23%. James O’Connor’s kick to win the Hong Kong Bledisloe Cup match was third with 11% — I had expected O’Connor to pick up more votes than Beale.

This week we want you tell us which of these three scores was the most important for the Wallabies in a RWC semi-final.

[youtube id=”xHIK7qen8QM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Cast your vote

Cast your vote, then let us know why you voted the way you did.



  • matty__k

    I went for Larkham purely because I remember watching it. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know the difference between league and union in 1991.

  • Kiap

    If the question was, “Which was the *best* score in a RWC semi-final?”, the answer would be easy. Too easy. Check the out French TV coverage of the no-look pass: Oh là là là là ! Oh là là ! You don’t have to understand the commentary!

    Asking for the most *important*, though, makes it harder. All three put Australia into a RWC final. Two played a part in winning Bill. Beating the Blacks and the Boks is important but historically one has come to hold greater significance.

    My vote is for Horan’s try (Campese’s pass): Score #1. It led onward to the Wallabies first World Cup in 1991. It is also one of the best tries scored in rugby.

    • Scott Allen

      Kiap – I had the French version of the Campese clip in my original draft but took it out.

      Deliberate question “important” rather than “best”. You really gave this a lot of thought – love the passion.

      I think both the Horan try (Campese pass) and the Mortlock try broke the All Blacks in the respective games so very hard to split those two but Larkham drop goal is ahead at the moment.

      • Kiap

        Cheers, Scott. I reckon the French coverage was more exciting than the English. I just wish we could see more tries like both these days. I think Morty’s try actually broke the Kiwis more because they were such favourites for that match.

        And Bernie’s field goal was outstanding (was it his only one in tests?). I’m normally not a fan of the drop-try but for that one I made an exception.

        • USARugger

          Great thought put into this. Sadly I made it as far as “Fuck Campese” before I clicked Mortlock’s try. I mean, he is the dark wizard after all.

  • Watched all in real time. Campo’s was the most beautiful, Larkham’s the most mercurial, but for the power of the “fuck you” to the opposition when they looked likely to score and take some momentum, Mortlock’s was the most crucial.

  • Oh, and big-ups to Scott for getting these up here. I love it!

  • They are all brilliant, this is the hardest one yet

    Larkham’s score in 99 was stunning and unbelievable (as was campos) but Bernie’s enabled us to get into the final and become the first nation to win webb for the 2nd time


    Because it was Stirling. Because it was against the All Blacks. Because he looks like he was running at a speed which not even Usain Bolt could compete with and because i witnessed it in the flesh, i voted Stirlo

  • armatt

    Bernie’s drop goal is my favourite moment, but for importance I had to give it to Mortlock. It was in Australia and against *the* enemy (a rivalry that transcends codes). Surely, for our game on a wider, public stage, this was the most important.

    Perhaps not the best technically, nor a precursor to a World Cup victory – but I think the most important.

  • Johnny-boy

    Morty’s cos as John Eales’ kick showed, Aussie rugby brains used to be able to beat the All Blacks brawn.
    Eales’ kick demonstrated those smarts when the Wallabies used to be able to patiently wait for the All Blacks to inevitably cheat when under pressure in a close game. And Morty could see it coming and unfold beautifully.

  • Rugbysmartarse

    I voted for Mortlock. I remember thinking we would never win that semi, the ABs were too strong and had been playing some incredible rugby. But when he took that intercept the ABs were broken, and never got back in it from there.

    • Robson

      True, very true. The ABs were on a roll before that match. It brought them down to earth with a big belly flopper.


    Fuck we used to be good!

    • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

      So few words to say so many things. Love it!

      All were important moments in their own way. For me though it’s the Horan / Campo try. That try made all Rugby fans sit up, rub their eyes and ask ‘is that even possible’?

      I’ve no doubt it was what excited kids to take up the game & gave fans all around the world a taste of what is possible in our great game.

      The trouble now is …………..we want more!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brax

    Look, they are all awesome moments & any score that gets you to the W.C. final is important. It doesn’t matter shit whether you actually saw it or not.
    BUT. It has to be #1 Firstly, because it went a long way to bringing Rugby into mainstream Australia’s psychy, because, without that try we wouldn’t have been in a position to win our 1st W.C. Without that 1st W.C. does Australian Rugby evolve as it has? I have my doubts that it would have.
    & Secondly it was a fucking brilliant try involving 2 of the legends of the game which helped it come the the attention of mainstream Australia.

    • Brax

      P.S. Where the hell do I vote on these important issues? There is no poll appearing in my browser :-s I have tried on Opera & Safari……

  • mark_s

    Campo for me. One thing to watch in that first clip is Link. He is “supporting” Horan about 20m infield and about 5m behind the ball. When Horan scores he could have been the 3 or 4th player to Horan for some man love, but no Link turns (using the turn to decelerate) and returns to half way for the restart. All business, the way it should be.

  • The Other Dave

    This is a tough one, but Bernie’s drop goal, in extra time in a semi final, after which we went on to win the whole shooting match.

  • Mick

    This is just mean.. it’s like choosing a favourite child! I wanted to
    vote for all 3, such good moments! Went for Larkham’s in the end, as
    that game was the closest (thus most ‘important’.. but my weird logic).

  • david baldwin

    I was initially going to vote for Campo but when I watched them I got really nostalgic and slightly emotional watching Larkhams drop goal. I was 6 and still remember that Campo moment and dancing in the lounge room but watching the pure joy and elation on Larkham’s face brings back a flood of memories and a tear to the eye!!! To me it epitomises everything GREAT about Australian rugby – having fun, having fun with your mates (which that 99 team certainly was) and most importantly HAVING A FUCKEN CRACK!!! God I hope RD watches these videos!!

  • Morsie

    Without #1 the rest probably wouldn’t have happened. Winning that first world cup set us up for a decade of greatness. I also saw all 3 as they happened. The real nail biter was the Ireland game.

  • Nutta

    The Campo/Horan try wins it. Why?
    1. vs All Blacks (knocks over Larkham goal)
    2. WC semi that led to a WC win (knocks over Sterlos sprint)
    3. It was a constructed try that came from pressure and orientated build-up play. Not so “arsey” as a length of field intercept or a first-time droppy

  • Robson

    Fantastic moments all of them and there was a certain “devil take the hindmost” attitude in Larkham’s kick because he had never kicked a field goal in a test match before – had he ever kicked a field goal before?? Mortlock’s try for me was the most important because it popped an ever expanding All Black bubble and had them reaching with shaking hands to flick the panic button. Apart from that it was a sensational bit of gold plated anticipation.

  • bobas

    and i jizz in my pants

    • Bobas

      i also Larkhame in the voting box.

  • Frustrated Voter

    Can anyone tell me why I can’t see a poll link on my browser? Surely if your going to have polls it should be compatible with all browsers? I’d like to vote for the Horan try but can’t……

  • Nick

    Nice to see some respect paid to the drop-goal. I didn’t vote for it; but it’s an integral part of the game.

  • Larkhage

    The question was the most important – and with the penalties succeeding the drop goal by Larkham, it didn’t seem as important as the other two, but Larkham’s drop goal is always my favourite.
    I voted for Morty’s intercept try, the ’91 Horan try precedes my existence.

  • Patrick

    I love them all but it has to be Campo/Horan for the reason that so many have given – that was part of something really special in Australian rugby.


Scott is one of our regular contributors from the old days of G&GR. He has experience coaching Premier Grade with two clubs in Brisbane.

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